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3^lgmoutl)  iHunicipal  3^etorli0. 

R.   N.   WORTH,   F.G.S., 






William  Law,  Esq., 



OF    THE 

23ovoug6  of  ^lymout]^. 

i  f 


THIS  volume,  prepared  under  the  instructions  of  the 
Corporation  of  Plymouth,  contains  a  List  and  Calendar 
of  the  Muniments  of  the  Borough  from  the  earliest  period 
preserved,  down  to  the  passing  of  the  Municipal  Reform  Act. 
The  classification  and  arrangement  adopted  will,  it  is  believed, 
make  reference  easy.  The  descriptions  and  abstracts  in  the 
Calendar,  it  is  hoped,  set  fully  forth  the  character  of  the  material, 
and  the  nature  of  the  information  contained. 

The   archives   of    Plymouth   were   almost    unrivalled    in    the 
provinces  as  illustrations  of   the  national   Hfe   in    some   of  its 
grander  epochs.     The  reputation  of  the  port  in  the  Edwardian 
French  wars,  and  the  fact  that  it  was  the  leading  maritime  town     ' 
in  'the  spacious  days  of  Great  Elizabeth,'  sufficiently   indicate 
this.     The  very  importance  of  the  town  has  been  one   of  the      U 
chief  causes  of  the  loss  of  records  that  would  now  be  almost     ]l 

When  Plymouth  was  incorporated  by  Act  of  Parliament  under  i 
Henry  VI.,  there  must  have  been  in  existence  a  body  of  / 
municipal  and  other  muniments  of  importance,  for  not  only  was  j 
there  a  municipal  governing  body  in  being,  but  various  guilds. 
Only  one  original  document  prior  to  that  date,  however,  remains. 
So  with  regard  to  the  corporation  created  by  Henry.  There  is 
hardly  an  original  paper  or  parchment  dating  before  i486.  But  in 
that  year  commence  the  accounts  of  the  Receivers  or  Treasurers, 
which  are  practically  complete  to  the  present  day :  what  had  . 
long  been  a  'missing  link'  having  been  supplied  in  1881  by  the  I 
discovery  of  the  volume  covering  the  period  between  1570  and  k 
1658,  among  the  muniments  of  the  Morshead  family  at  Widey  / 
Court.  There  are  some  other  accounts  of  the  end  of  the  j 
fifteenth  century,  chiefly  relating  to  the  church  of  St.  Andrew ;  j 
but  the  most  valuable  chronicles  of  this  period  are  to  be  found  i 
in  a  volume  kept  as  a  kind  of  commonplace  or  day  book  for  the  j 
entry  of  miscellaneous  matters.  This  contains  notices  of  the  I 
proceedings  of  Manor  Courts,  of  the  Borough  and  Pie  Poudre 
Courts,  of  inquests  by  Simon  Carswell,  coroner  (who  appears 
to   have   been  the   writer),    copies   of  various    deeds,    some   of 



viii  Introduction. 

considerable  interest  and  value,  the  earliest  borough  rental, 
commencing  6th  Henry  VII.,  precepts  and  warrants  concerning 
the  water  of  Sutton  Pool,  a  very  curious  copy  in  Enghsh  of  the 
Act-charter  of  Henry  VI.,  and  the  earliest  noted  bye-laws.  Some 
of  the  entries  here  are  as  early  as  38th  Henry  VI. ;  and  the 

Obook  contains  the  oldest  series  of  contemporary  records  in  the 
^  possession  of  the  Corporation. 
\^  ■*  Next  in  point  of  date,  but  first  in  importance,  is  the  ancient 
Town  Ligger,  a  bulky  volume  in  oak  boards  and  tattered  pigskin, 
long  known  by  the  name  of  the  Black  Book.  The  earliest 
current  entries  refer  to  1540,  but  "there  are  copies  of  Henry's 
charter  and  of  a  number  of  ancient  documents  relating  to  the 
town,  for  which  in  most  cases  this  volume  is  now  the  sole 
authority.  The  Black  Book  was  evidently  intended  to  be  a 
repertory  of  airnfatters  of  note  relating  to  the  community — 
proclamations,  bye-laws,  acts  of  parliament,  guild  orders,  assess- 
ments, with  lists  of  mayors  and  freemen  :  eventually  it  came  to 
be  used  also  as  a  registry,  in  which  deeds  relating  to  private 

(properties  in  the  town  were  enrolled  by  the  Town  Clerk.  A 
very  important  feature  is  the  fact  that  it  was  the  custom  to 
enter  under  each  mayoralty  brief  memoranda  of  local  and 
national  events.  The  Black  Book  continued  to  be  used  as  a 
record  of  the  mayoralties  down  to  1 709,  and  the  lists  of  freemen 
are  continued  to  1658.  Without  it,  much  of  the  early  history 
of  Plymouth  would  be  a  complete  blank ;  and  one  of  the  entries 
supplies  the  first  clue  to  the  disappearance  of  the  older  records. 
It  notes  that  Plymouth  had  been  burnt  three  times  (by  the 
French  and  Bretons),  in  1377,  1400,  and  1403  ;  and  under  the 
y  mayoralty  of  Richard  Hooper,  1548-49,  states  that  the  town  was 

/  assailed  by  the  Western  Rebels  for  the  restoration  of  Catholicism 

— '  then  was  our  stepell  burnt  w***  all  the  townes  evydence  in  the 
same  by  Rebelles.'  Little  was  preserved,  a  few  scattered  docu- 
ments excepted,  but  the  books  in  current  use. 

Next  in  importance  to  the  Black  Book  is  the    White  Book, 
_  given  to  the  town   by  John    Ford,    mayor  in   1555, 'and  used 

vL  j,        froiil  1560  to  1754  for  the  entry  of  bye-laws  and  orders  of  the 
i^--  'twelve  and  twenty-four,'    the  familiar  names  of  the  aldermen 

and  councillors,  and  of  the  sessions.  These  orders  are  for  the 
most  part  signed  by  those  who  made  them. 

Sundry  letters  from  the  Privy  Council  and  various  persons 
of  note  during  the  reign  of  Elizabeth  are  yet  extant,  but  only 
a  very  small  proportion  of  those  which  we  know  existed ;  and 
the  number  of  important  documents  of  this  period  that  have 
disappeared  must  be  very  large.  There  is  only  one  autograph 
letter  of  Sir  Francis  Drake,  whereas  there  must  have  been 
scores ;  and  although  there  are  several  papers  connected  with 
William  Hawkins,  Sir  John  is  all  but  unrepresented.  There 
are,    however,    autographs   of  nearly   all   the   statesmen    of  the 


Introduction.  ix 

Elizabethan    Court ;    and   of   local    notables   from    this    period 
downward  the  autographic  representation  is  complete. 

The  oldest  Charter-  in  the  possession  of  the  Corporation  is  that 
of  Mary  (ist  year),  gorgeously  if  not  handsomely  illuminated. 
There  are  also  charters  of  Elizabeth  (43rd),  James  I.  (12th), 
Charles  I.  (3rd),  Charles  II.  (19th  and  36th),  and  William  III., 
the  present  governing  charter  of  the  town.  Of  the  charters 
before  Mary,  those  of  Henry  VI.,  Richard  III.,  and  Edward  IV., 
there  are  only  copies.  The  originals  probably  perished  either 
when  the  '  stepell '  was  burnt  by  the"rebels ;  or  fell  victims  to 
the  act  of  a  Totnes  man,  who  carhe  to  Plymouth  in  1601-2 
and  burnt  a  chest  in  the  Council  Chamber  'wherein  were 
Contayned  divers  evidences  and  writings  C(5rrcerninge  the 
Towne.'  He  was  fined  ^100.  It  is  probably  to  this  severely 
punished  piece  of  arson  that  ^Villiam  Jennens  and  John  Warren, 
in  the  course  of  a  suit  with  the  Corporation,  refer  when  they 
declare,  about  1665,  that  the  town  records  had  been  burnt  some 
seventy  years  previously. 

From  the  early  part  of  the  seventeenth  century  the  chief 
Corporation  books  are  fairly  complete,  and  there  are  a  few  of 
what  may  be  termed  the  day  books,  which  it  was  the  custom 
to  destroy,  with  the  vouchers,  when  they  had  been  produced 
and  examined  at  the  annual  audit.  The  most  interesting 
volumes  of  seventeenth-century  accounts  are  two  which  belonged 
to  the  Committee  of  Defence,  at  the  time  of  the  siege  of 
Plymouth  by  the  Royalists,  containing  a  full  statement  of  their 
receipts  and  expenditure. 

'  The  Records  of  the  Borough  Court  date  back  to  the  reign 
of  Henry  VII.,  but  there  are  only  a  few  of  the  older  left. 
The  Court  books  extant  commence  in  1636,  and  some  of  the 
volumes  contain  quaint  illustrations  of  manners  and  customs  in 
old  Plymouth. 

The  wonder  perhaps  rather  is,  not  that  so  much  has  been 
lost,  biit  that  so  much  is  left.  The  records  passed  through  a 
worse  peril  than  the  fires  raised  by  the  Western  rebels  or  by 
Nicholas  Goodridge  when  the  sometime  old  Guildhall,  now  the 
Free  Library,  replaced  its  Jacobean  predecessor  ^t  the  com- 
mencement of  the  present  century.  Books  were  taken  some 
care  of,  but  we  are  told  that  the  accumulated  papers  were 
thrown  into  heaps  in  the  streets  and  carted  off,  and  that  whoever 
cared  to  do  so  helped  themselves  at  pleasure.  There  may  be 
a  little  exaggeration  here,  but  if  the  story  were  not  essentially 
true  it  would  be  impossible  to  account  for  the  almost  entire 
absence  ^of  current  letters  and  papers  during  TfTe"  eighteenth 
century,  whereas  those  since  that  date,  and  a  small  proportion 
of  the  older  ones,  have  been  preserved.  It  is  possible  that 
some  may  yet  remain  in  private  hands;  and  indeed,  in  1830, 
Mr.    B.    Dunsterville    drew    up    a    list    of    persons    who    were 







supposed  to  have  papers  belonging  to  the  Corporation.  When 
this  Guildhall  was  finished,  and  the  records  moved  back  again, 
confusion  became  worse  confounded.  There  was  no  room  to 
arrange  them,  and  a  lot  of  loose  papers  were  thrust  under  the 
roof,  where  they  remained  for  many  a  long  year. 

The  first  attempt  to  arrange  the  Municipal  Records  was  made 
in  1813,  when  a  committee  was  appointed,  and  did  valuable 
work.  Insufficient  space,  however,  prevented  them  from  carrying 
out  their  intentions  ;  and  meantime  deeds  and  papers  rapidly 
accumulated.  When  the  late  Mr.  Henry  Woollcombe,  f.s.a., 
was  appointed  ReGorder,  he  continued  the  task  which  he  had 
commenced  as  a  member  of  this  committee ;  and  by  him  a 
large  number  of  loose  papers  and  parchments  were  carefully 
preserved  and  mounted  in  two  portfolios. 

It  was  impossible,  however,  to  deal  with  the  records  in  any 
satisfactory  manner  until  the  present  Guildhall  was  erected  and 
a  proper  muniment  room  provided.  Mr.  Jeafferson's  visit  to 
Plymouth  on  behalf  of  the  Historical  Ma'nuscripts  Commission 
directed  fresh  attention  to  the  subject;  and  during  the  Town 
Clerkship  of  Mr.  J.  Walter  Wilson  the  first  thorough  attempt 
at  arrangement  was  made,  the  papers  being  classified  in  boxes 
and  an  Index  Catalogue  prepared.  Partly  in  consequence  of 
this  further  documents  were  brought  to  light,  which  required 
arrangement  also.  To  complete  the  work,  however,  a  printed 
calendar  was  needed ;  and  in  the  Town  Clerkship  of  Mr.  J.  H. 
Ellis,  in  whose  keeping  the  muniments  now  are,  this  is  at 
length  provided. 

The  writer  has  only  to  add  that  a  full  index  of  subjects  and 
places  has  been  prepared,  and  that  the  variations  in  the  spelling 
of  proper  names,  &c.,  follow  the  originals,  which  it  has  not 
been  thought  needful  in  all  cases  formally  to  quote.  A  few  notes 
have  been  supplied  which  it  is  hoped  may  be  found  of  service ; 
and  to  facilitate  reference  the  names  of  officials  generally  have 
been  printed  in  italics. 


A.  Charters,  Letters  Tatent,  and  Connected  Docu 


B.  Ancient  Books  of  Record 

C.  Sessions  and  Constitution  Books 

D.  Freedoms  and  Apprenticeships 

E.  Elections  and  Appointments    . 

F.  Receivers'  Accounts     . 

G.  General  Accounts— Seventeenth  Century 
H,  Rentals,  Surveys,  and  Records  of  Property 

I.  Borough  Courts,  &c.    . 

J.  Collected  Papers 

K.  Churches 

L.  Charities 

M.  Sutton  Pool  and  Cattewater 

N.  Water  Property 

O.  Hoe     . 

P.  Royal  Hotel  and  Theatre 

Q.  Markets 

R.  Official  Returns 

S.  Deeds 

T.  Miscellaneous 









Municipal   Records. 


Charters,  Letters  Patent,  and  Connected  Documents. 

[1]  Charter  of  Mary.  Letters  Patent  of  Inspeximus, 
confirming  the  Letters  of  Inspeximus  of  Edward  VI., 
confirming  the  Letters  of  Inspeximus  of  Henry  VIII., 
confirming  the  Letters  of  Inspeximus  of  Henry  VII., 
confirming  the  Charter  of  Henry  the  Sixth  for  the  in- 
corporation of  the  town  of  Sutton  Priour,  the  tithing  of 
Sutton  Raf,  parcel  of  the  hamlet  of  Sutton  Vautort,  and 
a  certain  parcel  of  the  tithing  of  Compton,  county  Devon, 
into  the  Borough  of  Plymouth,  with  a  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty for  ever :  With  confirmation  of  all  the  afore- 
mentioned charters,  Westminster.  ii  May — i  Mary. 
This  is  the  oldest  original  charter  in  the  possession  of 
the  Corporation,  and  is  illuminated. 

[2]  Letters  Patent  of  grant  (during  pleasure)  to  the 
Mayor  and  inhabitants  of  Plymouth  of  a  yearly  pension 
of  ir39  los.  lod.,  out  of  the  customs  of  the  port  of 
Plymouth,  'to  be  ymployed  for  the  paymente  of  the  wages 
of  fower  gunners  to  serue  continuallye '  at  the  fort  of  the 
Isle  of  St.  Nycholas  ;  the  same  sum  having  been  allowed 
by  Queen  Mary  out  of  the  same  customs  for  the  same 
purpose,     Westminster.     22  June — 2"]  Eliz. 

[3]  Mandate  to  Customer  for  the  time  being  of  the 
port  of  Plymouth,  for  the  payment  of  aforesaid  annuity. 
Westminster.     23  June — 27  Eliz. 

2  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[4]  Letters  Patent  ordering  that  for  the  security  of 
the  town  of  Plymouth  and  the  adjacent  country,  the  said 
town  should  be  'walled  and  made  defensible  by  enclosing  the 
same  with  ditch  and  wall  and  with  necessary  bulwarkes ' ; 
and  that  toward  the  charges  for  the  said  work  a  collection 
should  be  made  in  every  port  of  'eighteen  pence  to  be 
paid  for  every  hoggeshead  of  pylchardes  that  shalbe 
transported  out  of  this  oure  realme  by  strangers,  and 
twelve  pence  for  every  hoggeshead  to  be  transported  by 
Englishmen,'  the  moneys  so  raised  to  be  expended  on  the 
same  works  till  they  shall  be  completed ;  with  assignment 
for  the  same  purpose  of  i^ioo  per  annum  of  Her  Majesty's 
customs  of  the  said  port  of  Plymouth  and  her  other  ports 
in  Devon  and  Cornwall,  and  of  one  half  of  the  forfeitures 
accruing  to  her  Majesty  in  the  same  ports  in  penalties 
for  the  exportation  of  prohibited  wares.  It  is  further 
directed  that  persons  shall  in  proportion  to  their  means 
make  gifts  of  money  towards  the  cost  of  the  same 
fortifications,  to  receive  which  contributions  collectors  will 
be  appointed  in  the  said  counties  and  in  other  maritime 
ports.     Westminster.     30  May — 34  Eliz. 

[5]  Charter  of  Elizabeth.  Letters  Patent  of  Inspeximus 
and  Confirmation,  confirming  to  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty of  the  borough  of  Plymouth  all  the  various 
charters  and  letters  patent,  beginning  with  the  charter 
of  King  Henry  the  Sixth,  for  the  incorporation  of  the 
said  borough  and  continuance  of  its  privileges,  and  making 
the  precedent  Mayor  a  justice  of  the  peace.  Westminster. 
8  Feb. — 43  Eliz.  In  the  tin  case,  holding  these  Letters 
Patent,  is  a  rough  draught  of  the  Petition  of  the  Mayor 
and  Commonalty  of  the  borough  to  Elizabeth  for  a  new 

[6]  Charter  James  I.  Letters  Patent  of  Inspeximus 
and  Confirmation,  confirming  to  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty of  the  Borough  of  Plymouth  all  the  charters 
and  letters  patent  by  previous  sovereigns  of  England, 
beginning  with  the  Charter  of  King  Henry  the  Sixth,  for 
the  incorporation  of  the  said  borough  and  the  continuance 
of  its  privileges.     Westminster.     4  Nov. — 12  James  I. 

[7]  Charter  Charles  I.  Letters  Patent  of  Inspeximus 
and  Confirmation  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty;  and 
creating  two  other  of  the  most  ancient  masters  or  magis- 
trates justices.     3  March — 3  Charles  I. 

Charters,  Letters  Patent,  and  Connected  Documents.     3 

[8]  Letters  Patent  of  eleven  Ordinances  for  the  govern- 
ment of  the  King's  people  in  Newfoundland  and  upon  the 
sea  adjoining,  and  the  bays,  creeks,  or  fresh  rivers  there. 
One  Ordinance  directs,  '  that  noe  person  doe  sett  upp  any 
taverne  for  selling  of  wyne,  beere,  or  stronge  waters,  cider 
or  tobacco,  to  entertaine  the  fishermen,  because  it  is  founde 
that  by  such  meanes  they  are  debauched,  neglecting  their 
labours,  and  poore  ill-governed  men  not  only  spende  most 
parte  of  their  shares  before  they  come  home,  upon  which 
the  life  and  maintenance  of  their  wife  and  children  depend, 
but  are  likewise  hurtfulle  in  divers  other  waies,  as  by 
neglecting  and  making  themselves  unfitt  for  their  labour, 
by  purloyninge  and  stealing  from  their  owners  and  by 
making  vnlawfuU  shiftes  to  supply  their  disorders.'  By 
the  last  it  is  required,  '  That  vppon  the  Sondayes  the 
company  assemble  in  meete  places  and  have  diuyne 
service  to  be  said  by  some  of  the  masters  of  the  shippes 
or  some  others,  which  prayers  shalbe  such  as  are  in  the 
booke  of  comon  prayer.'  Cognizance  of  offences  against 
these  Ordinances  may  be  taken  by  the  Mayors  of  South- 
ampton, Weymouth,  Melcombe  Regis,  Lyme,  Plymouth, 
Dartmouth,  Eastlowe,  Foye,  and  Barnstaple,  as  well  as  by 
the  vice-admirals  of  the  counties  of  Southampton,  Dorset, 
Devon,  and  Cornwall.    Westminster.    10  Feb. — 9  Charles  L 

[9]  Letters  Patent  for  the  repair,  preservation,  and 
maintenance  of  the  harbour  of  Cattewater.  The  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  of  Plymouth  shall  '  for  ever  hereafter  have 
the  sole  ballasting  of  all  shippes  and  other  vessells  within 
the  Sound  and  harbour  of  Catwater  and  Cawse  in  Plymouth,' 
reservation  being  made  of  'the  ballasting  within  the  har-     ;  /  /f^^^ 

bour  of  Hamoase  to  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of  Saltash  '--*<>^A^ 
for  and  during  such  interest  as  they  lawfully  claim  from 
and  under  the  king's  dearest  sonne  the  Prince  as  Duke  of 
Cornwall.'  The  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth 
and  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of  Saltash  shall  henceforth 
have  the  care  and  oversight  of  the  said  harbour,  unless 
injury  to  the  same  harbour  should  come  from  the  defect 
or  negligence  of  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of  Saltash,  in 
which  case  the  care  and  oversight  of  the  harbour  are  to 
remain  wholly  in  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth 
and  their  successors  for  ever.  In  the  recitals  mention  is 
made  of  a  finding  and  certificate  returned  to  the  Lords 
of  the  Council  by  Thomas  Cramphorne,  then  Mayor  of 
Plymouth,    Sir    Francis    Glanvile,    Sir   James    Bagg,    Sir 

A  2 


4  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Nicholas  Slayning,  knts.,  Thomas  Wise,  John  Harris,  esqs., 
John  Clement,  William  Hele,  and  John  Caws,  merchants, 
appointed  commissioners  by  order  of  the  Council,  i  Feb, 
1635,  to  certify  their  lordships  respecting  the  state  of  the 
said  harbour  and  the  best  remedies  for  its  defects.  They 
find  '  the  said    harbour  of   late   yeares   is   much  decayed 

iand  quard  vp  with  gravell  sand  stones  and  ballast  which 
appeared  playnely  to  be  occasioned  by  the  great  quantetyes 
of  sand  and  earth  which  divers  Tynners  working  in  a 
Tynne  worke  called  Clasiewell  and  other  workes  and 
Tynne  Milles  neare  the  rivers  of  Plym  and  Mew  which 
fall  into  the  said  harbour  convey  out  of  their  said  workes 
and  milles  into  the  said  rivers,  and  partly  through  the 
neglect  of  the  Mayor  and  Burgesses  of  Saltash  water- 
bayliffes  of  the  said  harbour,  by  reason  whereof  great 
■,^  quanteties  of  Ballast  have  bene  cast  out  of  divers  vessells 
into  the  said  harbour,  and  in  suffering  a  shippe  sunck 
there  eleaven  yeares  since  or  thereabout  to  lye  there  still 
without  removing  the  same,  and  lastly  by  reason  that  the 
said  rivers  of  Plym  and  Mew  which  run  over  a  sandy 
ground  neare  the  said  harbour  called  the  Lary  on  euery 
great  water  and  flood  change  and  alter  their  course  there 
and  carry  and  drive  great  quantities  of  sand  and  gravelle 
into  the  said  harbour.  And  ....  that  a  necke  of  land  called 
howsterte  deviding  the  said  harbour  from  the  mayne  sea 
was  of  late  much  fretted  and  worne  away  with  the  breach 
of  the  sea,  soe  that  the  sea  without  timely  prevencon  is 
likly  to  make  a  passage  through  it.'  Westminster. 
I   Dec. — 13  Charles  I. 

[10]  Commission  under  the  Great  Seal  to  TJiomas 
Ccely,  merchant.  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  John  Maynard, 
esquire.  Recorder  of  the  same,  the  two  Justices  of  the 
said  borough,  and  to  the  Mayor,  Recorder,  and  two 
Justices  of  Plymouth  for  the  time  being,  to  administer  the 
oaths  of  Supremacy  and  Allegiance  to  'all  suspected 
persons  who  shalle  come  and  passe  through  the  said 
borough  of  Plymouth.'     20  Jan. — 17  Charles  I. 

[11]  Letters  Patent  of  the  grant  of  confirmation  and 
release  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth  of  the 

tadvowson  of  the  vicarage  of  Plymouth,  together  with  all 
the  annual  pension  of  eight  pounds  issuing  out  of  the  said 
i  vicarage,  and  all  arrears  of  the  same,  for  ever  ;  with  Licence 
I  to  the  said  Mayor  and  Commonalty  to  build  a  new  and 
i    second  church,  and  to  divide  the  parish  of  Plymouth  into 

Charters,  Letters  Patent,  and  Con  nee  ted  Dueituients.     5 

two  separate  parishes.     The  said  Mayor  and  Commonalty    I 
undertaking  to   build  the  nevv~^uirclT"  aT'The'cbst  6r~the 
inhabitants,  and  to  maintain  a  free  school  with    a  head- 
master enjoying  an  annual  salary  of  twenty  pounds,  and 
further  to  maintain  the  hospital  recently  built  in  the  same  | 
town  for  the  relief  of  poor  persons  to  be  placed  therein  by  [, 
the  said  Mayor  and  Commonalty.    Westminster.     2 1  April  \ 
— 17  Charles  I. 

[12]  Warrant  (under  the  hands  and  seals  of  the  Com- 
missioners for  executing  within  the  borough  of  Plymouth 
the  recent  Act  of  Parliament  for  the  good  government  and 
regulation  of  corporations)  for  the  removal  of  Justinian 
Peard,  Richard  Evens,  and  John  Paige,  Magistrates  of 
the  said  borough,  and  also  of  Richard  Tapper,  Caleb 
Brookinge,  and  Daniell  Ely,  Common-councilmen  of  the 
said  borough,  from  their  said  offices  and  from  all  places 
of  trust  in  connection  with  the  government  of  the  borough 
— Paige  on  account  of  his  absence  and  continued  residence 
beyond  seas.  [He  had  settled  in  Barbadoes.]  14  Aug. 

[13]  Certificate  by  the  same  Commissioners,  that 
William  Allen,  Mayor,  Oliver  Ceely,  Justice,  Christopher 
Ceely  and  Samuel  Northcott,  Magistrates,  Williain  Veo, 
Town-clerk;  and  Thomas  Durant,  Richard  Mayne,  Thomas 
Yabsley,  John  Jope,  Nicholas  Karkite,  Peter  Gregor, 
Samuel  Brett,  Abraham  Serle,  Richard  Clapp,  and  Walter 
Trout,  Common-councilmen,  have  refused  to  take  the  oaths 
and  subscribe  the  declaration  required  by  the  aforesaid 
enactment,  on  being  called  upon  to  take  and  subscribe  the 
same  by  the  aforesaid  commissioners,  and  removing  them 
accordingly.      14  Aug.   1662. 

[14]  Warrant  reciting  preceding  removals,  and  order 
for  the  appointment  of  other  men,  who  have  duly  taken 
the  required  oaths  and  made  the  required  subscriptions, 
to  the  offices  vacated  by  the  abovenamed  officers  of  the 
corporation  by  reason  of  their  refusal  aforesaid  :  IVilliani 
Jennens  Mayor,  Jonathan  Sparke  Justice,  Phillip  Shapeote 
to  be  Town-clerk  and  steward,  John  Harris,  John  Martyn, 
John  Webb,  George  Strelly,  John  Gubbes,  Magistrates ; 
and  Samuel  Bury,  Ambrose  Thomas,  William  Warren, 
Thomas  Stutt,  Henry  Pike,  William  Symons,  John  Lanion, 
Richard  Fryer,  James  Jackson,  Peter  Scadgell,  Peter 
Marke,  Gregorie  Martyn,  and  Andrew  Horsman,  Common- 
councilmen  of  the  said  borough.     16  Aug.  1662. 

6  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[15]  Warrant  removing  Jonathan  Sparke  from  the 
office  of  capital  burgess — his  continuance  therein  being 
'  inconvenyent  for  his  Majesty's  service.'     7  March  1662. 

[16]  Appointment  of  Henry  Webbe  and  Philip  Edwards 
to  be  members  of  the  Common  Council  of  the  borough  of 
Plymouth,  by  the  Commissioners  for  executing  in  the  said 
borough  the  recent  Act  for  the  good  government  and 
regulation  of  corporations.     21  March  1662. 

[17]  First  Charter  Charles  II.  Letters  Patent  for  the 
confirmation  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  the 
borough  of  Plymouth,  of  all  the  franchises  and  privileges 
granted  to  them  by  the  King's  ancestors.  Dated  at 
Westminster.     20  Feb. — 19  Charles  II. 

[18]  Letters  Patent  of  Ordinances  for  regulating  the 
fisheries  of  Newfoundland.  Recites  and  confirms  the 
Ordinances  ma"3e'ioTeb.  9  Charles  I.;  and  makes  fifteen 
new  and  additional  Ordinances  for  the  remedy  of  abuses 
that  have  crept  into  the  Newfoundland  fisheries,  and  for 
the  better  government  of  persons  resorting  thereto — -these 
additional  ordinances  and  confirmation  of  the  earlier  ones 
being  made  at  'the  humble  petition  of  the  Merchants, 
Owners  and  Masters  of  ships  and  inhabitants  of  the 
Westerne  Partes  of  this  kyngdome  adventuring  to  the 
Newfound  Land  in  fishing  voyages.'  One  of  the  new 
orders  runs  'That  every  fisherman  yearely  carryed  out 
of  England  bee  a  greenman  and  not  a  seaman.'  West- 
minster.    27  Jan. — 27  Charles  II. 

[19]  Copy  of  the  petition  referred  to  in  the  preceding : 
'The  humble  Remonstrance  of  divers  Merchants  Owners 
and  Masters  of  ships  and  others  of  the  Townes  of  Ply- 
mouth Dartmouth  and  the  Westerne  partes  concerned  in 
the  Fishing  Trade  of  Newfoundland,'  After  referring 
to  the  benefits  coming  to  the  ^wFole  country  from  a 
trade  peculiarly  advantageous  to  the  Western  ports,  the 
petitioners  observe : — '  That  this  trade  hath  bin  thus 
continued  through  God's  blessing  to  good  effect — goeing 
out  in  Aprill  and  home  againe  about  Michaelmass  leaveing 
their  remaines  of  Salt  and  Fishing  provisions  with  their 
boats  hailed  up  (and  covered  with  Rends)  and  soe  still 
found  all  secure  at  their  next  returne — bringing  home  all 
the  men  to  follow  the  winter  occasions  at  home,  and  so 
were  ready  at  the  Spring  to  serve  the  King  or  to  proceed 
to  the  Newfoundland  again  :  the  severall  admiralls  of  the 

Charters,  Letters  Patent,  and  Connected  Docnnients.     7 

fishing  ships  governing  in  each  harbour  by  the  assistance 
and  advice  of  the  other  coiTiandcrs  in  the  same  harbour, 
according  to  the  lawes  and  constitucons  of  your  Majesties 
Royal  Father  of  blessed  memory,  established  in  counsell 
in  the  year  1633.'  The  seamen  were  joint-adventurers  in 
these  expeditions,  with  participation  in  their  profits.  'One 
third  part  of  the  whole  produce  every  yeare  is  divided 
amongst  the  seamen  in  proporcon,  whereby  many  Thou- 
sands haue  a  benefitt  in  the  expence  and  dispose  of  all 
things  that  concerne  meat  drink  house  and  cloathing.' 

[20]  Copy  of  Order  (25  Feb.  167I-)  from  the  Lords 
of  the  Council,  appointed  a  Committee  for  Trade  and 
Plantations,  for  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth  to  give  their 
Lordships  sure  information  on  the  points  raised  by  the 
petitioners,  and  to  appoint  a  sufficiently  informed  cor- 
respondent with  whom  their  said  lordships  may  confer  : — 
Signed,  Robert  Southwell. 

[21]  Letters  Patent  appointing  the  Mayor  and  the 
four  oldest  Aldermen  of  Plymouth  for  the  time  being,  also 
Christopher  Warren,  Lawrence  Stuckley,  and  Timothy 
Hamlyn,  Commissioners  to  administer  the  oaths  of 
Supremacy  and  Allegiance  within  the  said  borough  to 
the  King's  subjects  entering  it  from  foreign  parts.  West- 
minster.    2  Nov. — 31  Charles  II. 

[22]  Deed  authorising  surrender  of  Charter.  1 5  March 

[23]  Lease  of  Corporation  estate  to  John  Martyn  and 
others  for  one  year.      14  April  1684. 

[24]  Conveyance  of  same  to  John  Martyn,  John  Dell, 
William  Toms,  and  James  Hull  under  trust.  15  April 

[The  object  of  these  deeds  was  to  secure  the  borough 
estate  on  the  Surrender.] 

[25]  Lease  of  the  same  by  Martyn  and  his  colleagues 
to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty.     24  June  1685. 

[26]  Release  of  ditto  to  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 
25  June  1685. 

[27]  Second  Charter  Charles  II.  Letters  Patent  for  the 
reincorporatiofr~aTTd  reconstitution  of  the  borough  of 
Plymouth.  Appointing  William  Martyn,  esq.  to  be  the 
first  Mayor;  Sir  Hugh  Piper,  knt,  John  Martyn,  Isaac 
Tillard, merchant, Sam.  Madocke,  merchant,  JohnTrelawney 

8  PlymoutJi  Municipal  Records. 

of  Ham,  esq.,  William    Martyn  aforesaid,  Thomas   Stutt, 
merchant,    William    Symons,   gentleman,    Philip   Andrew, 
;    merchant,  John  Dell,  merchant,  John  Munyon,  merchant, 
;    James    Hull,   merchant,   and  Lewis  Stukeley,   esq.,   to  be 
\    for    life    the    first   Aldermen ;    John    Paige,  junior,    PliiTip 
'    Wilcocks,  Stephen  Ackerman,  Timothy  Hamblyn,  James 
\    Yonge,    Robert    Berry,    George    Orchard,    John     Rogers, 
;    Andrew  Mathews,  Nicholas  Edgecumbe,  Walter  Ingram, 
,     and    Joseph   Webbe,    to    be    for   life   the   first    Common- 
councilmen  ;    John  Earl  df~~Bafh  io  be   for   life  the  first 
Recorder;  and  Christopher  Duke  of  Albemarle,  John_Earl 
of  Bath,  Charles  Lord  Lansdowne,  Richard  Lord  Arundell, 
Bernard  Greenvile,  Sir   Edward  Seymour,  Jonathan  Tre- 
lawney,  Copleston  Bampfeild,  baronets,  Sir  Richard  Edge- 
cumbe, knight  of  the  Bath,  Sir  Nicholas  Slanning,  knight 
\     of  the    Bath  and    baronet,    Arthur    Tremayne,    P^dmund 
Tremayne,  Richard   Strode,   Nicholas  Courtney,  Edmond 
Pollexfen,  John  Harris,  Philip  Lanion,  and  Henry  Watts, 
together  with  the  aforesaid  Mayor,  Aldermen,  and  Common- 
councilmen  to  be  the  first  Free  Burgesses  of  the  borough 
■*    under  the  new  charterTWestminster.  6  J  une — ^6  Charles  1 1. 

[28]  Charter  of  William  III.  Letters  Patent  of  In- 
speximus  and  Confirmation  by  William  the  Third, 
confirming  the  Charter  of  Inspeximus  and  Confirmation 
given  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth  3  March 
3  Charles  L,  confirming  charters  and  letters  patent  by 
previous  sovereigns  of  England  to  the  same  Mayor  and 
Commonalty,  beginning  with  the  charter  of  Henry  the 
Sixth  ;  with  approbation  and  confirmation  of  the  recited 
charters.  The  present  letters  appoint  Jolin  Munyon, 
merchant,  to  be  the  first  Mayor ;  Francis  Drake,  baronet, 
to  be  the  first  Recorder  (for  life);  William  Symons, 
\  gentleman,  William  Cotton,  William  Tom,  John   Munyon, 

„    yV  :-    James     Hull,     merchant,    Peter    Foot,    gentleman,    Philip 

^       y     Wilcocks,  John  Warren,  John    N'eeTl^  merchant,    Thomas 

O      /  Knottford,     druggist,     Richard    Opie,    William    Munyon, 

merchants,  and  Thomas  Bound,  tin-worker,  to  be  the  first 
Capital  Burgesses  or  Masters  of  the  Borough  ;  Edmund 
Pollexfen  to  be  the  first  Town-Clerk  during  life  ;  Thomas 
Payne,  gentleman,  to  be  the  first  Borough  Coroner;  Gregory 
Martin,  druggist,  James  Yonge,  surgeon,  Joseph  Webb, 
merchant,  Robert  Berry,"  senior,  John  Rogers,  William 
Davies,  Nathaniel  Young,  Nathaniel  Dowrich,  merchant, 
Samuel  Allen,  Thomas  Lymbear,  William  Cock,  appraiser, 

Charters,  Letters  Patent,  and  Connected  Documents.     9 

Nicholas  Gennis,  perfumer,  Thomas  Darracott,  merchant, 
John  Wallis,  appraiser,  Jonas  Lavington,  druggist,  Samuel 
Howe,  brewer,  James  Cock,  Robert  VVilcocks,  merchant, 
Frank  Hill,  Robert  Hewer,  perfumer,  Samuel  Harris,  wool- 
merchant,  Robert  Cowne,  druggist,  William  Hurrell,  and 
John  Swymmer,  to  be  the  first  Common-councilmen  under 
the  new  charter.  The  following  persons  to  be  Freemen  of 
the  borough — Sir  George  Treby,  knight,  Chief-Justice  of 
the  Common  Bench,  Charles  Trelawney,  Francis  Drake, 
William  Courtney,  William  Davy,  Walter  Young,  baronets, 
John  Elwill,  knt,  Josias  Calmady,  George  Parker,  William 
Harris  of  Hayne,  Arthur  Tremayne,  John  Clobery,  John 
Arscott,  Martin  Ryder,  Courtenay  Croker,  John  Copple- 
stone,  Edward  Fortescue,  Nicholas  Morris,  Moses  Bould, 
Henry  Watts,  esquires,  Thomas  Pyne  and  John  Sprage, 
doctors  in  medicine,  George  Lapthorne,  Samuel  Carkett, 
Philip  Pentyre,  merchants,  and  John  Tallack,  druggist 
Westminster.     8  Dec— 8  Wm.  HI. 

[29]  Opinion  of  John  Dunning,  afterwards  Lord 
Ashburton,  touching  the  Mayor's  ofifice  as  Clerk  of  the 
Market.      1768. 

[30]  Award  by  J.  Douglas  and  W.  Grant,  revising 
barristers,  for  the  division  of  Plymouth  into  wards ;  and 
order  of  Privy  Council  confirming  same,  4  Dec.  1835,  with 
letter  from  Secretary  Fox  Maule. 

[31]  Charter  of  Quarter  Sessions  Win.  IV.  Letters 
Patent  of  grant  that  a  separate  Court  of  Quarter  Sessions 
of  the  Peace  shall  henceforth  continue  to  be  holden  in  and 
for  the  borough  of  Plymouth.     27  P^eb. — 6  Wm.  IV. 

[32]     Vellum  Record  Book  of  18 12  containing 
Copy  and  translation  Act  of  Incorporation. 
Copy  of  Water  Act. 
Copy  of  Act  dividing  the  parishes  of  St.  Andrew  and 

Translation  of  Charter  of  William  III. 
Copy   of   Correspondence    with    Lieut. -Gen.    Mercer 

relating  to  Eastern  Hoe,  &c.      1807. 
Copy    of    letter    from    Board    of    Ordnance,     1753, 

declining   the    erection   of  a  fence  at   the  Eastern 

Hoe,  without  prejudice. 
Copies  of   Charters    and   Confirmations  from    Patent 

Rolls— 3  Edw.  IV.  ;  2  Richard  III. ;    19  Hen.  VII.; 

I  Mary ;  43  Elizabeth. 


PlymoiitJi  Municipal  Records. 

[33]  Another  book  containing  copies  of  charters, 
abstracts  of  inquisitions,  record  in  the  '  Queen  against 
Berry,'  and  extracts  from  the  Black  Book,  including  a 
list  of  Mayors  to  1801. 

[34]  Similar  but  smaller  volume  containing  copies  of 
charters,  abstracts  of  inquisitions,  Acts  of  Parliament, 
exemplifications,  the  '  Queen  agst.  Berry,'  the  Act  dividing 
the  parishes,  correspondence  as  above  concerning  the 
Eastern  Hoe,  and  list  of  Mayors  brought  down  to  i70tV 

[These  three  volumes  cover  much  the  same  ground  ; 
there  are  also  several  office  copies  of  the  Act  of  Incorpora- 
tion and  the  charters.] 

[35]  Imperfect  Copy  (Latin)  of  Inquisition  taken  at 
Exeter  before  Salamon  de  Roffe  and  his  associates,  justices 
itinerant,  on  the  octave  of  St.  Martin  9  Edward  I.  (1281) 
setting  forth  inter  alia  that  the  manors  of  Sutton,  Maketon 
[Maker],  and  Kings  Tamerton  cum  filo  ague  de  Tamer 
were  ancient  demesne  of  the  King,  but  had  been  given  by 
Henry  I.  to  Roger  de  Valletort  by  the  service  of  a  knight's 
fee  and  a  half— that  John  de  Vautort  then  held  the  manors 
of  Sutton  and  Maketon,  and  Elias  de  Blakeston  that  of 
Kings"Tamerton,  while  Edmund  Count  of  Cornwall  tenet 
filuni  ague,  it  did  not  appear  by  what  warrant.  And  John 
and  Elias  came  and  said  that  they  and  their  predecessors 
had  held  these  manors  before  the  time  of  Richard  the 
King.  The  Abbot  of  Buckland  held  Buckland  Mona- 
chorum,  Bickleigh,  and  Walkhampton  and  the  hundred 
of  Roborough  ;  while  Robert  Gyffard  [whence  Compton 
Gififord]  held  the  manors  of  Egg  Buckland,  Compton,  and 
Haueknol  [Honicknowle].  Moreover  it  was  presented 
that  the  ville  of  Sutton  belonged  to  the  Prior  of  Plympton, 
with  assize  of  bread  and  beer,  and  this  right  was  allowed. 
The  Prior  claimed  that  these  liberties  had  been  enjoyed 
for  many  years,  by  charter  of  the  lord  Henry  (Henry  III.) 
father  of  the  lord  the  King  that  then  was. 

[Another  inquisition,  taken  by  Matthew  de  Clynedon  in 
the  same  year,  finds  that  the  town  of  Sutton  was  upon  the 
coast  of  the  port  of  Plymouth,  but  no  part  of  it  upon  the 
King's  soil.  A  certain  portion  of  the  town  north  of  the 
said  coast  was  upon  the  soil  of  the  Prior  of  Plympton,  and 
the  Prior  had  assize  of  bread  and  ale  and  rents  to  the 
amount  of  £1^  9s.  6id.,  and  so  had  had  them  from  time 
immemorial,  and  there  were  free  tenants.      Another  part 

Charlci's,  Letters  Patent,  and  Coniieeted  Docunients.     1 1 

of  the  town,  south  of  the  said  coast,  was  upon  the  soil  of 
John  de  Vautort,  but  the  said  John  received  nothing  there- 
from, save  certain  rents  to  the  amounts  of  ;^  1 1  i6s.  6d.  ; 
and  his  tenants  did  suit  to  his  court  twice  in  the  year. 
In  this  part  of  the  town  the  Abbot  of  Buckland  had 
assize  of  bread  and  ale.  The  port  of  Plymouth  belonged 
to  the  king,  and  rendered  yeariy  i^4  into  the  Exchequer; 
and  Matthew  de  Clynedon  found  that  it  would  neither 
prejudice  the  King  nor  any  others  if  Sutton  were  made 
a  free  borough,  and  the  inhabitants  free  burgesses,  saving 
the  service  to  the  lords.] 

[36]  Copy  (Latin)  of  Inquisition  taken  by  order  of  the 
King  on  the  complaint  of  the  Prior  of  Plympton,  8th 
Richard  11.  (1385),  at  Ekebokland,  Wednesday  next  after 
the  feast  of  the  Holy  Trinity,  before  Walter  Cornu  and 
Richard  Gripston,  on  the  oaths  of  Peter  Whitelegh, 
Stephen  Lautron,  William  Wyneslond,  Ralph  Bytheyes, 
David  Treweman,  Richard  Wylberton,  Thomas  Stanton, 
William  Worston,  William  Lake,  Thomas  Boyes  of 
Hareston,  Thomas  Cut,  and  William  Godegrome.  They 
found  that  the  Prior  of  Plympton  and  his  predecessors 
from  time  immemorial  had  been  lords  of  Sutton  Prior,  and 
accustomed  to  hold  a  Monday  Court  with  assize  of  bread 
and  beer  and  weights  and  measures,  with  jurisdiction  over 
transgressors,  and  authority  over  millers,  bakers,  butchers, 
sellers  of  wine  and  hydromel,  and  cooks,  and  those  who 
made  bread  outside  the  town  and  carried  it  therein  to  sell. 
That  in  this  Court,  held  by  the  Prior's  Seneschal,  at  the 
first  sitting  next  after  the  feast  of  St.  Michael  yearly, 
twelve  tenants  of  the  same  Prior,  in  the  said  town,  were 
sworn  to  determine  and  choose  a  Prepositus  of  the  same 
Prior  and  town,  and  him  so  chosen  to  the  said  Seneschal 
immediately  to  present,  whereupon,  having  taken  his 
corporal  oath  before  the  said  Seneschal,  the  said  Prepositus 
should  from  that  time  forth  of  the  said  Court  be  head, 
receiving  for  the  Prior  all  debts,  amerciaments,  fines,  reliefs, 
and  perquisites  of  the  said  Court,  and  all  other  like  profits 
of  the  same  Prior  at  the  same  place  well  and  faithfully 
collecting  and  levying  ;  and  immediately  after  the  end  of 
his  year  of  office  well  and  faithfully  accounting  for  the 
same  to  the  aforesaid  Prior  in  the  Priory  of  Plympton. 

But  Humphry  Passour,  cunningly  and  falsely  plotting 
subtlely^to  usurp  "the  rights  of  the  lord  King  and  to  make 
himself  Mayor   of  the    aforesaid    town,   instead    of  John 

12  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Sampson,  recently-chosen  Prepositus — him  to  amove,  and 
the  said  Prior  and  Church  of  the  apostles  Peter  and  Paul  of 
Plympton  maliciously  to  disinherit,  the  aforesaid  John 
before  the  lord  King  and  his  Council  of  divers  offences  and 
misdemeanours  assailed  and  accused.  Moreover,  under 
cover  of  a  certain  brief  of  the  lord  King  to  the  bailiffs  and 
honest  men  of  the  said  town  of  Sutton  Prior  by  the  name 
of  the  town  of  '  Sutton  Plympmouth,'  certain  burgesses  of 
the  said  town  Humphry  Passour  to  the  office  of  Mayor 
of  the  same  town  chose  and  elected,  admitting  him  as 
such  and  obeying  him  in  that  ofifice,  whereas  they  would 
not  allow  the  said  John  to  enter  and  exercise  his  ofiice. 
And  in  the  King's  Chancery  the  said  Humphry  Passour 
fraudulently,  under  colour  of  the  brief  of  the  lord  King, 
sought  to  set  himself  in  the  mayoralty  of  the  said  town 
without  the  Court  of  the  Prior  ;  and  the  removal  of  the 
aforesaid  John  from  the  office  and  exercise  of  the  said 
Prepositure  procured  and  made,  and  the  same  office  of 
Mayor,  without  sufficient  authority  and  warrant,  for  a  long 
time  occupied.  And  further  the  jurors  aforesaid  say  under 
oath  that  never  was  there  Mayor  in  the  aforesaid  town  of 
Sutton  Prior  before,  neither  ought  there  so  to  be,  nor  used 
there  to  be  but  a  Prepositus  until  the  day  when  the  afore- 
said Humphry  caused  himself  to  be  chosen  Mayor. 

[The  proceedings  did  not  end  with  the  inquisition  ;    for 

in  1386  we  find  Passour  rejoining  in  defence  of  his  right  to 

the  mayoralty  that  at  various  times  during  the  reign  of 

Edward  HI.,  and  during  the  reign  of  the  present  King, 

mandates  had    been    sent,    both  under  the    King's    privy 

seal  and  by  his  letters  patent,  to  the  Mayor  of  the  town, 

under   the    name   of  the   Mayor  of  the  town  of   Sutton 

Plymouth,    and    had    thus    appointed    the    inhabitants    to 

have  a  Mayor.      However,  judgment    was  given  against 

\  Passour  and    his    friends,    'because    it    has   not    been    the 

I  custom  for  a  Mayor  to  govern    in    the   town   of    Sutton 

'  Prior.']  -,_ 

[37]  Three  paper  bundles  of  proceedings,  temp. 
Ed.  IV.  and  Hen.  VH.,  touching  the  right  of  the  Mayor 
of  Plymouth  to  hold  pleas  for  debt,  &c.  Act  of  Hen.  VI. 
stated  and  right  confirmed. 

[38]  Copy  of  Act  reducing  fee  farm  rent  of  £\\  to 
£2^  6s.  8d.     3  Ed.  IV. 

[39]     Copy    of    Act    discontinuing    fee    farm    rent    of 

Charters,  Letters  Patent,  and  Connected  Documents.     13 

£2<^  6s,  8d.  and  granting  the  Prior  of  Plympton  in 
lieu  the  vicarages  of  Ugborough  and  Blackawton.  25 
Hen.  VIII. 

[40]  Discharge  of  fee  farm  rent  of  £2<^  6s.  8d.  31 
Hen.  VIII. 

[41]     Copy  of  charter  of  Newbury.     1595. 

[42]  Book  containing  proceedings  of  committee  ap- 
pointed in  1812  for  the  purpose  of  examining  and 
arranging  the  muniments,  with  rough  Hst  of  documents. 

[43]  Papers  touching  borough  records,  chiefly  letters, 
but  commencing  with  report  of  committee  in  1814.  Gives 
details  of  number  and  results.     1814-1831. 

[44]     Book  recording  removal  and  return  of  muniments. 

[45]  Correspondence  touching  fee-farm  rent.  1814- 

B.     Ancient  Books  of  Record. 

[46]     THE3  BLACK  BOOK. 

This  is  a  large  folio  containing  360  leaves  of  thick  paper, 
bound  in  oaken  boards  covered  with  leather.  Commonly 
known,  from  the  dark  colour  of  its  binding,  as  '  The  Black 
Book,'  it  is  called  in  the  old  records  the  '  town  ligger,' 
entry  being  made  in  1535-6  that  for  it  and  for  writing 
therein  all  that  was  in  the  old  ledger  twenty  shillings  were 
paid.  The  earliest  dated  contemporary  entry  is  for  1540; 
and  the  original  intention  evidently  was  to  make  the"b66"k 
a  record  of  all  matters  of  importance  relating  to  the  civic 
life.  The  fly-leaf  is  inscribed,  'Jesus  Christus,  Liber 
maioris  et  Communitats  burgi  de  Tlymouthe  in  Com. 
Devon.'  It  is  not  paged,  but  each  leaf  is  numbered,  the  first 
few  excepted.  References  to  the  backs  of  the  respective 
leaves  are  indicated  by  the  appended  v. 

Mo  that  the  kayes  of  the  Castell  be  delyu'ed  to  these 
psones  whose  names  followe  which  also  haue  the 

one  to  m*"  hawkyns  mayre 

one  to  m""  Randall  ffor  the  olde  towne  warde 

one  to  m*"  Bull  ffor  the  loostrete  warde 

one  to  m""  Elyott  ffor  the  vyntry  warde 

one  to  henry  harvy  for  the  venors  warde 

Oaths  of  such  as  choose  those  who  choose  the  Mayor, 
and  of  those  who  choose  him. 

The  names  of  the  xiij  psones  that  always  be  of  th^^yy 
Councell  and  Chyffe  men  of  the  burgh  &  Towne  of 
Plymouthe  anno  Rs  henrici  viij  xxxj'"" 

Willms  Randall  Jur  Thomas  Gubb  Ju''  Jacobus  Horswell  Ju' 
Johes  Bygporte  Ju  Willms  hawkyns  Ju""  Johes  Elyott  Ju' 
Thom'^s  Clowter  Ju''  Thom'^s  Byrte  Ju'  Robtus  Dyghton 
Ju""  henricus  harvy  Ju""  Johes  pers  Ju'  lucas  Cok  Ju' 
Thomas  my  lis  Ju' 

Ricus  Edgecomb  ar  [query  Lord  High  Steward.] 

Andreas  hyllersdon  ar  Ricordati  burgi  admiss  est  in 
libtatem  Franchise 

Nichus  Fortescue  ar  admissus  est  in  libtatem 

The  Black  Book.  15 

The  names  of  the  xxiiij  burgesses  that  be  Sworne  to 
the  CoiTion  Councell  wythyn  the  burgh  of  Plymouthe 
John  Thom'^s  Richard  lybbe  henry  martyn  Robert  h-'mpton 
Rychard   Cuscott   Thomas    Crowne   John    Brokyng    John 

Towson    Wyllm    Ayshelegh    John    Mone Kensh^m 

John  Rovve  Thomas  hohvaye  Robert  Carswell  John  Taffe 
Wyllm  Bullar  Wyllm  Wyks  John  Bovy  John  Vde  Wyllm 
Eggecomb  Stephyn  burdon  W^yllm  Gybbons  [John  Grosse 
erased]  Richard  Saunder 

'The  names  of  all  theym  that  haue  bene  mayres  Wythin  n 
the  burgh  of  plymouthe  syns  the  Towne  was  ffyrst  Incor-  \ 
porat'     1441      18  Hen.  VI.  to  1710     (pp.  1-30.)  f' 

[Historical  notps  commencing  early  in  the  i6th  century 
— general  and  local — are  entered  under  many  of  the  Mayors ; 
and  the  more  important  local  ones  follow.] 

1441,  Wilhn  KetJiricJie.  M 
Thys-was  the  First  mayre  namyd    by  the  Kynge  and       j 

made  by  acte  of  plyament. 

1442,  Walter  Clovelley ;  1443,  Willyam  Pollard;  1444, 
John  Schepeley ;  1445,  William  Nycoll ;  1446,  Wyliiam 
Nycoll;  1447,  John  Schepeley ;  1448,  Johfi  Facye ;  1449, 
John  Page;  1450,  Stephyn  Chepenian ;  145 1,  Stephyn 
Chepeman;  14,S^,  Thomas  Tregle ;  1453,  Vyncent Petelysden; 
14154,  Vyncent  Petelysden  ;  1455,  Jamys  Dorneforde  ;  1456, 
Vynce7it  Petelysden ;  1457,  Jo/in  Larivynyk ;  1458,  Thomas 
Tregle  ;  1459,  Wyllyam  yogg ;  \^6o,  John  Pollard ;  1461, 
Willm  yogg ;  1462,  John  Page ;  1463,  John  Roivland ; 
i^6/\.,  John  Rowlajid ;  \\6^,  John  Rowland ;  ia^^G,  Rychard 
Bovy ;  1467,  Willm  Yogg;  1468,  John  Page ;  1469,  John 
Rowland ;  1470,  Wyllm  Yogg ;  1471,  Wyllm  Page ;  1472, 
Richard  Bovy ;  1473,  Nichas  Heynscott ;  1474,  Wyllm 
Page  ;  1475,  Nychas  Heynscott ;  1476,  Nychas  Heynscott ; 
1477,  John  Pollard;  1478,  Nichas  Heynscott;  1479, 
Wyllm  Rodgers;  1480,  Thomas  Tregarthen ;  1481,  Thomas 
Tresawell;  \a^^2,  Nichas  Heynscott ;  1483,  Thonias  Grey  son  ; 
1484,  Pers  Carswell ;  1485,  Thomas  Tresaivell ;  i486, 
Thomas  Greyson ;  1487,  Nichas  Heynscott;  1488,  Peryn 
Erie;  1489,  TJiomas  Greyson;  1490,  Nichas  Hcnscott ; 
1 49 1,  John  Paynter ;  1492,  Willm  Thykpeny ;  1493, 
Willm   Thykpeny ;   1494,   Thomas  Bygporte ;    1495,    Willm 

Nycoll;  1496,  Wyllm  Rodger ;  1497,  Thomas  Tresaivell; 
1498,  John  Paynter ;  1499,  John  Ilcombe ;  1500,  Wyllm 


1 6  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

1 501,  Thomas  Cropp.  In  this  yere  apon  the  iiij*^  daye 
of  Octobre  landyd  in  plymoufhe  Kateryne  doughter  to  the 
kyng  of  Spayne,  and  on  Seynt  Erkenwalds  daye  next 
insueyng  she  was  maryed  to  p'ince  Arthure. 

1502,  John  Horsivell ;  1503,  John  Paynter ;  1504,  John 
Breivne ;  1505,  Wyllm  Tregle ;  1506,  Thomas  Tresawell ; 
1507,  Symon  Carszvell ;  1508,  John  Paynter;  1509, 
Ry chard  Geiv  ;   1 5 10,   Walter  Pollard ; 

151 1,  Willm  Brokyng.  In  the  same  yere  the  lorde 
marques  Dorsett,  the  lorde  Howard,  the  lorde  broke,  the 
lorde  Ferrys,  the  lorde  wylughby  &  dyu'se  other  noble 
me  were  sente  to  Spayne  w*''  x  m'  men,  w'^''  landyd  at 
passage  &  returnyd  after  v  monyths,  &  landyd  in  ply- 
mouthe  &  in  cornewalle  aboute  alhallovvtyde,  and  in  the 
mean  tyme  on  S.  Laurens  day  the  Regent  &  the  Caryk 
of  Brest  were  both  brent,  ij  goodly  shippes. 

1 5 12,  John  Grysly?ig;  15 13,  John  poimde  ;  15 14,  Willm 
Brokyng;  15 15,  John  Paynter;  15 16,  John  Breivne; 
15 17,  John  Herforde ;  15 18,  Wyllm  Randall;  15 19,  Jno. 
Pounde ;  1520,  Wyllm  Randall;  1521,  Stephyn  Pers ; 
1522,  Thomas  Bull;  1523,  John  Bovy ;  1524,  Willm 
Brokynge ;  1525,  JoJm  Pounde;  1526,  John  Herforde; 
1527,  Henry  Bykham ;  1528,  Jamys  Horsivell;  1529, 
Wyllm   Brokyng;     1530,     Wyllm    Randall;     1531,    John 

Bygporte ;  1532,  Willm  Hatvkyns ;  1533,  Xpofer  moore ; 
1534,  John  Illy ott ;  1 535,  Jamys  Horsivell ;  1536,  Thomas 
Bull;  1537,  Thomas  Clozvter ;  1538,  Willm  Hazvkyns ; 
1539,  Thomas  Byrte. 

1540,  John  Thomas.  Note  that  this  year  a  Portuguese 
ship  laden  with  pepper  and  other  spices  was  cast  away 
upon  the  German  rock  '  in  the  haven  of  Plymouthe,  wherof 
was  moche  spoyle  made  aswell  by  the  portyngales  as  by 
englyshmen  of  Plymouth  &  of  the  comons  of  the  contrey,' 
wherefore  divers  were  imprisoned  and  more  in  jeopardy, 
and  inquisitions  were  made. 

1 541,  Thomas  Myllys ;  1542,  Jamys  Horsivell;  1543, 
Thomas  Holwaye ;  1544,  Thomas  Clowter ;  1545,  Wyllm 
Randall ;   1546,  Lucas  Coke. 

i^^y,  John  Elyott.  In  this  yere  was  the  Fyrst  inssur- 
reccyon  in  Cornwall,  where  one  bodye  was  slayne,  and 
afterwards  the  Comons  were  pacified  by  the  gentylmen  of 
the  countrey  w*  small  troble,  but  yett  c'teyne  of  the  chyfif 
of  the  comons  were  hanged  drawen  &  quartered. 

1548,  Rychard  Hooper.  In  this  yere  was  a  greatte 
insurreccyon  throughowte  all  the  Royaulme  of  Englonde, 

The  Black  Book.  17 

and  esspecyally  in  the  Counties  of  Deuon  &  Cornwalle, 
in  vv'^''  tyme  the  cytie  of  Excestre  &  the  Castell  of 
Plymmothe  were  valyently  defended  &  kepte  from  the 
Rebelles,  vntyll  the  comyng  of  the  lord  Russell  lord  privie 
seale  &  lord  lieutenant  vnto  the  kyngs  ma*'''  for  that  tyme 
in  those  west  pties  who,  havyng  a  greate  armye  w* 
asmuch  favour  as  he  myght  shewe,  subdued  the  said 
Rebells  of  which  were  slayne  at  the  same  tyme  a  greate 
nombre,  and  diu'se  put  to  execucyon  owte  of  hand,  and 
certayne  taken  |)ison's  &  caryed  to  london  and  afterward 
hanged  at  Tyborne.  Then  was  our  stepell  burnt  w*^  alle 
the  townes  evydence  in  the"  same  b>^'Rebeles: — "^ 

1 5 49,"^  Wyllm  Wycks ;  1 5 50,  itohn'^eynshavi ;  1 5 5  i , 
Thomas  Clowter  ;   1552,  Jo  Jin  Thomas. 

1553,  Lticas  Cocke.  In  the  foresaide  Lucas  Cocks 
yere  the  Erie  of  Bedforde,  the  lord  Fytzwaters  w*  son  dry 
other  men  of  hon""  &  also  of  worshippe,  toke  shippyng  at 
plymouthe  in  the  queues  ma*'®  shippes,  &  sayled  into 
Spayne  to  Philippe  eldest  sonne  &  here  vnto  Charles  the 
V*'"  Em4)Our  to  thintent  to  wayte  vpon  the  saide  kyng 
Phillyppe  beyng  then  det'myned  to  come  into  Englond. 
After  this  a  noble  man  of  Spayne,  named  the  m'ques  de 
les  navas  landed  at  Plymouthe,  where  the  lord  willm 
Haward  lord  highe  admyrall  of  England  was  w*'^  sondry 
of    the    Queues    ma*'®^    shippes,    &    Receved    hym    very 

honourably.       The    daye    of    the    said    kyng 

Phylippe  landed  at  Sowthehampton  and  on  Seynt  James 
is  daye  then  next  folowyng  was  maryed  vnto  the 
queues  highnes  our  most  drade  sou'eigne  ladye  at  wyu- 

1554,  John  Ilcomb.  In  this  yere  Thomas  Gresham 
esquyer  the  queues  ma*'°^  agent  &  factor  fetorned  owte  of 
Spayne  and  landed  at  Dartmouthe  in  the  monthe  of 
Februarye  w*  muche  treaso''  brought  owte  of  Spayne 
whereof  some  landed  at  Plymouthe  in  m'chaunts  shipps 
some  at  Dartmouthe  &  at  other  portes. 

1555,  John  Forde ;  1556,  Thomas  Clowter;  1557,  John 
Dery';  1558,  Willm  Wycks;  1559,  Lncas  Cocke;  1560, 
Johes  Elliot,  ar. 

1 561,  Willmus  Lake,  Edw  White.  Note  that  Lake  was 
chosen,  but  on  his  dying  10  Nov.,  White  was  elected  in  his 

1562,  John  Forde ;  1563,  John  Derey ;  1564,  Nycholas 
Slanjiyng  ;   \  ^6$,  Nicholas  Bickford ;   1^,66,  John  Ilcomb. 

1567,    Wyllyam  Haivkyns.      In  this  yeare  the  wache  on 

1 8  PlyinoiitJi  Municipal  Records. 

mydsomer  nyght  was  renewyed  w'^'*  had  not  beene  vsyd 
in  xx"  yeares  before  that  tyme. 

1568,  Lucas  Cocke. 

1569,  JoJin  Martyni.  In  this  yere  the  newe  Cundyt  was 
byldyd  by  w"^  hawkins. 

1570,  Gregory  Cock;   1571,   William  Holozvaye. 

1572,  John  BlytJinian.  Mo  thatt  this  yere  the  kaye  on 
southesyde,  whereof  the  southe  ende  adjoneth  to  the 
Barbygan  vnderneth  the  Castell,  was  Builded  by  the  towne 
vnder  full  sea  marcke,  and  Contayneth  in  lengethe  one 
hundred  and  Thurtie  Foot  and  in  Bredethe  fourtie  and 
fower  foot. 

1573,  Wyllyni  Brokyng  ;  i^'j^,  Johji  Amadas,  diX  ]  1575, 
Walter  Peper ell  \   1576,  JoJin  Ilcombe. 

1577,  George  Maynard,  gener".  In  this  yere  Frauncs 
Erie  of  Bedforde,  the  Counties  his  wief,  the  Erie  of 
Cumberland,  the  L  :  Norris,  the  L  :  wharton  accompanied 
w*''  divers  others  gen*  of  good  wo^'p  came  twise  to  this 
Towne,  and  were  honorablie  received  at  the  townes 

1 5 78,  Wyllyani  Hawkyns,  esquyre. 

1579,  Gregory  Cocke.  A  greate  plauge  in  plymouthe 
wheareof  died  about  sixe  hundred  psons. 

1580,  John  Blitheman.  At  Mighelmasse  this  yeare  Came 
Mr.  Fraunces  Drake  home  to  "Plymouthe  from  the  Southe 
Seay  and  mollocus  and  wasse  round  about  the  world  and 
wasse  Lacke  towe  yeares  &  thre  quarters  and  brought 
home  great  stoore  of  golde  and  sylver  in  blockes  And 
was  afterward  in  the  same  yere  for  his  good  seruice  in 
thatt  behalf  done  kneighted. — In  this  yere  also  the  southe 
west  tower  of  the  Castell  was  newlie  repeired  and  covered 
w*^^  leade. 

1 581,  S^  Fraimces  Drake,  knyghte. 

"^he  newe  Compasse  made  vpon  the  Hawe. 

1582,  Thomas  Edmonds,  gent. 

The  ale  stakes  put  downe  &  signes  sett  vpp. 

The      market     bushell     made      Certayne     double 

The    order    for    wearinge    scarlet    gownes    put   in 

The  sluce  made  w*hin  the  newe  kaies. 
The  fumynge  howses  w^^hin  the  Towne  putt  downe. 

1583,  John  Sparke.       ~,      ■ 

1584,  Christoofer  Brokyng.  In  this  yeare  the  stares 
weare  bilte  to  goe  into  a  bote  at  lowwater  at  the  Cawse 

The  Black  Book.  19 

at  southside.  ther  was  geven  by  the  Queue's  Ma^"=  a 
yearlie  rente  of  39//;^  lOi".  lod.  for  the  meintenaunce  of 
y^  Hand.  Sir  Richard  Grendefelde  knighte  deprted  from 
Pl5'-mouthe  with  vi  shippes  and  barkes  for  WinganeDehoy, 
wher  he  Caried  vi  hundred  men  o""  therabowts. 

The  kinge  of  Portingall  arived  at  Plymouth  the  7th 
Daye  oT  September  verye  poore,  &  was  Driven  from  his 
Cuntry  by  the  kinge  of  Spaine  ii  yeares  before,  &  was 
relieved  by  the  Quenes  ma"^  &  was  sente  for  by  her 
ma***  to  the  Corte,  where  he  was  Condocted  wMi  50  horses 
or  more. 

S^  Fraunces  Drake  knighte  dep*^*^  from  plymouthe  the 
14  of^^eptember  for  the  west  Indies,  whom  the  lord 
(pserue  and  all  his  Companie,  w*h  24  shipes  &  barks  & 
20  pinases  wherein  he  Caried  w*h  hym  thre  thowsand  men 
or  more. 

'  m""  John  White  of  Lundon  gaue  to  the  maio""  of  Ply- 
mouth &  his  brethren  for  ever  a  Cuppe  of  sylver  Doble 
gilte  worthe  1 3//.  6s.  ?,d. 

1585,  Thomas  Forde. 

1586,  Georghis  Maynard,  gent.  In  this  yeare  S""  Fraunces 
Drake  knight  gen'rall  of  iiii*""  of  her  ma**  Shippes,  xii  saile 
of  m'chaunte  shippes  &  of  other  smalle  Barkes  &  pinnaces 
wente  here-hence  to  the  seas  the  thirde  daie  of  April!. 
He  arrivede  at  Cales,  where  he  did  greatlie  annoye  the 
kinge  of  Spaines  fleete,  &  sett  manye  of  fire,  beinge  Laden 
w*h  victualls  prepared  for  England,  and  in  that  viadge 
tooke  a  greate  Carricke  of  the  Burthen  of  looo  Tonnes  or 
vppwardes,  belonging  to  the  said  kinge  laden  w*h  Spices 
and  other  Commodities  &  brought  the  same  into  England 
to  the  Great  comforte  of  her  ma"®  &  her  subjects. 

In  this  yere  there  was  greate  dearthe  of  corne  in  all 
places  of  this  realme.  Yett  nottw*'*standing  by  the  helpe 
of  god  the  inhabitaunts  of  this  Towne  were  sufficientlie 

In  this  yere  also  the  ii  Judges  of  the  Circuitte  came 
hither  of  pleasor  to  see  the  Town  &  harborough. 

1587,  VVillmo  Haivkins,  ar.  In  this  yere  the  honourable 
lord  ChareTTs  Tibword  lordlieigh  Admiral  of  england,  accom- 
panyed  w**^  sundrye  nobles  men  and  others,  amongest  the 
w'^h  was  S""  Fraunces  Drake  kneight  and  John  Hawkins 
esquier  havinge  vnder  his  charge  divers  of  the  quenes 
shippes,  sett  fourth  to  impeache  the  kinge  of  Spaines  flet, 
w*^*^  wer  expected  to  come  to  invade  this  lande,  arrived  here 
in    this    harbourough     w*h    other    m'chaunts    shippes    in 



PlynwtitJi  Miinicipal  Records. 

number  all  120  and  here  remayned,  vntill  intelligence 
was  geven  that  the  enemyes  were  vppon  o''  Coast,  and  then 
they  putt  fourth.  This  beinge  the  21st  of  July  the  soundaie 
after  the  enemyes  came  in  open  seight  of  o""  harborough,  and 
o''  shippes  geiveng  theym  Chasse  and  so  putt  all  to  the 
eastward  and  hadd  maynye  feightes  together.  But,  godd 
be  ^sed,  the  enymye  hadd  never  power  to  land  somoche  as 
one  manne  vppon  any  territorie  of  o'^  in  this  seruice 
m*"  John  Hawkins  &  others  were  kneighted. 

15^8,  Humfridiis  Fones,  mercat.  "This  yere  there  ar 
6  of  her  ma*^  shippes  and  ii  pynases  w*h  18°  sailes  of 
m'chaunt  shippes,  w*  are  in  warlike  manner  gone  to  the 
coast  of  Spaine  under  the  Comaunde  and  direction  of 
S''  John  Norrs  kneight,  and  S*"  Fraunces  Drake  kneight, 
lords  gen'alles.  they  touke  ding's  places  of  Forces  in 
Spaine,  butt  havinge  a  greate  sicknes  happeninge  emongest 
theire  men,  they  reto'ned  w*howte  entringe  into  the  Cytie 
of  lisborne,  to  which  place  theire  cheif  bent  was.  yett 
entred  they  the  subbarbes  and  touke  it  and  came  to  the 
gat  of  the  Cytie,  where  it  is,  and  the  right  honorable  the 
Lord  of  Essex  knocked  w*h  suche  instrument  as  he  hadd  in 
his  hande. 

1589,  Johannes  BlitJievian,  mercat.  This  yere  the 
northewest  tower  of  the  Castell  was  covered  w*^*'  leade, 
and  7  brass  peics  were  planted  vppon  the  iiii°''  Castells. 
this  yere  likewise  were  the  platteformes  at  hawe  tymbred, 
the  gate  a  cocksyde  w*  is  to  be  shutte  everye  neight  was 
newe  made,  and  the  greatte  platte  forme  by  the  gate  att 
Hand,  and  the  wall  neere  the  same  contayninge  257  fote 
was  nowe  newly  made. 

Mor  bought  two  demy-colverines  and  two  hole  colverines 
of  Iron  and  mounted  them  at  the  barbigan  and  bulwerkes. 

Also  this  yere  the  composytyon  was  made  betweene  the 
towne  and  S*"  Frances  Drake  for  the  bringinge  of  the  River 
of  Meve  to  the  towne,  for  w'^h  the  towne  haue  paied  hym 
iic//.,  and  more  c//.,  for  w4i  he  is  to  compounde  w*h  the 
ll«r.  ~Qf  the  land  over  w'^h  it  commethe. 

1590,  Walterus  Pepperell,  mercat.      This   yere    on    the 

daye    of   December    S''    Fraunces    Drake    Kneight, 

beganne  ['the  River'  erased]  to  bringe  the  Ryu'  Meve 
to  the  towne  of  Piymmouthe  w^h,  beinge  in  lenght  about  25 
myles,  he  w*h  greate  Care  and  diligence  effected  ['pfrmed' 
erased],  and  brought  the  Riu""  into  the  towne  the  xxiiij*** 
day  of  Aprill  the  next  after  psentlie  after  he  sett  in  hand 
to  Build  sixe  greast  milles,  two  at  wythy  in  EcTcbuckland 

The  Black  Book.  2i 

pish,  thother  4  by  the  towne  the  two  att  wythy  and  the  two 
next  to  the  towne  he  fullie  fynisshed  befor  michelmas  next 
after,  and  grounde  Corne  w*h  theym. 

In  this  yere  my  L  Thomas  Howard  went  to  the  seas 
w*h  vi  [?]  of  her  ma*^  shipps  and  passed  to  the  Coast  of 
Spayne  with  theym,  and  my  L  of  Cumberland  w"'  one 
other  of  the  Quenes  shippes. 

Also  in  this  yere  diuers  conveyaunces  were  made  w'hin 
the  said  towne  for  Convayeng  the  forsaid   Ryu""  elongest  / 

the  Towne.  /T  ^ 

1 591,  John  Sparke.      In  September   1592  the  t^arle  of     -v/^c? 
Cumberlande  tooke  a  greate  Carricke  of  r6  or  17  c.  tonnes 
richelye  laden  and  broughte  her  into  Dartmouthe. 

1592,  Jolui  Gayer.  This  yere  the  towne  builted  some  of 
the  Conduytts. 

1593,  JoJi-n  Phillips.  This  yere  the  two  Judges  of  the 
Circuytt  came  hither  to  see  the  Towne  and  were  honorablie 
entertayned.  ^ 

1594,  George  Baron.     This  yere  were  fyve  newe  belles  y«r 
cast  at  the  Townes  only  charge. 

S""  Fraunces  Drake  and  S''  John  Hawkyns  went  to  the 
West  Indias  with  xxxvj  sayles  of  shippes  and  pynnaces 
and  both  dyed  in  the  Jurney  and  S""  Nicholas  Clyfiford 

"1595,   James  Bagg.     S*"  Fardinando  Gorges  appoynted 
Captayne  of  the  Forte. 

1 596,  Hmnfrie  Foiunes.  Note  that  wheat  was  sold  for 
30/-  a  bushell,  and  four  ship  loads  of  grain  out  of  'Danske' 
bought  by  the  Mayor  and  others  for  the  town  '  to  the 
greate  comforte  &  releyffe,  not  only  of  Plymoth,  but  of  the 
counties  of  Devon  and  Cornwall — they  'came  from  the 
furthest  parts  of  Devon  for  the  same.'  The  churchyard 
and  other  places  fortified  with  Baracathes  and  gates  made. 

1597,  John  Trelawnye. 

1598,  Martyn  Whyte,  John  Blythenian.  Whyte  dying, 
Blytheman  succeeded.  '  This  yere  was  greate  doubte  of 
the  Spannyards ' ;  and  the  Earl  of  Bath  came  to  Plymouth 
with  4000  men  and  some  cornets  of  horse,  who  remained 
'aboue  three  weekes  and  were  well  lodged  and  entertayned 
to  the  greate  comforte  and  encouragement  both  of  the 
Towne  and  countrey,  who  yf  itt  pleased  god  that  the 
Enemye  shoulde  come  were  then  readie  and  willinge  to 

1599,  Richard  HitcJiens.  This  yere  a  petition  was  de- 
liuered  to  her  Maiestie  by  the  handes  of  Julius  Cjesar,  one 



22  Plymouth  Mutiicipal  Records. 

of  the  Masters  of  Requests,  for  the  renewing  of  o''  Charter, 
and  thatt  the  Maior  shoulde  be  of  the  Coram  and  his 
Jmmediat  predecessor  in  office  Justice  of  peace  for  the  yere 
followinge  w*h  some  other  additions,  whiche  her  Ma*'® 
most  gratiouslye  graunted,  and  willed  itt  to  be  delivered  to 
my  Lorde  Keeper  and  her  ma*^  attorney  to  drawe  the  booke. 

Note  of  fines  levied  on  Anthony  Mosley,  son  of  the  Lord 
Mayor  of  London  ;  and  on  Francis  Parrott  and  Abra- 
ham Colmer,  merchants  of  London,  for  dealing  in  the  town 
in  hides  and  ginger.  Also  that  two  of  the  masters  died, 
and  that  there  were  chosen  two  masters,  four  of  the 
twenty-four,  a  town  clerk  and  ten  constables. 

A  greate  controuersie  throughe  wronges  offered  to  the 
Towne  by  M''  Crymes  touchinge  our  Ryver. 

1600,  Thovias  Payne.  The  xv*^  of  December  1600 
there  was  burnte  in  the  markett  place  22*'^^  chests  of  the 
popes  Bulls  and  pdons  by  order  from  her  m'^'^  high 
Commissioned'^  for  Ecclesiasticall  causes. 

1 60 1,  William  Parker.  This  yere  Sir  Richarde  Luson 
went  tJiit  of  this  harborough  the  viii  of  Marche  with  vi 
of  her  Ma**®^  shippes  and  two  other  made  ready  to  follow 
which  did  so  and  in  the  23  of  June  1602  he  arriued  here 
with  a  Carricke  that  he  had  taken,  which  came  out  of  the 
Easte  Indies  laden  with  commodities  of  that  Cuntrey,  and 
in  Marche  followinge  was  souncke  betwene  the  Ilandes 
and  the  Mayne.  This  yere  also  was  the  kaie  made  downe 
by  John  Smartes  dore. 

1602,  John  Marty n.  This  year  the  weicke  before 
Christide  S''  Richard  Hawkyns  knighte,  who  was  taken  in 
the  south  sea  by  the  Spaniardes  in  the  voiadge  he  beganne 
in  Maye  for  the  1593,  came  home  after  he  had  byne 

'This  yeere  Queene  Elizabeth  departed  this  mortall  life 
at  Richemonde  the  xxiiijth  daie  of  Marche  in  the  morninge, 
and  that  same  daie  by  nyne  of  the  clocke  James  the  Kinge 
of  Scotlande  was  ,pclaimed  in  London  to  be  oure  king  of 
England,  and  the  last  daie  of  the  same  moneth  his  Ma*'® 
was  proclaymed  at  the  Markett  Crosse  here  in  Plymouth  to 
be  kinge  of  Englande,  whiche  ^pclamation  was  reade  by 
M''  Sargent  Hele  our  late  Oueenes  Sargent  at  lawe,  and 
was  pclaymed  by  John  Lupton  our  Towne  Clarke,  at  which 
tyme  here  was  greate  trivmphe  with  Bondfiers,  gunnes  and 
ringinge  of  bells  with  other  kinds  of  musicke. 

This  yere  the  Cundyte  was  made  within  the  Easte  Gate 
in  Maye  1603. 

The  Black  Book.  23 

.1603,  S''  Richard  Hawkins,  kneight. 

1604,  Walter  MatJiczv.  This  yere  Walter  Mathevv  maio"' 
bylded  a  nevve  Cundict  by  the  Great  Tree  at  Brittayne 
Side  att  his  owne  costs  &  charges. 

1605,  James JBagge ;  1606,  William  Dozvneman ;  1607, 
Robert  Trelawney ;  1608,  Thomas  Shenvil/ ;  1609,  John 
Battersby  ;  16 10,  Thomas  Foivncs ;  i(5TY,  John  Trelaivney  ; 
161 2,  John  W addon  ;  161 3,  John  Scobcll ;  16 14,  John 
Clement ;  1 6 1 5 ,  y^  braham  Colmcr;  1 6 1 6,  Robert  Trelaivney ; 
1 61 7,  Thomas  Sherzvill ;  161 8,  Nicholas  Sherii'ill;  16 19, 
Thomas  Foivnes ;  1620,  RoWr7~Razc>lyn ;  1621,  John 
Bozande;   1^22,  John  Martin  ;   162^),  Leonard  Pomory. 

1624,  Thomas  Ceely.  This  yeare  Kinge  Charles  came 
with  his  whoole  Courte  to  Plym°  &  remayned  here  tenne 
days,  to  giue  his  fleete,  y*  Consisted  of  120  sailes,  &  his 
Army  of  6,000  men,  boath  vnder  the  command  of  Edw. 
Lord  Cecill,  Viscounte  Wimbleton  their  dispatch  for  Cales 
in  Spayne,  which  they  invaded. 

1625,  Nicholas  Blake.  This  yeare  the  greate  plague 
raged  in  all  this  kingdome,  &  of  itt  there  dyed  in  this 
Towne  in  this  yeare  about  2,000  ;  And  a  publicke  fast 
thorough  the  kingdome  was  proclaymed  to  diuert  God's 
Judgm*,  which  was  observed  solemly  euery  wensdaye,  & 
thereon  the  plague  stayed  throughe  his  great  merceye. 

1626,  Thomas  Sherzvill;  1627,  Robert  Trelazvny,  mer- 
chant, Abraliam  Colmar,  Trelawny  dying;  1628,  Nicholas 
Sherzvill,  merchant;  \62Q)^William  Hele ;  163(57  John 
Bozvnd ;   16^1,  John  Waddon  ;   16^)2,  Phillip  Andrezve. 

1633,  Robert  Trclazvnye.  This  yeere  the  Kings  fleet  set 
forth  w"^  the  first  ship  rate  arrived  in  the  Sound,  Earle  of 
Linsey  Comander. 

1634,  JoJin  Marty n ;  1635,  Thomas  Crampporne ;  1636, 
John  Cazvs ;  1637,  Nicholas  Sherzvill;  1638,  William  Hele; 
1639,  Robert  Cubes ;  1 640,  William  Bcrchic;  1641,  Thomas 
Ceely;  1642,  Philip  Francis;  1643,  John  Cazvs;  1644, 
yiistinian  Peard ;  164^,  Barth  Nicholl ;  1646,  Christopher 
Ceely ;  1647,  Richard  Encnes ;  1648,  Timothy  Alsopp; 
1649,  Oliver  Ceeley ;  1650,  Robert  Gubbes;  165 1,  Philip 
Francis;  1652,  John  Madock ;  1653,  Ri :  Spurzvell ; 
1654,  John  Paige ;  1655,  Christopher  Ceely;  1656,  Justinian 

1657,  William  Gefferie.  [About  this  date  the  mayors  at 
times  entered  their  names  themselves,  and  appended  their 
own  notes  of  occurrences.  Gefferie  here  records  the 
completion  of  Charles  Church  in  "ITIslTTayoralty"  after  some 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 


disturbance  by  a  'paltry  pretended  churchwarden.'  This 
seems  to  have  been  WiUiam  Jennens.  Several  entries  in 
the  Commonwealth  period  have  been  wholly  or  partially 

1658,  Samuel  Northcott. 

1659,  JoJin  Kinge.  Charles  the  Second  'was  pro- 
claimed in  this  towne  w*'^  great  tryumph,  the  Cunditts 
Running  two  dayes  w*  wyne  &  shortly  after  a  curious 
.psent  of  Rare  wrought  plate  was  ^isented  his  Maiesty  by 
this  Corperation,  which  was  graciously  Accepted.' 

1660,  Oliver  Ceely ;  1661,  William  Allen  [here  the  list  is 
broken  by  copies  of  the  orders  of  the  Commissioners  who 
'regulated'  the  Corporation  in  1662];  1662,  William 
Jennens;  1663,  John  Harris;  1664,  Jno  Marty n  [note 
of  consecration  ot  Charles  Church  by  Bishop  Seth  Ward] ; 
1665,  William  Harpur;  1666,  George  Strelley ;  1667, 
Thomas  Stutt ;  1668,  William  Symons;  1669,  Daniell 

1670,  William  Cotton.  In  this  year  his  Majesty  Charles 
y®  2^  was  in  Plymo. 

V671,  Peter  Scaggell;  1672,  Jolin  L  any  on;  1673,  Henry 
Webb;  1674,  William  Weekes;  1675,  John  Dell;  1676, 
Andrew  Horsman  [note  that  the  King  came  again  to 
Plymouth];  1677,  William  Tom;  1678,  JoJin  Mnnyon; 
1679,  James  Hull;  1680,  William  Symons;  1681,  Daniel 
Barker;   i6?>2,  Peter  Foote. 

1683,  William  Martyn.  Note  that  in  this  mayoralty  the 
charter  was  surrendered  and  alTew  one  granted,  the  cost 
of  all  the  grants  being  well-nigh  ;^500.  "^ 

1684,  Isaak  Tillard.  On  hls^death  in  the  February 
after  his  election  Martin  succeeded.  A  new  parliament 
being  summoned,  the  members  were  chosen  in  the  Guild- 
hall by  the  Mayor,  Alderrrren,  and  Assistants  'according  to 
the  ancient  usage,'  the  votes  of  freemen  being  rejected. 

\6%^,Saml Madocke;  16^6,  John  Trelawny;  1687,  Thojnas 

1688,  William  Symons.  In  whose  Mayoralty  God 
wrought  a  wonderfull  deliverance'  in  these  Kingdomes  in 
rescuing  us  from  Popery  &  Slavery,  by  bringing  over 
from  Holland  the  Prince  of  Orange  with  a  Fleet  of  ships  & 
some  land  forces  who  landed  at  Torbay,  Monday  the  S*^ 
day  November  1688,  without  any  opposition,  and  so  went 
on  for  Exon  ;  where  the  Gentlemen  and  Countrey  flocked 
unto  him  &  soon  after  all  the  Tounes  and  Garrisons  in  -. 
England  declared  for  him  (Plymouth  being  the  first).'  ^ 

The  Black  Book.  25 

1689,  Philip  Andrezvs ;  1690,  Jolui  Paige ;  1691,  John 
Marty  11;  1692,  JoJin  Miinyon ;  1693,  Philip  Wilcockes ; 
1694,  James  Yonge ;  1695,  Robert  Berry;  i6g6,  John 
M liny  on  ;  i6<gy,  John  Warren;  1698,  John  Neell ;  1699, 
Richard  Opie;  ijoo,  Joseph' Webb ;  1701,  William  Davies; 
1702,  William  Cock;  1703,  Nicholas  Gennys ;  1704, 
Thomas  Darracott ;  ijo^,  Jonah  Lavi)/gto7i ;  1706,  Samuel 

1707,  James  Cock.  Note  that  an  Act  of  Parliament 
was  procured  to  erect  a  workhouse,  and  that  the  tower 
of  Charles  Church  began  to  be  built  up  from  the  heiglifof 
20  feet,  'which  20  foott  was  built  with  the  Church  in  y® 
yeere  1652  or  about  y*  time.' 

1708,  Robert  Hewer.  Note  that  about  December  or 
January  170!  a  rnighty  lightning  and  thunder  clap  threw 
down  one  of  the  greaf  pinnacles  of  St.  Andrew  Church; 
also  that  Col.  Jory  gave  a  ring  of  bells  to  the  new  church. 
Winter  very  severe,  provisions  very  dear. 

1709,  James  Bligh.  Col,  Jory  erected  the  almshouses 
and  gave  a  mace  to  the  town,  '  larger  and  better  hath  not 
been  seen.' 

The  oaths  taken  in  Tudor  times  by  the  mayor,  town- 
clerk,  chamberlain,  freemen,  aldermen,  common-councilmen, 
constables,  sergeants,  recorder,  supervisors,  keepers  of  the 
keys  of  the  common  chest,  and  the  searchers  of  fish  and 
flesh,  on  assuming  their  respective  ofifices;  preceded  by  the 
Mayor's  oath  of  1606.     (23-28.) 

[The  gaugers  and  aletasters  swore  to  'search,  vewe  and 
gage  all  and  all  manner  of  Barrells,  kilderkins,  Firkins, 
and  other  vessells  made  and  to  be  made  or  occupied  for 
ale  and  beere  to  be  putt  to  sale  w*hin  this  Borough  of 
Plymouth,  or  wherein  any  Brewer  w4iin  this  Borough  shall 
sell  vtter  or  putt  to  sale  any  beere  or  ale.  And  you  shall 
from  tyme  to  tyme  vewe  and  see  that  the  same  vessells  be 
made  and  marked  well  and  sufficientlie  and  beare  and 
contayne  their  true  contents.'  They  were  to  see  also  that 
bread  was  of  proper  weight  and  sold  according  to  the  price 
of  corn  in  the  market.  '  Also  you  shall  have  diligent 
regard  during  the  tyme  of  yo""  Office  to  all  the  Brewers  and 
Typlers  w*hin  yo""  Office  that  they  and  everie  of  them  make 
good  and  wholesome  ale  and  beer  for  the  bodie  of  man. 
And  that  they  sell  not  any  before  it  be  by  you  assayed. 
And  then  the  same  be  sold  according  to  the  price  lymyted 
and  ruled  by  the  Mayor.'     A  water  bailiff  was  appointed 

26  PlymoHtJi  Municipal  Records. 

yearly  ;  the  Clerk  of  the  Market  saw  to  unwholesome 
victuals  ;  and  there  were  sealers  and  registrars  of  tanned 

Order  discharging  lucas  cock,  then  elected  Mayor,  from 
that  office  in  future.      1568.     (31^'.) 

Order  discharging  William  Weekes  from  being  one  of 
the  'twelve.'     1569.     (31^.) 

Order  granting  the  Mayor  ;^20  a  year  towards  his  charge 
howsekepinge  and  liverie — also  as  to  feasts.     1559.     (32t^.) 

Another  order  as  to  feasts.     1565.     (322^.) 

Memorandum  that  in  case  Dorothy  the  wife  of  Robert  Ley 
die  without  heir  the  capital  messuage  of  the  late  Nicholas 
Henscote  will  remain  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of 
Plymouth  for  the  use  of  St.  Andrew  church,     {n^ 

Memorandum  that  a  house  in  Loostrete  ward  will  remain 
over  to  the  same.     {ZZ^ 

Similar  memorandum  respecting  the  tenement  of  John 
Bryan,  '  juxta  crucem.'     (33.) 

Memorandum  of  sums  to  be  paid  to  the  wardens  of 
St.  Andrew  for  the  use  of  'the  best  copes  and  vestments,' 
and  also  of  '  the  second  blue  coppes,'  at  the  funerals  of 
persons  who  have  died  without  giving  the  church  twenty 
shillings.  Provided  however  '  that  the  Bishop  of  Norwiche 
at  his  dirge  shall  haue  the  best  coppes  yerely  without  any 
thing  paying,  and  also  Robert  Fuller  for  his  diriges  to  have 
the  second  blue  coppes  and  the  best  cope.'  12  Jan. — 
5  Hen.  VII.     (33.) 

Precept  of  Philip  Courtenay,  knt.,  and  William  Huddes- 
feld,  knights  for  the  county  of  Devon  in  the  last  parlia- 
ment (Hen.  VII.),  to  the  collectors  of  a  fifteenth  and  a 
tenth  within  the  said  county,  for  the  collection  of  the 
proportions  thereof  assessed  as  follows  : 

Burgi  de  Sutton  prio''  &  Sutton  Vautard — £2Af  \2s.  8d., 
£\2  being  deducted  on  account  of  poverty.  Compton, 
with  lOth,  6s.  8d. ;  Stonehouse  2s.  6d.,  'terra  tenentes 
apud  Vautard  ex  pte  Boriali  le  Mylle  poole  tenenf  soluere' 
2s.  6d.  ;  Kings  Tamerton  10s.  (loth  &  15th);  Maker  los. 
(loth);  Hundescombe  16^.  Twngeyslond  8^/.     {33V.) 

Similar  precept  from  the  same  to  the  collectors  of  a 
fifteenth  and  tenth,  for  the  collection  of  assessed  proportions 
thereof  in  the  borough  of  Plymouth.     4  Feb. — 20  Ed.  IV. 


TJie  Black  Book.  27 

Petition  of  the  Prior  and  Convent  of  the  priory  of 
Plympton  and  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  the  borough 
of  Plymouth  to  the  King  for  an  act  of  parliament,  ordaining 
that  the  said  Mayor  and  Commonalty  henceforth  pay  a 
yearly  rent  of  ^29  6s.  Sc/.  to  the  said  Prior  and  Convent,  in 
lieu  of  the  yearly  rent  of  ^^41  which  the  same  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  were  appointed  to  pay  the  same  Prior  and 
Convent,  by  an  act  of  parliament  made  in  '  the  xvii.  yere 
of  reigne  of  Henry  the  sixte  late  in  dede  and  not  of  right 
king  of  England  ' ;  the  consideration  for  this  abatement  of 
yearly  rent  being  the  poverty  into  which  the  borough  has 
fallen.     {34V.) 

Ordinance  made  16  Nov.  12  Ed.  IV.  by  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  of  Plymouth  'that  eu'y  man  that  is  made 
freman  of  the  sayde  burgh  shalbe  a  hoole  brother  or  elles 
half  a  brother  in  oure  Lady  and  saynct  george  is  yelde  And 
a  hoole  brother  paying  xiirt'.  by  the  yere  And  half  a  brother 
vi^.,'  that  'yf  any  of  the  comyns  be  made  oon  of  the 
xxiiii*^  that  then  he  paye  yerely  to  oure  Lady  yle  viii^.  And 
yf  any  of  the  xxiiii*'  be  made  oone  of  the  xii,  that  then 
he  paye  yerely  K\'ut'  And  that  '  in  no  wyse  hereafter  no 
/  Foreyn  man  be  amytted  take  neyther  made  Fremari  here- 

'John  Yogge,  John  Shipper,  and  other  foreyns  putte  owte 
of  theyre  ffredom.'     {39"^'.) 

Ordinance  12  Hen.  VIII.  of  the  Maj'or,  Recorder,  Alder- 
men and  Common  Council  of  Plymouth  that  no  freeman 
without  special  licence  from  the  Mayor  depart  from  the 
town  '  by  the  space  of  xxviii.  dayes  next  before  the  feaste 
of  Seynt  Lambert  (onles  he  or  they  may  be  at  home  ageyne 
vpon  the  same  day  of  Seynt  Lambert'  and  that  'eu'y 
Freman  of  the  same  Burghe  may  be  and  gyue  his 
attendance  apon  the  mayre  in  the  yeldehalle  apon  the 
same  day  of  Seynt  Lambert  for  the  eleccpn  of  a  .new 
mayre.'     (401'.) 

Articles  and  Ordenaunces  provyded  vtterly  determyned 
And  agreed  by  the  Mayor  of  Plymmouthe,  his  brethren, 
Burges  and  Comons  of  the  same  perpetually  to  abyde. 
Most  of  these  orders  relate  to  the  election  of  officers  of  the 
borough,  and  their  government.  The  set  of  enactments 
ends  with  the  constitution,  made  4  Sept.  2  Rich.  III., 
forbidding  all  persons  within  the  borough  to  do  their 
marketing  before  9  o'clock  a.m.  '  Constitutum  et  aggrea- 
tum  est  per  maiorem  et  communitatem  predicti  burgi,  quod 

28  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

de  cetero  non  liceat  alicui  infra  burgum  predictum  manenti 
emere  butirum,  caseum,  oua,  sen  aliqua  alia  victualia  ad 
burgum  predictum  causa  vendicionis  venientia  ante  horam 
nonam  illius  diei  sub  pena  forisfacture  rei  sic  emptae  et  ad 
faciendum  finem  cum  maiore.' 

Act  authorising  the  Mayor  and  his  rent-gatherers  to 
distrain  for  rent.     8  Hen.  VIII.     (43^'.) 

Order,  by  the  Mayor,  Recorder,  Aldermen,  and  Common 
Councilmen  of  Plymouth,  in  guildhall  assembled,  for  the 
expulsion  and  banishment  from  the  borough  of  Nicholas 
Lowe  and  Avys  his  wife,  who :  'on  the  Feaste  of  St.  Mary 
Magdalen  next  to  come  shall  dep'te  out  of  the  saide 
towne  of  Plymmouthe,  and  neu'r  after  that  day  to  dwell 
ne  ynhabyte  resorte  or  abyde  within  the  said  towne  by  the 
space  of  iii  dayes  and  iii  nightes  vpon  the  payne  of  xx/z.  to 
be  leverd  of  the  goodes  of  the  said  Nicholas  Lowe  and  Avys 
in  the  name  of  a  penaltye.'     9  July — 8  Henry  VI I.     (44) 

Order,  9  July— 8  Hen.  VIIL,  entitled  'For  him  that 
rebells  ayenst  the  Mayer.'     (44^.) 

'  Yf  any  pson  or  psons  of  the  Inhitaunce  of  the  said 
Toune  rebel!  and  dysbey  the  mayer  for  the  tyme  being  or 
distvrbe  and  lett  him  to  doo  and  execute  true  Justice 
within  the  said  Boroughe  or  drawe  a  knyfe  hanger  swerde 
vpon  the  Mayer  or  sett  his  hondes  vpon  his  knyve  hanger 
or  swerde  entending  to  drawe  it  vpon  the  Mayre  or  Bill  Axe 
or  Cleve  or  any  other  Abylements  of  werre,  or  letting  of 
the  Mayre  and  his  offic's  to  mynistre  their  office  according 
vnto  the  Kinges  lawes  then  hit  shalbe  at  the  libertye  of  the 
said  Mayre  to  punishe  him  or  theym  so  offending  in  svche 
pryson  within  the  said  Boroughe  as  it  shall  please  him.' 
The  act  goes  on  to  state  that  freemen  are  to  be  imprisoned 
in  the  Guildhall ;  that  any  one  declaring  the  counsel  of  the 
town  to  any  foreign  person  shall  be  punished  at  the  Mayor's 
discretion,  put  out  of  the  council,  and  disfranchised  for  ever  ; 
and  afterwards  proceeds :  '  Also  yf  any  pson  or  psons  in 
tyme  coming  seke  any  helpe  and  maytenaunce  of  any 
lorde,  knyght,  or  eny  other  what  degree  or  Condicon  he  be 
of,  ayenst  the  Mayre  for  the  tyme  being  in  letting  and 
disturbing  the  said  Mayre  to  execute  his  office,  that  he  or 
they  so  offending  lese  theyr  Frauncheses  within  the  said 
towne  for  eu""  and  to  make  a  fyne  and  redempcion  by  the 
discression  of  the  Mayre  and  Counsell.' 

Act  17  Sept.  3  Eliz.  for  such  as  refuse  the  office  of 
Mayoralty.     (45.) 

The  Black  Book.  29 

Extract  from  statute  of  23  Ed.  III.,  regulating  the  prices 
of  provisions,  and  restraining  victuallers  from  excessive 
charges.     (457'.) 

Extract  from  statute  of  8  Hen.  VI.,  requiring  standard 
weights  and  measures  to  be  kept  for  the  common  use  in 
every  city.     (46.) 

Orders  for  holding  a  yearly  church-ale  for  the  benefit  of 
the  church  of  St.  Andrew'  at  the  feast  of  Corpus  Christi. 
'  For  tiTe'  honor  of  God  and  for  thencressing  of  the 
benefittes  of  the  churche  of  Seynt  Andrewe  of  Plymouthe. 
It  is  agreed  by  the  mayre  xii  and  xxiiii*'  sworne  to  the 
Councell  of  the  Burghe  of  Plymmouthe,  that  in  the  Feaste 
of  corporis  Xpi  eu'y  warde  of  the  saide  Burghe  shalle 
fro  hensforthe  this  the  x*'^  daye  of  June  make  an  hale  yn 
the  <pisshe  church  yarde  of  Seynt  Androwe  aforesaid,  and 
euery  pson  of  the  said  warde  to  bring  with  theym 
except  Brede  and  drinke  such  vytale  as  the  like  best,  and 
have  there  suche  and  as  many  psons  estraungers  as  they 
thinke  best  of  theyr  Frends  and  aquaynted  men  and 
women  for  thencressing  of  the  saide  ile  paing  for  brede 
and  ale  as  it  cometh  thereto  for  their  dyners  and  sopers 
the  same  day.  —  Item,  it  is  agreed  that  eu'y  taverne  of 
wyne  and  ale  within  the  saide  burghe  to  forbere  theyre 
sale  the  same  day  of  theyre  wyne  and  ale,  for  the  wele  of 
the  churche  eu'y  pson  of  the  xij.  vpon  payne  of  v\s. 
\\\\d.,  and  euery  of  the  xxiiij^'  \\\s.  \\\\d.  and  eu'y  of  the 
Coiers  i  pounde  of  waxe  or  the  value  of  the  same  to  the 
said  churches  behoufe  *  *  *  *  Item,  that  no  person  that 
shall  goe  aboute  withe  the  shipp  of  Corpis  Xpi  bring  no 
body  there  but  him  selfe  to  charge  the  yle.     (472^.) 

The  names  of  all  freemen  to  be  entered  in  the 
'town  ligger '  No  'Alion  borne  outewards '  to  be  made 
free  save  'psons  of — Normandy  Gascon  Syon  Irelond 
Caleys  Berwyke  and  the  bordars  of  the  same  Being 
Englisshe.'     (48.) 

Enactment  forbidding  freemen  to  buy  wine,  iron,  or  other 
merchandise  of  strangers  within  twenty  days  of  the  arrival 
of  such  merchandize  in  the  town.     (48.) 

All  matters  from  the  King  &c.,  to  be  entered  in  the 
lygger  '  for  the  good  gyding  of  the  Towne,'  and  every 
article  in  the  same  to  be  read  once  a  quarter  or  twice  a 
year  in  the  hall  'for  the  good  remembrauhce  and  good  rule 
of  the  same  to  be  hadde.'     (482^.) 

30  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Act  touching  the  election  of  mayors,   ii  Hen.  VIII.   (49.) 

Memorandum  in  Latin  that  the  chalices  of  St.  Katherine 
and  St.  Marie  were  with  Petro  ligger ;  St.  Crucis,  John 
Ilcombe  ;  another,  John  Furneys;  calix  sancto,  Petra  Erie; 
calix,  William  Thikpeny  ;  calix  of  St.  Marie  Attewille  with 

Then  in  English  that  John  Paynter  had  a  chalice  of 
St.  Katherine  from  pers  lygger ;  John  Furneys  two  of  the 
Rode  delivered  by  William  Belde ;  John  Hawkins  and 
William  lewys  a  chalice  of  St.  Erasmus,  '^m''  for  to  ehquyre 
for  o*"  lady  chalice  y*  remayneth  w''h  pers  lygg''.'     (50.) 

Order  for  cleansing  the  streets  of  the  borough  of  filth, 
reciting  the  words  of  a  statute  of  Richard  the  Second  for 
relieving  the  public  ways  of  cities  and  boroughs  of  dung 
and  other  sordid  matter.     16  Oct. — 21  Ed.  IV.     (50.) 

The  tenants  of  the  '  Abbesse  of  Syon,'  Ottermouthe, 
and  Sidmouth,  toll  free  in  Plymouth,  WnTiam  Slade  one  of 
the  tenants  having  'brought  their  pryueleage  vnder  the 
Kings  broad  scale.'     20  Aug. — 12  Hen.  VIII.     (51.) 

Orders  for  the  regulation  of  bakers,  brewers,  vintners, 
butchers,  cloth-sellers,  victuallers,  fish-dealers  and  others. 


The  Mayor  comaundith  in  the  kinges  name  of  England 
that  all  maner  of  Bakers  make  good  brede  and  of  good 
corne  and  holsome  for  mannys  bodye,  and  that  they  make 
a  lofife  for  a  peny  ij  loftys  for  a  peny  and  iiij  lofifys  for  a 
peny,  and  that  yo""  brede  kepe  weight  att  the  first  tyme 
vpon  payne  of  a  grevous  am^'iament  and  the  second  tyme 
a  greavouser  am^'ciament  and  the  third  favlte  on  payne  of 
the  piilorie  and  to  forfaite  their  Brede  and  their  body  to 
prison  and  there  to  make  a  fyne  att  the  Mayres  will. 

Also  that  all  mann'  brewers  make  good  ale  and  of 
good  malte  holsome  for  man's  bodye,  and  that  they  sell 
a  gallon  of  the  best  in  the  keve  for  i**  q.,  and  when  it  is 
cleare  and  stale  in  the  Barell  for  i**  ob.  And  of  the 
secound  ale  in  the  kyve  for  iij  farthings,  and  when  it  is 
clere  and  stale  in  the  Barell  for  i*^,  and  that  they  sell 
no  ale  by  wyne  measure  but  onlye  by  ale  measure  and 
sealed.  And  that  they  sell  none  tyll  the  Ale  Taster  have 
tasted  it,  and  so  that  it  be  good  holsom  and  able  for  mannys 
bodye.  And  that  no  manner  of  Brewster  neither  hoggester 
sell  none  ale  tyll  they  have  sett  out  their  signe  on  payne  of 
forfeyture  of  all  together  and  their  bodies  to  prison  there  to 
make  a  fyne  and  Raunsome  at  the  Mayres  will. 

The  Black  Book.  31 

Also  that  no  man""  men  sell  no  corrupt  vvynes  nether 
reboyled  wynes,  neither  mellid  wynes  ne  no  other  but  it  be 
good  and  holsom  for  mannys  bodie,  neyther  sett  ij  prices 
on  one  pype  hoggeshed  or  toun  to  rere  the  price  that  is  to 
saie  first  for  iiij'^  and  after  for  vj''  on  payne,  &c. 

[The  butchers  were  only  to  sell  wholesome  meat — 
'no  Bulls  flesh,  no  Rammes  flesh,  ne  Cowe  flesh  that  be  an 
Calfe  and  the  Calf  be  quicke.'  They  were  also  to  bring 
'their  kidneys  in  their  muttons  and  their  skynnes  of  all 
manner  of  flesh  to  market,'  and  were  not  to  make  any 
filth  in  the  shambles.  Linen  and  woollen  cloth  were  only 
to  be  sold  by  measures  tested  by  the  King's  standard  in 
the  Guildhall ;  and  the  only  weights  to  be  used  were  those 
of  Winchester  standard.] 

Also  that  no  Osleler  nether  no  nother  man  oste  no  vaca- 
bundys  nother  no  noyther  man  passing  ij  dayes  and  ij  nights, 
but  he  be  a  man  of  knowlege  and  where  whence  he  come 
and  whether  he  will  and  whot  his  busynes  be  in  Towne, 
and  that  no  man  walke  vp  and  downe  worken  daies  to 
ale  and  to  wyne  but  he  be  a  man  of  lyuelode  a 
m''chaunt  other  wayting  apon  any  gentylman,  on  payne 
of  puysonment  of  theire  bodys  and  a  greuous  fyne  to  be 
att  the  Mayo"  will  for  yt  ys  suspicious. 

Also  that  no  hosteler  nor  tave'ner  by  colo''  of  their 
tauen  or  hostery  sufier  anye  suspetious  people  of  theire 
lyving  to  ryott  accompanny  or  logge  together  as  man  and 
a  woman  but  he  knowe  veriely  that  it  be  a  man  and  his 
wyfe,  and  that  no  Taverner  keepe  in  his  hous  harlott 
nother  strumpett,  but  voyde  her  awaie  hastely  on  payne 
of  a  greuous  amercyament. 

[No  man  to  forestall  before  all  victuals  were  in  the 
market ;  none  to  regrate  '  before  the  towne  be  full  served.' 
No  fish  to  be  bought  in  boats,  but  all  to  be  landed,  '  and 
that  eu'y  man  haue  a  parte  thereof  that  is  present  att  the 
buying  of  the  same  pounde  and  pounde  like  yf  it  like  them.'] 

Copy  of  record  of  proceedings  Trinity  Term  10  Hen. 
VII.,  in  the  suit  of  John  Crocker,  knt,  against  John 
Paynter,  Thomas  Cropp,  Andrew  Batte,  Henry  White,  and 
John  Ilcome  of  Plymouth,  merchants,  for  having  broken 
into  the  premises  of  the  said  plaintiff  at  Plymouth  and 
Rouburghe,  and  taken  from  his  quarries  there  stones  to 
the  value  of  forty  marks.     (53.) 

Statement  of  facts,  touching  the  descent  and  powers  of 
divers   earls  of  Devon,   in    refutation  of  the  claims   and 


32  Plymouth  Municipal  Rcxords. 

pretensions  of  the  burgesses  of  Plymton  Erie,  'pro  eo 
quod  ipsi  allegant  concessione  Willelmi  de  Vernona  comitis 
Deuonie  eis  facta  quod  ipsi  et  eorum  heredes  in  omnibus 
locis  essent  disonerati  et  omnibus  tallagiis  picagiis  panagiis 
custumiis,  &c.,  by  londe  and  by  stronde,  &c.,  et  sic  quod  ipsi 
exirent  quieti,  &c. — Et  jam  patet  quod  dictus  Willelmus 
non  habuit  potestatem  concedendi  nisi  in  dominicis  suis 
propriis  &c.'     (55.) 

Copy  of  King's  Letters  Patent,  dated  at  Westminster 
27  Nov.  5  Rich.  II.,  of  Inspeximus  and  Confirmation  of 
the  charter  granted  by  Reginald  de  Valle  Torta  to  his  free 
burgesses  of  Ess'  [Saltash].  The  witnesses  of  Reginald's 
charter  being  thus  recorded  :  Hiis  testibus  Phele  de  valle 
torta,  Regialdo  de  Ferreris,  Rogero  de  Movanill,  Nicholao 
de  Halt,  Rogero  de  Valletorta  clerico,  Henrico  fratre  ejus, 
Johele  de  Valletorta  clerico,  Johanne  de  la  Crane,  Johanne 
de  sicca  villa,  Eustachio  clerico,  et  multis  aliis.  (56^".) 

Note  of  divers  rents  under  Trematon,  undated,  ffirma 
aque  (et  pole)  de  Sutton  (m°  Plymouthe)  valet  p  a"  cu 
ptm  x//.  John  Dabnoun  and  Roger  the  Porter  mentioned. 

Copy  of  final  concord  made  at  Exeter,  54  Hen.  III.,  in 
presence  of  Gylbert  de  Pruston,  Geoffrey  de  Leuknore, 
Walter  de  Hulyn,  and  John  de  Oketon,  the  king's  justices 
itinerant  and  others,  '  inter  Ricardum  Regem  Almanie 
querentem  per  Johannem  de  Wyke  positum  loco  ipsius 
Regis  ad  lucrandum  vel  perdendum  et  Rogerum  de  valle 
torta  impedient','  whereby  the  said  Roger  Valletort 
acknowledged  the  manor  and  castle  of  Trematon  and 
sixty  knights'  fees  with  appurtenances  in  Cornwall  and 
Devon,  and  the  manor  of  Kalstoke  and  appurtenances, 
together  with  the  advowsons  of  the  churches  of  Kalstoke 
and  of  St.  Stephen  by  Saltash  to  be  the  right  of  the  said 
king,  by  The  gift  of  the  same  Roger,  to  have  and  hold 
to  the  said  king  and  the  heirs  of  his  body  begotten  for 
ever,  but  in  case  the  said  king  should  die  without  heir  of 
his  body  begotten  the  said  tenements  with  their  appur- 
tenances to  revert  to  the  aforesaid  Roger  and  his  heirs,  to 
hold  of  the  other  heirs  of  the  same  king  for  ever.  For 
which  final  concord  the  said  king,  at  the  instance  of  the 
same  Roger,  granted  to  Alexander  de  Okeston  two  hundred 
acres  of  wood  with  their  appurtenances  in  the  manor  of 
Kalstoke,  that  is  to  say  '  Boscus  de  Kelly,'  to  have  and 
hold  to  the  said  Alexander  and  his  heirs,  together  with  the 

The  Black  Book.  33 

manor  of  Innyswork  with  its  appurtenances,  of  the  said 
king  and  his  heirs  for  ever,  at  an  annual  rent  of  sixpence 
for  every  service,  custom,  and  exaction.     (58.) 

Copy  of  writ  addressed  by  WiUiam  Courtenay,  knt, 
sheriff  of  Devon,  to  the  Mayor  and  Bailiffs  of  Plymmouthe, 
7  Dec.  22  Ed.  IV.,  for  election  of  two  suitable  persons  to 
serve  as  burgesses  for  the  said  borough  of  Plymouth  in 
the  next  parliament  to  be  held  at  Westminster  on  the 
20th  day  of  next  January.   (59.) 

Petition  for  redress  of  Raulyn  Pape  of  Depe  in  Normandy, 
to  the  King  of  England  and  Lords  of  the  Privy  Council. 
Petitioner,  whilst  in  the  port  and  haven  of  Falmouth  with 
his  ship  the  Margaret  of  Depe,  laden  with  Gasgon  wine, 
iron,  honey,  olive  oil,  saffron,  combes,  and  other  merchan- 
dizes, was  grievously  plundered  and  outraged  by  Henry 
Hornebroke  of  Plymouth,  Robert  Tegg,  John  White, 
Pyers  Melo  and  Cornelis  his  son,  of  Perban,  who  after 
seizing  and,  in  defiance  of  the  truce  between  the  king  of 
England  and  the  petitioner's  sovereign,  taking  possession 
of  the  petitioner's  said  vessel  and  her  cargo,  '  bete  and 
wounded  yo'"  said  supplyant  and  his  felowes,  and  aft' 
mayde  them  to  be  conveyed  and  put  in  an  olde  scaffe 
withoute  any  com  pas  fyer  or  other  comforte  in  the  brode 
see  to  the  gret  jeopardye  of  they  re  lyves,'  from  which 
perilous  position  he  and  his  companions  were  rescued  by 
a  boat  of  St.  Maudytt  that  met  them  by  chance. — Extract 
from  the  prayer  of  the  same  petitioner's  counsel  to  the 
Lord  Chancellor  and  other  Lords  of  the  Privy  Council, 
alleging  that  Pape  gained  neither  recompense  nor  aid  from 
Nicholas  Heyncott,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  though  he  had 
'turned  towards  him'  and  in  the  presence  of  many  and 
diuers  notable  persons  then  all  being  in  the  chirche  of 
Plymouth  shewed  vnto  him  his  hurtes  and  damages,  and 
required  him  to  putt  vnder  arrest  the  goodes  of  the  said 
persons  the  which  had  robbed  vnto  suche  tyme  as  he 
might  be  recompensed.  —  Finally  '  thanswer  of  Nicholas 
Henscott,  mayre  of  Plymmouthe,  to  the  bill  of  complaynte 
put  ayenste  him  by  Raulyn  Pape  of  Deepe.' — [Nicholas 
Heyncott  was  Mayor  in  the  years  1473,  147S,  1476,  1478, 
1482,  and  1487,  in  one  of  which  therefore  these  events 
took  place.]     (59^'.) 

Letters  of  safe-conduct  and  protection,  dated  at  Exeter 
by  John  Earl  of  Wilethshire  and  Walter  Lord  Mongoye, 
commissioners  to  the  King,  for  William  Bureham,  esquire, 


34  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

John  Roche,  John  Cornishe,  William  Richardson,  and 
Charles  Durke,  of  Ireland,  who  have  taken  the  oaths  of 
fealty  and  allegiance  to  their  said  sovereign.  6  May — 
10  Ed.  IV.     (6i.) 

Precept  to  the  Sheriff  of  Devon,  to  levy  a  distress  on 
the  possessions  of  the  burgesses  and  inhabitants  of  Plymouth, 
for  payment  of  arrears  of  a  certain  annuity  of  ten  marks 
per  annum  which  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  the  said 
borough  are  bound  to  pay  to  the  Prior  of  Bath.  I2  Ed.  IV. 

Precept  to  the  Sheriff  of  Devon  to  cause  Wm.  Warwyke, 
Radegund  Sauage,  and  Roger  Vde,  to  deliver  up  a  toft 
and  garden  in  Plymouth  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 
Jan.  5—21  Ed.  [IV..?]     {6\v) 

The  Libertye  of  the   Tayllov^  Crafte. 

Be  hit  knowen  to  all  man"^  of  people  that  we  Willm 
Rogger  mayer  of  the  Burgh  of  Plymouthe,  Thomas 
Tresawell  Recorder  of  the  same  Thomas  byne  Willm  Nicoll 
John  paynter  Willm  Thikpeny  peryn  Erie  w**^  other  moo 
com  burges  of  the  same  burghe  with  all  the  comens  of  the 
same  burghe  haue  yeuen  and  g^unten  vnto  the  brethern 
and  Crafte  of  Tayllors  of  the  same  Burghe  full  auctorite 
and  power  to  electa  chese  and  make  masters  of  theyre 
occupacon  and  Crafte,  and  they  so  made  and  chosen  by 
theym  of  the  same  occupacon  and  shall  haue  full  auctoritee 
and  power  to  rule  and  Correcte  all  things  belonging  to  the 
said  occupacon  and  crafte  so  Fyxte  made  and  stablyshed 
they  shall  make  or  cause  to  be  made  at  the  cost  and 
charge  of  the  said  Crafte  a  pagent  yearly  vnto  Corpus 
xpi  Ilde  for  the  welthe  and  proffitt  of  the  said  Ilde  on 
Corpus  xpi  day.  And  the  same  they  shall  kepe  and 
maynteyn  for  eu'  at  their  Coste  and  charge  for  the  which 
pagent  the  said  bretherdyn  may  be  prayed  for  euer  in  the 
same  Ilde.  And  on  that  yf  there  be  any  man  of  the  same 
occupacon  in  the  same  towne  not  keping  household  that 
then  he  or  they  so  being  in  the  said  towne  not  keping 
household  shalbe  noon  of  the  said  occupacon  but  that 
he  or  they  shall  make  fyne  with  us  the  said  mayer  & 
Comens  And  also  with  the  said  occupacon  and  Crafte 
after  the  order  and  discression  of  men  of  the  said  Crafte 
by  the  ou'sight  of  the  said  mayer.  And  yf  the  said 
wardens  and  Crafte  amytte  any  man  to  be  oon  of  the  said 
occupacon  and  Crafte     And    he  happyn   to   destroye   or 

The  Black  Book.  35 

marre  any  man'  of  garment  for  lakke  of  vnderstondyng, 
and  non  cunnyng  yn  that  behalfe,  that  then  he  or  they  so 
hurted  or  greved  shall  warne  the  master  or  masters  of  the 
same  occupacon  thereof,  and  then  the  said  masters  of  the 
same  occupacon  shall  payc  and  contente  for  the  garment  or 
garments  so  distroyed  as  hit  can  be  thought  reasonable  for 
the  same  hurte,  hauing  a  recompense  of  the  same  pson  or 

Provyded  alway  by  this  p'sents  that  the  said  master 
and  Crafte  and  eu'y  pson  of  the  same  shalbe  ordered 
ruled  and  gou'ned  by  the  mayer  of  the  said  burghe  for  the 
tyme  being  in  eu'y  thing  according  to  the  Ibtye  and  fourme 
of  the  said  Towne  and  burghe  as  any  oder  of  the  inhitaunts 
there  being  this  g'unte  not  withstonding.      1496.     (62.) 

Note  from  Domesday  re  Sudtone.     {6^) 

Presentment  of  jurors,  before  Salmon  Rolff  and  his 
associates.  Justices  Itinerant,  at  Exeter,  9  &  10  Ed.  I., 
touching  the  manors  of  Sutton,  Maketon,  and  Kinges- 
tam'ton. — Finding  that  the  Abbot  of  Bockeland  held  the 
manors  of  Buckelond,  Bicklegh,  and  VValkhampton,  with 
the  hundred  of  Rowbroe,  of  Isabella  Countess  of 
Albemarle,  and  that  the  said  Isabella  held  of  the  King 
in  chief. — Memorandum  of  the  genealogy  and  doings  of 
the  same  Countess  Isabella.     {61) 

Writ  from  the  King  to  the  Sheriff  of  Devon  appointing 
Nicholas  de  Cheigny,  William  de  Chiueleston,  and  Nicholas 
de  Teukesbiri,  Commissioners  to  inquire  and  ascertain  by 
the  oaths  of  good  and  loyal  men,  in  the  presence  of  the 
Prior  of  Plympton,  John  de  Vautort  de  Clyst,  and  John 
Vautort  de  Modeton,  if  they  wish  to  be  present  at  the 
Inquisition,  respecting  the  places  pertaining  to  the  King  or 
his  progenitors  in  the  town  of  Sutton,  and  the  extent  and 
value  of  the  same  places ;  the  said  commission  being 
issued  on  the  occasion  of  a  petition  of  the  burgesses  of  f 
Sutton  to  the  King,  praying  for  a  grant  to  them  and  their 
heirs  at  certain  yearly  rent  of  a  piece  of  waste  ground  ^^ 
near  the  port  of  Plymmouthe  and  another  piece  of  land  ^ 
within  the  bounds  of  Sutton,  in  opposition  to  which  prayer 
it  is  alleged  by  the  aforesaid  Prior,  John  de  Vautort  de 
Clyst,  and  John  de  Vautort  de  Modeton,  who  receive 
certain  rents  from  the  same  town,  that  the  king  has  no 
waste  places  in  the  town  aforesaid. — With  the  statement 
of  the  reasons,  urged  by  the  Prior  of  Plympton,  John  de 
Vautort  de  Clyst,  and  John  de  Vautort  de  Modeton  (the 

36  Plymouth  Mtinicipal  Records. 

same  John  and  John  being  seignors  of  the  third  part  of 
^  the  town  of  Sutton)  why  the  King  ought  not  to  grant  to 
R  people  of  Sutton  that  they  may  be  free  burgesses  and 
I  have  a  fair  and  market  in  the  same  town.     (64.) 

Copy  of  Inquisition  taken  before  Robert  Bondyn,  Sheriff 
of  Devon,  at  Exeter,  die  dominica  in  festo  Sancte  Trinitatis 
anno  regni  Regis  Edward  xi™°.,  by  the  oaths  of  John 
Gyfford,  William  Kemell,  Walter  de  Colrigg,  Vincent  de 
Wyneston,  Alan  de  Lydeton,  John  de  Secheuill,  Thomas 
Collinge,  John  Adam,  Robert  Raff,  Ralph  Cocke  de 
Bendon,  Martin  the  clerk,  and  David  Attewill,  who  find 
that  before  the  foundation  of  the  town  of  Sutton  the 
King's  progenitors  had  a  certain  piece  of  waste  ground 
near  the  port  of  Plymmouthe,  five  perches  long  and  one 
perch  broad,  and  another  piece  of  land  in  the  withdrawal 
of  the  sea  within  the  boundary  and  precinct  of  the  said 
town  of  Sutton,  containing  six  acres  of  land,  where  a 
certain  house  was  placed,  on  which  places  the  King's 
ancestors  by  their  bailiffs  held  their  courts,  and  every 
fishing  boat  coming  to  the  same  places  for  the  purpose  of 
drying  sails  and  nets,  and  offering  fish  for  sale,  paid  the 
King  a  rent  of  twelve  pence,  and  also  one  penny  on  each 
load  of  fish  there  bought :  so  that  the  King's  ancestors 
from  the  said  profits  and  pleas  received  annually  four 
pounds,  even  as  the  present  King  does.     (65.) 

List  of  names  of  Common  Council  of  Plymouth.  23 
Hen.  VIII.     (657;.) 

Copy  of  agreement  between  William  Keterigge,  Mayor, 
and  the  Commonalty  of  Plymouthe  of  the  one  part,  and 
John  the  Prior  and  the  Convent  of  St.  Germain,  Cornwall, 
of  the  other  part :  Whereby  in  consideration  of  the  charges 
and  labours  sustained  by  Richard  Trenode,  merchant,  of 
Bristol,  and  by  Thomasine  Venour,  widow  of  William 
Venour,  late  of  Plymouth  and  sister  of  the  said  Richard 
Trenode,  in  causing  Plymouth  to  be  made  a  corporate 
town  with  a  Mayor  and  Commonalty  for  ever,  Henry  VI., 
and  in  procuring  divers  franchises  for  the  same  town  with 
the  assent  of  the  parliament  holden  at  Westminster  in  the 
1 8th  year  of  the  said  King,  and  for  the  due  repayment  of 
the  same  charges  and  labours,  the  said  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty of  Plymouth  bind  themselves  and  their  successors 
to  the  aforesaid  Prior  and  Convent  and  their  successors  in 
the  sum  of  two  hundred  pounds  of  good  and  lawful  money, 
to  maintain   for  ever  a  chaplain  to  celebrate  divine  rites 

The  Black  Book.  37 

daily,  at  the  altar  of  the  Blessed  Mary  Virgin,  in  the  parish 
church  of  St.  Andrew  of  Plymouthe,  for  the  souls  of  the 
said  Richard  Trenode  and  Alice  his  late  wife,  and  Joan 
his  present  wife,  and  for  the  souls  of  the  said  William 
Venour  and  Thomasine,  and  of  the  children  of  the  same 
Richard  and  Alice,  Joan,  William,  and  Thomasine,  and  also 
of  Richard  Trenode,  father  of  Richard  Trenode  aforesaid, 
and  Dionisia  his  wife,  mother  of  the  said  Richard,  for  the 
souls  of  John  Venour  and  Joan  his  wife,  parents  of  the 
said  William  Venour,  and  for  the  souls  for  which  the  same 
Richard  Trenode,  William  Venour,  and  Thomasine  are 
bound  to  pray,  and  for  the  souls  of  all  who  have  died  in 
the  faith.     28  Aug.  1440.     {(i'j) 

Final  concord  and  agreement,  made  on  the  morrow  of  the 
Feast  of  St.  James,  4  Ed.  II.,  by  Matthew  the  Prior  and 
Convent  of  Plympton  of  the  one  part,  and  the  Burgesses 
of  the  Commonalty  of  the  town  of  Sutton  of  the  other 
part,  in  the  presence  and  at  the  mediation  of  the  Bishop 
of  Exeter,  the  Lord  Hugh  de  Courtenay,  Peter  Abbot 
of  Bulfestre,  the  Lord  Thomas  Cilecestre,  knt.  and  others, 
for  ending  a  controversy  between  the  said  parties  respecting 
a  piece  of  ground  in  the  borough  of  Sutton,  on  which 
a  stone  cross  has  been  erected  and  certain  stalls  for  the 
sale  of  fish,  flesh,  and  other  marketable  things  are  situated. 
Eighteen  stalls  are  let  to  the  burgesses  at  a  rent  of  i*^ 
each  per  year,  to  be  paid  by  the  Prepositus  to  the  Prior  ; 
and  no  more  to  be  erected  either  there  or  elsewhere  in  the 
borough  without  license.  Richard  the  Tannere  puts  his 
seal,  the  burgesses  not  having  one.     {^yv) 

Copies  of  certain  charters  preserved  in  the  Priory  of 
Plympton. — {a)  Grant  by  Ralph  de  Valetorta,  son  and  heir 
of  Reginald  de  Valetorta,  lord  of  the  manor  of  Suthton,  to 
God  and  the  church  of  the  apostles  Peter  and  Paul  of 
Plympton  and  the  canons  serving  God  there,  a  convenient 
place  in  Suthton  'juxta  surepolam  ad  firmandum  stagnum 
molendini  et  molendinum  faciendum,'  together  with  all  his 
right  in  the  same  '  surepole,'  and  all  his  liberty  of  making 
a  mill  in  Suthton,  and  the  millage  (multura)  of  all  his  men 
in  Suthton,  and  in  addition  three  acres  of  land,  with  a 
suitable  way  thereto  by  the  corner  of  his  garden  of  Sutton 
('anglo  gardini  mei  de  Suthtona')  as  anciently  the  fathers 
were  accustomed  to  go  to  the  fishery  of  the  Canons  at 
Sourepole  ('piscarium  canonicorum  de  Surepola') ;  the  said 
gifts  in  perpetual  almoyne  being  made  for  the  safety  of 


^S  Plymoutli  Municipal  Records. 

the  grantor's  soul  and  of  the  souls  of  his  ancestors  and 
successors. —  {b)  Grant  for  life,  in  survivorship,  by  John 
the  Prior  and  the  Convent  of  the  monastery  of  Plympton, 
to  Ada  Blogge  and  Isabella  his  wife,  at  a  yearly  rent  of 
thirty-six  shillings  and  eight  pence,  of  the  grantors' 
tenement  at  the  hill  in  Sutton  Prior,  situated  on  the  east 
part  of  the  stalls  and  on  the  south  part  of  the  pillory 
there — the  said  tenants  are  to  grind  their  corn  at  the 
grantor's  mill  'de  Sourepolemille.'  Plympton,  20  June — 
10  Rich.  II. — (r)  Grant  in  fee-farm  at  a  yearly  rent  of  two 
shillings,  of  an  acre  and  half  of  land  with  appurtenances 
in  Sutton,  at  Martockes  Wille,  by  John  the  Prior  and 
Convent  of  Plympton  to  Margery  Stilman,  her  heirs  and 
assigns  forever.  Witnesses  John  Austen,  Henry  Sampson, 
Robert  Page,  Luke  Austen,  John  le  Wymplere.  '  Postea 
Galfridi  Coche  et  modo  Carwyneke.' — {d)  Grant  in  fee- 
farm,  at  a  yearly  rent  of  six  pence,  of  a  piece  of  land 
in  Billabiri  Strete  in  Sutton  Prior,  south  of  a  tenement  of 
William  de  Northcote  and  extending  60  feet  to  the  east  to 
a  way  leading  from  Bilbury  Street  towards  the  market  of 
Sutton  and  a  way  leading  from  Bilbury  Street  towards  the 
Oldetowne — '  Postea  Ganger'  postea  Davuser  et  modo  John 
Roulond,' — by  John  the  Prior  and  Convent  of  Plympton  to 
Robert  the  son  of  William  le  Spicer  of  Sutton,  and  Alice 
his  wife,  and  to  the  heirs  of  their  bodies  lawfully  begotten, 
for  ever.  Monday  next  following  the  Feast  of  St.  Paul 
15  Ed.  IV. —  {e)  Grant  in  fee-farm,  at  an  annual  rent  of 
eighteen  pence,  by  John  the  Prior  and  Convent  of  Plympton 
to  John  de  Stok  and  his  assigns  of  a  piece  of  land  north 
of  the  middle  of  the  'hyauedlond.'  'Postea  Robt  Sope 
q  duxit  in  uxorem  fil  Johes  de  Sok  &  vendidit  terr' 
in  cart  que  est  su^  la  howe  vbi  molendium  ventritim 
Mauricij  Prigge  sit  est  ^dco  mauricio  modo  Willm 
Grysby.' — {f)  The  same  John  also  grants  another  acre  and  a 
half  near  the  heauedlonde,  south  of  the  middle,  to  Robert  de 
Whiteleghe,  likewise  at  iS*^.  'Postea  Maur'  Prigge  .  .  .  et 
impetunt  de  Robt°  Sope  qm  impetunt  de  Robt  Whiteleghe 
qm  impetunt  et  mo''  her'  Thomas  Warwyke  and  Wilmot 
his  wife. — {g)  Undated  grant,  for  the  benefit  of  the 
grantor's  soul  and  of  the  souls  of  his  ancestors  and 
successors,  by  Reginald  de  Valletort,  to  God  and  the 
church  of  the  Apostles  Peter  and  Paul  of  Plympton,  and 
to  the  canons  serving  God  there,  the  right  of  fishing  in  the 
rivers  Tamer  and  Lyner  and  in  coiTcurrent  waters,  save 
and  except  the  pool  'sub  aula  de  halton.' — {li)    Undated 

The  Black  Book.  39 

grant  by  Johel  de  Stanhust  of  the  right  of  fisliing  through 
all  his  land  to  the  canons  of  Plympton,  'qd  si  batilli 
ntri  pprij  adiuvire  sibi  obinamnt  (?)  in  piscando  in  terra 
mea  p  equales  porcoes  captura  piscm  inter  nos  diudat'.' — 
(z)  Undated  grant  in  fee-farm,  at  a  yearly  rent  of  14^-.  6c/., 
of  three  acres  and  a  half  of  land  with  appurtenances  near 
Sutton,  near  the  tenement  of  William  Locke,  and  a  piece 
of  waste  ground  adjacent  thereto  '  eodem  wasto  sup  salistu 
maris'  by  John  the  Prior  and  the  Convent  of  Plymton  to 
William  Berde  of  Sutton,  his  heirs  and  assigns,  for  ever. 
Witnessed  by  Baldwin  le  bastard,  William  de  Kemell,  and 
William  de  Bodokeshide.  {6'^v) 

Grant  by  Maurice  Berde  of  Sutton,  9  Richard  II.,  to 
Thomas  Atwode  and  Amy  his  wife,  a  piece  of  the  grantor's 
garden  in  Sutton,  south  of  the  vicarage  of  St.  Andrew.  (71.) 

Indenture  of  grant,  for  life,  37  Henry  VI.,  by  Vincent 
Pitlisden,  esquire,  to  Joan,  widow  of  Roger  Androwe,  of 
a  toft  in  Nutte-streete,  Plymouth.     (7n^) 

Bond  of  William  Bull,  31  May— 11  Hen.  VIII.,  to  Isabella 
Grysling,  widow  of  John  Grysling,  in  £\o,  for  obedience  to 
the  decision  of  William  Pollarde,  John  Brone,  John  Bery, 
and  Stephyn  Pyers,  arbitrators,  touching  the  title  to  a  wall 
lying  in  the  Market  Street  of  Plymouth.  (72.)  Correspond- 
ing bond  of  Isabella  Gryslyng  to  William  Bull.     {72V.) 

[The  three  precedent  are  noted  as  'remanet  in  Custod 
Thoma  Bigeporte.'J 

Charter  of  Henry.  Copy  of  Letters  Patent  for  the 
incorporation  of  the  town  of  Sutton  Pryour,  and  the 
tithing  of  Sutton  Raf  and  parcel  of  the  hamlet  of  Sutton 
Vautert  (which  town,  tithing,  and  parcel  are  commonly 
called  Plymouthe)  and  a  certain  parcel  of  the  tithing  of 
Compton  into  a  free  borough,  with  one  Mayor  and  one 
perpetual  Commonalty,  henceforth  to  be  called  the  Borough 
of  Plymouth.     In  the  original  Latin,     {ji.) 

Bye  law  of  1567  for  those  who  refused  the  office  of 
Mayor.     (79.) 

Note  concerning  a  commission  in  1603  touching  a 
dispute  between  the  Town  and  Peter  Edgcumbe  as  to  a 
close  of  land  on  which  the  malt  mill  was  lately  erected. 

Deed  of  gift  and  conveyance,  31   Aug. —28  Hen.  VIII 
of  moiety  of  tenement  with  garden,  in  a  lane  in  the  east 
part    of    Kynterbury    Street,    by    Margaret    Pyne    widow, 

40  Ply 7)1011  th  Municipal  Records. 

one  of  the  daughters  and  heirs  of  William  Taylor  and 
Margaret  his  wife,  daughter  and  heir  of  John  Ferror 
and  Agnes  his  wife,  to  William  Hawkyns  of  Plymouth, 
merchant,  and  his  heirs  forever.  (83.) — Also  deed  of  quit- 
claim, 4  Sept.  8  Hen.  VIII.,  by  the  same  Margery  Pyne 
to  the  same  William  Hawkyns,  in  respect  to  the  same 
moiety.     (83^^.)         "' 

Deed  of  gift  and  conveyance  by  Peter  Gryslyng,  one 
of  the  gentlemen  of  the  king's  chamber,  in  anticipation 
of  the  marriage  of  John  Charletton,  of  Plymouth,  mercer, 
with  Anne  the  grantor's  daughter,  of  a  certain  tenement 
with  appurtenances  in  Marget  Street  in  Plymouth,  to  the 
said  John  Charletton  and  Anne,  and  the  heirs  of  her  body 
by  him  lawfully  begotten.     12  Sept. — 28  Hen.  VIII.     (84.) 

Letters  by  Peter,  bishop  of  Exeter,  at  the  petition  of  the 
inhabitants  of  the  chapelry  of  St.  Bude,  and  with  the 
consent  of  David  Blocklegh,  Prior,  and  the  Convent  of 
Plympton  in  the  diocese  of  Exeter,  and  rectors  of  the 
parish  church  of  St.  Andrew  of  Plymouth,  and  with  the 
consent  of  John  Stubbes  perpetual  vicar  of  the  same 
church,  of  which  St.  Bude  is  a  dependent  chapelry ; 
Ordaining  and  granting  that  henceforth  the  inhabitants 
of  the  said  chapelry  may  have  the  sacrament  of  baptism 
performed  in  their  chapel,  and  sepulture  of  their  dead  in 
a  burial-ground  conveniently  near  the  same  chapel,  in 
addition  to  the  sacred  celebrations  heretofore  performed  in 
the  building.  Provision  is  made  in  these  letters  for  the 
maintenance  of  a  separate  chaplain  for  the  chapelry, 
and  the  erection  of  a  fit  house  for  his  habitation.  '  Et 
ordinamus  quod  iidem  incole  moderni  capelle  predicte  et 
eorum  post  se  successores  erigent  ordinabunt  et  de  novo 
edificabunt  unum  mansum  sive  domum  competentem  in 
terra  sive  solo  sanctuarii  dictorum  proprietariorum  eidem 
capelle  Sancti  Budoci  contigni  longitudine  triginta  pedum 
et  latitudine  xvi  pedum  infra  muros  *  *  *  *  pro  resi- 
dencia  et  habitacione  capellani  predicti.'  Attached  to  the 
episcopal  letters  are  the  separate  writings  of  assent  by  the 
Prior  and  Convent  of  Plympton,  the  vicar  of  the  church 
of  St.  Andrew,  and  the  proctors  (John  Reke,  John  Arny- 
stetell  and  Matthew  Rede)  acting  for  the  inhabitants  of  St. 
Bude.     20  May,  1482.     (85.) 

Precept  for  the  immediate  payment  to  the  King's  General 
Receiver  of  the  late  monastery  of  Plympton,  of  arrears  of 
moneys  due  to  the  King  in  the  Court  of  Augmentations, 

TJie  Black  Book.  41 

from  the  Mayor  and  burgesses  of  Plymouth,  for  the  farm  of 
their  said  town,  from  Henry  Kelavewse,  farmer  of  Celle 
St.  Anthony,  Cornwall,  and  Adam  Travers,  'pro  pensione 
de  Ugburghe,'  amounting  in  all  to  £,']'^  \(^s.  \\d.  i  Sept. — 
33  Hen.  VHI.     (90.) 

Undated  copy  of  ordinance  of  the  King,  with  the  assent 
and  authority  of  parliament,  that  the  advowsons  of  the 
parish  churches  of  Uggborough  and  Blackeawton  '  be  from 
hensforthe  appropriate  and  vnyted  to  the  said  prior  and 
convente '  of  Plympton  and  their  successors ;  the  said 
ordinance  being  made  in  recompence  for  the  discharge  of  a 
yearly  rent  of  ^29  6s.  8d.  heretofore  paid  by  the  borough 
of  Plymouth  to  the  said  Prior  and  Convent.     (91.) 

The  Act  sets  forth  that  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty 
being  charged  with  the  rent  of  £2g  6s.  8d.  '  by  occasion 
whereof  and  other  gret  and  intollerable  chargs  that  the 
said  borough  and  towne  of  Plymouth  do  dayly  beare  & 
be  putt  vnto  the  same  boroughe  and  towne  ys  fallen  in 
great  Ruen  and  decay,  and  so  like  to  contynewe  in  decaye 
yf  that  the  same  boroughe  and  towne  be  not  shortely 
releved  or  other  wise  ^uyded  for.  Wherefore  the  King  our 
Sou'aigne  lorde  att  the  humble  peticion  of  the  said  Mayre 
and  Comonaltye  and'  by  them  beyng  pfectly  instructed  of 
the  greate  and  intollerable  Charges  and  losts  aswell  by 
the  aduenture  of  the  see  and  otherwise  by  the  inhabytants 
of  the  same  burghe  and  towne  susteyned  within  these  Fewe 
yeres  to  the  valew  of  x  m'  pounds  and  aboue  as  the  greate 
and  intollerable  chargs  that  the  said  Mayre  and  comonalye 
and  their  p'decessours  haue  hadd  in  tymes  past,  and  here- 
after shall  haue  and  be  putt  vnto  for  the  yerly  maynteniice 
and  saue  garde  of  the  said  borough  and  towne  and  the 
porte  of  the  same  w^^h  ys  one  of  the  most  principall  and 
fayreste  ports  at  this  tyme  w^hin  this  Realme  and  the  kay 
and  only  Defence  of  all  the  Countrey  thereunto  adioyning 
and  necessary  to  be  kepte  and  maynteyned  aswell  in  tymes 
of  peace  as  of  warre.  And  nowe  beyng  in  such  Ruyn  and 
decaye  that  they  be  not  able  of  them  selffs  to  maynteyne 
and  bere  out  the  expencs  and  chargs  that  they  dayly 
susteyne  in  the  defence  and  mayntenhce  of  the  said  porte 
and  to  paye  the  said  yerely  Rent  &  pention  as  they 
nowe  be  bond  and  charged  withall  his  highnes  of  his  most 
prudent  and  benyvolente  good  mynde  yntendynge  aswell 
the  releve  and  mayntenhce  of  his  said  Towne  &  burghe  of 
plymmouthe,  as   also   a   due   recompence  to   be  had   and 

42  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

made  vnto  the  said  priour  and  his  Siiccessours  of  and  for  the 
discharge  of  the  sayd  yerely  Rent  of  ^^"29  6s.  8d./  &c. 

Letters  of  approval  and  confirmation,  by  Arthur  Plan- 
tagenet,  Viscount  Lisley,  lieutenant  and  vice-admiral  of 
Henry,  Duke  of  Rychemonde  and  Somerset  and  Earl  of 
Nottingham ;  approving  and  confirming  the  certificate 
made  at  Plymouth  on  the  25th  of  the  said  month  by  John 
Wodhall,  commissary-general  of  the  Admiralty,  certifying 
that  the  burgesses,  tenants,  farmers,  lands  and  ports  of 
the  borough  of  Plymouth  are  exempt  from  the  jurisdiction 
of  the  Admiral  of  England.  Porchestre.  30  June — 18 
Hen.  VHI.     (96.) 

Indenture  made  at  Plymouth,  4  Jan.  34  Hen.  VHI., 
between  Thomas  Chamond,  esq.  and  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty of  Plymouth,  whereby  the  said  Thomas  grants 
to  the  said  Mayor  and  Commonalty  for  ninety-nine  years 
certain  messuages  lands  and  tenements,  formerly  belonging 
to  John  Jaybyns,  in  the  borough  of  Plymouth  and  in  the 
parish  of  Plympton,  'to  thentent  that  they  the  seid  mayre 
and  Comynaltie  their  Successors  and  assignes  with  the 
revenues  issues  and  profitts  thereof  comyng  and  growyng 
shall  yerely  duryng  the  said  terme  helpe  aswell  towardes 
the  stipende  of  an  honeste  preste  to  s'ue  wythyn  the 
pishe  churche  of  Seynt  Andrew  of  Plymmouth  aforesaid, 
&  there  contynue  to  synge  masse  at  the  aulter  of  Seynt 
John  Baptiste  to  ^y  for  the  Sowle  of  the  forsaid  John 
Jaybyn  and  his  fryndes,  as  towardes  the  maintenance  and 
settyng  forthe  of  any  other  godly  act  there  *  *  *  accord- 
ing to  the  tenor  of  the  last  wylle  of  the  said  John  Jaybyn.' 
{gjv.). — Also,  another  deed  (4  March  34  Hen.  VHI.) 
whereby  the  same  Thomas  Chamond  grants  to  the  same 
Mayor  and  Commonalty  for  a  full  term  of  ninety-nine 
years  certain  other  lands  and  tenements,  within  the  borough 
of  Plymouth,  formerly  belonging  to  Thomas  Tregarthen, 
to  the  end  that  the  grantees  apply  the  profits  coming  from 
the  same  to  the  celebration  of  divine  service  in  St.  Andrew 
Church,  or  to  the  maintenance  of  the  defences  of  the  town  ; 
a  yearly  rent  of  4^.  being  reserved  to  the  grantor  and  his 
heirs.     (98.) 

Copye  of  a  letter  sent  from  the  Councell  to  the  Justices 
of  Peax  in  the  Countie  of  Devon  for  redresse  to  be  hadd 
conc'ninge  the  buying  of  pylcherdes  by  straungers.  22 
Aug.,  1566.     (98  e'.) 

TJie  Black  Book.  43 

Award  between  John  Rrokyng  and  William  Edgcombe. 
Oct.,  1569.     (gQt'.) 

Cognizance  of  plea  in  Court  of  Common  Pleas,  West- 
minster, in  a  suit  of  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of 
Plymouth.  10  Eliz.  Parties,  Thos.  Browne  and  William 
Palmer.     (100.) 

Record  of  suit  10  Hen.  VII.  Parties:  John  Crocker, 
miles,  against  John  Painter,  Thos.  Croppe,  Adam  Rawe, 
Henry  VVhite,  John  Ilcombe.     (looz'.) 

Copy  of  exemplification  of  the  record  of  proceedings 
in  the  Common  Pleas  at  Westminster,  Easter  Term,  19 
Hen.  VIII.,  when  Peter  Grislyng,  merchant,  James  Horse- 
will,  gentleman,  John  Coram,  yeoman,  John  Grace,  tailor, 
William  Hawkyngs,  merchant,  and  Lucas  Cocke,  merchant, 
all  of  Plymouth,  were  attached  to  answer  for  their  conduct 
in  beating  and  wounding  John  Jurdon  of  the  same  borough, 
so  as  to  endanger  his  life.     (102.) 

Commission  by  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth  to 
Edward  James,  appointing  him  their  attorney  to  take 
possession  of  the  goods  pertaining  to  William  Sparcke  of 
Plymouth,  merchant,  when  he  was  proclaimed  an  outlaw. 
— Also  Assignment  by  the  same  Mayor  and  Commonalty 
to  John  Sparke  of  Plymouth,  merchant,  of  all  the  goods 
formerly  pertaining  to  William  Sparke,  the  abovementioned 
outlaw,  forfeited  the  said  corporation  by  his  outlawry. 
12  &  13  July,  1597.     (i02j^.) 

Ditto,  13  James  I.  Digory  Holman  against  John  Tawley 
and  Wm.  May.     (103  ) 

Citation  from  Court  of  Star  Chamber,  26  Jan.  44  Eliz., 
in  suit  of  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth  against 
Wm.  Crymes,  John  Browne,  Rd.  Browninge,  Rd.  Hele, 
John  Edwards,  and  Rd.  Cryppes.     (106.) 

Memorandum  of  appointment  of  Mr.  Powell  to  be  town- 
clerk,  by  the  Mayor,  Aldermen,  and  Common-councilmen 
of  the  borough,     23  Aug.,  1614.     (109.) 

Acknowledgment  by  Nicholas  Eliot  that  he  spoke 
unadvisedly  and  wrongfully  in  declaring  that  a  certain 
rate,  'made  for  the  raysing  of  a  convenient  stocke  to  set 
the  poore  on  worke  within  the  boroughe  of  Plymouth,'  had 
been  unjustly  taken  since  the  seventh  year  of  the  present 
king.      15  July,  1623.     (no.) 

Memorandum   of  the   election   at  a  general   meeting  of 

44  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

the  Common  Council  of  Alexander  Grosse,  minister  and 
preacher  of  God's  word,  to  be  the  next  incumbent  of  the 
vicarage  of  Plymouth.      12  Sept.,  1632.     (iii-) 

Act  of  Mayor,  Magistrates,  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth, 
for  building  a  town-wall,  'for  the  better  defence  and 
safetie  of  this  towne  against  those  enemyes  that  dayly 
threaten  our  destruccon.'      i  July,  1643.     (112.) 

Copy  of  last  will  and  testament  of  John  Berry  of 
Plymouth,      i  May,  1589.     (1341:^) 

Copy  of  the  last  will  and  testament  of  Walter  Pollard 
of  Plymouth.  Bequeathes  inter  alia  to  the  '  store  of  o"" 
lady'  in  St.  Andrew.     21  Oct.,  1527.     (i35^a) 

Copy  of  Bill  made  establishing  Howe's  charity,  the 
original  of  which  will  be  found  under  Charities,  by  John 
Howe.     (200.) 

Copy  of  letter,  30  Jan.,  1565,  from  the  same  John 
Howe  to  Mr.  Derry,  mayor  of  Plymouth,  the  original  of 
which  will  also  be  found  under  Charities.     (200.) 

Indenture  between  Robert  Charleton  and  David  Downe 
registered  July  24,  30  Hen.  VIII.,  by  Jacob  Horsweil, 
clerk  of  the  borough  of  Plymouth.  (205 7^) 

Memorandum  of  grant,  for  life  and  four  years  after 
grantee's  death,  by  the  Mayor  xij  and  xxiv  of  the  borough, 
to  Sir  Thomas  Flyte,  chantry-priest  of  Jabyens  chantry  in 
the  parish-church  of  St.  Andrew  of  Plymouth,  and  to  his 
assigns,  of  '  the  prystenhouse,'  together  with  '  the  chamber 
that  he  there  nowe  hath  bothe  vnder  and  aboue  duryng 
hys  lyff  only  without  disturbance  of  any  of  his  Felowes 
priestes  there  ; '  made  in  consideration  of  Flyte's  charges 
in  repairing 'the  kechyn  of  the  prystenhouse.'  30  Hen.  VIII. 

Copy  of  conveyance  by  John  Talcazon,  of  North 
Petherwyn,  gentleman,  of  all  his  messuages,  lands,  tene- 
ments in  the  borough  of  Plymouth  and  its  precinct,  to 
William  Hawkins  of  Plymouth,  merchant,  his  heirs  and 
assigns  for  ever,      i  Oct. — 1"]  Hen.  VIII.     (207.) 

Covenants  between  Peter  Gryslyng  of  Saltayshe,  gentle- 
man, and  William  Hawkyns  of  Plymouth,  merchant, 
20  Oct.,  1545.     (2087/.) 

Memorandum  that  Thos.  Leighe  granted,  22  Hen.  VIII., 
to  John  Stotefford,  Lucas  Cock,  and  John  Pomeroy,  premises 
in  Old  Town  in  trust,  and  of  their  being  handed  over  to 
Wm.  Leighe.     (210.) 

The  Black  Book.  45 

Bond  of  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth  in  £Af) 
to  Thomas  Middelton  of  London,  gentleman  ;  in  security 
for  the  honest  and  stipulated  use  of  ;^20  which  the  said 
Thomas  Middelton  had  given  the  same  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty in  trust,  for  the  redemption  of  articles  pawned  by 
people  too  poor  to  redeem  the  same,  and  for  the  extension 
of  the  terms  for  which  money  has  been  lent  thereon. 
24  Dec. — T^i  Eliz.     (21OZ') 

Copy  of  indenture  of  bargain  and  sale,  whereby  Elys 
Warwyke,  son  and  heir  of  Walter  Warwyke,  deceased, 
gentleman,  sold  and  conveyed  his  moiety  of  the  reversion 
of  a  certain  mansion,  lands,  meadows,  and  pasture,  in 
Plymouth,  county  Devon,  and  all  his  interest  therein  forever, 
to  William  Smythe  and  Alice  his  wife,  their  heirs  and 
assigns.     6  Jan. — 6  Ed.  VI.     (211.) 

[Some  of  these  deeds  are  noted  as  entered  by  William 
Wills,  others  by  Nicholas  Slanning  or  Thomas  Purkins, 
the  Black  Book  being  used  as  an  Estate  Register  for 
private  purposes.] 

Release  by  John  Derry  of  Plymouth  to  Thos.  Searle  of 
London.     1566.     (21 1^'.) 

Release  by  Peter  Gryslyng  to  Ann  his  daughter. 
31  May— 6  Ed.  VL     (212.) 

Receipt  for  ijs.  6d.  in  full  of  all  debts  between  Stephen 
Tafte  of  Plymouth  and  Ozelio  Demyranda  of  London, 
both  merchants.     (2127'.) 

Lease  to  farm,  for  eighty  years,  by  William  Smyth,  late 
of  Ilsington,  gentleman,  Robert  Stidston  of  Sowthbrent, 
gentleman,  and  Anne  his  wife,  Thomas  Snellinge  of 
I'limpton  More,  merchant,  and  Johan  his  wife,  John  Nose- 
worthy  of  Manaton,  yeoman,  and  Mary  his  wife,  John 
Snellinge  of  Plimpton  Marie,  yeoman,  and  Richawde  his 
wife,  John  Heddon  of  Brudgeruell,  yeoman,  and  Wilmote 
his  wife,  and  Maryon  Smythe,  of  a  moiety  of  a  messuage 
with  appurtenances  in  Plymouth,  to  John  Hele  the  younger 
and  William  Hele  the  younger,  sons  of  Nicholas  Hele 
deceased,  and  their  assigns,      i  June — 4  Eliz.     (213.) 

Indenture  of  the  sale  by  Richard  Prynne,  of  the  parish 
of  Anthonye,  weaver,  of  all  his  interest  in  a  certain  tene- 
ment and  garden  in  Plymouth  to  Thomas  Kinge  of  the 
said  parish  of  Anthonye,  his  heirs  and  assigns  for  ever. 
18  Sept. — 4  Eliz.     (214.) 

Indenture   of  sale   by   Henry  Brecknall   of  Plymouth, 

46  Plyinoiith  Municipal  Records. 

merchant,  of  tenement  with  appurtenances  in  Plymouth,  to 
Matthew  Hoare  of  the  same  place,  mariner,  and  Katherine 
his  wife,  their  heirs  and  assigns  for  ever  ;  a  yearly  rent  of 
\2d.  being  reserved.     23  June — 8  Eliz.     (217.) 

Indenture  of  the  grant  by  John  Ilcomb  of  Plymouth, 
merchant,  of  tenement  and  garden  in  the  said  borough,  in 
the  High  Street  thereof,  to  his  son  John  Ilcomb,  his  heirs 
and  assigns,  forever.     22  Dec,  1566.     (218.) 

Indenture  of  the  sale  by  Anthony  Randall  of  Stauke 
Damerell,  yeoman,  son  and  heir  of  William  Randall  of 
Plymouth,  deceased,  of  a  certain  toft  in  Plymouth,  to 
Richard  Keighte  alias  Keif  of  Plymouth,  mariner,  his  heirs 
and  assigns,  for  ever,      i  Nov.,  1566.     (2182-'.) 

Indenture  of  the  sale  by  Margerye  Sparke,  Stoke- 
damerelle,  widow,  sometime  wife  of  John  Norton  of 
Plymouth,  shipwright,  of  messuage  and  garden  in  Ply- 
mouth, to  William  Crowne,  Stoke-damerelle,  shipwright, 
his  heirs  and  assigns.     4  Oct. — ^9  Eliz.     (2192/.) 

Indenture  of  grant  in  fee-farm,  at  a  yearly  rent  of 
twenty  shillings,  by  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of 
Plymouth,  of  a  certain  tenement  with  a  garden  lying  in 
Wympilstrete  in  the  said  borough,  to  William  Randell,  his 
heirs  and  assigns,  for  ever.     27  Feb. — 9  Hen.  VHI.     (222.) 

Indenture  of  lease  for  eighty  years  by  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  of  Plymouth,  of  tenement  with  appurtenances 
in  the  High  Street  of  the  said  borough,  to  Richard  Toowill, 
alias  Richard  Attewille,  his  heirs  and  assigns.  23  Oct. — 
21  Hen.  VII.     (223.) 

Lease  of  tenement  in  Kinterbury  Street,  Plymouth,  for 
fourteen  years  at  40^-.  a  year  rent,  by  Roger  Libbe  to 
Thomas  Maye.  ii  Nov. — 25  PZliz,  Preceded  by  a  recital 
of  proceedings  in  Borough  Court.     (224.) 

Indenture  of  lease  for  thirty  years,  at  a  yearly  rent  of 
twenty  shillings,  by  William  Spearke  of  Plymouth,  merchant, 
of  a  certain  curtilage  or  enclosed  place,  with  such  quay  or 
wharf  as  pertains  thereto,  in  Plymouth,  to  John  White  of 
the  same  place,  merchant,  and  his  assigns.  20  Jan. — 
29  Eliz.  (227.) 
J.  Deed  of  grant,  by  John   Foote  the  elder  of  Plymouth, 

f  [    and  Thomasyn  his  wife,  oPtenement  with  a  curtilage  and 

garden,  in  the  said  borough,  and  a  certain  other  garden,  to 
Christopher  Browkinge,  his  heirs  and  assigns,  for  ever. 
16  Jan. — 19  Eliz.     (227.) 

The  Black  Book.  47 

Deed  of  grant  whereby  John  Piedicc  of  Plymouth, 
merchant,  and  Mary  his  wife,  one  of  the  daughters  of 
Thomas  Sparcke,  hate  of  Plympton  Morrys  alias  Plympton 
Earle,  deceased,  WiUiain  C)Hver  of  Plymouth,  cordwainer, 
and  Margarett  his  wife,  John  Cosin  of  Plymouth,  merchant, 
and  Christian  his  wife,  and  William  Cocke  of  Plympton 
Morrys  alias  Plympton  Earle,  yeoman,  and  Elizabeth  his 
wife,  grant  and  confirm  divers  messuages  and  tenements 
in  the  borough  of  Plympton  Morrys  alias  Plympton 
Earle  aforesaid,  to  Christopher  Brookinge,  merchant, 
William  Neyle,  yeoman,  Nicholas  Howe,  tailor,  and 
Nicholas  Kneighte,  merchant.     10  March — t^-]  liliz.    (228.) 

Deed  of  sale  and  conveyance  of  three  tenements  and 
one  little  room  in  Plymouth,  by  Hugh  Sampson  of  the 
said  borough,  merchant,  to  William  Hele  of  the  same 
place,  merchant,  his  heirs  and  assigns,  for  ever,  9  Oct. — 
22  James  i.     (230.) 

Copy  of  'an  acte'  of  Parliament  of  32  Hen.  VHI.  'for 
reedifieing  of  decayde  houses '  in  '  the  boroughes  and 
townes  of  Shafton,  Shucbury,  Byrtporte,  Dorchester,  and 
Weimouthe,  within  the  countye  of  Dorset,  and  the  boroughes 
and  townes  of  Plymouthe,  Plymton,  Barstaple,  Tavystock, 
and  Dartemouthe,  within  the  countye  of  Devonshire,  and 
the  boroughes  and  townes  of  Lanceston,  Lyskerde, 
Lestudyeir,  Bodman,  Truru,  and  Helston,  within  the  countie 
orCornwall,  and  the  boroughes  and  townes  of  Brigevvater, 
Taunton,  Somerton,  and  Ylchester,  within  the  countye  of 
Somerset,  and  the  borough  of  Maldon  in  the  countye  of 
Essex,  and  also  the  borough  and  shire  town  of  Warrevvyk 
in  the  countie  of  Warrevvyk,  whiche  nowe  ar  fallen  downe 
decayed  and  this  tyme  remayne  unreedyfyed.'     (2S8  ) 

Order  made,  17  April,  1683,  by  the  Mayor  and  by  seven 
of  the  twelve  Magistrates  of  the  borough  that  for  the  five 
years  next  ensuing  the  Common-councilmen  of  the  borough 
shall  have  no  voice  in  the  choice  of  burgesses  to  serve  in 
the  said  Common  Council,  but  that  the  Mayor  and  Magis- 
trates shall  during  that  term  elect  the  new  Common- 
council-men  ;  it  being  found  of  late  years  that  the  members 
of  the  Common  Council,  when  invited  to  elect  into  their 
body  some  of  the  persons  named  for  such  election  Tri  a  list 
prepared  by  the  Mayor  and  Magistrates,  persist  in  choosing 
the  persons  of  'meaner  condition'  to  the  neglect  and 
slight  of  '  persons  of  quality  and  knowne  loyalty '  named 

48  Plynw2ith  Municipal  Records. 

in  the  said  list. — At  the  foot  of  the  order  is  the  following 
note,  '  Memorandum  that  this  act  of  these  few  magistrates 
was  an  usurpation  and  contrary  to  the  constant  practice  of 
this  borough,  either  for  any  but  y*^  four  and  twenty  to 
choose  theire  members,  or  for  any  to  make  constitutions 
but  the  major  part  of  the  whole  body  which  ought  to 
consist  of  37,  these  arbitrary  constitution-makers  being 
but  eight,  and  of  these  the  wise  Mayor  and  his  leader 
M"".  W'".  Jennens  together  with  two  others,  viz.  M''.  W"*. 
Cotton  and  M"".  W"\  Tom,  being  soon  turned  out  of  the 
government  by  his  Ma*"*. ;  for  notwithstanding  theire 
pretences  of  loyalty,  but  three  of  them  were  continued  in 
the  new  charter.'     (2902'.) 

Constitution,  made  6  August,  1730,  in  common  assembly 
in  the  Guildhall  of  the  Mayor,  Aldermen,  and  Common 
Council  of  the  borough  of  Plymouth,  that  henceforth  the 
inhabitants  of  the  borough,  having  served  apprenticeships 
with  freemen  and  inhabitants  thereof,  shall  in  accordance 
with  ancient  usage  have  the  right  to  be  sworn  and  admitted 
freemen  of  the  town  ;  and  that  the  eldest  sons  of  freemen 
shall  on  the  death  of  their  fathers  be  entitled  to  the  freedom 
of  the  borough.  This  constitution  being  made  for  the  deter- 
mination of  controversies  and  lawsuits  on  the  point.     (291.) 

Constitution  that  the  capital  burgesses  be  elected  by  the 
Mayor  and  capital  burgesses  only.     26  Aug.,  1730.     (293.) 

[A  list  of  freemen  begins  on  folio  296,  evidently  giving 
the  names  of  all  freemen  at  the  date  the  book  was  first 
written,  and  is  continued  year  by  year,  stating  the 
admissions  under  the  various  Mayoralties,  to  1658.  The 
continuity  of  the  list  is  broken  between  folios  313  and  317 
by  a  table  of  contents.] 

Two  orders  respecting  days  for  wearing  '  skarlette '  and 
'  banketts ',  respectively  1560  and  1609.     (S^S^-) 

A  note  of  the  10*''  and  15*'^  chargeable. 
Sutton  prio""  Burg  xxiiij'' 

Sutton  vawter  x^'  xij^  viij*^ 

Allowed  £\2  remains  ^22  \2s.  8d.     (316.) 

Order  that  the  24*'^  money  shall  go  towards  the 
maintenance  of  the  Council  Chamber. 

Final  entry  —  Plymouth  burnt  3  times — 1377,  1400, 

TJie  White  Book.  49 

[47]  Incomplete  volume,  which  seems  to  have  been 
intended  for  a  copy  of  the  chief  entries  in  the  Black  Book 
— originally  temp.  Elizabeth  and  James  I.  It  gives  the 
older  oaths  and  some  of  a  later  date,  including  that  of 
Charles  II.  against  taking  arms  against  the  King;  the 
declaration  against  the  Solemn  League  and  Covenant, 
subscribed  by  William  Jennens;  also  oaths  of  allegiance 
to  William  and  Mary,  Anne,  and  George  I. 

The  last  entry  in  this  volume  records  proceedings 
consequent  upon  an  inquest  held  by  Thomas  Payne, 
coroner,  on  the  body  of  Joseph  Austen,  Feb.  8,  32  Ch.  I., 
who  being  found  felo  de  se,  his  goods  were  claimed  by 
the  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 

[48]     THE   WHITE   BOOK. 

This  is  a  vellum-covered  volume,  endorsed  on  the  outside, 
'The  Book  of  Constitutions,'  and  noted  on  the  fly-leaf  as 
having  been  given  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  in  1560 
by  John  Ford  '  for  all  defaults  and  other  orders.'  It  was 
used  for  entries  from  1560  to  1754,  chiefly  for  the  formal 
record  of  'acts'  or  'constitutions'  made  by  the  'twelve' 
and  '  twenty-four,'  to  many  of  which  are  appended  the 
autograph  signatures  of  the  assenters.  Beyond  these 
orders  of  the  town  council  it  also,  however,  contains  many 
entries  of  miscellaneous  interest  aflecting  the  borough. 
There  are  268  numbered  leaves. 

Contributors  towards  the  charge  of  the  Create  Bell 
without  the  borough,  15  Feb.  1560 — namely:  Sir  R. 
Edgcumbe,  13^-.  4^.;  Sir  John  Howe,  clerk,  £^\  John 
Borowe,  20s. ;  town  of  Tavistocke,  40^^. ;  parish  of  Maker, 
20s. ;  parish  of  Plymstock,  ']s.  6d. ;  parish  of  Rame,  5^.  ; 
John  Sperke,  of  Plympton,  5^.     (17/.) 

Fine  of  Roger  Rawlyn,  sergeant,  '  for  not  settinge  vpe  a 
glove  on  S*  Peter's  dale  beinge  a  Faire  dale.'     (2.) 

Forfeiture  of  goodes.     (2.) 

Contributions  of  xij  and  xxiiij  towards  the  great 
bell.     (2.) 

Licence  to  Christopher  Burrowe  for  opening  his  shop 
window  in  1560,  fine  is.  6d.     {2v.) 

Grant  of  tenement  next  the  churchstile.     {2v.) 


50  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Margaret  Grayse,  Agatha  Mayowe,  Johan  Caussen, 
Edmunde  Healle,  tynker,  and  his  wife,  expelled  the 
town.     {2v) 

Surrender  of  lands  to  Mayor  and  Commonalty.     (22/.) 

Order  that  Lucas  Cocke  be  disburdened  of  Mayoralty, 
1560,  made  voyde  in  1585.     (3.) 

Stones  brought  to  the  Cawsse.     (3.) 

Payment  of  '^os.  to  the  use  of  Thos.  Gibbons.     (3.) 

Promise  by  R.  Hooper  to  bring  into  the  Guildhall  the 
wrytynges  relating  to  Mr.  Howe  and  the  almshouse.     (3^^.) 

Memorandum  establishing  the  Grammar  School, 
xiiij  Die  July  1561. 

In  the  guilhaile  w*^  thassent  of  John  Eliott  Maio""  w*  the 
more  pt®  of  the  xij  and  xxiiij*^  ther  assembled  it  was 
determyned  concluded  and  vtterlie  agreed  vpon  that  one 
Thoihs  Brooke  should  supplie  thoffice  and  function  of  a 
teacher  or  Scholem'"  w*in  this  towne  so  longe  as  he  therin 
shall  decentlye  behave  hym  selfe  and  in  consideracion  of 
an  annuall  stipend  of  x''  quarterly  to  be  paid  by  the 
receivo''  he  the  said  Scholem''  shall  freelye  teache  all  the 
children  native  and  inhabitaunt  w*  w^in  the  Towne  and 
that  he  also  for  his  lodginge  and  refuge  shall  hawe  to  his 
owne  vse  the  chambers  over  the  almes  howsse  chapell  and 
the  said  chapell  for  his  scholehowsse  and  that  he  shall 
teache  no  other  but  gramer  and  writinge.  Itm  ther  it  was 
by  thassents  aforsaid  fullie  agreed  that  all  suche  psons 
whose  names  be  herin  ingrossed  as  hawe  given  anye  some 
or  somes  of  moneye  toward  and  for  the  stipend  aforsayd 
shall  for  nonpayment  of  such  somes  of  moneye  as  they 
of  ther  mere  good  willes  hawe  gyven  toward  the  vse 
aforsayd  be  Distreyned  and  Distreinable  for  the  same.     (4.) 

[The  names  are :] 

John  Elyott,  mayor,  13X.  A^d.;  Thomas  Clowter,  6s.  '^d.; 
Lucas  Cocke,  ^s.;  Richard  Hoop[er],  ^s.;  William  Weks, 
lOi".;  John  Ilcombe,  \os.;  John  Derye,  5^.;  Edward  White, 
5^-.;  Nicholas  Bickford,  6s.  ^d.;  William  Lake,  6s.  8d.; 
Nicholas  Slannynge,  13^-.  4^.;  William  Hawkyns,  8s.; 
John   Foord,  6s.  Sd. — The  Twelve. 

William  Symons,  20s.;  Robert  Hampten,  i6d.;  Edward 
Cocke,  i6d.;  Thomas  Byrth,  2s.  Sd.;  John  Sampson,  6s.  8d.; 
John  Hawkyns,  8s.;  Thomas  Hampton,  5^-.;  William 
Howe,  sen.,  is.;  Thomas  Crowne,  4s.;  John  Maynard, 
2s.    8d.;    John     Martyn,    5^-.;     Gregory    Cocke,    2s.    8d.; 

The  White  Book.  51 

John  Waddon,  2s.;  Thomas  Perky ns,  2s.  Sd.;  Walter 
Pepperell,  2s.  8c/.;  Christopher  Earle,  13^.  4^./  John 
Vosye,  3J'.  ^d.;  Henry  Brecnall,  2s.;  Wilh'am  Brokinge, 
\6d.;  Richard  Henscott,  4c/./  Mr.  Edmund  Euston,  lOi". — 
The  Twenty-four. 

Richard  Lybbe,  los.;  George  White,  3^.  4^.;  Robert 
Hohnan,  is.;  George  Bolton,  i6d ;  John  Rewbye,  16^./ 
John  Greninge,  Sd.;  John  Lyght,  \s.;  John  Worgow,  2s.; 
John  Lewys,  4s.;  William  Griffyn,  of  Compton,  2s.;  Wm. 
Chiswyll,  4i'.;  Wm.  Jeffrye,  i6d.;  Thomas  Williams,  is.; 
Wm.  Griffyn,  is.;  John  Whyte,  is.;  Wm.  Makye,  So'.; 
Wm.  Blake,  fletcher,  i6d.;  Wm.  Gill,  i6d.;  John  Peny, 
lod.;  Roger  Tremlynson,  2>d.;  Alse  Lyle,  lod.;  Robt. 
Wood,  20d.;  John  Bealbery,  2s.;  Thos.  Turner,  i6d.;  John 
Sounde,  2s.  8d. ;  Nicholas  Barford,  2s. ;  John  Bery,  2s.; 
John  Temycombe,  2s.;  John  Harvye,  i6d.;  Thos.  Hoylle, 
3^.  4d.;  Thos.  Barrett,  6s.  8d.;  John  Roche,  is.;  John 
Hoop[er],  2od.;  Alse  Pera,  3^-.  4^./  Nicholas  Browne,  5j-./ 
Thomas  Bickley,  ^s.;  William  Brown,  lOj-.;  John  Genyns, 
3^.  4d.;  John  Hayleston,  i6d.;  Wm.  Huchins,  6s.  8d.; 
John  Estcott,  T,s.  ^.d.;  Walter  Battishill,  3^.  ^d.;  Bawdon 
Hooker,  2s.;  John  Burnard,  5^.;  Richard  Pers,  2s.  8d.; 
James  Hampton,  i6d.;  Henry  Blase,  i6d.;  John  Foote, 
IS.;  Wm.  Battishill,  2s.;  Margaret  Bunting,  i6d.     {5.) 

Bond  of  town  cancelled.     (6.) 

Receipt  of  6s.  4^.     (6.) 

John  Blithema'n  fined  6s.  8d.  for  non  attendance  on 
Sessions  day.     27  June,  1503.     (6.) 

John  Forde  dispensed  w*h  all  for  beinge  Maior.    1 567.  (8.) 

Names  of  Keepers  of  Town  Chest.     (i2v.) 

List  of  writings  of  the  almes  house  lands  remaining  in 
the  town  chest,  and  of  lands  given  the  almshouse.   1561.  (13.) 

Order  that  Wm  Brookinge  receive  rents  for  an  orphan 
during  minority.     (13.) 

Order  for  the  admission  of  freeman.     (^Sv.) 

'  The  guifte  of  W°^  Symons  for  not  being  of  the  xij.'     (14.) 

Collection  for  the  poor.     (14.) 

Order  that  no  stranger  gather  in  church  by  Testimonial. 

Promise  by  Mr.  Elyott  to  timber  '  and  cover  the  lytell 
house  in  the  market  place.'     (15.) 

52  Plymouth  Municipal  Rtxords. 

Order  that  no  resident  should  buy  or  cause  to  be  bought 
meal  brought  to  the  town  on  pain  of  forfeiture  and  other 
punishment.      1564.     (15.) 

Banishment  of  a  vagabond.     (15.) 

Thomas  Catvyne  punished  for  pickering.     (15^'.) 

£^  yearly  given  to  the  almshouse — Howe's  gift.     (15^.) 

Order  that  every  person  born  within  the  borough  and 
apprenticed  in  the  same,  and  any  person  born  without  the 
borough  and  apprenticed  therein  shall  pay  18^^.  on  being 
made  free  and  no  more.  All  others  admitted  to  pay  \os. 
1566.     (16.) 

Margaret  Edwardes  banished.     (16.) 

'Mr.  Mayor  willeth  and  requireth'  that  all  persons  who 
had  received  alien  servants  within  a  year  were  to  discharge 
them  within  a  month  on  penalty  of  \os.  fine.     1566.     (17.) 

Orders  with  regard  to  the  sale  of  pilchards.  No  alien 
was  to  lade  or  buy  fresh  pilchards  above  the  number  of 
1,000  in  one  day;  no  man,  not  being  free,  to  buy  or  sell 
above  5,000.     1566.     (17.) 

No  townsman  to  'father  out'  straungers  goods.      (17^^-) 

Order  that  any  person  suspected  of  selling  or  promising 
to  deliver  pilchards  before  they  were  saved,  or  of  having 
received  money  beforehand  from  any  non-inhabitant  to 
make  [cure]  the  same,  should  be  called  before  the  Mayor 
and  questioned  thereon  on  oath,  and  if  guilty,  not  allowed 
to  make  any  pilchards  that  year.  No  woman,  whether 
wife,  widow,  or  servant,  to  set  or  make  a  price  for  or  upon 
any  pilchards  brought  into  the  town,  under  penalty  of  ten 
shillings  fine  (to  be  paid  by  the  husband  or  master,  if  no 
widow)  and  personal  punishment  at  the  Mayor's  discretion. 
23  and  26  Eliz.     (17^'.) 

Gils  lake,  Thos  dedge,  Katheryn  Bennett,  and  Christian 
Marsh,  to  be  banished  if  found  in  any  evil  company  or 
deserving  any  evil  report.      1568.     (18.) 

Alse  Perrotte,  widow,  John  Evans,  and  John  Cooke 
banished.     1569.     (18.) 

Order  on  presentment  of  the  Grand  Jury  that  persons 
damaging  or  destroying  hedges  or  fences  within  the  Liberty 
should  be  placed  in  the  stocks  three  market  days.     (18.) 

Orders  for  'the  good  kepyng  of  the  poole  &  water  side 
under  the  ffull  sea  marke.'     1568  (Wm.  Hawkins,  Mayor). 

The  W J  lite  Book.  53 

In  primis  that  no  owner  maryn''  nor  other  pson  cast  over 
borde  into  the  water  or  vndcr  ffull  sea  m''ke  wMiyn  the 
cawsey  owt  of  any  shippe  or  vessell  any  man''  of  ballaste  or 
the  swepyn  or  clensynge  of  any  shippe  or  vessell  apon 
payne  of  fforfeetenge  of  vj^  viij'^  for  eu^'y  suche  offence  and 
to  cary  away  agayne  the  same  thynge  so  cast  oveborde  or 
else  to  pay  xl^ 

Itm  that  no  anker  be  caste  owte  of  any  shippe  or  vessell 
into  the  oose  or  vnder  the  ffull  sea  marke  without  a  boye 
apon  hym  or  a  pole  to  stond  by  the  anker  that  the  people 
may  knovve  where  the  anker  lieth  apon  peyne  of  fforfeeture 
of  iij^  \\\'f-  for  eury  such  offence  and  also  to  compound  w% 
the  p*'*^  that  shall  recyue  any  damage  thereby. 

Itm  that  no  Stones  Tymber  or  other  thynges  vnder  ffull 
sea  marke  be  cast  to  any  comon  p^'iudice  &  lefte  there  ij 
tydes  apon  payne  of  fforfeeture  of  iij'^  iiij"^  and  also  to  agre 
w''^  the  p*'*^  that  shall  receyue  any  damage  therebye  at  any 
tyme  or  tymes. 

Itm  that  no  gravyn  pytts  nor  other  pytts  be  made  vnder 
the  ffull  sea  m''ke  &  not  ffylled  agayne  &  made  playne 
w'^yn  ij  tydes  next  after  they  shall  haue  done  vv*^  the  same 
eu'^y  pson  so  offendyng  shall  fforfeete  for  eury  suche 
defaulte  sixe  shillings  viij'^. 

Itm  that  all  landyng  kayes  accustomed  to  be  mayn- 
tayned  be  kept  w*^out  fallyng  into  decaye  apon  two 
monethes  warnyng  to  be  gevyn  by  the  water  baylyffes 
or  by  one  of  theym  apon  payne  of  fforfeeture  for  eu'y 
suche  offence  v^ 

Itm  that  no  psonne  ne  psons  nor  there  s'^unts  bryng  any 
kynd  of  stingkyng  thyng  to  the  waters  side  as  ffyshe  fflesh, 
deadd  beasts  as  dogges  Cattes  Svvyne  or  any  other  thynge 
apon  payne  to  fforfeete  for  eu'^y  such  offence  \\f  iiij*^. 

Itm  that  all  mann""  of  Shippynge  that  dothe  discharge 
w*hin  the  Cawse  any  parte  of  their  ladyng  shall  in  like- 
wise take  their  ballaste  for  the  same  shippyng  w'hin  the 
cawsse  by  the  assignement  of  the  water  bayliffes  on  payne 
to  fforfeete  for  eu'^y  such  offenc  xx^ 

Itm  that  no  shippe  ne  vessell  take  or  receyue  in  their 
ballaste  excepte  they  make  ^ivision  that  they  ffall  no  parte 
of  the  same  into  the  water  bytweene  the  shippe  ^  the 
lighter  on  payne  to  fforfeete  for  eu'ye  suche  offence  x^ 

Itm  yf  any  psonne  take  any  Stone  or  other  thynges 
whereon  to  stappe  into  any  bote  or  shepyng  &  leaveth 
theym  vnder  the  ffull  sea  m'ke  one  tyde  shall  fforfeete  for 
eury  suche  offence  xij'*. 

54  Plynwiitli  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  tliat  no  psonne  ne  psons  bury  any  tymber  in  the 
ose  but  in  suche  lawfull  place  as  the  water  baylyffe  shall 
resvnabylie  apoynte  on  payne  to  fforfeete  the  same  tymber 
or  any  thynge  so  buried. 

Itm  that  no  guttyng  ne  heddyng  of  ffyshe  be  caste  on 

Lthe  kayes  or  lefte  apon  the  kayes,  but  that  the  same  be 
caryed  from  tyme  to  tyme  w^howt  the  causse  apon  payne 
^  ^         to  fforfeete  for  eu^'y  such  default  xij^. 
J^.  '■     '  The  Mayor  and  constables  were  to  aid  and  assist  the 

water  bailiff,  half  the  penalties  to  Mayor  and  Commonalty, 
half  to  the  bailiff.     (19.) 

'Wynewytts'  for  freemen  to  be  los.  a  year;  for  unfree 
20s.     1569.     (20.) 

Copy  of  S'  John  Pollard's  bill.     (21.) 

Copies  of  various  official  oaths.     {2\v,  22.) 

Grant  of  house  to  Nicholas  Saunders.     1566.     (22.) 

Trials  between  party  and  party  to  pass  every  court.    (23.) 

Copy  of  feoffment  by  M''  Jerom  Mathewe — all  his 
manors  of  Wodford  and  Compton  Gifford  to  Walter 
Basset,  Anthony  Mouncke,  Hugh  Ackland,  and  Thomas 
Maynard.     (24.) 

Fine  for  refusing  office  of  Mayor  £a^0.     1569.     (25.) 

Open  confession  of  slanderous  words.     (26.) 

End  of  a  controversy  between  Wm.  Edgcumbe  and 
R.  Phillipes  and  Henry  Mynge.      1570.     (27.) 

Order  that  no  burgess  be  chosen  but  '  onelie  suche  men 
as  be  tbwne  dwellers  and  of  the  counsell  of  the  towne.' 
1570.  ^  (27^.) 

Recognizance  levied  on  Vinsent  Scoble.     {2'jv.) 

Order  that  none  should  grind  corn  away  from  the  town 
mill  on  payne  of  forfeiting  three  times  the  just  toll   per 
-  bushel ;    millers   who   wronged    to   restore   threefold.      A 
house  for  weighing  corn.     1570.     (28.) 

William  and  John  Hawkyns  farm  the  town  mills  and  buy 
a  house  at  Popes  Head  to  weigh  the  corn  in  before  it  is 
taken  there,  a  man  and  horse  being  kept  ready  on  due 
warning  to  fetch   it   from   the  houses  of   the   inhabitants. 

1573.     (28z/.) 

All  feasts  and  banquets  to  be  done  away  with.  Six 
years  to  elapse  instead  of  four  before  re-election  of  Mayor. 
157T.     Time  extended  to  eight  years,  1597.     (29) 

The  White  Book. 


Cornish  tin    \d.  a  piece.  Devon  ^d. 

Order  that  every  person  should  aid  constables  as  required. 
Every  inhabitant  to  be  provided  with  a  good  black  bill  or 
a  clubbe  for  time  of  strife  on  penalty  of  3J-.  A,d.    1572.    (29.) 

Order  that  each  of  the  twelve  should  provide  a  decent 
scarlet  gown  within  one  year  after  election  on  penalty  of 
40i-.     1572.     (29.) 

Order  that  \2d.  a  hogshead  be  paid  on  London  beer; 
none  to  be  sold  above  4^/.  a  quart.     1571.     (30.) 

The  town  mills  to  be  leased.     (30.) 

Order  that  no  one  buy  commodities  coming  to  the  town 
by  sea  without  making  the  Mayor  privy  thereto,  that  the 
Mayor  and  his  brethren,  if  desired,  might  buy  for  the 
town.  If  so  bought,  every  freeman  to  buy  the  portion  of 
goods  apportioned.      1575.     (31.) 

John  Speall  and  his  wife,  Margaret  Cullcombe,  Elizabeth 
Browne,  and  Johan  Rewe  charged  to  depart  the  town  by 
May.     27  Eliz.     (32.) 

John  Sparke  provides  a  cellar  for  receiving  strangers' 
goods,  being  answerable  therefor,  but  not  charging  rent,  to 
be  recompensed  by  a  moiety  of  the  monies  the  town  ought 
to  receive  thereon. 
1578.     (33.) 

All  goods  brought  by  sea  to  be  put  before  purchase  into 
the  common  hall,  '  the  longe  Seller  adjoyninge  the  Crane 
Kaye';  penalty  i^S.     (332;.) 

Further  stringent  order  against  the  purchase  of  fish  by 
women,  including  hake,  but  allowing  women  to  make 
provision  for  any  household.  Persons  bringing  hake  to  the 
town  were  to  sell  to  every  freeman  equally  some  indifferent 
portion.      1584.     (34.) 

Oaths  administered  to  buyers  and  sellers  of  pilchards, 
15S4.     (347'.)  — - 

Those  who  will  not  swear  forbidden  to  deal  in  them.   (35.) 

Order  that  no  captain  or  governor  of  St.  Nicholas  Island 
be  apporhted,  but  such  as  are  thought  fit  by  Mayor  and 
Commonalty.     26  Eliz.     (36.) 

Tax  laid  of  "^d.  per  last,  towards  defence  of  town,  on  all 
pilchards  saved,  except  for  household  use.      1 590.     (367/.) 

Receipt  for  writings  by  Hugh  Pynson.     (37.) 
The  copie  of  certayne  auncyent  wrytynges  remayning 
with  Mr.  John  Hele  of  the  Inner  Temple  whiche  came  to 
his  handes  by  reason  of  the  lands  in  Plymouth  which  he 


56  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

purchased  of  John  Predyaux  of  Holbeton,  approvying 
playnHe  that  Plymouth  was  a  maior*'  Towne  bef^-e"!Kyng 
Henry  the  Sixte  is  tyme  as  by  the  same  deedes  it  doth 
apeire.     (39  et  seg.) 

Indenture  of  lease  to  Robert  Palye  and  Isabella  his 
wife,  of  tenement  with  appurtenances  in  Sutton  Prior 
near  Stylmanstrete,  by  Claricia,  widow,  and  Thomas, 
the  son'and  heir,  of  John  Wike.  Dated  at  Sutton 
Priors  on  the  Lord's  day  next  before  the  feast  of 
the  Beheading  of  St.  John  the  Baptist,  in  the  presence 
of  William  Rogherewe  then  maior  of  the  town  of 
Plymouth  ('tunc  maior  ville  de  Plymouthe '),  William 
Venour,  John  Horswood,  John  Huchen,  Richard 
Gylle,  notary,  and  other  witnesses.     13  Hen.  IV. 

Release  by  William  Grene,  clerk,  and  John  Jabyen, 
to  Henry  Boon  and  Richard  Cockeman,  of  all  those 
messuages  lands  and  tenements  in  Sutton  Priors  and 
Sutton  Vautort,  in  which  the  said  William  and  John 
were  enfeoffed  by  the  deed  of  the  said  Henry.     Wit- 
nessed   at   Sutton   Priors   by  William    Bentley,   then 
mayor    of   Sutton    Priors,    John    Horewood,    Thomas 
Ware,  John  Mey,  Richard  Gylle,  notary,  and  others. 
22  Sept. — 6  Hen.  V. 
The  copye  of  certeyn  auncyent  wrytynges  remaynyng 
w^*^  Thomas  Smyth,  which  came  to  his  handes  by  reason 
of  Alice  his  wiffe  daughter  to  M'  Bulle,  approvyng  playnlie 
that    Sutton    Pryors    w*^'^    is    nowe    called  "the    burghe    of 
Plymouth  was  a  maior  Towne  long  before   Kyng   Henry 
the  Sixt  is  tyme. 

Grant  by  William  Elys  and  John  Broherede  of 
tenement  with  appurtenances  in  Sutton  Pryors,  to 
Richard  Parkham  and  Joan  his  wife.  Dated  at 
Plymouth  in  the  presence  of  Walter  Crocker,  then 
maior  of  Sutton  Priors,  John  Sampson,  Geoffrey  Glad- 
wyne,  William  Greene  and  others.  20  April — 18  Rd.  II. 
Grant  by  Richard  Parkham  of  tenement  with  appur- 
tenances in  Sutton  Priors,  to  William  Elys  and  John 
Bicharde.  Dated  at  Plymouth,  in  the  presence  of 
Walter  Crocker,  then  mayor  of  Sutton  Priors,  Geoffrey 
Gladewyne,  William  Gryne,  Reginald  Hulle  and 
others.     8  April— -18  Rd.  II. 

Grant  by  Laurence  Deuerous  of  Bristoll  and  Joan 
his  wife,  formerly  wife  of  John  Cross,  of  tenement 
with  appurtenances  in  Sutton  Pryors  to  John  Ely 
of  Plymouth,   baker,   and    Joan   his   wife,   their  heirs 

The  White  Book.  57 

and  assigns  for  ever.     Dated  at  Sutton  Pryors,  '  die 

Mercurii  proximo  ante  festum  Nativitatis  beate  Marie 

virginis,'  in  the  presence  of  Henry  Boon,  then  mayor 

of  Plymouth,  John   Mey,  Henry   Toot,   John   Herry, 

Hugh  Boys,  and  others.     20  Rd.  H. 

To  these  copies  the  transcriber  appends  the   following 

note :    '  I  fynde  beside  ten  auncyent  dedes  amongste  the 

said  Thomas  Smythe   is   evidences   with   scales   of  greatt 

credytte  by  the  whiche  it  is  manyfest  that  Sutton  Pryors, 

&  sythyns  by  the  nomynation  of  Kyng  Henry  the"Sixte 

named  the  burghe  of  Plymouthe,  was  a  town  of  auncyent 

name  and  hadd  yerelie  an  officer  chosen  by  the  name  of 

P'positus  or  Gustos  Ville  de  Sutton  Pryors,  whiche  then 

dyd  rule  &  governe  vnder  the  Kynge.      The  moste  pte 

of  the  same  dedes  beare  date  in  anno  regni  Regis  Edwardi 

filii   regis    Edwardi    decimo,    some    in    xvi*°   of   the  same 

kynge,  some  in  octavo  of  the  same  kyng,  some  in  quadra- 

gesimo  secundo  Edwardi  tercii,  whiche  is  a  hundreth  yere 

before  the  tyme  of  our  incorporation  &  aboue.' 

The  copie  of  certeyne  auncyent  wrytynges  remaynyng 
with  Leonard  Hylle  w*='^  came  to  his  handes  by  reason 
of  certeyn  land  w"-''  he  purchased  of  Margaret  Hoyster, 
wyddowe,  approving  playnlie  that  the  towne  of  Sutton 
Priors,  w*^^  sithence  is  named  Plymouth  by  King  Henrie 
the  Sexte,  was  a  maior's  Towne  longe  before  kyng  Richard 
the  second  is  tyme. 

Grant  by  Edam  Ilbarde  and  Richard  Whyte,  of 
tenement  with  appurtenances  in  the  town  of  Sutton 
Pryors,  to  John  Stoke  and  Constance  his  wife,  and 
the  heirs  of  their  bodies  lawfully  begotten  for  ever. 
Dated  at  Sutton  Priors,  in  the  presence  of  John 
Venour,  then  mayor  of  the  town  of  Sutton  Pryors, 
William  Colet,  Stephen  Durneford,  William  Gylle, 
John  Wyks  and  others.     51  Ed.  HI. 

Grant  by  John  Stoke,  of  a  tenement  with  appur- 
tenances in  the  town  of  Sutton  Pryors  to  Adam 
Ilbarde  and  Richard  Whyte,  their  heirs  and  assigns 
for  ever.  Dated  at  Sutton  Pryors,  in  the  presence 
of  John  Venour,  then  mayor  of  the  town  of  Sutton 
Pryors,  Maurice  Berd,  Thomas  Woode,  John  Blake, 
John  Ludham,  clerk,  and  other  witnesses.  51  Ed.  HI. 
Release  and  quitclaim  by  William  Sper,  cousin  of 
John  Pepe,  in  respect  to  a  tenement  with  appur- 
tenances in  the  town  of  Sutton  Priors,  to  William 
Langman  his   heirs  and  assigns   for  ever.     Dated   at 

58  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Sutton  Pryors,  in  the  presence  of  Humfrey  Passour 
mayor  of  the  town,  Maurice  Bearde,  William 
Rogherewe,  Roger  Gould,  John  Holecombe,  and 
other  witnesses.     6  Rd.  II. 

William  Weekes  binds  himself  to  maintain  and  repair 
during  life  the  '  causse  at  Cookside  that  I  dyd  there  make.' 
Gave  four  good  wainscotts  and""3'^.  A^d.  to  make  pews  in  the 
church.     (43.) 

Presentments  to  be  continued.     (44) 
Robert  Doble  disfranchised.      1576.     (44.) 
When  Thomas  Venner's  wief  died.      15S4.     (45) 
Grant  of  Townclerkship  to  Wm.  Wylls,  jn"".     1580.    (47.) 
Orders  made  by  County  Justices  on   Statute  of  1576. 

A  Scottish  shipload  of  rye  ordered  to  be  bought  for 
relief  of  the  poor.     1586.     (51.) 

Order  that  inhabitants  who  do  not  do  their  duty  in 
the  night  or  day  watch  or  find  some  efficient  substitute 
be  fined  "id. — A^d.  to  go  to  the  sergeant  for  procuring 
another  ;  2d.  to  the  sergeant ;  2d.  to  the  poor  men's  keep. 
1586.     (52.) 

Copy  of  acquittance  to  John  Facye.     (53.) 
Walter  Battishill,    Humphry  Fowyns,   and    Christopher 
Selie  agree  to  pay  ;^3  6s.  8d.  annually  at  the  wynewytts 
audit  for  the  Town  Tavern.     1580.     (54.) 

Order  that  any  who  on  any  attack  being  offered  by  the 
enemy,  absent  themselves  or  withdraw  from  the  town, 
against  their  duty  and  allegiance,  shall  forfeit  all  his  or  her 
goods  and  chattels  within  the  liberty,  be  utterly  disfran- 
chised, and  never  again  allowed  in  the  town  to  dwell. 
Aug.,  1587.     (55.) 

The  'dicke  from  the  old  mylls '  to  be  forthwith  repaired 
'even  vnto  the  Castle  wall.'  Mr.  Strode  to  be  withstood 
touching  a  building  he  pretended  to  make  in  the  lambhay. 
1594.     (56.) 

Order  that  masters  be  empowered  to  act  in  other 
divisions  as  well  as  their  own.      1587.     (57.) 

Order  that  all  who  will  not  pay  rates  be  fined  according 
to  station — Aldermen  40^'./  councillors  20s.;  freemen  los. 
1588-9.    (57-) 

Peter  Anthonie  fyned  for  misdemeanour  in  open  face  of 
the  Court.     (58.) 

The  White  Book.  59 

Order  that  the  masters  go  with  the  Mayor  every  Court 
day  to  Guildhall,  on  pain  of  \2d.  fine.     1591.     (58.) 

Order  setting  forth  who  should  inhabit  the  Castle  '  in 
time  of  warre,'  as  directed  by  Mr.  Mayor  [Humphry 
Fownes] :  '  North  easte  tower — Mr.  H.  Fownes,  mayor, 
Mr.  Baron,  gent,  Mr.  Bagge ;  Peter  Sylvestre,  John 
Battersby,  Thorns  Reynoldson,  Robart  Trelavvnic,  John 
Elston,  James  Pickforde.  Southe  east — Mr.  Blythman, 
Mr.  Peppll,  Mr.  Sparcke  ;  Mr.  Thomas  Drake,  Mr.  Martyn, 
Mr.  Westlake,  Robte.  Mydwynter,  John  Facy.  South 
weste — Mr.  Phillippes,  Mr.  Whyte,  Mr.  Payne ;  Wm. 
Downeman,  Nicholas  Shere,  Wm.  Browne,  Vyncent  Scoble. 
North  west — Mr.  Edmunds,  Mr.  Trelawnie,  Mr.  Hytchens, 
Mr.  Goddarde  ;  Mr.  Parker,  Walter  Mathew,  Wm.  Rogers, 
John  White,  John  Jope.'  From  the  arrangement,  the  first 
names  in  each  case  (those  here  separated  from  the  others 
by  a  semicolon)  are  evidently  those  of  the  aldermen. 
1589-90.     (581^.) 

Order  that  no  merchant  or  other  inhabitant  bargain  for 
deal  board,  corn,  grain,  salt,  or  other  victual,  wyne  only 
excepted,  up  to  ^5  value  in  all  cases  except  deal  boards 
and  they  ^10,  until  the  Mayor  had  been  apprised  and 
decided  whether  he  would  deal  for  the  profit  of  the  town 
generally.      1597.     (59.) 

Order  for  the  regulation  of  fishwomen,  the  following 
only  'as  most  meetest '  being  allowed  to  sell — Cyslie 
Barons,  Johanne  Straunge,  Katheren  Earle,  Cyslie  Sher- 
will,  Thomasine  Prince,  Rabitch  Dune,  Elizabeth  Lanne, 
Alse  Bree,  Agnes  Clififorde,  Alse  Gilbert,  Elizabeth  Harte, 
Nell  Seelye,  Alse  Laurell,  Elizabeth  Evens.  1597.  (60.) 
Goods  taken  by  water  bailiff  appraised.  (6ot'.) 
Inhabitants  rated  towards  fortifying  and  defence.  1 598-9. 

Order  that  no  freeman  take  into  his  house  any  not  free 
or  stranger  without  leave  of  the  Mayor.      1600.     (62.)  ^r/f* 

Vagrants  sent  away  by  passports.     (62.) 

Order  touching  wearing  of  scarlet  for  the  '  better 
decencye  and  reputation  of  the  towne.'     1598-9.     {6^).) 

The  Grand  Jury  complaining  that  by  continual  bringing 
of  stones,  sand,  and  other  things  to  the  keys  the  pool  is      1 
injured — ordered  that  every  lighter  should  each  year  carry      I . 
away  a  lighter  of  '  ose  robbell  or  filth '  until  the  pool  should      ]  | 
be  sufficiently  cleared.      1600.     {(i^) 

6o  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Order  that  no  attorney  of  the  Borough  Court  should 
bring  writs  for  removing  cases,  pleadable,  on  pain  of 
exclusion.     (63.) 

Copy  of  Judges'  orders  concerning  Tinners — Crymes 
&  others.      1601.     (64.) 

Only  freemen  to  be  chosen  burgesses  of  Parliament. 

Order  discharging  John  Scoble  of  the  24"''  160 1  ;  and 
annulment  of  same  1614.     (64^'.) 

Order  that  no  water  be  taken  from  the  great  pipe 
without  leave — penalty  ^^40.      1602.     (65.) 

Order  against  those  who  disparaged  and  spoke  slanderous 
speeches  of  the  Mayor  and  authorities.     1602.     {^^^ 

Fine  of  ;^io  levied  on  a  Sargeant  for  arresting  a  freeman 
on  an  execution  in  his  house.     {66v^ 

Mr.  Battersby  fined  i5^20  for  assaulting  John  Harris  in 
the  hall  before  the  Mayor,  and  bound  to  the  peace  ;  Harris 
ditto.     [6-/) 

All  Town  leases  to  be  made  in  open  sessions,  sealed  with 
the  Town  Seal,  and  signed  by  the  Mayor.     1602.     (68.) 

Neither  'Furors  nor  Auditors  to  discharge  any  person 
amerced,     i^'^^ 

Grant  of  'pcell  of  the  stronde  &  pte  of  the  poole  of 
Plym°.'     {6%v) 

Fines  inflicted  because  Pascowe  Pepperell  had  forestalled 
the  market,  buying  coal  at  ']s.  \od.  the  quarter,  and  selling 
at  ^s.  8cl.  on  Pepperell,  Michael  Colvvill  his  partner,  and 
the  selling  shipmaster.     1603.     (69.) 

Fine  for  buying  'prewnes'  of  a  Frenchman.    1604.   {6gv.) 

Order  with  regard  to  letting  lands.     (71.) 

Fine  and  imprisonment  inflicted  for  buying  rye  within 
the  cawse  contrary  to  order.     1605.     (yiv.) 

A  Licence  for  keeping  a  Court  of  Admiralty.     (72.) 

Observations  for  Mr.  Mayor.     ('/2v.) 

Order  that  speakers  of  slanderous  speeches  against  the 
Mayor  and  his  brethren  should  be  imprisoned  ten  days 
without  bail  and  fined.      1605.     (74-) 

Order  to  pull  down  the  old  and  build  the  Jacobean 
Guildhall.     Aug.  1606.     (75.) 

Price  of  ale  and  beer  fixed  at  it,s.  ^d.  and  6s.  8d.  the 
hogshead.     1608.     (75^'  &  78.) 


The  White  Book.  6 1 

Constitution  against  regrating.     (75^)  •'' 

Ordinances  for  keeping  the  streets  clean.     {j(^v,  yy) 

Order  against    the    abuse   of   carrying   beer  in    vessels  -^ 

through  the  streets  on  the  Sabbath,  being  a  breach  thereof  /*^ 

— penalty  4.0s.      Leave  given,  however,  beer  might   be  so 
carried  for  the  supply  of  strange  ships.      1610.     (79.) 

Constitution  against  slanderers  of  the  Mayor,  twelve, 
and  twenty-four.     (80.)  \  ^ 

Constitution  against  those  who  refused  to  answer  their 
presentiments.     (81.) 

Constitution  for  grinding  at  the  Town  Mills.    1614.    (82.) 

Millers  who  stole  corn  ordered  to  pay  treble.     (84.) 

Order  that  nothing  be  cast  in  the  pool  within  full  sea 
marke.     (85.) 

Constitution  against  subscriptions  to  certificates  tending 
to  the  publique  disgrace  and  hurt  of  the  government  of  the 
borough.     (86.)  ^ 

Order  for  monthly  collections  in  church  for  the  relief  of     » \ 
the  poor  and  the  releasing  of  captives.      161 7.     {^7-)  ^ 

Order  that  no  dismissed  '  24*^'''  man  shall  sitt  amongst  ^  >t 

those  that  are  of  the  24^^'     (88.) 

Constitution  that  none  but  the  Recorders  and  Justices 
wives  should  sit  in  M""  Mayor's  seat  in  church.    1622.    (89.) 

Order  to  be  observed  by  all  common  brewers.    1626.   (90.) 

1.  Inprimis  that  they  soe  contrive  their  brewinge  and 
their  peoples  ymploym*^*^  that  they  forbeare  all  manner  of 
worke  on  the  Lords  day  that  they  may  wholy  apply 
themselves  to  the  attendance  of  religious  duties  as  fully 
and  freely  as  any  others. 

2.  Itm  that  they  be  carefull  that  their  fires  be  soe  well 
attended  that  noe  danger  growe  to  the  towne  or  to  any 
their  neighbours  by  the  ill  handling  thereof 

3.  Itm  that  after  the  15*''^  day  of  March  next  they  doe 
not  fill  any  caske  greate  or  small  w^^  beere  or  ale  to  be 
spent  here  or  w4iin  the  lands,  but  that  the  same  caske 
have  on  it  the  marke  of  the  Brewer  Owner  thereof  and 
alsoe  have  on  if  the  number  of  gallons  playnly  mark'd 
on  w%  a  burnt  marke  truely  and  playnely  signifying  the 
number  of  gallons  conteyned  in  the  same. 

4.  Itm  that  they  sell  noe  beere  after  the  xv*^  day  of 
March  next  above  the  price  of  x^  the  hunder  barrell  or 
Tierce  or  xv^  the  hhd  or  iij*^  the  gallon. 


a,  J 


62  PlymontJi  Miniicipal  Records. 

5.  Itm  that  they  entertayne  noe  servant  vv'^h  hath  not 
been  before  the  tyme  of  his  reteyner  resyant  w^hin  this 
borroughe  the  most  part  of  the  three  yeares  last  past 
w*hout  the  leave  and  allowaunce  of  the  Mayor  for  the 
tyme  being  and  three  of  his  brethren,  such  allowance  to 
remayne  registred. 

Order  for  yearly  rent  of  £2  6s.  8c/.  from  the  Poor's 
Portion  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty,  in  lieu  of  the  lands 
by  them  given.     (91.) 

Order  for  free  fishing  in  New  England  by  the  House  of 
Commons,  notwithstanding  the  patent  of  Sir  F.  Gorges 
and  his  associates.     (92.) 

Gift  of  Mark  Cottell  by  his  will  to  the  poores'  use.  (922/.) 

Award  made  by  Attorney  General  Noy  that  the  Vintners 
in  the  borough  should  pay  no  money,  but  give  yearly  on 
the  feast  of  All  Saints  two  gallons  clarett,  at  St.  Stephens 
two  gallons  sack,  and  the  same  on  New  Years  Day. 
163 1.     (93.) 

Note  that  the  Earl  of  Bedford,  Lord  High  Steward, 
gives  up  his  fee  of  £\o  to  the  poor.     1631.     (93^^.) 

Order  that  six  of  the  grand  jury  take  cognizance  of  the 
lands  belonging  to  the  town  yearly  at  Easter,  and  regulat- 
ing grants  of  leases.      1634.     (94.) 

Order  for  building  the  new  church  and  division  of  the 
parish  thereunto  belonging.      1634.     (95.) 

Order  that  each  magistrate  with  his  assistants  take  order 
for  cleansing  the  streets  in  their  respective  divisions. 
1634.     (96.) 

'  The  King's  writt  concerning  the  same.'     (97.) 

Order  for  annuity  of  Thomas  Bedford,  chosen  lecturer  at 
instance  of  King  and  Bishop.  [Had  preached  in  Plymouth 
almost  4  years.]     1635.     (98.) 

Order  that  none  be  chosen  Mayor  who  had  been  Mayor 
within  six  years.      1643.     (99.) 

Private  petitions  and  certificates  having  been  prejudicial 
to  the  interests  of  the  borough,  and  having  caused  incon- 
venience, ordered  that  no  inhabitant  or  freeman  shall 
presume  to  subscribe  to  any  petition  or  certificate,  or 
solicit  others  to  do  so,  unless  the  said  petition  or  certificate 
have  been  debated  on  and  approved  of  in  the  Guildhall  by 
the  Mayor,  Magistrates,  and  Town  Council.     1645.     (100.) 



The  White  Book.         '  6^, 

Order  that  the  revenues  of  the  market  be  assigned  to  'j    / 
the    successive    Mayors — the    charge    and    trouble    of   the      *  / 
office  being  so  great  and   the  allowance  so  small.      1646.       * 

Order  that  the  accounts  of  each  Mayoralty  be  properly 
made  up  before  the  last  day  of  August  yearly,  the  audit 
having  been  much  neglected.      1646.     (102.) 

Order  for  the  due  audit  of  the  accounts  of  the  Orphans' 
Aid.     1647.     {iOT,v.) 

Order  for  the  more  due  payment  of  the  several  subscrip- 
tions for  the  better  maintenance  of  ministers  in  Plymouth. 
Martin  Parre  made  treasurer.      165 1.     (105.) 

Order  confirming  all  previous  orders  and  constitutions 
for  the  well  governing  of  the  borough  and  the  preservation 
of  the  poole,  and  directing  them  to  be  put  in  execution. 

Order  disfranchising  Ambrose  Thomas  for  divers  high 
misdemeanours.      165 1.     {io6v.) 

Fine  of  ;^5  levied  on  Jacob  Jackson,  of  Rotterdam,  for 
discharging  certain  pieces  of  ordnance  from  his  ship  within 
the  cawse.     20  Nov.,  165 1.     (107.) 

Fine  of  20s.  levied  on  Maxamilian  Bush  for  discharging 
a  certain  great  gun  with  a  bullet  on  Capt.  Hooper's  key. 
12  Jan  ,  165 1.     (107.) 

Order  for  reholding  the  yarn  market  in  the  churchyard 
weekly  on  Thursdays.      165  i.     (107.) 

Order  that  bakers  observe  the  assize  of  bread  ;  that  none 
be  brought  into  the  town  for  sale,  save  on  Mondays  and 
Thursdays,  being  market  days  ;  and  that  none  be  brought 
at  any  time  by  foreigners.     165 1.     (108.) 

Order  that  a  fourth  part  of  the  malt  mills,  &c.,  be  leased 
to  the  Orphans'  Aid  in  consideration  of  ^1,400  (part  of 
a  greater  fine)  owing  to  that  charity  by  the  Mayor  and 
Commonalty.  The^  marshes  after  the  expiration  of  Sir 
F.  Drake's  estate  to  be  leased.      1653.     (109.) 

[The  needs  of  the  town — mainly  incident  to  the  siege —      j 
had  been  so  great  that  the  Corporation  had  taken  from  the 
funds  both  of  the  Orphans'  Aid  and  Poor's  Portion,  and 
had  borrowed  from  other  sources.     The  three  orders  which 
follow  sprang  out  of  the  same  necessity.]  > 

Order  touching  the  exchange  of  lives  on  leases  of  town 
property.      1656,     (no.) 


64  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Order  to  grant  an  annuity  of  £24.  out  of  the  town 
marshes  to  any  one  who  would  buy  the  same.    1660.    (in.) 

Order  that  no  woman  go  about  'trucking'  to  ships 
without  leave,  under  penalty  of  5^-.  fine  ;  and  to  be  set 
in  the  stool  and  haled  up  three  times.  Boatmen  to  be 
fined  ^s.     16^7.     [iiiv.) 

Order  that  the  Corporation  might  give  security  to  their 
creditors  by  granting  mortgages.     1661.     (112.) 

Order  settling  the  revenues  of  the  market  on  the  Mayor, 
on  his  paying  thereout  ;{^I2  annually  for  the  use  of  the 
town  and  ^^"30  to  the  Orphans  Aid.      1662.     (112^'.) 

Order  for  adding  lives  to  leases  on  fines,  &c.    1661.    (113.) 

Order   confirming    the    preceding    and    providing    that 

properties  should  be  surveyed  before  being  leased.     1663. 

Orders  for  keeping  the  streets  clean  and  for  the  watch,  in 
penalties  varying  from  ^d.  to  20s.     Jan.  1671.     {114.V.) 

1.  Every  inhabitant  to  keep  clean  the  street  next  his 

2.  Wednesdays  and  Saturdays  all  filth  to  be  swept 
to  heaps  next  the  channel — before  10  o'clock  in  Vintry 
and  Venours  Wards,  before  one  in  Old  Town  and  Looe  St. 

3.  No  heaps  of  filth  to  stop  in  public  places  above  24 

4.  No  person  to  lay  dirt  under  the  walls  of  another. 

5.  No  filth  to  flow  into  the  streets  from  piggeries  or 

6.  No  dunghill  or  mixen  to  be  a  public  nuisance. 

7.  No  pig  dung  or  slaughter  house  offal  to  lie  in  the 
street  four  hours  between  30  April  and  25  Aug. 

8.  No  pigs  to  stray  in  the  streets. 

9.  No  filth  to  be  thrown  near  the  conduits  or  in  the 
Kennels,  and  no  things  to  be  washed  at  the  Conduits. 

10.  Every  householder  to  hang  out  lights  from  Allhallow- 
tide  till  Candlemas  until  9  o'clock  when  no  moonshine. 

1 1.  Constables  to  keep  due  watch. 

12.  Every  inhabitant  to  keep  watch  when  warned 
personally,  by  note,  or  by  'marke  on  door,'  or  find  substitute. 

13.  Sergeants  and  Scavengers  to  do  their  duty. 

14.  Constables  to  aid  sergeants. 

Order  reciting  the  inconvenience  caused  by  the  non- 
residence  of  rnembers  of  the  Corporation,  and  directing 
that  the  places  of  all  then  absent  should  be  filled  up  if 

The  White  Book. 






they  did  not  return  within  a  year;  and  that  for  the  future 
two  years'  absence  should  vacateftfe  office  of  a  rrragtstrate 
or  councilman.      1672.     {\i6v.) 

Order-  touching  the  keys  and  slip  in  Sutton  Pool  claimed 
by  Wm.  Jennens  and  John  Warren,  declaring  them  to 
belong  to  the  Corporation,  and  that  freemen  had  a  free 
right  to  their  use  as  to  others.  [Litigation  followed.] 
1672.     (118.) 

Order  that  no  magistrate's  daughter  above  the  age  of 
ten,  unless  a  magistrate's  wife,  should  sit  in  the  seat  of  the 
magistrates'  wives.  [This  arose  out  of  a  dispute  between 
Mrs.  Harpur  and  Anne,  daughter  of  Wm.  Jennens.]  1665. 

Order  reciting  the  assignment  of  the  revenues  of  the 
market  to  the  Mayor,  and  stating  that  the  ^^30  paid  by 
him  to  the  Orphans  Aid  was  allowed  out  of  the  town 
rents.     1688.  "fTTc).)' 

Order  with  regard  to  the  water  supply,  providing  for 
laying  new  lead  pipes  and  the-  repair  of  old  ones,  and 
revoking  all  water  grants.      17 13.     (121.) 

Order  to  similar  effect.     1732.     (124.) 

Order  fixing  rents  and  fines  for  water  supplied  to 
brewers.      1735.     (126.) 

Order  reciting  that  the  town  was  burdened  with  debt ; 
therefore  stopping  the  Recorder's  honorary  stipend  of  ^5, 
and  small  allowances  to  officials  generally.      1738.     (127.) 

Repeal  of  ordinance  of  1634  touching  the  letting  of 
property.      1740.     (i28z^.) 

Order    that    the    Michaelmas    feast    be    discontinued. 

1743.     (1292/.)  ~-^^-^^-^- 

.  Order  that  the  Mayor  be  allowed  ;^I50  annually  to  keep 
■  up  the  feasts  at  his  election  and  swearing  in,  and  the  four 
I  quarter  sessions  feasts.      1753.     (130.) 

Order  that  the  Mayor  be  allowed  ^100  annually  for 
feasts'at  the  election, "^sweaTtn^tn,  and  freedom' days,  and 
thaf^The  four  quarter  sessions  feasts  be  discontinued. 
1753;     (1302^.) 

Order  doing  away  with  the  Michaelmas  feast,  but 
retaining  the  freedom  and  election  day  feasts  and  the 
grant  of  ^100.     (1754.     (131.) 

[This  is  the  last  date  on  which  the  White  Book  was 
put  to  current  use,  and  many  blank  pages  follow.] 



66  Plymouth  Municipal  Reco'ds. 

Note  of  leases  and  wrytyngs  of  the  burghe,  William 
lake  Mayor.     1561.     {i()0  et  scg.) 

'Table  of  all  suche  thinges  as  are  contained  in  this 
booke.'     (259.)     [Begins  with  folio  60.] 

'A  briefe  and  true  Table  of  all  matters  conteyned  in 
this  booke  made  the  xiiij*^^  of  September  1598.'  (261.) 
[This  begins  with  folio  i,  and  is  finally  continued  on  to 

2  59-] 

Entries  of  apprenticeships  made  before  the  Mayors, 
20  April,  1602,  to  1608.     (262^,  et  seq) 

The  names  of  all  those  y*  doe  dwell  in  the  towne  nott 
free  w%  fynyd  w*  the  towne  for  thys  p'sent  yere  m°  1566. 

Phillypp  Cocke,  [W]m.  (?)  lyghe,  James  wyght, 
[Roberjt  (?)  masf,  Nicholas  holman,  [W]m.  (?)  Cowrtys, 
John  Doble,  Wat''  perott,  John  Gale,  Willym  Colle,  James 

Allyn,  Robert  Johns,  Cottye  [marjtyn  pke,  Nicholas 

brovvne,  William  wat's,  Edmownds,  hanekock, 

Rechead  lawghye,  Robert  Cowrtys,  Thomas  Collys, 
[PJatryck  dyngle,  Jos.  (?)  gyll,  Thomas  pyers,  John 
grang*",  John  hawkyn  maryn',  [A]byll  Maye,  Robert 
pycke,     Robert     Smyth,     Raffe    (?)    Curber,     Richard    (?) 

Ambrose,      Richard     (?)     harvye,      Doram,      Rog*" 

Swyngeby,  phyllypp  barber,  John  wetherall,  John 
blytheman,  Thomas  moryssh,  nyghyll  Jones,  wyllyam 
buttler,  george  skarlytt,  John  hewberd,  John  tanslow, 
m""  bandfyld,  Arnold  Johnson,  martyn  lovet',  Thomas 
trypplyn,  John  gybbyns,  gyllom  godfraye,  Edward 
thruston,  gyllom  bachyler,  Thomas  mathew,  harrye  lovyll, 
martyn  darton,  W™  Rog's  brewyr,  W'"  bennytt  maryn"", 
W"^  Rog''s  maryn"",  Robert  plymton,  george  tye,  John 
martyn   marin"",    Robert    Grygg,  collyn  weyver, 

Jerman     blake,     lewys  helyer,     Ellys     Welshe, 

John  nycholas  tayler,  Xpofer  browkyng,  vynson  browsye, 
Rog"^  Rowlyn,  John  Vde,  Thomas  Collyn  cop,  John 
pomry,  John  blake,  John  bowman,  John  francklyn  bak"^, 
Sander  skobyll,  John  Gryfifyn,  Recherd  Smale,  Cornelys 
morsse,  laurens  Rowland,  John  towre,  John  halse,  W"" 
Collyng,  m""  Cottyll,  Francis  burdon,  Edward  Crosse, 
John  towker,  John  bromhyll,  harrye  Rawlyn,  laurens 
wyllyams,  martyn  pottran,  Thomas  Davyes,  Thomas 
Wyllyams  marin"",  W"""  bryant,  John  nycks,  Charles  glowbb, 
Recherd  byrt,  Thomas  horwyll,  Arthur  yeats,  John  Rowke. 
(2682;.)  [Some  of  the  names  near  the  margin  of  the  leaf 
are  defaced.] 

Sinwji  Carsivyllcs  Book.  Gy 


In  vellum  cover,  endorsed,  in  modern  handwriting, 
'  Borough  of  Plymouth  :  Records  of  Court  Leet,  also  of 
Courts  held  at  East  Stonehouse.'  These  matters,  how- 
ever, form  but  a  small  portion  of  the  contents,  which 
include  many  important  entries  touching  early  local 
history.  The  volume  seems  to  have  been  a  kind  of 
common-place  book,  kept  by  Simon  Carswylle,  attorney, 
coroner  of  Plymouth  temp.  Henry  VII.  The  contents 
are : 

Deed  by  Peter  Eggecomb  touching  Marysland. 

Entries  of  Manor  Courts  of  East  Stonehouse,  7  and  8 
Hen.  VII. 

Jury,  June  26,  8  Hen.  VII.,  (1493),  John  Bastard,  John 
Hunne,  sen.,  Abraham  William,  Mathew  Boyes,  Nicholas 
Lucas,  Philip  Hoper,  Walter  Seyncler,  Thomas  Holand, 
John  Vggon,  John  Blerek,  Stephen  Adam,  John  Jenyn, 
Thos.  Bole,  Walter  Matthew. 

The  following  were  presented  because  '  domas  suas  esse 
ruinos'  and  fined  id.  each  :  John  Maye,  Dionysius  Guynne, 
Lawrence  Durgan,  William  Hotewyn,  Thomasine  Roberd, 
Galfrid  Grose,  John  Vggan,  and  Richard  Symon. 

Richard  Denys,  John  Dorsett,  and  Richard  Bonde,  fined 
2)d.  each  for  certain  defaults. 

Hugh  Walys,  Robert  Bastard,  John  Milet,  John  Guygge, 
Walter  Wilcocke,  Edward  Purtor,  and  John  Thomas,  pre- 
sented for  having  dung  on  their  premises  near  the  quay, 
fined  id.  each. 

Other  insanitary  offences  proceeded  against,  namely  : — 
*  Habent  fumus  iacent  in  regia  strata  apud  la  key  .... 
qui  noc  vicin  omn — tocius  ville';  'Habent  fumus  et  alia 
vilia  iacent  in  vico  ad  noc' 

Stephen  Adam  and  Alice  his  wife,  ordered  to  satisfy 
John  Hunne  with  3^-.  6d.  for  bread  bought  of  him — 'per 
pane  ab  eo  empt.' 

Entry  that  '  le  key '  was  out  of  repair,  and  that  it  was 
the  part  of  the  tenants  to  repair  the  same — '  Omnes  tenent' 
de  Eststonhous  re|)ar  tenent^'  Sufficient  repair  to  be 
made  by  the  octave  of  the  nativity  of  John  Baptist  on 
penalty  of  40^-. 

Silver  cup  taken  as  heriot  in  case  of  Philip  Hurde,  jnr. 

68  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Court  of  Radclyffe,  Plymouth — Salt'am  mill  named ; 
names  of  people  given,  8  and  9  Henry  VII.,  include:  — 
Thomas  Dowrysch,  Rd.  Bovy,  John  Bekett,  heirs  of  Wm. 
Godyng,  heirs  Wm.  Erie,  Simnions  Cole,  heirs  of  Herford, 
Johanna  Tolle,  heirs  Wm.  Whytechurch,  John  Dawe,  John 
Burgh,  Nich.  Charletton,  Radegund  Dailly,  Wm.  Tomson, 
John  Hunne,  Walter  Colle,  Thomas  Nicholasson,  heirs  Edm. 
Gantell,  heirs  Wm.  Selman,  John  Bekett  jn"".,  Vincent 
Hagge,  John  Gye  of  Horebrygge,  Wm.  Joseph,  Wm.  Bate, 
Margaret  Henscotte,  Walter  Pollard,  John  Kyng,  Thomas 
Gayner,  Thomas  Creipe,  heirs  Hagge,  Alice  Benett, 
Margarett  Hygge,  John,  Elizabeth,  and  John  Chapyn, 
Roger  Holand,  John   Ilcombe,  Wm.  Coke. 

Manor  Courts  of  Mutton,     10  Hen.  VII. 

Borough  Courts  of  Plymouth,  first  being  June  12,  19 
Edw.  IV;  then  8  and  10  Hen.  VII. 

Garden  next  '  how  lane '  south  of  '  Notestrete '  let  to 
Stephen  Chepman  and  John  Baker  for  20  years  2s.  a  year. 

Memo,  of  plea  of  debt  by  Lord  Willoughby  de  Broke 
against  Nicholas  Martyn  and  Agnes  his  wife. 

Thomas  Trefifrye  admitted  freeman  'ex  dono  maior'; 
John  Lane  by  patrimony.     Oct.  29 — 8  Hen.  VII. 

'Ad  hanc  Cur  veil  Waltus  prediaux  in  Guyldhall  coram 
Willo  Thyckpeny  maior  Burg  (pdicti  Thoma  Tresawell 
Recordator  et  mults  alijs  de  coitat'  and  took  a  'shoppa' 
in  Wympelstrete  which  belonged  to  Alexander  Vppecot. 
April  22—8  Hen.  VII. 

Memo  of  the  death  of  John  Havvken,  who  held  a  garden 
in  Fynewell  Street. 

At  other  Courts  we  find  : 

Itm  that  Thomas  Lane  ought  to  repair  '  Regiam  Strat ' 
near  the  Whytecrosse  ;  that  Walter  Pollard  had  obstructed 
a  conduit  in  Barnehay;  and  that  Richard  Gele  ought  to 
repair  a  conduit  in  Buckwyllane. 

Wm.  Thykpeny,  the  mayor,  fined  2d.  for  'occupat 
patryk  strete '  by  night  with  stones. 

Complaint  against  one  John  Auryman  that  he  had  a 
certain  dog  'voca  Shype  byter,'  killing  sheep  by  night. 

Thomas  Tresawell,  John  hycks,  William  Ley,  and  others 
'pesuer'  fume'  in  the  Slypp  next  to  Tresawells,  fined  '^d. 

Places  mentioned  : — hygh  strete,  mody  strete.  Cat  strete, 
Fynewyll  strete  ;  a  toft  south  in  Buckwell  strete  belonging 
'ad  domus   Elemosinars' ;    Roches  parke    'juxta    m'toks 

Simon  Carsivylle  s  Book.  69 

wyll '    west  of  the  way  leading  from   Britayn  side  to  the 
mawdelyn  ;  '  le  hors  pole.' 

Robert  Ayer  keeper  of  the  pynfolde. 

Courts  of  Pie  Powder  held  Feb.  9  and  10,  8  Hen.  VII., 
at  9  a.m.,  before  William  Thyckepeny,  mayor. 

Inquest  by  Simon  Carswyll,  coroner,  Dec.  21,  22 
Hen.  VII.,  on  the  body  of  John  Jago.  Ditto  June  6,  on 
the  body  of  Peter  of  St.  Tomas,  a  Fleming,  killed  by 
Wm.  Cardygan,  another  Fleming.  Ditto  Aug.  24,  23 
Hen.  VII.,  on  the  body  of  Margaret,  wife  of  John  Russell, 
who  fell  into  a  '  ffurness  ou'  burne  sedying  hote.'  Ditto 
March  4,  19  Hen.  VII.,  on  the  body  of  Margaret  Capell, 
servant  of  Richard  Hunte,  who  was  drowned  in  a  'fonte' 
on  her  master's  premises  called  Tyepytt. 

Entry  of  an  inquest  held  at  East  Stonehouse,  December 
10,  1502  (18  Hen.  VII.),  before  John  Wolcotte,  coroner  of 
the  King  in  Devon,  on  the  body  of  Robert  Mathew,  jun., 
of  Eststonehows,  fysher,  on  the  oaths  of  Henry  Blerycke, 
Walter  Gawe  (i*)  alias  Synkeler,  John  John,  John  Sawter, 
Reginald  Phylypp,  John  Hunne,  Stephen  Adam,  Reginald 
Carter,  John  Blerycke,  jun.,  Thomas  Chelway,  Thomas 
Maryner,  and  Thomas  Martyn,  whose  verdict  was  that 
on  the  8th  December,  at  1 1  p.m.,  John  Croste  (or  Creste), 
of  Lypson,  groom,  stabbed  Mathew  in  his  belly  at  his 
house  at  Stonehouse;  Elizabeth,  Mathew's  wife,  being  an 

[Stonehouse  at  this  date  was  in  the  parish  of  St. 

Rental  by  Simon  Carswell  of  lands  in  Plymouth, 
Compton,  and  Revelstoke — a  bakehouse  at  bilbury  brigge, 
gilwell,  crossedoune,  mentioned.    [Probably  Carswell's  own.] 

Rental  of  Whytchurche  ('  vx'  mee ')  and  lands  at 
Tavistock,  Walkhampton,  Peter  Tavy,  Bucketorr,  myleston, 
hawesbrygge,  kyngsbrygge,  mylton,  and  doddebroke. 

Rental  of  lands  in  Plymouth  belonging  to  Dean  and 
Chapter  of  Exeter  : — In  Bilbury  Sfrete,  '  Katt  strete,'  two 
acres  '  apud  le  how  iux*^  le  fyre  buken ' ;  big  stable  in 
Bilbury  street ;  tenement  'iux'^  le  Grete  deche  ap^  le  Catte'; 
Barnehay  iuxta  Bylburybrygge  ;  '  Seynt  Katryn  ys  lane'; 
land  on  Crossedowne. 

Copies  of  entries  of  Borough  Court  causes,  Ed.  IV., 
Richard  III.,  &c.  Simon  Carswell  named  as  an  attorney. 
Occupying  30  pages. 

70  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Robert  Willoughby  de  Broke  had  land  in  Plymouth — 
'  Fote  lands '  near  Cranecrosse. 

Certificate  from  Thos.  Gale,  Mayor  of  Clyfton  Hardenes 
[Dartmouth],  that  Simon  Carswyll  was  a  free  burgess. 
2  Hen.  VII. 

Receipt  by  Richard  Pomery,  Sheriff  of  Devon,  of  40i"., 
Plymouth  fee  farm  rent. 

Copy  of  letters  of  safe  conduct  and  protection  given 
by  William  Thyckepeny,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  under  his 
seal,  tcrjohn  Cropp,  of  the  same  borough,  certifying  'quod 
quidam  Johannes  Cropp  inhabitator  infra  dictum  burgum 
visitare  intendit  presiosum  sanguinem  domini  nostri  Jesu 
Christi  de  Haylys  et  abinde  Sanctum  Johannem  in  patria 
de  Scotland,  et  sic  domorsum  ad  retornandum  per  beat- 
issimam  virginem  Mariam  de  Walsenham  et  per  Sanctum 
Thomam  de  Cantorbury,  et  abinde  eundum  in  patriam  pro 
aliquibus  negociis,  et  sic  ad  retornandum  per  regem 
Henricum  apud  Wyndesore  et  abinde  apud  Plymouth.' 

Maister  mayer  chargyth  and  comaundyth  yn  our  sou'ayng 
lord  the  kyngs  be  halffe  that  all  man'  of  stranges  resortyng 
to  this  towne  bere  no  wapyn  svverd  byll  glevys  or  other 
wapyng  vppone  the  forfayture  of  the  same  wapyng  and 
there  bodys  to  p'son  &  ffyn  and  Ransom  to  the  Kyng. 

And  allso  that  none  of  then  habytance  of  this  said 
towne  w*oute  the  mair  ys  comaundement  were  no  wapyn 
vppon  the  forfayture  of  the  same  excepte  siauntes  and 
constables  or  suche  as  be  assigned  thereto  by  the  mayr  or 
suche  officer  as  ben  w*  yn  the  said  towne  for  oure  said 
souraigne  lard  the  kyng. 

Itm  that  eu'y  Strang  loged  w*  yn  the  said  towne  be  atte 
his  loggyg  sone  vppon  vj  or  vij  atte  clocke  att  leste.  And 
thake  vppon  theyme  to  loge  eny  |)son  or  |)sons  butte  as 
they  wolle  onsvver  for  theyr  goode  beryng. 

Itm  that  no  vacabundes  or  travelyng  men  or  beggers 
passing  thorowe  the  contray  a  byde  here  ovyr  a  day  and  a 
nyght  vppon  the  payne  of  ymp'sonment  and  theyr  hosts  to 
onswer  yn  lyke  wyse  for  the  same.  And  also  that  all 
man""  of  vytelers  w*yn  this  said  towne  sell  theyr  vytaill  att 
aresonabyll  p'se  aswell  to  stranges  as  to  deynzyens  vppon 
payn  of  forfayto""  of  the  same  as  well  yn  brede,  fiflesch, 
ffyshe,  wyne,  ale.  Eggs  butf  chese  &  all  other  vytaill  so 
that  eu'y  ^pson  as  well  strangrs  as  other  maybe  resonabely 

Simon  Carszvylles  Book.  yi 

And  also  that  eu'y  pson  loged  yn  the  schypps  a  nyght 
take  theyr  loggyng  there  be  tymes  by  the  owr  aforsaid. 

And  also  that  no  <pson  nor  |osons  w*yn  this  said  towne 
take  vppone  hym  tobe  owte  of  his  house  ovyr  viij  atte 
cloke  excepte  ofifyces  or  wachemen  by  the  mair  there  to 

And  god  save  the  king  and  send  vs  pease. 

Agreement  of  TR^d.  Tliomas  vvitti'THomas  Phylypp  to 
navigate  the  Trinity  of  Plymouth  to  St.  Lucas  for  lOi'. 
i6  Hen.  VII. 

Lease  by  Sir  Peter  Edgecombe  and  Joan  his  wife,  of  mill 
in  east  part  of  Plymouth  to  Richard  Yeo  and  John  his  son. 

Ditto  to  Richard  Gewe,  Alice  his  wife,  and  William  their 
son,  of  Marisland. 

Ditto  to  Thomas  Cripp  and  Joan  his  wife,  house  and 
garden  in  Plymouth. 

Ditto  to  Thomas  lygh,  house,  garden,  and  close,  in 

Ditto  to  William  Russell  and  Richard  his  son,  of  land  at 

Certificate  by  Thomas  Bygport,  Mayor,  of  agreement 
between  John  del  Hoyo  and  Rolandus  molis  alias  Rolandus 
morissa,  master  of  the  St.  James  of  the  Groyne,  ship- 
wrecked by  great  winds  coming  into  the  port  of  Plymouth 
by  night.      17  Jan.  1494. 

Borough  Rental,  Michaelmas,  6  Hen.  VH.,  to  Michael- 
mas, 7  Hen.  Vn.  Total  ^23  i^s.  jd.;  tenants  152.  To 
wit :  Thomas  Tregarthen,  heirs  of  Jayben,  heirs  of  William 
Cornu,  Domi  psbiteros  ij*  ]'^,  Wm.  Rogger,  Robt.  Harry, 
Ste  Hamelyn,  Ralph  Chompelayn,  heirs  of  John  Rowlond, 
Thos.  Grayson,  William  Tregoll,  Wm.  Chopyn,  Wm.  Baylly, 
Rd.  Pomeray,  John  Bailly,  Isabel  Dourygge,  Thomasia 
Lawry,  Ten  See  Crucs  vj<^,  John  How,  Wm.  Russell,  Wm. 
Taylor,  helyer,  wife  of  John  May  en,  heirs  Wm.  Bykbury, 
late  Geo.  Elysworthy,  heirs  Nich..  Henscotte,  Margaret 
Henscotte,  heirs  Robt.  Hylle,  Awing  She,  Rosa  Sherman, 
Andrew  Alenson,  Rd.  Bovy,  Cornelius  Burgs,  heirs  of 
Eggbeare,  late  Thos.  By  minor,  Alexander  Vppecote, 
Walter  PMyaux,  Thos.  Wyett,  Robt.  Bear,  John  Carkeke, 
John  Furnes,  Thos.  Phylypp,  Wm.  Nycoll,  Thos.  Byne, 
John  Greselyng,  jnr.,  Rd.  Dowrysh,  heirs  John  Foote, 
heirs  Hugh  Davy,  Thos.  BuUe,  jnr.,  heirs  Belworthy,  heirs 
Trecarrell,  Wm.  Brune,  Alicu  Bovy,  heirs  John  Benet,  John 

72  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Rogemont,  John  Colles,  Jn.  Banadon,  Nich.  Holand,  Wm. 
Gole,  Garrard  Barry,  Decan  et  capit  Exon  vij^  j*^,  heirs 
of  Margaret  and  John  Stubbys,  heirs  Wm.  Geoge,  heirs 
Thomas  Gew,  Thomas  Browse,  Thomas  Cotterell,  Thos. 
Bykporte,  heirs  Prymeton,  heirs  Rd.  Page,  Robt.  Savage, 
Joan  Stubbys,  heirs  John  Elwyn,  Joan  Fox,  Andrew  Hunt, 
Thos.  Cropp,  Peter  Carswyll,  Frat'nitat  corpis  xpi  j^  Peter 
Lygger,  John  Beke,  heirs  Vincent  hagge.  Marquis  of 
Dorset,  Walter  Dusty,  John  Grysby,  Radegund  Bailly, 
Wm.  Lucas,  cordwainer,  heirs  of  Porter,  Thos.  Tresawell, 
Foxhole  ix*^,  Joan  Daw,  Elias  Crocker,  John  Parker,  Isabel 
Sarges,  Margaret  Cornysh,  John  Mona,  Custod  domq 
Eleosinar  ij^  iiij'^  Custod  sci  marie  vj'\  heirs  of  Spyller, 
Dymn''  et  Moreshed,  Robt.  Hayes,  Custod  Ecclie  Sci  Andr 
de  plyoth  vj^  Lord  de  Broke,  heirs  John  Cok,  Walter 
Pollard,  Wm.  Polhorman,  Thos.  Ford,  Thos.  Furlong,  Thos. 
Gaym',  Thos.  Coche,  Wm.  Cokeram,  Robt.  New,  Rd.  Code, 
Rd.  Gele,  Robt.  Holbeme,  Thos.  Kelly,  Jn.  Chopyn,  Wm. 
Rede,  Hen.  Gray,  Walter  Yewan,  Rd.  Dabnon,  Joan 
Pownard,  Peter  Carswyll,  Joan  Baker,  Thos.  Yogge,  J  no. 
llcombe,  Thos.  Sayer,  Walter  Honychurch,  Robt.  Laurans, 
Joan  Newton,  Jno.  Morles,  Jno.  Glynne,  heirs  Jno. 
Hawken,  Philip  Hop,  Peter  Eggecomb,  Peter  Erie,  Rd. 
Whytley,  Wm.  Colman,  John  Bucke,  John  Horswyll,  Wm. 
Attre,  Thos.  Butsyde. 

Shambles— Wm.  Bold,  Robt.  Warwyke,  Rd.  Gue,  Wm. 
Joseph,  Wm.  Chopyn,  Robt.  Ayer,  Matthew  Chupyn, 
Gclam  Bocher,  Rd.  Drap,  John  Moysen,  Robert  Hore, 
Roger  Joseph,  Thomas. 

Undated  grant,  not  later  than  Hen.  VH.,  by  Richard 
Burnard,  Johanna  his  wife,  and  Margaret,  formerly  wife  of 
Richard  Crosman,  daughter  and  co-heiress  of  John  Jordan, 
Tavistock,  to  Wm.  Drake,  smyth,  tenement  in  Tavistock. 

Grant  by  John  Belleworthy,  citizen  of  London,  to 
Walter  Amadas,  Wm.  Fokeray,  and  Wm.  Staplehylle,  of 
Dertemouth,  of  tenement  in  Tavistock  west  of  hawkmesley. 
6  Hen.  VH. 

Grant  by  Thomas,  Abbot  of  Buckland,  of  an  annual  rent 
of  20S.  out  of  Buckland  to  Sir  P.  Edgcombe,  in  considera- 
tion of  his  good  counsel.     lo  Hen.  VH. 

Philip  Devowe  to  Rd.  Wille,  land  in  Tavistock.  13 
Hen.  VH. 

Grant  by  Wm.  Shere,  vicar  of  Southpetherwin,  of  annual 
rent  of  20^-.  to  Sir  P.  Edgcombe. 

Simon  Carszvylles  Book.  J'^ 

Indenture  of  Laurence  Morton'  to  Cornelio  Burgs  de 
Plymouth,  sutor,  and  Isabel  his  wife.      lo  Hen.  VII. 

Agreement  between  William  Adam,  jnr.,  John  Pawlyn 
and  Cristina  his  wife.     15  Hen.  VII. 

Grant  by  Rd.  Maynard,  of  Foghanger,  to  John  Harry, 
of  Stone,  lands  in  Lyfton  and  Twyneow. 

Grant  by  VVm.  Rogger  to  Thomas  Lawry,  '  capell,'  and 
Wm.  Nycoll,  of  all  his  lands  and  tenements  in  Plymouth. 
12  Hen.  VII. 

Grant  by  Dean  and  Chapter  to  Gerard  Barre  and  Joan 
his  wife,  of  land  near  'le  hawe.'     4  Hen.  VH. 

Grant  by  yohji  Ilcombe,  Mayor,  and  Commonalty  to 
Rd.  Orange  and  Katherine  his  wife,  of  premises  in  Batter 
Street — property  of  Walter  Pollard  and  John  Carkeke 
adjacent.     8  Hen.  VII. 

Grant  by  Win.  Page,  Mayor,  and  Commonalty  to  John 
Banadon  of  '  vno  Celarne  et  vno  Schopa,'  lately  held  by 
Richard  Kendall.      16  Edw.  IV. 

Mondegantell,  or  Mongantell,  mentioned  in  Venours 

Notes  of  lawsuit  ending  in  an  agreement,  as  to  lands  in 
Plymouth,  Compton,  and  Revelstoke,  between  John  Peke, 
or  Pyke,  and  Thomasie  his  wife,  and  Sir  Peter  Edgecombe 
and  Simon  Carswyll. 

Deed  reciting  inter  alia  that,  13  Edward  IV.,  Jacob 
Dernefford,  Wm.  Curner,  London,  John  Tanton,  parson  of 
Rame,  and  Wm.  Dernefford,  had  lands  in  Est  Stonhows 
*  ex  dono '  and  feoffment  of  Jacob  Dernefford,  sen.,  armiger  : 
— a  garden  in  '  Southyll  streteshynde,  between  Wynrech 
Downe  S.,  Calispke  E.,  high  way  W.,  tenementa  of  Mar- 
garet Wyllyam  N. ;  also  property  between  John  Crokker 
W.,  John  Merser  E,  '  lito  maris'  N.  John  Wyse,  armiger, 
also  named,  and  land  '  infra  le  Estberton  de  Stok ' ;  '  ac 
aliud  clausio  .  .  .  .  de  Westberton '  and  one  on  the  N.  of 
the  cemetery  of  Stoke  called  Churchehyll.      12  Hen.  VII. 

Deed  of  same  date  referring  to  the  same  property,  which 
is  granted  to  John  Melett  and  Lawrence  Serle,  'custod 
capell  sci  georgii  martir  de  Est  Stonhous '  for  use  of  same. 

Deed  of  following  month  (Jan.)  in  which  John  Bastard 
and  Thomasia  Powne  (Bastard  having  had  a  lease  in  the 
property  named)  grant  to  John  Knebone  and  Margaret  his 
wife,  property  at  Southyll — Crocker's  property,  modo  Har- 

74  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

man's,  west,  Merser's,  modo  Seyntcler's,  east.  Witnesses  Sir 
Peter  Edgcombe,  Lawrence  Durgga,  Henry  Onychow, 
Robt.   Harry,  John  Crok. 

Undated  grant  by  Thos.  Bulle,  of  Plymouth,  of  land 
at  Grenewyll,  in  Mewy,  to  John  Elberton,  alias  Medelton, 
and  John  his  son. 

Accounts  of  Robert  Stephyn,  collector  in  Plymouth  for 
the  Dean  and  Chapter  of  Exeter,  one  year  from  Michael- 
mas, i8  Hen.  VH.  '  Magni  hospicij '  mentioned  and 
Totewyll.  Collector's  Stipend  13^-.  d^d.  Joseph  Sante 
and  John  Grete,  bailiffs. 

Stonehouse  rents  of  assize  (John  Knebone,  bailiff). 
Michaelmas,  1495,  to  Michaelmas,  1496,  ^41  os.  2d.; 
'customary  works'  lis.  6d.;  together  ^41    iij-.  8^. 

Notes  of  other  Courts  of  East  Stonehouse  follow. 

Bond  by  John  Trelauny  and  Johes  pson  to  Stephen 
Maister  and  John  Maynard  in  ^40,  to  abide  an  award 
relative  to  property  in  Lynkynghorne. 

Letter  from  John  Earl  of  Huntingdon,  Admiral  of 
England,  to  the  Mayor  and  bailiffs  of  Lostwithiel  and 
bailiffs  of  the  water  of  Fowey,  touching  certain  vessels. 
Fowey.     Feb. — 16  Hen.  VL 

Admiralty  Inquisition  at  Fowey,  16  Hen.  VH.,  before 
Hugo  Yon,  deputy  to  Nicholas  Baron  de  Carrewe. 

Precept  to  under  bailiff  of  Sutton  Pole  to  levy  26s.  8d. 
and  6s.  6d.  costs  on  goods  and  chattells  of  Andrew  Rawe, 
of  Plymouth,  maryner,  under  order  of  the  Court  of  Sutton 
Pole,  at  suit  of  John  Cole  of  Plymouth,  ffyscher.  22  Aug. 
—  16  Hen.  VH. 

Richard  Duke  of  Gloucester,  Admiral  of  England,  to 
Mayor  and  Constables  of  Plymouth  to  stay  the  crayer 
j^o/i?i  Ciirteney  of  Salcombe,  unjustly  taken  in  the  time 
of  war  between  England  and  France.  To  be  brought 
before  the  Duke's  locum  tenens  at  Plymouth.  23  April — 
19  Ed.  IV. 

Edward  Prince  of  Wales  to  the  under  bailiff  of  the  water 
of  Sutton  Pole  to  summon  12  men  of  Plymouth,  6  of  Stone- 
house, 6  of  Yalme  and  Newton  Ferrers,  and  6  of  horston, 
for  a  court  to  be  held  Aug.  7  before  Nich.  Henscotte, 
locum  tenois.     28  July — 19  Ed.  IV. 

Notes  of  actions  in  the  court  of  Sutton  Pole  under  Prince 
Arthur.      10  Hen.  VII.,  &c. 

Sii)io/i  Carstvylles  Book.  75 

John  Earl  of  Exon,  Admiral  of  England,  to  the  mayor 
and  bailifts  of  Bodmin  for  arrest  of  certain  persons. 
7  Hen.  VII. 

Various  writs  and  warrants,  by  Sir  P.  Edgcumbe,  sheriff 
of  Devon,  John  Moyles,  J. P.  of  Devon,  Thos.  Tresawell, 
Thomas  Byckeport,  N.  Henscott.     Hen.  VH. 

'An  abstracte  of  the  Chartoure  and  of  the  fredome  w'yn 
the  burgh  of  Plymouth.'  9  pages,  followed  by  three  of 
a  full  translation,  the  rest  being  torn  out. 

'  Knowe  ye  that  wher  as  the  towne  of  Sutton  pryor 
and  the  tythynge  of  Sutton  Raf  and  parcellys  of  the 
hamelet  of  Sutton  vautor  whech  towne  tethynge  and  pcellys 
Comynly  be  callyd  and  namyd  Plymouth  and  a  sertayne 
of  the  tethynge  of  Compton  wythyn  the  Cowtye  of  deuyn- 
shere  beyng  and  sett  so  ny  to  the  stronds  and  costys  of  the 
see  and  soo  many  and  soo  greate  and  soo  Comyn  applying 
of  fletys  of  Shyppys  and  of  vessylles  aswel  of  Enymys  as 
of  others  yn  the  port  of  the  same  towne  tethynge  ^xellys  of 
the  hamelet  and  tethynge  of  Compton  lying  that  fro  time 
to  time  hyt  hath  be  that  the  towne  tethynge  and  |)cellys 
aforsaid  a  fore  thys  tyme  of  x  tymys  yn  gretter  |3tye  of 
the  same  for  the  faute  of  Co  and  asvvell  the  same  yn  tymes 
of  oure  nobyll  executours  often  broke  and  distrevyth  and 
aswell  the  ynhabitans  of  the  same  of  theyre  goods  and 
catellys  nyghtly  and  dayly  Spoylyd  and  many  of  theym  of 
the  ynhabytans  by  the  same  enymyes  take  &  lede  to  the 
owte  contryes  and  there  kepte  yn  to  the  tyme  that  they 
had  made  fennans  and  Ravnson  and  they  were  yn  harde 
kepyng  p'sament  and  vnm'cifull  kept  yn  gevys  stocks  and 
other  wayes  and  other  evyll  losts  and  vnpfytabyle  not  lytyll 
to  the  same  towne  Tethynge  and  |)cellys  of  the  hamelett 
and  of  the  Tethynge  of  Compton  and  to  the  ynhabytance 
of  the  same  yn  tymys  past  eu'  and  were  hade  and  many 
ither  yn  tymes  to  Time  they  doth  but  yf  relef  fortefyinge 
and  betterynge  of  the  towne  tethynge  and  ^icell  aforsaid 
the  other  remedy  be  vyded  be  howfuU  by  the  apetycyon  to 
us  yn  our  plement  beyng  at  Westmyster  the  xijth  daye  of 
Noue'ber  last  past  holden '  and  then  it  is  enacted  'for  the 
Rest  of  the  malys  of  oure  enymys  theryn  dayes  applying 
and  for  the  saluacon  of  the  Towne  tethyng  and  .pcellys 
aforsayd  and  that  the  ynhabitance  of  the  same  the  Rather 
that  the  towne  tethyng  and  ^icellys  aforsaid  be  fro  hensforth- 
ward  a  fre  Borowgh  In  corporat  of  one  Mayer  and  of  on 
Comynaltie  for  eu""  and  hytt  shalbe  callyd  the  borowgh  of 
Plymouth    .    .    .    and    that   the   aforsaid   borowgh    By    the 

76  Ply  moid h  Municipal  Records. 

ma'kys  and  bowndys  vnder  wretyn  all  tymes  that  ys  to 
Wete  bytwyne  the  hyll  callyd  the  Wynderygge  by  the 
Banke  of  Sowre  pole  a  yenst  the  North  on  the  grete  dyke 
otherwyse  callyd  the  greate  deche  and  fro  thens  ayenst  the 
North  vnto  Stoke  dam'ell  flete  and  fro  thens  by  the 
stronde  of  the  same  flete  vnto  mylbroke  brygge  ynclewdyd 
and  fro  thens  to  the  yate  of  thorne  hylle  cpke  ayenst  motley 
|)kelane  and  fro  thens  vnto  lypstone  brygge  ynclewdyd 
and  fro  thens  by  the  seestronde  to  the  lary  poynt  To  the 
Catte  to  henstone  fyse  store  and  Est  kyng  and  fro  thens  to 
the  said  hylle  callyd  Wynderygge  as  the  m'kys  and  bonds 
eu""  were  that  be  derectyd  and  fyxed  fully  and  opynly 

[In  the  old  copies  of  the  Act  Charter  the  'Catte'  is 
spelt  *  Caae,'  which  gave  rise  to  the  idea  that  a  certain 
Kingston  Quay  was  one  of  the  boundaries.  The  word, 
however,  in  the  original  roll,  as  here,  is  Catte,  i.e.  the 

Notes  of  proceedings  in  Plymouth  Borough  Courts, 
Hen.  VII.       30  pages. 


A  vellum-covered  quarto,  endorsed  'Precedent  Book,  1593 
to  1601.  Not  connected  with  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty, 
but  probably  left  with  their  papers  by  one  of  the  Town 
Clerks  or  his  deputy.  May  be  preserved  as  a  curiosity.' 
This  volume  was  identified  by  Mr.  J.  C.  Jeafifreson,  when 
he  examined  the  Corporation  Muniments,  as  'a  more 
important  literary  curiosity  than  the  inscriber  of  the 
foregoing  words  imagined  ;  for  the  book  was  the  Common 
Form  and  Precedent  Book  of  Plymouth's  Recorder,  Serjeant 
Hele,  and  a  comparison  of  its  writing  with  the  penmanship 
of  the  lawyer's  letters,  make  it  clear  that  the  collection  was 
from  the  first  to  the  last  line  written  by  the  Serjeant 
himself.'  The  entries,  chiefly  copies  of  legal  docu-ments, 
cover  many  points  of  local  history.  The  following  are  the 
more  noteworthy  : 

Sir  John  and  Richard  Hawkyns  sold,  Dec.  1592,  to 
Peter  Houghton,  two-thirds  of  the  Good  Fortune,  of  London, 
on  a  voyage  towards  Bordeaux  or  Rochell  or  the  parts 
thereabout,  and  of  her  profits  and  prizes.  She  took  a  prize 
laden  with  Newfoundland  fish,  and  Houghton  appointed 

Serjeant  Hdcs  Preccdoit  Book.  yj 

Nicholas    Hals    and     Richard    Jones,    his    attorneys    and 

Mermaid,  of   Dartmouth,    mentioned   in  charter    party. 


John  Harrys,  of  Launceston,  corporall  of  the  Content, 
of  Plymouth,  Robt.  Robinson  captain,  sells  his  share  of  the 
prizes  to  John  Newe,  and  he  to  Nicholas  Halse  for  i^34. 

Letter  of  attorney  referring  to  the  twelfth  part  of  a 
tinvvork  at  Mewie  called  Lunche.      1595. 

Will  of  Oliver  Harrys,  of  Plymouth.  Small  bequests  to 
poor  people,  and  to  the  poor  people  of  almshouse  and 
Maudlyn.     March,  1595. 

Decree  by  court  of  Nants,  touching  Symon  Lucas, 
dwelling-  in  the  '  ffose '  of  Nants,  and  Anthony  Godard  of 
Plymouth,  merchant. 

James  Erysye  of  Erysye,  captain  and  sole  owner  of 
Recovere  of  Falmouth.      1594. 

Popes  Head  in  Looe  Street  mentioned,  2  James.  Crane- 
crosse  N.  &  E.  of  Sutton  Poole,  W.  of  Cockshedd  lane, 
S.  of  heirs  of  VVm.  Paynter. 

Stephen  Weyks  of  Plymouth,  mercer ;  John  Hacker, 
capper,  named.     38  Elizabeth. 

The  William  and  John  of  Plymouth  mentioned.      1601. 

Deed  by  covenant  of  gift  in  marriage.  32  Eliz.  Parties, 
Thos.  Burdon,  of  Plymouth,  and  his  son  Richard,  and 
May  Chapell,  daughter  of  Robt.  Chapell,  of  Langtree. 

Lease  by  Peter  Edgcomb,  esq.,  to  John  Robyns  of 
Plympton,  of  premises  north  of  High  St.  Stonehouse  and 
south  '  of  the  Stronde  of  the  Salte  Streame,'  Robyns 
to  'obaye  pforme  &  fulfill  all  suche  Rules  directions  & 
orders  as  the  said  P.  E.  &  his  heirs  w4i  the  consente  & 
Francke  agrem"*  of  xij  discreete  &  able  psons  of  &  w*'hin 
the  said  Towne  and  liberties  either  before  this  tyme  haue 
or  shall  at  anye  tyme  or  tymes  hereafter  agre  on  &  sett 
downe  for  the  Weale  good  estate  and  governement  of  the 
said  Towne  &  of  the  people  w'^h  for  the  tyme  beinge  shalbe 
resydente  &  abydinge  w*hin  the  same.'     30  Eliz. 

Jno.  Joope  &  Rd.  Spurell,  merchants,  of  Plymouth, 
mentioned.     37  Eliz. 

Lease  of  herbage,  &c.,  of  Saltram  Woods  ;  and  agreement 
between  Jno.  May,  yeoman,  of  Saltram,  and  Nich.  Dyer, 
Plympton.     21  Eliz. 

78  ..  Plymo7ith  M^micipal  Records, 

Lease  by  John  Sparke  to  Rd.  Raddon  of  two  houses 
lately  built  by  Raddon  on  '  Fryerie  Greene.'  Poundhouse 
park  close  by,  adjoining  Friary  Garden.  A  road  from  the 
White  Fryers  Gate  towards  Catt  Downe.      1587. 

Grants  of  land  '  lyeinge  in  Lanscowe '  within  '  Thissell 
pke,'  north  of  the  way  from  Plymouth  towards  '  Oston 
passage.'      1604. 

Rd.  Fisheborne  to  John  Johns,  tenement  in  Southside  St. 
33  Eliz. 

Land  of  'John  drake'  in  the  Old  Town.     45  Eliz. 
Will  of  Wm.  Bryant  of  Plymouth.     44  Eliz. 
Grant  of  bailififship  at  Plympton. 

Release  by  Edmund  Porteworthie,  of  Wembury,  of 
lands  in  Mill  St.,  Plympton  St.  Mary,  and  Newton  Ferrars. 

Property  given  as  bounded  west  by  Kinterbury  St., 
north  by  Stilman  St. 

Grant  by  John  Fortescue  of  'Vallepitt'  to  Rd.  Shere, 
son  of  Walter  Shere,  of  Keme,  of  property  at  Plympton. 
Meryfild  Crosse  and  Mayden  Well  named.  2  &  3  Phil.  & 

Serjeant  Hele  lets  to  his  servant,  Jn.  Ryder,  a  close 
of  land  and  quyllet  of  meadow  between  the  lane  leading 
from  Plymouth  towarde  the  '  late  Salte  mylle '  south,  lands 
of  almshouse  west,  the  'old  mylle  poole'  called  '  Soore 
poole'  north.     38  Eliz. 

Will  in  part  of  Peter  Trenaman,  Tamerton  Foliott. 

Richard  Swinsbury  of  Plymouth,  tailor,  mentioned. 

Lease  by  Wm.  Newton,  of  Crabaton,  to  Martayne  White, 
of  Plymouth,  of  part  of  Efford  property.  Places  named — 
Torwoode,  Ryland,  Little  Torre,  Middle  Marishe,  Vtter 
Marishe,  Inner  Marish,  the  quarry,  and  Poole  Meadow; 
moiety  of  fishing  in  demylpoole  and  in  'the  greate  Ryver 
called  Plyme  Ryver';  sand  lears  in  the  Vtter  Marish; 
'  the  Crabe  Tree.'     40  Eliz. 

John  Thake  of  Plymouth,  cordwainer;  Joshua  Havell, 
merchant — mentioned. 

Feoffment  by  John  Restorla  of  St.  Austell  to  Rd. 
Kendall  of  St.  Austell,  generosus,  John  Restorla  of  St. 
Columb    Major,   tynner,  and   Thos.   Rosvere,   St.   Austell, 

Serjeant  Heles  Precedent  Book.  79 

of  Higher  Torre,  Compton  Gifford,  in  the  parish  of  Ply- 
mouth, in  occupation  of  Thos.  Cole  and  Wm.  Russell, 
Tenement  in  Wike  St.  held  by  VVm.  Rowe,  and  garden 
occupied  by  Margaret  Cremes, — to  his  own  use  for  life, 
then  to  John  Restorla  the  younger,  son  of  Nicholas 
Restorla,  and  his  heirs.     25  May,  1585. 

Mortgage  by  Thos.  Moon  of  Plymouth  to  Henry  Moon. 

Covenant  in  lieu  of  jointure  and  dower  by  John  Pre- 
dyaux,  touching  Luyston  als  Lucestone,  Ermengton, 
granted  by  him  to  Henry  and  George  Legasseke,  for  the 
behoofe  of  Thomasyne  Edgecomb,  whom  Predyaux  would 

Feoffment  by  Rd.  drew  of  Downton  to  Abraham  Colmer 
for  ;^I98,  of  Trevashuant,  in  Lanrak. 

Will  of  John  Penwarden  of  Plymouth,  tailor.     43  Eliz. 

Grant  by  Wm.  Doble,  Plympton,  to  Henry  Battishill  of 
Plymouth,  clothier,  lands  at  Blaxton  occupied  by  John 

Lands  in  Buckwell  St.  temp.  Elizabeth,  of — Almshouse 
of  Plymouth,  Thomas  Burdon,  Christopher  Moore,  John 
Brewen,  John  Fry,  Walter  Warwicke,  Thos.  Derry,  Rd. 
Prynn,  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 

'This  Indenture  made  the  thirtenthe  daye  of  Aprill 
in  the  thirtethe  yere  of  the  refgne  of  o'  Sou'eigne  ladye 
Elizabeth  Betwene  the  ^righte  worp"  S""  Frances  Drake 
knight  of  thone  ptye  And  Anthony  Plott  of  Plym  in  the 
Countye  of  Devon  gent  of  the  other  |)tye,  where  the  said 
S''  Francs  Drake  by  his  deed  bearinge  date  the^firste  daye 
of  Marche  in  the  nyne  &  twentithe  yere  of  the  reigne  of  o'' 
seid  sou''eigne  Ladye  Queue  Eliz'.  Did  Demyse  lease  graunte 
conErme  &  to  farme  lett  vnto  Florence  Gilman  nowe  wyfe 
vnto  the  said  anthonye  And  to  Edward  Gylman  All  that 
one  messuage  or  tente  w*h  a  Courtelage  &  garden  theirvnto 
adioynenge  scituate  lyeng  &  beinge  w*hin  the  Boroughe 
of  Plymouth  in  the  northe  pte  of  a  streete  there  called 
Loostreete  in  the  south  pte  of  the  lands  of  the  heirs  of 
Burgeys  in  the  Easte  pte  of  the  lands  of  John  Coad 
Esquyer  and  in  the  weste  pte  of  one  garden  there  being 
the  inheritance  of  the  seid  S""  Francs  Drake,  sometyme 
in  the  tenure  of  John  Weeks  And  also  all  that  the  said 
Garden  (to  weete)  the  Corn'  Gardyn  sometyme  in  the 
tenure   of   the   said    Jo"    Weeks    lyenge    directly    to    the 

8o  Plymouth  Mjinicipal  Records. 

Eastward  of  the  saide  messuage  or  tenemt  w°h  seid 
messuage  or  Tente  Courteleadge  &  gardyn  there  were  inthe 
tenure  or  occupacon  of  the  said  Florence  &  Edward  To 
have  &  to  holde  the  seid  messuage  or  tente  Courtedge  & 
garden  theirvnto  belonginge,  as  also  the  saide  laste  recyted 
garden  before  by  these  pnts  dymysed  &  graunted.  [The 
lease  to  the  Gilmans  was  on  three  lives  paying  \os.  at  the 
four  principal  and  most  usual  feasts.]  Theise  Indenturs 
nowe  wytnes  that  the  said  S*"  Frances  Drake  aswell  in 
consyderacon  of  the  great  charge  w'^h  the  said  A.  P. 
hath  bestowed  in  buildinge  vpon  the  p'myses  as  for  dyu'se 
other  speciall  respects  and  consideracons  hym  movinge 
hath  demysed  &  graunted  and  by  these  puts  dothe  demyse 
&  graunte  vnto  the  said  A.  P.  all  &  singular  the  p'myses 
demysed  to  the  said  F.  and  E.  G.'  [Term  threescore  years 
in  reversion  on  the  death  of  the  Gilmans — \os.  a  year — 
Plott  doing  all  repairs.] 

Obligations  touching  the  venture  of  the  Judith  of  Stone- 
house  to  Newfoundland. 

The  Speedivell  of  Milbrooke  'lying  in  the  Ryver  of 
Hamose '  to  take  a  voyage  to  Ireland. 

Humfreye  Parker  deputes  and  authorises  Lewes  Hurleye 
to  '  Demaunde  &  take  of  all  &  eu'ye  of  the  kings  ma*'®^ 
subiects  &  others  arryvinge  &  cominge  w*hin  the  kaye 
&  peere  of  St.  Ives  ...  or  baye  of  the  same  or  other  the 
precincts  &  lymytts  of  the  same  vpon  eu'y  pounde  waighte 
of  Tobaccoe  that  from  &  after  the  daye  and  date  of  these 
^nts  shalbe  broughte  into  the  saide  peere  Baye  or  p'cincts 
of  the  seid  Towne  of  St.  Ives  Sixe  shillings  &  eight  pence 
of  lawfull  english  monyes  over  &  aboue  the  vsuall  Custome 
of  ij^  upon  eu'y  pounde.' 

Grant  by  John  Hele  and  others,  of  Blackestone,  Plympton, 
to  G.  Jones  &  his  wife  Margaret. 

Thornfield,  Plympton,  inheritance  of  John  Trelawny. 

Petition  to  Mayor  and  Magistrates  on  a  lawsuit  arising 
out  of  one  Thomas  Dennys  setting  a  mastiff  on  the  'orator.' 

Petition  of  Jone  Smith,  widow,  Thomas  Davyes  and 
Jone  his  wife,  for  a  commission  into  the  title  of  certain 
property.  Sir  W.  S  [trode]  and  Sir  R.  H  [awkins]  asked  for 
with  J.  C  and  W.  C  esquires.     Commission 

sat  at  Rd.  Stremer's  house  in  Plymouth.     1604. 

Serjeant  Hcles  Precedent  Book.  8i 

Answer  of  John  Rype  and  Elizabeth  his  wife  on  the 
complaint  of  John  Warringe. 

John  Tryncke  of  Brixton  ;  Amy  his  daughter  his  heir. 

Complaint  of  Thomas  Ford,  of  Howe,  Plimstock,  mer- 
chant, touching  his  sale  of  pilchards  to  Symon  Lucas,  a 
merchant  stranger  of  Nants  m  Little  Britton.  Sold  four- 
score and  ten  barrels  for  fourscore  and  one  pounds, 
delivered  at  Howe.  Anthony  Goddard  of  Plymouth  has 
goods  and  money  of  Lucas,  and  has  been  told  to  pay 
but  refuses.  Goddard  or  Gottard  denies  this,  and  does 
not  see  *  why  he  should  pay  money  when  he  oweth  none.' 

Condition  for  adventure  to  St.  Lucas  for  the  Margaret  of 

Conditions  for  the  executors  of  Christopher  Brooking. 

Papers  connected  with  Court  of  Admiralty  and  the 
goods  of  Rd.  Honney,  of  Fowey,  who  died  on  board  the 
William  and  John  of  Plymouth,  whither  he  had  been 
brought  without  permission. 

Reference  to  a  will  of  Wembury. 

The  Szveet  Rose  of  Salcombe,  Robert  Asherman  master, 
for  Newfoundland. 

Grant  by  A.  Pollard  to  George  Baron,  of  Broad  Park 
and  Middle  down,  part  of  barton  of  Lipston. 

Rogers  Garden,  Trew  St.,  Plympton,  mentioned. 

Letters  of  recommendation  from  Elize  Hele  to  '  Good 
M""  Bere'  and  'Good  M""  Burton.'     1602. 

Ditto  from  Thomas  Upham. 

[The  three  seem  to  be  in  favour  of  one  Hugh  Maye, 
whose  father  had  been  misled  respecting  him.] 

C.    Sessions  and  Constitution  Books. 

[51]     Sessions  Book — 167 5- 1694      [At  end  is  a  copy  of 
order  respecting  Popish  Recusants,  167!.] 

[52]     Sessions  Book,     ly 04-1226. 

[53]  „  „        1726-1743. 



1 768-1 772. 
1 783-1 796. 
1 796-1 808. 

[60]     Corporation  Order  Books. 


[62]     Constitution  Book.     1 772-1 795. 

[63]  „  „        1 795-1 8 1 2. 



1 790-1 801. 

„  „        1 81 2-1 824. 


[66]     Bye-Laws  Book  (extracted  from  the  Sessions  Books) 


'    [67]  „  „  1743-1758. 

[68]  „  „  1759-1767. 

[69]  „  „  1768-1772. 

[70]  „  „  1772-1795. 

[71]  ,,  „  1 795-18 1 2. 

[72]  Book  of  Extracts  of  Bye-Laws,  Ordinances,  &c., 
1 803-1 8 1 2.  Made  by  a  Committee  appointed  in  18 12 
to  examine  the  town  records  connected  with  the  liberties 
and  franchises  of  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 

[73]  Vellum  book  recording  the  proceedings  of  the 
Aldermen.     1816-1835. 

D.    Freedoms  and  Apprenticeships. 

[74]     Freedom  Book.     1764. 

[75]  T  »        1 824-1 834. 

[See  Black  Book  for  earlier  lists,  and  White  Book  for 
list  of  '  Unfree.'] 

[76]     Freedom  Certificates  in  books.     1762- 1767. 

[77]  „  „  „  1768-1784. 

[78]     Bundle    of  parchment   certificates   of   Freedoms. 


[79]     Ordinary  elections  to  the  Freedom,     1 801-1829. 

[80]     Extraordinary         „  „  1803-183 1. 

[81]  Papers  touching  Mr.  Searle's  claim  to  the  Freedom. 

[82]  Letters  and  papers  touching  resolutions  passed 
2  Nov.,  1832,  at  a  Common  Hall  of  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty of  Plymouth,  for  the  grateful  recognition  of 
services  rendered  by  thirty-eight  members  of  the  Medical 
Profession  of  the  said  town  during  'the  late  destructive 
visitation  of  malignant  cholera,'  and  for  the  admission  to 
the  freedom  of  the  borough  of  all  those  of  the  said  gentle- 
men who  are  not  already  burgesses  thereof. 

[83]  Papers  concerning  proposed  changes  in  appoint- 
ments to  Freedom.     1800- 1829, 

[84]     Proposed  New  Charter.     1 826-1 828. 

[85]     Proposed  hospital  for  decayed  freemen.    1 827-1 829. 

[86]  Bundle  of  certificates  of  reception  of  the  Com- 

[87]     Roll  of  declarations  against  Transubstantiation. 

[88]     Book  of  Oaths. 

84  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[89]     Appreiiticeship  Book.     1 570-1706. 

Contains  also  many  entries  of  sales  and  purchases  of 
horses,  and  at  end  an  account  of  monies  spent  by  Matthew 
Boyes  for  John  Sparke  the  younger. 

[90]     Apprenticeship  Book.     1 610-1683. 

Contains  also  at  the  end  various  accounts — of  expenses 
against  the  Enemy  in  1599,  and  of  the  money  spent  by 
Matthew  Boyes  in  obtaining  the  Elizabethan  Charter; 
likewise  of  gifts  to  the  Poor  since  1595. 

[See  also  the  White  Book  for  entries  of  apprenticeships  : 
As  preliminaries  to  the  freedom  it  was  the  custom  to  make 
these  engagements  before  the  Mayor.] 

E.     Elections  and  Appointments. 

[91]  Portfolio  of  indentures  of  returns  to  Parliament 
17th,  1 8th,  and  19th  centuries. 

[92]  Poll  book  of  election,  May,  1780,  between  Sir 
F.  L.  Rogers  and  Mr.  John  Culme,  at  which  the  freeholders 
claimed  to  vote. 

[93]  Papers  referring  to  the  election  of  members  of 
Parliament.     1 802-1 830. 

[94]  Papers  referring  to  elections  of  Mayor.  1800- 

[95]  Papers  referring  to  election  of  Aldermen  and 
Councillors.     1820-1829. 

[96]  Papers  touching  the  right  of  electing  Aldermen, 
and  proceedings  against  Mr.  Lockyer  as  being  illegally 
elected.     1816-1817. 

[97]  Miscellaneous  Lists  of  Aldermen,  Councillors, 
and  Committees.     1801-1826. 

[98]  Papers  recording  elections  by  'scratching'  to  places 
in  the  Corporation  and  various  offices,  with  resignations — 
17th,  1 8th,  and  19th  centuries. 

[99]  Voting  paper  for  election  of  Francis  Pengelly 
Town  Clerk.     1705. 

[100]  Voting  paper  for  election  of  Richard  Bidlake^ 
Town  Steward.     1791. 


[101]  John   Hele,    Recorder.  1609. 

[102]  Sir  W.  Strode         „  i6ii. 

[103]  John  Maynard         „  1640. 

[104]  Matthew Boyes,  Town  Clerk,  1 6o"5 . 

[105]  John  Fowell  „  161 3. 

S6  PlymoutJi  Municipal  Records. 

[106]     EdjHtmd  FoivellyTov^n  Clerk,  1625. 

[107]      William  Yeo  „  1647. 

[108]     Robert  Berry  „  1699. 
[109]     Counterpart  of  ditto. 

[110]     Richard  Waddon  „  1722. 

[Copy  of  deputation.] 

[Ill]     Aaron  Baker  „  1725. 

[Copy  of  deputation.] 

[112]     CJiarles  Fa^ishawe  „  1769. 

[113]  Bond  by  same  not  to  absent  himself  from  the 
borough  more  than  fourteen  days  at  a  time,  save  assize  and 
term  times. 

[114]     Steplioi  Reede,  Broker,  161 1. 

[115]  Deputation  of  Ballast  Master  within  Cattewater 
and  Cawse,  1638. 

[116]      William  Splatt,  Common  Measurer,  1643. 

[117]  Richard  Rosdew,  Coroner,  in  place  of  George 
Woodward  Mallett,  1791. 


[118]  Philip  Shapcott,  of  Town-  Clerkship,  1 665 . 

[119]  Edmund  Pollexf en  „  1699. 

[120]  Philip  Vyvyan  „  1764. 

[121]  ^ohn  Heath  „  1768. 

[122]  Correspondence  touching  Sir  W.  Elford  and  the 
Recordership,  1 825-1 828. 

[123]  Papers  touching  office  of  Chamberlain,  1806- 

[124]  „  „  Constables,       1802- 


[125]  ,,  „  Town  Sergeants  and 

Corporals,  1 805-1 821. 

[126]  „  „  Increase  in  Justices. 

[127]  „  „  Office  duties  of  Town  Clerk. 

[128]     Miscellaneous.     (1814-31.) 

F.    Receivers'  Accounts. 

The  Receivers'  Accounts  of  Plymouth  form  practically 
a  complete  record  of  the  financial  history  of  the  borough 
from  i486  to  1807.  They  consist  essentially  of  a  series  of 
annual  balance  sheets  entered  into  volumes,  as  brought 
up  at  the  end  of  their  terms  of  office  by  each  successive 
Receiver  (or  Treasurer),  a  member  of  the  Corporation 
annually  appointed  to  that  post.  Vouchers  were  then 
produced,  and  each  year's  accounts  duly  audited.  In  the 
extracts  which  follow,  the  names  of  the  Receivers  for  each 
year  are  given,  and  a  selection  from  such  entries  as  seem, 
for  various  reasons,  of  special  interest.  Many  of  the  items, 
both  of  receipt  and  expenditure,  recur  with  little  change 
year  by  year  over  long  periods,  but  many  others  have 
considerable  general  and  local  interest,  and  the  citations 
might  have  been  largely  extended,  especially  from  the 
earlier  years. 


So  named  by  Mr.  Jeaffreson,  though  not  strictly  to  be 
classed  among  the  Receivers'  volumes,  is  the  oldest  book  of 
account  which  has  been  preserved  among  the  Municipal 
Records,  and  is  therefore  best  dealt  with  here.  It  is  cased 
in  a  thick  leather  wrapper,  and  the  entries  range  from 
22  Ed.  IV.  to  25  Eliz. 

The  fly-leaf  is  inscribed  '  Iste  liber  deliberatus  fuit 
Thome  Tresawell  maori  ville  ac  burgi  de  Plymouth  xxj 
die  Octobris  anno  regni  regis  Edvvardi  iiij"  xxij  per 
Thomam  Tregarthen  maorem  burgi  predicti  anno  pre- 
cedente  viz.  anno  xxj  ejusdem  domini  regis,' 

Account  of  the  moneys,  received  by  John  Dawe,  mason, 
for  materials  and  labour  in  building  an  aisle  on  the  south 
part  of  the  church  of  St.  Andrew  of  Plymouth,  in  accord- 
ance with  the  agreements  of  a  certain  indenture  ;  amounting 
in  all  to  £a,\  \a,s.  6d.     21  Ed.  IV.-3  Rich.  III. 

Three  pages  of  church-accounts  under  this  heading : 
'  This  boke  |)teynyth  to  the  cherche  of  Seynt  Andrewe 
of  Plymouth   made  y^   xxiiij*'  day  of  Auguste  the  yere 

88  Plymouth  Mimicipal  Records, 

of  the  Reyngne  of  Kyng  Edwarde  the  Fourthe  aff  the 
coqueste  the  xxij**  for  to  putte  in  wrytynge  alle  ye 
ornamets  of  the  saide  cherche  and  aswell  alle  |)cell  of 
mony  longynge  for  y*^  re^jacion  of  y'^  same  churche 
w*  the  expencs  and  costes  of  the  same  as  here  aff  is 
made  mencyon  in  y^  boke  in  Vv'rytynge  in  dyvrs  <pcells. 
Furst  is  made  mencyon  is  y^  leffe  of  such  mony  as 
is  assynyned  and  g'"unted  by  dyu's  ^sons  to  y®  makygn  of 
the  southe  Ilde  of  the  saide  chirche,  y*  is  to  wite.'  Includes 
accounts  of  Church  ales  and  of  expenses  on  the  'stypell.' 

'  The  Receytes  and  Paymentes  of  Thomas  Tresawell 
maire  of  Plymouth  the  iij  yere  of  the  reigne  of  Kyng 
Henry  the  VII.,'  open  thus,  '  Furste  payd  to  John  Andrewe 
mason  for  Saynt  John  ys  He  yn  Seynt  Andrewe  ys  churche.' 

Tresawell's  accounts  for  3  Hen.  VII.  come  first ;  then 
come  Tregarthen's,  Michaelmas  21  Ed.  IV.  to  Michaelmas 
22  Ed.  IV. ;  Tresawell's  again  follow  for  the  next  year — 
being  irregular. 

21  P2dw.  IV. — farm  of  Sutton  Pool,  ^i  45-.;  from  Vyntry 
Ward,  30.y.;  Old  Town,  20s.;  Venars  Ward,  28^.;  Stone- 
house  '  quarter  pence,'  ;^i   \s.  A^d. 

Tresawell  received  for  '  dawnsyng  money '  of  '  Agnes 
dowster  of  Kat'yn  hoker,'  iij*.;  'Johne  s^'uant  of  Thomas 
Croppe,'  IIJ-.;  'Jonett  potter,'  <^s.  <^d.;  'Johna  filia  Will 
Nycoll,'  and  Roger  Payne  not  stated. 

The  smith  paid  for  iron  work  of  '  the  wyndowe  yn  Seynt 
John  ys  He,' 

Fifteenth  in  Mayoralty  of  Thomas  Clowter — Collected 
in  Old  Town  Ward,  £\0  2s.  ^d.;  Vyntry,  £^  5^-.  lod.; 
Loo  Street,  £4.  i()s.  6d.;  Venor,  £2  lis.  6d.  Kings 
Tamerton,  \os.;  Maker,  los.;  Stonehouse,  2s.  6d.;  Vawtars 
grounde,  2s.  6d.;  Houndiscombe,  i6d.;  Tungeslond,  ^d. 
— £1  ys.    Total,  £24  6s.  2d. 

Note  that  the  town  had  only  been  in  the  habit  of  paying 
;^22  I2J-.  8d.;  but  ^12  that  had  always  been  deducted 
being  demanded — 'therefore  a  new  settyng  was  made 
through  the  whole  towne' : — Old  Town  Ward,  £4  14s.  6d.; 
Vintry,  £2  lis.  lod.;  Loo  Street,  £2  8j.  lod.;  Venor, 
£1  y.  6d. — total,  ^10  i8j".  ?>d.     Tything  of  Compton,  6s.  8d. 

From  3  Hen.  VII.  this  ledger  was  put  to  no  use  until 
7  Hen.  VIII.,  when  the  auditors  of  the  borough  began  a 
series  of  yearly  accounts  of  the  collectors  of  tonnage  in  the 
port  of  Plymouth,  and  of  the  collectors  of  the  assize-rents 
of  the  borough  from  6-7  Hen.  VIII.  to  24-5  Eliz. 

Old  Audit  Book.  89 

[130J      OLD  AUDIT  BOOK. 

First  Receivers  Book,  otherwise  called  the  '  Old  Audit 
Book.'  The  volume  begins  with  some  accounts  of  i486; 
then  comes  a  gap  with  some  blank  leaves ;  next  loose 
accounts  of  1487-8,  including  some  connected  with  the 
church  of  St.  Andrew.  From  9  Hen.  VII.  the  entries  with 
one  exception  are  consecutive  and  complete  to  2  Eliz. 
At  end  are  three  leaves  of  account,  16  Hen.  VII. 

i486.      Wni  Tregyll. 

Itm  Ress  of  Robert  boke  fifor  y®  Rerrayg  off  y^ 
carreyer  when  thay  brovght  home  y®  wole 
shype  .  .  .  .         .  v^ 

Itm  Ress  off  thomas  hokeyer  ffor  y®  porter  shyp  xx^ 

Itm  Ress  off  John  Paynter  is  account  .          .  v"  iij*  iiij'^ 

Itm  payd  ffor  vj  lovys  of  sugg''  weyyng  xxviij 
q''  at  vj  y®  lb  y*^  whyche  was  gevyn  to  my 
lord  steward  and  vnto  Syr  John  Sapcott  at 
plymton  when  we  made  owre  benevolence 
of  C  mark  for  the  hole  town  of  p.  [part 
disallowed.]  .  ...    xiiij^  ij*^ 

Itm  payd  to  y'^  men  y*  made  clen  the  pytt  ffor 

the  cokeyng  stoll         .  .  .         .  v** 

Itm   payd  to  Wattkyn  y®   masson   ffor  ij   dayes 

labor  yn  y*^  elde  hall    .  .  ,         .  viij*^ 

Itm  payd  xnto  mastr  mayer  by  y^  hond  off  my 

wyff  to  pay  y®  pryer  of  plymton  .         vij^'v^  viij*^ 

for  the  hole  yere  is  rent  for  the  town  &  xxxix^'  vj^  viij** 
&  on  Symon  &  Jude  is  Day  to  y®  said  p*"       .  xx^ 

Itm  payd  vnto  John  Gill  y^  sarment  agaynst 
Crysmas  yn  Redy  mony  at  y®  may"  com- 
mandement  [disallowed] 

Itm  payd  ffor  strawe  ffor  y*^  preysseyners  y*  was 
brovght  yn  y*^  Clynke 

Itm  payd  vnto  John  Samson  ffor  his  fye  off  The 
bolwarke       .  .  ... 

Itm  payd  ffor  foreys  to  make  the  ffyr  bekyn  at 
hawe  iij  tymes  .  ... 

Itm  payd  ffor  candylls  ffor  y®  bollwarke  when 
they  dyde  wayche  ther 

Itm  payd  vnto  Syr  John  em  ffor  John  Brovn  ys 
tabyll  y*  playyd  to  organs  for  iij  wekks 
[disallowed]  .  .  .         .  iij^ 








go  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  payd  vnto  masf  tresawell  when  he  went  to 

london  y*'  xviij  day  ofif  december  ffor  to  speke 

to  my  lord  broke  for  ye  benyvolence     .          .  xx^ 

Itm  payd  vnto  to  men  that  fyt  y*^  tymber  owte  off 

aman  ys  hovs  when  he  was  troblyd        ,         .  ij* 

Itm  payd  ffor  ij  gallonys  off  wyn   ffor  y^  mayer 

and  his  brethren  when  they  sawe  y®  franchyse 

a  but  .  .  ...  xvj'' 

Itm  payd  for  wyn  to  y*^  Collectors  y*^  fet  y^  quynsyn 

y®  iiij  day  off  May.    And  for  bred  y*  they  had  ix^ 

Itm  payd  to  John  Gell  ffor  setyng  on  the  ffytters 

apon  y®  prest  ys  lyggs  .  .         .  ij*^ 

Itm  payd  vnto  John  Adreyan  ffor  kepying  off  y^ 

carreyers       .  .  .  .         .  v^ 

Itm  payd  vnto  John  Adreyan  for  bryngyng  off  a 

boot  off  stonys  to  y^  caws  .  .         .      iij^  iiij'^ 

viij  barrys  of  yerryn  ffor  y®  wyndow  off  the  presyn 

hovs  [supplied  by  Pers  the  smyth]  .         .  xix^  iiij^ 

Itm  payd  to  y*'  stanyer  off  totnys  ffor  y®  taynying 

off  ij  standeres    ffor  y*^  town  w*  vj^  viii*^  y* 

y®  may'"  paid  .  ...  xiij^  iiij'* 

Itm  payd  vnto  y^stayner  off  toteneys  ffor  staynging 

off  ye  gret  baner  ffor  y*'  town      .  .          .  xx** 

Itm  payd  vnto  Wyllm  Seyet  y®  westment  maker 

ffor  franggyng  off  y*^  gret  stremer  ffor  y®  town  ij^  iiij'* 
Itm  payd  ffor  mendyng  off  y^  mast  at  y*^  caws     .  ij** 

A  commission  brought  relating  to  the  tinners. 

Itm    payd    vnto    Jhamys    the    goldsmythe    ffor 

mendying  off  rystaffer  ys  mase  .         .  x** 

Itm  payd  vnto  Adreyan  ffor  y®  gret  boot  of  stonys 

ffor  the  caws  .  ...     iij*  iiij'* 

Itm  payd  vnto  Jheffrey  thomas  barber  ys  man  ffor 
makying  off  ij  molds  &  for  castying  off  iiij-'^'^ 
and  xij  pe  ballys  off  led  &  eyrryn  for 
thykpeny  ys  bolwerke  .  .         .  xij** 

Itm  payd  vnto  the  whaycheman  att  Rame  ffor 
kepyng  off  ye  bekying  ther  &  brinyng  iiij 
tymys  .  .  ...  iiij** 

Itm   payd  vnto  Wyllm  bovy  ffor  the  kepyng  off 

the  bolwerke  ffor  a  yere  .  .         .     vj^  viij'* 

Robert  bucke  master  of  the  carryer  paid  cost  for  her 
£Z  ys.  8(1. 

It  p''  to  the  breton  for  sewyng  of  the  forsayle  iiij*  v'*  ob. 

It  p**  for  V  bolt  of  canvas  for  the  forsayle       .  iiij"  iiij^  iiij** 

Old  Audit  Book.  91 

It  p^'  for  a  pole  of  the  churche            .              .         .  ij^ 

It  p^  for  a  foote  of  lede       .                  .              .         .  ix** 

It  p*^  for  a  com  pas  .  ...  viij** 
It  p*^  for  a  gallon  of  ale  to  the  feleschipp  that  bare 

the  anker  to  the  smythe,  .  .  .  ij** 
It  p'^  to  John    perse   for  iiij  gowns  v  desyns  of 

cloth  valet  .  .  .         xxxj^  iiij*^ 

1487.     JoJin  Paynter. 
Itm  Rec*^  of  Willm  brewne  for  the  comyn  scale    .     vj^  viij*^ 
Itm  Rec*^  of  mychaell  force  for  an  outlawry  .         .  iiij'^ 

Total  receipts  with  arrears,  ^^59  d>s.,  and  there  were 
several  outstanding  accounts  for  the  '  carryers.'  Charge 
d,d.  a  time  for  the  little  boat,  i6d.  for  the  large  one.  The 
boats  were  hired  by — John  Ilcombe,  a  frenshman,  owners 
of  the  '  brokyn  shypp,'  Wm.  Roger,  Thos.  Yogge,  John 
Gew,  Thomas  Grayson,  Thos.  Cropp,  Richard  Bovy,  Thos. 
Bulle,  'the  marchants  of  the  andrew,'  Jenet  Elwin,  Wm. 
Dawe,  Wm.  Nycoll,  John  Perse,  and  the  Prior  of  White 

It  p'*  to  master  bowrynge  for  the  on  halffe  for  the 

Recorder  y^  fee  .  .  .  xiij^  iiij^ 

jj-m  pd  ^Q  Jam^  the  goldsmyth  for  the  mendyng  of 

John  gele  ys  mase  ij  tymes         .  .         .  xvj'* 

It™  p*^   to   master   mayer   to   be   burges    of  the 

plement    .  ...         xxvj^  viij*^ 

Itm  p**  for  Scherpynge  of  a  yryn  Crowe        .         .  j** 

It  for  pavynge  of  the  Strete  by  the  Church  Style,      ij*  viij^ 

It    p^    to    the    smyth    for  the    yreworke    of   the 

wyndow  of  Sent  John  ys  yele     .  .         .    xlij*  ix** 

jj-m  pd  j-Q  John  Andrew  for  to  purvey  stuffe  for 

the  iij  wyndowes  of  Sent  George  ys  yele        .  xx^ 

It  p'^  to  John  Adryan  for  on  tyme  the  grete 
Caryer  &  for  on  tyme  the  litell  caryer  y^  lade 
w*  stones  the  syde  v/all  of  Sent  George  ys 
yele  .  .  .  .         .  v® 

It  p^  to  the  old  man  the  synger  by  the  comande- 
ment  of  master  mayer  master  henscot  & 
oders  for  to  go  to  plymton  to  fetche  mass  y 
songs         .  .  ...  xij"^ 

Much  work  done  on  the  '  Cawse.' 

1493-4.     Raiif  Tywarne. 

Here  ffolwyth  the  resseyts  resseyved  for  the  Towne 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

\\y  \ny 




iiij^  vj^ 


VI  ij^ 


In  pmis  ress  of  the  Anne  of  Fowey  . 

Itm  ress  ofif  John  Frynes  for  vj  tyde. 

Itm  ress  of  Willm  Brokynge  for  iij  tyde 

Itm  ress  of  John  Bryan  for  vj  tyde    . 

Itm  resseyved  of  Edward  Carswyll  for  ij  tyde 

Itm  ress  of  John  Ilcombe  for  iiij  tyde 

Itm  ress  of  John  Paynto'"  for  a  tyde  . 

Itm  ress  of  Thomas  Phylypp  for  ix  tyde 

Itm  ress  of  Willm  NicoU  for  a  tyde  . 

Itm  ress  of  John  horsewyll  for  a  tyde 

Itm  ress  of  Andrew  Rawe  for  a  tyde 

Itm  ress  of  Willm  Rogger  for  ij  tyde 

Itm  ress  of  Janett  Dawe  for  ij  tyde  . 

Itm  ress  of  Thomas  Phylypp  for  a  tyde 

The  Receiver  had  a  gown  worth  los.  annually. 
Itm  for  Bryngyng  of  the  cheynes  from  the  Cawse 

yn  to  the  castell  .  ... 

Itm  for  hongyng  vppe  of  the  belle  at  how     . 
Itm  p*^  to  Thomas  hoker  and  his  company  when 

they    ffett    the    captayne   of   the   lord   Gray 

goten  is  barke  a  lond  .  ... 

Itm  p'^  to  Thomas  hoker  and  his  company  when 

they  sarched  Rawlyn  a  Tere  ys  shipp    . 
Itm  p*^  to  Richard  ligh  for  Rydyng  to  london  to 

warne  y*^  mair  of  y^  yndytement 
1494-5.     Jo/ui  Horsivyll. 
Furst  rec*^  of  Rychard  yeo  for  y®  myllys  at  iiij 

dyu's  tymes  .  ... 

It  rec"^  of  Rychard  Gew  for  y®  olde  Caryer  y*  was 

solde         .  .  ... 

It  rec''  for  a  hoggshed  of  Rochell  wyne  y*  was 

gevyn  to  y®  mendyng  of  y*'  grete  Gvn    .         .  xiij®  iiij*^ 
The  town  had  a  lawsuit  with  Sir  John  Crocker,  which 
cost  apparently  ^20  Sj.  2d.;  wine  was  given  to  the  Judges 
— Halewyll  and  Sapcote — and  the  Sheriff. 
It  to  G.  Forde  for  a  hoggshed  of  wyne  gevyn  to 

M""  Shyryff  to  be  oure  good  masf  yn  makyng 

of  S''  John  Crocker  is  vij  panels  a  yenst  vs  xxiij^  iiij*^ 
The  Under  Sheriff  had  3^".  A^d.  for  '  makyng  of  o""  vij 
panells,'  with  a  quart  of  Malmsey  ;  and  the  Sheriff  another 
hogshead  bought  of  Walter  Rowe,  costing  20s.  Four 
rybbys  of  beef,  \o\d.;  two  copyll  of  hake,  ^d.;  paid  'to 
helpe  to  rewarde  y®  Jury/  £\  6s.  8d.  once,  and  6s.  8d.  a 
second  time. 




Old  Audit  Book.  93 

It  p*^  to  Cotewyll  for  y*^  renewyng  of  y**  pyctur  of 

Gogmagog  a  pon  y®  howe  .  .         .  vij'^ 

Coste  done  to  masf  Eggecomb  by  advys  of  m'' 
Mayr  m''  Record''  the  xij  &  the  xxiiij  when 
he  Avas  made  Knygt  and  Shyryfif. 

ffirst  for  ij  Sug''  lofife  weyeng  x  li  qrtr  iiij  li  qrtr  y 

11J°  X 

of  at  xvij*^  and  ye  vj  li  at  ij  v*^  sm^  "''^  ^'^ 


It  ij  botells  of  Redde  wyne  pee 

It  a  potell  of  Malmsey 

It  a  Galon  of  Clarett  wyne  &  bayne  wyne 

It  a  botell  of  bastard 

It  do  dos  of  pownegarnarde  a  pownde  sedo  &  a 

dos  do  of  Orenge         .  ...  viij'' 

Ye  towne  hous  mentioned  that  was  Edward  Elseworthy 
ys  hous. 
Coste  don  a  pon  mendyng  of  y®  Shamells  &  y^ 

towne  Shopp  y*  Watkyns  peyams  hold  and 

helying  of  y''  olde  yelde  hall. 
It  a  helyer  iiij  dayes  mete  &  byre     .  .         .  ij^ 

A  hoggeshed  of  Rochell  wyne  y*  a  ffrenshman 

geve  to  y*^  towne  for  hurtyng  of  y*^  grete  gon. 
It  for  a  carpett  to  cov""  y*^  May''  is  Sege  yn  y*^ 

church       .  .  ...  xiij^  iiij** 

It  for  wyne  y*  was  dronken  yn  the  mornyng  when 

y**  Mayr  &  his  brethern  went  to  m'"  Shyryff  .  viij*^ 

It  to   Cornelys   Goldsmyth    for   mendyng    of  y^ 

lytell  mace  .  .  .   ' — -.  xij"^ 

It  to  S'Willfa™  Courteney  at  S.  Carsewylls  hows 

ij  galons  of  wyne  at  his  dyn'"  &  a  galon  at 

Sop  [supper]  by  cause  he  was  one  of  o''  best 

Jurors        .  .  .  .         .  ij^ 

1495-6.     Richard  Gew. 
Itm  p'^  for  mendyng  of  a  Cunditt  yn  the  tene- 

mente  some  tyme  Nicolas  Elsworthy  ys         .         xvij*^ 
Itm  p''  to  Willm  Thyckepeny  and  to  Willm  Bree 

burgs  of  the  jpliament  the  same  yere      .         .  xP 

John   Andrew,  mason,   made  a  morestone  window  for 
Itm  p"^  for  my  horse  hyre  to  Ryde  to  Ayspton  to 

see  Mr.  Yogge  when  he  was  Seke  .         .      ij^  viij** 

Itm  p*^  to  the  pavyer  for  mendyng  of  the  Kyngs 

hey  wey  yn  Spesery  strete  .  .         .  ij*^ 

New  weights  and  measures  were  provided  and  fetched 

from  Exeter  by  William  hosyer,  costing  i  \s.  8d.;  and  John 

94  Plymouth  Municipal  Records, 

Paynter  was  paid  for  keeping  'kyngs  heme  and  wyghts.' 
John  Brewne  had  js.  6d.  for  a  '  banker  and  ij  quyshyn 
clothys  for  the  bynche  yn  the  Eldehalle,'  and  John  Bowen 
for  making  and  other  stufif  is.  6d. 

Itm  p*^  for  repacion  of  y^  howse  called  y^  Ilond    .  xv^ 

Itm  to  Thomas  Yogge  when  he  came  fro  London 
at  seynt  Tomas  ys  day  yn  the  towne  ys  name 
yn  wyne    .  ,  ...  viij'* 

Itm    p**    to    John    Kyrton    for    RoUyng    of    the 

Chartour      .  .  .  .         xxxix^  ij*^ 

Rewards  paid  to  the  mynstrells  of  the  '  kyng,'  '  my  lady 
of  bedford,'  and  my  '  lord  of  Oxford.' 

Itm  p*^  to  John  Banadon  for  the  Resseyte  of  the 
toneage  y*  ys  to  say  (xxxviij^  ij*^)  of  every 
li  ij^  sum  .  .  .  ,         .      iij^  ix"^ 

Itm  p*^  for  the  bryngyng  yn  of  the  Dane  and  for 

kepyng  of  the  same  Dane  shyp .  .         .  xx^ 

William  Berry  had  is.  pension  for  keeping  the  guns  for 

a  year. 

1496-7.     Richard  Orenge. 

The  Recorder  had  20s.  and  Bree  1 35'  4<:/.,  as  burgesses. 
'  Tawny  '  for  the  wayts,  i  id.  a  yard. 

Itm  p*'  to  aman  y*  was  send  vnto  Exeter  when 

the  Captyn  was  at  Exef  to  Spy  tydyngs       .        ij^  vj*^ 

Itm  p^  to    Thomas   Martyn   and  his  c5pany  to 

saylle  to  penle  to  speke  w*  m*"  Trefifrye .          .  XYJ"^ 

Itm  delyv'd  vnto  viij  me  y*  wer  send  by  y*^  mayer 
to  my  lord  of  devonshyr  yn  Cornewalle  to 
defende  pkyn  [Perkin  Warbeck]  ,         .    liii^  iiij*^ 

'Grene  Jaketts'  were  provided  them  at  ^d.  the  yard — 
8  yards  ;  and  of  '  whitt '  8  yards  at  jd.  the  yard. 

Commissioners  came  to  Plymouth  'to  se  the  quary  y* 
M""  Crocker  suyth  srteyne  me  of  y®  towne  for' 

1497-8.     Nicholas  Trelan. 

Itm  p*^  to  Rauffe  Gylbard  and  to  Richard  mewton 
collectorrs  of  the  ayde  for  my  lorde  of 
plympton  .  .  .         xxxj®  iiij'^ 

Itm  p*^  for  the  towne  vnto  the  Kyng's  collectours 

for  the  ayde  .  ...  xl* 

Itm  p*^  to  Symon  Artour  for  makyng  of  ij  quyshen 
clothys  for  m''  mayer  ys  pew  w*  y®  toune  ys 
armys  vppon  y"^  .  ...      \f  viij** 

Old  Audit  Book.  95 

Two  '  Goteyskynncs '  cost  \od.,  'flocks  to  fylle  them' 
\od.,  and  half  a  skin  of  gold  foil  6d. 

The  Mayor  went  to  Exeter  when  the  king  was  there,  at 
some  cost. 

Wm.  Stayner  had    \s.   for  painting  the  town   arms  on 
a  town  book. 
Itm  yn  wyne  to  my  lord  pnce  ys  Covncell  at  y® 

mayer  ys  housse  .  ...  xv"^ 

1498-9.     Harry  Hornebroke. 

A  gallows  cost  /\d.   in  timber,    \s.  for  making,  and    a 
pillory  3J'.  %d.  in  making. 
Item  for   a  ladder  to  peryn   Erie  to    hang  the 

thevys       .  .  .  .         .  x'' 

Item  p''  to  vj  men  to  go  to  the  Galowes  w*  Jagge  vj*^ 

Item  yn  ale  vppon  the  same  me         .  .         .  iiij*^ 

Item  yn  halter  for  to  hange  the  thefys  and  to 

bynde  ys  armys  .  .  .         .  v*^ 

Item  to  Russell  to  sett  y*^  ij  pson's  in  the  pelory  .  iiij*^ 

Item  to  John  Wylle  for  settyng  on  of  the  pson's 

ys  Geves  and  for  smytyng  of  the  same  .         .  vj** 

Item  p*^  to  John  Gryslyng  for  xxx  galons  iij  pts 

of  bastard   geven   to   Mr.    Bowryng    for   his 

comyng  hyder  to  do  execucion  vppon  Cornet 

&  Kelly    .  .  ...  xvij^  xj*^ 

Work  done  on  the  old  town  ward  tower,  the  castle 
generally,  and  the  '  byschoppe  ys  towre.' 

1 499- 1 500.      William  Carszvyll. 

The  mills  in  this  year  brought  £i<^;  alewyts  £^\ 
rollage  and  package  £1  los.;  market  los.;  pound  5^.  3^./ 
wynewyts  los.;  rents  of  assize  ^^13. 

John  hylle  gave  the  Mayor  and  his  brethren  ^3  for  an 
old  house;    Wm.  Brokyng   lOj-.  for  a  piece  of  ground  in 
bylbury  strete  ;    Richard  Gew  4s.  2d.  for  5  sheep.     Total 
receipts  for  the  year,  with  arrears,  ^^56  14^.  yd. 
Itm  ress  of  Roger  peyne  for  the  towne  custume 

for  xvj  doss  of  cloth  of  arrerage  .         .  xyj*^ 

Itm  for  turvys  for  makyng  of  the  butts  .         .  x* 

Itm  yn  mony  yeven  to  the  pvyncyall  of  the  whytt 

frers  for  a  sorman        .  ...  xx*^ 

Itm  for  a  pece  of  tyne  vayng  ij  C  q*  xix^'  for  the 

organys    .  ...  iij^'  vij^  x*^ 

Itm  p*^  to  William  Russell  which  putt  on  Wyllm 

Wellys  yn  to  the  pelory  .  .         .  ij*^ 

Total  spent  for  the  year  £4.^  os.  6d. 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

\\y  viij" 




iij^  iiij"^ 



1 5 00- 1.     John  Joseph. 
Item  more  y  gave  a  Reward  vn  to  my  lord  steward 

ys  sruant  for  bryngynge  of  a  buck  the  which 

my  lord  sent  vn  to  y*^  mey""  &  hs  bretheryn 
Itm  p"^  for  flour  to  bake  y*'  same  venyson 
Itm  p*^  for  pep  to  y®  same 
Itm  p**  for  trencherys 
Itm  p*^  for  bred    . 
Itm  p*^  for  Red  wyne 
Itm  p*^  clarett  wyne 

Item  p'^  to  byrdwoode  for  bakyng  of  y®  venson 
Itm  p'^  to  the  pryer  of  whytefryers  for  a  nelme 

for  ye  stokys  &  the  skytyng  stole 
Itm  p'^  for  a  chayr  to  y*^  skytyng  stole 
Itm  p*^*  for  iij  potellys  of  wyne  when  mast  barefote 

made  a  srmon 
Itm  p"^  to  Wyllm  Jen""  for  vj  dayes  do  to  make 

the  pale  yn  y®  markytt  strete 
Itm  p'*  for  makyng  clene  of  gogmagog 

Four  pence  spent  on  a  potell  of  wyne  for  two  chanons  of 
Plympton  ;  the  dean  of  Exeter  had  two  loaves  of  sugar 
and  three  gallons  of  wyne ;  ^d.  each  paid  for  setting  men 
in  the  pillory. 

1 501-2.     Nicolas  Trelan. 

Expenses  connected  with  the  landing  of  Katharine  of 
Arragon  entered  as  follows  : 
Itm  p*^  to  Richard  Gewe  for  vj  oxen  the  wich  wer 

p'sented  to  my  lady  prynces 
Itm  p*^  to  Gelam  Mellow  Bocher  for  xx  shepe  the 

wich  wer  p'sented  to  my  lady  prynces   .       xxxiij*  iiij'* 
Itm  pd  to  Willm  Chopyn  for  iiij  shepe  that  wer 

p'sented  to  my  lady  princs  .  .         .  viij^  viij*^ 

Itm  p'^  for  ij  hogeshedds  of  Gaston'  wyne  wich 

was  p'sented  to  my  lady  princs  .  .         .  xl' 

Itm  p*^  to  M"'  Yogge  for  a  hogshed  of  clarett  wyne 

p'sented  to  my  lady  princs  .  .         .  xvj^  viij*^ 

Itm  p*^  for  a  pipe  of  meskedell  p'sented  to  my 

lady  pryncs  .  .  .         .xlvj^viij*^ 

Itm  a  reward  to  the  pryncs  ys  mylstrells       .         .  ij* 

Itm  to  the  Erie  ys  mylstrells  of  Spayne        .         .  xx*^ 

Itm  to  the  pryncs  ys  ij  foteymen  at  his  deptynge  ij* 

Itm  delyu'yd  to  my  lady  pryncs  ys  amner  to  wryte 

oure  supplicacion  yn  Spaynysch  and  in  latyn, 

and  to  be  owr  salucyt'  .  .         .  x^ 

vi"  vj*  viij*^ 

Old  Audit  Book.  97 

Itm  a  reward  to  a   purcyfant   y'    brouft'  vs  y'^ 

kynges  lett's  .  ...      iij^  iiij** 

Itm  p**  to  the  bell  ryngers  for  my  lord  prynce  ys 

dyryge  and  at  masse  .  ...     xij'^  ob. 

Itm  p*^  to  VVillm  Tolle  to  bere  the  kynges  letters 

to  my  lord  Broke  at  Sherborne  ...  v^ 

Itm  p*^  to  Willm   Rogger  to   bere   letter  to   my 

lord  Broke  at  Excetre  .  .         .     iij^  iiij'^ 

Itm  p''  iij  galons  of  wyne  to  S''  Willm  Covrtenay, 

S''  John  Arundell  and  to  ij  gentylmen  of  the 

kynges  hous  .  ...  ij^ 

Itm  p*^  for  ij  hogsheddes  of  wyne  of  Bayon,  wich 

was  sent  to  my  lord  Broke  at  Bere  .  xxxiij^  iiij*^ 
Itm  for  ix  pegonys  to  amend  the  old  geld  hall, 

[subsequently  spoken  of  as  the  prison]  .          .  iij^ 

1502-3.     John  Brczvne. 
Itm  for  stelyng  of  the  greate  slagge  .  .         .  vjd 

Paynted  cloth  was  made  '  ageynst  my  lord  broke  ys 
comyng,'  and  the  guildhall  made  fine  with  plaster  of 
paris.  Watch  kept  when  the  '  ffrenchman  of  warre  chastyd 
yn  a  spaynard  of  warre.' 

1503-4.     John  Pozvne. 
Itm  for  mendyng  of  the  glasse  wyndow  yn  the 

Gldhall     .  .  .  .         .  itjd 

Walter  Bovy  had  13^'.  4^.  fee  for  keeping  the  castle, 
bulwarks,  and  guns  ;  and  £<^  6s.  3^.  was  spent  on  the 
bulwarks.  John  Style  had  26s.  8d.  as  a  burgess ;  Elford, 
town  attorney,  13^'.  4d.  as  a  burgess,  and  i^s.  4d.  for 
looking  after  the  town  afi'airs  in  London. 

1504-5.      TJwnias  Cocke.     Two  great  guns  bought  out  of 
Spain  under  indenture  with  the  gunmakers,  paid  for   by 
xxij  ' doss  of  whytts '  worth  £']  \\s.  8d.,  which  was  packed 
in  canvas  and  sent  to  Saltash  ;   customs  3^^.  6d.     '  Loops ' 
made  in  the  bulwarks  for  the  guns ;   and  the  end  of  the 
great  gun  calked  with  oakum,  with  a  piece  of  iron  nailed 
over  the  mouth  '  to  kepe  hym  close.' 
Itm  for  iij  chesys  sent  yn  Spayne  for  a  reward  to 
the  makers  of  y®  same  Gunys  prmysed  vppon 
the  bargyn  .  .  .         .  x"* 

1505-6.      TJwmas  Cocke. 
Itm   p*^  to  the  purcevant   for  bryngyng  of  the 
Kyngs  letf  when  the  kyng  of  Castell  landed 
here  .  .  .  .         .  ij^ 


98  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

A  messenger  sent  with  John  Style  into  Cornwall  to  lord 

The  freight  of  the  two  guns  from  Spain  cost  \\s.  and  \s. 
for  bringing  them  to  Plymouth  from  Ayshe. 
Itm  more  p*^  for  bred  and  drynke  for  caryng  of 

theym  from  the  watf  syde  to  the  Gldhall      .  iiij*^ 

1506-7.      Wat  P'diaux. 
Itm  p**  for  a  man  and  a  horsse  ij  tymes  to  go  for 
nicolas  Adam  of  loo  to  make  the  crosse  and 
the  vanys  on  y®  Stypell  .  .         .  xvj** 

The  iron  work  of  the  steeple  came  from  Plympton. 
Much  outlay  this  year  on  the  great  gun  and  bulwarks. 
Palmer,  mason,  had  2s.  for  six  days ;  Gundey,  labourer, 
8^.  for  four  days. 

1507-8.     John  Gryslynge. 
It  for  XX  quarters  of  Stone  cole  for  the  kyll  at 

Castell  pee  the  qtr  xx'^  sum        .  .       xxxiij^  iiij^ 

New  gowns  provided  for  the  wayts. 

Differences  arose  with  men  of  Plympton  as  to  the  land- 
leave,  and  Lord  Broke  was  spoken  to.  An  acre  of  wood 
at  Cutheyll  bought  of  Pers  Edgcumbe  for  ^5. 

1508-9.     StepJiyn  Pers. 
Itm  rec^   of  dyu's   straungs  this  yere    Ivj   hake 
gyven  to  the  Cawsse  which  were  dryed  & 
solde  for       .  .  ...     v'f  v\\f 

This  is  the  first  of  many  similar  entries. 
It  p*^  to  maisf  mayre  for  his  pencyon  this  yere 
beside  v''  p*^  for  the  m'cyments  yn  full  pay- 
ment of  x''  .  ,  .         .  v" 
This  is  also  the  first  of  many  similar  entries, 
Wm.  Mower,  helyer,  paid  6d.  a  day  and  to  find  himself 
Another  acre  of  wood  bought  of  Mr.  Edgcombe,  who 
sent  the  Mayor  and  his  brethren  venison. 
Itm  for  mete  and  drynke  for  the  beggers  that  labored 

abowte  makynge  clene  of  the  Castell  a  daye  .  iiij*^ 

The  Cawse  pynned  and  pointed  by  Newcomb  the  mason 
and  his  fellows  ;  and  stones  fetched  from  Prince  Rock  for 
the  Castle. 
Itm  for  makyng  of  a  pew  yn  the  Churche  for  m"" 

mayre       .  .  ...  xx* 

Itm  for  makyng  of  a  Cage  for  scolds  .         .  jij' 

Old  Audit  Book.  99 

1509-10.  Win.  Randell. 
It  delyu'yd  to  John  Bryan  for  harry  Strete  and 
hym  beyng  burges  of  plement  for  the  towne 
for  ther  labo""  and  Expencs  durynge  the 
^plement  and  for  rewards  and  pleasurs  gyven 
to  dyu's  lords  of  the  Courte  to  be  fryndely  to 
the  toune .  .  .  .         .  x^' 

It  delyu'yd  to  Willum  bulle  to  by  ij  gvnnes  yn 
Spayn  for  the  towne  iij*'  &  do  of  hake  vj^  for 
the  C  pee  the  C  (xiij^  iiij*^)  sm'^    .  .  xlvj®  viij'* 

Men  worked  in  John  Paynter's  close  'for  the  conveyance 
of  the  waf  yn  to  the  way.' 

£\2  paid  for  two  mill  stones  out  of  'Roan'  for  the 
town  mills;  custom  for  the  same  $s. ;  a  '  peyre  of  hose- 
cloth  '  given  to  the  man  who  brought  them  2s. 

1 5 1 0- 1 1 .     Joh  n  Paivlyn. 
Itm  for  a  hoggshed   of  bayne  wyne  which   was 
dronke  yn  the  m'kett  at  the  ^cession  for  the 
byrthe  of  the  prynce    .  .  .         .  xiij^  iiij** 

Four  gallons  of  Rompney  at  '^d.  were  also  drank  the 
same  time. 

Itm  for  makynge  of  the  butts  at  howe  .         .      iij^  iiij*^ 

A  new  pan  weighing  26  lb.  sold  for  A^d.  the  lb. ;  a 
brasen  pot  weighing  41  lb.  at  2d.  the  lb. 

1 5 1 1  - 1 2.     John  Bnllezvyke. 
Itm  rec**  of  the  pryo'"  of  plympton  gyven  towarde 

the  repacon  of  the  Cawsey  .  .         .  xl^ 

Itm  Rec*^  of  Rogger  Beare  of  plympton  for  xij 

quarts  of  Colys  &  vj  bushell  pee  the  quarf 

ij^  ij*^  sm* .  ...  xxvij^  vj*^ 

Rent  of  '  Soure  pole  mylls'  entered  at  £21. 
Itm  to  John  the  mason  and  Edward  Salerman  for 

iij  tydes  at  the  Cawssey.  .  .         ,  ix** 

A  quarry  broken  within  the  new  bulwark.  The  new 
Cawse  mentioned  and  '  grete  stones '  brought  there.  A 
dry  wall  made  in  the  Castle  from  Old  Town  tower  to 
Venar  tower  ;  and  a  new  house  put  up  at  the  Cawsey — 
masons'  labourers  had  <Sd.  a  day,  as  it  was  harvest-time. 
Itm  for  a  cheyne  of  Jren  for  the  Cawssey  weyenge 

viij'^  j  quart'"  viij^*^  at  (j^  q'')  the  lb.  .      iiij'^  xvij^  ij"^ 

Itm  to  ij  Carpyntes  for  makynge  of  the  frame  for 

the   bell   at   Seynt   Katyn   Chapell   ij   dayes 

eu'ry'of  them  (vj**)  a  daye  &  fynde  them  selffe  ij^ 

100  PlymoiitJi  Municipal  Records. 

Work  done  on  Thykpeny's  bulwark,  the  new  bulwark, 
and  the  west  bulwark. 

Itm  to  John  Gryslyng  for  a  hoggshed  of  wyne 
which  was  sett  a  broche  &  dronken  vppon 
the  key  when  the  pryo*"  of  plympton  &  his 
Company  were  Tiere  to  rescewe  the  town 
when  it  was  said  the  Frenshemen  had  brende 
Fowey       .  .  ...  xx^ 

Itm  for  ale  to  dyu's  men  that  holpe  to  Slynge  the 

grete  stonys  at  the  Cawssey        .  .         .  viij'' 

Itm  p''  to  the  hermyte  of  Seynt  Katyn  to  mende 
the  tyle  yn  the  Chapell  the  which  was  broken 
w*  the  gvnne  .  ...  iiij** 

Itm  p'*  to  the  pson  of  Rame  for  the  waccheman  at 
y^  penlee       .  .  ...        xviij'' 

Itm  to  the  Spaynarde  for  carage  of  stones  to  the 

Cawssey   .  .  ...        xxij*^ 

John  Gryslyngs  servant  drowned  'yn  Slyngynge  of 
Stonys  for  the  Caussey.' 

Itm  for  vj  newe  Ors  for  the  bote        .  .         .      ij^  viij** 

Itm    to   palm'"  &    his   man   at  the    Cawssey   for 

makynge  of  gvnne  stonys  x  dayes  .         .  ix^ 

Edward  Peryn  of  Totnes  taken  up  on  suspicion  of  felony 
because  he  had  certain  gold  on  him,  and  sent  to  Exeter. 
The  Recorder  had  ^^3  i^^s.  6d.  'because  he  labored  that 
the  towne  had  the  golde  which  was  taken  w*  the  same 
man  ' ;  and  twenty-one  *  dokatts '  of  the  money  were  given 
to  John  Gryslynge,  and  went  to  the  'repacon  of  the 

1 5 1 2- 1 3.     Thomas  Bulk. 

Itm  Rec"^  of  Docto"^  Barber  the  whiche  he  gave 
towarde  the  makynge  of  the  dike  at  howe  by 
the  waf  side  .  ...  xij*^ 

Itm  to  Stephyn  Rede  at  Aysshe  passage  for  iij 
qrtes  of  lyme  to  the  'newe  lope  for  the 
portyngal  gvnne  at  x*^  the  qrf  .  .         .        ij*  vj** 

Itm  for  xj  molds  of  tymber  to  make  gvnne  stonys 

by  •  .  ...  xx*^ 

A  gun  under  'Seynt  Katyns'  mentioned,  'John  Walshe 

is   bullework,'   the    'gvnne   of  loostrete   warde,'   and    the 

'westmasto'    gun.       Gun    stones    were    supplied    at     \d. 

each.     Two  guns  were  bought  of  John   Ilcomb  for  ^^8; 

gun   chambers  are  frequently  mentioned,  and   a    'slynge 

Old  Audit  Book.  lOi 

chamber.'  The  watchman  at  Rame  had  2s.  for  his  year's 
wages,  and  4^.  '  for  a  rewarde  to  come  &  geve  warnyng  of 
shypps  at  see.' 

Itm  for  a  barell  of  ale  &  for  bredde  to  make  the 
men  of  Stonehouse  to  drynke  when  they 
were  here  at  mavster  .  ...  iij'* 

Itm  for  copyll  of  Capons,  of  Chekons 

and  for  puffyns  for  a  ^sent  to  my  lorde 
Admyrall  &  for  a  Fissher  bote  to  sett  m"^ 
mayre  &  his  company  a  borde  my  lorde  is 
shyp  .  .  ,  .         .     xij^  vj*^ 

Itm  for  a  kusshen  of  Carpett  worke  for  m''  mayre 

is  pewe     .  .  ...  iiij^ 

1 5 13-14.  Jolui  Ilcoinb. 
M°  that  ther  was  taken  ovvte  of  a  Flemyng  shyp 
this  yere  yn  the  tyme  of  warre  vj  Frenshe 
men  pson's  w*  the  which  was  taken  of  ther 
goods  yn  the  said  shyp  viij  butts  &  j  hoggshed 
of  Romney  where  oon  butt  went  to  vlage  the 
other  so  remayned  but  vij  butts  &  j  hoggshed 
of  the  whiche  ther  was  solde  to  dyu's  psons 
vj  butts  &  j  hoggshed  pee  for  the  butte 
\\\f  mf-  &  the  hoggshed  for  xxij®  iiij*^  sm^      xvij"  iij^  iiij*^ 

Itm  Rec*^  of  oon  of  the  forsaide  Frenshemen  that 
were  taken  pson's  yn  the  said  Flemyng  shyp 
the  which  was  a  pilott  yn  the  same  shyp  for 
his  Raunson  (xls)  &  of  ij  other  of  them  (xx®) 
a  pece  beside  oon  of  them  that  dyed  &  beside 
ij  of  them  the  whiche  went  home  for  their 
Raunson  and  came  not  ageyn    .  .         .  iiij'* 

Six  other  Frenchmen  paid  xx^  each  ransom,  one  each 
being  taken  out  of  a  Spanish  and  a  Flemish  ship,  and 
four  taken  prisoners  by  the  towne.  The  master  of  the 
Fleming  had  ;^3  \os.  for  the  wine;  which  was  put  into 
John  Paynter's  court.  John  Palmer  took  the  last  cask  in 
payment  for  work  on  the  Cawssey. 
Itm  to  a  man  to  make  vppe  the  fifyre  bekyn  .  j*^ 

Wm.  Randall's  gun  and  John  Ilcomb's  gun  named  ;  also 
*  Stephen  Pers  is  gonne ' — he  held  the  town  barne  by  the 
howe.  A  good  deal  of  timber  used  on  the  bulwarks. 
'  Gun  stones '  fetched  from  the  Moor  ;  in  after  years  made 
of  Staddon  stone.  A  messenger  sent  to  London  to  know 
if  a  Danish  ship  should  leave  or  not,  had  \6s. 

I02  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

1 5 14- 1 5      Thomas  Sayer. 

John  Ilcombe  for  'tabelynge'  five  Frenchmen  and  four 
men  eight  weeks  had  \^s.  A^d.     A  Fleming  who  told  the 
Mayor  that  the  six  Frenchmen  were  in  the  Flemish  ship 
had  \s.  6d.     Two  trusses  of  furze  cost  iid.     John  Lucas, 
sergeant,  had  8</.  for  cutting  gogmagog. 
Itm  for  bredde  &  drynke  for  peter  hare  and  other 
Gunne's  at  the  chargyng  of  the  gvnnys  when 
the  Spaynarde  shipps  were  comyng  yn  ageyn 
aff   that    Thomas    Rowland    &    Fote   were 
slayne.    [A  commission  sat  on  the  Spaniards.]  iij** 

[The  guns  were  taken  backwards  and  forwards  to  the 
Hoe  from  the  Guildhall,  &c.,  as  required.] 

1 515-16.     jfohi  Lane. 

Several  entries  touching    'makynge   of  the  ffrounte   of 
the  Guyldehall.' 
It  payd  to  the  glasyer  for  glas  &  glasynge  of  the 

holes  brokyn  yn  the  guyldehall  wyndow        .         xiiij'^ 
It  for  apples  for  the  ladds  that  M*"  Mayre  had 

aboute  w*  hym  when  he  vewyd  the  Francheyse 

[similar  entries  subsequently]     ...  j*^ 

It  gyuyn  in  Rewarde  to  the  Kyngs  Bereherde      .  v^ 

It  in   Rewarde  to  luskum   for  his  dogge  at  the 

bere  baytynge  .  ...  iiij'^ 

15 16-17.     Henry  Harvy. 

The  mill  cause  repaired.     A  'brytton  bote'  taken.     The 
third  mace  mentioned  as  borne  in  the  mayoralty  of  John 
Paynter.     Seven  pounds  of  rope  for  '  seynt  Katyn  is  bell ' 
cost  ']d. 
It   for  pers  apples  and  notts  for  chylder  to  go 

aboute  the  Franchise  .  ...  iij^ 

It  for  ale  the  same  ty me     .  .  .         .  ij'^ 

1 5 17-18.     Nichas  Trelan. 

It  p'^  for  Castyng  downe  &  makyng  ageyne  of  the 
oldewall  by  the  Fryers  lane  &  rydding  of  the 
strete  there  to  ij  workemen  a  grote        .         .        v*  iij^ 

It  p*^  for  a  man  &  his  Oxen  to  fetche  one  of  the 
grete  slyngs  fro  m**  paynt'  is  palls  to  the  hall 
pale  .  .  ...  iiij*^ 

It  p''  to  William  Annys  in  full  paym*  of  a  goune 
that  was  bought  for  venos  warde  &  aft'  solde 
to  the  towne  .  ...  xx*^ 

Old  Audit  Book.  103 

1 5 18-19.     Peter  Grisly ng. 
Itm  Rec   of  Willm    Randall  &  Willm   lake  for 
londlyff  of  ij  ton  &  a  pype  of  yron  (xx**)  & 
for  Ix  quart's  of  Cole  ij*  vj'^         .  ,         .       iiij*  ij'* 

It  for  drynke  to  the  Company  that  sett  home  the 

Towne  Gonnes  fro  the  how         .  .          .  iiij** 

It  p**  to  Masf  Jerman  of  Exett'"  for  arrs  of  his 
paymet  to  hym  due   at  thexecucion  of  the 
Spaynards  in  the  tyme  of  Willm  Brokyng  m'"     vj"  viij'* 
It  p'*  for  Salt  for  hake  of  the  Castyll  at  dyu'se 

tymes  .  .  ...        xviij** 

It  for  calkynge  of  the  lopys  of  the  grete  bulwark  xi** 

It  for  a  waynescott  for  the  kyngs  armes         .         .  viij* 

It  for  makyng  of  the  same  .  .          .  viij* 

It  for  golde  to  paynt  the  same  .  .         .       vj^  vj"* 

It  for  a  Reward  to  Jelys  &  his  company  for 
shutyng  of  ordenns  when  my  lord  broke 
was  hyre      .  .  ...  xvj** 

It  for  mourestones  to  stand  at  the  bonds       .         .     vj^  viij^ 

1519-20.     John  Charclton. 
It  p**  for  bryngyng  vp  of  the   Skoldynge    stole 

from  Wm  Pulls  Kaye  to  the  guyldehall  pale 
It  p**  for  berynge  of  ij  Gonne  Chambers  from  the 

west  how  to  the  grete  bulworke  .         .  ij** 

A  suit  by  the  '  pshe  of  Seynt  Mary  of  plympton  wrong- 
fully Imposd  ageynst  vs  &  or  pshe  for  Repacion  of  the 
Churche  yarde  wall  of  Plympton.' 

1520-21.     Henry  Harvy. 

It    p*^    to    Rogg    Elforde   town   attorney   for    his 

pensyon        .  .  ...  xiij*  iiij^ 

It    delyuryd    to    m""    Bykporte    to    pcure    a   new 

Comysshon  for  the  Towne  walls  .         .  xx^ . 

It  for  thattachment  of  one  button  beynge  a 
vacabonde  for  his  fyndyng  &  the  Inqsicion 
of  the  tales  that  he  tolde  apon  his  attachyng 
[horse  hire  to  London  4'^J  ...  v^ 

A  dispute  occurred  between  Plymouth  and  Dartmouth 
concerning  the  landleave,  which  came  before  the  Sessions 
at  Exeter. 

It  p**  to  Symon  Wering  for  hys  labo''  aboute  the 
ordenns  shotyng  at  my  lorde  bysshopp  beyng 
here  .  .  .  .         .  xvj'* 


104  Plytnoutk  Municipal  Records. 

The  Mayor  and  others  rode  to  Chudleigh  to  give  the 
bishop  a  present. 
It  payd  for  v  gresyd  Congers  for  my  sayde  lorde 

of  Exetter  is  present  .  .         .  xxj^ 

It  for  ij*''  of  swete  Orynges  &  ij"  of  seure  orynges       iij^  iiij*^ 
It  for  a  box  of  fyne  marmalade         .  .         .  ij^ 

It  for  ij  potts  of  consrua    . 
It  for  a  frayle  of  grete  Fygs 
It  for  xx"  of  Reasons  of  the  son 
It  pd  for  the  Caryeng  of  the  same  present 

1521-22.     Henry  Ley. 

'Whytleys  kyll '  and  the  bedesmans  house  mentioned 
Much  expenditure  on  guns. 
It  p*^  to  aysheley  for  makyng  of  the  portyngale 

gonne  chambre  in  Spayne  .  .  .  xv' 

It  p'^  for  a  Rope  to  wynde  vp  the  chayne  weyeng 

Ixvi  lb.  .  .  ... 

It  for  a  staple  to  Waye  vp  the  chayne  weyeng 

ix^^  of  yren  at  (I'^ob)  the  pounde 
It  gyuyn  in   Rewarde  to  the  dyver  that  dyvyd 

vnder  wat"^    .  .  ... 

It  for  a  greate  yarde  to  lye  w*  the  Chayne  at  the 

cawse  .  .  ... 

It  for  Ivj  of  yrework  for  the  end  of  the  yarde 

A  carpenter  had  3i-.  6d.  at  'jd.  a  day  'to  make  the 
Wyndyng  for  the  cheyne  at  the  cawse/  timber  costing  2d. 
Iron  put  on  the  mast  of  the  cawse  and  'balche'  provided 
for  the  rope  of  the  chain  ;  \s.  paid  for  carrying  the  chain 
to  and  from  the  cawse,  and  \6d.  to  Shuge  for  mending  it. 
Nails  and  spikes  bought  for  the  end  of  the  sayleyarde. 

1522-3.     Robert  Dyghton. 

Powder  bought  of  a  Spaniard.  Coke  the  smith  had  4^-. 
for  making  35  'pylletts'  of  iron  for  the  'slynge.' 

The  watchman  of  Rame  had  4^-.  for  his  year's  wages, 
and  \s.  for  his  labour  in  coming  to  Plymouth  sundry 

It  for  iiij  Congers  w*  marmalade  &  other  things 
sent  to  my  lorde  of  exetter  for  a  |,)sent 
[carriage  ij^]  .  .  .  xviij®  iiij*^ 

It  p**  for  Caryage  of  the  felon  to  exetf  y*  was 

takyn  owte  of  the  greyfryers      .  .         .  x^ 

It  for  hangyng  vp  the  maste  at  the  cause      .  iij*^ 

It  for  a  chayne  for  the  Cawsey  weyeng  i°  viij^     .  xx' 










Old  Audit  Book.  105 

It  for  a  smal  chayne  for  the  mast  vveyeng  xxiij"     ij^  x"^  ob 
Itm  payed  for  a  Bembe  for  the  Bulworkes  that 
goyeth  on  &  on  the  greate  bulworke  vnder 
Seynt  Katyns  .  ...      ij^  viij*^ 

1523-4.     Joliu  Clawe. 

Thomas  Bull  paid  22d.  for  22  hake  gathered  for  the 
causeway  by  him  in  his  mayoralty.  Recorder's  pension 
£\  6s.  Sd. ;  attorney's  13^'.  4^. 

Itm  for  a  Rope  &  new  makyng  the  Wyndlez  of 

the  Cheyne  .  ...  xij'^ 

Itm  gyuyn  in  Reward  to  the  Kyngs  Joculars        .     vj^  viij^ 

Itm  in  Rewarde  to  hym  that  Caryed  the  Kyngs 

Camell  .  .  .  .         .  ij^ 

Itm  in  Reward  to  the  wayts  on  mydsom""  nyght 

watch  .  .  ...  vij^ 

Itm  p*^  for  pap  threde  &  Caryng  of  gonnys  in  to 
the  Churche  Yarde  &  makynge  of  wyldefyre 
at  the  VVatche  .  .  .         .  xij*^ 

Itm  p*^  for  wyne  sent  to  the  Commyssoners  at  the 

Fryers  .  .  ...  xv*^ 

1524-5.      William  Haukyns. 

Total  received  with  arrears  £6}^  3i-.  \d. ;  spent  £60  <^s. 

Itm  Receyuyd  of  Walter  Ad^m  Srgeant  in  the 
tyme  of  Thomas  Bull  m""  in  full  payemt  of 
the  pquysits  of  the  coale  by  hym  gatheryd 
that  yere  ou""  &  beside  v®  ix*^  ^pdonyd  to 
Thomas  bole  .  .  .         .       x®  vij^ 

19^-.  \od.  received  for  ransom  of  a  frenchman  taken  by 

William   Bull.      A  '  portyngale '  paid  6s.  for  '  gonpouldre 

wastyng.'     Two  pottles  of  wyne  to  '  my  lady  Trevanyan  ' 

cost  1 .5-.  \d. 

Itm    for   Caryng   of   a   hogg'^    of    wyne    to   the 

Vycarage      .  .  ...  iiij^ 

Itm  p*^  for  iij  gallons  of  wyne  sent  to  Sr  pyers 
Eggecombe  &  to  my  lady  his  wyfif  at  theyre 
fyrst  home  comyng     .  ...  iij^ 

Itm  for  a  hoggd  of  Gascoyne  wyne  gyuyn  to  my 

lady  Eggecombe  .  .  .       xxxiij^  iiij'* 

Itm    for   a   hoggd   of    wyne    gyuyn    to    Master 

Vycar  .  .  .  .       xxxiij^  iiij*^ 

Itm  p'^in  Restitucion  to  the  Towne  of  Dartemouthe 
for  landelyfe  taken  before  thappoyntemtmade 
betwyxt  vs  .  ...  vj^ 

io6  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

It  p^  for  1*=  of  Wode  at  the  Tryvmphe  .          .        xviij*^ 

It  for  a  hoggd  of  Wyne  &  Caryage  of  the  same 

at  y®  tryomphe  .  ...    xx^  iiij*^ 

1525-6.     Robert  Pers. 

Two  shillings  given  to  a  pursuivant  who  brought  news 
of  the  peace.  Pyper  and  Clouter  mended  the  Kokyng 

1526-7.     Christopher  AToore. 
It  p*^  to  M""  Mayre  &  his  breth^*'  for  theyre  costs 
rydyng  to   Exetter  ffor   reformacion   of  the 
Tymes  .  .  .  .         xxvj^  viij** 

It  p*^  for  vpysettyng  [setting-up]  of  a  Clok  in  the 
yeldhall  &  for  the  same  Clok  bought  of 
Ric  laurence  .  .  .  xxiiij^  vj*^ 

It  p**  for  Weyer  for  the  Clok  .  .         .  xv*^ 

It  p**  for  yreworke  for  the  Clok  to  Coke  the  Smyth  xv'^ 

It  p**  for  nayles  for  the  Clok  frame    .  .         .      iiij''  ob 

Itm  p*^  for  Clensyng  &  ryddyng  of   gogmagog 

apon  ye  howe  .  ...  viij** 

1527-8.    John  Thomas. 

Itm  Rec  of  master  herford  for  the  Clok  of  the 

yeld  hall  that  he  bought  of  the  Towne  xxvj^  viij*^ 

Itm  Rec  of  tharrogosye  [theargosy]  for  defendynge 
theyre  shyp  ageynst  the  Frenshemen  that 
wold  have  taken  her    .  .  xvj''  xiij^  iiij*^ 

Itm  Rec  of  ij  Spaynards  for  lyke  defens       .         xxvj^  viij^ 

Itm  p*^  for  wyne  at  the  welcom  of  the  Frenshe 
Kyngs  capteynes  when  they  were  comaundyd 
to  com  a  lond  out  of  theyre  shipps  to  be 
spoken  w^all  for  the  peace  to  be  kept  w*n 
the  porte      .  .  .  .         .  ij* 

Itm  p'^  ffor  fyndyng  of  the  said  Capteynes  & 
theyre  Sruants  iij  dayes  when  they  were 
kept  alond  ageynst  theyre  wylls  .         xxvj^  viij*^ 

Itm  spent  in    wyne  when  the  frenshemen  went 

hens  .  .  ...  xij** 

Itm  spent  in  wyne  when  the  Spaynards  p^'  theyre 

money  .  .  ...  xxj*^ 

'Vlage'  for  two  butts  of   malmsey    sold  by  the  town 

45-.  yd. ;   2od.  spent  in  wine  on  the  prior  of  Bodmin  ;   a  new 

bulwark  made  at  the  Hoe. 

The  bulwarks  were  manned   to   defend   the   'arrogosye 

ageynst  the  ffrenshemen '  by  Stephen  Pers,  William  Bull, 

Old  Audit  Book.  107 

Christopher  Moore,  WilHam  Hawkyns,  John  Pers,  Richard 
Horswell,  Simon  Weryng,  Richard  Gerrard,  Nicholas  Sark, 
Langharne,  and  Lawrence,  with  men  waiting  on  them. 
Wm.  Hawkyns  sold  the  town  196  lbs.  of  gunpowder  at 
6d.  a  pound. 
Itm  p''  for  John  Tasses  longbote  &  his  maryners 

to  Rowe  the  mayer  &  his  brether  to  plympton  xx** 

1528-9.     John  Pers. 
Itm  p'^  to  Willm  Bull  to  Ryde  in  to  Cornewall 

to  fifatche  the  Copye  of  Jabyen's  Chauntry    .      iij^  iiij"* 
Itm  in  Reward  to  VVyllm  Ayshlegh  to  bere  the 

Charf  to  exetter  for  the  matf  in  varyans  be- 

twyxt  theTowne  of  plympton  &  vs  for  Cou'age  ij^ 

Itm  gyuyn  inRewardetothedukeof  Suffolkes  srunt 

w*"  the  Daunsynge  bere  &  the  dausyng  wyff    .  xx** 

Wm.  Hawkyns  had  ^^8  in  part  payment  for  two  guns 
sold  the  town. 

A  shilling  was  received  of  a  Spaniard  for  a  '  fray ' ; 
3i".  ^d.  of  John  Norton  for  a  'bloodshed';  \s.  of  '  lewys 
meadowes  &  the  ij  pegons  for  Carde  playenge ' ;  2od.  for 
a  window  forfeited  to  the  town  in  deodand  ;  6s.  8d.  for  the 
fynes  of  henry  martyne,  John  mone,  Robert  hmptoy  & 
Alst  Saunder,  brewers,  for  '  brekyng  of  the  asseyse  of  ale.' 

1529-30.     Thomas  Sayer. 

The  '  Guners  gonne'  \Os.  ;  Cleansing  of  gogmagog  8</.y 
Hawkins  had  another  ^8  for  the  brass  guns. 

1 5 30- 1.      Thos.  Synion. 

John    Pollard    and    Thos.    Vowell    paid    as    burgesses ; 

the  latter  at  \6d.  a  day. 

It  p^  for  a  Carpytt  of  Doznek  for  the  Table  in  the 

geldehall  to  henry  harvy  .  .         ,      iij^  \\\f- 

It  p*^  for  a  new  payre  of  mylstones  bought  for  the 

new  horsemylls  .  .  .       iiij^^  vj^  viij*^ 

It  p*^  for  S'"  pyrse  Eggecombs  dynn'"  when  he  had 
Communycacion  with  master  mayre  &  his 
Councell  of  o*"  lybertye  of  o*"  water  of  soure 
pole  mylls  .  ...  x^ 

153  [-2.     John  Bovy. 

A  Horse  forfeited  as  deodand  sold  for  6s.  8d. 
Itm  Receyued  for  a  broken  Chalice  that  was  solde 
in  pte  of  payment  for  the  dett  due  by  the 
Churche  to  the  Towne  wayeng  xvij  vncs  & 
iij  qters  price  the  vnce  iij*  vj'^      .  .         .  iij''  ij^  ij'* 

io8  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  Rec  for  a  strayer  nag  that  was  sold        .         .      iij^  \\\f 
It  p'^  to  M''  Brokyng  to  acquyte  home  a  broken 

chalice  that  lay  w*  hym  to  pledge  .         .  xxv^ 

1532-3.     Lucas  Cock. 

Wm.  Hawkins,  sergeant,  had  Zd.  for  cutting  gogmagog. 

1533-4.      Thomas  Clowter. 

Itm  p'^  to  the  pryo""  &  Covent  for  theyre  pension 

for  half  a  yere  due  at  Ester  last  past      .   xiij^'  xiij^  iiij*^ 

Itm  p*^  to  the  same  pryo''  &  Covent  for  theyre 
pension  ffor  thother  half  yere  from  Ester  to 
mighelmas  after  xx^'  a  yere  for  as  moche  as 
the  Towne  is  now  hensforth  yerely  discharged 
for  on  of  (ix^'  vj^  viij'^)  by  acte  of  |)lyament 
that  past  this  yere        .  .  .         .  x'' 

It  p*^  for  iij  qrtors  hake  sent  to  m""  Crumwell         .  xx^ 

A  dispute  with  Plympton  Priory  was  left  to  the 
award  of  Sir  Wm.  Courtenay,  Sir  Piers  Edgcumb,  and 

1534-5-     Thos.  Byrte. 
It  p*^  for  srten  dry  hake  sent  to   m''  Secretary 

[Cromwell]  .  ...  xiij^  iiij'^ 

It  p*^  for  cariage  of  the  same  from  hense  to  london  xij*  viij^ 

'Vowell  and  his  adherents  would  have  sued  out  a  quo 
zvarranto  against  the  town.'  ^4  3.^.  /^d.  received  for  25 
ounces  of  plate — '  Receyued  of  the  prysts  comen  store,' 
and  delivered  in  payment  by  Xpofer  Moore. 

1535-6.     Thomas  My  Us. 

It  p*^  for  the  Custom  of  a  shypp  of  whete  that 
wold  not  have  discharged  his  whete  here 
onles  he  were  discharged  as  well  of  the 
kyngs  Customs  &  subsydye  as  of  all  other 
customs    .  .  ...  xv^ 

It  p*^  for  the  exequyes  holden  and  kepte  fifor  the 
soule  of  S""  Wyllm  Cortenay  Knyght  in  his 
lyff  tyme  a  speciall  good  master  to  the 
Towne      .  .  .  .         .        vj^  x*^ 

£  I  paid  for  a  new  '  lygger '  [the  Black  Book]  and 
writing  into  it  all  that  was  in  the  old. 

Wm.  Somaster,  Thos.  Symon,  Wm.  Venour,  Peter 
Grysling,  and  Antony  Burre,  and  his  wife,  brought  suits 
against  the  town. 

Old  Audit  Book.  109 

1536-7.     John   Ude. 

Itm  Rec  for  the  'Castell  hake  reed  of  Straunge 
bots  that  mored  themselffe  w*n  the  Caussey 
this  yere   .  ...         vij*  ix*^  ob 

Word   came  to   the  Mayor  that    'James  Horsvvell  was 

comaunded  to  avoyde  the  towne.'     Pillory  made.     Harry 

Bold  bought  brasen  guns   in    Flanders.      Dispute  in   port 

between  French  and  Spanish  ships. 

Itm  for  a  potell  of  Clarett  wyne  and  a  potell  of 
white  wyne  gevyn  to  S""  pers  Eggecorab  the 
pryo""  of  plympton  and  other  gentlemen  when 
they  sate  yn  Comyssyon  at  the  white  frers    .  viij*^ 

1537-8.     Henry  Marty ti. 

Twelve  shillings  paid  as  tonnage  by  an  Alicant  ship  that 
grounded  within  the  Cawsey. 
Itm  gyuyn  in  Rewarde  to  the  Ouenes  Srunt  that 
brought  the  quenes  letters  of  newes  of  the 
byrthe  of  oure  moste  noble  pnce  Edward       .      \\f  v']^ 
Itm  p''  for  settynge  vp  of  the  morestone  of  the 
m'ke  of  the  lyberty  that  stonds  at  lypston 
brydge      .  .  .  .         .  ij*^ 

Letters  from  the  king  to  restrain  piracy;  two  watchmen 
had  iiij*^  'that  watched  the  water  syde  for  pyratts.' 

1538-9.     John  Brokyng. 
Itm  for  a  ffustyan  blankett  &  for  a  harte  of  Sylu"" 

and  gilte  whiche  was  taken  from  lytell  Rawe 

the  taylo""  for  an  Excheyte  to  the  Towne       .  vj^ 

Itm   p'^  for  caryeng   of  Thomas   mychelson   the 

clerke  to  the  bysshop  of  Exeters  pryson         .        x^  vj*^ 
Itm    p*^    for   caryeng    of    a    grey    Freere    to    the 

Gayle  of  launceston  for  suspecyon  of  treason     iiij^  iiij*^ 
Itm  p*^  for  a  paynted  pap  to  sett  apon  the  hed  of 

Richard  Clowter  gardyn'  for  open  |)iury         .  vj*^ 

Divers  '  platts  of  the  Towne  and  porte '  made. 
Itm  p*^  for  a  Carpytt  gevyn  in  the  Townes  name 

to  my  lady  Russell  at  my  lords  welcome  to 

this  Contrey  .  ...  vij" 

Lord  Arundell  came  to  the  town  as  well  as  the  lord 
president,  and  salutes  were  fired.  Last  payment  made  to 
prior  of  Plympton.  .— . .,  ■  ■  -  -  - 

Itm  p*^  to  Thomas  the  Sexton  by  the  graunte  of 

the  mayre  and  the  ConsuU  of  the  towne         .  xiij^ 

1 1  o  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

y\y  Speckott's    'house   in    the   vyntry   pluckyd    downe 
by  the  kyngs  enquest.' 

1539-40.     John  Keynshani. 

here  follow*'^  thaccompte  of  willm  hawkyns,   m'chaunt, 

made  before  the  auditors  in  the  tyme  of  John   Thomas 

mayre  a"  xxxij  h  viij  of  certen  of  the  Churche  Juells  & 

other  thyngs  to  the  said  willm  hawkyns  delyu'yd  in  the 

tyme  of  his  laste  mayraltie  a°  xxx  h  viij. 

ffirste  delyu'yd  to  the  said  Willm  hawkyns  a 
Chalice  belongyng  to  o""  lady  store  ij  Cruetts 
of  Silu""  a  lytell  pax  of  Silu'"  the  Roode  shoes 
a  Crowne  for  the  ymage  of  o""  lady  certen 
small  beds  stones  of  Silu''  a  Crucifix  of  Silu"", 
a  bokyll  &  a  pendant  of  a  gurdell  weyeng   lix  vncs  &  do 

Itm  more  delyu'yd  to  the  said  willm  hawkyns  an 
olde  Crosse  that  stode  yn  the  hande  of  the 
ymage  of  Seynt  Savyo*"  weyeng  i  vnce  &  iij  qrtrs 

Itm  more  delyu'yd  to  hym  certen  offeryng  pens  & 
a  lytell  shype  of  Silu*"  hangyng  apon  Seynt 
Clers  cloth  weyeng      .  .  .      i  vnce  &  do 

Itm  more  delyu'yd  to  hym  by  the  hands  of  Thomas 
Clowter  a  Chalice  that  was  at  o""  lady  chapell 
at  quary  well  weyeng  .  .  xij  vnces 

Sm''  Ixxiij  vncs  &  iij  qrtrs 

The  which  was  sold  one  w*^''  a  nother  for  iij^  and 
iiij*^  the  vnce 

Sm^  of  the  money  xij^'  ix*  ij"* 

Itm  more  the  said  willm  hawkyns  had  of  Seynt 

Clers  store   .  .  ...  xliij®  xi** 

Itm  more  he  had  &  rec  of  John  bovy  for  wax  of 

Seynt  Clers  taj>s  and  other  taps  .         .     viij^  ix** 

Sm^  Iij®  ix^' 
Sm*  Tot^  Rec  by  the  said  willm  hawkyns  xv^'  xxiiij** 

Whereof  paid  to  willm  wiks  for  that  he  paide  to 
Robert  Dighton  for  Seynt  Kat'yn  Chalice 
that  lay  w^*'  hym  to  plegge         .  .         .  xx* 

Itm  p**  to  John  Moone  to  acquyte  a  chalice  of  the 

Churche  that  lay  w**^  hym  to  plegge       .    xxxiij^  x^  ob 
Itm  m*""  John  hals  hath  in  his  honde  a  Chetyll  whiche 

he   had    of  the   wardyns   of   Seynt   Androw   is   store   at 


m**  to  coll  for  o''  ladyes  Cote  &  her  chids  cote  &  for  the 

vestments  of  Crymson  velvett  that  Sr.  John  Melyn  gave 

to  the  Churche. 

Old  A  2uiit  Book.  1 1 1 

Itm  p*^  to  the  i^yshe  preste  and  to  v  other  psts 
iij  Clerks  iij  Ryngers  and  the  bedeman  for 
master  hyllersdons  obytt  .  .         .        ij**  vj** 

Horswell  and  Wm.  Hawkyns  burgesses,  Horswell  had 
\6d.  a  day.  A  Juggler  had  2od.  for  playing  before  the 
Mayor  and  his  brethren  on  St.  John's  day  ;  and  six  players 
6s.  for  '  playeng  of  an  entrlude  in  m*"  mayre  is  house  the 
satrday  before  xij  the  day.'  '  Tyn  works '  were  viewed  by 
Thomas  Elyott,  Holoway,  and  Keynsam,  who  gave  their 
verdict  to  Commissioners  at  Plympton.  There  was  also  a 
presentment  touching  the  haven,  and  by  the  command- 
ment of  the  Lord  High  Admiral,  Rowe  and  others  took 
view  of  Cattewater. 

1 540-1.     John  Ude. 

A  tempest  broke  some  of  the  loops  of  the  bulwark  & 
divers  things  were  burnt  there. 
Itm  p'^  for  the  Repacion  &  mendyng  of  James 
Walshe  is  bote  of  Kensale  in  Ireland  the 
v/hiche  his  Cosen  John  Walshe  stole  away  in 
Ireland  &  brought  hither  to  this  towne  for 
Carpyntrs  wags  mete  and  drynke  pytche 
tarre  yreworke  &  makyng  of  thacquitance  the 
whiche  bote  for  dyu's  consideracions  was 
delyuryd  to  the  said  James         .  .         .   xlvij^  v*^ 

A   commission  sat  on  the  stealing   of  pepper   from    a 
Portugal  ship,  and  a  '  blak  portyngale'  was  sent  to  Exeter 
as  thief. 
Itm  p'^  for  ix  yards  of  cloth  to  make  a  coat  for 

Tom  hordson  the  ffoole  pee  the  yard  viij'^      .  vj' 

A  breton  bote  w*^  wyne  thatt  was  stolen  in  bretayne 
and  brought  hither  to  the  towne. 

1 541-2.      Win.  Edgcoinbe. 

The  following  this  year  farmed  the  revenues: — John 
Elyott,  landleave,  roUage,  and  package,  ;^5  6s.  8d. ;  John 
Brokyng,  alewyts,  ^5  6s.  8d. ;  John  Hawkyns,  wynewyts, 
los. ;  John  Brooking,  pound,  £1  4s.  ;  Rd.  Smale,  market 
and  shambles,  £6  12s.;  John  Brokyng  and  Rt.  Hampton, 
mills,  ^24.  Tonnage  yielded  £1  8s.  6d. 
\       A  tonne  of  wyne,  costing  ;!^5  6s.  8d.,  was  given  the  lord    I  / 

I  admiral  to  move  the  king  for  the  discharge  of  the  Plympton    A     / 
\  pension,  and  the  town  was  relieved  accordingly.  ^ 

3 j-.  8d.  paid  for  viewing  the  '  streame  Brok  that  descends 
doune  hurtfuU  to  the  haven.' 


1 1 2  Plymouth  Mtmicipal  Records. 

It  p*^  to  William  hawkyns  baker  for  cuttyng  of 
Gogmagog  the  pycture  of  the  Gyaunt  at 
hawe  .  .  ...  viij*^ 

Itm  p'^  for  the  shrowdyng  &  buryeng  of  Johanne 
lyons  whose  hangyd  her  selfife  by  meanes 
whereof  her  goods  were  forfeytt  to  the 
Town  .  .  ...      iij^  iiij'^ 

John  Ilcomb  taken  to  Exeter  gaol. 
Ferrers,  burgess,  had  a  doublet  of  satin  for  his  fees. 
Some  Bretons  confessed  to  being  pirates. 
Palmer  and  men  had    16^^  because  they  went  to  fetch 
gunstones,  but   by    reason    of  the   '  pyllous  wither'  were 
obliged  after  long  labour  to  put  back. 

1542-3.     Robert  Hampton. 

The  town  mustered  by  the  Commissioners ;  and  the 
Mayor  has  his  costs  of  \s.  paid  for  riding  to  Plympton 
to  the  Commissioners  'that  wold  have  had  this  towne 
to  have  mustered  there  before  theym  agaynst  oure  auntient 
custom  to  the  treble  of  all  the  towne  if  it  had  not  been 
puented  and  discharged.' 

Charges  paid  of  those  who  rode  to  the  petty  sessions  at 
Ermington  against  the  tinners. 

The  Mayor  and  his  brethren  had  a  survey  of  the  Church 

The  town  gave  two  sets  of  harness  for  the  war,  and 
Edgcumbe  made  two  new  guns  of  two  broken  ones  for 
£^.     Much  outlay  on  defences. 

Complaint  made  to  the  Court  of  the  misbehaviour  of 
'the  men  of  hampton  that  wold  have  taken  awaye  the 
portyngalls  that  were  laden  w*''  gascoyn  wynes.' 

1543-4.     Stephyn  Bur  don. 
Itm  Reed  for  ankerage  and  kelage  of  straungers 

this  yere       .  .  .  .         .      v^  viij*^ 

The   aliens    in    the    town    petitioned    to    remain    when 
ordered  to  leave  by  the  Court.      Adam    Williams   town 
attorney.      Commissioners    sat    in    Plymouth    about    the 
Itm  p*^  to  the  waycheman  at   Rame   when  the 

'  sowthermen  came  home  .  .         .  iiij*^ 

Itm  for  a  can  of  ale  that  was  dronke  at  the  hye 

crosse  .  .  ...  xv*^ 

Itm  to  Richard  Cawse  for  cariage  home  &  owte 

of  the  gonne  chambers  on  assencion  daye     .  iij*^ 

Old  A  udit  Book.  1 1 3 

Two  limbs  cut  off  the  '  tree  beweste  the  towne  to  make 
forelocks  w*  all.' 
Itm  to  the  waycheman  at  Rame  when  the  bekenys 

were  burn}'d  .  ...  iiij*^ 

Itm   for  his  comyng  hither  by   n}'ght  when  the 

newfoundland  men  came  y\\       .  .         .  viij^ 

plate  8f  juells  delyu'ydlowillm  hawkyns  m''ch*nt 

the  xiij*^''  daye  of  February  a°  xxxv*°  h  viij 

yn    the    tyme    of    Thomas    holway    to    by 

therw^*'  for  the  Towne  gunpowder  bovvys  & 

for  arrowys. 
fifirste  the  ffoote  of  the  crosse  weyeng  xl  vncs  & 

do  gilte  at  iij^  &  x'^  the  vnce  Sm^  .        vij"  \\f  )xf 

Itm  iij  Sylu""  candelstycks  ,j}cell  gilte  weyeng  cxxj 

vncs  at  iij*  vj'^  the  vnce  Sm*        .  .       xxj''  iij*  vj*^ 

Itm  a  pax  of  Sylu^'  pcell  gilte  weyeng  xv  vncs  & 

do  at  iij*  vj'^  the  vnce  Sma  .  .         .    liiij*  iiij*^ 

Itm  a  Chalice  vngilte  weyeng  xij  vnces  &  j  qrtr 

at  iij*  vj*^  the  vnce  Sm'"^  .  .         xlii^  x'*  ob 

Itm  a  Chalice  gilte  weyeng  xx  vncs  iij  qrtr  at 

iij^  xj'^  the  vnce  Sma  .  .  iij^^  xix*  vj^  ob 

Itm  a  shyp  of  Sylu*'  ,pcell  gilte  weyng  xviij  vncs 

at  iij*  vj*^  the  vnce  Sma  .  .         .       iij''  iij* 

Itm  more  the  said  Mayre  delyu'yd  hym  to  sende 

one  to  london  .  ...  xv^ 

Sm^  of  the  vncs  ccxxviij     Sm^  of  the  money  xlj''  xiij*  v'^ 
Whereof  rebate  for  tynne  &  sawdyer  vij*  &  also 

p'^  therof  to  the  said  Willm  hawkyns  &  to 

Thomas  Mylls  to  them  due  for  money  that 

they  layde  owte  for  the  townys  besynes         .  iiij'' 

So  reste  xxxvij''  xj*  v" 

This  was  spent  by  Hawkyns  thus  :  lO  barrels  of  gun- 
powder in  London,  1009  lbs.  at  ^^d.  per  lb.,  £2\  ^s.\  20 
bows  at  2s.  each,  £2  ;  '  xxx"  shefife  of  arrowys  at  xxij'^  the 
sheffe,'  £2  I  ^s. ;  cwt.  of  saltpetre  and  carriage,  £2  1 5^-. 
Other  expenses,  canvas  for  bow  cases,  &c.,  ^^"3  19^-.  \d. ; 
left,  £^  \s.  I  \d. 

1544-5.     Rye  hard  Hooper. 

A  '  tryumphe  for  the  takyn  of  Boleyn '  and  a  hogshead 
of  wn'ne  drunk  at  the  high  cross.  John  Palmer  had  Si-,  for 
six  dozen  of  shot ;  two  brass  pieces  of  the  king  were 
brought  from  Dartmouth,  powder  and  shot  from  London  ; 
work  done  on  the  new  dyke  ;  much  expenditure  on  the 
defences  ;  iron  shot  of  different  sorts  bought  of  a  Fleming  ; 


114  PlymoiitJi  Municipal  Records. 

powder  obtained  from  a  Spanish  ship,  and  two  dozen  of 
'  morys  pyks  '  from  a  Portuguese  ;  three  months'  wages  for 
a  gunner,  £2  2s. 
Itm    to  the   players   of  the   town    towards   their 

chargs       .  .  ...  xx^ 

Itm  for  vytellyng  the  pynnys  that  dyscryed  the 

coste  .  .  ...  viij^  viij*^ 

Itm  to  the  company  that  went  in  the  pynnys        .  xx® 

Itm    to    the    carpenters    whyche    amended    the 

pynnys      .  .  ...        iij^  ij'' 

Itm  to  John  Elyott  for  v  pound  of  gunpowdre  and 

for  shott  for  the  pynneys  [3^".  i  id.  for  bread 

and  beer] .  .  ...  iij^ 

Itm  to  John  Isand  for  xiiij  pownde  of  ire  shott     .       ij*^  iiij** 

1545-6.      Thomas  Crozvne. 

^13  6j-.  '^d.  received  from  the  Recorder  'ready  money 
y^  geven  by  the  Country  towards  the  mayntenance  of  o^' 
bulworks  &  ordynance';  £\^  \2s.  of  Wm.  Hawkyns  part 
payment  of  plate  sold  by  him  in  London;  £\/^  lis.  Sd. 
for  plate  sold  by  Richard  Saunders.  91  lbs.  of  plate  sold 
for  2|<^.  the  pound- — £1  is.  lod.  Money  gathered  towards 
defences.  £4  paid  to  Hawkyns  for  the  burgesses  of  the 
Itm  pd  for  a  morter  weyghtyng  'f  iij  q^'tr  vj^'  at  iiij*^ 

the  pound  .  .  .        iij' 

Itm  pd  for  drynke  on  maye  daye  for  the  men  of 

Itm  p'^  for  carying  of  ij  empty  pypys  to  make 

boyes  for  the  gonners  to  shote  to 


»  vij« 









1546-7.     !^o/iu  Dcry. 
Itm  paid  to  the  dyvers  for  a  chambre  for  the  slyng 
^/^  w*^h  was  bought  of  the  argoseya 

Itm  for  viewyng  of  the  tyn  worke 
Itm  for  wasshyng  of  the  towne  fflag  . 
Itm  for  the  dyryge  &  herse  w*  other  charges  for 

the  buryng  of  kyng  henry  the  viij  .     vij^  v'f  &  ob 

Itm  payd  for  the  chargs  at  the  tryvmphe  for  the 

coronacyon  of  Kyng  Edward  the  vj        .         .         xliij® 
Itm  payd  to  S'"  Came  for  makynge  a  Sermon  here 

at  the  Coronacion  .  .  .  v^ 

Itm  p*^  to  John  Sprye  for  makyng  a  platt  &  for 

Carryng  the   same   to   Sr  Peter   Carew    [he 

also  painted  a  drum]  .  ...  xiij^  liij*^ 


Old  Audit  Book.  115 

Itm  paid  for  the  Confirmyng  of  the  Charter  .        v"  ix*^ 

/^   Itm  pd   for  fysshe  when   the  vj   vysyters  of  the 

kyngs  lond  were  here  .  .         .         xvij'' 

Two  hogsheads  of  wine  (^5)  given  Mr.  John  Pollard 
when  made  serjeant. 

1547-8.     John  Ford. 

A  hogshead  of  wine  (20^-.)  spent  at  the  triumph  for  the 
victory  in  Scotland  [Pinkey]  ;  bread  for  the  same  '  bankett ' 
\s.  A^d. ;  6  gallons  ale  \s.  6d. 

Itm  pd  to  them  w''''  made  the  bankettynge  housse 

and  for  nayles  .  ...  viij*^ 

Itm  p*^  for  meate  &  drynke  for  them  w*  played 

the  antycke  the  same  tyme         .  .         .  xij*^ 

Itm  pd  to  them  w^'^  toke  paynes  to  sett  forthe  the 

boats  to  fetch  the  vysyters  from  Aysshe         .  xij*^ 

Itm   payde    to    the    watche    man    of"^ame    for 
y  bryngyng  newes  of  xxx  sayle  of  shyps  sene 

-^  at  the  see  the  xvij*''  of  October  .         .  iiij*^ 

Itm  delyured  to  henry  blase  for  hym  &  his  com- 
y^  panye  the  viij*^  of  Aprell  when  they  Rode 

w*   Sir  Richard  Eggecombe   into  Cornewall 
agaynst  the  Rebells  there  .  .         xxvj^  viij*^ 

Itm  paid  for  a  dowsen  of  bowestryngs  for  them    .  v'^ 

Itm  pd  for  a  dowsen   of  faggots   &   a  quart  of 
y^  rhede     for     doyng    thexecucyon    vpon    the 

Trayto''   of   Cornewall  .  ,         .  viij*^ 

Itm  for  tymbre  for  the  gallawes         .  .         .  xij'' 

Itm  for  niakyng  the  gallowes  &  for  workynge  at 

the  howe  .  .  ...         xiiij'^  ^ 

Itm  pafd  to  John  Wylstreme  for  doyng  execucyon  ^ 

vpon  the  Traytor          .  ...  v'f /^ 

Itm  to  lawes  man  for  leadyng  the  horse  when  the 

traytor  was  drawen  to  execucon  .         .  iiij^ 

Itm  for  ij  pooles  to  putt  the  hede  &  the  qrf  of 
the  said  trayto''  vpon  &  for  ij  Crampys  of 
leron  for  to  staye  the  pole  vpon  the  gyld  hall  x** 

Itm  pd  for  the  dyn'  of  the  vndershyryfif  of  Corne- 
wall beyng  here  when  the  traytor  was  putto 
execucyon  •    .  .  .         .  v^ 

Itm  paid  to  John  Mathewe  for  Caryng  a  quarf  of 
^  the  trayto""  to  Tavystoke  .  .         .  xij*^ 

Itm   paid   to   Wyllm   13yckford   for   wyne  at  the 

Recey vyng  of  the  Traytor  of  Cornewall  .         xvj*^ 

ii6  PlymoutJi  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  geven  in  Rewarde  to  the  pst  w'^h  brought  the 
Counsaylls  Ires  for  the  fort  to  be  made  on 
saynt  Nichos  Irlond  ~  ...  xij*^ 

Itm  for  Sir  Fraunces  Flemyng  ys  expences  when 
he  rode  into  Cornewall  to  view  a  pece  of 
grownd  to  be  made  an  Irlond     .  .         .  iiij^ 

Fleming  was  taken  to  St.  Nicholas ;  and  there  are 
several  entries  touching  him,  men  taken  to  him,  and  the 
works  on  the  island.  Sir  Gawen  Carew  was  taken  to  the 
island  ;  and  Wm.  Hawkyns7T3urgess,  John  Elyott,~John 
TTTomas,  &  Richard  Hooper,  went  to  London  about  it,  and 
had  £2  each.  Spry  made  two  more  haven  'platts.'  Thos. 
Williams,  town  attorney. 

Itm  delyured  to  Thomas  Washyngton  pryst  the 
xxvj*^  of  Maye  when  he  Rode  to  london  to 
be  a  suety  for  the  Chauntrey  land  .         .  xx^ 

Itm  paid  to  the  kyngs  fydler  ...  v^ 

Itm  pd  for  Englyshe  songs  for  the  quere       .         .  viij^  viij*^ 

Brokyng  had  i^s.,  and  5.$".  in  the  next  year,  for  a  horse 
that  died  at  the  riding  into  Cornwall. 

1548-9.      Wjn.  Hunt. 

Itm  Reed  of  the  said  Rychard  Hooper  for  steyn 
Newland  ffyshe  sold  w'^h  was  taken  here  in 
the  haven  in  a  Normans  shippe  in  the  tyme 
of  his  mairealtie  sold  at  Sondrye  p'ses  .  Ixvij''  xv® 

Itm  for  sendyng  the  madd  man  owte  of  the  towne 

ij  tymes        .  .  ...  viij'^ 

Itm  paid  to  Gripe  for  caryeng  of  gonnes  to  the 

Mawdelyn  &  home  agayne         .  .         .  viij*^ 

Itm  to  a  syngyng  man  w4i  holpe  the  quer    .         .  ij^ 

Itra  pd  to  the  dyvers  for  savyng  one  of  the  gonne 

chambers     .  .  .  .         .     vj^  viij*^ 

Rd.  Hooper,  Jn.  Brokyng,  &  Thos.  Crowne  bought  two 
pieces  of  ordnance  of  the  town  for  £6  ;  guns  carried  to 
and  from  the  Hoe,  Island,  and  'poltor';  John  Hampton 
made  guns,  Geo.  Bolton  a  gun  ;  guns  bought  of  a  Fleming 
fori^i3  lOi". ;  dyke  on  the  Hoe  repaired;  Wm._Hawkyns 
had  ^14  as  burgess  ;  a  warrant  procured  for  the  chantries. 

The  mayor  and  his  brethren  had  bread  \s.,  white  wine 
2s.  at  the  high  cross  on  Midsummer  night,  a  potell  of 
sack  8^.,  a  gallon  of  london  bere  A^d.,  and  9  gallons  of 
ale  2s.  3^.;  they  also  had  wyne  and  beer  when  they  met 
in  council. 

Old  Audit  Book. 



1549-50.     Gylbert  Page. 

Total  receipts,  with  balance  brought  over  of  iJ"8i  3^'.  3^., 
£1^2  4J-.  \\d..  mills,  £"24;  rollage  and  package,  £^  Sj.  4^; 
Alewyts,  iJ"5  6s.  8d.  ;  wynewyts,  14^".;  pyndfolde  and  close, 
^i  ;  market  and  shammells,  £^\  castle  hake,  4^-.  '6d.\ 
fishing  within  the  cawsey,  3J".  4</. ;  freedom  money,  £d^  \2s.\ 
rents,  ^^"19  17 s.  <^\d. ;  fine  for  wares  bought  and  sold  by 
'foryners'  contrary  to  liberties  and  customs,  £6  13^-.  4^.; 
tonnage  in  previous  year,  1 3^-.  A^d.  Expenditure,  ^^89  Oi".  '6\d. 
Itm    geven    vnto   Richard    howell    pryst    for   his 

paynes  comyng  to  preach  .  .         .     vj^  viij*^ 

Itm  paid  for  a  quer  of  paper  to  make  a  boke  for 
the  gatheryng  of  the  money  for  the  powre 
people  .  .  ... 

Itm  pd  to  a  man  for  his  labour  Rydyng  to  the 
quarrey  to  speke  for  stones  for  the  kyngs 
works  at  Alderney       .  ... 

A  tun  of  Gaston  wyne  'geven  to  my  lord  of  Bedford.' 
Itm  paid  for  plats  of  Ire  to  amend  the  boxe  of 
the  plumpe  of  the  well  of  the  south  syde  and 
for  Arnolde  Rawlyns  labour  abowte  the  same 
Itm  paid  to  the  players  w*^''  played  in  the  churche 
Itm  for  my  horsse  hyer  &  my  charges  in  Rydyng 
to    M""    Recorder    abowte    the    women    w*''' 
gathered  to  saynt  ffrancs  .  .         .  xij*^ 

Itm  paid  to  John  harreis  for  settynge  vppe  the 
ffredome  stone  betwene  the  towne  and  Stone- 
housse  .  .  ,  .         .  ii' 





1559-60.     Henry  Breach  nail  [a  gap  to  here]. 
Bell  bought  and  brought  from  Totnes  ;   money  paid  at 
Buckfastleigh  ;  3^-.  A/i.  for  nursing  a  child  at  town's  charge. 
Itm   p*^  to  players    of  london    w*^^    plaid   at   the 

mayors  requeste  in  the  vycarage  .         .  xiij^  iiij"^ 

Lord  Robert  Dudley's  players  had   20s.  for  playing  in 
the  church. 

Itm  to  M''  forseland  of  bovy  &  his  company  for 
vewinge  of  the  ground  wherebie  freshe  water 

myght  haue  byn  brought  into  the  towne 

XVJ^  x° 

[at  end.] 
Thys   byth   the  pfetts   receyuyd   by  me  William   Bele, 
mayer  of  Plymowthe,  a"  xvj°  hen°  vij  for  the  ffyne"©!  xl'' 
made  to  kyngs  yse  ffor  wrong  Customs. 


PlyvwHth  Municipal  Records. 

It  Receyuyd  of  Symon  Carswyll  for  the  hundert 

of  Tavystock  .  ...  c^ 

It  of  Robte  Steuyns  for  the  hundert  of  plymton  c*^ 

It  of  Spyller  for  milbroke      '"^  .  .          .  xviij^  x"^ 

It  Receyuyd  of  WesTcott  for  Syn  Jarmayns  xxvj^  viij*^ 

It  Receyuyd  of  Tybott  for  Cargrayne  .         .  xx^ 

It  of  Nithercott  of  Okehmton~~  .  .         .  xl^ 

It  receyuyd  of  harry  hornebroke  in  pte  of  pay  of 

vyntery  ward  .  ...  xl^ 

It  of  Ricliard  Gevv  in  pte  of  pay  of  the  old  town 

ward  .  .  .  '  r    '     xxxjMiij'^ 

It  receyuyd  of  Denyse  leche  in  pte  of  veners  warde  xix^ 

It  receyuyd  of  Water  Pollard  in  pte^of  pay  of 

lostrete  ward  .  ...   xvj^  iiij*^ 

It  receyuyd  of  Willm  Clarke  of  Styklepath  .         .      iii®  iiij'^ 
Sm'^  xx^'  xv**  x*^ 
A  list  of  persons  who  had  lent  money  to  pay  this  fine  of 
£^0  to  'my  lorde  broke'  follows: — John  Paynter,  ^3  6s.  %d. 
Wm.  Thyckepeny,  ^3  6s.  8d. ;    Wm.  Rogers,  £t,  6s.  8d. 
Thomas  Crosse,  £2  ;  John  Horswell,  £2  ;  Wm.  Bryan,  £2 
John  Offord,  £3  6s.  Sd  ;  Wm.  Byle,  £3  6s.  8d 


[131]      RECEIVERS'  BOOK.-No.  II. 

1 5 60- 1,     yo/iu  Veyseye. 

36  perches  of  school  house  wall  built  at  lod.  a  perch  ; 
gifts  to  M""  Howe,  founder  of  the  charity. 
Itm  to  the  boyes  of  the  towne  .  .         .     vj*  viij"^ 

Itm  to  two  men  for   wardinge   vpon  the    Ilond 

when  the  Brittons  wer  ther        t' — — ^T        .  iij^ 

Itm  paide  for  the  Cuckinge  stoole     .  .         v'f  vW]^  ob 

Itm  for  the  Clocke  w*  the  charges  in  settinge  vp 

the  same      .  .  .  .       vj''  xiiij^  ij'' 

Itm  to  M''  Stidston  for  mendinge  the  foorde  at 

Plymbrudge  .  ...  xx'^ 

1 561-2.     jfohn  Cock. 

Debt  due  on  ending  of  Hand  account,  ^^54  ys.  8d.; 
Recorder's  fee,  £2  13s.  4^,;'  John  Copleston,  town 
counsellor,  13s.  ^d.;  Vincent  Calmady,  town  attorney, 
13^-.  4d.;  Thos.  Parkins,  town  clerk. 

iVIuch  outlay  on  school  house  and  house  in  churchyard  ; 
3000  helyng  stones  brought  from  Plympton  ;  making  and 
maintaining  the  butts  on  the  Hoe,  6s.  8d. 

Receivers'  Book. — No.  II.  119 

Itm  paidc  to  John  Keye  for  rynginge  the  bell  for 

halfe  a  yeare  .  .  .         .  x^ 

John  Voysey  did  a  '  bloodshed '  in  the  town's  behalf — 
fine  remitted. 

Richard  Lybbe  fined  for  playing  at  unlawfuU  games. 

1562-3.     John  W addon. 

Itm  received  of  John  Webber  of  plympton  for  a 

fyne    of    a   pe}-ce    of    tyn    aditiged"'by    the 

recorder  to  the  tovvne  by  exchete  as  theyfif 

stolen  .  .  .  .         .  x^ 

Itm  rcceaucd  of  dyu's  psons  inhabytyng  w*n  this 

tovvne  this  yere  past  beyng  iTot'free       '.'         .   xxx®  x*^ 
A  'sylu'  whissell '  taken  in  payment  for  £1  6s.  8d. 

1563-4.      William  Brokinge. 

Wm.  Will,  town  clerk ;  6s.  8d.  to  John  Waddon  for  a 
mast  for  the  town  barge;  13^-.  4d.  paid  for  a  child  with 
Robert  Hawker.  Money  mentioned  as  due  to  the  town  in 

1 5  64-  5 .      1  Valter  Pepper  ell. 

'Howe  chaple'  mended;  work  on  the  Cawse  ;  several 
entries  of  charity — to  man  of  Cornwall  'that  burned  his 
house ' ;  poor  man  of  mawdelyn  of  Plympton  ;  hospital  of 
Launceston  ;  and  John  Lewis  for  '  loste  of  his  eye.' 
Itm  paid  to  Robert  woode  for  the  scole  m's  table  xxxv^ 
Itm    payed    for    the  Gotters  of    Glome  that    m"^ 

ho  we  bought  .  ...       xxxv^ 

Many  entries  for  an  unnamed  building,  total  about  £120. 
There  were  pillars;  ArTliuFChampernb\\me'lTard"~40X  for 
pillars,  and  27^-.  8d.  was  paid  for  nine  '  more '  stones  for 
pillars.  'More'  stones  brought  by  boat,  and  a  load  of 
'  poppeir  stones.  12  pillars  made;  quantities  of  iron, 
bars,  and  hooks.  Glass  lod.  a  foot.  Later  it  is  said  the 
fore  front  of  the  market-house  was  made  in  this  year ; 
and  in  1568-9  we  have  'the  newe  gildhall.' 
Itm    payed    to    merioke    for   belying   of  a  sicke 

mayde  .  .  .  .         .     vj'  viij*^ 

Messrs.   Southcott,    Chyverton,    and  Gill    'sat    in    com- 
myssion  touchyn  the  dekaye  of  the  towne.' 

1565-6.    John  Vczie. 
Itm   rec*^  of  a  brytton  for  gevyng  of  a  blow  y^ 

yere  .  .  ...  xij^ 

120  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  payed  to  players  in  the  Church  vppon  St. 

John  is  daye  .  .  .         .     vj^  viij*^ 

Itm  payed  to  the  scolem'"  &  children  of  Totnes 

whiche  played  in  Christmas        .  .          .  x^ 

Ten  shillings  to  an  Irishman  for  making  the  Guildhall 
vane  ;  leads  of  market  cross  mended  ;  Wm.  Flecher  Si'.  8^/. 
for  feathering  ten  sheffe  of  arrowes. 

il    Itm  for  the  litell  scolem''    .  ...     iij^  viij'^ 

I        Schoolmaster's  fee,  £2   \}^s.  ^d.;    los.  for  his  table  and 
[1    bedstead. 

1566-7.     Edzvard  Cocke. 

Bartholomew  Pope,  town  attorney ;  5^-.  a  hundred  of  reed 
for  the   Mawdlyn.      Morice  dancers  5^'.  for  a    breakfast ; 
.  2od.  new  cutting  the  Gogmagog. 

^f   -  Itm  gave  to  the  company  of  St.   Budockes  on 

May  day      .  .  .  .         .  x^ 

1 567-8.      Walter  Pepperell 
Itm  paid  for  Cuttinge  of  the  man's  legge  of         .         xvij^ 

1568-9.     Robert  Cot  tell. 

Thos.  Edmonds,  gent.,  farmed  town  custom  for  £1$; 
ivy  removed  from  castle  wall.  Mr.  Bell  the  schoolmaster, 
Itm   payed  to  M''  Trevanyon  for  an  annytey  of 

xix  yeres  after  iiij''  a  yere  .  .          .      vj^  iiij*^ 

Itm  payed  to  Robert  Kylburn  for  one  quart*'  is 

wages  to  beate  the  beggers  out  of  Towne     .        ij*  vj*^ 
Itm  payed  to  the  players  of  Tavistoke  .         .  v^ 

[132]     WIDEY  COURT  BOOK.-No.  III. 

This  is  an  important  volume  of  borough  accounts,  which 
was  found  among  the  papers  of  the  Morshead  family  of 
Widey  Court  in  January,  1880,  and  restored  by  tl^m  to 
the  Corporation.  The  volume  was  in  the  possession  of 
the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  on  June  17,  1679,  when  it 
was  shown  in  evidence,  as  noted  therein,  in  a  cause 
pending  between  them  and  Richard  Strode.  Since  then 
there  is  no  evidence  that  it  was  ever  in  the  hands  of  the 
Corporation,  though  the  probability  is  that  it  remained 
with  them  until  one  of  the  mayoralties  of  John  Morshead, 
1753-4   and    1762-3,   and   then    being   removed    for  some 

Widey  Court  Book.  12 1 

purpose  was  by  accident  omitted  to  be  returned.  It 
contains  6oo  folio  pages,  and  is  by  far  the  most  valuable 
volume  of  the  Corporate  accounts,  which  its  recovery 
renders  complete  for  just  four  centuries  ;  and  it  contains 
numerous  references  to  general  as  well  as  to  local  history. 

1569-70.      Walter  Pepcrell. 

Itm  for  three  piece  of  Cane  stone  sold  to  John 

dyer  of  Sent  Stephins  this  yere  .         .  xv^ 

Itm  Recof  a  Flemyn  forshotynge  in  a  hand  gonne 
&  Killynge  of  a  heron  wMiin  the  causse  \i.e. 
in  Sutton  Pool]  .  ...       xxiiij^ 

John  Sampson  '  for  gravyng  of  his  barke  &  lefte 

the  pytte  vnfylled '      .  .  .         .  xx^ 

John  Fytz,  recorder,  received  £^  a^s.  and  Gill,  school- 
master, £Af. 

Itm  payed  for  drynke  geven  to  the  Egiptians        .  x'* 

Itm  payed  to  one  that  went  into  Spayne  w^h  Ires  v^ 

Itm  payed  to  Robert  Sprye  for  payntyng  of  the 

maye  pole  and  the  balle  at  M""  Mayres  .      vj^  iiij*^ 

Itm  paied  to  two  men  of  bodmyn  that  trayned 

'      fITe~Tnen  apon  the  liawe  on  ffiy^orheV  nyght  vj^ 

Itm  paied  to  Will'"  Edgecomb  for  a  stone  for  the 

compasse      .  .  ...  xx*^ 

Dinner  given  to  Sir  Arthur  Champernowne  and  a  French 
lady  ;  also  to  Earl  of  Bedford.  Money  spent  on  bulwarks 
and  ordnance. 

1 5  70- 1 .      \  V alter  Pepcrell. 

Fine  of  \2d.  levied  for  serving  an  Admiralty  warrant 
'  w*hin  the  libertie  of  Plymouth  contrarie  to  the  auncyent 
libertie  &  Custome  of  the  same  burghe,  beside  iiij  dayes 

Itm  payed  for  a  bote  &  men  to  carry  the  pclama- 

tion  abord  the  prince  of  Orenge  is  shippes    .  iij^ 

1 57 1-2.      Walter  Peperell. 

Conduit  and  Market  Cross  mended,  and  much  work  on 
school  and  market-house. 

Itm   p*^  for  wex  to   Scale  the  indenture  for  the 

burgizes  of  ye  pliament  .  .         .  ij*^ 

The  Clerk  of  parliament  had  4^-.  and  the  porter  8c/. 
Deodand  taken  of  a  black  gelding  for  killing  a  man,  ^s. 


/  ^ 

122  Ply))wutJi  Municipal  Records. 

1572-3-     George  Bur goyn. 

Hawkins  paid  ^42  for  the  town  mills ;  the  previous 
year's~Fent  having  been  ;^307  market-house  rent,  14^-.  \d. 
Mayor's  stipend  at  this  date,  i^20.  Mr.  Coplestone,  town 
counsel,  received  14^.  4^.  ;  and  Bartholomew  Pope,  town 
attorney,  the  like ;  while  Roger  Newporte  had  40^-.  for 
keeping  the  ordnance. 

Nearly  £']Q  spent  on  the  letters  patent  for  the  benefice. 

1573-4.     Christopher  Brokynge. 

Peter  Silvester  paid  £6  for  a  lease  of  a  close  of  land  by 
'  Stonehousse  mylpoole.' 

Itm  Rec  of  the  proctours  of  the  vicarige  this  yere  xx" 

Itm  payed  for  setting  vppe  the  sylyinges  in  the 

new  halle      .  .  ...  xvj'' 

Tinworks  viewed;  \s.  paid  to  a  man  that  'begged  for 
his  fees';  Coplestone  had  wine  at  various  times;  and  a 
hogshead  of  wyne  was  given  to  '  my  lord  of  Bedford.' 

Itm  p*^  to  John  Grepe  for  carrieng  of  one  to  the 

Gowle  that  cutt  a  purse  .  .         .     vj^  viij'^ 

Afterwards  it  is  said  that  a  boy  '  cutt  a  pursse.' 

Expences  for  fortifying  '  Sent  Nicholas  Ilond,'  £'i  I'i^s.  6d., 

1574-5.     John  Oxcnford. 

Thomas  lymbery  fined  \os.  for  making  'pylcherds 
contrary  to  thorders  &  custome  of  y^  Towne.' 

Officials  mentioned  this  year  : — John  Hele  and  Thomas 
Maynard,  town  counsel  ;  Lee,  town  attorney  ;  Wystlek, 
schoolmaster,  salary  £20  ;  Chambers,  preacher,  salary  i^20; 
Gille  the  curate,  salary  £6\  a  Mr.  Philpote  had  6s.  8d. 
for  preaching. 

Itm  p^  to  hym  thatt  played  apon  the  hoby  horsse  vj*^ 

Itm  p*^  to   Margarett  vile  for  healyng  of   A'lary 

Notte  .  .  ...  xiij®  iiij'' 

A  similar  payment  to  Margarett  Cruste. 

Itm  p*^  to  the  barber  for  healyn  of  her  throte  that 

wold  have  killed  her  selff  .  .          .  xiij®  iiij*^ 

Itm  p^  to  one  that  came  w4i  beares  .  .         .        i'f  vj*^ 

3^.  4d.  paid  to  players  who  played  when  Humphry 
Fownes  was  married  ;  and  a  dinner  given  to  Sir  Humphry 
Gilbert  and  others. 

IVi'do'  Court  Book.  123 

J  1:71; -6.     'fohn  S^ 

;^4"rnacle  'by  proht  of  salt  bought  by  the  Mayor  to  the 
town's  use. 

William  Mynterne  mentioned  as  schoolmaster. 
Itm  p'^  to  Ballamy  for  cutty nge  of  the  flemyns 
•      eres  .  .  .  .         .  xij 

1576-7.      William  Blake. 
Itm  p"^  to  certayne  men  that  vevved  the  River  at 
the  requeste  of  m''  mayo''  Sr"his^"&reftifen  for 
their  paynes  &  for  their  charges  aboute  the 
same  .  .  ...        lij'  v'l 

Paid  to  the  goldsmith  for  four  maces  for  the  sergeants, 
£2  2s.  for  making  and  £^  lis.  lod.  for  silver;  for  gilding 
three  maces  Peter  the  goldsmith  had  25^-.  3^-.  4^/.  paid  for 
making  the  butts  on  the  Hoe ;  this  became  almost  an 
annual  charge. 

A  dravvyng  table  of   'wenscott'    and   a   frame   for  the 

school  cost   I2J". 

--    1577-8.      yohn  S-pcrkc. 

loT  paid  as  fine  by' John  hoyell  of  Exon  and  Nicholas 
Webber  of  Plympton  for  redemption  of  certain  kersies 
'  forreyn  boughte  &  forreyn  sold,  the  escheator  having  half.' 

ys.  6d.  paid  for  the  gallows  whereon  Clerk  was  hanged 
at  the  Hoe;  carrying  the  ladder  there  cost  4c/.,  and  the 
hangman  had  3^.  ^d. 

£%6  3^-.  3-^.  spent  on  entertaining  my  lord  of  Bedford 
and  my  lord  and   lady  of  Bedford  on  two  visits  ;    while 
sixpence  was  paid  for  'suger'  when  '  S''  Richarde  Grayne-      y' 
ville  did  muster  apon  the  hawe.'    "~  ^ 

1578-9.     Humphry  Fones. 
Itm  pd  to  Ric.  Stidston  for  the  captives        .         .  xvj® 

\6d.  paid  for  a  gallon  of  wyne  to  Sir  Humphry  Gilbert. 
Itm  gevyn  to  the  yonge  Bassett  the  preacher        .  xl'' 

1579-80.     Stcphyn    Weyks. 
Itm  pd  to  w™  hawkins  esquyre  for  money  laied 
ovi^te  in  pcurying  the  patent  for  the  Ilonde, 
and  for  his  charge  in  the  suyte  thereof  .         .         xxij" 

1580-81.     George  Baron, 
Relit  of  benefice  £^6  ;  tenth  51^.  2d. 
Itm  rec  of  S'  frauncs  Drake  keneighte,  imployed  in  the 
h'owse  appoyntcd  for  ye  Bridewell  .         .  I'' 

124  Ply  moil  tJi  Municipal  Records. 

Roger  Symes,  preacher,  received  15^". 

Itm  pd  to  Willstreme  for  raminge  the  graves  in 

the  churchyearde          .  .  .          .  vj** 

Itm  pd  to  Raulyn  for  caryinge  of  earth  thither     .       v''  iiij'^ 

Pavy  also  had  xx"^  for  carying  4  dos  of  earth  thither. 

Itm  pd  to  Roberte  Sprye  for  the  picture  of  the 

Turke  on  Maye  daye  ,  ...  xvj*^ 

Itm   pd   to  the  fletcher  for  fetheringe  of  seaven 

sheaves  of  arrowes        .  ...  vj^ 

There  was  much  money  spent  on  the  defences  and  arms. 

4^'.  A^d.  paid  for  carrying  a  letter  to  Sir  R.  Grcnville. 

1 58 1-2.     Henry  Whyetaeres,  ^Q.x\'Ci(tva?iX\. 

Hawkins  paid  £%  for  Southside  keys,  and  ^^40  for  mills. 

SifT*.  Drake  received  ;^2o  for  his  stipend ;  Kympe 
mervEioned  as  schoolmaster  ;  and  William  Gill  as  curate. 
13^-.  81^.  paid  to  Kempe  towards  building  his  studie  and 
trimming  his  chamber,  while  Vincent  Scoble's  men  had  \s. 
for  'despatching  the  studie.' 

Itm   p*^  to   Mother  Cornells  for  bathinge  Riches 

daughf         .  .  .  .          .  x^ 

Itm  p*^  to  a  woman  that  attended  her  .         .  xij*^ 

£,Af  spent  in  entertaining  Deigo  Bottellio,  Portuguese 

26s.  Sd.  was  sent  to  relieve  the  Kingsbridge  people  in 
the  time  of  the  plague  :  2s.  spent  on  the  leper  boie  for  two 
weeks  ;  and  ^3  Js.  Sd.  paid  for  maintenance  of  the  sick 
people  in  Heywood's  house. 

Itm  p''  for  all  the  charges  in  makinge  the  compasse 
as  by  a  Bill  mentioninge  thepticulars  thereof 
shewed  at  this  Accompt  appeareth         .        vi''  xvij^  ij"* 

Payment  made  to  Robert  Horswell,  clerk,  for  3}  years 
on  behalf  of  the  church,  which  the  '  churche  must 

1582-3.     MattJiezv  Ho  are. 

Edward  Chollwiche  named  as  town  attorney. 

Itm    paide   for  the  entertaynment  of  S*"  frauncs 

Drake,  knighte,  when  his  ladie  came  firste     .  x'' 

Itm  paide  towarde  the  helpe  of  Geneva  this  yere^        xiiij^ 
Itm    paide    for    sendinge    for    Edwarde    Wcnts 

woman  to  Totnes       .  ...  xx** 

Widcj  Court  Book.        _  125 

1583-4.     Jo/m  IV /lite. 

New  stairs  mentioned  by  the  Cavvse. 
Fine  for  makyng  of  the  price  of  pilcherds. 
Drake    pays    £40    rent    for    the    town    mills,    and    50 

/"^        Itm  pd  to  hym   [the  paver]   to  take  in  a  poore 

boaye  .  .  ...  iiij^ 

Itm  pd  to  two  schollers  the  xjth  of  June      .         .      iij^  iiij*^ 
Itm    gewen    to    a    scholler    to    bringe    hym    to 

Oxenforde    .  .  .  .         .     vj^  viij*^ 

Itm  pd  to  John  Humfries  for  carrienge  of  Lres  to 

S*"  Fraunces  Drake      .  ...  viij"^ 

Itm  pd  to  one  to  keep  her  childe  on  nighte  .         .  xj*^ 

Itm  pd   to    Wilstreme   for    bringinge    the    water 

above  grounde  to  the  Conditt     .  .         .  v® 

Itm  pd  owt  this  yeare  in  sondrie  worke,  as  in 
fortefyeinge,  buyldinge,  entrenchinge,  and 
oth'er  munytyons  boughte  for  the  fortification 
of  St.  Nicholas  Island  ij*^  Ixxix''  xiiij®  iiij*^  ob 

1584-5.     John   Trclmvny". 

Itm  rec  for  a  trespace  done  at  the  Southside,  & 

for  playing  at  booles   .  ...       iij''  vj'^ 

3J-.  paid  to  three  men  out  of  Turkey  bound  for  London. 

Itm  paide  to  a  man  to  goe  to  London  w%  Lres 

to  S""  Frauncis  Drake  and  M""  Hele  touchinge  ^ 

o'"  Burgesses  for  the  Parliamente  .         .       xxiiij^  ^ 

Itm  paide  for  a  supper  for  the  Justices  when  they 
came  to  veiwe  the  course  for  bringinge  the 
water  vnto  the  towrib  .  ...       xxxij*     ^ 

Itm    paide   for   victualls    wine    beare    and    other 

pvision  carried  from  hence  vppon  the  downe        v^  vj'* 

Itm  paide  for  the  hire  of  three  horses  att  that 

tyme  .  .  ...        ij^  vj'*      / 

Itm  paid  to  a  poore  man  to  shewe  them  the  waye  xij"^ 

Itm   paide   to   Sprie   the   painter  for    ridinge    to 

mevie  aboute  the  water  .  .         .  v^ 

Itm  pald'e  for  his  horse  hire  then       .  .         .  xij*^ 

26s.    Zd.    spent    in    a    dinner    on    Capt.    Williams    and 
Running  and  others  for  helping  in  the  suit  of  the  Island. 

Itm  paied  for  convaienge  of  the*Tvater  over  the     "^^ 
Southeside    Kaye    thatt    rennes    from     M'' 
Sperkes  newe  streate  .  ...  m'f 


126  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  paide  for  m''   Carewes  diett  when   he  rode 

aboute  the  water        .  .  .         .      ij^  \\vf- 

Itm  paide  to  m""  Hele  for  his  helpe  att  London 
for  furtherenge  of  o""  sute  for  bringinge  in  of 
the  water  as  by  his  bill  apperethe  .         .  ix''  j'^  vj'' 

Itm  paide  to  AP  Christopher  Harris  for  the  helpe 

aboute  the  water  as  by  his  Bille  appearethe    xvij''  vj^ 
A  new  street  paved  leading  toward  the  new  key. 

Itm  paide  to  the  goodwife  BuUe  for  amendinge 

the  windowes  of  the  Guildhall    .  .         .  viij'^ 

White's  cup  mended  by  Peter  Anthony.     It  often  came 

to  repair. 

M''  Hawkins  had  £^  and  Martin  White  ;^8  ii^-.  4c/.,  for 

'  S""  waiter  Rawleghes  diett,'  while  the  Mayor  had  £^  for 

the^cTyett  of  Drake  and    'my  ladye  and   othere  justices.' 

Sir  "John  Gilbert  also  entertained. 

Itm  paide  to  George  Baron  for  his  paines  and 
charge  in  soUicitinge  the  Cawse  for  the 
Bringinge  home  of  the  water  to  the  Towne 
w°h  is  enacted  spendinge  xxviij  daies    .         .  viij'' 

Itm  paide  more  for  drawinge  of  the  Acte  maneye 

tymes  writen  .  ...  iij'' 

Itm  paid  to  Sprie  the  painter  for  makinge  of  a 
plott  of  the  Towne  and  parrishe  w*h  a 
Bowrder  Carried  to  the  Counsell  .          .  x^ 

Item  for  amendinge  of  the  fRagge  &  auncient       .        xviij*^ 
£\\J  i/i".  spent  on  the  Island. 
More  to  hym  [the  Receiver]  xxvj''  for  money  disbursed 

by  hy ITT  this  j'^ere  To  ~S''   Frauncs   Drake   knyght  for  the 

townes  adventure  w%  hym  in  this  viage. 

1585-6.     Humfrie  Fow7ies. 

One  Glanville  of  Tavistock  fined  20s.  for  buying  and 
selling  in  the  town,  not  being  free. 
Itm  rec  for  ou''  stipende  for  o*"  Island  at  o''  ladie 

dale  1586      .  .  .  .   xxxix"  x^  x"^ 

George  Starrlinge  had  Afis.  for  his  clerkship  and  ^4  for 
'plaienge  vppon  the  waites.' 
Itm  pd  for  wyne  gewen  to  the  prince  of  Cundie         v^  x*^ 

A  watch  house  built  on  the  Hoe. 

A  'fleete  of  Scotte  came  in.' 

Corbyn  the  drummer  had  2s.  a  day  ;  and  twelve  men  4^'. 
to  wear  the  armour  on  May  day. 

Sprie  had  Zd.  for  painting  shooting  marks. 

IVidcy  Court  Book.  127 

Itm  pd  for  the  hire  of  a  bote  w°h  was  sente  to 
Cawson  the  xxviij"'  of  Auguste  to  knowe 
what  the  shippe  was  there        .  .         .  ij^ 

3J-.  subsequently  paid  to  John  Traunton  and  six  others 
for  rowinge  out  into  the  sounde  the  last  of  September 
to  see  the  fleet  of  shippes. 

A  ship  stayed  in  the  Sound  by  S''  John  Gilbarts  order. 
Itm  pd  for  a  spille  for  the  compasse  .  .         .  iij'^ 

Itm  pd  to  the  drume""  to  call  the  prince  of  Cundies 

company  aborde  .  ...        xviij'^ 

Itm   pd    for   Fishe    for   the    Laborers   w°h   made 

ditches  the  xx*''  of  June  .  .         .  xix^ 

5^-.  for  a  sermon  to  bandiche  the  preacher. 
Itm  pd  for  victualls  for  the  Bote  w4i  was  sente 
over  into  Brittaine  for  the  discoverie  of  the 
Spannishe  Fleete         .  ""  .  .         xxv^  j''  ob 

Gill  the  curate  had  \os.  for  his  relief  in  his  last  sickness, 
by  consent  of  certain  of  the  masters  and  at  the  request 
of  Hele. 

Steps  taken  against  those  who  made  pilchards  in 

1586-7.     George  Baron. 
Itm  rec  of  S""  Fra  Drake  knight  for  the  Townes 

advent"^      -   .  .  •  .  xviij"  xv^ 

Many  entries  of  payments  for  fortifications. 
Itm  to  w'"  Salter  &  others  for  Carrieng  of  one 
w^h    killed    a   man   vppon    Catte   Downe   & 
others  arrested  by  S""  PVauncis  Drake  &  sent 
to  the  gayle  .  .  .      xxxiiij*  iiij'^ 

Itm  pd  to  nicholas  Lane  for  Carrienge  of  a  letter 
to  m"^  Edgcombe  vppon  reporte  of  the 
Spannishe  fleete  to  be  on  y®  coste       .         .  vj'^ 

2s.  paid  to  the  boatmen  that  went  to  discover  a  fleet. 
Itm  pd  to  certaine  Laborers  working  at  the  Diche 
sente    thither    when    the    Brut    was    of    y® 
Spanniards  .  ...    viij^  -i^'f 

Work  done  on  the  Custom  house. 

1587-8.     Anthony  Goddard. 
Itm  for  Conveyinge  to  Stonehouse  of  the  dombe 

TTTanl:harwas~made  to  speake    .       "  "    .         .  ij*^ 

Rogues  and  vagabonds  were  commonly  sent  off  to 
Compton    or    Stonehouse ;     occasionally   to    Stoke ;     and 


f    f\ 

128  PlyinoiitJi  Municipal  Recoi-ds. 

this  year  Stephen^Kaye  had  \d.  for  leading  'the  man 
that  would  not  speake ' ;  and  Thomas  Babbe  "^d.  fur 
conveying  banished  folk  out  of  the  town. 

Twyne  to  bind  7  men   that   borded  a  garnesey 

man  in   Plymme  .  .  .         .  iv*^ 

Itm  pd  to  Edwarde  Fentwill  for  carryenge  a 
Confession  vnto  S*"  Walter  Rawley  w"h  was 
taken  of  one  arryved'Out  of  spaigne       .         .      \'f  viij'^ 

Itm  pd  to  M""  Ric  Hawkins  for  a  Silver  Cuppe 
w'^h  was  geiven  to  the  Lo.  Warden  [Sir  W 
Ralegh]         .  .  ...  xij'' 

Itm  for  fishinge  [fetching]  the  Smythes  Synder    .  ij*^ 

There  is  another  entry  for  carrying  '  Synder.' 

Itm  pd  for  iiij^'  of  powder  spente  at  the  cominge  1. 

In  of  S*"  Fraunces  Drake  .  .         .      iiij**  vj*^     1 1 

Fish  market  removed. 

Many  entries  of  defensive  works;  four  demy  culverins 
and  three  sakers  bought  of  Richard  Hawkins  ;  and  work 
done  on  the  dikes  in  April. 

Itm  pd  to  Robte    Scarlette   for  goinge  oute  to 

discover  the  Spaynish  Fleet       .  .         .  vj^ 

Itm  pd  for  a  horse  hire  to  drawe  the  Carte  when 

the  Irish  woman  was  Carted       .  .         .  iiij*^ 

There  were  frequent  carting  entries,  and  on  this  occasion 
the  cart  had  to  be  '  amended.' 

Itm  p*^  to  John  Gibbons  and   Henry  Woode  for 
"watc'hinge  at  Rame  hedde  iiij  dales  when  the 

Spaynyerds  were  vppon  the  Coaste        .         .  x^ 

Itm    pd   to    Phillipp   Boyes    in    Consideracoh    of 

certayne  Treasure  Troue  .  .         .  xx'' 

1588-9.     Jo  Jin  Geare. 

Drake  and  Norris  bought  of  the  town  callivers,  muskets, 
and  pikes  from  the  Island. 

George  West  named  as  town  Gunner,  and  Gill  and 
Knight  as  curates.     The  Mayor's  allowance  now  ^30. 

Itm  paied  to  Ballemay  &  his  fellows  for  whipping 

of  women  about  the  Towne        .  .          .  xij*^ 

Item  paied  to  Edward  Hill  for  rowing  up  to 
Howe  to  adurtise  the  Lo:  Chamberlen  of  the 
Spaniard  that  Cam  into  Bigberie  Baie  .         .  ij^ 

Item  paied  to  Ballemay  for  Carieng  of  a  fackebon 

to  the  Tithingman  of  Compton  .         .  111]*^ 


Widey  Court  Book.  129 

A  lame  person  and  a  'hore'  also  carried  thither,  and  one 
Syme  to  be  whipped. 

Two  hogsheads  of  beer  with  bread  were  given  to  the 
poor  at  the  Market  Cross;  and  a  shilling  given  to  'one 
that  gathered  for  the  hospitall  house  of  bristall.' 

Item  paied  to  George  Sterling  for  riding  to  M"" 
Champnon  of  Modberie  w4i  Sir  Fraunces 
Drake  his  Ire  for  staieng  of  the  monies  w*^h 
hath  bin  gathered  of  Armenton  hondred  for 
fitting  out  of  the  Shippe  .  .         .        xviii*^ 

6d.  given  to  St.  Lawrence  hospital,  Bodmin ;  and  6d.  to 
Plympton  ;  these  were  leper  houses. 

Sick  Soldiers  quartered  in  Vincent  Scoble's  barn. 
Item  to  Ballemaie  for  whipping  a  Qeane      .         .  ij** 

Item  paied  for  thongs  to  make  whipps  .         .  j* 

Item  for  sending  of  Sir  Frauncs  Drakes  warrante 
y  to  Plympton  and  to  Millbrook  &  for  wache 

&  ward  for  staieng  of  marine''s  and  souldie''^  vj*^  „ 

Item   to  Creasse   for  setting  vp   of  the  freedom  ^^n"' 

stone  at  lipson  in  M""  Barons  ground,  and  for  M 

hewing   of   S*   Androe    cross   in    the   stone 
goeing  to  Stonehowse  .  .         .  x*^ 

£\  I  Si",  paid  M"^  Harris  for  Drake  and  Norris  and  other 
gentlemen  dining  with  the  Mayor. 

\s.  to  a  man  of  Ash  water  whose  house  had  been  burnt. 
lOi".  to  Sprie  for  a  plott  of  the  towne. 
3^.  to  John  Gybbons  for  'frankencense,'  apparently  used 
in  the  prison. 

Spaniards  carried  to  Plymstock  by  Ballemaie. 

Itm  to  a  Boie  for  Rynging  of  a  Bason   before 

them  [z>.,  that  were  '  carted.']     .  .         .  ij*^ 

Letters  written  to  the  Justices  for  '  monei  w'^h  we  should 
receave  for  fetting  out  of  a  Shipp  against  the  Spaniards.' 

Item  for  fyve  yardes  of  frize  geaven  to  the  blind 

Cornish  for  a  gowne    .  .  .         .         v^  x"* 

Item  to  a  bagg  pipe  plaier  for  goeing  about  the 
y^  freedom        .  .  ...  xij*^ 

Item  to  John  Jope  bestowed  vpon  the  shipp 
and  the  Pynnace  that  Srved  vnder  the  Lo : 
Admirall      .  .  ...  iiij^' 

Carpet  for  the  table  in  the  Guildhall  .         .       xxiiij* 

lAfd.  paid  for  making  frize  jerkin  and  breeches  for  davie 
Bryant,  the  cloth  costing  5^-.  6d. 


130  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

1589-90.     Thomas  Payne. 

Saunders  mentioned  as  preacher,  and  Mynterne  minister. 
Itm    pd    to    Cyceley    Pennye    for    shrowding    ij 

women  .  .  ...  xij*^ 

Barnacote  had  2s.  for  burying  them. 
Itm  pd  to  ye  bell  Cryer  y*  none  shoulde  goe  to 

Stonehowsse  &  for  whippinge  of  six  hoares  .  viij*^ 

A  letter  sent  to  the  Earl  of  Bath  for  a  garrison. 
6j".  paid  to  Mynterne  '  for  a  benevolence  graunted  for 
Geneva  of  the  Clergie  for  this  ^pishe.' 
Itm  pd  for  ij  boates  to  Carie  m""  harrys  &  others 
to  howe  stert  for  vewinge  the  Grounde  for  a 
forte  .  .  .  .         .  ij^ 

£^   for  a  supper   for   Drake   and   his   lady  and    other 

Mr.  Edmonds  and  Mr.  Page  had  \2d.  each  for  a  horse  to 
ride  to  Buckland. 

Itm  pd  for  Charges  of  spanyardes  brought  in  by 
the  Rawe  Bucke  &  Gallion  dudeley  for  theire 
dyett  &  sendinge  theym  to  exeter  &  for 
theire  guyde  .  ...       xxiiij* 

Itm  pd  for  a  staffe  to  [take]  the  levell  of  the 
water  &  for  mendinge  the  hedde,  being 
broken  &  for  ledde    .  .  .         .  vj'' 

Itm    pd   for   hire  of  a   horse  to    buckeland    for 

Rattenburye  about  y^  water     :  "'.         .  xij*^ 

Itm  pcTTo^homas  BurdeTi  for  ij  horses  hire,  to 

mevye  for  vewe  of  the  water       .  .         .  xx'^ 

Itm  pd  att  the  Church  howsse  of  Mevye  for  wine 

&  milke        .  .  .  .         .        ij^  vj*^ 

Ten   freedom  stones  with  the  castle   'graven   in  vj  of 
theym  for  the  Milpoole.' 

Dinners    at    W"    hobbes    and    m""    Spearckes    '  for    S*' 
Frauncs  Drake  &  iij  Justices  att  the  eatinge  of  a  bucke 
and  a  doe.' 
Itm  pd   Peter  Vosper  to  goe  to   Buckeland   to 

knowe  when  the  Judges  did  Come         .         .  xij^ 

Itm  pd  for  a  horse  for  henrye  Ellys  to  ride  to 

meet  the  judges  .  ...  xij*^ 

Itm  pd  for  a  Clocke  burnt  of  one  of  exeter  y*  died 

of  ye  plauge  .  .  .         .  v^ 

Itm  pd  Robart  lampen  for  Pliinynge  &  vewinge 
the  grounde  for  the  water  Course  from  mevie 
for  vj  dayes .  .  ...  x* 

Widej  Court  Book. 


Itm  pd  haywoode  for  vj  dayes  &  newe  writinge 

the  vevve  iiij*""  tymes    .                  ...  viij*  vj** 

Itm  pd  nicholas  Jeane  for  iiij'""  dayes             .         .  iij* 

Itm  for  theire  dyett             .                  ...  viij*  vj"^ 

;^II5  I2,s.  lid.  spent  on  St.  Nicholas  Island. 

The  accounts  of  the  year  left  the  town  indebted  to  the 
receiver  £6()  lys.,  besides  40.r.  paid  to  M''  Mynterne,  of 
which  the  churchwardens  ought  to  pay  half,  and  '  more  to 
deducte  owte  of  this  Charge  for  monye  by  m'  Blitheman 
rec  of  Richard  hawkins  in  parte  of  paimnt  of  1''  given 
towards  the  bringinge  in  of  the  water  w*^h  xv"  the  towne 
standeth  indebted  to  the  water  .  .         .  xv" 

1590-91      Willy  am  Browne. 

Itm  rec  of  m*"  Thos  Myddelton  to  be  imployed 

for  Certayne  godly  vses  .  .         .  xx'' 

Itm  rec  of  Ric  Hawkins  gentleman  and  James 
Bagge  for  theire  fyne  comynge  tarde  on  S*^ 
lamberts  daye  .  ...     vj*  viij'^ 

Lady  Drake  came  several  times;  and  Sir  John  Hawkins 
and  others  had  a  ^3  supper.  .-^— 

Itm  to  Sallamon  and  his  man  for  plaunchinge  of 

the  m'kett  howsse 
Itm    paied    for   provision 


xvj**  vuj' 

when    the 

Rade  first  to  vewe  the  water  Course      .        iij"  x"  vnj" 
Various  messengers  sent  to  Sir  F.  Drake;  some  specified 
as  '  about  the  pilchards,'  which  brought  several  justices  to 
the  town. 
Itm  for  the  hyer  of  a  horse  for  a  Trumpeter  to 

Ryde  in  compayng  to  the  Riu'" 
Itm  pd  to  4  trumpetore  thatt  were  att  the  leate  by 

M""  Maiors  coiiiaundemt 
Itm  pd  for  horses  for  theym 
Itm  to  a  messeng  that  was  sente  to  S''  Frauncs 

Drake  .       ,  . 

Itm  to  a  messenger  sent  to  m""  harrys 
Itm  for  hyer  of  two  horses  to  Carry  provision  to 

the  leate 
Itm  for'^fedd  carryed  to  the  leate 
Itm  p  to  m"^  whitakers  for  wyne  to  Carry  to  the 

Itm  for  other  pvison  sente  the  same  tyme 
Itm  to  Henry  EUys  for  8  dozen  of  bredd  spente 

at  the  S''vaye  of  the  water 






xP  vj'^ 
xj"  ix'^ 













,     i     ' 



132  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  to  John    Hoop  to   Carry   owte  plancke  to 

make  the  bridge  att  Mawdlyn    .              .  .            iiij*^ 

Itm  pd  to  woorckemen  to  make  the  bridge  .  .            iiij^ 
Beam  and  plank  cost  'js.  6d. 

Itm  given  to   Robert  lampyn   in  reward  at   the 

bringinge  irroPthe  leate  .  .         .        ij^  vj*^ 

Itm  pd  for  X  pounds  wayghte  of  powder  thatt  was 

spente  att  the  bringinge  in  of  the  Riu''  .  xvj*  viij*^ 

Itm    to    John    Rewbye    for   a   dynner    att    the 
^  bringinge  in  of  the  Ryu''  .  .         .  xvj^ 

^  Itm  to  the  gunn's  thatt  daye  .  .         .  xvj*^ 

y^     Itm  more  spent  vppon  theym  then   .  .         .      iij^  iiij'' 

[All  these  entries  are  before  those  of  May-day.] 
Itm  to  Willyam  Stockam  servaio''  of  the  woorck- 

men  of  the  leate  in  rewarde        .  .         .  xij^ 

Itm  to  the  pson  of  Meavye  in  Clothe  asmuche  as 

cost  .  .  .  .         .  Ij^ 

Itm  to  John  Stevane  one  other  S'"vaio''  of   the 

same  woorcke  .  ...         xiiij^ 

Itm  given  to  the  old  Celye  in  rewarde  for  diu's 

Courtesies  and  travailes  in  the  townes  busynes  v'' 

Itm  for  wyne  when  Moore  the  Plumer  was  here  .  iij" 

Itm  given  to  Moore  the  Plumer  toward  his  charge 

cominge  hither  .  ...  v^ 

Itm  gave  to  a  Plumer  that  came  from   Totnes 

in  reward     .  .  .  .         .  v^ 

Itm  pd  to  one  that  all  his  stufe  was  Burned  for 

avoidinge  the  sickness  .  ,         .  x^ 

Itm  paied  over  and  above  the  Charges  in  this 

accompte  before  mentyoned  w*^h  amountethe 

to  xvj^'  xvij®  ij*^  for  and  in  bringinge  in  of  the 

leate  and    beside   the    monye    given    to    S"" 

Frauncs  Drake  the  some  of,  as  by  a  bill  of 

pticulers  appeared,  the  some  of  .  xlvij"  viij^  vij*^ 

Itm  paied  for  leade  for  to  Convaye  the  water  w^'h 

is  in  waight  ()(f  f  16  att  viij''  the  tonne    xxxix"  xv^  ij*^ 
Itm  paied  toward  the  Plumers  labor  .         .  xv'' 

Itm  pd  to  m""  Founes  w*^h  he  disboursed  to  suche 

as  theire  howsses   were   shutt  vppe  of  the 

Plague  .  .  .  .         .     v''  xix^ 

Itm  given  to  the  ij  lampyns  in  reward  touchinge 

theire  paines  talcen  "aboute  the  leate       .         xxvj^  viij*^ 
Itm  pd  to  m""  Founes  toward  the  Charge  of  suche 

as  were  kepte  in  for  avoidinge  of  sicknes        .      v'  xix^ 

Widey  Court  Book.  133 

Itm  given  to  Robert  lampyn  and  his  brother  in 
reward  for  their  paines  aboute  the  water 
[entered  twice]  .  .  .         xxvj^  viij*^ 

Itm  pd  to  Willyam   Rogett  for  kepinge  a  post 

horse  .  .  ...  xx^ 

Itm   pd   to   Peter  Anthonye   for    Certaine   silver 

wrought  for  the  towne  .  .         .       xxiiij^ 

Itm  paied  to  m""  heles  man  for  wrytinge  oute  of 
the  articles  of  agreement  betwene  the  towne 
and  S''  Frauncs  Drake  .  .         .     vj^  viij*^ 

Itm  paied  to  Peter  Sylvester  for  a  tonne  of  wyne  Ij 

w4i  was  given  to  the  Judges  for  theire  paines  / 

and  helpe  touchinge  the  water  Course  .         .  xx^*      ^^^ 

Peter  Silvester  went   to   London    and   paid   £1   6s.   8^.    ,-rv 

to    Francis    Howe    to   allow   the    payment   of  the   Island 

stipend.  " 

1 59 1 -2.     James  Bagge. 
Itm  rec  of  Willyam  Browne  for  y*  w*^  he  was  sett 

to  paie  toward  the  bringinge  of  the  water  v'' 

and    for   monyes   that   he   receaved   of  the 

water  monye  more  then  he  hath  accompted 

for  all  amounting  to    .  .  .     xxv"  iij^  xj'^ 

Itm  rec  of  Ding's  pursons  toward  the  charges  of 

bringinge  in   of  the  water  over  and  aboue 

thatt  w4i    hathe   byn    paied   owte  to    diu'^s 

psons  vppon  soundrie  reckninge  w°  ought  to 

be  paied    whereof   mentyon   is   maide    in    a 

bill  of  the  .pticulars  thereof         .  .         .  iiij^  xviij* 

\os.  paid  for  the  '  pygge  dryvers '  wage. 
Itm  pd  fower  men  to  watche  the  townes  end  for 

to  stay  the  people  of  the  infected  places         .  xvj'* 

Itm  pd  Venicombe  to  open  a  Cheste  .         .  xij*^ 

Thomas  the  tithing  man  of  Compton,  John  Wyllyams 
the    plumber,    Peter    the    post,    Russell    the    post,    and 
Christopher  the  taylor  named. 
Sixe  days  pay  to  two  men  that  served  the  paver 

\i.e.  labourers]  .  ...     \\\f  \\\f 

The  'plumpe'  in  Hawe  Lane  frequently  mentioned  year 
by  year  and  kept  in  repair  by  contract. 
Itm  pd  Rychard  Willyams  a  man  whypt  and  sent 

away  '.        "  .  •  •         .        ij'  vj'' 

Itm  pd   m""  Edward  the  surgion  for  dressing  a 

|)Soner  .  .  .  .         .        ij"  vj 


134  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  pd  for  a  man  that  did  attende  m''  Addams 

[Adams  had  to  do  with  fortifications]    .         .      ij^  viij"^ 

Itm  pd  Lampen  to  take  the  levell  of  the  grounde 

w*h  m''  Adams  .  .  .         .  ij* 

Itm  pd  the  Fletcher  to  fetch  the  |)Sone  of  Meavye  ij^ 

Itm  pd  Richard  Sellye  to  Carrye  M'  Adams  to 

M""  Carewe  .  .  ...      iiij^  vj'^ 

Itm  pd  Sprye  the  paynter  for  a  plott  of  the  Kayes  iiij^ 

Afterwards  he  had   yos.  for  a  like  plott  and  6d.  for  a 

Itm  pd  for  mesuringe  the  grounde    .  .         .  xvj'^ 

Itm  pd  Mathewe  Starkey's  wyfe  for  selleradge  of 
the  pypes  of  lead  from  the  17th  of  Septem- 
ber to  the  i6th  of  September  1592  at  ^d. 
J)  weicke       .  .  .  .       xxxiij^  iiij** 

Itm  pd  for  two  lynes  for  M''  Addams  .         .  x*^ 

Itm  pd  for  makinge  of  the  brydge  by  the  mylles 

&  other  worke  .  ...  viij^ 

John  Trouse  and  his  company  named. 
Edward   Cholwich,  the  town   attorney,  paid   for  a  suit 
between  M''  Elliotte  and  the  town. 

Itm    pd    Sprye   the    paynter   for    a    patten    for 

measuringe  the  towne  .  .         .  xv^ 

Itm  pd  in  guyft  to  m''  Addams  .  .         .  x" 

Itm  pd  for  him  and  a  man  there  dyett  &  othere 

ten  dayes     .  .  ...  1* 

Itm  pd  for  m""  Champnowne  his  man  and  a  boie 
for  4  dales  to  conferre  w*h  M""  Addams  &  to 
wryte  his  letters  to  the  Courte  with  m'' 
Receaver      .  .  .  .         xxvj^  viij'^ 

Itm  pd  m""  Addams  and  two  men  that  came  out 

of  Cornewall  with  hym  .  .         .         xxx" 

Itm  pd  m''  Addams  and  his  man  when  he  came 

agayne  from  London  .  .         .  xv^ 

Itm  pd  for  a  dynn''  to  S''  Frounce  Drake  at  his 
Comynge  from  London  and  his  ladye  and 
other  gentlemen  and  others  of  the  towne       .  iiij^' 

It   pd   for   bringinge    M""    Addams    letter    from 

London         .  .  .  .         .  vj*^ 

Itm  pd  for  a  dynner,  expectinge  S*"  Robert  Cessell 
Comynge  w'^h  came  not,  but  my  ladye  Drake. 
M"-  Harries  M"-  Stroude  and  some  of  the  W 
of  the  towne  .  .  .         .  iiij" 

Widey  Court  Book. 





20s.  was  paid  at  the  eating  of  the  venison  ;    and  a  ^3 
supper  given  to  S''  Walter  and  his  company  and  others. 

Itm  pd  to  m''  Spearcke  maior  for  the  charge  of 

Carriadge'of  the  water  a  Cocke  syde     .     xiij"  vj^  viij'^ 

Itm  paied  to  S""  P'rauncs  Drake,  kneight,  towarde 
ffie  bringinge  in  of  the  water  w'^h  the 
Receavor  allowed  him  in  his  rente  dewe  for 
the  milles  for  one  yere  att  Michaelmas,  1 592 

1 592-3.     JoJui  Marty n. 

Willyam    Kympe    paid   ^^40  for  farm   of  the  vicarage, 
and  George  Baron  ^10  for  rent  of  the  vicarage  house. 

William  Sarman  fined  (Ss.  for  bringing  corrupt  mutton  to 
Itm  rec  of  Peter  Siluester  for  water  money  xxx^ 

of  IVP  Kympe  for  the  like  xv* 
Itm   rec  of  a  ducheman  for  a   fyne  for  a  hains 

offence  by  hym  and  his  compayny  done 
Itm    pd    for    buyldinge    of   three    Cundytts    and 
bringinge   of  the  water   to   the  Guyldhalle 
in  ledd         .  .  .  .  cxlix"  vj* 

\s.  6d.  given  to  a  Frenchman  of  Brest  that  lost  his  ship. 
Itm  pd  a  sporte  maker  on  the  Coronocan  daye     .  v^ 

4J-.  to  Hill  the  fisherman  for  going  out  in  his  boat  'when 
speaches  was  that  the  Spaynyards  were  come.' 

The  '  pattayne  of  the  forte '  sent  to  London. 

4J-.  4</.  spent  in  wyne  when  Drake  and  the  masters  went 
to  view  the  tin  work.  —  - 

2s.  6d.  for  a  sermon  to  M""  Fountayne  preacher. 

Itm  pd  to  Platter  of  Bucklande  for  casting  the 
hawe  bell  225  pounde  at  2d.  p  pounde  and 
19  pounde  of  mettell  at  6d.  p  pounde    . 

Itm  paied  a  woman  mysused  by  the  boyes  of  her 
appells  and  baskett  on  saynt  mathewes  daye 

IS.  paid  for  two  days  loan  of  a  pitch  pot ;  and  40^.  for  a 
copy  of  Saltash  Charter.  '  " 

Itm  paied  to  S""  Frauncs  Drake  kneyght  in  full 
paiment  of  the  ccc"  thatt  the  Maio""  and 
Coaltye  were  to  paye  hym  for  bringinge  in  of 
the  Riu'"  and  p''chas  of  the  land  ou""  w'^h  the 
same  is  broughte,  whiche  is  allowed  owte  of 
the  mille  rent  w^'h  was  payable  this  yere        . 

xxij"  xvj"  viij*^' 





136  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

1593-4.      William  Downeman. 
Itm  rec  of  S''  Frauncs  Drake  kneight  for  rent  of 
the  Towne  Milles  and  towe  Closes  of  land 
this  yere       .  .  .  xxxiiij^'  iiij^  mf 

Payton  succeeded  Edmonds  as  'customer.' 

John  Baggtor  fined  6s.  Sc/.  for  selling  by  false  weight. 

Thomas  Ford  paid  ^5  to  be  dismissed  of  the  twelve. 

Myntrell  mentioned  as  both  preacher  and  minister,  and 
5J.  paid  to  Tanner  as  a  preacher. 
Itm  pd  for  buryenge  a  neger  on  Catt  downe         .  vj*^ 

'  The  Bulworke  at  Fishernosse '  mentioned. 

Itm  pd  for  wyne  frute  and  Cake  on  St.  Mathewe's 

daye  &  for  the  boyes  spoyle  in  the  m^'kett      xviij^  vij*^ 

Conduit  made  at  Southside,  the  lead  pipe  bought  of 
John  Welles  of  Exon.  Wine  to  the  '  Stonehowsemen  '  on 
May  day;  114  pounds  of  powder  spent  on  Midsummer 
night ;  <)s.  paid  Spry  for  two  platts,  '  one  for  my  L.  of 
Bath  &  the  other  for  m""  Sparke.' 
Itm  pd  Christofer  Taylor  for  buyldinge  the  watch 

howsse  at  the  becone  vppon  the  West  hawe  .  x^' 

1594-5.     Jo  Jin  Golson. 

William  Marwood  '  Customer.' 
Itm  rec  of  a  Flemynge  to  whom  the  Islelonde 

made  a  shootte  .  ...  xij^ 

£6  for  a  fine  of   linen   cloth  of  nicholas   Glanville  of 
Taustock,  bought  in  the  borough  by  his  man  of  a  Burton, 
seized  by  the  Town  as  foreign  bought  and  sold. 
Itm  rec  for  a  fyne  of  one  that  wilfullye  kylled 

Joseph  Gubbes,  his  pigge,  in  the  streate         .  x* 

£26  received  as  Town  Custom  of  the  prize  goods 
brought  from  Brazil  by  Fenner's  and  Goddard's  ships. 

;^44  6s.  Sd.  subscribed  to  defend  the  causes  in  lawe  and 
secure  the  guard  of  the  fort  to  the  town. 

^159  4^-.  lod.  collected  towards  the  bells  by  Peter 
Anthony  and  W'"  Neyle.  They  were  cast  in  a  furnace 
built  in  the  town,  and  cost  ^^^293  12s.  ^d.  Drake  and 
Hawkins  gave  a  broken  piece  of  brass  ordnance. 

Capt.  Parker  gave  a  piece  of  ordnance  to  the  town. 

'Two  yonge  gentelmen'  apparelled  whose  father  was 
slayne  in  her  ma**  seruice  in  Brittayn. 

A  dispute  with  Mr.  Strode  about  the  Lambhay,  where 
the  town  had  a  kiln  or  kilns. 


VVidey  Court  Book.  137 

Itm   p  for  hue  &  die  made  after  S""  Fr'^unces 

drakes  musitions  .  .  •          •        ij^  vj 

Itm  pd  for  passinge  avvaye  of  a  molato  w4i  laye 

about  the  streate  .  .  .         .  vj^ 

1595-6.     jfohn  Batten. 

Upham  received  ^10  as  preacher  ;  Myntrell  disappears  ; 
Irish  beams  taken  to  the  Church. 

£^  paid  to  John  Burdon  for  bringing  the  water  to  the 
old  Conduit. 

6s.  %d.  to  Spry  for  a  '  plott  of  the  forte  and  of  the  hawe.' 

A  gibbet  erected  in  Market  St. 
Itm  given  to  a  poore  woman  w°h  had  byn  carted  vj*^ 

Itm  pd  for  caryenge  her  avvaye  .  .         .  iiij'* 

Itm  pd  twoe  boyes  that  carryed  the  basons  then  .  ij'^ 

Itm  pd  a  foteman  sent  to  Saltayshe  for  oysters 

for  my  lord  Admirall  .  .          .  vj'^ 

Itm  pd  John  Trounce  for  mendinge  of  the  leate  .  ij^ 

A  felon  sent  to  gaol  who  stole  the  Earl  of  Essex's  plate. 

A  tun  of  wyne  given  the  Earl  of  Essex  and  the  Lord 
Admirall  ^24. 
Itm  pd  W'''  Berrie  towards  the  hurt  done  to  his 

housse  by  meanes  of  the  barracathes  there    .  vj' 

A  bridge  barrel  sent  to  London   'found  att  Caushame 
baye  &  left  there  by  the  Spaynyards.' 

Capt.  Parker's  ship  set  out  at  the  town  charges. 

The  hawe  lane  made  clean  by  two  men  at  the  return  of 
the  fleet  from  Cales, 

\s.  paid  to  a  boy  that  brought  news  of  Spanish  pinnaces. 

Six  men  by  the  mayor's  command  'attended'  on  mistress 
Prickett,  when  she  was  carted. 

Several  entries  of  money  spent  on  sick  soldiers  and  of 
the  expense  of  burying  dead  ones. 

1596-7.      TJiomas  Reynoldson. 

Goods  of  an  outlaw  seized  by  the  town. 
Itm  rec  of  m""  Fownes  for  monies  gayned  vppon 

sale  of  Corne  this  yere  .  .         .  cl" 

Itm  to  John  drummer  for  warninge  all  the  In- 

habitaunts  to  be  in  aredynes  w*h  theire  armor  vj*^ 

Two  other  entries  of  same  sort,  one  warning  'the  Townes 
men  to  muster  on  the  hawe.' 

The  town,  aided  by  the  country,  set  forth  a  ship    'in 
Cales  acton.' 


138  Plymouth  Municipal  Records, 

Itm   pd   Thomas   Edwardes  for  prohibitinge  the 

Tovvnes  men  from  Carrienge  of  fier  by  neight  ij^ 

Itm  pd  for  Carrienge  a  lame  man  on  a  barrow  to 

Compton  Tithinge      .  ...  xij*^ 

Letter  carried  to  '  Stonehowsse  and  Saltaishe  about  the 
pressinge  of  marryners.' 

Itm  pd  for  4  pounde  of  powder  to  shoutte  of  the 

peices  in  the  Churche  yearde      .  .          .  iiij" 

Itm  pd  for  18  pound  of  powder  that  charged 
the  4  peices  of  ordyn^nce  in  the  Castell  at 
the  landinge  of  Earle  of  Essex  .  .         .        xviij^ 

Vincent  warned  the  Tithingman  at  Stocke  to  receive 
'a  lame  &  impotent  man.' 

Itm  pd  Thomas  Edwards  &  Vinsent  for  killnge 

of  a  dogge  in  the  Towne  by  m""  maior's  order  xij^  viij*^ 

John  the  drumer  again  warned  theTownes  men  to  make 
ready  their  armour  and  the  captaines  and  soldiers  to  repair 
unto  the  Castle. 

Edwards  carried  a  woman  distracted  of  her  wits  to 

Itm  pd  him  [Edwards]  for  callinge  w4i  his  bell  all 

saylors  before  the  presse  master  .         .  iij*^ 

;^8  dfS.  paid  to  Sir  Ferdinando  Gorges  Clark  for  the  use 
of  his  master  for  sixe  soldiers  at  the  island  7th  Nov.  to 
1 8th  Dec,  41  days  at  ?id.  a  day  per  man. 

Letters  from  the  'Privy  Counsell'  sent  to  the  Vice 
Admiral  and  Leutent  of  Cornwall. 

Itm  pd  him  [Christopher  Taylor]  for  midsomer 
quarter  for  settinge  of  the  watch  and  for 
keeping  Cleane  of  furnture  and  for  his 
paynes  about  the  Barrachathes  .        iij''  vj^  viij*^ 

Itm  pd  S""  Fardinando  Gorgs  kneight  for  three 
quarters  of  a  yeres  Annytye  ended  att_^the 
feast  of  St.  Mychaell  Tharchangell         .         .    xxij"  x^ 

Hele  fnade  an  agreement  between  Saltash  and  Ply- 
mouth, and  had  £\/\  in  lieu  of  two  hogsheads  of  wine. 

John  Cooper  warned  the  Townsmen  to  hang  out 
*  Candells  and  lanterns.' 

Itm  pd  for  erectinge  of  the  barracathes  and  for 

other  Chargs  layed  out  aboute  the  same   clxxij''  vj^  ij*^ 

Itm  pd  for  makinge  the  Gallerie  in  the  Northe 

side  of  the  Churche  .  .  .     xliij''  xv*  vj"^ 

Widey  Court  Book.  139 

1597-8.     Robert  Trclaivnie. 

Walter  Mathewe  and  Richard  Kynge  fined  4^.  for  'being 
absente  when  the  Jurye  vvente  aboute  [the  bounds],  they 
being  sworen  of  the  same.' 

.;^io  received  of  certain  constables  'towardes  the  Chardge 
^ff^oi  settinge  fourthe  of  y*^  Shippe  at  Cales  viledgc.' 
^""^  £\'})2    6s.    8cf.    paid    by    Edmond^  Dockett,    gent.,    'to 

redeeme  his  goodes  w'^h  he  hadd  forfeited  beinge  indited 
of  man  slaughter  in  killing  of  one  John  Wilson. 

-Itm  rec  of  diu's  psons  vppon  a  Collection  towards 
^^  the  charge  of  the  defending  of  S''  Fardinando 

'^  Gorges  .  .  .  Ixxxxviij''  ij^  vj*^ 

Itm   pd   to  Vyncent  dyer   for  his  wage  for  one 
whole  yere   for    keepinge    the    beggers    and 
wandringe  parsones  out  of  y®  towne   .          xxvj^  viij'^ 
Itm  pd  Ballamie  to  make  clene  the  angell    .         .  vj*^ 

4.d.  paid  for  burying  two  Spaniards. 

Itm  pd  the  Belman  to  Cause  all  those  y*  hadd 
owinge  vnto  theim  anie  thinge  from  the 
souldyers  to  seeke  for  the  same,  they  beinge 
then  deptinge  .  ...  ij*^ 

Itm  pd  for  boate  hire  for  Carryedge  of  y®  magis- 
trates of  the  Towne  to  M"^  harris  her  funerall  ix"^ 

'  An  outrage  was  here,'  Capt.  Parker  being  kept  in  the 
fforte,  and  the  sergeant  of  the  fort  sent  to  Gaol. 

Order  for  the  '  m'"yners  of  a  shippe  y'  Came  from 
Barbaric  to  remayne  a  borde  in  regarde  of  theire  sicknes.' 

John  hele  said  to  be  molested  by  Gorges  when  about 
the  town's  business  ;  and  Hazard  named  as  a  preacher. 

Itm  pd  to  S*"  Robte  Cecyll  for  his  yerely  annytie 
[as  Lord  High  Steward]  or  fee  given  hjm 
y^  from  the  Towne  during  his  Itfe  '    "T         .  x" 

Itm  pd  towards  m""  Sparcke,  m""  Baron,  and  m"" 
Parker's  Charges  at  ye  Courte  aboute  the 
Townes  busynes  more  than  was  collected  : 
viz.,  to  m""  Sparcke,  £it,  8s.;  to  m''  Baron, 
£48  ;  to  m''  Parker,  £46  .  .   cxxxvij"  viij* 

Itm  pd  for  brynginge  the  water  in  pipes  at  the 

Foxehole,  and  for  makyng  a  Cundytt  there  .       xlviij'' 

Capt.  Parker  was  paied  £2^  'for  his  shippe  y*  serued  for 
the  towne  in  the  Cales  acton,'  and  another  £10.  Bagge 
also  spent  £82  on  the  ship,  and  Battersby  ^^9. 

140  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

1598-9.      Walter  Matheive. 

'  S'  Rychard '  [Champernowne]  was  to  pay  the  town  for 

54^,  paid  out  '  for  hordes  to  sett  fourthe  S''  Champnownes 

Barracathes   on    Hoe    Stert ' ;    i.e.,    Mount   Batten.      ;^I2 

us.    lod.    collected    in  Vintry    Ward  by  rate   'touchinge 

fortificacon  of  this  Towne  vppon  approche  of  the  enmie 

this  last  yere.' 

Itm  rec  of  Capt  Cooper  for  digginge  a  docke  by 

Smarts  Kaie  .  .  .         .  x^ 

20s.   received   of  '  Kinges    Chirurgione    for    his  Cheste ' 

forfeited    for   a    manslaughter ;    he   was   fetched    by   hue 

and  cry. 

Itm  pd  for  carryenge  a  Ire  to  M""  Maynerde  of 
Tauestocke  and  for  his  paines  in  cominge 
hether  aboute  S""  Free  Drakes  last  will  and 
Testam''        ,  .  ...  viij^ 

Sinbarde,  a  preacher,  had   133'.  4^.  for  six  sermons;  and 

there  was  also  a  preacher  named   Baxtor ;    while  an  old 

Cornish  preacher  had  5^". 

Various  entries  of  amending  the  leat  and  making  the 

leat  by  the  middle  mill,  also  'ridding'  the  leat. 

Itm  pd  for  cutting  downe  of  the  Furses  &  brembells 

vpon  the  diches  of  y®  west  hawe  .         .        xviij^ 

Itm  pd  Mathewe  Boye  for  Chargs  in  makinge 
and  seekinge  the  Annytie  given  to  the  Town 
by  S""  John  Hawkins  kneight  deceased^.  .    iiij"  xv^ 

1 5  99- 1 600.      Walter  Mathew. 

Total  receipts,  ^6^361  19^-.,  chiefly  made  up  as  follows: 
In  hand,  £^6  \^s.  ^d.\  keys  and  tonnage,  ^8;  rollage 
and  package,  £2\ ;  landleave  and  town  custom  (from 
strangers),  ^7  6s.  8d.;  pinfold,  4.0s. ;  ale  and  beer  wayts 
farm,  £"22  ;  wine  wayts,  £10  (three  paying) ;  fines  of 
freemen,  ^8  gs.  2d.;  shambles,  £2,7;  mills,  ^34  4^^.  ^d.; 
rents,  ^39  i  ^s.  gd.  ;  freedom  book,  £4.  1 8s.  T,d. ;  fines  of 
court,  {£4  los.  of  unfree),  £7  i6s.  gd. ;  rent  of  St.  Budock, 
£4;  rent  of  the  vicarage,  ^10;  farm  of  vicarage  (Kemp), 
iJ"40 ;  measuring,  i6s.  ;  rent  of  castle  hake  and  fishing 
within  the  cawse  (nothing) ;  ^20  from  Totnes  (part  of 
^50  awarded  thence  towards  the  Cales  ship) ;  ^20  for 
right  of  the  town  to  one  Lucas's  land  ;  Lord  Mayor  of 
London's  son  fined  £s  for  escheat  of  hides ;  and  two 
London  freemen  ;^io  on  certain  ginger.  Payments, 
;^39i  6s.  2d. 

Widcy  Court  Book.  141 

Itm  pd  M""  Seriuent  Hele  for  his  Councell  at  the 

first  time  aboute  the  Leate         .  ...       xx^ 

Itm  pd  a  man  for  watchinge  of  leighe  the  Taylor 

"beinge  susspected  with  Venicombes  wyeffe    .  iij** 

Itm  pd  for  London  beere  for  my  Lo  Byshopp       .  iiij* 

Itm'  pd  for  halHnge  the  duckinge  stoole  to  ducke 

the  cookes  wyeffe  and  James  Coyts  wyeffe    .  iiij*^ 

Itm  pd  for  Carryinge  a  Ire  to  m*"  Thomas  Drake  .  xij*^ 

Tokens  and  towe  papists  carried  to  Gayle. 
The  water  course  altered  by  East  Gate. 

Notice  given  that  no  strangers  should  be  taken  in  as 
under  tenants  or  servants  without  the  Mayor's  license. 

20s.  were  paid  to  Hele  for  his  council  about  the  leat  at 
another  time,  and  10^.  to  M""  Moore;  while  the  Mayor  and 
the  rest  of  the  masters  went  to  Oaston  on  the  same 
business,  the  boat  costing   t^s.  4c/. 

Itm  pd  Thomas  Reanalson  for  charges  in 
rydinge  to  Shurboure  to  speak  w4i  S"" 
waiter  Rawleight  [Lord  Warden  of  the 
Stannaries]  aboute  the  water  Course  .        xxvij^  iiij*^ 

Itm    pd    Robte    Trelaine    for   a   hodgeshead    of 

clarett  wyne  geven  to  M""  Sient  Hele     .         .  Iv^ 

Itm  pd  M"^  Boyes  for  lawes  causes  for  the 
Towne  as  by  his  byll  appeareth,  touchinge 
the  leate      .  .  .  .         xj"  ix^  vj*^ 

40^-.  paid  to  John  Anthonie  that  came  to  be  town  clerk. 

1 600- 1.     James  Bickforde, 

Thomas  Drake  is  now  renting  the  mills  at  ;!^34  4^-.  4^. 

Itm  receaued  of  W"  Neelde  and  Richard  Jeoye 
Collecto""^  of  the  Rents  yerelie  to  be  pd  to 
the  Towne  by  suche  as  haue  the  water 
brought  and  Converted  into  theire  houses 
into  Cocks  .  .  ...       iiij"  ij^ 

[The  first  definite  entry  of  water  rents  collected.] 

Itm  receaued  for  a  Bason  and  ewer  of  siluer  guilte 
wayeing  seuentie  sixe  ounces  att  vj^  viij*^  p 
ounce  w'^h  M""  Stallenge  brought  hether  from 
london  as  a  Remeaner  of  ex"  w'^h  he  hadd 
allowed  him  from  the  Towne  towards  the 
Charge  of  the  imposte  of  pilchards  and  w^h 
Bason  was  sold  to  m""  Paine,  amounting  to 
the  Some  of  .  .  .    xxv"  vj*  viij'^ 


142  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  pd  for  half  a  hogshed  of  Clarett  wyne  giuen 
to  m'"  Moore  of  Tauistocke  for  his  kindnes 
and  paines  touching  o"^  water  Course  .         .  xl^ 

20s.  to  Hele  for  counsell  touching  the  water. 
Itm  pd  Fredricke  Chirurgion  for  ripping  of  Jo** 

drumm''        .  .  .  .         .  ij^ 

\0s.  paid  for  a  'greate  bote'  to  take  the  whole  corpora- 
tion to  the  Lord  warden  [Ralegh]  at  Radford. 
Itm  pd  for  calling  in  the  Popes  ^pdons  and  for 

making  a  fier  to  burne  them   .  .         .  v'^ 

Much  work  done  on  the  Castle  and  Island,  there  being 
rumours  of  Spaniards. 

Itm  pd  the  widdowe  Penwarden  towards  her 
husbands  Chargs  he  being  arrested  and  sentt 
att  Trematon  att  the  suite  of  the  Maio""  of 
Saltaishe      .  .  .  .         .  ij* 

[This  was  a  dispute  about  the  measuring  of  salt.] 
The  Mayor  had  to  disburse  large  sums  in  fitting  out  the 
Queen's  ship  Trenwwitaine. 

Luxton,  the  town  clerk,  paid  money  about  '  following 
the  water.' 

The  new  charter  'lately  by  his  meanes  and  Industrie 
renewed  purchassed  '  of  Mathew  Boyes  for  £1^0. 

1 60 1 -2.  Williaui  Can. 
Itm  rec  of  Nicliplas  Goodridge  of  Totnes 
m'chaunte  vppon  an  agreement  made  be- 
tween the  Towne  &  him  for  an  offence 
Comitted  by  him  thesaid  nicholas  in  burn- 
ing of  a  Cheste  in  the  Councell  Chamber, 
wherein  were  Contayned  divers  evidencs 
and  writings  Concerninge  the  Towne .         .  c^' 

;^io  found  in  the  chest  of  Beaton  John,  who  died  in  the 

A  chapel  in  the  fort  mentioned. 

N.  Downeman  fined  ;^20  for  not  suffering  the  conduit 
water  to  pass  to  the  cock  and  Conduit  on  Southside. 

John  Battersbie  fined  i^20  for  striking  John  Harris  with 
his  truncheon  in  Guildhall  before  the  Mayor;  and  Harris 
£6  13^-.  4^.  for  misbehaving  himself  towards  Battersbie  as 
captain  of  the  watch. 

Itm  rec  of  Joseph  Gubbes  for  an  offence  in 
speaches  on  S^  Lambarts  dale  at  thelecton 
of  the  newe  maior        .  .  .         .  x^ 

Widey  Court  Book.  143 

Itm  rec  for  a  peice  of  golde  taken  for  an 
escheate  from  Katherin  Briant,  widdowe, 
beinge  founde  vnder  the  Southside  Kaie, 
and  there  hide  by  a  Spaniard  .         .  v^' 

Thomas  Tooser  named  as  town  attorney. 

Two  Spanish  books  sent  to  the  Lords  of  the  Council. 

Sick  people  lodged  in  the  'ploe  milles';  and  pressed 
people  kept  in  the  Guildhall. 

The  fish  market  made  against  the  Churchyard  wall  for 
^18  igs.^d. 

New    Key   near    Smart's    pallaiss    built    at   a   cost   of 

On  the  ending  of  the  controversy  with  Saltash  the 
two  Mayors  dined  twice  together  at  Stonehouse  at  a  cost 
of  26s. 

Walter  Mathewe  and  Thomas  Sherwill  rode  to  Exeter 
about  the  schoolmaster. 

M""  Bagge  was  paid  £2,2  as  a  burgess  of  the  Parliament 
for  hirnseTf  and  man  64  days  at  lOi". 

Spaniards  kept  in  M''  Hawkins's  house. 

1602-3.      William  Neck. 

£4  iSs.  paid  for  water  rent;  and  lOs.  for  rent  of  the 
pool  by  the  East  Gate;  while  ;,r22  6s.  lod.  was  collected 
towards  building  a  Conduit  in  Bilbury  St. 

26s.  8d.  found  about  one  Trefrie  '  which  hanged  himself 

5^-.  paid  to  Capt.  Edwards  for  intelligence  from  Spain  ; 
los.  to  'Wrambie  and  his  wife  to  keepe  them  out  of  Towne.' 

Two  Papists  apprehended  by  S*"  Richard  Hawkins  man. 

Itm  pd  to  a  pore  scholler  beinge  a  Hungarian      .  v* 

Itm  for  Cuttinge  and  settinge  vp  of  the  Kinges 

&  Townes  armes  in  the  new  Cundyte  v"  xj^  vj** 

A  large   lead  cistern  provided  to  the  Conduit  without 
the  Noittr  Gate.     Downemans  Key  mentioned.     Expenses 
on  the  vicaraige  and  in  proclaiming  the  King. 
Itm  paid  for  4  dayle  bordes  to  stopp  m"^  Manbies 

dore  .  .  ...  iiij^ 

Itm  paid  for  m""    Drakes    Coiiiission    as    by  the 

pticulers  appeareth      .  .  .         .      v^  viij*^ 

Itm  paid  for  a  dynn""  for  m""  Drakes  Comissioners 

when  they  were  here  about  the  water  Course  xl^ 

Itm   paid  m*"  Towne  Clarke  for   writinge  out   a 

Copie  of  M""  Drakes  lease  of  the  milles  and 

for  his  mans  horsehire  for  two  daies       .         .  xiij' 






Plymouth  Mimicipal  Records. 

Itm  paid  him  for  writinge  a  Copie  of  the  deed  of 
p''chase  of  the  Water  Course  in  pchement 
beinge  two  skynes  of  pchment  .  .         .         xviij* 

Itm  paid  him  for  writinge  of  a  paire  of  Indentures 
w*^h  were  for  certaine  houses  given  to  the  vse 
of  poore  fatherless  children  by  M''  Walter 
Mathewe      .  .  .  .         ,  v* 

Upham  the  vicar  died  ;  _^  1 1  <,s.  paid  Wallis  his  successor 

for   money   laid    out    by   him   about   his  induction ;    and 

£6  \})S.  4d.  for  salary  from  August  22  to  September  29. 
A  key  made  at  Martyns  dore. 

1603-4.     James  Mayne. 
Itm    received    of    Collectors    towarde    the    new 

buildinge  of  new  Bridge  .  .        iij"  vj^  viij** 

Robert  Sprie  paid  40^.  for  making  the  water  course  in 
the  olde  towne. 

Itm  paide  to  John  Woulcombe  towardes  the 
amendinge  of  new  bridge  which  the  leate 
brake  downe  .  .  .        iij 

[Marginal  note,  '  This  m''  Drake  must  paye.'] 
Itm  paide  for  a  dynner  for  S*"  John  Hele  m"" 
Crymes  and  m""  Drake  when  they  were  here 
abowte  the  water'Course 
Itm  given  to  M'  Walter  Elforde  his  Freedome 
and  one  hundred  of  dealebordes  in  regarde 
of  the  inheritance  of  the  weare  heade  of  the 
water  that  cometh  hether  to  Plymouth,  wher 
the  maior  and  his  brethren  do  vsuallie  ride 
once  a  yere  .  .  .  nij 

[Margin]  This  some  of  £/\  \\s.  was  repaid  againe 
in  the  an  account  following  to  the  next  Receuo""  and 
the  bords  are  yet  owing  vnto  M*"  Elford. 

[These  boards  were  probably  left  over  after  making  the 
launder  by  which  the  leat  was  originally  carried  along 
'  the  mighty  rocks '    below  Yannadon.] 

£6  iSj.  Zd.  paid  about  the  hanging  of  Peeke.  Captains 
Fall  and  Chambers  sent  to  gaol. 

M""  Hitchings  paid  32i'.  6d.  which  was  owed  him  by 
Robert  Morrishe  'who  was  hanged  and  the  Town  seased 
on  his  goodes.' 

The  undersherifif  paid  7iot  to  return  townsmen  on  juries. 
£2<^  paid  to  R.  Hawkins  for  87  days  in  Parliament  at 
6s.  ^d.  a  day  ;  Bagge,  the  other  member,  had  £40. 

''  xiiij^ 


Widcy  Court  Book.  145 

1604-5.      JoJin  W addon. 
Item  rec  of  W"  Jerman  &  John  Jope  Butchers 

for  killinge  of  a  Bull  before  he  was  bayten    .  v^ 

Itm  pel  to  hym  [Robert  Sprie]  for  paynt}'ng  of 

Byshipp  StatTords  Armes  in  the  Castle.  .  vj^  viij'^ 
Item  p*^  for  two  sermons  to  two  strange  preachers  xiij**  ij'' 
Item   p''  to  the  Ent'lude  players  to  departe  the 

Tovvne  withoutt  playing  .  .         .        ij**  vj*^ 

[One  of  many  entries  of  a  similar  cast  (this  about  the 
earliest)  showing  the  growth  of  Puritan  feeling.  A  few 
years  previousfyatr  strolling  players  were  made  welcome. 
Still  the  Morice  dancers  and  musicians  were  paid  on 

Item  pd  to  a  woman  for  sarching  the  deed  .          .  xij^ 

Item  pd  for  an  Ordynarie  to  Bentley  vppon  the 
Comyssion  betwene  the  Towne  &  S""  Thomas 
wyse  .  .  ...    xvij®  x*^ 

Tynwork  visited  by  Mayor  and  others. 

Item  geuen  to  m'"  Jackson  when  S''  Richerd 
Hawkins  called  the  Townes  Chre  in  ques- 
tion to  haue  the  same  confirmed         .         .  iij'' 

Item  paid  for  Boats  to  settou''  m*"  may''  &  others 
on  St.  Mathewes  day  over  the  water  att 
Hingeston  poynt  according  to  the  Auncyent 
Custome  for  vewing  of  the  Bounds  &  lymitts 
of  the  Borroughe         .  ...  xj*^ 

M°  that  the  Condet  w*out  the  Eastgate  by  the  Tree 
was  buylte  at  the  pper  Coste  and  Charge  of  m*"  Walter 
Mathewe,  then  maior. 

1605-6.      Thomas  Foiincs. 

Item  pd  for  a  dynner  for  S*"  Thomas  wise, 
knight,  and  others  w°h  came  aboute  the 
water  Course  .  ...         xviij^ 

Item  pd  for  the  Gunners  for  shooting  of  the 
Ordyn^nce  vppon  the  tryumphe  for  y^  joyful 
deliverance  of  ye  King  and  State  from  the 
Treason  of  Percie  &  others  .  .          .  ij^ 

Irish  people  sent  away  in  M""  Streng's  ship. 
5^-.   for  horse  hire  for  Thomas   Love  to  ride  to  Exon 
about  the  Virginia  voyage. 

School  house  enlarged  by  certain  rooms. 


146  PlymoutJi  Municipal  Records. 

Item  pd    to    do :    Steward    for    Councell   vppon 

Plantagenetts  graunt  .  ...         xxx* 

Item  pd  to  Robte  Trelawney  for  three  hoggesheds 
of  Clarett  wyne  geuen  to  S''  Thomas  wise, 
kneight,  for  the  soyle  in  the  leate  in  his 
Orcharde  at  Stoke  Dam'ell  through  w*^h  the 
Towne  water  is  Conveyed,  and  for  his  right 
in  the  wast  grounde  &  key  by  the  Barbacan  xiij^'  x^ 
Thomas  Sherwill  searched  in  the  Tower  for  the  Town 
Charter,  and  a  copy  was  had. 

John  Gibbons  served  two  warrants  on  the  Tynworkers. 
Sir  Richard  Hawkins  brought  a  suit  against  the  Mayor 
which  the  town  defended. 

£'J<^\  ^s.  id.  stated  as  the  whole  charge  of  '  buyldinge 
the  Guyldhalle  &  the  fleshamells  w^hin  this  Borough  and 
for  redeemying  of  Thomas  Saunders  &  myles  Saterfords 
leases  of  the  two  houses  by  the  Churchstile  in  y^  mayoraltie 
of  m"^  James  Bagg  1606.'  The  bulk  of  the  money  was 
borrowed,  some  paid,  and  bills  given  for  the  rest,  the  last 
to  expire  in  161 2.  John  Martyn  and  Walter  Mathewe 
supplied  the  timber  ;  George  Sheere  the  ironwork  ;  John 
Burden  was  the  plumber,  Mychaell  Bountie  the  glasyer, 
while  Pascoe  Peppell  sold  lime. 

1606-7.     JosepJi  Gnbbcs. 
Item   pd   for  a  gutter  of  ledd   for  conveying  of 

water  into  Philipp  Cornellis  his  Curtlage       .  v^ 

Richard  Roe  paid  for  walling  up  the  tree  on  the  hill 
without  west  gate. 

Item  pd  for  Ducking  a  woman  and  for  a  swifting 

gardell  &  Cordes  to  make  her  fast  .         .        ij^  vj*^ 

Item  pd  for  two  hoggeshedds  of  Clarett  wyne  sent 
to  S''  Thomas  wyse  kneight  in  full  payment 
of  the  Composition  betweene  hym  and  the 
Towne  for  the  soyle  of  his  lande  in  the 
water  Course  and  his  right  in  the  grounde 
&  soyle  of  the  Southside  Key   .  .         .  viij" 

1607-8.     John  M ado  eke. 

Old  Towne  Gate  and  the  water  course  into  the  Town  by 
the  Town  Mills  amended. 

Item  pd  to  hym  [John  Burden]  for  amending  the 
same  leddes  [pipes]  the  laste  greate  froste, 
beinge  an  extraordynarie  charge  .         .  xl^ 

Widey  Court  Book.  147 

Item  geuen  to  m'"  Walter  Elford  one  hundered  of 
deale  Boardes  w°h  are  deliu'ed  and  also  his 
freedome  for  y*^  absolute  inheritance  of  the 
hedd  weare  in  the  Ryver  and  the  water  leate 
of  the  water  of  meawe  als  meavy  that  runeth 
thorough  his  landc  towardes  Plymouth  w'h 
Boards  cost  .  .  .  iiij''  xiiij^ 

1608-9.     Nicholas  SJicrivill. 

Item  to  two  men  y*"  warded  at  y®  Barbacan  to  see 
y*  no  victualls  were  carried  aboard  y*^  Piratts 
one  day        .  .  ...  xv]"* 

Item  pd  for  paper  for  ticketts  the  said  yere  for 

Corne  .  .  ...  xij*^ 

1609-10.     John    W addon. 
Leather  forfeited  as  insufficiently  dressed. 
A  rock  dug  away  in  Loo  street. 
Item  geuen  by  m''  mayo'"  and  his  bretheren  to  m"" 
Worth  the  schoolemaster  in  respecte  of  his 
presente  necessitie  as  a  benevolence       .         .  iiij" 

Item    pd    for    removing    the    front    of    Hughe 

Cornishes  house  in  the  olde  Towne        .         .  iij^ 

Item  pd  for  a  dynner  for  divers  gentlemen  of  the 
Countrie  w'^h  came  hether  about  a  Composi- 
tion for  the  Corne  markett  .  ,         .  xP 

1610-11.     John  Clement. 
The  old  corne  market  house  mentioned. 
Item   pd   for  levying  of  the  ground    about   the 

Compasse     .  .  ...  xij** 

1611-12.     Robert  Rawlyng. 
Item  rec  of  M""  James  Bagg  for  the  morestone 

pillers  of  the  market  Crosse       .  .         .  xl^ 

The  walk  under  the  Guildhall  mentioned. 
Item    paid    to  a  lame    Captayne   that   had   Ires 

pattente        .  .  .  .         .  vj^ 

16 1 2-1 3.     Thomas   Wolridge. 

Inn -keepers    and    Tiplers    fined    for    not   entering   into 
recognizances — a    frequent    entry — and    beer    brewers    for 
selling  beer  at  excessive  prices. 
Item  pd  for  taking  a  boye  out  of  his  grave  to  his 

bodie  vewed  .  ...  viij'^ 

Item  pd  for  ayde  money  to  the  Ladie  Elizabeth  ,  v" 

148  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

161 3-14.     John  Boivnde. 

Paid  to  the  Earl  of  Suffolk,  Lord  High  Treasurer,  for 
his  fee  being  High  Steward  £\o. 

1 6 14-15.      William  Hill. 

Two  dollars  taken  from  a  Fleming  as  base  silver  &  sold. 

A  new  carpet  of  green  broad  cloth  for  the  Guildhall  and 
new  cushions. 

Sir  John  Digby,  Lord  Ambassador  for  Spain,  entertained 
by  the  Mayor. 

Paid  to  the  King  as  a  free  gift  according  to  letters 
received  from  the  Privy  Council  ^106,  of  which  iJ^So  \'js.  a^d. 
was  subscribed  by  the  inhabitants. 

[The  list  which  follows  is  at  the  end  of  the  volume]. 

Here  followeth  the  names  of  such  as  did  contribute 
towards  the  free  guift  to  the  Kinge  by  order  of  a  Ire  from 
his  maties  priuy  Counsell  and  the  seu'"all  some  by  each  of 
them  disbursed  Anno  RRg  Jacobi  Anglie  1615  : 

Inprimis  John  Clement  Mayo*"  xl*^;  M*"  John  Scobell  xl^; 
M""   John    Blighman    xl^ ;     M""  John    Martyn    xxxij^ ;     M"" 
Walter  Mathew  xl^  M''  Robert  Trelawney  xP;  M"-  Thos 
Sherwell  xl*;  M'"  Tho:  Fownesxl®;  M'"  John  Battersby  xl^; 
M""  John  Waddon  xl^ ;  M"-  Abraham  Colmer  xl« ;  M"-  John 
Powell  xxvj*  viij*^;  John  Jope  sen  xx^;  Thomas  Reynardson 
x^;  Wm  Neile  xiij^iiij'';  Nicho  Blake  xx^;  Wm  Cann  xx^ 
Rowland  Breufforth  xx® ;   Leonard  Pomeroy  xx'';    Nicho 
Sherwill  xx^ ;    John    Bownd  xx®;    Joseph    Gubbes    xx^ 
Wm   Predis   x® ;    John   Predis  xvj^ ;    Tho:   Wolridg    xx^ 
Jo:  Maddocke  xx* ;  Wm  Hill  xx^ ;    Richard  Brendon  xx® 
Tho:  Ceelie  xx^ ;    Nicho:   How  xij^  ;    Philip  Andrew  xij^ 
M""   George    Barons   xv^ ;    M**    Wm    Elford    x* ;    Richard 
Morehowse  xij®;  Tho:  Glanfeild  x^;  Frederick  Christian  viij^ 
Hugh  M aye  vj^viij'^;  Jacob  Stevins  v^;  Michaell  Marnen  vj® 
Moyses  Goodyeere  xij*;  Fraunces  Cocke  x^;  Ric  Raddon  v® 
Oliver   Webb   v^ ;     Edward    Hoyell    mf ;     Ric    Paine    ij^ 
Jo:    Cause  x^;    Jo:    Campe  ij^ ;    Ric   Northeren    ij^;    Jo 
Gaye    vj* ;    Ambrose   Bagtor  v^ ;    Edward    Buckham    vj^ 
Jo:  Symons  v'f\    Hugh  Langford  j* ;    Robert  Doble  ij^ 
Geo:  Johnson  x^ ;    John  Paige  x^ ;    Henry  Laurence  x^ 
John   Legg  iij^ ;  M'         Bligh  x^ ;  Thomas  Blackoler  iij' 
Adam  Morgan  \f  ;  Ric  Lawrence  v^ ;  Humfrey  Turner  iiij 
Nicho:    Bickford    iij^    ihj'^ ;    Ric    Streamer    v'f  \     Robert 
Sharpe  v^ ;  Geo:  Burradg  v®;  Laurence  Ryland  v^ ;  Jerom 
Roch   viij^ ;    Jo:    Harris    x^ ;    Tho:    Carvell    v^ ;    William 

Widey  Court  Book.  149 

Hele  x^ ;   Richard  Wilcocks  v^ ;   John  Elford  v^ ;   Phillipp 
CorneUis    v** ;    Edward    Pahner  v*^ ;    John    Andrevves   vj*^; 
Jo:  Beard  v* ;  Ro:  Dewe  v%  William  Hawkins  ij**;  William 
Sharpe   v®;    Erasmus    Emyn    vj^;    Richard    Hamlyn    v**  ; 
Robert  Pollard  v^;  Edward  Cocke  x^;  Fraunces  Glover  v^; 
Richard  Lwerardv^;  Nicho:  Elliottvj^;  Tho:  Cramphorne  x**; 
Steven  Trevill  xij**;  Ric  Trevill  xiij^  iiij'';  Tho:  Hawksland  x^; 
W'"  Bligh  iiij*;  Edward  Deacon  v** ;   Humfry  Thomas  x* ; 
Christopher  Shorte  iiij®;  Ric:  Gubbes  vj*;  Peter  Johnson  v^; 
Tho:   Plali  vj^;    Tho:  Moreton  viij^ ;    Ro:   Bampfeild   ij* ; 
Ro:  Humfry  ij^ ;  Peter  Trennlin  \f  v'f  ;  Tho:  Dibb  ij^  vj'^ ; 
Tho:   Hardwell   v® ;    Simon    Triscott  ij* ;    W'"  Davies  ij*; 
Wm   Heynes  ij* ;    Tho:  Wolsdon  Vf ;    Jo:    Brooking   vj* ; 
Wm  Cole  V®;  Jo:  Munnyon  iiij'';  Jo:  Davies  Chirurgion  x**; 
Richard    Maior    xj* ;     Christopher    Pomery    ij*    vj'^ ;    John 
Fryer  \f;  John  Ireland  v^ ;   Thomas  Woode  v® ;   Thomas 
Burges  v^;  Edmond  Lynes  Vf  ;  Jo  Jope  jn''  x* ;   Michaell 
Weckes  ij® ;  Richard  Woode  ij*  vj'^ ;  Richard  Goode  Vf  vj**; 
Jo:  Rogers  sen''  \f;   Ric  Ravvson  iiij®;    Michaell  Pryer  v® ; 
Tho:  Stockman  v®;    Henry  Reede  iij®  ;   Jo:  Jerman  viij® ; 
Nicholas  Sheppard  vj®;  Henry  Mooneviij**;  Luke  Creede  v®; 
Peter   Webb  viij® ;    Ric  Derry  iiij® ;    Peter  Foote  ij® ;    Jo: 
Moxey  X® ;   Robert  Sumpter  xviij*^ ;  Richard  Nicholas  xij''; 
John  Wotton  xij^;    Ric  Mattecott  ij®;  Jo:  Reddicliffe  ij® ; 
Edward  Collins  xij'';  Wm  Pynce  iij®;  Peter  Edgcombe  vj®; 
Stephen  Reede  ij®  vj*^ ;    Christopher  Trewyn  ij®;    Reynald 
Streamer  viij® ;   Nicho:  Colwell  x® ;  Jo:  Pyke  xij®;   Istaffe 
Dockett   ij® ;    Robert  Stephens  ij® ;    Digory    Holman   x® ; 
Walter  Glubb  v® ;    Henry  Shere  viij®;   Nicho:  Peirse  iiij®; 
Jo:    Miller    v® ;    Tho:    Moore    iij®;    Jo:    Bennett    ij® ;    Ro: 
Humffry  ij®;  Tho:  Hearnes  (?)  v® ;   Henricus  Smarte  ij®  vj*^; 
Abraham  Jennens  xij®;  Nicho:  Opy  gen  x®;  Ric  Gayre  vj®; 
Geo:   Sheffeild   v® ;    Wm    Birch    x® ;    Geo:  Vaughan   iiij® ; 
James    Newte    xviij'^ ;    Nicho:    Tresane    xviij® ;     William 
Weekes  iij® ;  Nicho:  Harris  xij'^ ;  Jo:  Shynne  ij®  vj*^ ;  James 
Boulton  xij*^ ;  Wm  Carkeete  v® ;  Lewston  Barnes  v^ ;  Geo: 
Dicks  ij® ;  Jo:  Fownes  v^ ;  Jo:  Rowe  v® ;  Tho:  Follenge  v^ ; 
Edward  Bray  v® ;  Eliz:  Sheere  vid  ij® ;  Wm  Goddard  xij'' ; 
Edward  Scoffin  xij'\ 

Here  followeth  the  names  of  such  as  did  absolutely 
refuse  to  contribute  towards  the  free  guift  to  the  King 
in  the  yeere  of  our  lord  161 5  : 

M""  James  Bagg ;  M""  Wm.  Parker ;  M'-  Jo:  Trelawney 
doth  not  pay  because  the  King  owth  him  xx''  on  a  \>n\'y 


150  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

scale;  M''  John  Yard;  Peter  Silfester;  Ro:  Ravvlyn  hath 
not  paid  because  the  kinge  oweth  him  xx^^  on  a  privy 
scale;  James  Bickford ;  Jo:  Oliver;  Nicho:  Harrell ; 
Ambrose  Diggens ;  Charles  Crooke ;  Walter  Carkeete ; 
Tho:  Loue ;  Tho:  Bennett ;  Frs  Taylor ;  Jo:  Cotton  ; 
Frs  Tawley ;  Edward  Childe ;  Allex  Sheere;  Jo: 
Rogers  jn'' ;  Samuel  Berry  ;  William  Draper ;  Roger 
Colwell ;  Ric  Hunte;  John  Smartc ;  Ric  Jeoy;  William 
Richards;  W™  Moore  ;  Jo:  Evans  ;  Jo:  Tawley  ;  MichacU 
Symons ;  Tho:  Miller;  Antho.  Tallant ;  Edw:  Avery; 
Peter  Marten  ;  Pascan  Rowe  ;  Jo:  Gibbons. 

161 5-16.     Richard  Brendon. 

Goods  found,  owner  not  known,  appropriated  to  Town 

Robert  Alden,  recusant,  sent  to  London  on  suspicion  of 
high  treason. 

1 61 6-1 7.  Thomas  Ceelie. 
Itm  Rec  of  M''  Abraham  Jennens  for  the  Custome 
of  ccrtaine  figgs  w'^h  he  bought  of  a  Duchman 
that  rann  awaie  and  left  it  vnpaide.  The 
rest  is  to  be  recou'ed  of  the  Dutchman  when 
he  shall  be  founde       .  ...  xv^ 

Itm  pd  for  guildinge  kings  armes  and  painetinge 

the  Guildhall  .  ...      iij''  vij^ 

Itm  pd  for  drawinge  of  S''  Frances  Drakes  picture 

"  and  other  charges  towarde  that .  .         .  Iij® 

Itm  pd  for  S*"  John  Hawkins  and  S*"  John  Heles 
"^rmes  and   placing  them    in   the   Guildhall 
wiridowes      .  .  .  ,         xxxiij®  vj'^ 

The  '  Prinse '  made  a  claim  within  the  Cawse ;  and 
Thomas  Sherwill  searched  the  Rolls  in  London  and  took 
counsel  thereon. 

Allowed    M''    Robert   Trelawnye   beinge    Mayor 
"for  entertayninge  S*"  Walter  Rawley  and  his 
followers  at  his   house  w°h  was  done  by  a 
grail  consente  .  ...  ix'' 

Sir  John  Duckhame,  Chancellor  of  the  Duchy,  enter- 
tained, his  follov/ers  being  lodged  in  M*"  Johnson's  house. 

It  allowed   for  a  pownde  of  Tobacco  w'^h  was 

geven  to  S""  John  Duckhame    .  .         .  viij^ 

It  paid  the  druiner  for  calling  S*"  Walter   Rau- 

leighs  company  abord  .  .          ,  xij** 

Widcy  Court  Book.  151 

161 7-1 8.     A- ic ho  las  S her  will. 

Entry   of   rent    tor    '  lisTiinge   w*hn    Fishers    nose   over 

agaynst  the  Beare's  head.' 

Itm  rec  of  WilHam  Hawkyns  for  the  rent  of  the 

two  Hawes  .  .  ...         xvij" 

Itm  pcTTor  a  small  grate  of  vvyre  before  the  Armcs 

in  the  Guildhall  .  ...     xiij^  x'^ 

Itm  pd  for  one  hundred  of  dry  virginea  fish,  and 
a  quarter  of  one  hundred  of  Corr  fish  sent  to 
S"^  William  Strode  for  his  paynes  in  the 
townes  busynes  .  ...         xxx^ 

Itm  pd  for  ainendinge  of  the  Kinges  Armes,  and 
for  two  newe  armes  the  Princes  and  the 
Dukes  .  .  ...         xxv' 

^99   I3-^-  y^-  spent  in  defending  the  towne  against  the 

Prince's  claims. 

16 1 8-19.     John  J  ope. 

Alexander    Maynard    and    John     Glanvill    both    town 
Itm  given  by  a  free  consent  towards  the  buylding 

of    the    stone    bridge    in    Plympton    Marsh  xl^ 

[amount  struck  out] 
Itm  given  to  the  Lady  Elizabeths  Players  being 
20"''  persons,  who  had  the   Kings  band  for 
playing  aswell  by  night  as  by  day  .         .       iij''  vj^ 

Mayor  sued  ineffectually  in  the  Starre  chamber  by  Peter 

William  Mannourry  indicted  for  high  treason  'for 
clipping  and  washing  of  gold.'  [This  was  the  French 
physician  who  is  connected  with  the  arrest  and  death 
of  Ralegh.] 

1619-20.     PJtillipp  Andrewe. 

Rec  for  two  old  rapiers  w°h  sometymes  did  belong 
vnto  one  Emilie  and  Harris,  and  w°h  were 
sold  towards  the  defraying  of  their  charges 
in  Sending  them  to  the  goale     .  .         .     vj^  viij'* 

Itm  pd  Peirs  the  Footpost  for  bringing  of  Ires 
from  the  Lords  concerning  the  Plantacon  in 
the  Newfoundland       .  ...  xij'^ 

Itm  pd  for  taking  downe  the  Gates  of  the  Towne 
and  placing  them  in  the  Steeple  and  Castle 
as  by  a  note  shewed  at  this  accompt 
appeareth     ...  .    xvj""  ix'^ 

152  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

\s.  to  two  poor  men  taken  by  the  Turks. 
i5^20  paid  to  Strode  for  his  services  in   Parhament  and 
for    'assisting    the    Tovvne    w^hstanding    the    Patent    for 
packing  and  salting  of  fish  and  for  other  things.' 

£^  spent  in  entertaining  the  followers  of  Sir  Walter 
Ashton,  ambassador  into  Spain. 
Itm  allowed  the  sayd  M''  Mayor  [^Tlio^nas  Fozviies] 
for  entertayning  of  Doctor  Pridiaux  Vice- 
Chancellor  of  the  Vniversitie  of  Oxford  his 
company  and  followers  who  lodged  in  his 
house,  w4i  sayd  Doctor  at  the  request  of  the 
Towne  hath  been  helpfull  and  beneficiall  to 
two  poore  schollers  sent  out  of  this  towne     .  ix'' 

Itm  allowed  the  forsayd  M'"Mayor  for  entertayning 
thold  Recorder  [5/r  W.  Strode]  and  the 
newe  vpon  the  chaunge  of  the  Recordershipp 
and  for  entertayning  M''  G/ajivill  howe 
Recorder  at  the  time  of  passing  the  Advowson 
and  Assurance  to  M*"  NichoUs  the  Lecturer  .  iiij^' 

i,iO  paid  William  Neele  of  Dartmouth  for  his  travell  to 
London  with  merchants  of  Exon  and  elsewhere  '  about  the 
suppressing  of  the  French  and  Spanish  Companies  of 
London,'  in  which  Dartmouth  and  Totnes  likewise  joined. 
Thomas  Sherwill  also  went  to  London  in  i6i 3-14  against 
the  Prench  Company  and  the  unjust  fees  of  the  Customs 
officers.  He  further  aided  John  Scoble  in  procuring  the 
renewal  of  the  Town  Charter  in  the  latter  end  of  1614. 
Altogether  there  seems  to  have  been  a  general  balancing 
with  Sherwill.  The  Plantation  in  the  Newfoundland  was 

Thomas  Rich  town  attorney. 

1620-21.      Thomas  Cra})ipporne. 

Item  given  to  S''  Robert  Mansell  knight  Generall 
of  his  M*'^®  Fleet  agaynst  the  Pyrats  of 
Algeir  at  his  goeing  to  sea  for  a  present  two 
fat  sheepe  two  sugar  loafes  twelve  capons 
and  six  fat  gennies      .  .  .  v''  \f  iiij'' 

Itm  given  to  two  heralds  (vizt)  S'  George  Rich- 
mond and  Blewemantle  w'^h  came  into  the 
Country  to  veiwe  the  armes  and  scales  of  all 
Corporacohs  and  gentlemen  for  the  fees  for 
themselues  and  their  Clarkes      .  .     iij^'  xvij^  iiij'' 

£"8    \Qs.  paid  to  Charles  Kiddewe  for  his  'clayme  in  the 

houses  built  by  him  on  the  viccaridge  neare  the  churchyard.' 

Widey  Court  Book.  153 

Itm  pd  M''  John  Savage  of  Exon  for  the  dyalls 

and  Clocke  Set  vp  in  the  Guildhall    .  .      xxxij'' 

Setting  up  and  materials  cost  £12  5i-.  $d.  more. 

1 62 1 -2.      WilliajH  Birch. 

A  chain  and  whistle  of  silver  taken  from  a  Frenchman 
sent  to  Gaol  for  killing  a  child  of  Ellis  Eggbeares.  A 
Frenchman  made  to  pay  20^-.  for  breaking  down  the  quay. 
John  Rattenbury  as  well  as  Rich  a  town  attorney. 
William  Hele  sent  by  the  Mayor  to  the  Privy  Council 
in  Oct.  and  Nov.,  1621,  'to  shevve  cause  w4i  other  port 
Townes  of  the  decay  of  trade  and  scarsity  of  mony  in 
this  Kingdome.' 

Itm  pd  for  a  bason  and  ewer  of  silver  gilt  cont 
95  ounces  3  qrters  at  vj^  x*^  p  ounce  w4i  xx^ 
given  for  ingraving  a  mapp  of  the  Towne  of 
Plymouth  in  the  said  bason  xxxiij*'  xiiij^  iij*^ 
anM  iij^  ^iven  to  R"obert  Spry  the  Paynter 
for  drawing  a  plott  of  the  said  towne,  w°h 
bason  and  ewer  was  by  the  towne  bestowed 
vpon  Jo/ui  GliDivyll  Esq  Recorder  of  this 
borrougTl?^  for  his  attendaunce  at  the  last 
Parliam*  being  one  of  the  Burgisses  of  this 
borroughe     .  .  .  xxxiij^'  xvij*  iij*^ 

Labourers  paid  to  bring  'the  Quarts  juggs  cans  and 
other  measures  from  the  Tavernes  and  beerehouses  to 
the  Guildhall ' — the  unlavvfuU  ones  melted. 

Timber  drawn  over  the  keys  when  '  my  Lord  Ambasador 
came  hither.' 

1622-3.     Rowland  Breiijfourih. 

1623-4.     Richard  Gayer. 

24s.  6d.  paid  to  M''  Foster,  one  of  the  officers  of  the 
Ordnance,  for  taking  notice  of  the  ordnance  in  the  fort. 
Itm  pd  for  a  small  siluer  scale  w%  the  Townes 

Armes  for  the  siluer  &  making  .  .         .       vj^  ix** 

Thomas  Davies  had  3^'.  6d.  for  bringing  news  that  the 
Prince  was  passing  the  harbour,  whereon   the   bells   were 
Itm  pd  for  Alixander  Baker  the  Jesuit  for  charges 

concernyng  him  .  .  .  xiu'f  vi'f 

Itm  pd  to  John  Skinner  goldsmyth  for  three  new 

Mases  .  .  .  .    xix"  xv*  viij*^ 

More  for  Jronn  for  the  same  Mases  .  ,         .  iiij^ 


i54  PlymoutJi  Municipal  Records. 

Payd  by  M''  Poinerey  maior  for  a  pte  of  the  charge 
disburst  for  the  putting  down  of  the  Lyzard  light  w'-'h 
would  have  ben  burdensom  to  all  this  cuntrie  besydes 
that  w°h  was  collected  pd  by  him  to  YA:  Cock  to  haue 
discharged  the  xP  for  the  fee  farme  dew  to  the  King  w'^h 
was  apointed  to  be  payd  to  the  prince  his  officers  butt 
he  pd  itt  to  M*"  Gawen  the  prince  his  auditor.  .  .  .  For  the 
first  iij''  xix^  iij'' ;  the  second  xliiij®  viij''. 

1624-5.     Moses  Goody  care. 

£4  4s.  received  of  one  Covell  of  London  '  who  was 
taken  arrested  and  imprisoned  vpon  the  statute  of 
Bankroupt  for  extraordinary  watches  and  guards  vpon 

Itm  receiued  in  mony  w^^h  remayned  in  two  purses 
in  the  deske  w'^h  was  taken  from  Duch 
Pirats  .  .  ...    xliij®  ij** 

Petitions  sent  to  the  King  against  'the  Pirats  of  Sally,' 
and  orders  from  the  Council  to  guard  the  coast  against  the 
pirates.     A  company  of  '  Turks '  sent  to  Gaol. 
Itm  pd  for   new  making  the  three  small  maces 
and    for   silver   added    vnto    them    and    for 
gildinge        .  .  ,  .        ij"  xiij^  vj'' 

Town  seal  graved  by  John  Bardsey  6s.  4d. 
^150  given   to  the   King  on   his   coming   to  the  town, 
Sept.    15,    1625;    £^  6s.   8d.   for  a  purse  to  deliver  it  in; 
^33    3-^-  4^-   to   the    attendants ;    6s.    8d.    to    make    clean 
20  '  helbarts '  for  the  King's  guard. 
Itm  paid  for  boate  hire  to  fetch  Drake  the  Piratt 

on  shore        .  .  »._^---  ^         ^        xviij^ 

The  castle  repaired  to  make  a  prison  for  soldiers,  and 
part  of  it  'burnt  by  the  negligence  of  the  souldierrs' 
costing  £2T)  ^s.  4d.  There  was  a  piece  of  ordnance  at  the 

Houses  at  Oreston  and  certain  ships  visited  'suspected 
of  the  sicknes.' 

Itm  pd  for  clensinge  of  the  sinks  and  other  buy 
lanes  against  the  King's  cominge  to  this 
towne  .  .  .  .  xxij^  iiij'^ 

The  Recorder's  scarlet  gown  trimmed  against  the  King's 
"The  Receiver  allowed  3.^.  4^.  '  for  soe  much  he  could  not 
receive  of   S""  Ferdinand©  Gorges  kt  towards  the  Lizard 

Widey  Court  Book.  155 

Itm  for  making  of  a  house  w%  deale  boards  att 
Lij3Soi)  in  M''  Roberte  Trelawnyes  grounde 
loi-  sicke  folkes,  wherein  there  bee  one 
huTRfred"  and  eight  cheife  deales  besides 
others  and  other  charges  as  by  the  ^Jticulers 
appeareth     .  ...  ix"  ix^  x-* 

[Crossed  out  ] 

[Marginal  note]  '  This  some  of  ix"  ix^  x''  is  to  be  charged 
to  the  Accompt  for  the  Pest  houses.' 
Itm   pd   for  settinge   vp  of  boardes    to    make  a 

lynney  on  the  Southside  Key     .  .  xxxiij^  ij*^ 

Itm  pd  for  making  of  three  houses  on  husteart 
wherein  there  is  three  hundred  an"3  fTiree" 
Quarters  of  Deale  boards  w*h  sparrs  and 
other  charges  as  by  tiie  ^iticulers  appeareth  . 

xxvj''  xii^  ix'^ 
Itm  pd  for  making  of  a  jibbett  on  the  howe  .      xxj^  j'^ 

[Note]  'To  craue  allovvance  of  fHTKinge  for  all  theise.' 

1625-6.      John  Page. 

Itm   pd  for  taking  down  the  gate  and   wall  by 

thold  M"^  John  Martyns  .  .         .       ij^  iiij*^ 

Itm   pd    for  clensing  of  the   prison    being  very 

noisome  by  meanes  of  the  infection    .         .        ix®  ij*^ 

Itm  pd  for  the  charge  of  the  setting  vpp  of  the 
house  in  the  feildsl)ut  of  the  Towne  wheren 
the  Mayo""  was  chosen  being  wholy  occasioned 
by  meanes  of  the  plague  then  in  towne  xxviij®  xi'^ 

1626-7.      John   jfope. 
Itm   rec*^  of  William    Lowdwell    for  taking  the 

water  into  his  house  .  .  .         .  v'' 

New  market  house,  which  had  cost  £g  it,s.  iid.,  pulled 
down  and  carried  away,  and  afterwards  repaired  and  fitted 
above  the  higher  mill. 

Gates  and  walls  repaired.  Ordnance  and  other  defences 
put  in  order. 

Itm  pd  for  charges  about  the  old  Caws  in  raysing 
the  same  higher  that  boates  may  not  come 
over  it  .  .  .  .       iij"  xiij*  iij'^ 

1627-8.     Robert  Trelaivny. 

Francis  Earl  of  Bedford  Lord  High  Steward  ;  previous 
entries  of  his  predecessors  commonly  say  high  steward. 
A  box  provided  for  his  patent. 

£\l()  ys.  spent  in  renewing  the  Charter. 

1 56  PlyinoiitJi.  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  pd  for  repayriiig  the  wall  w'^h  standeth  next 
the  sea  leading  from  the  Barbican  towards 
the  Lambe  hay  being  throwen  down  by  the 
fall  of  a  wall  w'^h  belongs  to  the  Lyme  Kills 
there  .  .  .  .    ij^^  xv^  vj''  ob 

Itm  pd  Liuetennt  Burthog  being  enterteyned  by 
the  Towne  for  the  exercising  of  the  youth  of 
the  towne  in  military  disciplyne  .         .  x'' 

Itm  pd  M''  Nicholas  Sherwill  for  powder  and 
match  Tor  suppressing  the  saylers  when  they 
were  in  a  mutiny  .  .  .  xviij^  viij'^ 

News  sent  to  the  Lords  of  the  Council  upon  the  '  first 

intelligence  of  the  Earle   of   Denbeighes  departure   from 

before  Rochell  with  the  Fleete  without  relieuing  the  said 


Itm  allowed  hym  [The  Mayor]  for  a  Journy  to 
Truroe  in  IVf  Blakes  Mayoraltie  to  conferr 
with  the  Maio""  of  Truroe  concerning  the 
shippe  required  by  the  Lords  of  the  Counsell 
to  be  sett  out  .  ...        xviij* 

18^.  spent  in  repairing  the  town  pikes  broken   by  the 


1628-9.  Richard  Tapper. 
Itm  rec  of  Regynald  Streamer  one  of  the  over- 
seeres  of  the  poore  for  Fower  yeares  Rent 
of  three  tenem**  whereon  the  workehowse 
for  the  setting  of  the  poore  on  worke  is 
lately  built  neare  the  Churchyard,  ended  at 
Michaellmas  1629        .  ...     ix''  xij^ 

Itm  pd  a  wanderer  that  came  to  shewe  feats  of 

activitie  to  be  gonne  .  .  .  x^ 

Thomas  Starky  killed  by  Cornelius  Lawrence;  Lawrence 
by  Richard  Mason  ;  Jonas  Worth  by  Francis  Caloier ; 
John  Jones  by  Adam  Turtle.     [Query  a  riot.] 

Order  from  the  Council  to  prevent  the  landing  of  the 
soldiers  from  Rochell. 

The  wall  and  steps  about  the  great  tree  without  East 
Gate  repaired  ;  and  the  wall  without  East  Gate. 

1629-30.     Nicholas  Beimett. 

1630-31.     John  White. 
Itm   reed    of   William    Warren    for   suffering   of 
Thomas  May  and  Stephen  Gaunter  to  play 
at  dice  in  his  howsse  .  .         .  xl® 

Widcy  Court  Book.  157 

Itm  rec''  of  Thomas  May  and  Stephen  Gaunter 
for  playing  at  dice  at  the  hovvse  of  William 
Warren  and  Mary  Morgan  .  .  xxvj'viij'^ 

Itm  rec"*  of  diverse  other  persons  for  playing  att 

vnlawfull  games  .  ■  •  J"  ^Y  "'J*^ 

Itm   reed  of  John  Pike  for  selling  of  a  quart  of 

beer  for  two  pence       .  ...  xx^ 

Itm  reed  of  William  Darke  and  Henry  Old  for 
giving  interteynem*  att  vnlawfull  tymes 
contrary  to  the  Statute  .  .         .  xx^ 

Itm  rec''  of  a  Lubiker  for  heating  of  pitch  aboard 

his  shipp  w^hin  the  cavse  .  .          .  xx^ 

Itm  rec''  of  diverse  persons  that  swept  durte  into 
the  Cannells  and  wasted  water  at  the 
Conduitts  contrary  to  the  orders  .         .        vj*  x** 

The  fines  for  gaming,  selling  without  license,  &c.,  were, 

'as  they  ought  to  bee,  charged  to  the  poores  Accompt.' 

They  had  been  entered  here  by  error,  and  were  allowed 

the  Receiver  again. 

A  suit  in  the  Star  Chamber  against  the   Mayor,    &c., 

touching  wyne  and   ale  waits,  ended  by  Wm.   Noy,  cost 

£\<^2  9J-.  \d. 

Itm  paid  M""  Horsfnan  for  a  stipend  given  hym 

by  the  Towne  .  .  .         .  v'' 

1 6 3 1  -2 .     James   W addon. 

Land  enclosed  near  'thold   mills';    John    Bound   paid 
£\o  for  a  grant  in  fee   farm   and    granted   the    town    an 
annuity  of  6^-.  8^.  for  ever. 
Itm  paid   to  watchmen  for  watching  of  a  child 

Kild  by  Johane  Cradocke  .  .         .       ij^  iiij"^ 

1632-3.     Hiunfry  Gayer. 

1633-4.     Bartholomew  NicJiolls. 

Eliot  of  Exon  fined  ^3  for  buying  tallow  of  an  Irishman 
'  being  a  straunger  and  making  breach  of  the  priviledges  of 
the  towne.' 

Itm  paied  Pascow  Rooe  for  his  Charges  &  horse 
hier  vnto  Shatster  to  view  the  water  by  m"" 
maior's  appoTntmente  .  .         .       ij^  iiij*^ 

^9  \c)s.  yi.  spent  in  removing  'lyttetor'  to  London  to 
give  evidence  against  a  Jesuit. 

The  Earl  of  Bedford  had  his  fee  as  high  steward 
bestowed  in  apparel  for  16  poor  men. 

158  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  paied  for  boat  hier  for  goinge  to  howe  sterte 

to  vieu  the  breach  of  the  Sea  ther  .         .        iij^  ij'^ 

1634-5.     RicJiard  SpJirtvell. 
Itm  payd   M'"  Nicholls  and  others  that  went  to 

view  the  Towne  Leate  .  .         .     vij^  iiij*^ 

New  Key  paved  and  edged  about  with  moorstones,  and 
a  crane  placed. 

Itm  payd  for  M*'  Maio'"®  and  others  Chardges  in 
riding  Fiue  iournyes  to  Exon  abut  the  twoe 
shipps  and  towards  M*'  Clem®  Journye  to 
London  about  the  same  businesse  .         .Ij^'  v\f  yJ^ 

M*"  Mason  named  as  town  counsell. 
Itm  payd  Edward  Arnold  in  full  dischardge  of  a 
demande  due  from  J  no  Lawrenson  Hebr 
high  Jerman  whoe  was  maynteyned  att  the 
charity  of  the  Towne  of  Plymouth  att  the 
Uniu'sitye     .  .  ...  ij^'  xviij® 

;^iO  paid  to  Michael  Herring,  merchant,  of  London, 
which  he  had  disbursed  'about  the  Newfoundland  trayne 
which  sayd  sume  is  to  be  made  good  agayne  vnto  the 
Towne  on  the  next  Newfoundland  rate.' 

1635-6.      Jerome  RocJi. 
Itm    payd    for   the    freeinge   of  two   escapes    of 

murther  this  yeare      .  ...    iiij''  xij^ 

1636-7.      John  Sherzvill. 
Itm  payd  for  a  present  sent  the  R''*  Ho''^®  the 
Earle    of   Northumberlande    Generll    of   his 
ma*®  Fleete  Royall  att  his  beinge  here  w% 
boate  hyre  .  .  .  .  vij''  xviij®  iiij*^ 

iG^j-S.     JoJin  Sherivell. 
Itm  for  a  prsent  giuen  M*"  Risdon  to  pcure  out 
of  his    hands  such   writinges    as    concerned 
Vauters  Fee  lately  bought  by  the  Towne  of 
m''  John  Hawkyns,  and  a  man  and  two  horses 
two  Journyes  to  fetch  the  sayd  writenges       .       v'  WVf 
£1    ys.    \od.    paid    for    copies    of   writings    concerning 
Sutton  Pool  out  of  London. 

£2  los.  paid  toward  the  purchasing  a  house  near  Exon 
for  a  Bridewell. 

^3  OJ-.  3^.  paid  for  costs  of  a  lawsuit  with  the  Vicar; 
and  20s.  laid  out  in  London  '  for  the  surrenderinge  vpp  of 
the  Patronadge  of  Plymouth.' 

RoUes  mentioned  as  town  counsel. 

Widey  Court  Book.  159 

1638-9.     Moses  Goody  ere. 

Soldiers  exercised  and  fitted  with  arms. 
Itm  payd  the  salt  peter  man  for  not  troublinge  ye 
Towne  for  carriadge  and  to  gett  his  carriadge 
elsewhere      .  .  .  .         .        v''  vj^ 

1639-40.     PJiillipp  Francis. 

Dung  key  built  on  the  stronde  at  the  end  of  Looe  St. 
Thirteen    soldiers    sent    to    the    North,    and    coat    and 
conduct  money  paid. 

A   new  pavement    laid    in    the   way    leading    from    the 
Church  Stile  to  D^'  Wilson's  house. 
Itm  giuen  the  souldyers  of  the   Forte  when  m"" 
Mayor   and   his   brethren   went   to  visite   S"" 
Jacob  Ashleigh  &  his  Lady         .  .    '     '.         xxij^ 

1640-41.      John  SJierivell. 

Deeds  for  the  purchase  of  Vauters  Fee  enrolled. 

i^68  \Os.  paid  out  in  procuring  the  Advowson  by  Robert 
Trelawney.  £^0  laid  out  by  John  Waddon  for  the  like 
and  passing  the  bill  in  Parliament.  Waddon  also  paid  for 
298  days  attendance  in  Parliament,  £'^(^  6s.  8d. 

1 64 1 -2.  Pltillipp  Francis. 
Tithe'of  the'mills  £To7 
Itm  reed  of  D''  Aaron  Wilson  by  the  hands  of 
M''  Robert  Gubbes  in  parte  of  a  debt  due 
from  the  saide  D""  Wilson  to  the  Maior  and 
Coialtie  of  this  borrough  by  bonde  the  sum  me 
of  tennepowndes  due  vnto  the  saide  D""  Wilson 
fro  the  saide  IVP  Robte  Gubbes  as  Governor 
of  Orphants  ayde  for  the  tythes  of  the  mills  x" 

1642-3.     Christopher  Cccly. 

Itm  payd  for  makenge  a"wall  att  M""  Alsoppes 
howse  an  other  by  D''  Wilsons  howse  &  a 
thirde  in  the  way  leadeinge  to  Totehill  iiij^'  vj^  xi'^ 

Itm    pd    for    repaire    of    the    wall    behinde    St. 

Catherines  lane  .  ...      xxviij^ 

Itm  pd  for  Carryeinge  gunnes  into  M""  Fowells  and 
M""  Elliotts  gardens  where  they  were  mounted 
for  y*^  better  defence  of  the  towne  ag*  S""  Ralph 
Hopton  and  to  gunners  y*  attended  one 
month  there  .  ...  iiij" 

Itm  payd  for  Carriadge  of  gunnes  to  the  Town 
"  Gates  &  into  the  old  Towne  &  for  Lanternes 
for  the  cruardes  and  for  shott      .  .  xxix^  ix*^ 

l6o  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Bells  rung  when  the  Earl  of  Stamford  came. 
Itm  pd  for  makinge  two  newe  handmills  at  the 

Castle  .  .  .  .        viij"  \'f  x^ 

Itm  paid  for  worke  done  about  fortifyinge  the 
frieris  and  for  Carriadge  of  deales  thither 
and  to  Old  Towne  gate  and  Carrying  away 
Rubble  that  stopped  vpp  the  entrance  of 
Barkers  lane  .  .  .        iij"  iiij^  xi*^ 

Itm  paid  the  Charges  of  building  the  Cobbe  wall 

behind  the  Ould  towne  .  .      xxv"  v®  iiij*^ 

Itm  paid  in  Expences  and  for  horse  hire  for 
myself  and  M*"  Evans  ridinge  to  Exon  with 
a  peticon  from  the  Towne  to  the  deputie 
Lievetehnts  when  they  mette  there  on  a 
treatie  with  the  Cornish  genf     .  .         .  ij'' 

;^I9  14^'.  2d.  spent  by  the  Mayor  on  timber  and  plank 
for  building  the  town  gates  ;  ^20  in  entertaining  Col. 
Ruthen  and  other  officers  and  gentlemen  of  Devon  and 
Cornwall  ;  ^^30  on  the  Earl  of  Stamford  and  the  Deputy- 
Lieutenants — both  at  several  times;  £\o  on  'some  of  the 
Burgesses  of  Parliam*  att  theire  being  in  Plym°  aboute 
the  treatie  betweene  Devon  and  Cornewall ' ;  and  i^20  for 
other  extraordinary  entertainments. 

1643-4.     01  liner  Ccclye. 

A  Spanish  pike^with  head  bought  for  the  town  standard. 
^10  allowed    for  entertaining  the    Lord   Admiral  and 
Itm  payd  for  a  jarre  of  oyle  for  the  makeing 

salues  for  scalded  sould'*  .  .         .  vij^ 

Itm  pd  for  a  rolle  of  Spannish  tobacchoe  sent  the 
Speaker  of  the  howse  of  Comons  assembled 
in  Parliam*  for  a  gratuitie  from  the  Towne    .       vj'^  x® 

1644-5.     Jo  Jin  Allyn. 

Itm  pd  for  two  longe  Verre  beames  for  the 
Towne  Crookes  [for  pulling  down  houses  in 
case  of  firej  .  .  .  .         .  x^ 

Itm  pd  for  a  Chamber  pott  for  the  hall  .         .        xviij*^ 

£\Af.  ^s.  8d.  spent  in  a  present  of  wine  and  sweets  for 

Lord  Roberts  on  his  departure  for  London. 

Itm  pd  Andrewe  Horsman  Clarke  master  of 
the  freeschoole  for  three  yeares  stipend  att 
Michas  laste  w'^h  was  not  paid  in  the  times 
of  the  warres  .  ...  Ix'* 

Widey  Cojirt  Book. 


The    Lord    Marshall   and   Vice-Admiral 
tained. ^ 

Batten    enter- 

1645-6.     Hugh  CornisJi. 

Oliver  Ceely  and  Nicholas  lidgcomb  fined  6s.  Sd.  for 
not  wearing  their  gowns  in  Sessions. 

"Severall  messuages,  lands,  and  tenements  called  Corpus 
Christi  leased  to  John   Paige  for  99  years  on  lives  ;    fine 

Town  Colours  altered. 
Wall  at  Husteart  repaired.     £1   i^s.  2d. 
New  gutters  made  to  bring  the  town  water  without  the 
Old  Town  Gate — £'j  \2s.  yi. 

Itm  pd  for  a  Sermon  preached  on  Markes  day 

being  a  fee  of  Marke  Cottles      ...  x^ 

Prisoners  detained  because  the  country  was  not  open  for 
them  to  be  sent  to  gaol. 

Robert  Arundell  sent  to  London  to  procure  money  for 
the  garrison. 

Present  given  to  Col.  Weldon  at  his  first  coming. 

New  cage  in  the  Old  Town  built. 

Plve  Portugells  sent  to  Rochell  in  the  Peter  and  Robert 
at  the  town  expense. 

;^20  spent  in  entertaining  Fairfax  and  others.  / 

Itm  pH"Eatten  for  mendinge  the  drawbridge  at 



1646-7.     Nicholas  Edgecombe. 

Robert    Gubbes    leased    part    of    the     Friery    Garden 
'  divided  by  the  erectinge  of  the  Town  line.' 

Itm  reed  of  M'"  John  Allin  for  goods  distrained 
&  sould  of  Jo"  Harris  drap  for  refusing  to 
beare  y®  office  of  a  Comon  Counsellman 
beinge  lawfully  elected  hereunto  the  s'^ 
goodes  being  sould  in  open  survey      .         .  x'' 

Itm  reed  of  M''  Thomas  Sherwill  of  London  for 
eight  yeares  arrearages  of  an  annuitie  of  v'' 
p  annm  given  by  M""  Thomas  Sherwill  M*'^ 
deed  out  of  his  lands  att  Hundiscombe  to 
the  towne  to  buy  powder  two  yeares  of  the 
eight  being  abated  him  in  regard  of  the 
troubles  his  being  the  firste  payment  of  that 
annuity  beinge  to  Continue  fiue  and  twenty 
yeares  .  .  ...         xxx'' 


1 62  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  reed  for  arrearages  of  rente  of  the  milles 
in  parte  of  foure  yeares  rents  due  from  M'' 
Tapson  .  .  ...  xlij^'  viij^ 

Itm  pd  Christopher  Tyacke  Chirurgeon  for 
visiteinge  shippes  whose  company  were 
diseased  &  came  from  the  west  indies         .  v* 

Itm  pd  M""  Rowe  minister  of  God's  word  for  a 
gratuity  beinge  a  stranger  and  preached 
often  heere  .  .  ,  .         .  xx® 

A  messenger  from  St.  lues  with  notice  of  a  ship  coming 
whose  company  had  the  plague. 

Some  poor  Irish  people  Hkely  to  become  chargeable 

John  Madocke  and  Robert  Doble  sent  to  London  twice 
to  solicit  the  Parliament  for  pay  for  the  garrison.  The 
eight  drummers  of  the  town  regiment  had  ;^4  \os.  a  piece 
for  their  services  from  the  '  beginning  of  the  troubles.' 
Doctor  Vivian  had  i^20  gratuity.  £^  6s.  given  by  M"^ 
Ceely,  Mayor,  to  M''  Hughes  and  the  rest  of  the  ministers. 

1647-8.     Lawrence  Becle. 

Letter  sent  to  Sir  Hardress  Waller  to  Exeter  about 
disbanding  the  garrison — sent  express, 

£>\^^  to  Waddon  for  Parliament  service.  Waller  and 
Col.  Weldon  entertained. 

1648-9.     Richard  Goody  ear  e. 

Roger  Tolle  paid  20^-.  fine  for  his  freedom.    Peter  Treby 

and  Thomas  Rich,  attornies  ;  Edward  Fowell,  counsell. 

It  paid  for  two  horses  bought  &  imployed  in  the 
Cleansinge  of  the  Towne  &  for  Cartes  & 
pottes  for  carryinge  away  the  Dunge      xvj''  xiiij^  viij*^ 

It  paid  fify  ve  yeares  Rent  arreare  due  to  M''  Longe 
of  Bristowe  paid  by  him  to  the  Minister  of 
Tidnum,  beinge  m""  Laurence  his  guift  .         .  v'' 

It  paid  for  a  shollop  sent  out  to  the  parliament 
shipps  for  the  gyvinge  notice  of  the  passage 
alonge  of  the  revolted  shipps     .  .  j''  iiij^  vj*^ 

1649-50.     Caleb  Brookinge. 

Total  receipts  with  balance  oi  £\^  8j-.  8*/.,  ;^574  19^.  \od. 
Keyage  and  cranage  ;i^24 ;  tonnage,  struck  out ;  land- 
leave  and  customs,  ^23  8j-.  ;  beer  and  ale  waits,  ;^I4; 
rent  of  pinfold,  £2  ;  freedom  book,  £^  iSi'.  6d. ;  of  those 
made  free,  ;^4i  2s.  A^d.  ;  mills  (Hospital  and  Tapson's 
exors),  i^34  35-.  /\.d. ;  town  rents  and  water  cocks,  £']^  15^'. ; 

IVidcy  Coiirt  Booh.  163 

those  who  keep  their  shop  windows  open  not  being  free, 
£2  \os. ;  measurage  £\  6s.  8d. ;  rollage  and  package, 
also  porterage  (17  pay),  ;^io  16s.;  castle  hake  is.  4^.; 
flesh  shambles,  £t,  ;  coverings  and  standings  in  market, 
;^iO;  drawing  stones  out  of  Barne  Park,  £^  ;  rest  fines  of 
leases.     Total  payments,  ;^583  gs.  ^d. 

The  Hoe  Gate  made,  leading  from  the  Barbican  to  the 
Fort.  "  lOi-.  6d.  to  Richard  Wilcocks  for  new  gilding  the 
town  maces. 

[In  this  year  both  numerals  and  Arabic  figures  are 

It  pd  William  Gaire  the  stone  Cutter  for  renew- 
inge  of  the  Freedome  Stones  beinge  spoiled 
by  the  late  warres        .  .  .  ij"  Vf  vj*^ 

It  pd  to  the  Ministers  of  St.  Andrewes  and 
Charles  Church  to  Compleat  rherf  Stipends 
more  then  reed  of  the  Collections  and  tithes 
thesaid  yeare  .  .  ,  lix^'  ix^  j** 

1 6 50- 1.     John  Giibbs. 

Capt.  Gardner  and  Capt.  White  apprehended  that 
escaped  out  of  the  Town  prison. 

It   pd    for   a   hoggshead    of    Sacke   p''sented    to 
j  "^dmirall  Blake  .  .  .         £120606 

£iy  i8i-.  lod.  for  new  building  the  Vicarage  house  by 
the  Vicarage  gate. 

It  pd  for  demolishinge  part  of  penny  comequicke 

worke  and  for  Clearinge  the  way  there.         .  2®  o*^ 

165 1-2.     Thomas    Yeabslcy. 

Two  elm  trees  cut  down  in  the  Churchyard  '  for  the 
better  buildinge  of  M''^  Prynne's  Almeshouse  there.' 

'  Money  Collected  within  this  Burrough  towards  the 
supply  of  New  England '  sent  to  London  by  M''  Herringe. 

Sir  George  Ascue,  Ambassador  to  Portugal,  entertained. 
M""  Francis  Hacker,  of  London,  had  a  piece  of  plate 
costing  ^10  given  him  for  soliciting  the  Town's  business 
at  the  Council  of  State — with  the  Town  Arms. 

It  paid  for  makinge  &  settinge  vpp  the  States 

Armes  in  the  Guildhall  .  .         04   00   00 

Bench  made  about  the  windmill  on  the  Hoe.  Ministers 
of  St.  Andrew  and  Charles  had  £\o  to  make  up  their 








PlynioiitJi  Municipal  Records. 


It  paid  S*"  George  Aiscues  seamen  to  drinke  for 
appeasinge  of  them  in  a  mutinie  in  Towne 
after  they  returned  in  the  States  Service 
from  Barbadoes  .,^.~— —-  .  00  15  00 

The  highways  at  Lipson  and  pavement  at  Lary  mended 
by  order  in  sessions.    """^  —' 

Sheets  and  bedties  bought  for  wounded  seamen. 

1652-3.     Peter  Greger. 

Annuity  of  lOJ'.  a  year  left  by  Anne  Pryn  to  the  Mayor 
and    Commonalty    to    bee    by    them    imployed    for    the  } 
preachinge  of  a   sermon   yearelie   for   ever   on   the   Third 
day  of  December  "in  Remembrance  of  the   Townes  then      ' 
deliverance   from    the    enemie.     Anno    1643.     [This    was   | 
cliarged  on  a  house  in  Nut  Street,"'and  paid   by  Justinian  J 
Peard.]  "  "^ 

Hendricke  Petersen  and  Hendricke  Blocke  paid  £'}, 
and  £2  for  opening  their  windows,  not  free. 

Highways  new  made  at  Pennycomequick  and  Maudlin 
Hill.  "  — 

Christopher  Tyacke,  the  town  surgeon,  paid  £(b  for 
his  fee. 

1653-4.     Jo  Jul  Kinge. 

Two  parts  of  the  Town  Marshes  leased.  One  to  Robert 
Gubbs,  fine  ;^202,  rent  ;^iO,  for  one  and  twenty  years 
from  Michaelmas,  1660.  The  other  to  John  Gubbs  for 
99  years  on  lives  from  Michaelmas,  1660,  fine  ^316,  rent 
^20.  Leases  dated  Oct.  5,  1653.  The  Marshes  were 
measured  to  contain  about  thirty  acres. 

Sundial  at  the  Barbican  mended. 
Item   paid  for  expences  in  wyne  &  Bisketts  & 
other   Charges    on    proclayminge    the    Lord 
Protecto""      .  .  .  .  02  10  00 

£6  I4J-.  6d.  spent  in  new  building  the  Yarn  Market ; 
and  £2  \os.  on  a  Banquet  for  M*'^  Trosse,  daughter  of 
M""®  Burroughs  of  the  city  of  Exon,  and  her  company. 

Tankard  given  to  Capt  Potter  for  bringing  in  Capt 
Beach,  a  Pirate.  A  butt  of  sack  given  to  Generall  Blake 
Rydinge  in  the  Sound. 

1654-5.      William  Gotten. 
It  Reed  of  Margarett  the  wife  of  Anthony  Skynner 
for  a  Fine  beinge  Convicted  for  breach  of  a 
Late    Ordinance     of    the     Lord     Protecto"" 


]\'i(hy  Court  Book.  165 

against  Duells  Challenges  and  all  provocons 
therevnto  in  Abusinge  Mary  the  wife  of 
Benjamin  Dymond.vvhereofthesaid  Dyn:iond's 
wife  had  ^^"10  soe  Remaines  ;^20  .         020  00  00 

It  pd  to  Daniell  Call  and  severall  other  psons  for 
makinge  vpp  the  Tovvne  Lyne  and  to  Scouts 
and  other  Charges  at  the  Caveleirs  last 
Cdminge  into  the  West  at  Southmolton         oil  03  04 

It  pd  for  an  Indictm*  ag*  Quakers     .  .  00  03  00 

M^'^'TMiller  had  ^10  in  lieu  of  stones  promised  her  by 
the  Town  towards  buildinge  her  almshouses  in  the  Church- 

A  fourth  part  of  all  the  Griest  Mills  assigned  to  the 
Orphans  Aid  on  payment  of  ^1400. 

Suit  brought  against  the  town  by  William  Lalore,  a 
Frenchman,  for  Philip  Lynches  escape  out  of  the  town 

1655-6.     Daniell  Barker. 

loachim  Gevers  named  as  unfree. 

East  Gate  leased.  Several  leases  granted  ;  ^50  of  one 
fine  being  '  reserued  towards  the  building  of  an  Exchange, 
and  is  to  be  issued  forth  by  the  Mayor  and  Cominaltie  for 
that  vse  when  suche  a  worke  shall  be  begunne.'  The  ^50 
set  aside  for  the  Exchange  was,  however,  disbursed  towards 
the  building  of  a  new  school  house  in  the  Orphants  Aid. 

5^-.  paid  to  Generall  Desburrowes  trumpeter.  " 

1656-7.     Daniell  Ely. 

Hoe  Gate  new  built  by  Timothy  Alsop  and   leased   to       ', 
him  for  99  years.  ^j 

It  pd  Henry  pike  for  entertayning  the  Turkish 
Ambassador  That  came  from  Argeire  to  his 
hignes  the  Lord  Protector  .  .         004  01  08 

It  payd  M'"  Timothy  Allsopp  for  An  Act  of 
Parliam*  wch  hee  pcured  for  the  makeing 
of  a  Rate  for  the  better  maintaynance  of  the 
Ministers  of  this  Burrough  wth  the  printing 
&  other  Charges  and  also  one  other  Act  of 
Parlimnt  for  the  setting  &  new  building  of 
the  Wiccaridge  howses  w*hn  this  Burrough    042  05  00 

It  paid  for  bringinge  the  water  from  Will  parke 

to  St.  Andrewes  Streete  the  summe  of .         .  07  1 1  00 

£2  \\s.  paid  for  bricks  for  the  New  churchyard. 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 



1657-8,     Calebb  Brookinge. 

;^22  AfS.  6d.  spent  on  the  new  pound  by  Frankfort 
Gate.     New  Cucking  Stool  made  and  the  Cage  renewed. 

William  Allin  rode  to  Ilminster  about  Mr.  Conduite  the 
schoolmaster  coming  to  Plymouth,  thereafte'r-settled  in  the 
Orphans  Aid, 

£T)  \os.  spent  at  the  'proclaymenge  of  his  highnes  the 
Lord  Protector  of  the  Comonwealth  of  England.'  Ten 
trees  planted  in  the  New  Churchyard,  New  Shambles 
and  Leather  Hall  built  at  the  cost  of  ^^177  lOs.  <^d. — 
Leather  Hall  over. 


[133]      RECEIVERS'  BOOK.-No.  IV. 

1658-9,      Wm.  Allen. 

Abraham  Blocke  paid   \os.  for  liberty  to  trade ;    other 
like  entries.     Hendricke  Blocke  and  Hendricke  Peterson 
£t^  each   for  leave  to  open  their   shop    windows   for    the 
year.     Yarn  market  rent,  ^9;  leather  hall,  £\  ;  town  rents 
and  water  cocks,  ^74  <^s. ;  such  as  were  made  free,  £'j  2s.; 
scavenger  paid  ^^8  a  year,  'scavenge'  sold  ;  Wm.  Warren, 
Henry  Pike,  Thomas  Pike,  Jas.  Jackson,  Widow  Gavers,  2s.. 
each  in  wine  wyts.     ^420  ys.  ^d.  charged  for  new  school. 
It  paid  for  a  peece  of  plate  Beestowed  on  M*" 
Howe  minister  by  the  Towne  for  a  Gratuity 
for  his  favo""  done  the  Towne  in  Solicitinge 
the   towne   buisinesse    with    the    late    Lord 
Protecto''      .  .  ,  ,.720 

Chr,  Ceely  ;^28  is.  as  burgess ;  Timothy  Alsop  ditto 
;£"45  from  Jan  19,  1658,  to  June  7,  1659.  Receipts, 
;^ii20  17.5-.  ^hd. ;  Expenditure,  ^1035  i6s.  yl. 

1659-60.     Savmel  Brett. 

Item  paid  m'"  Tymothy  Allsopp  for  newes  Bookes 

and  postage  of  Letters  the  said  yeare   .         .400 

Item  paid  m*'  Tymothy  Allsopp  for  two  Royall 
peeces  of  plate  bought  by  him  of  Alderman 
Vynar  of  London  by  order  from  the  Maior 
and  Cominalty  of  this  Burrough,  which  vpon 
their  speciall  Request  was  p'sented  to  the 
Kings  most  Excellent  majesty  vpon  his 
happy  Restauration  of  the  Goverment  of  his 
dominions    by    the    hands    of    Sir    William 

Receivers'  Book. — No.  IV.  167 

Moorice  Knight,  the  Kings  chiefe  Secratary 
of  State  and  Samuel  Trelawny  esq'"  Burgesses 
of  this  Burrough  in  this  p'sent  parliament, 
Sargeant  Maynard,  Recorder  of  the  Burrough 
and"Edmond  ffovvell  Esq""  the  towne  Councell 
the  summe  of  fifovver  hundred  pownds  .         400  00  00 

1660-1.     George  Cecly. 

Wm.  Rolles,  blind  man,  had  annuity  of  ^5.  Gilbert 
Yard,  councillor,  examined  town  writings  touching  Lord 
Arundell's  suit  concerning  Sutton  Pool, 

1661-2.     Peter  Gregor,  ejected  ;  Rd.  Fryer. 
It  paid  Docto*"  Lyonell  Gatford,  Docto'  in  Divinity 

as  a  p^'sent  fro  y®  Towne  .  .  20     o     o 

1662-3.     Richard  Fryer. 
1663-4.      William  Harpiir. 
Itm  reed  of  seuerall  Butchers  for  killinge  of  Bulls 
without  beatinge  and  watering  of  hides  the 
same  year     .  .  .  .         .   i     o     2 

Itm  paid  for  a  greate  BuUeroape  for  a  Stake  and 

vnto  the  Smith  for  beateinge  of  Bulls    .          .        160 
Nath   Conduitt,  clarke,  had  £^0  for  his  stipend  at  the 
free  school,  and    his   sister  £\o.      Dutchmen    kept    from 
landing,  Holland  having  the  plague. 

1664-5.     Lucas  Cocke. 

1665-6.      William  Tom. 

Custom  £2^c)  2s.  ^d.- — double  the  average;  John  Rowe, 
merchant,  fined  £^0  because  he  would  not  be  sworn  a 
magistrate.  Town  cast  in  the  suit  of  Sutton  Pool,  and 
ha^fo~pay  Lord"~Arundeirs  costs  of  ;^550  and  their  own. 
Item  paid   vnto  John   Watkins  his  ^tticular  dis- 

bursments    against    Onesimus    Cad    for   the 

Takeinge  and  Carryitige  away  of  his  bible 

by    an    Attachment    of    the    Court    of    the 

Hundred  of  Roborrough  in  m'"  Jennens  his 

Majoralty     .      .  .  .         .  2   10     o 

\666-'j.     Henry  Webb. 

North-east  castle  lately  demolished.     Stephen  Forstrete 
leased  a  moiety  of  the  Western  Tucking  mill  with  right  to 
set  racks  on  the  void  ground  called  the  Great  Hill.     This       J"t 
mill  had  been  leased  to  John  Chare,  fuller,  and  Abraham      ^^V*^* 
Chare's  life  was  on  it.     The  other  mill  had  been  in  Robert 
Brey,  how  Thos  Bowden.     Morice,  member,  had  ;6^20. 






1 68  Plyuiouth  Municipal  Records. 

Item   paid   for  the  Kebuildinge  and   Repairenge 

~TBe    Guildhall    (the    greatest    part    whereof 
being  pulled  down  by  order  of  Sessions)       264     O     o 

1667-8.      James  H21II. 

1668-9.     John  Dell. 
Item  paid  for  ducking  of  Bobb  Anne  Lang         5     o 

Fetherstone  \s.  for  'mending  S""  Francis  Drakes'  picture. 

1669-70.     John  Mnnion. 
Landleave  of  East   Country  boates  and    others 
their  loadinges  of  Corn  and   Coales  on  the 
Townes  Kayes  the  said  yeare     .  .  12    16     9 

1 670- 1.      Thomas  Kiiotejford. 

A  dial  bought  of  John  Bennet  to  put  on  the  Barbican, 
and  stone  to  stand  it  on,  cost  ;^3    i8.y.     John  Somerton 
£6  for  cutting  the  arms  of  the  King,  town,  and  Drake  for 
the  conduit  without  Old  Town  Gate,  this  year  rebuilt. 
Item  paid  severall  ministers  for  preaching  in  the 
old  and  new  church  att  severall  times  for  a 
halfe  year  since  M""  Brawler  went  away  18    10     o 

1 67 1 -2.      William    Weekes. 

£2  to  Pearse  the  painter  for  nine  maps  of  town  and 
harbour ;  cellars  over  against  Barbican  leased  as  '  Old 
Cawse.'  Thos.  Westcott  presented  for  refusing  to  take 
an  apprentice,  contrary  to  statute  of  Elizabeth. 

1672-3.     Andreiv  Horsnian. 

Petition  to  king  about  custom.  Capt.  Akerman's  maid 
and  Fowler's  maid  fined  for  throwing  filth  into  the  channel. 

1673-4.     Samuel  Hayne. 

1674-5.  '  Richard  Cowes. 

Wm.  Pearse,  ;^i  15^-.  for  painting  I\P  Lan}'on's  arms; 
M""  Nowell  a  piece  of  plate  (^i  ioj.)  for  his  pains  about  a 
diall  for  the  Exchange  ;  \\' m.  Jennens  ;^20  to  defray  the 
Newfoundland  charges. 

1675-6.     Anthony  Smith. 

Town  '  Scavenge '  produced  £''^6  2s.  6d.  ;  Compass  on 
'  M*"  Tillard's  Hoe '  removed  and  re-erected  at  a  cost  of 
£2  \0s.  ;  M"'  Martyn  Ryder  £\o  for  procuring  the  New- 
foundland patent. 

iGyG-y.     Philip  Wilcockes. 
Item  paid  for  erecting  of  a  seate  in  the  old  Church 
when  his  majestye  King  Charles  the  second 
was  here  at  Plymouth.  .  .  32    10     4 


Receivers   Book.— No.  IV.  169 

1677-8.     Richard  Opey. 
Item  paid  for  mending  the  drum  which  was  broken 
on  freedome  day  and  to  severall  men  which 
were  ifien  abusd3  by  some  rude  fellowes        .196 

1678-9.      William  Miinyon. 

Jerome  Roch  the  younger  £2  for  drawing  map  of  town. 

1679-80.     James    Yonge. 

£T)'/  los.  paid  for  a  'large  silver  salver  Cawdle  Cupp 
and  cover  embost  and  thick  washed  with  gold'  weighing 
75  ounces,  given  to  John  Spark  one  of  the  burgesses,  Mn 
token  of  the  Respect  and  Gratitude  of  this  Town  for  his 
faithfull  and  diligent  service.' 

1 680- 1.      Thomas  Bound. 

Old  Corn  market  High  Street,  lane  from  Pope's  Head  east. 

168 1-2.     JoJin  Allen. 
1682-3.     George  Orchard. 
1683-4.     Robert  Berry. 
II        Treat  to  Jefferies  and  others  by  JVlayor,  ^20.     Cost  of 
\\    surrendering  old  charter  and  obtaining  new  £^17  19^".  Sh^- 
'      Item  rec-i  of  W™  Plyer  the  Miller  of  Weston  Mills 
the    sume    of  twenty   shillings   which    atthe 
earnest  request  of  the  said  Plyer  and  some 
friends   w^ho   interceded    for  him    and   upon 
consideracon  of  the  said  Plyer's  poverty  was 
accepted  by  the  Major  &  Cominalty  for  his 
offence  in  diuerting  the  Townes  water  running 
through  the  Tything  of  Weston  peurell  .100 

Itm  paid  for  the  pictures  of  the  King's  most 
excellent  Matie  hls'^^y"  Highnesse  James 
Duke  of  Yorke  and  John  Earle  of  Bath 
now  remaining  in  the  Guildhall  .  16     2     o 

1684-5,     Timothy  Haviblyn;  Robert  Berry. 

1685-6.     John  Rogers. 

1686-7.     James    Young.  . 

Other  expenses  about  charter,  i^200  2s.  8d.  U 

1687-8.     John  Rogers.  '  ' 

Item  paid  Richard  Reade  the  baker  towards  his 
expenses  at  the  Assizes  for  psenteing  of 
Peter  Marten  the  miller  for  mingling  and 
mixing  of  stinking  and  putrifyed  corne  & 
pease  with  good  and  wholesome  corne  and 
for  vseing  other  cheats  in  the  towne  mills      .700 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

1688-9.      Walter  Ingram. 

1689-90.     Nicholas  Edgcumbe. 

Lanyon's  Exchange  taken  down,  to  be  rebuilt  at  some 
future  time ;  lead  removed  to  preserve  it  from  embezzle- 
ment, and  sold  for  ^^30  \2s.  6d. 

£8d>  i8j-.  ^d.  spent  on  raising  fortifications  on  Piggs 
Point  and  Batten  when  French  fleet  on  the  coast,  with 
ammunition  and  vtensills  of  war — £16  i^s.  lod.  subscribed. 

1 690- 1,     y^ohn   Tom. 
Item  given  to  the  people  at  the  Dock  when  the 

Major  &  Aldermen  were  there  entertained     .200 

1 69 1 -2.     William  Cock,  mercer. 

1692-3.     Nathaniel   Yoiinge. 

John  Bedford,  schoolmaster,  had  ;^20  a  year.  ;^98  145-.  6d. 
spent  on  the  quays,  taking  in  and  building  New  Quay, 
repairing  Foxhole  Quay,  all  the  quays  at  Southside,  and 
repairing  streets. 

1693-4.     Nicholas  Gennys. 
1 1        Strayer  Park  used  for  burying  prisoners.     [The  present 
Ij   burial  ground  in  Westwell  Street]. 

1694-5.     James  Bligh. 

Two  poor  cripples  of  the  town  sent  to  '  the  Bath,' 
costing  £<^  35-. 

100  guineas  to  John  Trelawny,  Esq.,  for  his  services  to 
the  town  in  Parliament.  Ground  filled  up  and  added  to 
New  Quay. 

I        1 695-6.     Ben.  Berry. 
£iy^  1 5 J.  spent  in  endeavouring  to  get  a  restoration  of 
old  charter. 

£/[.  19J.  6d.  to  Justinian  Buckingham  for  repairing  the 
water  engine. 

1696-7.     Nathaniell   Younge. 

iltem    paid    m''    John    Helliar    the    Lymner    for 
drawing  the   Kings   picture  at  large  with  a 
gilt    carved    frame   and    for    repairing   other 
pictures  in  the  guildhall  ffourteene  pounds. 
11         Sir  F.  Drake  ^^364  \os.  6d.,  what  he  actually  spent  in 
11      obtaining  restoration  of  charter. 

;^20  to  the  Mayor  for  treating  county  gentlemen  '  the 
day  the  charter  was  brought.'  The  Mayor  had  a  com- 
mission as  Major  of  town  militia. 

1697-8.     Jonah  Lavington. 


Receivers   Book.— No.  IV.  171 

1698-9.      Thos.  Darracott. 

1 699- 1 700.     Robert  Heivcr.  ■■     ^r 

Regular  income  about  ^550,  with  fines  ^^872  2^-.  i\\d.  -^ 

Expended  i^82i  a^s.  i*  . 

Item  paid  towards  defraying  the  charges  of 
putting  vpp  Moorestones  on  Dartmoor  in 
the  way  leading  from  Plymouth  towards 
Exon  for  guidence  of  Travellers  passing  that 
way  the  sume  of        .  .  ..200 

Bishop  Trelawny  entertained  by  Mayor. 

1 700- 1.      Thomas  Edgcombe.  ,; 

£\  \os.  paid  for  passage  of  a  woman  to  Newfoundland.     j( 

1 70 1 -2.     Andrew  Phillips. 

1702-3.     JoJin  Reade. 

1703-4.     Thomas  Hele. 

Nath  Northcott,  jun,  had  £6  Sj-.  for  the  Queen's  picture 
with  a  gilt  frame,  and  varnishing  others. 

1704-5.     JoJin  Fletcher,  grocer. 

1705-6.     John  Mors  mat  I. 

A  new  cupola  put  on  the  Guildhall. 

1706-7.     John  Gennys. 

£100  i\s.  id.  paid  M""  Justice  Opie  for  travelling  about 
and  money  spent  at  the  Assizes  of  Devon,  Somerset, 
Dorset,  Bristol,  &c.,  and  in  London,  '  to  continue  the 
Victualling  Office  in  its  present  Settlement.' 

1707-8.      William  Hurrell. 

1708-9.     John  Veale,  mercer. 

1709-10.     Abraham  Joy,  merchant. 

Exchange  site  24  ft.  3  in.  north  to  south,  28  ft.  east 
to  west,  leased  99  years  on  lives,  and  21  years  absolute 

;^ii  paid  to  Richard  Willcocks  for  Town  Seal  to  Col. 
Jory's  freedom.  Three  silver  boxes,  £i  lys.  '^d.  A  treat 
to  '4  Indian  Kings.' 

1710-11.     John  Webb. 

Charles  Trelawny  and  Sir  George  Byng,  the  members, 
gave  i^loo  each  for  use  of  Corporation.  ^^"90  paid  to 
Wm.  Roche,  late  mayor,  for  two  silver  gilt  maces. 

1 7 1 1  - 1 2.      William  Bartlett. 

Two  actions  of  Trover  and  Conversion  brought  against 
Roche,   removed    from    the    Mayoralty,    and    Webb,    to 


172  Plyuwiith  Municipal  Records. 

recover  the  town  regalia,  charters,  &c.,  at  a  cost  of  over 
;^200.  Roche  had  to  pay  £Af\  \\s.  6d.  for  three  old 
maces,  and  he  and  Webb  paid  ;;^30  towards  the  costs. 
John  Murch  had  £16  lis.  6d.  for  the  old  Corporation 
maces,  which  Roche  had  '  unduly  sold  him.'  £$  6s.  8d. 
paid  for  watching  Guildhall  to  'prevent  some  ill  designing 
persons  from  attempting  the  Towne  Scale.' 

1 7 1 2- 1 3.     Savniel  Hoiv. 

Mat.  Roe  succeeded  Andrew  Phillips  as  coroner.  Helliar 
painted  Guildhall. 

1 7 1 3- 1 4.     Samuel  Brent. 

Sam  Blatchford  gave  £i/\  for  two  old  Corporation  maces. 
Digory  Elliot  paid  £2  for  license  to  exercise  currier's  trade. 
William  Smith  had  £^0  for  building  Fish  Shambles. 

1 7 14-15.      Wni.  Arthur. 

Chas  Abraham  ^^"23  8j.  \d.  rebuilding  Old  Town 
Conduit.  Helliar  £']  ^s.  for  drawing  Kinge  George  and 
for  a  frame. 

17 1 5-1 6,     Nicholas  Winston. 

£y  spent  about  obtaining  reversionary  patent  for  Sutton 

1 7 16-17.     Edwin  Somers. 

£\6  i6s.  4ld.  paid  for  the' Regalia  or  Trophy  belonging 
to  the  company  of  the  Militia  of  the  Towne  Comanded 
by  the  R*  Worshipfull  the  Mayor  for  the  time  being  as 
Major.'  Hellier  painted  the  '  Townes  Arms  and  Trophys 
on'the  Majors  Drums.' 

1 7 1 7- 1 8.      ^ohn  Pike  jn'' 

Silk  sashes  and  tassels  provided  for  the  militia. 
1 7 1 8- 1 9.     Thomas  Ph  illips. 
1719-20.     John  Tapson. 
1 720- 1.     Matthezv  Roe. 

Edwards  of  Cawsand  and  others  prosecuted  for  town 
duty  at  cost  of  ^72  14^-.  6d. 

172 1-2.     John  Hellier. 

John  Fletcher  sworn  Mayor  1721,  died  day  after;  his 
wife  had  ^^^24  for  his  expences  Election  Day,  Freedom 
Day,  Michaelmas  Day;  John  Elford  his  successor "lEaking 
profits  of  shambles  and  markets. 

1722-3.      Thos.  Phillips. 

1723-4.     John  Hellyar. 

Receivers'  Book. — A^^^  IV.  173 

1724-5.     Jo  Jin  Lyne. 

Old  mills  mentioned  south  of  Southside. 

1725-6.      Thos.   J 01  ins. 

1726-7.     Lance  lot  t  Hicks. 

1727-8.     Edward  Hoblyn. 

1728-9.     Edward  Stert. 
Two  new  fire  engines  bought. 

1729-30.     Sam  Allen,  jn"". 

Paid  to  the  Prince  of  Chesroan  '  as  the  Benevolence  of     | 

this    corporation  to    him    £^    i^s.,  and    for    his   travelling     I 

expenses  to  Liskeard    \<^s!  ' 

1 7 30- 1.     Michael  Nicholls. 

161  doz.  of  timber  wedges  used  in  wedging  the  town 

173 1-2.      James  Richardson. 

John  Enty's  house  'near  the  meeting  house'  [Batter 

Item  paid  for  advertising  the  survey  in  the  prints 

for  setting  the  water  cocks  .  ,         .180 

1732-3.     John  Facey. 

Aid.  Hellier  £2  \s.  6d.  mending  and  varnishing  pictures 
in  Guildhall. 

1733-4.     James  Richardson. 
John  Steevens  ^30  salary  as  town  steward. 
Also    paid    M"*    Smithurst    and    M''    Jordain    for 
Stamps  paper  and  printing  the  water  leases 
(the  printing  whereof  40^-.)  .  .  15     9     6 

1734-5.     Samuel   Wallis. 
1735-6.      John  Hicks. 

los.  to  Thos.  Bluett  for  a  sentry  box  at  the  Mayor's     1 1 
door,  — '  I 

^7 0^-7-     John  Ellery. 

M*"  Tolcher  ^^24  2s.  6d.  for  a  gold  box  for  Prince  of 
Wales's  freedom.  •— — —■- 

Mayoralty  house  bought  for  ^168  ;  ^^280  paid  towards 
the  repairs.  Mayor  had  £21  allowed  for  his  loss  when 
Mayoralty  house  burnt. 

1737-8.     Jonas  Morgan. 

i^s.  for  freight  of  King's  picture.  .^748  19^-.  \o\d.  spent 
on  Mayoralty  house. 

1/4  PlymoiitJi  Municipal  Records. 

[134]     RECEIVERS'   BOOK.-No.  V. 


John  Marshall. 


James  Richardson. 


John  Fletcher. 


Anthony  Porter. 


John  Elford. 


Henry  Heiver. 


Richard  Beach. 


George  Hoiv. 


James  Richardson. 


John  Brabant. 


John  Kerby. 

Total  receipts  ^^2799  i8j-.  3.^.;  payments  ;^2  307  2s. 

I  of./. 


John  Forrest. 


George  Beards  ley. 


John  Roberts. 


William  Hambly. 


Jacob  Shaw. 


Abraham  Pike. 


Robert  Phillips. 


John  Nicolls. 


Joseph  Freeman. 


Robert  Phillips. 


John  Freeman. 


William    Veale. 


Jacob  Shaiv. 






William    Veale. 


Thomas  Blight  Darracott. 


Samuel   White. 


Henry   Tolcher. 


Samuel  Hiinn. 


Henry   Tolcher,  jun. 


Warwick  Hele  Tonkin. 


Samuel  Hunn. 



Receivers   Book. — No.    VI.  175 

I774~75-  Samuel  Hnnn. 

^77^~77-  George   Winne. 

^777-7^'  William  Crees. 

1778-79-  Joseph  Jessep. 

1779-80.  William  Szvan. 

1780-81.  Andrezu  Hill 

1781-82.  Jaines  Scott. 

iy^2-8T).  Andrew  Hill. 

1783-84.  James  Hawker. 

[135]     RECEIVERS'    BOOK.-No.  VI. 

1784-85.  James  Haivkcr. 

1785-86.  Ephraim  Booth. 

\'jZ6-i'j.  Williain  Symons. 

1788-89.  Bartholomezv  Duusterville. 

1789-90.  Andrezv  Hill. 

1790-91.  Richard  Birdzuood. 

1791-92.  Williain  Clark. 

1792-93.  Robert  Fuge. 

1793-94.  Richard  Birdzvood. 

1794-95.  Thomas  Cleat  her. 

1795-96.  Benjamiji  Fuge. 

1796-97.  Peter  Birdzuood. 

•1797-98.  Richard  Fillis. 

1798-99.  Rev.   John  Dunsterville. 
1 799- 1 800.     Samnel  James  Squire. 

Received  (with  balance  ^513  2s)  ^^3052  2s.  id. 
Expended  iJ'2082    15^-.   id. 

1800-01.  John  Clark  Langmead. 

1 8  o  I  -  3 .  Hen  ry    Woollco  m  be. 

1803.  Williain  Langmead. 

1803-04.  Joseph  Pridham. 

1804-05.  John  Pridham. 

1805-06.  Edzvard  O.  Osborne. 

1 806-07.  John  Blight. 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 











15     o 


This  is  a  general  Account  and  Memorandum  Book  of 
Joseph  ColHer,  town  steward,  but  classed  in  this  category. 

1752.  Disbursments  on  the  Fishing  Feast  held  the 
24*^  July  1752. 

July    16   Paid  Jn"  Jessep  for  a   Rump   &  Breast 
peice  of  Beeff  w^*  48  Pounds  at  2\^  lb 

22  a  half  hun''  of  Lemons 
I  lb  of  Tobacco  1^4'' Pepper  3''  Mustard  3'^ 
A  loaf  of  D:  R  sugar  6  lb  14  oz  at  1 1*^  lb 

3  Gall^  of  Jamacia  Rum  to  Jn°  Brabant 

4  dos"  Pipes  8*^    Salt   for   the    Boyling 
Beeff  1-6  .  .  . 

23  Rich*^  Gard  for  5  Ribs  &  fore  part  of  a 

Surloin  of  Beeff  vv"  61  lb  at  3^^  lb 
Aug^*-  i^*  Paid  Rich'^  Northmore 

for  15  lb  of  Bacon  at  6\^  lb 
for  the  men  for  fishing 
for  the  women  servants 
for  Hops  &  Baurm 
for  Cabage,  Turnips,  &  Carrots 
for  Candles,  Salt  &  Vinegar 
for  16  lb  of  Butter  at  5^"^' lb 
for  Cyder 
for  Bread 

for  Carriage  of  the  things  out  &  home 
4  Paid  Jonas  Morgan  for  3   Gall*  of  Red 
&  3  Gall**  of  white  Wine 
for  lent  of  5  dos"  Knives  &  Forks 
for  2  Sacks  of  Beans 
17  for  y*^  Serjants  Horse  hire  &  my  own 
Oct  24  p-i  Jn°  Arthur  for  2  Bush*  &  half  of  Malt 

There  are  entries  in  other  years  for  washing  and  drying 
linen,  grinding  malt,  nets  for  the  fishing,  port  and  mountain 
wine,  flour,  cheese,  &c.  This  was  the  cheapest  year  of 
seven  given  ;  the  dearest  was  in  ^1757,  10  \a^s.  \\\d. ;  the 
average,  £c)  13J.  yd. 

John  Jordain  printing  24  quires  water  leases,  £2  \os. 
New  pipe  laid  down  Butchers  lane  to  ye  Great  Tree. 





















I    10 










Joseph  Collier  s  Account  Book.  177 

March  11.  To  Cash  p*^  for  an  advertizment  in 
the  Sherborn  Paper  for  setting  y*^  malt  mills 
&  Postage  up  of  the  same  .  .         .  o     2   lO 

1752,  Nov.  8.  To  a  Gold  Box  vv"'  y"  Towns 
Arms  neatly  engraved  on  y^  Cover,  vv*^'^  was 
presented  to  L^'  Anson  w*^''  his  Patent  of  L** 

High  Steward  of  this  Borough  .  27     5     9 

Silver  boxes  with  freedom  to  Sir  F.  H.  Drake,  Gen, 
Mathers,  Gen.  Lagonier,  Ad.  Knowles.  '  P*^  Hen^  Gold 
for  collecting  £\  6s.  6d.  freedom  money  at  the  Dock  2s.' 

1752,  Nov.  Trees  planted  at  cost  of  town  on  and  near 
'y®  late  Horsepool ' ;  Thos  Northmore  and  his  sons  levelled 
the  ground,  &c. ;  Sol.  Northmore,  Sir  F.  Drake's  gardener, 
looked  after  the  planting.     60  elms  from  Lophill. 

1753,  July  19.  To  two  Pewtor  Soope  Dishes 
for  the  use  of  y®  mayoralty  House  when  the 
Bishop  was  Entertained  there     .  •         •         3     9 

5  doz  pewter  dishes  at  ghd.  lb  ;  plates  9^-.  and  los.  a 
dozen  ;  2  dos"  best  hard  mettle  spoons  6s. 

June  23.     Trefusis  Lovell  paid  for  nine  moorstone  steps. 
The  great  grate  at  the  bottom  of  High  St.  mentioned. 
Browse  put  about  elms.     Velvet  cushion  given  Corpora- 
tion by  M''  Anstis. 

1754,  June  10.  'To  a  Pewter  Chamber  Pott  for  the 
use  of  the  Council  Chamber'  2s.  6d.  'By  the  Old  Pewter 
Chamber  Pott'  \s. 

Twenty-five  loads  of  moorstone  gutter  for  the  Conduit 
water  drawn  for  14^-.  2d.  Will  Roberts  ;^i  ij^.  for  'Liquoring 
the  Leather  Hose  belonging  to  y®  Fire  Ligines.'  John 
Kerley  had  three  water  leases  without  fine  for  his  new 
house  on  New  Key  and  tenement  behind  in  Vintry  St.,  on 
undertaking  to  clean  and  repair  the  common  sewer  there- 
under in  his  term,  1752-73. 

1755-  John  Fox  "js.  for  'a  large  Chest  to  make  a  Cart 
to  carry  ofT  y^  Peas  &  Bean  shells  from  the  Markett 

1755.  16  elm  trees  bought  of  Robt  Hull  of  Exeter 
taken  from  Smarts  Key  to  the  'walk  outside  Frankfort 
gate ' — '  y*^  Towne  wast.' 

'A  Buckett  for  Dyer  y*^  Cobler  at  y°  end  of  the 


1/8  Plymouth  Mimicipal  Records. 

Robert  Heydon  £,\  \s.  for  painting  town  arms  on  table 
fixed  on  end  of  Shambles. 

Freedom  boxes  to  Admls.  Moysten  and  Holbourn  and 
Major-Gen.  Earl  of  Howe ;  but  Moysten's  was  given  to 
Capt  Lockhart. 

Nov  22.  Two  Marble  Stones  fixed  to  show  the  Corpora- 
tion's Right  on  Lambhay  Point. 

.    1756.     'Tozer  the  Madman'  cut  down  an  elm  tree. 
\,\      Freedom  box  to  Prince's  Surveyor,  Edward  Bayntun. 

1757,  Sept  15.  To  Cash  gave  the  Masons  & 
Labourers  that  are  laying  in  y^  moore  stone 
Chanel  for  the  Leat  to  run  in  on  Yenadon 
Common  by  order  of  Alder"  Richardson  & 
Alderm"  Triggs  when  there  to  survey  it         .50 

To  my  horse  hire  to  attend  that  service         .         .20 

To  my  disbursments  on  y®  Fishing  Feast  held  y® 

29*^'^  July  1757  as  p"' Recte  .  .         10   14   ii^ 

Oct  26.  To  my  Horse  hire  to  Yennadon  Common 
to  view  &  micasure  the  stone  work  done  by 
Tho^  Richardson  &  Jn**  Eastridge  on  y® 
Town  Leat  .  .  .  ..20 

Gold  freedom  box  to  Prince  Edward  ;    silver  to  Capt 

Gilchrist,    Lord     Howe,    Sir    R.    W.    Bampfyld,    Sir    W. 

Courtenay,  and  —  Courtenay,  Esq. 

1759.  New  head  to  Sergeant's  pocket  mace. 
Freedom  boxes  to  Lord  Mansfield  and  Horace  Stanley, 

lord  of  Admiralty.      John    Eastridge  and  Oliver   Anstis 

drew  plans  and  elevations  of  Old  Town  Gate. 
Dec  II.     Engines  drawn  back  from  'Curtiss  fire.' 
Aug  23.    P.  Adams  2s.  6d.  for  printing  looadvertisments 

'for  discovering  y®  Persons  who  rinded    y'^    Corpor   Elm 


1760.  £1  los.  from  some  officers  that  broke  down 
'y*^  Pilory.' 

Twelve  earthen  pans  and  six  pitchers  for  mayoralty 
house,  lOJ-.  6d. 

1759-60.  Freedom  boxes  for  Vice- Adm.  Pocock,  Adm. 
Gerry,  Adm.  Holmes. 

Town  rubbish  thrown  on  piece  of  ground  east  of  way  to 
Hoe  from  Little  Hoe  Lane. 

1 76 1.  Trees  bought  from  Topsham  for  6^.,  and  planted 
on  waste. 

Joseph  Collier  s  Account  Book.  lyg 

1762.  Bank  of  leat  'near  Lewis  Jones'  repaired  by 
*cob.'  An  arch  bridge  built  'over  the  Leat  before  Murrys 
gate  to  Lewis  Jones's  cawse '  for  which  the  turnpike  paid. 
'The  Budle  cleared  under  Coits  hedge  at  y*^  farther  end 
of  Lewis  Jones's  Cawse.' 

£1^  paid  for  a  year's  rent  of  water  for  'y°  Prison  & 
Hospital  at  Cockside.' 

Oct  31.  £26  paid  for  gold  box  to  give  Duke  of  York 
with  his  patent  as  Lord  High  Steward. 

Silver  freedom  boxes,  costing  £1  14s.  each,  to  Capts. 
Harvey,  Barrington,  Harrison,  Gen.  Durvie. 

1764.  Freedom  box  to  Bishop  Kepple,  £1  12s.  6d.  ; 
others  at  £i  14s.  to  Lord  Egmont,  Lord  Carysfort,  Pp. 
Stevens,  Secretary  to  Admiralty,  and  —  Pitt. 

This  year  Collier  died,  and  Joseph  Collier  handed  over 
all  his  papers  as  steward  to  the  Mayor,  Thomas  Bewes. 

The  water  was  taken  to  the  Barbican  in  175 1-2,  costing 
£6Z\  \<^s.  '^\d.  Main  2\  in.  pipe  cost  .^393  os.  2d.;  1088 
yards  of  ground  were  opened;  there  were  125  lengths  of 
pipe  near  12  ft.  each,  costing  ;^I72  2s.  yhd.,  and  671  yards 
more  were  du";. 

G.    General  Accounts— 17th  Century. 

[137]  Account  of  the  cost  of  building  the  Guildhall 
and  Shambles,  1606-7. 

[138]  Account  book  of  Monies  raised  in  Plymouth  by- 
Assessment,  161 1-24.  Also  contains  statement  of  monies 
paid  for  '  setting  the  poor  on  worke ' ;  monies  gathered 
for  the  sick  and  during  the  plague,  1625-27  ;  and  monies 
spent  in  placing  out  poor  children,  1626-7.  At  the  end 
are  accounts  of  monies  raised  and  paid  on  account  of 
the  poor  from  161 2  to  1642;  monies  raised  for  the  relief 
of  captives  with  the  Turks  and  Moors  ;  also  of  French 
refugees  from  St.  Martayne  and  thereabouts,  in  the  time 
of  the  wars  intended  asrainst  Rochelle. 






Bushelage  an 

d  Keelage, 
















































Tonnage  and 
















Ale  and   Beer 










Town  Custom, 











General  Accounts — i^th  Century.  i8i 



PLYMOUTH  AGAINST  THE  KING,   1644  et  seq. 

Publiq  Receiptes  1644 

S*"  John  Bampfeilde 

Collo:  James  Kerr  Justinian  PeardMdHor 

Francis  Goodolphyn,  Esqr  I 
Chri  Saverye  Esqr  vCom* 

John  Caws  Marcht 
Thomas  Ceelye  Mar 

Hen:  Rexford  Clicus 

Moneyes  An  ace"  of  such  sumes  as  haue  beene  sent  hither 
&  rec^'  by  the  order  of  the  'R}^^  Hono'^'*'  the 
Comittee  of  Lords  and  Comons  for  the  safetie 
of  Plym*^  &  of  such  sumes  as  haue  been  taken 
upp  heere  and  Chardged  on  the  said  Comittee 
for  the  paym*  of  the  Garrison  as  followeth  : 

Imp^  reed  from  John  Hogge  Comaunder  of 
the  Francis  of  London  by  order  of  the 
said  Comittee  25 11" — 511"  whereof  was 
accordinge  to  theire  order  p"  S''  John 
Bampfeilde  by  the  Trer  for  the  paym'  of 
the  souldiers  of  the  Forte  &  Island  &  the 
other  2000"  resteth  in  y^  hands  of  M"" 
Timothy  Alsoppe  Treasu'or.  .         ,  2000     00     00 

1 82  PlymontJi  Municipal  Records. 

Itm  rec'^  for  Leather  sent  down  from  Lend 

for  y^  garrison        .  .  .         .  0120     oo     oo 

Itm  rec*^  on  sale  of  pte  of  y^  Coles  rec^  out 

of  the /^rrt«m  of  London  m'' J"°  Hogge  .  0239     16     01 

Itm  rec''  from  m""  Samuell  Northcott  the 
sume  of  200''  &  payd  said  Trer  For 
paym*  whereof  2  bills  were  chardged  on 
sayd  Comittee  payable  to  m*"  Isaake 
Northcott  ^  order  of  y®  L*^^  Marshall     .  0200     00     00 

This  account  commences  on  the  first  of  March,  and 
the  remaining  receipts,  chiefly  loans  to  be  repaid  out  of 
the  next  supply,  for  the  month  are  :  Nicholas  Foorde  ^40, 
Peter  Kekewich  ^100,  Nicholas  Eveleigh  ^^129  6s.  2d, 
Thomas  Short  £s^,  Mrs.  Anne  Prinne  £80,  Mrs.  Alice 
Miller  £60,  Brian  Rogers  ^80,  for  Customs  ;  John  Tre- 
hawke  ;^ioo,  Thomas  Short  ;i^50.  Justiiiimi  Peard  mayor 
^50,  'disbursed  for  y®  pure  necessitie  of  the  garrison;' 
Sir  John  Bampfeilde  ;^50,  John  Caws  £^0,  Robert  Gubbes 
;^50,  John  Paige  ;i^50,  Stephen  Trevill  ^50,  Thomas 
Crampporne  ^^25  ;  John  Gubbes  iJ"22  and  Andrew  Trevill 
£\6,  for  sale  of  coals;  Richard  Goodyeare  £ap  'for  y® 
5^'^  of  Customes  by  him  reed  according  to  an  ordinance 
of  pliatt  for  the  releife  of  Plymo';  Wm.  Chamlett  ^^200. 
Nicholas  Opie  ^50,  Barth.  Nicholls  ^30,  Chris.  Bearden 
^50,  Christopher  Ceilye  £^0,  John  Carter  ^30,  the  '  ladye 
allice  Buller'  ^^149  ^s.  8d.,  Thomas  Crampporne  ^15, 
Nathan  Searle  ;<^20,  Edward  Caunter  i^io,  Robert  Westa- 
waye  i^io,  Robert  Glowne  ;^5,  James  Harris  £10,  William 
Berry  ;;^iO,  Laurence  Beele  ^15,  Joseph  Tilye  ^10,  Peter 
Kekewich  ;^ioo,  Johane  Bitterlye  widdow  £6,  Phillip 
Clarke  ;^20,  John  Nicholson  £c,,  John  Humphry  ;^io, 
Capt.  John  Hoo|3  ;^I5,  Frances  Roe  of  Stonehouse  £iS, 
John  Lawrye  ^20,  James  Priddis  ;^io,  Henry  Peterson  £$, 
Phillip  Francis  by  Caleb  Brookinge  i^i2,  Richard  Frier 
;^io,  Arthur  Roe  ;;^io,  Robt.  Brendon  ;i^io,  Abraham 
Jennens  £2^,  John  Paige  ;^io,  Agnes  Edgecombe  widow 
;^I5,  Elizabeth  Rowse  of  Stonehouse  £10,  Abraham  Rowe 
;^40,  George  Pawlinge  ;{^io,  Johane  Baker  ;i^io,  Anne 
Prinne  ^^"60,  Thomas  Short  ;^30,  Alice  Miller  ^^25,  Nicholas 
Bennett  £t,o,  Philip  Durant  i^io,  Hugh  Cornish  ^20, 
Henry  Webb  ;^  1 8. 

April — Henry  Peterson  £^,  John  Masters  ^5,  Capt. 
Nicholas  Roope  &    Humphry  Gayer,  ^34   i  Sjt.  ;    .^ii   ^s. 

General  Accounts — lyth  Century.  183 

for  money  gained  on  37cvvt.  3  qrs.  51b.  of  cheese  'taken 
of  M""  Peter  Kekewich  at  20^  p  c  &  put  of  att  28^ ; ' 
Christopher  Yeabsley  £Ap  6s.  6d.  '  Itm  rec'*  of  John 
Gubbes  &  xpofer  Reede  in  i'^  03'''^  8''  of  rice  at  3''  4)  " 
010  19  00.'  This  last  entry  is  April  4th,  and  makes  the 
total  receipt  to  date  £4926  12s.  '^d. 

On  that  day  a  fresh  supply  came.  Captain  Richard 
Willoughby  of  the  Globe  brought  ;i^2000,  wMch  paid  the 
debts  and  left  a  balance  of  £646  lys.  ^d. ;  there  was  also 
received  out  of  the  Happy  Entrance,  Captain  William 
Semester,  ^2000. 

Before  the  month  was  out  money  had  to  be  borrowed 
as  before.  Richard  Woods,  of  Meethinge,  alias  Nevvhaven, 
lent ^120.  Colonel  Birch  spent ^^2  'js.  Sd.  on  his  regiment; 
Richard  Hamer  and  Mark  Cheesewright  provided  boots 
for  the  troops  to  the  value  of  £4.^  14s.  Many  of  the 
lenders  are  the  same,  but  there  also  occur  the  names  of 
Wm.  Geffery  ;^5,  John  Paige  jun.  ;^20,  Mrs.  Thomasine 
Simons  £30,  John  Maddocke  ^5,  Joseph  Eyly^5,  Richard 
Spurwell  £  c^,  Mrs.  Margaret  Martin  ;;^20,  Mary  Polstagge 
£$,  Elizabeth  Rowe  £S,  Humphry  Thomas  £8,  John 
Humphry  ;^io,  John  Aires  ;^I40,  Richard  Wheeler  £60, 
John  Masters  of  Stonehouse  £^,  Wm.  Smith  £60,  Johane 
Bennett  ;{^8o,  Nicholas  Edgecombe  £30,  Samuel  Macye 
£S,  John  Hele  ^50,  John  Allin  ;^20,  Ellioner  Lepper 
widov/  £^;  Vice  Admiral  John  Batten  for  the  'urgent 
occasions'  of  the  garrison  ^500,  bills  made  payable  to 
'Thomas  Smith  esq  Lime  St  London;'  John  Pears  ^10, 
Elizabeth  Pike  widow  ;^io,  William  Warren  ;^20,  Johanna 
Baker  £^,  Jacob  Searle^^io,  Thomas  Parker  (?)  of  Yeole 
;^ioo,  Capt.  Henry  Hatsell  ;^50,  Thomas  Gaunter  ;^iO, 
Robert  Cresse  ;^3,  Edward  Capell  and  Thomas  Baylye 
£180,  Richard  Clapp  £S,  Robert  Frantun  ;^iOO,  Richard 
Collins  £SO,  Benjamin  Barcombe  £70,  Richard   Pearson 


This  brought  the  Committee  up  to  the  5th  of  June, 
when  they  had  ^^2000  out  of  the  Susan  and  Eliza,  Francis 
Copeland"!  commander  ;  but  they  had  run  so  short  in  the 
interim,  and  had  to  borrow  so  much,  that  by  the  12th 
June  their  funds  were  once  more  exhausted,  and  borrow- 
ing recommenced.  New  names  now  are  very  scarce,  the 
Committee  falling  back  without  compunction  on  all  the 
old  friends  who  happened  to  be  available.  There  occur, 
however,  John  Seaman  ^23,  Thomas  Short  £Z7,  John 
French   ^10,   Thomas   Gaunter  £10,  William   Margerum 

184  PlyinoHtli  Municipal  Records. 

i^450,  Richard  Hill  ^90,  Francis  Founes  ^20,  Anthony 
Skinner  ;^30,  Daniel  Margeon  ^^"22. 

On  the  4th  of  July  another  i5^2000  came  by  the  Prudence, 
CaptaTh  John  Stansby  ;  and  borrowing  was  not  resumed 
until  the  14th,  when  William  Barkeham  lent  ^^44  i6s. 
We  have  Col.  Anthony  Rows  lending  £21,  Wm,  Davyes 
;!^2iO,  Wm.  Smith  and  Richard  Dunrich  and  their  com- 
pany of  cordwainers  ^^^140,  Humphry  Parnacott  £47, 
Edward  Cable  ;;/^ioo,  Wm.  Smith  of  Ryde  £60,  Thomas 
Yeabsley  ;^iO,  James  Merricke  £\^o,  John  Scantlebury 
^5,  Mary  Bently  £10,  George  Rattenbury  ^40  los., 
Anthony  Trend  £^,  Jerom  Roch  ^^5,  Thomas  Sampson 
£\0,  William  Flinte  £6,  John  Frackett  ^^58  3^-.,  John  Wise 
£40,  James  Barges  of  London  £\6o,  Richard  Pearsye  £2^, 
Edward  Patteson  ^45,  Gregory  Clement  and  Capt.  Peter 
Whitly  £640,  Richard  Wood  ^80,  Moses  Goodyeare  jun. 
;^500,  Francis  Hacker  of  London  £  100,  Nicholas  Beldayne 
;J99  9J-.  od.,  Nicholas  Upton  commander  of  the  fort  and 
island  £40. 

This  brings  us  up  to  October  4th,  on  which  day  Admiral 
Batten  brought  in  ^3000,  and  that  being  a  more  substantial 
supply,  borrowing  did  not  begin  again  until  the  28th. 
On  the  20th  November  ^505  were  borrowed  of  Thomas 
Ashley,  and  on  the  2 1st  ^594  of  Robert  Filbridge,  besides 
smaller  sums  of  others.  Edward  Capewell  £60,  John 
Foquett  £47  ^s.,  Nicholas  Opye  £266,  Capt.  Whitly  £2'jO, 
Gasper  Cranch  ^50,  Wm.  Collins  of  Brixton,  Isle  of  Wight, 
^^156,  are  among  the  lenders.  Roger  Ryder  and  James 
Pears  are  credited  with  paying  ;^470  ioj-.  4d.  due  to  the 
State  for  cattle  brought  in  from  the  enemy's  quarters 
(date  of  payment  January  7th)  ;  Richard  Dunrich  and 
company,  cordwainers,  for  £'8y  i^s.  supplied  to  the 
garrison  in  boots  and  shoes ;  Richard  Morgan  and 
company,  cordwainers,  and  Thomas  Short  ^94  lys.  od. 
The  last  entries  in  the  book  are  dated  January  20th,  and 
are  for  the  borrowing  of  two  sums  of  £206  and  ^293. 
The  accounts  show  moreover  that  since  the  last  remittance 
the  Committee  had  borrowed  money  and  goods  to  the 
extent  of  ^^5600. 

General  Accounts — lyth  Century 


COMMITTEE  OF  DEFENCE,   1644  et  seq. 

The  statement  of  expenditure  commences  with  the 
following  copy  of  the  Commission  of  the  Committee, 
set  forth  by  Henry  Rexford,  clerk.  'J.  Roberts'  is  Lord 
Robartes,  who  had  escaped  from  Fowey,"  with  Essex,  and 
been  appointed  Governor  of  Plymouth,  September  nth, 
1644.     The  date  of  the  commission  is  1645  new  style. 

'Plymo :  Whereas  S""  John  Bampfeilde  appointed  by  y*^ 
Comittee  of  the  West  to  be  one  of  those  who  should 
distribute  the  last  2,000^'  sent  for  the  vse  of  this  garrison 
and  other  |iuisons  expressed  by  theire  last  Lres  refuseth 
to  attend  the  saide  service,  And  whereas  Collonell  Kerre 
one  other  named  by  y*'  said  Comittee  to  attend  y®  service 
excuseth  himselfe  in  respecte  of  other  imploym*,  And 
whereas  the  necessitie  of  this  garrison  requireth  y^  speedie 
performance  of  this  service ;  I  doe  therefore  appointe 
Collonell  Christopher  Savery,  Harcourt  Leyton,  one  of  y® 
Com'*  of  Parliam*,  M""  John  Cawse,  &  M""  Thomas  Ceely, 
to  sett  w*h,  joyne,  and  to  be  assistant  \nX.Q)  Justinian  Pcard 
now  Maior  of  Plymouth  and  Francis  Goodolphin  esq*"  two 
of  the  |3sons  named  for  y®  said  service  and  for  their  so 
doeing  this  shalbee  their  warn*.  Dated  y®  19  day  of  Febr 
1644.  J.'  ROBERTSr 

Whereas  NP  Cawse  is  deceased,  and  there  is  required 
for  the'  despatch  of  this  garrison  one  other  to  supply  his 
place,  I  haue  appointed  M""  Robert  Gubbes  of  this  Towne 
to  attend  y**  Maior  &  joine  with  and  assiste  for  the  ,prnte 
service,  Dated  the  25  of  March  1645.  J-  ROBERTS. 

The  committee  named  as  acting  April  5th  were — 
Justinian  Peard,  Sir  John  Bampfeilde,  Col.  Kerr,  and 
Francis  Godolphin.  May  29th  the  names  are — Justinian 
Peard,  Col.  Kerr,  Col.  John  Crocker,  Thomas  Ceely,  and 
John  Beare,  by  virtue  of  an  ordinance  of  Parliament, 
The  entries  of  expenditure  are  very  full  and  detailed,  and 
the  record  is  probably  unique  as  an  illustration  of  the 
Corporate  side  of  the  Civil  Wars  of  the  Commonwealth. 



H.     Rentals,  Surveys,  and  Records  of  Property. 

170]     Toivn  Rental  for  Mayoral  Year  beginning  1 608. 

171]               „                       „                       „  1609. 

172]               „                       „                       „  1 6 14. 

173]               „                      „                      „  1616. 

174]               „                      „                      „  1620. 

175]              „                      „                      ,.  1622. 

176]              „                      „                      „  1623. 

177]               „                      „                      „  1626. 

178]              „                      „                      „  1628. 

179]              „                      „                      „  1 63 1. 

180]              „                      „                      „  1632. 

181]              „                      „                      „  1633. 

182]              „                      „                      „  1634. 

183]              „                      „                      „  1635. 

184]              „                      ,.                      „  1636. 

185]              „                      „                      „  1637. 

186]              „                      „                      „  1639. 

187]              „                      „                      „  1640. 

188]              „                      „                      „  1644. 

189]              „                      „                      „  1648. 

190]              „                      „                      „  1649. 

191]              „                      „                      „  1650. 

192]  „  „  „    1681-1691. 

Copy  by  Joseph  Collier. 

[193]               „                        „                       „  1706. 

At  the  end  of  this  rental  is  this  list  of  streets : 
Gasken  Street  is  Northgate  Street 
Whitecross  Street  is  north  of  great  Tree 
green  Street  is  where  Wannels  h°  is 
ham  Street  is  where  m*"  Hardings  meeting  is 

Rentals,  Surveys,  and  Records  of  Property.        187 

bilbery  Street  is  broad  street 
buckwel  Street  is  higher  broad  Street 
Loo  lane  is  crane  street 
new  street  is  hows  lane 

Cat  Street  begins  from  pomroys  conduit  to  M""  Cownes 
Stilman  Street  is  where  M''  Roope  lives 
Wolster  Street  is  where  y^  may''-^  feast  is  kept 
the  Vintry  is  y®  backside  y'^  old  mitre  w''^  gubs  h"  is 
Nut  Street  is  along  by  old  conduit 
Paddock  Lynam  &  Loaders  y*^  3  Lanes 
S*  Catherines  lane  is  y*^  Workhouse  Street 
foundwel  Street  where  m*"  Elford  lives 
black  fryers  french  meeting  h°  now  pet  y^  Cooper, 
fryers  lane  Sandaford  house  a  way  to  y®  fort 
Pins  lane  is  were  y*'  4  post  are 
Stoakes  lane  were  m""  Penty''e  lives 

Rag  street  from  y®  back  street  of  M''  J  no  Allen  h°  to  y^ 
old  mills. 

loves  lane  is  corpus  cristi  houses 
ham  street  above  new  church  alms  houses 
Wimple  Street  is  y®  fishmarket 
Treville  Street. 

[194]     Tozvn  Reiital  for  Mayoral  Year  beginning  1730. 

[185]  „  „  „  1732 

[196]  „  „  „  1734. 

[197]  „  „  „  1736 

[198]  „  „  „  1737 

[199]  „  „  „  1738 

[200]  „  „  „  1739 

[201]  „  „  „  1740 

[202]  „  „  „  1741 

[203]  „  „  „  1742 

[204]  „  „  „  1743 

[205]  „  „  „  1744 

[206]  „  „  „  1745 

[207]  „  „  „  1746, 

[208]  „  „  „  1747 

[209]  „  „  „  1748 

[210]  „  „  „  1749, 

1 88  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[211]     Town  Rental  for  Mayoral  Year  beginning  1750. 

[212]  „  ,,  „  1752. 

[213]  „  „  „  1753- 

[214]  „  „  „  1754- 

[215]  „  „  „  1755- 

[216]  „  „  „  1757- 

[217]  „  „  „  1758. 

[218]  „  „  ,,  1759- 

[219]  „  „  „  1760. 

[220]  „  „  „  1 76 1. 

[221]  „  „  „  1762. 

[222]  „  „  „  1763- 

[223]  „  „  „  1764- 

[224]  „  „  „  1765. 

[225]  „  „  „  1766. 

[226]  „  „  „  1767. 

[227]  „  „  „  1769- 

[228]  „  „  ,.  1770. 

[229]  „  „  „  1771- 

[230]  „  „  „  1772. 

[231]  „  „  „  1773- 

[232]  „  „  „  1774- 

[:233]  „  „  „  1775- 

[234]  „  „  „  1776. 

[235]  „  „  ,.  1777- 

[236]  „  „  „  1778. 

[237]  „  „  „  1779- 

[238]  „  „  „  1780. 

[239]  „  „  „  1781. 

[240]  „  „  „  1782. 

[241]  „  „  „  1783. 

[242]  „  „  „  1784- 

[243]  „  „  ,.  1785- 

[244]  „  „  „  1786. 

[245]  „  „  „  1787- 

Rentals,  Surveys,  and  Records  of  Property.        1 89 

[246]  Toivn  Rental  for  Mayoral  Year  beginning  1788. 

Many  of  the  1 8th  century  rentals  contain  notes  of 
current  events  by  Joseph  Collier. 

[265]     Various  minor  rentals,  1804-30. 

[266]  General  Rental  prepared  for  use  of  Finance  and 
Land  Committees  ending  18 17. 

[267]     Survey  Book,  1666-94. 

At  end  are  orders  of  1630  for  Hospital  of  Poors  Portion  ; 
orders  and  articles  of  Orphans  Aid ;  copy  of  Joan 
Bennett's  will ;  copy  of  Act  founding  Charles  Church ; 
copies  of  various  writs  of  summons  to  Parliament,  including 
the  first  of  William  of  Orange ;  declaration  of  Earl  of 
Bath  on  becoming  Recorder,  before  Bernard  Granville  and 
Edmund  Pollexfen. 

[268]  Survey  Book,  1703-47. 

[269]  „  1747-1783. 

[270]  Co}itractBook,i'j6s-'j2. 

[271]  „  1 779- 1 808. 

[272]  „  1808-35. 

(/c^  tiifitr 

t^        l/OvJ. 







































190  Plymouth  Municipal  Records, 

[273]  Lists  of  Free  Tenants  of  Corporation,  1663- 1669. 
[274]  „  „  „  1700-37- 

[275  j  „  „  „  1769-93- 

[276]  Five  lists  of  Tenants  and  Properties  leased.     V.D. 

[277]  Court  Book  of  Manor  of  Ulyetts  Fee  and  Lipson. 

This  book  records  the  proceedings  of  the  courts  leet  and 
courts  baron  of  John  Giffard  and  Alice  Giffard,  his  widow, 
for  the  manor  of  '  Uletts  ffee  als  Lulytts  Sparke  als  Luletts 
ffee,'  with  a  parcell  of  the  manor  of  Lypston  or  Lipson. 
The  first  court  recorded  was  held  i6th  July,  ist  James  I. 
(1603),  and  the  last  13th  Charles  I.  (1638).  Though  the 
two  manors  are  linked  together,  and  occasionally  called 
'  Ulett  cum  Lypson,'  yet  the  entries  of  each  are  kept  so 
far  distinct  that  we  can  fairly  ascertain  what  the  general 
extent  of  Uletts  Fee  was.  It  certainly  reached  from 
Bilbury  Street  to  North-hill,  and  so  far  east  by  Briton-side 
as  the  Whitefriars.  The  Headlands,  otherwise  described 
as  'a  close  by  the  Maudlyn,'  was  part  of  the  manor;  so 
was  Hampton  Shute  or  close  (als  Gilwell  parke),  on  part 
of  which  Charles  Church  stands  ;  and  so  was  a  certain 
unnamed  close  in  the  occupation  of  Thomazine  Gibbons 
[Gibbons  Fields],  and  which,  as  the  rent  paid  to  the  lord 
seems  to  have  averaged  ^s.  6d.  an  acre,  may  be  taken  as 
about  four  acres  in  extent.  Probably  the  manor  by  the 
date  of  these  courts  had  been  to  a  certain  extent  dis- 
membered ;  for  besides  Bilbury  Street  and  East  Cross 
Street  there  is  mention  of  a  tenement  in  Looe  Street, 
and  it  is  probable  therefore  that  its  southern  boundary 
extended  at  least  thus  far.  Moreover  the  first  list  of  free 
tenants,  under  the  year  1603,  reaches  a  total  of  thirty-six, 
all  but  three  of  whom  are  entered  as  heirs  of  former 
tenants,  while  in  subsequent  years  the  free  tenants  do  not 
muster  a  fourth  of  that  number.  In  the  same  year  there 
are  recorded  six  conventionary  and  customary  tenants 
for  Uletts  Fee,  and  six  conventionary  tenants  for  Lipson, 
the  gross  rental  being  £^  los.  ^d.  A  full  list  of  rentals  for 
the  year  16 19  shows,  however,  much  better  results.  In 
that  year  the  rents  payable  by  the  free  tenants  were 
£1  OS.  ()d.  yearly,  with  is.  payable  at  Michaelmas ;  and 
the  conventionary  tenants  paid  ^22  5J-.  Sd.  The  greater 
portion  of  this  came  from  Lipson,  the  property  wherein 
extended  over  167!  acres. 

Rentals,  Siir%H:ys,  and  Records  of  Property.        191 

[278]     Book  containing  plans  of  Town  property,  with 
drawing  of  old  17th  century  Guildhall  as  frontispiece. 
[279]     Borough  Rental  Book,  with  plans. 
[280]     Original  plan  of  property  now  Globe  Hotel. 
[281]     Plan  of  Town  Marshes. 
[282]     Plan  of  Jane's  Tenement,  Weston  Peveril.     1794. 

[283]  Book  of  Committee  for  managing  Estates  of 
Corporation,  containing  minutes  relating  to  Water  and 
other  property.      1817-35. 

[284]  Draft  of  case  touching  Property  Tax  payable  by 
Mayor  and  Commonalty.      1804. 

[285]  List  of  properties  advertised  for  sale  and  lease 
at  various  dates,  particularly  1822  onward,  with  names 
of  purchasers  and  prices.      1800-27. 

[286]     Reports  of  Land  Committee.     1803-29. 

[287]     Applications  for  purchase  of  lands.     1806-28. 

[288]     Papers  relating  to  Town  Marshes.     1805-21. 

[289]  „  Land   Tax   and    Chief   Rents 

and  Property  Tax.     1800-30. 

[290]     Miscellaneous  Letters.     1801-27. 

I.    Borough  Courts,  &c. 


Court  Book, 





















1 699- 1 703. 






































1 797-1 806 

Borough  Courts,  &c.  193 

[320]  Court  Book,  1806-18. 

[321]  „  1818-29. 

[322]  „  1829-39. 

[323]  „  1839-42. 

[324]  '  Courtc  of  the  Keepe  of  the  liberties  of  England,' 


[325]  Examination  and  Information  Book,    1670-74. 

[326]  „  „  1674-78. 

[327]  „  „  1685-88. 

[328]  „  „  1692-93. 

[329]  „  „  1 699- 1 703. 

[330]  „  ,»  1703-08. 

[331]  „  „  1715-23- 

[332]  „  „  1800-02. 

[333]  „  „  1803-05. 

[334]  „  „  1805-08. 

[335]  „  „  1808-09. 

[336]  „  „  1815-16. 

[337]  „  „  1826-29. 

[338]  „  „  1829-31. 

[339]  Writ  Book,   1620-60. 

[340]  „  1 660- 1 70 1. 

[341]  „  1 701-1799. 

[342]  „  1802-37. 

[343]  „  1813-37. 

[344]  Bail  Book,    i66'j-i6'j'j. 

At  end  is  list  of  persons  who  in  open  court  declared 
their  humble  acceptance  of  his  Majesty's  gracious  pardon, 
June  4,  1660,  before  John  King,  Samuel  Northcott,  and 
Robert  Gubbes  the  elder,  who  also  laid  hold  on  and 
accepted  '  the  pardon  offered.' 

[345]     Bail   Book,  1705-13. 

[346]    Recognizance  Book,  1725-42. 
[347]  „  1800-09. 

[348]  „  1809-16. 

194  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[349]    Estreat  Book,  1783- 1800. 

[350]  „  1801-1819. 

[351]     Town  Clerk's  Book,  1793-99. 
[352]     Sessions  Book,  1809-16. 

[353]     Practice  of  Mayor's  Court  of  Plymouth,  2  copies, 

[354]     Rules   of  the    Borough    Court   of   Plymouth   as 
allowed   1842  (on  vellum). 

[355]     Borough  Court  Papers,   i6th  century. 
[356]  „  17th  century. 

[357]  „  1 8th  century. 

[358]  „  19th  century, 

[These  are  documents  connected  with  various  suits,  for 
the  later  years  in  considerable  quantity.] 

J.     Collected  Papers. 

Under    this    head    are    classed    four    Folios    containing  >-vV^ 

miscellaneous  papers,  two  collected  and  arranged  by  Mr.  Mm 

Henry  Woollcombe,  Recorder  of  Plymouth,  in   1834;  two  /        Pf^O 
by  the  writer,  in  1882.  .  '  pJ^T^ 



[359]      FIRST  FOLIO:   'MSS.  RELATING  TO  THE        I! 
BOROUGH  OF  PLYMOUTH  FROM  1496  TO  1800." 

Writ  of  certiorari  from  the  King's  Bench  to  the  Mayor 
of  Plymouth,  touching  a  suit  had  in  the  court  of  the  same 
Mayor  by  John  Eyer  against  John  Buysshop  for  a  debt  of 
28J-.  8d.     1 5  Aug.— 4  Ed.  IV. 

Attested  copy  (signed  by  John  Bulkeham  and  Richard 
Blackaller)  of  Constitution  made  by  Williani  Nycoll,  Mayor 
of  Plymouth,  the  Recorder,  twelve,  and  twenty-four,  impos- 
ing a  fine  of  ^10  and  upwards  on  burgesses  refusing  to 
serve  in  orifices  to  which  they  have  been  duly  elected  by 
the  Mayor  and  Council,      ir  Hen.  VII. 

Bond  of  Mayor  and  Corporation  to  William  Hawkyns, 
merchant,  in  one  hundred  marks  sterling,  for  payment  of 
certain  moneys.      19  Nov. — 29  Hen.  VIII. 

Note  of  divers  articles  belonging  to  the  parish  church  of 
Plymouth.     Hen.  VIII. 

Receipt  by  George  Haydon,  under-sheriff  of  Devon,  for 
40i".  paid  him  by  Thomas  Holloway,  Mayor  of  Plymouth, 
for  fee  farm  of  the  town  due  to  the  King.  1 1  Oct. — 
35  Hen.  VIII. 

Receipt  for  payment  of  fee  farm  by  the  Mayor  and 
Corporation  of  Plymouth.     22  July — 23  Eliz. 

Bill  of  '  Money  dysbursed  by  Nicholas  Slannyng  for  the 
towne  of  Plymouth  after  Michaelmas';  first  item,  'Paid 
to  Mr.  Peryam  for  drawying  the  byll  to  be  layde  into  the 
plyament  howse  for  the  almeshowse.'  At  foot,  '  Rec.  of 
M''  John  Ilcoinb,  mayor  of  Plymouth,  xxvij.  August! 
1567  fortie  shillinges,  xh  p  me  Nichm.  Slannyng.' 

196  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Receipt  by  John  Peryam  for  51^  \\^ — Capell  Budoc  et 
Pancras.     1581. 

Receipt  by  John  Coplestone  for  I'^s.  ^d.,  paid  as  fee 
for  a  whole  year  by  John  Ilcoinb,  Mayor  of  Plymouth. 
17  April — 9  Eliz. 

Receipt  by  George  Baron  for  i^s.  ^.d.  paid  him  by 
Henry  Whytacres,  gentleman,  Receiver.  Endorsed  in 
contemporary  handwriting  '  Divers  acquittances  in  the 
tyme  of  Sir  Fraunces  Drake,  knyght.'     16  Oct. — 24  Eliz. 

Receipt  by  John  Peryam  for  ^6s.  ^d.,  vicarie  de  Ply- 
mouth.    I  Oct. — 23  Eliz. 

Letter  from  John  How,  founder  of  How's  Charity, 
to  John  Derye,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  and  John  Forde. 
Respecting  the  terms  on  which  money  is  to  be  lent  from  a 
fund  confided  by  the  writer  in  trust  to  them.    17  Aug.  1 565. 

Several  accounts  touching  the  same  fund,  in  the  years 
1567,  1570,  1571,  1581,  1583,  1584,  1586,  1587,  1588,  and 

Commission  by  Mayor  and  Corporation  of  Plymouth, 
to  William  Hawkins,  esq.,  and  Thomas  Edmonds,  gentle- 
man, both  of  the  same  town  and  members  of  the  Corpora- 
tion, authorizing  them  to  put  the  common  seal  to  'alle  and 
everie  suche  writinges  and  conveighaunces  as  shalbe  made 
and  devised  onlie  between  the  Queenes  Majestic  her  heires 
and  Successors  and  the  said  Mayor  and  Coialtie  and 
their  Successors  for  and  concerning  the  fortification  con- 
tinewance  maintenance  artillerie  furniture  and  munition  to 
be  had  placed  vsed  or  emploied  in  or  vpon  Saint  Nicholas 
Islende  nighe  Plimouthe  for  the  defence  of  the  same.' 
6  April — 22  Eliz. 

Letter  from  the  Mayor  and  his  brethren  to  the  Justices 
of  the  Peace  for  Cornwall,  for  the  immediate  payment  of 
;;^23  I3J".  A^d.  'still  remaining  due  from  the  said  county,  in 
addition  to  ^^29  \2s.  /\d.  already  paid,  'for  the  furnyshyng 
of  the  souldiers  for  St.  Nicholas  Iland.*^  On  back  the 
copy  of  another  letter  on  the  same  subject.     March,  1585. 

Receipt  by  John  Weeks,  Receiver,  of  \os.  in  cause  in 
controversy.     1580. 

Record  of  Manor  Court  of  Compton  Gifford.      1586. 

Indenture  of  lease  for  forty  years,  at  a  yearly  rent  of 
eight  pounds,  by  the  Mayor  and  Corporation  of  Plymouth 
to  Peter  Silvester  of  the  same  town,  merchant,  of  all  those 

Collected  Papers.  197 

their  kaies  comoiilye  callede  the  new  kaies  and  the  kaies 
at  the  south  side  lieinge  and  beinge  within  the  saide 
boroughe  of  Plymouthe  and  all  other  kaies  and  wharfes 
whatsoever  within  the  saide  boroughe,  belonging  to  the 
Mayor  and  Corporation.     20  Sept. — 20  Eliz. 

Rate  made  for  cranaige  and  kayeadge  within  the 
borough  of  Plymouthe.     20  Sept. — 25  Eliz. 

Letter  from  Lords  of  the  Council  to  all  Customers, 
Comptrollers,  Searchers,  and  other  officers  of  the  ports  of 
Devon  and  Cornwall,  dated  Windsor  Castle.  For  the 
strict  and  full  exaction  of  the  custom  on  all  pilchards 
brought  into  the  said  ports  ;  her  Majesty  having  assigned 
and  ordered  the  issues  of  these  customs  for  the  completion 
of  the  fortifications  of  Plymouth,  which  are  thought  verie 
requisite  and  needfull  for  the  better  defence  of  those 
western  partes  of  Devon  and  Cornwall  against  any  attempt 
to  be  made  by  the  enemy.     22  Aug.  1593. 

Letter  from  Lord  Howard  of  Effingham  to  the  Mayor  \ 
of  Plymouth,  in  grateful  acknowledgment  of  dispatches  i 
and  intelligence  promptly  forwarded.  Dated  '  from  the  ■ 
courte  on  the  waye  to  Nonsuche.'     2  Oct.  1 594.  ^^^^ 

Sir  Francis  Drake  to  Mr.  Barons,  Mayor  of  Plymouth, 
and-rtre^TeBr'ofhis  brethren.  'After  my  verie  hartie 
commendacons  vnto  yo"  all  yo"  shall  vnderstand,  that 
touching  the  matter  between  yo^'  Towne  and  M''  Strode, 
M*"  Sparke  hatlf  done  as  muche  therin  as  if  manye  rrioe 
of  yo"  Tiad  been  here,  could  possiblie  have  been  done, 
for  he  hath  not  onlie  stood  in  annsweare  of  the  cause  at 
the  Councell  boarde,  but  he  also  laboured  all  the  chief 
lis:  aparte :  and  yet  vppon  exayacon  of  the  matter, 
the  lis :  said  they  sawe  no  great  reason  to  prohibite 
him  to  builde  vppon  his  owne  lande,  and  to  haue  the 
benefyte  of  the  Lawe.  Notwithstanding  vppon  M"^ 
Sparke's  earnest  allegacons  to  the  contrarie,  their  lis : 
condiscended  to  grannt  a  Comission  to  be  directed 
vnto  the  Judges  of  Thassises,  to  Sir  John  Gilbert,  my 
selfe  and  some  others :  To  thende  we  maie  consider 
whether  it  be  lawfull  &  expedient  to  haue  any  building 
between  the  two  fforts,  and  if  it  be  thought  tollerable,  then 
yet  to  lymitte,  howe  farre  into  the  water  the  same  shall 
extende.  for  yo*"  other  matter  of  the  forte  w'^'*  (in  my 
opynion)  dothe  concerne  yo"  muche  neerer,  doubt  not,  but 
whilest  I  am  here,  I  shall  stoppe  yt.     w*hin  fower  or  five 

198  Ply))iouth  MiDiicipdl  Records. 

dales,  I  shalbe  able  to  wryte  yo"  thereof  more  at  large : 
And  then  if  yo"  sende  some  bodie  up  to  solHcyte  yo"" 
suyte  in  that  behalf,  whilest  S''  John  Hawkins  and  my  selfe 
are  here  togeither,  I  surely  hoape  to  gett  the  governemt 
confirmed  in  the  Towne.  And  so  in  haste  do  bid  yo" 
hartelie  farewell,  from  Dowgate  the  20th  of  Januarie, 
1594.  Yo"*  assured  loving  freend,  Fra.  Drake.  y°  shall  not 
need  to  senT^ny  hether  for  yo""  townes  busines  before  my 
coming  to  Plymo^h  :  which  may  be  som  25  dayes  hence. 

Copy  of  letter  from  Lords  of  the  Council  appointing  the 
Lord  Chief  Justice  of  the  Common  Pleas,  Sirs  Francis 
Drake  and  John  Gilbert,  knts,  Edward  Seymour,  George 
Cary,  and  Edward  Champnon,  esquires,  and  others,  Com- 
missioners to  enquire  respecting  Mr.  Strode's  purpose  of 
erecting  buildings  at  Plymouth  [at  the  Lambhay],  and 
to  certify  whether  the  execution  of  his  plans  would  be 
prejudicial  to  the  town.      19  Jan.  1594. 

Copy  of  letter  from  Thomas  Peyton,  Customer  of 
Plymouth  (one  of  the  aforesaid  Commissioners)  to  the  Lords 
of  the  Council.  Mr.  Strode's  enterprise  would  be  hurtful 
in  respect  to  Her'~TVrajesty's  customs  —  'the  faulte  of 
defrawdinge  her  ma*^^  customer  is  general  els  where 
w^'hin  the  town,  and  the  service  for  officers  somewhat 
more  dangerous  there  then  in  many  other  places  w*hin 
the  towne.'     Plymouth.  8  March,  1594. 

Copy  of  letter  of  Lords  of  the  Council  to  Sir  P'rancis 
Drake  and  Sir  John  Gilbert,  Edward  SeymourpGeorg'e 
Carye  of  Cockington,  Richard  Champnowne,  and  Thomas 
Payton,  Commissioners,  as  above,  sanctioning  Mr.  Strode's 
project,  on  the  recommendation  and  certificate  ©nhe  said 
Commissioners,  who  are  so  to  act  that  Mr.  Strode  may  be 
relieved  of  all  discouragement  and  opposition.  2  April, 

Letter  from  John  BlytJievian,  Mayor  of  Plymouth  and 
his  brethren,  introducing  the  bearer,  Mathew  Boys,  to 
John  Hele,  esq,  serjeant-at-law,  who  is  entreated  to  aid 
him  in  his  mission  to  obtain  adequate  security  for  Plymouth 
in  respect  to  the  bequests  made  by  the  late  Sir  John 
Hawkyns  to  the  poor  of  the  town.     27  Jan.,  1598. 

Copy  of  grant  in  fee-farm,  at  a  yearly  rent  of  6s.  d>d.,  by 
Mayor  and  Corporation  of  Plymouth  to  Edward  Smart  of 
the  same  town,  merchant,  of  a  piece  of  ground  near  the 
grantee's  dwelling-house,      i  Dec,  1600. 

Collected  Papers,  ■    199 

Commission  by  Mayor  (  William  Parker)  and  Corporation 
of  Plymouth,  appointing  Thomas  Paine,  John  Blithman, 
Humfrie  Founes,  John  Phillips,  Thomas  Reynollson, 
Robert  Trelawnie,  Walter  Mathevv,  and  Thomas  Sherwill, 
of  Plymouth,  merchants,  to  ascertain  the  real  estate  of  the 
Corporation,  and  prepare  a  complete  terrier  and  rental 
thereof      i  Dec.  1601. 

Copy  of  letter  sent  by  persons,  whose  names  do  not 
appear,  to  Mr.  Cary  and  the  other  Commissioners  for 
bringing  in  of  pilchards.  Praying  for  exact  compliance 
with  the  orders  of  the  Council.     2  Sept.  1602. 

Form  of  presentation  to  vicarage  of  St.  Andrew.    1602. 

Bond  of  Henry  Wallis  of  St.  Domeneck  co.  Cornwall 
clerk,  to  John  Blitheman,  merchant,  in  the  sum  of  one 
thousand  pounds.  The  Mayor  and  Corporation  of 
Plymouth  as  patrons  of  the  vicarage  '  of  the  good  opinion 
they  haue  and  do  consceave  of  th'abouebounden  Henrie 
Wallis  intende  by  god's  sufferance  to  p^'sent  him  thesaid 
Henrie  Wallis  lawful!  Clarke  to  thesaid  vicaraidge  with 
the  app'tenncs,  and  to  their  owne  pper  coste  and  charges 
will  pcure  him  lawfuUie  to  be  instituted  and  inducted 
to  the  same  ;  If,  therefore,  the  abouebounden  Henrie 
Wallis  doe  and  shall  from  tyme  to  tyme  and  at  all 
times  after  that  he  shallbe  lawfullie  p^'sented  instituted 
and  inducted  Clarke  vnto  thesame  vicaraidge  with  the 
app'tenncs  and  after  reasonable  and  lawful!  requeste 
shalbe  to  him  made  by  or  in  behalfe  of  the  said  Maior  and 
Cominaltie  at  the  vicaraidge  -  howse  of  tlie  Borough 
aforesaid  absolutely  resigne  the  same  vicaraidge  .... 
whereby  the  said  Mayor  and  Cominaltie  shall  be  lawfullie 
enabled  to  p'sente  anie  other  dark  to  the  same  .... 
the  present  obligation  shall  be  void  and  of  no  effect.' 
7  Sept. —  I  James  I. 

Copy  of  letter  of  James  I.  to  Mayor  of  London  on  his 
accession.      1603. 

Quitclaim  by  Henry  Wallis,  vicar  of  Plymouth,  to  the 
Mayor  and  Corporation,  in  respect  to  all  matters  arising 
out  of  a  previous  sequestration  of  the  living.  1 1  Dec. 

Letter  from  William  Bishop  of  Exeter  to  the  Mayor  and 
Aldermen  of  Plymouth.  Recommending  for  the  office  of 
schoolmaster  '  Mr.  Worth  an  excellent  good  scholler  a 
minister  and  a  verie  good  preacher.'     14  July,  1605. 

200  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Letter  from  John  Phillippes,  deputy-mayor  of  Plymouth, 
to  a  person  addressed  as  '  Right  Honorable  and  my 
especiall  good  Lord.'  In  obedience  to  the  order  of  his 
lordship  and  'the  residew  of  the  lordes  of  his  majesties 
councell,'  the  writer  has  'made  staye  of  all  manner  of 
shippes  w*in  this  harborough,  and  lykewise  made  readie 
a  Pynnace  to  sett  forth  to  the  seas  to  lie  in  waite  vppon 
the  Coaste  of  Wales  to  apprehend  those  trayto'*  that 
myght  endeavour  to  escape  that  waye.'  The  owners  of 
divers  ships,  on  the  point  of  starting  for  Venice  and  other 
places  of  Italy,  having  been  thus  ordered  to  stay,  are 
urgent  that  their  vessels  may  be  allowed  to  proceed. 
14  Nov.  1605. 

Copy  of  letter  from  Lords  of  the  Council  concerning 
the  Gunpowder  Plot.  Ordering  all  ships  to  be  stayed  in 
the  port  of  the  persons  to  whom  the  letter  is  addressed ; 
so  that  no  accomplice  in  'the  most  horrible  treasons 
against  the  person  of  the  kinges  majestic'  may  escape. 
Whitehall.  Nov.  1605. 

Copy  of  letter  from  Lords  of  the  Council  to  the  Mayor 
of  Plymouth.  Countermands  order  for  setting  forth  a 
pinnace  to  watch  the  Welsh  coast,  '  fforamuch  as  the 
greatest  p*^  of  the  chiefe  Complottores  of  the  said 
traysons  are  nowe  apprehended  in  the  Countie  of  Worcester,' 
II  Nov.  1605. 

William  Downeman,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  and  James 
Bagg,  to  Earl  of  Salisbury.  '*  *  *  It  may  please  your 
lordship  to  be  advertysed  that  on  the  xii'''  day  of  this 
instant  moneth  here  arrived  an  Englishe  shippe  from  St. 
Mallowes  bounde  for  Ireland,  and  putt  in  here  att  Plymouth 
by  contrarie  windes,  in  which  shippe  came  passenger  one 
Thomas  Myller  page  to  Robert  Marshall  late  of  Kelfynon 
in  Ireland  and  now  resident  in  Jersey,  whose  lodging  upon 
some  advertisemt  wee  searched  and  founde  aboute  hym 
a  boxe,  wherein  were  diuerse  letters  sent  by  the  said 
Marshall  to  diuerse  persons  in  Ireland,  all  which  you 
shall  receaue  herewith ;  Three  of  which  letters  were  broken 
open  by  the  said  Myller  before  wee  tooke  hym  and  the 
Agnus  Dei  and  the  picture  in  two  of  theym  enclosed  were 
conveyed  away  by  the  said  Myller  which  by  search  after- 
ward wee  found  and  are  now  in  the  said  boxe.  14  Feb.  1606, 
The  examination  of  Thomas  Myller,  aged  18  years, 
servant  to  Robert  Marshall,  late  of  Kelfynon,  (where  he 
was  'second  Justice  of  Monstieur')  in  Ireland,  by  William 

Collected  Papers.  20 1 

Downeman,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  and  James  Bagg,  justice. 
Some  three  quarters  of  a  year  since  accompanied  his 
master  from  Lymbrecke  to  St.  Malloes,  and  after  staying 
there  two  months  to  Jersey,  whence  he  was  making  the 
voyage  to  Ireland  with  a  box  containing  letters  and  two 
pictures,  at  his  said  master's  bidding.  Being  demanded 
wherefore  he  brake  open  the  three  letters  answereth  that 
he,  being  att  sea  in  a  shippe  bounde  for  Ireland  and  forced 
by  contrarie  wyndes  to  put  for  Plymouth  opened  the  said 
letters  because  that  in  one  of  theym  was  an  Agnus  Dei 
which  was  to  be  deliuered  to  the  ladie  Walshe  and  in 
another  of  them  was  a  picture,  which  was  to  be  deliuered 
to  the  ladye  Slany,  both  which  ladyes  this  examyant  saith 
are  of  the  Romishe  religion.  And  the  said  examynant 
also  saith  that  his  said  master  had  the  said  Agnus  Dei  and 
the  said  picture  of  a  papiste  priest  in  St.  Malloes,  which 
prieste  is  an  Englisheman  borne.      14  Feb.  1606. 

Copy  of  letter  from  Lords  of  the  Council  to  the  Mayor 
of  Plymouth  and  James  Bagge,  ordering  the  release  of 
Thomas  Miller,  and  the  restoration  to  him  of  the  box  of 
letters  and  tokens  entrusted  to  him  by  his  master  Mr. 
Robert  Marshall,  who  is  not  unknown  to  the  writer  '  by 
reason  of  his  late  imployment  in  his  Majesties  service  in 
Mounster.'     Whitehall.  18  Feb.  1606. 

W.  Bagwell  to  William  Downeman,  Mayor  of  Plymouth, 
praying  for  continuance  of  the  pension  granted  him  in 
former  time  by  the  borough,  whose  interests  he  is  still  in  a 
position  to  promote.     London.  17  Dec.  1606. 

Letter  from  James  Bagg,  justice  of  Plymouth,  to  Sir 
John  Bennett  knt.,  Mr.  D.  Montfforte,  Mr.  D.  Ferrand,  and 
Mr.  D.  Dix,  in  defence  of  Mr.  Wallis,  vicar  of  Plymouth, 
who  'is  called  in  question  into  your  Honourable  Court  of 
High  Commission,  by  meanes  of  one  Phillip  Rawlin  an 
apparitor  to  y®  Court  of  Arches,  ffor  not  denouncing  of 
c'tayne  pcesses  of  excommunication  graunted  out  agaynst 
divers  poor  and  miserable  women  of  our  towne  in  causes 
appertayning  to  your  court.'  Wallis's  course  was  taken 
not  at  his  own  motion,  but  at  the  advice  of  the  Bishop, 
Dean  Sutcliffe,  the  Mayor  and  Magistrates  of  Plymouth, 
and  Sir  Ferdinando  Gorges.     4  Feb.  1606. 

Rough  draft  of  letter  of  passport  and  free  passage, 
signed  by  William  Doivnemaii.  Mayor,  in  behalf  of  Thomas 
Myller,  servant  of  Mr.  Robert  Marshall  of  Jersey,  travelling 
to  Cork  in  Ireland  with  letters  and  tokens.     24  Feb.  1606. 

202  Plynwntli  Municipal  Records. 

Rough  copy  of  letter  from  William  Doivneinan,  Mayor, 
to  William  Bagwell  announcing  the  withdrawal  of  the 
pension  allowed  him  by  the  Corporation.     26  Jan.  1606. 

Sir  John  Hele,  Recorder  of  Plymouth,  to  the  Mayor 
and  Aldermen  ;  the  writer  yields  the  place  of  Recorder  to 
his  cousin  John  Hele,  who  is  a  resident  of  Plymouth. 
I  Sept.  1606. 

The  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of  Plymouth  to  Sir  John 
Hele.  They  acknowledge  Sir  John's  goodness  in  offering 
to  relinquish  the  recordership  in  his  cousin's  interest;  but 
insist  that  the  election  must  be  made  in  the  usual  way  by 
a  majority  of  voices,  so  that  no  precedent  be  afforded 
tending  to  deprive  the  burgesses  of  an  important  privilege, 
and  cause  future  recorders  to  imagine  they  might  appoint 
their  successors.     5  Nov.  1606. 

Copy  of  Orders  of  Privy  Council,  respecting  pilchard- 
fishery  of  Cawston-bay.      13  July,  1606. 

Copy  of  letter  of  Lords  of  Privy  Council,  appointing 
Ferdinando  Gorges,  William  Strode,  and  Anthony  Rowse, 
knts.,  Richard  Carye  and  Christopher  Harris,  esqs.,  and  the 
Mayor  of  Plymouth  for  the  time  being,  Commissioners,  for 
enforcing  their  lordships'  orders  respecting  the  pilchard- 
fishery  of  Devon  and  Cornwall,     Greenwich.  13  July,  1606, 

Letter  of  Lords  of  the  Council  (with  numerous  signatures) 
containing  their  lordships'  orders  respecting  the  pilchard- 
fishery  of  Causton-bay,  and  setting  forth  the  names  of 
the  Commi^oners  for  enforcing  the  same.  Greenwich. 
13  July,  1606. — Also  copy  of  same. 

Warrant  by  Commissioners  for  enforcing  the  orders  of 
the  Privy  Council  in  the  matter  of  the  pilchard-fishery  to 
parish-constables,  for  the  due  and  sufficient  summons  of 
owners  and  masters  of  saynes  and  boats  to  appear  before 
the  Commissioners  at  Saltash  on  Saturday  the  i6th  inst. 
Launceston.  13  Aug.  1606. 

Petition  of  the  Mayor  and  inhabitants  of  Plymouth  to 
the  Lords  of  the  Council,  respecting  the  pilchard-fishery  of 
Devon  and  Cornwall. — Also  copy  of  same.      1606. 

Letter  from  Lord  Treasurer  (Salisbury)  to  His  Majesty's 
officers  of  the  port  of  Plymouth,  for  the  restraint  of 
unauthorized  exportation  of  corn.      17  Nov.  1608. 

Petition  of  the  Waytes  of  the  borough  of  Plymouth  to 
the  Mayor,  Aldermen,  and  Magistrates,  '  Humbly  sheweth. 

Collected  Papers.  203 

That  when  the  wayteshipof  this  borrough  was  first 
instittrted  by  that  never  to  bee  fforgotten  knight  S""  Francis 
Drake  the  ffovver  \vay  tes  had  and  receaued  their  escouchions 
at  the  Charge  of  the  towne,  and  had  yearely  allowed  and 
Conferred  on  them  Tenn  Poundcs  with  new  Clokes  likewise 
yearely  giuen  them  :  And  for  that  of  late  theise  Bestowalls 
are  fleere  totally  taken  away  to  the  verie  great  detriment 
of  your  peticoners,  theire  yearely  Sallary  being  far  inferiour 
to  that  of  any  City  or  Corporation  wheare  waytes  are,' 
they  now  pray  for  '  their  former  right  fee.'  [There  were 
waytes  before  Drake's  time.]  ~ 

The"  Council  of  the  Virginia  Company  to  the  Mayor  and 
Aldermen  of  Plymouth,  inviting  them  to  aid  the  writers 
in  their  beneficent  enterprise,  and  to  put  themselves  in 
personal  communication  with  Sir  Ferdinando  Gorges  and 
Mr.  Doctor  Sutcliffe,  Dean  of  ExoTT:  Referring  to  the 
failure  of  a  similar  and  earlier  undertaking  the  writers  say  : 
'  Having  understood  of  yo""  gen'all  good  disposition 
towards  yo*'  advancing  of  yo'"  intended  plantacon  in 
Virginia,  begun  by  divers  gentlemen  and  Marchaunts  of 
the  Westerne  parts,  w'^h  since  for  want  of  good  supplies 
and  seconds  here,  and  that  the  place  w'^h  was  possessed 
there  by  you  annswered  not  those  comodities  w^h 
meight  keepe  lief  in  yo''  good  begynninge,  it  hath  not  so 
well  succeeded  as  soe  worthy  intentions  and  labours  did  \ 
meritt ;  But  by  the  coldeness  of  the  Clymate  and  other  j 
Connaturall  necessities,  yo'^'  Colonie  was  enforced  to  | 
retorne.'      17  Feb.  1608. 

Rough  draft  of  letter  from  Robert  Trelmvney,  Mayor  of 
Plymouth,  to  the  Earl  of  Salysburye,  Lo'rd^igh  Treasurer. 
A  vessel  from  the  Groyne  had  arrived  at  Plymouth  on  the 
previous  night,  having  on  board  one  Mr.  Thomas  Warlawe 
of  the  Isle  of  Wight,  who  reported  that  Mr.  Hills,  the 
Englishe  consull  at  the  Groyne,  about  tenne  dayes  past 
told  the  said  Warlawe  that  two  fleets  of  shippes  of  the 
number  of  one  hundred  and  twentie  sayle  were  verie 
shortlie  expected  at  the  Groyne  from  the  southward 
thereof,  and  fortie  thousand  soldiers  to  be  embarqued  in 
them.  The  said  English  consul  also  gave  the  ship's  pilot, 
George  Cheltname  of  Plymouth,  a  letter  with  an  entreaty 
that  he  would  on  his  first  arrival  in  England  dispatch  it 
forthwith  to  some  of  his  Majesty's  Privy  Council.  The 
writer  continues,  '  Here  are  merchauntes  w'^h  haue 
receaued   Ires   from   their   Factors  at    the   Groyne  of   the 

204  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

same  fleete,  and  that  the  reporte  there  goeth  they  are  to 
serue  the  Pope.  Here  came  passenger  in  the  said  shippe 
an  Irishe  youth,  late  page  to  Sir  William  Stanton,  whom 
I  haue  examyned,  and  cannot  learne  anythinge  of  hym, 
but  that  his  master  hath  put  hym  out  of  service,  and  his 
purpose  is  to  travel!  to  London  to  the  Earle  of  Clanreckett. 
But  I  doe  make  stale  of  him  vntill  I  have  order  from  your 
Ip,  for  that  he  beinge  in  drincke,  at  the  Groyne,  as 
the  said  pilot  afifirmeth,  said  that  the  said  fleete  was 
bounde  for  Irelande  to  carrye  there  the  Erie  of  Tyrone 
and  make  him  King  of  Ireland,  which  according  to  my 
duetie  I  have  thought  good  to  make  known  to  your 
honour,'     Plymouth.  29  Aug.  1608. 

The  Lords  of  the  Council  to  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth, 
and  the  customers,  comptrollers,  and  searchers  of  the  port. 
The  law  is  to  be  executed  against  those  of  his  Majesty's 
subjects,  who  on  their  arrival  in  England  from  foreign 
parts,  refuse  to  take  the  oath  of  allegiance,  and  do  not 
straightway  avail  themselves  of  the  privilege  accorded  to 
them  of  returning  immediately  over  the  seas  into  exile  at 
their  own  charges.     Whitehall.  29  May,  1608. 

Sir  Ferdinando  Gorges  to  Robert  Trelawny,  Mayor  of 
Plymouth.  He  invites  the  shipowners  of  the  West-country 
to  co-operate  with  the  shipowners  of  London  to  put  down 
and  extinguish  piracy  on  the  high  seas,  which  has  in  the 
last  {t.v^  years  deprived  England  and  Scotland  of  no  less 
than  three  hundred  ships,  with  their  lading  and  merchan- 
dizes, and  their  seamen  reduced  to  captivity.  The 
merchants  of  London  are  willing  to  subscribe  for  forty 
thousand  pounds  to  an  association  for  the  suppression  of 
robbery  on  the  high  seas;  and  Sir  Ferdinando,  who  has 
been  commissioned  by  the  London  merchants  to  negotiate 
with  West-country  merchants,  invites  the  shipowners  ef 
Plymouth  to  confer  with  him  at  Exeter,  whither  he  has 
summoned  men  from  other  western  ports  to  meet  him 
next  assizes,     19  April,  1607. 

The  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of  Plymouth  to  the  Lords  of 
the  Council,  opposing  the  petition  of  certain  London 
merchants  for  a  charter  granting  them  a  monopoly  of  the 
trade  between  the  Thames  and  the  parts  of  Spain  and 
Portugal.      14  Sept.  161 7. 

Letter  from  Sirs  Ferdinando  Gorges  and  Richard 
Edgecumbe   to   Nicholas  Sheriviil,   Mayor   of   Plymouth, 

Collected  Papers.  205 

touching  a  petition  preferred  by  Charles  Keddewe,  a  poor 
man  of  the  same  town,  to  Sir  Richard  Hutton,  one  of  His 
Majesty's  Justices  of  Assize.     7  Sept.  1619. 

Thomas  Shervvill's  charges  on  three  journies  from 
Plymouth  to  London  on  business  of  the  former  town. 
18  Jan,  1613  to  12  Dec.  1614. 

Indenture  of  grant,  during  pleasure,  by  the  Mayor  and  / 

Corporation  of  Plymouth  of  the  office  of  Recorder  to  John  / 

Glanvile  o£  Tavistock^  esq.,  counsellor  at  the  law,  with  an        / 
airniJarTee  of  53J.  ^d.,  in  the  room  of  Sir  William  Strowde 
of  Mevy  CO.  Devon  knf:;who  has  resigned.      11  Sept.  1620. 

Mayor's  Account,  headed  '  Mayor  of  the  towne  of  Plim-        h 
worth  :    Fees  dewe  to  his  Majisties  servants  from  the  said    f^Z^H^ 
Mayor  for  his  homage  to  his  Majesty,  passing  through  the 
said   towne  the  fiueteene  of  September,   1625.'     The  last 
item  of  the  bill  is  'To  the  Jester  ....  xj-.*     The  account,    I 
amounting  in  all  to  ^^^33  ^s.  4c/.,  is  signed  by  Peter  Newton,    I 
and  receipted  by  Thomas  Kynaston.      18  Sept.  1625. 

Extract  from  the  will  of  John  Scoble,  late  of  Plymouth, 
of  his  bequest  of  eighteen- pence  weekly  during  the  life 
of  his  executrix  for  bread  to  the  poor  of  the  said  town. 
18  Dec.  1629. 

Extract  from  the  will  of  Elizabeth  Scoble,  late  of  Wick- 
hampton,  Dorset,  widow  of  John  Scoble,  bequeathing  to 
the  poor  of  Plymouth  the  continuance  for  ever  of  the 
weekly  distribution  of  eighteen-pennyworth  of  bread, 
given  to  them  for  and  during  her  life  by  her  said  husband. 
16  Oct.  1631. 

Order  of  the  Privy  Council  at  Whitehall,  on  complaint 
of  Masters  and  Owners  of  ships  of  the  port  of  Plymouth 
against  the  privilege  granted  in  former  times  to  the  East- 
land Company  'of  the  sole  importacion  of  all  Eastland 
Commodities.'  The  complainants  allege  that  by  reason  of 
the  monopoly,  'diners  principall  materialls  for  building 
&  furnishinge  ships,  especially  masts,  rafts,  deale,  pitch, 
and  tarre  were  growne  to  such  excessive  rates,  being  not 
elsewhere  to  be  had  but  from  the  said  companie,  as  was 
to  the  great  discouragement  of  masters  and  own""^  of 
ships.'  Ordered  therefore  by  the  Council  that  the  said 
materials  may  be  imported  at  Plymouth  by  strangers  and 
there  sold  for  the  building  and  furniture  of  the  shipping  of- 
the  said  port  and  its  members,  but  not  for  the  furniture  of 
shipping  to  any  other  port.     25  June,  1630. 



2o6  Plymouth  M^inicipal  Records. 

Lords  of  the  Council  to  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  ordering 
him  to  examine  John  Cawes,  carpenter,  and  one  Hallett 
ropemaker,  inhabitants  of  Plymouth,  on  certain  matters 
affecting  the  claims  of  Captain  George  Higham,  Provost 
Marshall  General  of  his  Majesty's  army  at  the  Isle  of  Rhets, 
for  satisfaction  in  respect  to  'one  and  twenty  tuns  of  wine 
which,  having  bene  shipped  for  England,  were  stayed  by  Sir 
John  Wats  for  His  Majesty's  service.'     21  March,  163 1. 

Jos.  Martyn  to  John  Caiuse,  Mayor  of  Plymouth.  Order 
to  pay  expenses  of  Admiralty  enquiry.     30  Sept.  1636. 

Portion  of  rough  draft  of  petition  of  the  Mayor  and 
inhabitants  of  Plymouth  to  Charles  I.,  for  leave  to  erect 
a  new  church,  the  existing  church  being  insufficient. 

Johane  Cole  [daughter  of  John  and  Elizabeth  Scoble]  to 
the  Mayor  of  Plymouth.  The  charitable  work  begun  by 
the  writer's  father  and  continued  by  her  mother  shall  not 
through  her  neglect  '  falle  to  the  grounde,  but  shall  rather 
by  me  receave  enlargement.'     Wickhampton.  2  Nov.  1641. 

Serjeant_y<?/^'^  Glamiill,  Recorder  of  Plymouth,  to  Robert 
G2(bb7s^~Mdiyor,  and  the  Aldermen  of  Plymouth.  Resigns 
the  Recordership  of  Plymouth,  so  that  the  borough  may 
forthwith  proceed  to  the  election  of  his  good  friend, 
Mr.  Maynard,  into  the  same  office,  now  vacated  for  his 
benefit.     London.  5  Aug.  1640. 

Order  of  the  House  of  Commons  to  the  Mayor  of  Ply- 
mouth, touching  the  imprisonment  of  John  Poyer  of 
Pembrook,  who  at  the  order  of  the  said  house  stayed  a 
certain  loaded  ship  that  came  to  Milford  from  Galloway 
in  Ireland,  a  town  actually  in  rebellion.  Poyer  is  to  be 
at  once  released,  if  he  has  been  arrested  at  the  suit  of 
one  Pope  on  account  of  this  detention ;  in  which  case, 
order  is  further  given  for  the  arrest  and  safe  transport 
to  Westminster  of  Pope.     27  June,  1641. 

Borough  of  Plymouth  :  Vintry  Ward. — Rate  of  the  in- 
habitants (men,  women,  children,  and  servants)  of  the  said 
ward,  according  to  the  act  made  for  the  provision  of 
money  for  disbanding  the  armies  and  settling  the  peace 
of  the  two  kingdoms — England  and  Scotland,    i  Aug.  1641. 

Indenture  of  lease  for  five  years,  at  a  yearly  rent  of 
ten  pounds,  by  the  Mayor  and  Corporation  of  Plymouth, 
to  Christopher  Ryder  and  Arthur  Bickford  of  the  same 
place,  gentlemen  —  of  all  the  couerages  and  standings  in 
all  and  every  the  Market  Street  and  streets  of  Plymouth, 

Collected  Papers.  207 

with  all  the  customs  and  issues  of  the  same,  belonging  to 
the  said  Corporation.     30  Nov.  1646. 

Book  of  a  rate  made  by  order  of  the  Maior  and  Justices 
of  the  Burroughe  of  Plymouth  in  Michaelmas  Session  last, 
1656,  for  one  yeare  to  commence  from  the  29th  daye  of 
September  1656,  upon  the  inhabitants  of  Plymouth  afore- 
said for  the  raising  of  the  summe  of  ffyue  hundred  pounds 
towards  the  building  of  the  Newe  Church  in  Plymouth 
by  vertue  of  an  Act  of  Parliament  and  of  Letters  Patents 
under  the  Great  Scale  of  England  dated  at  Westminster 
the  one-and-twentieth  daye  of  Aprill  in  the  Seaventeenth 
yere  of  the  raigne  of  the  late  King  Charles,  which, 
according  to  the  said  Letters  Patents,  is  to  be  builded  att 
the  costs  of  the  inhabitants  of  Plymouth  aforesaid. 

Letter  from  Rich.  Blackwall  and  John  Sparrow  (dated 
from  the  Prize  Office)  to  Philipp  Francis,  Mayor  of  Ply- 
mouth, stating  that  Mr.  Blake  and  Mr.  Ely  have  been 
ordered  to  pay  the  Mayor  certain  moneys  demanded  by 
the  town  of  Plymouth  in  the  name  of  'duties  vpon  prize 
shipps  and  goods  brought  into  the  harbour'  of  the  said 
town.  Endorsed  'The  Commissioners  Letter  of  reprisall 
goodes,  dated  Nov.  1651,  for  the  payment  of  the  Towne 

Rough  draft  of  a  letter  from  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of 
Plymouth  to  the  'Council  of  the  Protector.  Generall 
Blake  ere  his  departure  hence  gave  order  under  hTs~hahd 
and  scale  for  the  Inhabitants  of  this  towne  to  sett  them- 
selves in  armes  for  watching  and  guardinge  the  same  both 
by  day  and  night,  in  which  posture  they  now  are  and  shall 
so  continue  untill  your  Honours  shall  otherwise  order. 
And  wee  doubt  not  but  wee  shall  manifest  ourselves  as 
faithful  to  this  Commonwealth  as  any  towne  belonging 
to  the  same.  We  must  further  take  the  boldnes  to 
acquaint  your  Honours  that  the  Towne  Line  is  very 
much  decayed,  the  sufficient  repayre  whereof  will  require 
att  least  loooli. ;  which  wee  desire  may  bee  allotted  out 
of  the  excise  of  the  Town,  or  by  what  other  meanes  your 
Honours  shall  iudge  meet  for  that  purpose. 

Extracts  from  the  will  of  Moses  Goodyear,  who  made 
two  several  bequests  of  iJ"5o  each  to  the  'Poores  Portion  in 
Plimouth  '  and  the  Almshouse.      1658. 

Paper  of  Presentments  made  by  Constables  of  the  Old 
Town  Ward  9th  Jan.  1659. 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

'Jno.  Olde  for  keeping  men  drinking  yesterday,  being 
Lords  day. 

Jno.  Wood  serv*  to  M""  Antho  Skinner  for  walking  on 
y^  Hoe  sermon  time. 

'  Severall  vagrants  who  came  yesterday  to  towne  sermon 
time  to  begg. 

'Geo  Cragg  for  suffering  Compo  in  his  house  to  drink 
burnt  wine  sermon  time. 

'John  Glanvill,  Abraham  Edgecumbe    \  ^       <-  hi     ' 

*  Nathaniel  Arrowsmith,  Wm.  Rickard   j 

The  tradesmen  of  Plymouth  to  the  Mayor,  Magistrates 
and  Common  Council — Praying  that  John  Norman,  a 
stranger  and  recent  comer  (who  having  served  no 
apprenticeship  in  the  town  has  nevertheless  presumed 
to  follow  divers  trades  therein)  may  be  ordered  to  desist 
from  impoverishing  the  proper  inhabitants  by  exercising 
the  art  of  a  gunsmith  and  other  callings,     ii  May,  1660. 

Letter  from  William  Morice,  Governor  of  the  fort  and 
island  of  Plymouth,  M.P.  for  the  same  borough,  and  Secre- 
tary of  State,  to  Ollyvcr  Ceely,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  and  the 
Aldermen — touching  his  title  to  the  fort  and  island,  and 
measures  needful  for  the  repair  and  safety  thereof  23 
Oct.  1660. 

Names  of  those  who  took  the  oath  of  allegiance  before 
Oliver  Ceely,  Mayor.     3  Nov.  1660. 

Warrants  of  Nathaniel  Hele,  sheriff,  to  the  Mayor  of 
Plymouth,  for  the  due  publication  of  accompanying  procla- 
mations.    12  &  23  Oct.  1660. 

Several  lists  of  defaulters  in  respect  to  payment  of 
tythes  in  the  parish  of  Plymouth.     1660. 

Presentments  by  the  constables  of  Vintry  Ward  to  the 
Mayor  and  Aldermen  of  Plymouth,  with  a  List  of  the 
beer  sellers  of  the  same  ward.      1661. 

List  of  voluntary  contributors  and  contributions  towards 
the  support  of  the  workhouse  lately  set  up  in  the  Hospital 
of  the  Poors  Portion,  Plymouth.     21  Oct.  1663. 

Copy  of  letter  from  the  Duke  of  Albemarle  to  the 
deputy-lieutenants  of  Devonshire,  for  the  impressment  of 
mariners  and  others  competent  to  serve  in  His  Majesty's 
navy.     17  Oct.  1664. 

Copy  of  letter  from  Lords  of  the  Council  to  the  Duke 
of  Albemarle,  for  the  impressment  of  mariners  and  other 
persons  to  serve  in  His  Majesty's  navy.     14  Oct.  1664. 

Collected  Papers.  209 

Letter  from  John  Willoughby,  sheriff  of  Devon,  to  the 
Mayor  of  Plymouth,  accompanying  the  two  preceding 
copies.     21  Oct.  1664. 

Bond  of  John  Hooper  and  Richard  Vincent  of  Plymouth, 
in  fifteen  pounds,  indemnifying  the  Mayor  and  Corporation 
of  the  same  town,  in  suits  brought  against  them  in  respect 
to  a  ship  called  the   Verity  of  Plymouth.     6  Feb.  1664. 

Order  in  open  sessions  at  the  Guildhall,  Plymouth,  by 
the  whole  Bench  and  Common  Council,  that  JoJin  Martyit 
Mayor,  forthwith  pay  ^^^50  (the  residue  of  the  legacy  by 
John  White  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty)  to  William 
Jennens,  merchant,  in  order  that  he  may  apply  the  said 
money  to  the  defence  of  a  suit  commenced  against  the 
said  Mayor  and  Commonalty  by  Sir  Geffery  Palmer,  his 
Majesty's  attorney-general,  'about  the  Poole  and  prosecuted 
by  Coll  ArundelL'      12  Oct.  1664. 

Order  from  the  Custom-house  of  London  for  placing 
proper  cranes  on  Hawkins  Key  at  Plymouth,  in  accordance 
with  a  statute  of  i  Elizabeth.     29  Nov.  1664. 

Letter  from  the  Lords  Commissioners  about  Towns 
Customs  (signed — Albemarle,  Arlington,  Anglesey,  G. 
Carteret)  to  Commissioners  of  Prizes  for  Plymouth,  to 
enquire  as  to  the  truth  and  justice  of  the  grounds  on 
which  the  Mayor  and  Corporation  of  Plymouth,  claim 
certain  small  customs  and  duties  on  imports.    6  May,  1665. 

Draft  of  grant  of  site  of  Charles  Church  by  the  Mayor 
and  Commonalty. 

Indenture  of  grant  and  conveyance  for  ever  by  William 
Warren  of  Plymouth,  vintner,  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty 
of  Plymouth  borough,  of  the  piece  of  ground,  computed  at 
about  one  acre,  whereon  the  said  Mayor  and  Commonalty 
and  divers  other  inhabitants  have  lately  raised  for  God's 
service  the  beautiful  structure  commonly  known  as  Charles 
Church.     12  Aug.  1665. 

Book  of  the  names  of  all  the  freemen  of  the  borough  of 
Plymouth,  summoned  to  elect  a  Mayor  for  the  ensuing 
year,  on  St.  Lambert's  day.     17  Sept.  1666. 

Receipt  of  Richard  Lord  Arundell  for  ^550  paid  him 
by  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth,  in  respect 
of  costs  taxed  upon  them  in  the  suit  about  Sutton  Pool. 
18  June,  1666. 



PlymoutJi  Municipal  Records. 



Bond  of  John  Rowe  of  Plymouth  in  the  amount  of  40/., 
to  Dorothea  Reuell  of  the  same  town.     30  July,  1661. 

Copy  of  the  last  will  and  testament  of  Dorothy  Revell 
of  Plymouth,  widow.     4  Oct.  1662. 

The  Lords  of  the  Council  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty 
of  Plymouth,  — enquiring  whether  due  care  be  taken  to 
observe  the  law,  in  respect  to  its  requirements  that  all 
holders  of  municipal  offices  take  the  oath  of  allegiance 
and  supremacy,  the  oath  declaring  it  unlawful  to  take  arms 
against  the  King,  subscribe  a  declaration  against  the  solemn 
League  and  Covenant,  and  within  a  year  before  their 
election  to  their  respective  offices  take  the  sacrament  in 
accordance  with  the  rites  of  the  Church  of  England. 
24  March,  1672. 

Warrant  of  John  Dell,  Mayor,  and  William  Weekes, 
gentlemen,  two  of  the  justices  of  Plymouth,  to  the  four 
Serjeants  at  mace,  to  summon  certain  persons  to  appear  at 
the  Guildhall  'for  Mr.  White's  auditt.'     30  Sept.  1675. 

Nine  several  writings  (rough  drafts  of  bills  and  answers 
in  the  Court  of  Chancery,  and  other  matters)  relating  to 
controversy  between  the  Corporation  of  Plymouth,  William 
Jennens  and  John  Warren,  respecting  Jennens  Quay  and 
the  Customs  House  Quay  in  the  port  of  the  said  borough, 

Letter  from  Thomas  Northmore,  undersheriff  of  Devon, 
to  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth.  Accompanies  a  copy  of  the 
warrant  of  the  Judges  of  Assize,  at  the  last  assizes  for  the 
county  of  Devon,  for  the  execution  of  Anne  Evans  by 
burning  and  Philippa  Carey  by  hanging,  guilty  of  poisoning 
Mrs.  Weekes  and  her  daughter  P^lizabeth  at  Plymouth, 
'These  execucons  are  appointed  to  bee  done  att  yo"" 
Towne  of  Plymouth,  provided  that  the  magistrates  of 
the  Towne  (whereof  you  are  chiefe)  or  m*"  Weekes  whose 
wife  was  by  the  malefactors  abouenamed  poysoned^  shall 
deffay  the  extraordinary  charges  thereof,  &  shall  vnd'take 
for  the  same  before  Easter  Day,  being  Sunday  next,  the 
day  of  execucon  is  to  bee  on  Thursday  in  Easter"weeke, 
but  if  you  the  Magistrates  of  the  Towne  or  m''  Weekes 
shall  fail  to  vnd'take  before  Easter  Day  to  defray  the 
extraordinary  expenses  thereof,  then  the  execucon  on 
theise  malefactors  is  to  be  done  att  the  common  place  of 
execucon  for  this  countie.'  [The  original  examinations  in 
this  case  are  to  be  seen  in  the  Examination  Book  for  the 

Collected  Papers.  2 1 1 

year.     It  is  the  tragedy  recorded  in  John  Quick's  volume.     1 
''Hell  opened;    or  the   infer }ial  sin   of  murder  pnnished ; 
being  a  trne  relation  of  the  poysoning  of  a  zvhole  family  at 
Plyuwnth,  for  zvhich  the  malefactors  were  condenuicd  before 
Lord  Chief   Justice  North  at  Exeter,  one  to  be  burnt,  the     j 
other  to  be  hanged ^^^^  ' 

Copy  of  a  letter  from  Thomas  Northmore,  undersherifif, 
to  William  Weekes,  dyer,  of  Plymouth,  touching  arrange- 
ments for  the  execution  of  Anne  Evans  and  Philippa 
Carey — Also,  the  undersherift's  copy  of  the  Judge's  warrant 
and  directions  for  the  execution.     17  March,  1675. 

Warrant  signed  by  the  Duke  of  Monmouth  and  other 
Commissioners  of  the  Admiralty,  instructing  the  chief 
magistrates  and  officers  of  the  customs  at  Plymouth  to 
release  a  certain  French  vessel  called  the  Vaillant,  Bertrand 
Bayeux,  master.  Dated  from  Derby  House,  and  having 
Samuel  Pepys's  signature.     4  Oct.  1676. 

List  of  burgesses  and  other  inhabitants  of  Plymouth, 
exempt  from  service  on  'any  jury  or  forraigne  inquisition 
whatsoever  by  vertue  of  letters  patentes  of  the  Lady  Mary, 
late  Queen  of  England.'     24  Jan.  1678. 

Receipt  by  J.  Northcote  for  ship  money.      1678. 

Precept  of  Sheriff  of  Devon  (Richard  Duke)  to  the 
Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth,  for  the  election  of  » 

two  burgesses  of  parliament.      16  Aug.  1679.  x"^    / 

Resignation,  by  John  Buckeham,  one  of  the  attorneys  of   ^<~fJ^ 
the  Court  of  the  Borough  of  Plymouth,  of  his  attorneyship       -^     — 
into    the    hands    of    Peter    Foote,    gentleman,    Mayor    of  ^lz>'^^'^ 

Plymouth;   the  surrender  being  made  at  the    request  of 
John~Buckeham's  nephew,  Moses  Collins.     20  Oct.  1682. 

Appointment  of  Moses  Collins  such  attorney.  17 
April,  1683. 

Report  of  the  Right  Worshipful  William  Martin, 
Stephen  Akerman,  and  John  Paige,  on  a  conference  with 
Lord  Arundell  about  Sutton  Poole.     16S4. 

Schedule  of  heads  of  alterations  and  additions  to  be 
made  in  the  charter  of  Plymouth.     1684. 

Rough  draft  of  a  letter  from  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen 
of  Plymouth  to  the  Earl  of  Bath.  Acknowledges  the 
earl's  goodness  in  covering  the  borough  with  his  patronage, 
and  more  especially  in  consenting  to  present  a  petition 
from  the  town  to  His  Most  Sacred  Majesty.     28  Nov.  1686. 

212  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Power  of  attorney,  executed  by  Robert  Berry,  Mayor  of 
Plymouth,  authorising  JoJin  Paige,  deputy-mayor,  and  a 
majority  of  the  Aldermen  to  affix  their  common  seal  to  a 
surrender  of  the  present  charter  to  William  III.  ii  Feb. 

Copy  of  letter  of  appointment  (signed  yonah  Lavingtou, 
Mayor),  constituting  and  making  Francis  Pengelly  of 
Plymouth,  esq.,  the  common  clerk  or  Town  Clerk  and 
Steward  of  the  same  borough.     15  Nov.  1705. 

The  surrender  of  the  office  of  Town  Clerk  and  Steward 
of  Plymouth  by  Francis  Pengelly.     11  April,  1722. 

Election  by  scratching  of  Mr.  Mitchell  as  lecturer. 
4  June  1706. 

Precept  for  poor  rate,  April,  1709,  signed  by  James 

Bond  of  Thomas  Marshall  of  Plymouth,  cheesemonger, 
in  £\QO,  to  the  guardians  of  the  poor  of  the  same  borough; 
for  indemnification  in  regard  to  the  settlement  therein  of 
James  Horrocks,  late  of  Shoreditch,  victualler,  with  his 
wife  and  family.     10  April,  171 1. 

Rough  draft  of  loyal  address  of  the  Mayor  and  Corpora- 
tion of  Plymouth  to  George  the  First  on  his  accession  to 
the  throne  of  England.     17 14. 

Election  by  scratching  of  R.  W addon  as  Town  Clerk. 
14  May,   1722, 

Undertaking  by  the  Board  of  Ordnance  (signed  Charles 
Frederick ;  W.  R.  Earle ;  A.  Wilkinson  ;  H.  Ligonier ; 
W.  Charlton)  that  a  certain  fence  recently  erected  at  the 
foot  of  the  Citadel  Hill  of  Plymouth  'shall  never  be  made 
use  of  as  an  argument  to  lessen  any  of  the  just  rights  and 
privileges'  of  the  Mayor  and  Corporation.     18  Jan.  1753. 

Memorandum  of  resolutions  for  lighting  Plymouth  with 
two  hundred  and  fifty  oil-lamps.     11  May,  1770. 

Orders  of  Commissioners  touching  removal  of  night 
soil  from  houses ;  for  watch ;  and  for  regulation  of  carts, 
1770  et  circa.  The  first  set  very  curious,  and  referring  to 
Sutton  Pool  and  the  water  courses. 

Brief  note  of  information  respecting  the  contents  of  the 
two  wills  of  Sir  Francis  Drake,  the  first  dated  Aug.  1595, 
and  the  second  dated  27  Jan.  38  Eliz.,  which  were  proved 
17  May  1596.     1795. 

Collected  Papers.  213 

Several  bonds  for  the  payment  of  money  to  the  Mayor 
and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth. 

Memorandum  of  the  election  of  a  vicar  of  Charles 
parish,  Plymouth,  when  the  Rev.  Walter  Hugoe  was  chosen; 
the  unsuccessful  candidates  being  Dr.  Reynold,  Mr.  Thomas 
Samford,  Mr.  George  Derby,  and  Mr.  Henry  Mitchell. 
30  Aug.  171 1. 

1500  TO  1800.' 

Extracts  from  accounts  of  collectors  of  customs  in  the 
ports  of  Cornwall  in  the  time  of  Edward  the  Third  ;  also 
memoranda  relating  to  the  customs  of  those  ports  in  the 
same  reign.     Edw.  III. 

Bond  of  William  Hawkins  and  John  Ellyott,  in  £\o,  to 
the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth.  Condition 
'  that  if  William  Eggecombe  on  thyside  the  feste  of  the 
Natiuitie  of  Seynt  John  the  baptiste  next  comyng  do  make 
twoo  sufficient  new  gounes  for  the  towne  of  ij  broken 
gounes  of  the  tovvnes  whiche  be  delyu''yd  to  hym  to  new 
make  and  to  aggree  w^*^  the  olde  chambers,  so  that  the 
said  ij  new  gounes  be  delyu'yd  to  the  towne  sufficiently 
made  before  the  said  feste  of  Seynt  John  that  then  this 
Recognizaunce  be  vtt'ly  voyde  and  of  none  effecte.' 
31  March— 33  Hen.  VHI. 

Indenture  whereby  Sir  Hugh  Pollard,  knt,  sells  for  100 
marks  his  lordship  and  fee  of  Sutton  Vawletort  alias 
Sutton  Valetort  alias  Sutton  Vawtard  within  the  borough 
of  Plymouth,  with  all  its  rents,  privileges,  and  appurtenances 
to  William  Hawkins  of  Plymouth,  merchant,  his  heirs  and 
assigns  for  ever.     18  April — 34  Hen.  VIII. 

Examination  of  John  Traunton  of  Plymouth,  mariner, 
and  master  of  a  bark  named  The  Chaiince,  before  Thomas 
Ford  merchant  and  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  respecting  his 
capture  of  a  Spanish  vessel,  laden  with  wines,  raisins,  and 
salt,  from  which  Spanish  bottom  the  deponent,  holding  a 
commission  under  the  seal  of  the  Lord  Admiral,  took  'viii 
buttes  of  seckes  and  some  xlviii  barrells  of  reasons.' — Also 
the  examinations  of  Thomas  George  and  John  Hille,  both 
of  Plymouth,  mariners,  respecting  the  same  seizure  and 
prize.     19  March,  1585. 

214  Plymouth  Miuiicipal  Records. 

Rough  draft  of  a  letter  from  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen 
of  Plymouth  to  the  Lords  of  Council  accompanying  '  suche 
newes  as  we  latelie  heard  of  from  the  parties  of  Spayne 
and  Portingale.'     March,  1585. 

Concluding  part  of  a  letter  from  Thomas  Forde,  the 
Mayor,  and  the  Aldermen  of  Plymouth,  to  persons  whose 
names  do  not  appear,  stating  the  dearth  of  men  in  the 
town — 'and  as  the  world  is  the  men  maye  not  well  be 
sparyd,  being  a  grette  nomber,  &  many  from  home 
areadie  with  Sir  Fraunces  Drake  &  in  other  viages,' 
17  March,  1585. 

Rough  draft  of  letter  from  the  Mayor  and  his  brethren 
of  Plymouth  to  the  Justices  of  the  Peace  at  Plympton, 
touching  the  order  heretofore  taken  in  the  borough  for 
constraining  butchers  and  victuallers  to  respect  the  ordi- 
nances for  the  due  observance  of  Lent.      1585. 

Rough  draft  of  letter  from  the  Mayor  and  his  brethren 
of  Plymouth  to  the  Lord  Chamberlayne,  respecting  certain 
buildings  which  William  Strode  designs  to  erect  in  Plymouth, 
to  the  injury  of  the  harbour.     16  Oct.  1591. 

Undated  rough  draft  of  the  petition  of  the  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  of  Plymouth  to  the  Lords  of  the  Council, 
for  the  custody  (with  suitable  yearly  allowances)  of  the 
newly  erected  fort  at  Plymouth,  which,  though  not  finished 
is  already  '  commandable.'  The  custody  of  the  fort  should 
be  committed  to  the  petitioners,  as  they  are  interested 
beyond  all  other  persons  in  its  safe  keeping.  The  town's 
people  contributed  largely  towards  the  charges  of  building, 
in  the  reasonable  hope  that  on  its  completion  it  would  be 
entrusted  to  them. 

Undated  copy  of  petition  of  the  Mayor  and  poor  in- 
habitants of  Plymouth  to  Queen  Elizabeth.  The  petitioners 
ask  to  be  entrusted  with  the  task  of  completing  the  new 
fort  at  Plymouth,  at  their  own  charges,  with  the  exception 
of  eight  hundred  pounds  which  Her  Majesty  is  entreated 
to  give  them  for  that  purpose  :  and  that  on  its  completion 
they  may  receive  from  Her  Majesty's  customs  a  yearly 
allowance  of  six  hundred  pounds,  for  the  suitable  entertain- 
ment of  a  band  of  one  hundred  men  within  the  same  fort. 
They  further  pray  that  Her  Majesty  put  the  fort  and 
garrison  under  the  command  of  Mr.  Arthur  Champernowne, 
a  gentleman  of  known  gallantry  and  skill  in  martial  affairs, 
*  both  vearie  neigh  allyed  vnto   the  best  of   Devon  and 

Collected  Papers.  215 

Cornewall,  and  likewise  well-beloved  of  theym    and    the 
rest  of  our  countrie.' 

Bond  by  John  Blythman,  Mayor,  to  Anthony  Goddard. 

Holograph  letter  from  the  Earl  of  Dorset,  Lord  High 
Treasurer,  to  His  Majesty's  officers  of  the  Port  of  Plymouth. 
They  are  to  strictly  restrain  the  exportation  of  corn  from 
the  port,  when  the  prices  exceed  the  limit  appointed  by 
the  recent  statute.  Information  having  been  sent  to  the 
Lords  of  the  Council  that  '  by  reason  of  the  quantitie  of 
corne  which  hathe  ben  latelie  exported  into  forrayne  partes 
the  price  of  all  corne  grayne  is  encreased  in  the  westerne 
parts  and  now  solde  for  eight  shillinges  the  bushell,  and  is 
daylie  like  to  encrease  more  and  more,  so  that  the  poorer 
sort  of  people  being  many  in  nomber  are  like  to  perishe 
for  want  of  reliefe,  unless  some  speedier  order  be  taken  for 
restrayning  the  transportacion  thereof.'     23  Jan.  1606. 

Copy  of  petition  of  William  Woulfe,  late  of  Plymouth, 
serge  weaver,  to  King  James,  praying  that  the  Bishop  of 
Exeter,  Sir  Richard  Hawkins,  knt.,  William  Hutchinson, 
D.D.  and  chancellor  of  Exeter,  and  William  Crymes,  may 
be  appointed  Commissioners  to  enquire  into  and  adjudicate 
on  the  petitioner's  complaint  against  and  claim  upon  the 
Mayor  and  Aldermen  of  Plymouth,  or  to  advise  His 
Majesty  what  course  should  be  taken.  Nine  years  since 
he  was  induced  by  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth  to  migrate 
from  Exeter  to  Plymouth,  and  there  instruct  twenty  poor 
children  in  the  trade  of  spinning  worsted.  The  Mayor 
and  Aldermen  had  promised  him  £^0  for  the  first  year 
and  to  make  that  £100  the  yeare  following  which  some  of 
a  hundred  pounds  they  then  also  promised  to  lend  unto 
him  for  seven  yeares  then  after  the  effecting  the  premises, 
and  likewise  promised  him  they  would  from  tyme  to  tyme 
duringe  the  said  terme  at  their  costes  and  charges  after 
the  furst  yeare  mayntayne  the  said  20  poore  children  with 
meat  drinke  and  apparell :  and  likewise  that  he  should 
haue  out  of  euery  shipp  that  belonged  to  the  same  which 
came  from  the  Newfoundland  100  of  fishe  and  a  house 
rent  free  for  that  purpose  for  their  better  reliefe  and 
maintenance.  During  the  first  year  of  the  undertaking 
he  had  lost  much  by  his  obligation  to  maintain  the  children, 
corn  selling  at  30  shillings  the  bushel,  whilst  the  Corpora- 
tion allowed  him  only  20  shillings  a  week  towards  their 
sustenance.     1606. 

2i6  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Sir  Daniel  Dun  to  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of  Plymouth, 
urging  them  to  do  justice  to  William  Woulfe,  whose 
petition  to  His  Majesty  has  for  the  moment  been  stayed 
by  the  writer.  Unless  this  suggestion  have  the  desired 
effect,  the  matter  will  be  pressed  on  His  Majesty's  notice 
to  the  trouble  of  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen.  Whitehall. 
8  Dec.  1606. 

Rough  draft  of  a  letter  from  Williaui  Doivnenian,  Mayor, 
and  the  Aldermen  of  Plymouth  to  Sir  Daniel  Dun. 
William  Wolfe  is  a  wasteful  and  untruthful  person,  whose 
petition  to  the  King  against  the  Corporation  of  Plymouth 
is  most  false.  Mr.  Foynes's  agreement  with  William  Wolfe 
was  that  he  should  have  a  loan  of  thirty  pounds  and  no 
more  from  Mr.  Foynes,  and  from  the  town  a  weekly  allow- 
ance of  1 2d.  for  the  diet  of  every  child  whom  'he  should 
sett  at  worke  and  instruct  in  his  science,'  the  town  at  the 
sanie  time  providing  them  with  apparel.  The  town  had 
fulfilled  its  agreement  with  William  Wolfe  until  he,  after 
wasting  all  the  money  paid  him  by  Mr.  Foynes,  could  no 
longer  set  any  children  to  work  by  reason  of  want  of 
credit.     21  Jan.  1606. 

Rough  draft  of  letter  from  James  Bagg,  Mayor,  and 
Walter  Mathew,  to  the  Lord  Admiral.  Sir  Richard 
Hawkins  has  caused  a  constable  to  apprehend  his  lord- 
ship's servant  Mr.  Jobson,  whom  the  writers  know  to  be 
no  pirate.     Plymouth.     10  June,  1606. 

Rough  draft  of  letter  from  same  to  same  touching 
the  same  matter.  The  writers  hold  that  Sir  Richard 
Hawkins  is  doing  his  lordship  dishonour  in  the  West- 
country,  and  hope  that  this  latest  indiscretion  may  result 
in  his  removal  from  his  office,  '  and  cause  hym  to  lay  down 
his  pattent  at  your  lordships  feete.'     12  June,  1606. 

Rough  draft  of  letter  from  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen 
of  Plymouth  to  the  Lord  Chief  Justice,  calling  his  lordship's 
attention  to  the  conflicting  requirements  of  two  several 
letters  which  he  has  addressed  to  the  writers  respecting 
some  enterprise  at  the  port  of  Plymouth  ;  and  begging  for 
fuller  and  more  particular  instructions.  The  bearer  of  the 
letter,  Mr.  Challenger,  is  commissioned  to  state  more 
precisely  their  sentiments  on  the  matter  to  his  lordship, 
to  whom  '  farther  advertisement '  will  come  from  '  Sir 
Fardinando  Gorge.'     11  June,  1606. 

Collected  Papers.  217 

Rough  draft  of  letter  from  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of 
Plymouth  to  the  Lords  of  the  Council.  Praying  their 
lordships'  warrant  to  take  at  a  fair  price  a  small  quantity 
of  grain  from  each  of  the  numerous  vessels  laden  with 
corn  now  lying  in  Plymouth  harbour,  and  to  apply  the 
provision  so  taken  to  the  relief  of  the  distress  caused  in 
'theise  westerne  parts'  by  the  scarcity  and  inordinate  price 
of  corn,  consequent  on  excessive  transportation  of  grain 
into  foreign  parts  and  the  badness  of  the  last  harvest. 
'Att  this  present  there  are  w*^hin  the  harborough  of  Ply- 
mouth aboue  Threescore  saile  of  Dutch  shippes  all  laden 
w*h  corne  and  bound  for  Spayne  &  Italye,  whereof  one 
being  a  shipp  of  300  tuunes  is  suncke  in  the  Harborough 
with  hir  laden,  which  is  like  greatlie  to  preiudice  both  vs 
and  ye  harborough  ;  and  such  is  their  stubbornnes  that 
they  refuse  to  yeve  vs  any  helpe  to  remedye  the  same.' 
30  Nov.  1607. 

Rough  draft  of  letter  from  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of 
Plymouth  to  one  of  the  Lords  of  the  Council,  praying 
a  licence  to  import  corn  from  Cornwall  into  Plymouth, 
for  the  relief  of  distress  consequent  on  the  scarcity  of  grain 
in  Devonshire ;  as  the  Cornwall  farmers  can  sell  some  of 
their  corn  to  Plymouth  merchants,  without  causing  incon- 
venience to  the  inhabitants  of  their  own  county.  30  Nov. 

Copy  of  letter  from  the  Lord  High  Treasurer,  the  Earl 
of  Salisbury,  to  His  Majesty's  officers  of  the  port  of  Ply- 
mouth. Orders  that  no  person  be  permitted  to  transport 
corn  from  Falmouth  or  any  other  Cornish  port  to  any 
part  of  the  kingdom,  unless  he  has  a  special  licence  from 
the  Privy  Council  ;  it  having  been  certified  to  the  Lords 
of  the  Council  that  in  the  present  dearth  the  county  of 
Cornwall  can  spare  no  corn  for  the  relief  of  Devonshire 
or  any  other  foreign  county.     Whitehall.     17  Nov.  1608. 

Order  of  the  Mayor  {ThoDias  Sherzvill)  and  Corporation 
of  Plymouth,  forbidding  merchants  or  other  private  persons 
to  buy  corn  and  salt  imported  into  Plymouth  by  any 
stranger  or  foreigner,  until  the  Mayor  and  Aldermen  of 
the  said  borough  shall  have  declined  to  exercise  their  right 
of  preemption  in  respect  to  such  corn,  for  the  relief  of  the 
distress  consequent  on  dearth  of  grain  amongst  the  towns- 
folk. Signed  by  the  Mayor,  Aldermen,  and  Councilmen 
making  the  order.     26  Nov.  1608. 

2i8  Plynwnth  Municipal  Records. 

Letter  from  Sir  Thomas  Smythe  to  the  Mayor  of  Ply- 
mouth, asking  his  aid  in  inviting  merchants  and  other 
adventurers,  not  being  members  of  the  Company  of  Mer- 
chants of  London  trading  into  the  East  Indies,  to  subscribe 
to  a  new  'joint-stock,  to  be  contynued  for  the  fower  yeares 
next  ensuinge,'  about  to  be  made  by  the  brethren  of  the 
said  company.     Philpot  Lane  in  London.     13  Dec.  1616. 

Attested  copy  of  Orders  agreed  on  by  the  Lord  Lieu- 
tenant and  his  deputies  throughout  Devon,  for  the  better 
discipHne  and  greater  efficiency  of  the  trained  bands  of 
the  said  county.     28  March,  161 7. 

Copy  of  enrolled  indenture  of  lease  for  twenty-one  years, 
at  a  yearly  rent  of  ^^13  6s.  8d.,  by  Charles  Prince  of  Wales, 
&c.,  of  the  water  and  pool  of  Sutton,  parcel  of  the  Duchy 
of  Cornwall,  to  John  Sparke  and  John  Fowell.  26  Nov. — 
15  Jas.  I. 

Lords  of  the  Council  to  Sir  John  Eliott  and  James 
Bagg,  vice-admirals  of  Cornwall  and  Devon,  and  the 
officers  of  the  port  of  Plymouth,  requiring  them  to  visit 
certain  Dutch  ships,  manned  with  English  mariners,  now 
lying  in  the  port  of  Plymouth,  and  to  take  from  them  all 
English  mariners,  that  they  may  be  transferred  forthwith 
to  appointed  officers  for  service  in  His  Majesty's  fleet 
now  being  fitted  out.     Whitehall.     28  Feb.   1624. 

Copy  of  letter  from  Leonard  Pomeroy,  Mayor,  and  the 
Aldermen  of  Plymouth,  to  the  Rt.  Won  Moris  Abots, 
governor  of  the  East  India  Merchants  Company,  touching 
the  legacy  of  ^20  bequeathed  by  Edmund  Leunis,  late  of 
Plymouth,  '  to  the  poore  people  of  the  Hospitall  lately 
erected  within  the  burrough  of  Plymouth,'  called  '  The 
Hospitall  of  Orphans  Ayde.'     19  July,  1624. 

A  surveighe  of  the  lands  and  other  thinges  of  the 
borough  of  Plymouth,  nowe  to  be  sette  at  the  Christmasse 
Sessions  1626,  and  at  Easter  Lawe-Court  and  Sessions, 

Lord  Dorchester  to  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  directing 
enquiries  respecting  '  preparations  at  sea  made  by  the 
French  upon  their  coast'  of  such  persons  'as  are  lately 
returned  from  those  port-towns  of  France,  especially  in 
Britannic.'     Whitehall,  27  Dec.  1629. 

Assignment  by  Lady  Judith  Hawkins,  executrix  of  Sir 
Richard  Hawkins,  to  Hugh  Bull,  of  all  her  interest  in  a 

Collected  Papers.  219 

lease  for  twenty-one  years  of  a  certain  messuage  in  Ply- 
mouth, which  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth 
had  covenanted,  in  the  life-time  of  the  said  Sir  Richard 
Hawkins,  to  make  to  him,  his  heirs,  and  assigns.  4  May, 

Copy  of  letter  from  John  Delbridge  to  the  Mayor  of 
Barnstaple,  setting  forth  the  grievous  injuries  done  to 
English  commerce  by  Turkish  piracy  ;  and  recommending 
that  the  merchants  of  the  kingdom  should  combine  in 
urging  His  Majesty  to  take  adequate  measures  to  protect 
the  foreign  trade  of  the  nation  from  maritime  robbers,  or 
at  least  to  authorize  his  merchants  and  maritime  adven- 
turers to  protect  themselves  against  the  most  destructive 
form  of  nautical  brigandage.  Unless  vigorous  steps  are 
taken  the  writer  apprehends  '  that  they  will  fall  vppon  our 
fishing  shippes  both  att  Newfoundland  and  Virginea,  for 
they  desire  both  our  shippes  and  men.'  London.  Feb. 

Copy  of  letter  thereon  to  Mayor  of  Exeter  from  Rd. 
Ferris,  Mayor  of  Barnstaple,  Wm.  Palmer,  and  Rd.  Beapl : 
also  refers  to  crews  of  two  small  barques  of  Barnstaple 
being  carried  to  Argier. 

Letter  from  John  Hakewill,  Mayor  of  Exeter,  to  the 
Mayor  of  Plymouth.  Alluding  to  the  action  of  '  our 
neighbours  of  Barnstaple  for  the  redeeming  of  poore 
captives,'  and  to  'the  greate  danger  threatned  by  those 
mercieless  Turkes  to  this  State,  especially  to  these 
westerne  partes  thereof,'  he  adds,  'Wee  of  this  citye 
doe  much  comend  their  readinesse  in  releiuinge  those 
poore  Christians  &  p''ventinge  such  ensueinge  mischiefes.' 
14  Feb.  1632. 

Six  Resolutions  on  the  same  matter ;  the  first  running  : 
'At  a  general  Meeting  of  the  deputyes  for  the  Cittye  of 
Exon  and  the  Townes  of  Plymouth,  Barnstaple,  Dart- 
mouth, Waymouth,  and  Melcomb  Regis,  It  is  agreed  and 
thought  fitt  that  for  the  suppression  of  the  Turkes  of 
Argire  and  Tunnis  a  petition  shalbe  preferred  speedilie 
in  the  name  of  those  and  other  cittyes  and  Townes  vpon 
the  sea-coast  vnto  His  Majestic  and  the  Lordes  of  His 
Majesties  Most  Honourable  Privie  Counsell  thereby  to 
manifest  their  grievance  in  that  behalfe,  and  to  petition 
His  Majestic  and  their  Lordshipps  that  such  speedie 
course  may  be  taken  as  to  His  Majestic  and  their  Lord- 

220  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

shipps  shall  seem  most  convenient  as  well  for  redresse 
in  that  behalfe  as  for  redeeming  of  the  captives  from 
thence,  and  that  for  the  doeing  thereof  one  of  each  cittye 
and  towne  male  speedilie  be  sent  vnto  London.'  Signed 
by  Roger  Mallock,  Exeter ;  John  Clement,  Plymouth ; 
John  Delbridge,  Barnstaple  ;  John  Crewkerne,  Dartmouth  ; 
Fran.  Gapes,  Waymouth.     28  Feb.  1632. 

John  Carter's  receipt  for  divers  arms  and  military 
accoutrements  from  the  Right  Worshipful  Phillip  Frauncis, 
Mayor  of  Plymouth,     i   Dec.  1642. 

Copy  of  the  agreement  of  fifteen  Master-Shoemakers 
and  Inhabitants  of  Plymouth,  for  the  maintenance  of 
journeymen's  wages  at  the  former  ratio,  and  the  correction 
of  the  vagrant  disposition  and  resisting  the  exactions  of 
such  workmen.     17  April,  1643. 

Undertaking  of  divers  inhabitants  to  contribute  annually 
for  five  years  certain  sums  towards  a  fund  for  maintaining 
'  a  lecturer  to  preach  once  in  the  weeke  in  the  Church  of 
St.  Andrewes  within  this  borough  as  hath  been  accustomed' ; 
also  for  raising  the  rents  and  profits  of  the  vicarage  of  St. 
Andrew  to  ^200  per  annum,  and  the  rents  and  profits  of 
Charles  Church  to  ^100.     3  Nov.  1646. 

Bond  from  James  Stooke  to  leave  Plymouth  and  never 
to  remain  therein  thereafter  beyond  six  days.     1646. 

Copy  of  an  Ordinance  of  the  Lords  and  Commons 
assembled  in  parliament,  concerning  the  company  of 
Merchants  of  London  trading  into  France.     19  Oct.  1648. 

Christopher  Clarke,  governor  Exeter  Merchant  Adven- 
turers, to  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  accompanying  the  preceding, 
and  inviting  one  or  more  merchants  of  Plymouth  to  attend 
a  conference  of  merchants  of  the  western  ports,  to  be  held 
at  Exeter  on  the  7th  of  next  month  '  to  consider  whether 
itt  may  bee  fitt  for  vs  to  come  in  vppon  the  said  Ordinance 
vnder  those  of  London,  payinge  our  imposition  vnto  them 
and  ioyning  our  interest  *  *  *  or  to  peticon  the  Parlia- 
ment that  there  maye  be  a  like  ordinance  made  for  the 
Out  Portes.'     21  Nov.  1648. 

Bond  in  law  suit  by  Philip  Mitchell,  Thos.  Durant, 
John  Dell.     165 1. 

Four  several  schedules  of  the  compositions  for  Sheaf 
Tithes  made  in  the  four  years,  1652-1655,  in  the  parish  of 
Plymouth,  and  received  by  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 

Collected  Papers.  221 

Warrant,  signed  by  John  Rushworth  and  William  Rovve, 
registrars  of  the  High  Court  of  Admiralty,  for  arrest  of  a 
vessel  formerly  called  the  April  Shozver  of  Waterford,  now 
the  JoJin  of  Plymouth,  and  citing  Nathaniel  Marriott  and 
others  to  appear  and  answer  in  a  cause  civil  and  marine 
touching  the  same  vessel  'before  us  or  the  Judges  of  the 
High  Court  of  Admiraltie  of  England  in  the  Dyninge 
Chamber  within  Doctors  Commons  scituate  in  the  parishe 
of  St.  Benedict  near  Paul's  Wharf,  London.'    11  Nov.  1654. 

Business  letter  by  Alex.  Reynardson  to  Justinian  Peard. 
London.     July,  1656. 

Grant  in  fee-farm,  at  an  annual  rent  of  loj-.,  by  the 
Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth,  of  a  piece  of  land 
lying  within  the  said  borough,  to  Edmund  Fowell,  esq.,  of 
Harwood  in  the  parish  of  Calstocke,  and  his  heirs  and 
assigns  for  ever.     22  Aug.  1659. 

Directions  to  the  collector  of  the  subscriptions  and  rates 
for  building  the  new  [Charles]  church  of  Plymouth. 

Undertaking  of  divers  inhabitants  of  Plymouth  to  pay 
certain  sums  for  maintaining  ministers  of  religion  in  the 
said  parish.     15  Oct.  1660. 

Warrant  and  safe-passage  for  Drue  Drury,  Edward 
Merrey,  Thomas  Combe,  and  Richard  Burch,  appointed 
to  search  for  and  seize  forfeitures  belonging  to  His 
Majesty.     Signed  by  Lord  Berkshire.     26  May,  1666. 

Fourteen  ordinances  made  by  the  Mayor,  Aldermen,  and 
Common  Council  of  Plymouth,  for  the  better  cleansing, 
lighting  and  watching  of  the  streets  of  the  said  borough. 
19  March,  1671. 

Draft  copy  of  grant  by  John  King  to  Wm.  Jennens, 
John  Webb,  and  Thos.  Stutt,  of  property  in  Plymouth 
in  and  near  Tinne  Street  for  the  Orphans  Aid.  28 
Chas.  n. 

Passport  by  John  Vivian  to  Gilbert  Munhall.     1676. 

Character  by  Rd.  Hillersden  of  Membland,  of  John 
Thorninge,  miller:  addressed  to  And.  Horsuian,  Mayor  of 
Plymouth.     7  July,   1677. 

Notes  of  Plymouth  corporate  rental.     1683. 

Certificate  by  Nich.  Slanning,  Elz.  Crymes,  Jonathan 
Elford,  and  Thos.  Payne,  of  distraint  on  Samuel  Madocke, 
esq.,  for  tax  raised  '  for  the  reducing  of  Ireland.'  Trena- 
mans  Jump.     13  July,  1689. 

222  PlyjuoiitJi  Municipal  Records 

Two  undertakings  of  divers  underwritten  maltsters, 
brewers,  and  victuallers  of  Plymouth,  to  cause  all  the  malt 
used  by  them  during  the  ensuing  year  to  be  ground  at  the 
two  convenient  malt-mills  of  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 
1734  and  1738. 

Copy  of  Letters  Patent  of  grant,  by  James  I.  to  Robert 
Harecourte,  of  Stanton  Harecourte,  Oxon.,  esquire.  Sir 
Thomas  Challoner,  knt.,  and  John  Rovenzon,  esq.,  and 
their  heirs,  of  'all  that  parte  of  Guiana  or  Continent  of 
America  lyinge  betweene  the  River  of  Amazones  and  the 
river  of  Dessequebe,  scituate  in  the  south  parte  of  America, 
and  all  the  lands,  islandes,  soyles,  groundes,  hauens,  ports, 
creekes,  rivers,  mynes,  as  well  royal  mynes  of  Gould  and 
Siluer,  as  other  mynes,  mynneralls,  pearles,  and  pretious 
stones,  woods,  quarries,  marshes,  waters,  ffishings,  hunt- 
ings, hawkinge,  fowlinge,  comodities  and  hereditamentes 
whatsoever,  togeather  w*hall  prerogatives,  jurisdicons, 
royalties,  priviledges,  ffraunchizes  and  preheminenses,  within 
any  the  saide  territories,  betweene  the  saide  two  rivers  of 
Amazones  and  Dessequebe,  and  all  and  singular  islandes, 
lands,  and  territorities  beinge  within  twentie  leagues 
therevnto  adiacent,  not  beinge  actuallie  possessed  or  in- 
habited by  any  Christian  Prince  or  State  in  amytie  w*h 
vs  .  .  .  yealdinge  and  payinge  only  therefore  to  vs  oure 
heires  and  successors  the  fifte  parte  onlie  of  all  oare  of 
Gould  and  Silver,  that  from  tyme  to  tyme,  and  att  all 
tymes  hereafter  shalbe  there  gotten  had  and  obteyned  for 
all  manner  rentes  services  and  commandes  whatsoeuer.' 
The  grant  is  undated,  but  subsequent  to  6  James  I.,  as 
appears  from  the  recital  of  Harcourt's  previous  connection 
with  Guiana. — '  Whereas  oure  trustie  and  welbeloved  subiect 
Roberte  Harecourte  of  Stanton  Harecourte  in  the  countie 
of  Oxon  esquire  Hath  by  vertue  of  commission  vnder 
oure  greate  scale  of  England,  bearinge  date  the  Thirtenth 
dale  of  February  in  the  sixte  yeare  of  our  raigne  of 
England  Fraunce  and  Ireland,  and  the  two-and-ffortith  of 
Scotland,  aduentured  to  putt  him  selfe  and  many  other 
his  good  friends  and  associats  into  great  trauailes,  charges, 
and  expences  by  vndertakinge  many  and  sundrie  long 
jorneis  by  sea  and  shippinge  vnto  the  south  parte  of 
America  to  thend  to  discouer  and  take  a  full  view  and 
survey  of  all  the  regions,  clymates,  and  territories,  beinge 
parte  of  the  countrye  called  or  knowne  by  the  name  of 
of  Guiana,  scituate  and  lyinge  betweene  the  River  of 
Amazones,  and  the  riuer  of  Dessequebe,  and  the  islandes, 

Collected  Papers.  223 

lands  and  territories  therevnto  adioyninge,  w°h  are 
inhabited  by  Heathen  and  Savage  people,  that  haue  noe 
knowledge  of  any  christian  religion,  nor  of  any  morrall 
vertues,  for  the  saluacon  of  theire  soules  or  educacon  of 
their  persons,  nor  are  subiecte  to  any  Christian  State 
gouernment  or  commonwealth.' 

Copy  of  Letters  Patent  of  the  'London'  and  'Plymouth' 
Companies,  granted  by  James  L  to  Sir  Thomas  Gates,  Sir 
George  Somers,  knts.,  Richard  Hacklayte,  elk.,  prebendary 
of  Westminster,  Edward  Maria  Wynfeild,  Thomas  Hannam, 
Rauleigh  Gilbert,  esqs.,  William  Parker  and  George  Popham 
gentlemen  :  for  the  planting  of  two  colonies  on  the  coast 
of  Virginia  and  America,  to  be  respectively  styled  the 
First  Colony  and  the  Second  Colony  ;  the  First  Colony 
being  planted  by  Sir  Thomas  Gates,  Sir  George  Somers, 
Richard  Hacklayteand  Edward  Maria  Wynfeild,  adventurers 
of  the  city  of  London,  with  such  other  adventurers  as  shall 
be  joined  unto  them;  and  the  Second  Colony  being  founded 
and  settled  by  the  aforesaid  Thomas  Hannam,  Rawleigh 
Gilberte,  William  Parker  and  George  Popham  'and  all 
others  of  the  towne  of  Plymouth  in  the  countie  of  Devon 
and  elsewhere,  which  are  or  shall  be  joined  unto  them.' 

Letter  from  Steph.  Jones  to  John  Hayne,  Dartmouth, 
merchant,  enclosing  a  letter  from  Mr.  Prouse,  who  is 
soliciting  the  clerks  of  the  Council.      18  March,  1620. 

Imperfect  copy  of  Additional  Orders  for  the  correction 
of  abuses  in,  and  for  the  better  regulation  of,  the  New- 
foundland Fishery,  which  appear  to  have  been  issued  in 
consequence  of  a  remonstrance  and  petition  lately  pre- 
sented to  Charles  L  by  '  the  adventurers  in  the  Newfound- 
land Fishery  of  Waymouth,  Melcombe  Regis,  Poole,  Lyme, 
Exeter,  Plymouth,  Dartmouth,  East  Looe,  Foy,  Barnstaple, 
and  Biddiford.' 

Order  of  Council  permitting  the  inhabitants  of  western 
ports  '  using  the  fishinges  of  Newfoundland '  to  sell  to 
strangers,  for  exportation  in  their  own  vessels,  the  great 
store  of  Newfoundland  fish  and  pilchards  which  they  have 
taken  and  cannot  vent  in  England  :  this  relaxation  of  the 
order  forbidding  the  sale  of  fish  to  strangers  for  exportation 
in  foreign  bottoms,  being  carefully  limited  to  the  present 
emergency.     4  Nov.  163 1. 

'  Certen  reasons  tendred  to  the  Lords  of  His  Ma*'^^  most 
j^Qbie  Privy  Counsell,  for  and  in  the  behalfe  of  the  mer- 

224  PlymoutJi  Municipal  Records. 

chants  owners  of  shippes  and  fishermen  of  the  West- 
Country,  why  the  transportation  of  the  fish  bought  of  them 
by  straungers  and  Alyenes  in  their  own  bottomes  should 
not  be  restrayned  :  together  with  certen  proposicons  of 
how  the  shippes  and  bottomes  belonging  to  the  River 
Thames,  w'^h  now  lye  idle  as  is  alleaged,  may  receiue 

John  Clement  to  PJiillip  Andrezv,  Mayor  of  Plymouth. 
Reports  the  slow  progress  made  by  the  deputies  from  the 
western  ports  in  the  matter  of  their  petition  to  the  King 
and  his  Council  for  action  against  the  Turkish  Pirates. 
Will  agree  to  nothing  which  has  not  the  consent  of  his 
correspondent  and  the  merchants  of  Exeter.     14  May,  1633. 

Lords  of  the  Council  to  the  Mayor,  Aldermen,  and 
merchants  of  Plymouth,  concerning  the  petition  by  the 
inhabitants  of  the  western  ports  for  protection  against  the 
Turkish  pirates.  Invites  Plymouth  to  send  a  deputy,  in- 
vested with  the  fullest  powers,  to  confer  in  London  with 
deputies  from  other  ports  on  the  urgent  trouble,  and 
devise  means  for  remedying  it.  Hitherto  the  meeting  of 
deputies  from  the  various  petitioning  ports  has  been  with- 
out definite  result,  because  they  have  had  no  sufficient 
authority  to  pledge  the  credit  and  resources  of  the  towns 
for  the  attainment  of  the  desired  ends.  Whitehall.  21 
May,   1633. 

John  Clement  to  Phillip  Andrewe,  Mayor  of  Plymouth. 
Gives  particulars  of  another  interview  between  the  Lords 
of  the  Council  and  the  deputies  from  ports  on  the  business 
of  the  Turkish  pirates.  Can  decide  on  no  course,  till  the 
deputies  have  larger  power  to  pledge  the  resources  of  their 
fellow-townsmen  for  cost  of  military  operations.  Most  of 
the  deputies  have  no  discretionary  power.  Till  they  know 
how  much  they  may  promise  for  their  towns  in  the  way  of 
pecuniary  contribution  to  the  charges  of  fitting  out  ships 
of  war,  the  negociations  are  at  an  end.     21  May,  1633. 

Lords  of  the  Council  to  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth.  Com- 
plains of  the  disregard  shown  by  the  western  ports,  and 
especially  by  Plymouth,  for  the  Orders  of  Council  for- 
bidding the  transportation  of  fish  and  other  commodities 
in  foreign  bottoms.  Their  lordships  require  the  immediate 
attendance  of  one  or  more  persons  from  Plymouth,  to  whom 
directions  on  this  matter  may  be  given.     23  Nov.  1633. 

Collected  Papers.  "  225 

Alexander  Staplehill,  Mayor  of  Dartmouth,  to  Roger 
Trelaxvnie,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  touching  business  of  the 
fisheries,  in  which  the  merchants  of  Plymouth,  Dartmouth, 
and  Barnstaple  are  acting  conjointly  by  means  of  their 
agents  in  London.     3  Dec.  1633. 

Copy  of  laws  and  ordinances  made  and  published  for 
the  government  of  the  people  in  Newfoundland  and  the 
seas,  bays,  and  creeks  adjoining.  Star  Chamber.  24  Jan. 

Copy  of  Order  of  Council,  appointing  thirty-eight  under- 
written persons  (merchants  of  London  or  of  the  western 
ports,  or  wardens  or  assistants  of  the  Trinity  House)  to  be 
a  Committee  for  devising  the  best  means  for  taking  off 
and  transporting  in  English  bottoms  only,  all  the  fish  taken 
by  His  Majesties  subjects  either  '  upon  his  owne  coastes  or 
in  Newfoundland.'     Whytehall.      10  Feb.  1633. 

Copy  of  Order  of  Council,  of  same  date,  that  the 
'merchants  of  London  and  those  of  the  westerne  portes 
should  w%  all  convenient  expedicon  sett  down  in  writing 
&  present  to  the  Boasd  their  general  reasons  and  proposi- 
tions concerning  this  business,'  of  transporting  fish  taken 
on  the  English  coasts  or  in  Newfoundland  in  English 
bottoms  only. 

Copy  of  another  Order  of  Council,  of  same  date,  that 
the  merchants  and  fishermen  of  the  western  ports  'should 
be  at  liberty  to  sell  their  fish  to  strangers,  to  be  transported 
in  forrayne  bottomes  for  this  tyme  only.' 

Attested  official  copy  of  the  Letters  Patent  by  Charles  I., 
exhibiting  the  set  of  laws  and  ordinances  for  Newfoundland 
as  made  and  published.     26  Jan.  1637. 

Copy  of  a  clause  of  the  Letters  Patent  touching  New- 
foundland, granted  to  James  Marquesse  of  Hamilton, 
Phillip  earl  of  Pembrooke  and  Montgomery,  Henry  earl  of 
Holland,  and  Sir  Daniell  Kerke,  their  heirs  and  assigns. 
13  Nov. — 13  Charles  L 

Two  Copies  of  Letter  from  Lords  of  the  Council  to 
Mayors  and  Magistrates.  For  the  exact  observance  of  the 
orders  for  the  government  of  Newfoundland,  contained  in 
Letters  Patent  dated  26  Jan.  12  Charles  L,  and  more 
particularly  of  the  order  forbidding  owners  of  ships,  trading 
in  the  Newfoundland  fishery,  to  transport  thither  any  per- 
sons '  other  then  such  as  are  of  his  or  theire  owne  or  oth' 


226  PlynioiLth  Municipal  Records. 

ships  company  or  belonging  therevnto,  and  are  vpon  y°  sd 
shipps  hire  &  imployment,  or  such  as  are  to  plant  &  doe 
intend  to  settle  there.'     Whitehall.     4  Dec.  1633. 

Depositions,  touching  Newfoundland  and  the  fisheries 
thereof,  taken  at  Totnes,  before  Sir  Edward  Seymour,  bart., 
Sir  William  Courtney,  bart,  and  Thomas  Reynell,  John 
Halle,  Thomas  Boone,  and  Gilbert  Eveleigh,  esqs.,  com- 
missioners by  virtue  of  a  commission  from  Charles  II., 
dated  28  Aug.  1667.  Thomas  Cruse  of  Ashprington  deposes 
'y*^  above  50  years  last  past  he  went  to  ye  Newffdland  in  a 
ship  of  Topsham  in  a  ffishing  voyadge,  att  w'^h  time  there 
was  noe  Gov'"nou'"  there,  or  above  2  or  3  poor  people  y* 
inhabited  there,  &  such  salt  boates,  staiges  &  other 
Materialls  for  y''  ffishing-trade,  lefft  by  the  ships  the  fiform'' 
year,  they  usually  found  in  y®  like  Condition  w^out  any 
diminution  ye  ffollowing  year.  And  Aboutt  32  yeares 
past  he  went  ffrom  Londo  to  the  Newfld  and  arrived  there 
in  y°  harbo""  of  Bay  of  bulls,  wheare  he  inhabited  v'^  yeares, 
w°h  was  about  4  yeares  before  S'  David  Kirke,  the  ffirst 
Gove'nour  that  Came  there  after  y^  Lord  Baltemore,  who 
was  there  only  one  winf  and  then  left  the  Countrey, 
saying  itt  was  an  unffitt  place  for  man  or  beast  to  live  in. 
During  all  w°h  time  of  this  deponen^^  aboade  there  noe 
nation  did  ever  in  y®  Least  attempt  to  molest  or  trouble  y® 
English  there  in  thare  ffishery,  neither  were  thare  any 
ffortiffications  Erected  untill  the  Coming  there  of  S'"  David 
Kirke,  who  planted  some  ffere  gunns  att  fiferriland  &  2  or 
3  other  places  And  that  before  S""  David  Kirke  Came 
there,  noe  one  p*^  any  Custome  or  Tax  Concerning  the 
said  ffishe''y  or  otherwise,  butt  all  was  free.  But  after  S"" 
David  Kirke  arrived  there  (who  brought  w*h  him  about 
30  serv"'^),  he  imposed  taxes  on  all  y®  inhabitants  to  pay  a 
greate  ffine  &  yearly  rents  ffor  the  houses  &  ground  by  y® 
waf  side,  in  sev"  harbor's  and  ffishing  places,  as  this 
deponent  did  ffor  a  house  and  some  ground  Graunted  to 
him  by  y''  said  S''  David  Kirke  as  by  writing  made  in  the 
year  1640,  ffor  w*^h  he  paid  the  yearly  rent  off  3/.  6s,  ^d. 
and  a  ffatt  hog  or  20s.  in  lew  thereoff.  And  the  said  S"" 
David  Kirke  did  summon  y®  Inhabitants  of  y^  sev"  harbor's 
in  y®  Newfoundland  to  repaire  at  fferiland,  and  Compelled 
them  to  take  Estates  in  land  in  sev^^  harbo''s,  for  Erecting 
of  houses  &  ffishing-places  by  y*^  waterside  and  to  pay 
greate  ffines  and  Rents  for  the  same,  and  in  case  of 
reffusall  threttned  to  expel  them  out  off  y°  land  ;  and  alsoe 

Collected  Papers.  227 

enticed  them  to  take  licences  off  him  ffor  y''  selling  off  wine 
and  other  liquors,  &  made  them  pay  greate  rents  yearly 
ffor  the  same,  and  made  this  deponent  take  &  pay  for  such 
a  licence  15//  p  an.  And  y''  said  S""  David  Kirke  himselfe 
did  keepe  a  common  Taverne  in  his  own  house,  w'^h  did 
drawe  and  keepe  ship-masters,  ffishermen  &  oth'"'^  ffrom 
theire  ffishing  imploym*^  to  the  great  prejudice  &  hinder- 
ance  of  their  voyadges.' 

P.  Du  Moulin,  secretary  of  the  Council  of  Trade,  to  the 
Mayor  of  Plymouth.  Requests  the  Mayor  to  send,  against 
the  3rd  of  March  next,  to  a  certain  Committee  of  London 
merchants,  his  opinion  of  the  recent  petition  of  divers 
merchants  and  shipowners  of  the  western  ports  to  the 
Council  of  Trade,  respecting  divers  abuses  alleged  to  have 
recently  crept  into  the  trade  of  Newfoundland.  Stafford 
House  in  the  Savoy.      19  Feb.  1669. 

Copy  of  Order  of  Council,  referring  the  petition  of 
Capt.  Robert  Robinson,  touching  the  condition  and  needs 
of  Newfoundland,  to  those  Lords  of  his  Majesty's  Privy 
Council  who  have  been  appointed  a  Committee  of  Trade 
and  Plantations.     15  Dec.  1669. 

List  of  ships,  with  their  burthens  and  names  of  masters, 
that  have  imported  and  discharged  cargoes  of  salt  in  the 
ports  of  Falmouth  and  Penryn,  during  the  entire  year 
ended  29  Sept.  1670. 

Strictly  private  and  confidential  letter  from  Ambrose 
Madd,  from  Dartmouth,  to  William  Cotton,  Mayor  of 
Plymouth,  touching  a  candidature  for  the  office  of  burgess 
of  parliament  for  Plymouth.     Dartmouth.     18  Dec.  1670. 

Copies  of  Order  of  Council  that  the  Mayors  of  the 
several  ports  of  South  Hampton,  Poole,  Weymouth, 
Melcombe  Regis,  Lime,  Exeter,  Dartmouth,  Plymouth, 
East  Loe,  Fowey,  Falmouth,  Biddeford,  Barnstaple,  and 
Bristoll,  and  all  other  ports  and  towns  of  the  English 
coast,  observe  and  obey  the  new  orders  (the  official  copy 
of  which  accompanies)  for  improving  and  regulating  the 
fishing  trade  in  Newfoundland,  offered  to  His  Majesty 
by  his  Council  for  Forraine  Plantations.  Whitehall. 
10  March,  1670. 

John  Hayne,  Dartmouth,  to  John  Lanyon,  Plymouth, 
business  letter.     20  March,  1670. 

228  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

William  Cotton,  on  behalf  of  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  to 
the  Mayors  of  some  neighbouring  boroughs.  Touching  a 
circular  letter  from  the  Lords  of  the  Committee  of  Trade 
to  the  Mayors  of  the  Western  Ports,  for  information 
respecting  the  state  and  needs  of  the  Newfoundland 
Fishery  Trade.     3  May,  1670. 

Two  copies  of  recommendations  of  the  Committee  of 
Trade  and  Plantations,  for  the  improvement  and  better 
regulation  of  the  Newfoundland  Fisheries,  with  an  undated 
paper  of  amendments  to  the  original  sketch  of  these 
resolutions,  marked  as  coming  from  Dartmouth,  and  sundry 
Orders  in  Council  relating  thereto.     March,  1670. 

R.  Prowse  to  W.  Gould,  Dunscombe,  Exeter,  on  business 
in  London.     Notes  the  'bad  success'  with  Mr.  Reynell. 

Schedule  of  French  vessels  that  discharged  cargo  in  the 
port  and  members  of  the  port  of  Plymouth,  between  29 
Sept.  1669  and  29  Sept.  1670. 

Richard  Hooper,  Mayor,  and  Christopher  Hunt  and 
John  Palmer,  Aldermen,  of  Barnstaple,  to  Mayor  of 
Plymouth.  Invites  the  co-operation  and  agreement  of  the 
corporations  of  Barnstaple  and  Plymouth  in  answering  a 
circular  letter  from  the  Council  of  Trade  and  Plantations 
respecting  the  Newfoundland  Fishing  Trade,  i  March,  1674. 

Abstract  of  papers  delivered  to  the  Rt.  Worshipful 
William  Weekes,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  concerning  the 
Newfoundland  Trade.     6  March,  1674. 

Account  of  charges  for  writings  touching  the  Newfound- 
land Trade.     Feb.  1669  to  Feb.  167^. 

Undated  reasons  for  the  speedy  settlement  of  Newfound- 
land and  its  fishery. 

Imperfect  copy  of  orders  for  the  government  of  the 
colonies  of  Virginia. 

Copies  of  two  letters  from  the  merchants  of  East  Looe 
to  the  Privy  Council. 

Copy  of  the  petition  of  Captain  Robert  Robinson, 
touching  the  condition  and  needs  of  Newfoundland,  to  the 
Lords  of  the  Council.      1669. 

Letter  from  John  Lanyon  on  Newfoundland  affairs. 

Copy  of  undated  Petition  of  divers  merchants,  trading 
to  the  Newfoundland,  to  the  Privy  Council. 

Collected  Papers.  229 

MENTS.-1521  TO   1809.' 

Writ  of  certiorari  to  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth  touching  a 
plea  between  Richard  Huntingdon,  clerk,  and  John  Facy, 
clerk,  concerning  4  acres  of  land  in  Plymouth.    23  Oct.  1521. 

Borough  Court  of  Plymouth.  —  Plaint  of  breach  of 
promise  of  marriage.  'John  meyovv  late  of  Pl}'mpton  in 
the  Countie  of  Devon  Grome  ys  attachyd  by  his  bodye  to 
answere  Johane  Collyn  doughf  of  Walter  Collyn  of  bykley 
in  a  playnte  of  trs  upon  her  case  and  whereof  the  said  pit. 
by  Robert  Sternold  her  attorney  comes  and  sayes  that 
vvhere  she  beyng  an  honest  mayden  and  replete  w*^'^  many 
honest  and  womanly  qualities  aswell  of  the  gyfts  of  nature 
as  of  grace  and  fortune  able  and  mete  to  haue  bene  the 
matche  in  maryage  to  any  honest  manes  sonne  of  this 
contrey  not  beyng  above  thestate  decre  and  condicion  of  a 
yoman  vnto  such  tyme  as  the  sayde  John  meyow  beyng 
Vnmyndefull  of  the  lawes  of  almighty  god  as  well  as  of 
the  lawes  of  this  most  noble  Realme  of  England  that  ys 
to  saye  the  iiij*'^  daye  of  August  last  past  ...  of  the  reigne 
of  our  most  gracious  soureigne  lorde  Kyng  [Henry]  the 
viij*"  here  at  Plymouthe  w*'Mn  the  Jurisdiction  of  this  co^'te 
that  is  to  saye  in  the  vyntry  warde  beyng  blynded  by 
inordynatt  concupistens  fraudulently  falsely  and  dampnably 
faynyng  and  falsely  ^imysyng  maryage  to  and  w"^  the 
said  playntyf  intysyd  her  to  the  synne  of  incontynency 
whervnto  j;>tely  by  violens  w*''^  forse  of  armes  that  is  to 
saye  w*'^  daggs  and  knyves  agaynst  the  pease  of  o*"  saide 
soveraigne  lord  the  Kyng  and  ptely  by  his  false  and  crafty 
l^myses  of  mariage  pvoked  her  to  consent  vnto  his  fylthy 
lust  of  the  fflesh  and  so  w^^^  her  dyd  execute  the  acte  of 
carnall  copulacion  abvsyng  her  body  so  that  he  hath 
begotten  her  w*^*^  chylde  w'=''  he  now  pceyuyng  .  .  .  and 
^myses  and  agaynst  all  law  and  conion  honest  refuseth  to 
take  her  to  his  wyff  and  she  for  the  cause  aforesaide  beyng 
now  also  refused  of  such  honest  ...  all  marriage  she 
myght  have  had  sayeth  that  she  is  the  wursse  and 
adamaged  to  the  value  of  one  hundryd  pounds  and 
thereof  she  bryngith  her  sute.' 

Borough  Court.  —  Plaint  for  debt,  44  French  crowns. 
Thomas  Dove  and  Elizabeth  his  wife  against  Thomas 
Hampton      i  Eliz. 

230  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  by  'Rodger  Butsyde,  esquyer' 
against  John  Thomas,  yeoman,  his  steward,  for  having 
'^curyd  dyvrse  of  the  srunts  of  the  said  plf  by  his  false  & 
craftye  meanes  dishonestly  maliciously  and  sklanderously 
to  subu'te  and  ou'throvve  the  good  order  of  his  howse  that 
his  s^'unts  be  fayne  to  fle  the  syght  of  their  masf  in  suche 
an  indecent  man''  that  the  saide  plf  is  disapynted  of  his 
maynyall  famylie.'    Damages  laid  at  ;^500.    35  Hen.  VIII. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  by  Thomas  Begg  against  'yonge 
John  Taylor'  for  'slokyng  hys  wyfife  and  hys  goods.' 
Goods  taken  valued  6j-.  %d.,  total  damage  for  loss  of  goods 
and  wife  laid  at  40^-.     35  Hen.  VIII. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  by  William  Buller  against 
Robert  Cokke  for  obtaining  '  one  lytell  botte  otherwyse 
called  a  cokk/  by  false  pretences.     33  Hen.  VIII. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  by  John  Rowe  against  John 
Cornyshe  for  breach  of  covenant  to  serve  him  as  his 
servant,     34  Hen.  VIII. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  of  debt  by  William  Hawkyngs 
against  Thomas  Hampton.     2  &  3  Philip  and  Mary. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  by  William  Hawkyns,  merchant, 
against  Raynold  Wendon.  Whereas  the  said  plaintiff 
'hathe  byn  alwayes  of  trewe  good  and  honest  lyvyng  & 
behavyo*"  and  so  accepted  reputed  and  taken  w^''  honest 
fayre  &  honorable  psons  the  said  defend  of  his  malycyous 
mynde  |?tendyng  to  hurt  slaunder  and  vtflye  to  take  awaye 
the  good  name  fame  &  honest  reputacon  of  the  sayd 
plaintyff  &  also  to  put  him  in  daunger  of  his  lyfif  the 
viij*''  daye  of  September  in  the  yere  of  the  Reignes  of 
Phelippe  &  marye  by  the  grace  of  God  kyng  &  quene  of 
England,  &c.,  the  fourthe  &  fyfte  here  at  Plymouthe  in  the 
vyntery  warde  .  .  .  thies  words  in  englyssh  openly  w*^"^  a 
lowde  voyce  spake  &  ^nouncyd  that  is  to  saye,  thowe  art 
a  traytor  a  thyff  &  a  very  vyllayne  wherby  the  said  plf  is 
not  only  hurted  &  slaundered  of  his  good  name  fame  & 
honest  reputacon  among  honest  men  w^  whom  he  hathe 
vsed  to  bye  &  sell  but  also  put  him  in  daunger  of  his  lyfif 
by  obiectyng  treason  to  his  charge.'  Damages  laid  at  a 
'  twowsand  mks.'  There  is  no  clue  whether  this  William 
Hawkins  is  the  father  or  brother  of  Sir  John,  but  more 
probably  it  is  the  latter. 

Collected  Papers.  231 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  of  Stephen  Beri  against  Richard 
Badfordc  for  taking  one  Alice  Rycherd,  his  covenant 
servant,  from  his  employ,      i  &  2  Philip  and  Mary. 

Borough  Court.  —  Plaint  of  Gregory  Cocke  against 
Martin  Cockeram  for  debt.  i  Mary.  [This  was  the 
Martin  Cockeram  who  accompanied  Hawkins  the  elder 
on  his  memorable  voyages  to  Brazil ;  and  was  left  behind 
as  hostage  for  the  safe  return  of  the  Brazilian  chief  who 
excited  so  much  interest  at  the  court  of  Henry  VHI.] 

Borough  Court.  —  Dispute  between  John  Forde  and 
John  Spurwyk  concerning  a  piece  of  tin  at  Tavistock. 
I  &  2  Philip  and  Mary. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  of  John  Lyese  against  Walter 
Furseman  for  interfering  with  his  office  and  profits  as 
guide  to  travellers  from  Plymouth,  to  which  he  had  been 
appointed  by  the  Mayor,      i  Mary. 

Answer    of   Furseman    to    the    same.  —  Had   at    sundry 
times    conveyed   '  espaynerds '  and    strangers    from 
Plymouth  to  London  by  the   assent  and  consent 
of  the  Mayor, 
Exceptions  thereto  by  the  plaintiff. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  by  John  Greep  against  Robert 
Garrett  for  injuring  two  geldings  lent  him.  3  &  4  Philip 
and  Mary. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  by  Thomas  Drake,  generosus, 
against  Ambrose  Toker  for  unlawful  detention  of  a  mare. 
38  Eliz. 

Borough  Court. — Miscellaneous  papers,  temp.  Eliz.,  of  no 
general  interest. 

Borough  Court. — Papers  in  a  case  between  John  Man 
and  Richard  Mounpford.  Man  by  the  appointment  of  Sir 
Thomas  Shirley,  the  younger,  was  master  of  the  good  ship 
called  the  Roebuck,  and  charges  were  made  against  him  of 
making  away  with  and  wasting  the  ship's  stores.     1 599. 

Borough  Court. — Plaint  of  Bartholomew  Chapell,medicus, 
against  Thomas  Lidsam  for  non-payment  of  charges  for 
medical  attendance — '  quadam  infirmitate  in  naso  suo.' 

Borough  Court.  —  Plaint  of  John  Buckham  against 
Nicholas  Colwill.  George  Estmonds  of  Charmouth  had 
been  arrested  at  Plymouth  Jan.  23  (1608.?)  by  Sir  Richard 

232  Plymo2ith  Miinicipal  Records. 

Hawkins,  Vice-Admiral  of  Devon,  on  suspicion  of  piracy ; 
and  the  dispute  arose  in  connection  with  recognizances 
entered  into  for  Estmonds's  appearance  at  the  Castle  of 
Exeter  to  take  his  trial. 

Award  of  John  Sparke,  Ed.  Eowell,  John  Rattenbury, 
and  Joseph  Lane,  in  a  dispute  between  Thomas  Gififord, 
armiger,^  and  Samuel  Berry,  concerning  a  field  called 
Gregory's  parke,     2  Jan.  1634. 

Appointment  by  Wm.  Hawkyns  of  Wm.  Chance  as 
his  true  and  lawful  attorney.  Sealed  with  a  monogram 
'W.H.'     13  Sept.  1557. 

Summons  of  Jury  in  the  Borough  Court  between  Robert 
Gloyne  and  Richard  Hawkins.     11  June,  1655. 

Memorandum  that  Walter  Hall,  of  Herford,  takes  of 
the  manors  of  Fardell  and  Denyton,  of  Walter  Ralegh, 
armiger  [father  of  Sir  Walter],  the  pasturage  of  a  certain 
number  of  cattle  and  sheep.     6  May — 5  Ed.  VI. 

Papers  relating  to  How's  Charity;  comprising  bill  and 
letter  by  John  How,  the  first  dated  Sept.  1563,  the  second 
in  the  January  following;  two  letters  from  Robert  Bekett 
touching  the  performance  of  the  trust,  written  after  the 
death  of  the  founder,  but  the  year  not  named  ;  bill  by 
William  Morgan,  dated  July  17,  9*^  Elizabeth,  declaring 
the  nature  of  the  trust ;  memorandum  of  the  monies  given 
by  the  founder  (Morgan  was  the  servant  of  How,  who  had 
been  a  priest,  and  part  of  his  gift  consisted  of  ecclesiastical 
vestments)  ;  accounts  of  the  charity  by  Walter  Peperell  ; 
receipts  dated  1573  by  George  Burgyn,  warden  of  the 
almshouse,  for  monies  paid  under  the  trust ;  ditto  by 
Christopher  Brokinge,  1574;  ditto  by  Christopher  Brokinge, 

'This  bill  made  the  last  day  of  Septembre  in  the  yere 
of  oure  lorde  1563  is  to  testifie,  that  I  John  how  of 
plymmouth  priest  haue  geven,  and  by  these  p'"sents  geve 
vnto  m""  John  Deryc  maiour  of  plymmouth,  and  to  m'' 
John  Forde,  one  of  theldere  of  the  same  towne  these  ^pcells 
of  goods  here  specified,  to  weite  one  clothe  of  blew  velvett 
imbrodred  w*  flowers  of  venys  gold  &  silek.  Also  one 
white  sute  of  vestyments  for  priest  diacon  &  subdi'^con 
w*  one  Cope  of  the  same  sute  of  silke.  Also  one  red  sute 
of  vestyments  for  priest  diacon  and  subdiacon  w*  x  Copis 
of  the  same  red  sute.   Also  one  other  red  sute  of  vestyments 

Collected  Papers.  233 

for  priest  Diacon  &  subdiacon  w*^  one  cope  of  the  same 
sitte  to  this  intent  &  ende  that  these  forsaid  pcells  of 
goods  may  be  solde  by  the  saide  m''  John  Derye  &  m"" 
John  Forde.  And  that  the  mony  recaved  for  the  same 
goods  be  distrybuted  vnto  the  power  accordyng  their 
wisdom  and  discretion.  In  wittness  of  my  will  hervnto  I 
have  w'^tten  this  bill  w*  myne  hand  &  subscribed  my 
name  &  putte  my  seale  the  day  &  yere  above  w^'tten. 

'John  How.' 

'  Right  worshipfull  m*"  maior  I  hartly  comend  me  vnto 
you,  w*  like  harty  thanks  to  you  &  yo'  brethren  for  yo"" 
liberall  gifts  geven  to  me  plesith  it  you  to  know  that  I 
haue  appoynted  to  disb''us  twenty  pounds  in  mony  to  be 
paid  by  you  &  yo""  tovvne  to  my  frynd  Nicholas  Barfot  to 
the  intent  that  he  shalbe  one  of  them  that  shall  ex''cise  the 
craft  of  cloth  wevyng  vv*in  yo""  tovvne.  And  that  he  bownd 
in  forty  pounds  to  pay  an  yerely  rent  to  yo*"  towne  of 
xxvj®  viij"^  yerely  to  be  paide  vntill  suche  tyme  as  the  said 
Nicholas  his  heirs  executors  or  assignes  make  vnto  yo*" 
towne  a  sufficient  state  of  lands  or  rent  of  the  clere  yerly 
valew  of  xxv^  to  the  vse  of  the  pou'.  And  that  he  be 
bound  to  make  that  state  w^in  xij  yere  next  ensuyng  the 
date  of  w'ttyngs  to  be  made  of  that  covenant  or  bargen — 
which  w''ttyng  I  p^y  you  that  ye  cause  to  be  made  assone 
as  y*^  covenyently  may.  And  that  it  may  please  ther^w*  to 
resort  vnto  me.  And  there  w*-  my  harty  cofhendacions 
vnto  my  mystrs  yo""  wif  which  I  p'^y  you  to  r*^port  I  cofnend 
you  to  the  grace  of  god  which  eu^'more  p'"sue  you.  At 
Mr.  VVillm  hychyns  howse  at  hawle  the  xxx  of  January. 

'  Yo*"  frynd  to  his  powr 

'John  How. 

'  Lett  it  be  specified  in  the  w''ttyngs  that  the  first  quatf 
payment  of  the  saide  annuall  rent  be  at  the  fest  of  the 
annunciation  of  oure  lady  which  shalbe  in  the  yere  of  our 
lord  1565. 

'  To  the  right  worshipfull  m*"  JoJin  Dery  meaor  of  plym- 
mouth  give  these.' 

'After  my  verye  hertye  coiTiendacons  whereas  there 
doth  remayne  in  yo""  coustodye  c^'teyne  Coopes  by  the 
dely^'nce  of  m""  how  decessed  to  c''teyne  vses  not  as 
yet  by  you  pformed  and  for  asmyche  as  I  am  en  formed 
c^^teyne  men  doe  gredely  seke  to  have  them  out  of  yo 
possessyon  wyche  have  vnto  them  no  coloure  of  ryght  at 
all  as  also  ffor  that  it  pleased  him  to  constitute  me  his 

234  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

executoure  chifflye  to  this  entente  to  have  his  wyll  pfourmed 
in  this  &  in  one  thing  mo,  I  wyll  desyre  you  as  also 
requyre  you  to  stay  them  in  yo""  haundes  vntyll  I  speke  w' 
you  my  selffe  for  I  entende  (as  reason  it  is)  tobe  pve  vnto 
yo""  doyngs  to  no  other  entente  but  to  have  his  wyll  as  nere 
as  may  be  pfourmed  wyche  is  also  yo'"  will  as  I  trust  and 
thus  I  comyte  you  vnto  god.  Wryten  the  xxj"^  of  Septcmb 
'  By  yo""  Lovynge  ftVeynd 

'  Robert  Bekett.' 
[Bekett  lived  at  *  Cortuther.'] 

Agreement  by  Stephen  Hutchins  of  Saltash,  in  con- 
sideration of  50J-.  paid  him  by  Williaui  Haivkins,  Mayor 
of  Plymouth,  to  release  and  abandon  all  claims  &c.  he  had 
upon  the  Corporation  of  Plymouth  'from  the  begynnyng 
of  the  worlde  vnto  the  daye  of  the  date  of  theise  psents.' 
21  Dec.  1567. 

*  A  pfytt  note  of  all  the  goodes  and  chatelles  of  Thorns 
Edwardes  sold  by  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth  to  the  vse  of 
W"  Edwardes  his  son,'  28  Nov.  1564. 

Two  candlesticks  (^s.,  gowne  \Gs ,  petticoat  14^'.,  cassock 
(^s.  Scl.,  hat  6s.,  cloak  I3J-.,  table  carpet  and  fine  joyned 
stools  i8s.  id.,  pair  of  sheets  6s.  4^.,  coverlett  $s.  /\.d., 
bellows  lod.,  spit  and  two  andirons  5^.,  several  chests, 
feather  bed  bolster  2  pillows  and  freize  coverlet  34^'.  4^., 
old  bed  bolster  pillow  and  piece  of  canvas  i^s.,  flower  pots 
frying  pan  i^d.,  best  bedstead  lys.,  pair  of  tongs  iid., 
pair  of  blankets  3^-.  ^d.,  old  ditto  lod.,  flock  bed  bolster 
and  little  pillow  35".  ^d.,  four  pou''yngers  and  2  sawcers  3^.  6d., 
silver  pin  and  pair  of  silver  hooks  4.5. ,  'astrolaby'  5^'.,  pair 
of  '  breches '  4</.,  one  Cote  &  one  pair  of  howsen  i6d.,  old 
harness  and  a  targett  2s.  ^d.  Edwards  was  evidently  a 
seafaring  man.  His  chain  and  whistle  were  bought  by 
Owen  Raymond  2i|  oz.  at  4^5-.  ^d.  Mr.  Hawkyngs  gave 
2Ss.  for  three  gold  rings.  'Mr.  Mayor  for  the  cheyne 
wherunto  the  kayes  was  hanged'  '^s.  8d.  Total  ;^34  12s. 
4hd.,  and  there  remained  in  the  hands  of  John  Spurwell  a 
parcel  gilt  salt  of  silver  weighing  14  oz.  in  pawn  of  ^^3. 
Spurwell  was  of  North  Buckland. 

Draft  indenture  setting  forth  what  the  'vintners,  sellers, 
and  drawers  of  wine  in  the  burrough  of  Plymouth  have 
time  out  of  mind  paid  and  of  right  ought  yearly  to  pay 
vnto  the  Mayo""  and  Comonalty.'  Undated,  late  i6th 

Collected  Papers.  235 

Letter  from  George  Baron,  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  and  his 
brethrenftoThe  Earl  of  Essex,  seeking  that  the  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  may  have  the  government  of  the  fort  lately 

*"*^ight  Honourable  o""  good  lord  our  bounden  duetyes 
most  humblie  remembered,  being  given  tunderstand  by 
o""  good  freinds  thatt  haue  in  o''e  behalfe  solycyted 
y*^  1  touchinge  the  forte  here  lately  erected,  that  yo*"  1 
(putting  all  other  suters  bye)  hath  yelded  yo''  honorable 
Consent  thatt  the  Maio""  and  Coinaltye  of  this  towne 
shall  haue  the  guarde  ~fliere'6l^~whTche  honourable  favo"" 
we  are  bound  to  retaine  in  perpetuall  remembraunce 
and  by  all  serviceable  meanes  we  male  to  acknowledge 
it :  and  vntill  there  shalbe  oportunytye  to  manifest  the 
same,  We  will  as  most  bound  love  yo""  1  and  con- 
tinewallie  praie  for  yo"'  1  longe  to  live  wi*h  dailie 
increasse  of  honour.  from  Plimouth  the  xv*^  dale  of 
December,   1594.' 

Order  from  the  White  Book,  that  none  of  the  lands  of 
the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  shall  be  leased  save  in  open 
Guildhall,  on  specified  days  and  at  reasonable  fines.  l/th 
Sept.  1602. 

Order  (ditto)  that  in  consequence  of  the  increased 
expenses  of  the  Corporation,  partly  by  the  daily  access  of 
strangers  from  all  parts,  so  that  the  yearly  revenue  did  not 
meet  the  expenditure — the  Grand  Jury  of  the  borough,  or 
six  of  them  nominated  by  the  Mayor,  should  yearly  at 
Easter  view  the  lands  and  messuages  of  the  Corporation 
and  report  thereon.  Also  regulating  the  letting  of  the 
water  property,  markets,  mills,  &c. — 'the  mills,  milpoole, 
marshes,  and  other  the  p''misses  let  to  Sir  Francis  Drake 
by  and  vnder  the  yerely  rent  or  rents  of  one  hundred  and 
fifty  pounds';  the  shambles  and  market  at  fifty  pounds. 
In  this  document  there  is  a  reference  to  the  local  tenure  of 
'  landscore '  which  has  been  regarded  as  a  trace  of  the, 
'mark' — 'and  shall  also  take  exact  measure  of  such  parts 
thereof,  as  are  in  Landscore  cohion  or  otherwise  undivided.' 
25  April,  1634. 

Bond  from  Henry  Jorye  to  John  Eggbeere.  25  April,  1634. 

Bond  from  Thomas  Parkins,  taylor,  and  others,  to  hold 
the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  harmless  in  respect  of  all 
charges  for  the  same  Thomas  Parkins  and  his  family. 
19  Jan.  1604. 

236  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Bond  from  Thomas  Blackealler,  taylor,  and  others,  to  the 
Mayor  and  Commonalty  to  the  same  purport.  23  Nov. 

Draft  letter,  unsigned  and  not  addressed,  asking  that  one 
Thomas  Lawrye,  mariner,  be  made  to  maintain  his  wife 
and  two  children,  left  by  him  in  Plymouth  in  distress. 
20  June,  1605. 

Bond  by  George  Baron  to  abide  the  decision  of  arbitra- 
tion between  him  and  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 
26  Nov.  1607. 

Act  of  the  'twelve  and  twenty-four'  with  the  original 
signatures,  for  the  removal  and  re-erection  of  the  flesh 
shambles.     18  July,  1607. 

Letter  from  Serjeant  Hele  at  Wembury  :  he  is  well  con- 
tented to  give  up  the  Recordership  which  he  held  for  his 
life,  to  his  cousin  John  Hele.     25  March,  1608. 

Receipts  for  currants,  escheats  to  the  town  of  Plymouth. 
28  Oct.  1609. 

Memo,  of  lease  of  the  markets  for  99  years  to  Mr. 
Battersbye,  fine  100/.;  yearly  rent  5/.     1608. 

Agreement  to  defray  the  expenses  of  an  action  to  be 
brought  against  the  Customs  officials  for  demanding  exor- 
bitant fees : — '  Upon  the  complaynt  of  dyvers  Strangers 
resorting  to  this  place  of  the  grievous  exactions  of  the 
Customer,  Comptroller,  and  searcher  of  the  Custom  house 
in  exacting  vnreasonable  and  vnconscionable  fees  .  . 
and  in  taking  of  them  bushells  of  the  Corne,  grayne  and 
salt  w'^h  they  bring  to  this  place  whereby  the  repaire  of 
Straungers  is  almost  whollie  taken  awaie  and  whereas  we 
the  Merchants  inhabiting  in  this  towne  do  feele  the  like 
great  oppression  by  the  said  officers  in  exacting  both  their 
ffees  undulie  raised  by  their  predecessors  and  also  by  them- 
selves doubled  in  some  kinds  and  in  some  others  trebled 
of  w*  extreame  dealing  both  in  the  great  ffees  and  in  the 
fee  bushells  fewe  places  in  this  Kingdom  have  the  like 
cause  to  complayne,  in  regard  the  same  dryveth  from  vs 
the  trade  of  Straungers  resorting  hether  and  also  is  grei- 
vous  to  the  Inhabitants  to  the  hurt  of  their  trading  likewise 
wherof  if  remedie  be  not  speedelie  procured  the  ruyne  and 
vtter  decaye  of  this  Towne  must  followe.  We  according 
to  o^  duties  to  prevent  so  great  an  evill  do  desire  that  some 
such  course  male  be  taken  as  the  lawe  hath  puided  and 

Collected  Papers.  237 

some  one  maie  be  entreated  to  followe  the  same  suite  the 
Charge  vvherof  shalbe  v/illinglie  discharged.  In  witness  of 
our  desire  herein  we  haue  herevnto  sett  our  hands.  Yeoven 
the  daie  and  yere  aboue  wrytten.'  Signed  by  all  the 
leading  Plymouth  merchants  of  the  day  :  John  Blytheman, 
John  VVaddon,  John  Trelawny,  Robert  Trelawny,  Thomas 
Sherwill,  Thomas  Fownes,  Jo"  Battersby,  Jno  Clement, 
John  Fowell,  Wm.  Cary,  Tho.  Reynardson,  Abraham 
Colmer,  William  Brevys,  Leonard  Pomerey,  Jn.  Madocke, 
Thomas  Wolridge,  Richard  Breamton,  Nicholas  Sherwill, 
Robert  Rawlyn,  John  Bound,  William  Hele,  Phido  Thomas, 
John  Jope,  Moyses  Goodyeare,  Rich.  Raddon,  Jerome 
Roch,  Ric.  Gayer,  John  Paige,  Thomas  Crampporne,  Philip 
Andrew,  Johis  Harris,  Water  Carkett,  Richard  Morhowse. 
4  Jan.  1613. 

Letter  in  French  from  Rochelle,  much  defaced,  apparently 
on  private  business.      1627. 

One  month's  assessment  of  Vennars  Ward,  July,  1627, 
'towards  the  reliefe  as  well  of  such  poore  as  are  or  shalbe 
infected  or  suspected  to  be  sicke  of  the  plague'  and  also 
for  the  purpose  of  an  Act  i  James  L  The  list  is  a  re- 
markable one.  Sixty-seven  names  are  given  ;  against 
twenty-seven  of  these  are  the  words  '  not  in  town ' ;  and  of 
the  remainder  fifteen  refused  to  pay ;  while  others  are 
noted  as  '  not  able.'  Of  those  who  had  left  the  town  some 
had  evidently  been  looked  up,  for  in  addition  to  their 
absence  their  names  are  noted  '  will  not.'  *  Dead '  is  entered 
in  six  cases,  and  James  Rundell  is  returned  as  in  Virginia. 
Only  a  third  appear  to  have  paid.  At  the  end  is  written, 
'  This  booke  forthwith  to  be  collected  because  there  is  pre- 
sent necessitie  and  if  any  refuse  to  pay  his  rate  then  get  a 
Constable  to  goe  w*h  you  to  take  distress  and  this  shalbe 
yo""  warrant.'  Total  rate  6/  14^'.  'jd.  George  Pawlyn 
Humphry  Parnacott  collectors. 

Monthly  assessment  of  Old  Town  Ward  to  the  relief  of 
the  poor.  The  list  contains  134  as.sessments,  including  the 
name  of  '  Theodore  Palliologus  '  as  rated  at  one  halfpenny 
per  week.  This  is  the  Palaeologus  styled  the  last  descen- 
dant of  the  Greek  Emperors  of  Constantinople,  buried  in 
Landulph  Church,  Cornwall.      1628. 

'A  2d  rate  [Vintry  Ward]  for  and  towards  the  repaire 
and  setting  vpp  of  the  gates  of  this  borrough  and  other 
pulsions   for    the    necessary   defence   and   safetie    of    the 

238  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

borrough  according  to  an  order  of  Parliamt  and  to  and 
with  the  assent  of  such  as  are  hereafter  rated  made  the 
nth  day  of  October  1642.'  The  total  is  given  at 
40/.  i8j-.  6d.  There  are  203  names,  and  the  refusals  to 
pay  number  eight,  though  a  few  others  say  they  are 
unable.  Made  by  John  Bound,  John  Caws,  Rt.  Gubbes, 
Wm  Byrche,  Rd.  Spurwell,  Allan  Hovell,  Hugh  Cornishe. 

'A  second  rate'  for  the  same  purpose  for  Loo  Street 
Ward,  made  the  same  day  and  year.  There  are  98  names, 
and  no  refusals.     Total  24/.  19^-.  6d. 

Decree  in  suit  concerning  a  hogshead  of  beer  and  one 
William  Warren.     1649. 

Memorandum  of  receipt  by  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of 
Beaton  Cowch,  widow,  executrix  of  Robert  Cowch  of 
Moteley,  of  20/.  bequeathed  by  him  to  the  use  of  poor 
artificers,  to  be  lent  them  gratis  from  year  to  year. 
10  April,  1624. 

Order  from  the  Privy  Council  to  Sir  Warwick  Hele  and 
others  to  commit  one  Peter  Grisling  to  gaol,  for  falsely 
and  scandalously  accusing  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of 
Plymouth  of  misappropriating  charitable  trusts.  31  May, 

Draft  Order  by  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  in  'con- 
sideration of  the  good  and  faithfull  service  w'^'^  wee  hereafter 
expect  to  be  doune  vnto  vs  by  George  Hele  of  Plymouth, 
Joyner,  and  by  James  Baron  his  apprentice  ...  in  the 
office  of  a  drummer  in  theise  perilous  tymes  of  danger' 
discharging  the  said  George  from  '  all  watches  and  wards.' 
Hele  in  return  covenanting  for  himself  and  for  Baron  as 
long  as  he  remained  his  apprentice,  that  they  should  faith- 
fully serve  the  office  of  town  drummer. — Undated. 

Bond  of  Thomas  Luscombe  and  John  Mattawt  to  the 
Mayor  and  Commonalty,  holding  them  harmless  in  respect 
of  all  charges  concerning  an  apprentice  named  Edward 
Luscombe.     18  Sept.  1627. 

Acquittance  by  John  Scobell  to  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty of  all  monies  laid  out  by  him  on  their  behalf. 
24  March,  1628. 

Accounts  of  receipts  and  disbursements  in  connection 
with  the  death  of  Leonard  Pomery.  Also  a  list  of  debts 
due  to  him  and  unpaid.     February,  1628. 

Collected  Papers.  239 

Memorandum  of  delivery  by  order  of  the  Mayor  to 
George  Elliott,  mariner,  of  a  gold  ring,  a  silver  beaker 
parcel  gilt,  four  silver  spoons  with  gilt  heads,  and  one 
silver  whistle,  which  had  been  placed  in  the  custody  of 
the  Mayor  when  Elliott's  wife  died  'in  the  time  of  the 
last  plauge.'     29  Dec.  1628. 

A  receipt  from  the  Treasurer  of  Merchants  of  Exon  for 
money  collected  in  the  port  of  Plymouth  for  the  French 
composition.     1632-33. 

Undated  memorandum  of  the  purchase  of  the  estate  of 
Torr  for  500/.,  400/.  of  the  gift  of  Sir  John  Gayer,  and 
100/.  of  the  money  of  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty. 

Extracts  from  the  will  of  William  Hele.     1647. 

Bond  of  Thomas  Reddiclift  to  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty, holding  them  harmless  against  the  consequences 
of  a  marriage  to  be  solemnized  between  Nehemiah  Standen 
and  Grace  Parnell.     21  Dec.  1667. 

Acknowledgement  by  Timothy  Alsop,  of  his  indebted- 
ness to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  in  100/.  'being  for  so 
much  due  to  the  gift  house  erected  by  Thomas  Fownes.' 
4  Sept.  1656. 

John  Hele,  London,  to  Henry  Rexford  at  his  house  at 
Plymouth,  concerning  tithe.     7  Dec.  1652. 

Nich.  Clift  (.■*  to  his  cousin  Henry  Rexford)  touching 
various  matters  of  legal  business  '  Dr.  Walker  .  .  .  hath 
promised  seueral  Marchts  y*'  now  hee  will  sett  time  apart 
to  Dispatch  ye  Portingall  Buseness.'     5  April,  1654. 

Francis  Cooke  to  Henry  Rexford.  From  Exeter,  con- 
cerning a  suit  "  Pym  v  Jessop."     29  Nov.  1655. 

Sundry  bills  for  work  on  the  '  new  church,'  i.e.,  Charles 
Church.     1658. 

Bond  by  Thomas  Hawkings  to  hold  the  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  harmless  against  the  consequences  of  his 
marriage  with  Agnes  Studson.     29  June,  1668. 

Bond  by  David  Tartarian  against  his  family  becoming 
chargeable  to  the  town.     14  July,  1668. 

Agreement  between  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  and 
Richard  Baily  of  Duloe,  holders  of  moieties  of  the  estate 
of  Nether  Torr,  for  the  division  and  exchange  of  the  same. 
15  May,  1673. 

Note  of  the  measurements  of  Nether  Torr. 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Draft  memorandum  of  appointment  of  George  How,  of 
Plymouth,  deputy  Town  Clerk,  by  Aaron  Baker,  Town 
Clerk.     14  Feb.  1725. 

Resolution  for  the  procuring  of  an  able  schoolmaster 
for  the  Town.  To  have  ^^"40  stipend  ;  use  of  Orphans  Aid 
house  and  garden,  teach  40  boys  free,  and  for  the  rest 
'make  his  own  advantage.'     9  April,  1658. 

Articles  of  agreement  between  the  Mayor  and  magistrates 
of  Plymouth  and  Nathaniel  Conduit,  schoolmaster  of 
Ilminster.     8  July,  1658. 

Bond  by  John  Bedford  the  younger,  concerning  the  office 
of  schoolmaster :  agrees  not  to  claim  the  schoolmaster's 
stipend  of  ^^30  during  his  father's  lifetime.     3  Sept.  1735. 

Draft  copy.  Foundation  deed  and  orders  of  Hospital 
of  Poors  Portion.  1630.  Certified  as  true  copy  of  the 
original,  Feb.  21,  1672.     Jos.  Percivall,  Robertum  Berry. 

List  of  deeds  belonging  to  the  Hospital  of  Poors 
Portion,  delivered  to  the  Incorporation  of  Guardians, 
June  24,  1708. 

Memorandum  of  deeds  delivered  to  Aaron  Baker,  Town 
Clerk.     12  July,  1742. 

Agreement  by  Francis  Badcock,  6  Nov.  1776,  if  he 
molests  or  hurts  his  wife,  to  return  her  all  the  property  she 
had  before  marriage.  Assignment  by  the  same  in  trust  of 
the  moiety  of  an  estate  for  her  benefit.     June  23,  1777. 

Engrossed  patent  of  freedom  to  the  Duke  of  York.   1788. 

Lines  upon  Drake  in  1 8th  century  handwriting,  unsigned 
or  dated.  ""^""' 

1800  TO  1835.' 

Lord  Eldon  to  the  Mayor.     28  Aug.  1808. 

Patent  of  freedom  to  Lord  Nelson,  presented  in  person 
January  1801 : — 'To  all  to  whom  these  presents  shall  come 
Know  ye  that  We  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  the 
Borough  of  Plymouth,  in  the  County  of  Devon,  considering 
the  many  and  important  services,  rendered  to  this  Country 
by  that  truly  Great  and  Illustrious  Hero,  the  Right 
Honourable  Horatio  Lord  Nelson,  Baron  Nelson  of  the 

Collected  Papers.  241 

Nile  ;  Vice-Admiral  of  the  Blue  in  his  Majesty's  Navy  ; 
and  particularly  his  gallant,  spirited,  and  magnanimous 
conduct  at  the  Battle  with  the  French  Fleet  off  the  mouth 
of  the  Nile,  on  the  first  and  second  days  of  August  one 
thousand  seven  hundred  and  ninety-eight;  Have  conferred 
and  by  these  presents  Do  confer  on  the  said  Right 
Honourable  Horatio  Lord  Nelson,  Baron  Nelson  of  the 
Nile,  All  the  rights  and  privileges  of  a  Freeman  of  this 
ancient  Borough,  In  Testimony  of  such  his  highly 
meritorious  conduct  and  services.  Given  at  the  Mayoralty 
House  of  the  said  Borough,  under  our  Common  Seal,  this 
twenty-second  day  of  January,  one  thousand  eight  hundred 
and  one.' 

Draft-letter,  undated,  from  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth  to 
the  Duke  of  Portland,  reporting  the  private  landing  and 
proceeding  to  Falmouth  from  the  French  cartel  Eliza,  of 
Nantz,  of  a  Frenchman  named  Milon  Canon. 

Series  of  papers  and  notices  relative  to  riots  in  the 
Plymouth  market,  March  1801,  arising  from  the  scarcity 
and  dearness  of  provisions.  —  April  11  following,  the 
magistrates  address  a  letter  to  the  Duke  of  Portland 
{draft  preserved)  '  Our  stock  of  Corn  and  Flour  is  very 
nearly  exhausted,  the  engagements  for  importation  of 
Corn  and  Flour  into  the  Port  are  very  trifling,  and  we 
venture  to  assure  your  Grace  that  we  have  not  under  hand 
much  more  than  sufficient  to  complete  the  different  engage- 
ments made  with  the  Victualling  Board.'  As  one  mode  of 
lessening  the  difficulties  the  Board  had  been  requested  by 
same  post  to  release  the  Contractors  from  their  engage- 
ments. '  But  your  Grace  will  perceive  that  this  measure 
can  only  remove  the  evil  to  a  somewhat  greater  distance. 
We  have  therefore  most  earnestly  to  request  such  further 
aid  as  to  his  Majesty's  Government  may  seem  meet.  And 
we  are  grieved  to  add  that  we  are  so  circumstanced  that 
we  feel  it  impossible  to  answer  for  any  continuance  of  the 
publick  peace.' — Draft  of  letter  from  the  Mayor  to  Duke 
of  Portland,  April  15,  1801,  stating  the  circumstances  of 
the  riots.  Some  of  the  bakers  and  butchers  had  been 
frightened  into  selling  bread  and  meat  at  reduced  prices. 
'  I  am  happy  to  assure  your  Grace  that  the  town  is  now 
tranquil,  and  that  a  great  number  of  respectable  tradesmen 
have  been  sworn  in  Constables  for  the  preservation  of  the 
publick  peace.  But  I  am  in  hopes  that  the  measures  about 
to  be  adopted  in  this  town  for  putting  in  execution  the 



242  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Act  passed  in  the  present  year  of  his  Majesty's  reign  for 
affording  Relief  to  the  poor  and  such  persons  as  may  want 
assistance  will  quiet  the  minds  of  the  people,  and  effectually 
prevent  a  disposition  to  riot  in  future.' 

Draft  letters  from  P.  Langniead,  Mayor,  to  the  Duke  of 
Portland,  touching  the  landing  of  two  aliens  from  a  fishing 
boat — Lewis  Meagher  O'Brien  and  Nicholas  Matthew  de 
Longuemane.     6  June,  1801. 

Release  of  title  to  lands  in  Germany,  13th  August,  1801, 
by  Nathan  Joseph  Altmann,  before  P.  Langmead,  Mayor. 

Letter  touching  the  singing  of  seditious  ballads  in  Sept. 
Application  by  S.  Foote  for  theatre  license. 
Draft  resolution  touching  Mr.  Cleather's  financial  position. 

Correspondence  relating  to  Mayor's  chain  and  medal 
and  payment  for  same.      1805. 

Correspondence  concerning  order  of  sessions  for  trans- 
portation   of   Ann    Croot.      She    was  sentenced  to   seven 
\  years'    transportation     for    stealing    a    shawl,    a    mason's 

•  hammer   and    a   trowel,   but   the    Inspector    of    Convicts 

refused  to  send  her  away,  alleging  that  in  consequence  of 
her  age  and  weak  health  she  would  die  on  the  passage. 
Sept.  1803  to  Jan.  1804. 

Pardon  under  the  Royal  Sign  Manual  for  the  said  Ann 
Croot.     Jan.  9,  1804. 

Passports  for  aliens  signed  by  Mayor  of  Plymouth.    1803. 

Copy  of  inscriptions  on  cups  presented  to  W.  H.  Tonkin 
\  and  Jos.  Pridham  for  their  services  in  procuring  the  res- 
.  toration  of  the  right  of  electing  Mayor  to  the  Commonalty. 

Deborah  Tanner's  apology  to  Ann  Raddon  for  treating 
her  as  a  witch  by  sticking  a  needle  into  her.      1804. 

^  W.  H.  Tonkin's  opinion  on  case  relating  to  allowances  to 

wives  of  South  Devon  Militia.      1804. 

Draft  grant  of  freedom  to  Bishop  of  Exeter.  17  Sept. 
1 804. 

Report  to  the  Alien  Office  of  the  visit  to  Plymouth 
and  Launceston  of  '  a  foreigner  of  suspicious  appearance.' 
He  proved  to  be  the  Due  de  Montpensier,  and  to  have 
received  an  exemption  from  the  Alien  regulations.  Oct. 

Collected  Papers. 


Information  against  the  workmen  of  Welsford's  sailcloth 
factor}',  for  unlawfully  conspiring  to  raise  their  wages. 
Dec.  1804. 

Papers  relating  to  actions  between  Lord  Cochrane  [Dun- 
donald]  and  the  Corporation,  arising  Oirr"of  the  conduct 
of  The"  impress  service,  {a)  Draft  of  letter  from  James 
Elliott,  Mayor,  Dec.  27,  1804,  requesting  Lord  Cochrane 
to  attend  at  the  Guildhall  on  the  following  day  to  answer 
the  complaint  of  two  of  the  constables  of  the  borough  for 
having  violently  assaulted  them  and  wounded  one  of  them 
in  the  execution  of  their  duty,  [b)  Holograph  letter  from 
Lord  Cochrane  to  the  Mayor  in  reply: — 'His  Majesty's 
ship  Pallas,  Hamoaze,  28  Dec.  1804.  Sir,  I  received  your 
letter  of  yesterday's  date  this  day  at  12  o'clock.  If  any 
one  has  cause  of  complaint  let  the  due  course  of  law  be 
followed.  Sir,  your  most  obed*  servant,  Cochrane.  Mr. 
Elliott,  Plymouth.'  {c)  Summons  to  Lord  Cochrane,  Jan. 
I,  1805.  To  this  no  attention  was  paid  and  the  next 
document  in  order  is  {d)  Warrant  to  apprehend  Lord 
Cochrane,  Jan.  21,  1805.  {c)  Memorandum  that  'Mr. 
Sutherland  was  present  at  the  Mayor's  house  when  the 
Mayor  told  L*^  Crawley  that  he  would  render  every  assis- 
tance to  Lord  Cochrane  in  his  power — that  he  declined  to 
back  the  warrant,  but  sent  his  servant  with  orders  to  the 
town  Serjeant  to  procure  as  many  constables  as  L*  Crawley 
would  desire  to  assist  him.'  (/)  Sept.  1805.  Draft  of 
return  of  magistrates  to  writ  of  certiorari  to  remove  Lord 
Cochrane's  indictment  from  B.  C.  to  K.  B.  [Borough 
Court  to  King's  Bench.]  {g)  'James  Elliott,  Esquire,  Bill 
of  costs  in  the  business  of  Lord  Cochrane,  380/.  185.  10^.' 
Three  actions  are  entered,  one  against  the  Mayor  and 
others,  for  assaulting  Lieut.  Crawley  and  others,  of  the 
Pallas,  another  against  the  Mayor  and  others,  for  assaulting 
Lord  Cochrane  and  James  Sunderland  whilst  employed  in 
the  impress  service  (in  both  of  these  judgment  was  given 
for  the  defendants) ;  and  the  third  Rex  v.  Cochrane,  in 
which  a  plea  of  misnomer  was  delivered  in  the  name  of 

Opinion  by  R.  Bayly  touching  pilotage  in  Plymouth. 

Valuation  of  Guildhall  Chandeliers.     1805. 

'  Orders   in    case   of  an  alarm  of  the  approach  of  the 

enemy    to    this    Garrison.       Plymoutli    Aug^^    19,     1805. 

--  Q  2 

244  PlynioutJi  Municipal  Records. 

Should  an  alarm  be  given  of  the  approach  of  an  Enemy 
to  this  Garrison  by  day  3  Guns  will  be  fired  in  quick 
succession  from  Mount  Wise,  which  will  be  answer'd  by  the 
same  number  of  Guns  from  St.  Nicholas's  Island  and  the 
Citadel.  Should  the  alarm  first  reach  the  Citadel  or  St. 
Nicholas's  Island  the  same  number  of  Guns  will  be  fired 
in  a  similar  manner  as  before  directed  from  the  Post  first 
alarm'd  and  answer'd  by  the  other  Posts.  Should  the 
alarm  be  given  by  night  the  Guns  will  be  fired  as  before 
order'd  and  three  Rockets  let  off  immediately  after.  The 
officer  commanding  Maker  heights  is  also  directed  to  fire 
three  Guns  in  like  manner  and  set  fire  to  the  Beacon  in 
the  Event  of  the  alarm  first  reaching  his  Post  and  to 
answer  the  alarm  by  the  other  Posts  by  firing  3  Guns,  but 
he  is  to  be  very  carefuU  not  to  fire  the  Beacon  until  he  is 
perfectly  sure  that  there  is  good  grounds  for  so  doing. 
Immediately  on  the  Alarm  being  made  the  different 
Regiments  and  Corps  in  the  Garrison,  including  the 
Volunteers,  will  order  their  drums  to  beat  to  arms  and 
the  whole  will  immediately  repair  to  their  respective 
Regimental  Parades  and  wait  for  orders  from  Lt.  Gen' 
England.  The  officers  and  non-commiss'^  officers  com- 
manding those  Posts  are  desired  to  give  positive  orders 
to  their  centinals  to  be  very  watchfull  and  be  attentive 
both  by  day  and  night  to  those  signals  and  upon  the  first 
alarm  they  are  to  call  out  the  guard  and  to  acquaint  the 
commander  of  such  a  circumstance  having  taken  place, 
who  will  immediately  despatch  a  man  to  communicate  the 
same  to  L*'  Gen'  iLngland  at  the  Citadel  and  the  Corps  in 
the  neighbourhood  of  his  Post.' 

Complaint  of  the  publication  and  singing  of  scurrilous 
ballads  in  Plymouth.      1805. 

Copy  of  printed  proclamation  for  the  apprehension  of 
Lt.  Rutherford,  escaped  from  the  Salvador  del  Muiido  at 
Plymouth,  charged  with  the  murder  by  excessive  punish- 
ment of  three  of  the  seamen  of  H.M.S.  Trident,  of  which 
he  had  been  acting  Captain.     18  March,  1806. 

Orders  for  aliens  to  appear  at  the  Guildhall  with  their 
passports  and  licenses,  Jan.  20,  1807,  and  notes  of  the 
examination  of  some. 

Letters  from  R.  C.  Campion,  under  sheriff,  to  Joseph 
Whiteford,  deputy  Town  Clerk,  that  a  Spaniard  named 
Cajetano    Canado    had    been  ordered  to   be    executed    at 

Collected  Papers.  24$ 

Plymouth. —  i  Aug.  1807.  Ditto  to  ditto  touching  arrange- 
ment of  details  of  execution.  Canado  was  a  prisoner  of 
war. — 3  Aug.  1807. 

Note  of  the  sale  by  auction  of  old  shambles  and  leather 
hall.     Oct.  1807. 

James  Green's  complaint  that  two  men  employed  on 
Lord  Boringdon's  embankment  had  been  impressed. 
15   Oct.   1806. 

Information  and  correspondence  touching  the  proceed- 
ings   of    a    person    '  who    pretended    to    be    Earl    Howe,      // 
Governor  of  Plymouth.'      He  proved    to  be    a    madman,      ff 
Application  was  made  to  Lt.  Gen.   England  in  command       * 
of  the  garrison,  and  to  Lord  Hawkesbury,  for  the  payment 
of  the    expenses    incurred    by    the    Mayor    and  corporate 
officials  in  keeping  the  pretender  in  custody  and  in  sending 
him  to  London,  but  without  result.     March-May,  i8o8. 

Letter  of  Lord  Gambler  to  Dr.  Hawker,  and  receipt  by 
the  latter  for  Gayer's  gift.      1808. 

Cautions  against  Sabbath  breaking  and  bull  baiting.   1 808. 

Letter  from  Sir  T.  Tyrvvhitt,  Tor  Royal.     6  Oct.,  i 

'Copy  of  the  expenses  that  were  laid  out  and  paid  by 
D.  Mill  at  the  election  for  Cornwall.'     Undated. 

Notice  concerning  the  presentation  of  the  freedom  of 
the  Borough  to  the  Duke  of  Wellington. 

Letter  from  Rev.  Dr.  Bidlake  acknowledging  grant  of 
salary.     30  June,  18 10.  " 

Letters  from  Jonas  Morgan,  Woodovis,  Tavistock,  to 
Joseph  Pridham,  Mayor,  touching  presumed  illegal  dealing 
with  coin. 

Inventory  of  articles  in  Guildhall.     23  Sept.  1811. 

;;^500  reward  offered  for  writer  of  letter  '  Beware  of  your 
life  Bellamy!     You  must  inevitably  die!'      14  Aug.  1814. 

Letter  from  Lord  Sidmouth  touching  application  for 
pardon  of  John  Diggans.     Feb   18 13. 

Official  letters  from  Lord  Palmerston.      1814. 

Peter  Birdwood  to  Mayor  to  bring  before  committee  for 
managing  estates  of  Corporation  the  fact  that  the  Mayor 
and  Aldermen  had  broken  open  the  coffer  to  enter  the 
election  of  Henry  Woollcombe  as  Alderman.     i4Apl.  181 5. 


246  PlyuiontJi  MiinicipLil  Records. 

J.  Beckett  to  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  8  April,  181 5.  'I 
have  Lord  Sidmouth's  directions  to  acquaint  you  that 
M"^  Seymour  Larpent  and  M'"  Charles  King  have  been 
appointed  on  behalf  of  the  British  and  American  Govern- 
ments respectively  to  proceed  forthwith  to  Dartmoor  for 

.  the  purpose  of  investigating  the  circumstances  attending 
the  late  unfortunate  event  in  the  Prison  at  that  place. 
For  the  purpose    of   executing  their    Commission   it  will 

'  be  necessary  that  these  Gentlemen  should  have  the 
assistance  of  the  Civil  Authorities  of  that  district  for  the 
purpose  of  calling  witnesses  and  administering  oaths.  I 
am  therefore  to  request  that  you  would  take  the  trouble  of 
attending  the  Enquiry  above  alluded  to,  and  of  rendering 
such  assistance  to  the  Gentlemen  above-mentioned  as  may 
be  necessary  in  the  course  of  their  investigation,  and  that 
you  would  solicit  some  other  magistrate  to  accompany 
you  on  this  important  occasion  for  the  same  purpose.' 
Draft  reply,  20  April,  18 18,  that  the  Mayor  is  absent  'but 
I  conceive  it  has  escaped  your  Lordship's  recollection,  that 
the  Magistrates  of  a  Borough,  having  local  jurisdiction 
only,  cannot  administer  oaths  or  compel  the  attendance  of 
witnesses  on  subjects  occurring  out  of  their  limits.  M"^ 
Jonathan  Elford  of  Upland  or  M""  John  Hawker  of  this 
Town  are  both  county  magistrates  and  have  been  in  the 
habit  of  attending  at  Dartmoor  when  the  interference  of 
civil  officers  have  been  required,  and  these  gentlemen  will 
be  ready  to  attend  your  Lordship's  direction.' 

Draft  of  letter  from  the  Mayor  of  Plymouth,  16  June, 
181 5,  to  the  Mayors  of  Cornwall,  intimating  receipt  of 
letter  from  Sir  J.  Duckworth:  'A  Telegraph  Message  has 
been  just  received  from  London,  Bonaparte  abdicated.' 
The  telegraph  was  the  old  semaphore  system. 

Reply  of  Sir  R.  J.  Strachan  to  the  Mayor's  letter 
informing  him  that  he  was  elected  a  freeman  of  the 
borough.      1 1  July,  181 5. 

Reply  of  Viscount  Keith  to  the  Mayor's  letter  informing 
him  that  he"  was~~elected  a  freeman  of  the  borough. 
15  July,  1 81 57" 

Letter  from  J.  F.  Schrader,  A.D.C.,  enquiring  on  behalf 
of  Sir  Sydney  Smith  'if  there  are  any  persons  in  Plymouth 
that  has  any  relatives  or  friends  prisoners  in  the  Algiers.' 
22  Feb.  18 16. 

Collected  Papers.  247 

Letter    signed    Barrow,    from    the    Admiralty    re    men  r 
employed  on  Breakwater.     5  March,  1817.  "\  ■ 

Proposals  for  sale  of  old  theatre,  with  rough  plan. 

Proposals  for  forming  Princess  Square,  with  rough  plan. 

Correspondence  concerning  Major  Lockyer,  of  Plymouth, 
who  had  killed  one  John  Sutton  in  a  duel  in  the  Isle  of 
Wight.     Dec.  18 17. 

Petition  by  licensed  victuallers  to  be  allowed  to  have  \ 
fiddles  in  their  houses  'as  has  been  during  the  memory  of  y 

Letter  from  Rev.  H.  Mends  complaining  of  vulgar  and 
obscene  pictures  in  a  stationer's  shop  in  the  Market  St. 
4  Sept.  18 1 8. 

Letter  concerning  the  Plymouth  and  Dartmoor  Railway. 

Application  by  prisoner  in  Guildhall  to  be  allowed  to 
enter  the  Navy  instead.     18 19. 

Letter  from  J.  Mortimer,  deputy  clerk  of  the  peace  for 
Devon,  that  the  magistrates  of  the  county  had  appointed 
the  evening  of  Thursday,  April  12,  for  a  'privy  search'  for 
vagrants  throughout  the  county.  All  such  were  to  be 
apprehended.     21  March,  1821. 

Sir  W.  Elford  to  the  Bishop  of  Exeter  respecting  his 
freedom.     Aug.  1821.  

Application  to  the  Mayor  for  leave  to  work  on  Sunday  // 
by  J.  Rodd,  'a  case  of  necessity  to  make  a  Cable  for  a  fj 
Dutch  galliott'     3  Nov.  1821. 

Complaint  by  T.  W.  Fox  of  women  holding  a  Sunday 
fish  market  in  front  of  his  house.  " 

Letter  from  Evelegh,  architect  of  Old  Guildhall,  asking 
payment  of  balance  due.     1826. 

Letter  and  handbill  relating  to  T.  Hynes.      1821. 

Letter  from  Sir  Denis  Pack  touching  wall  at  Mill 
Prison.     1823. 

Correspondence  concerning  the  rights  to  her  freedom 
of  a  woman  of  colour  who  had  reached  Plymouth  from 
Jamaica.     Dec.  1825. 

Autograph  answer  of  'His  Royal  Highness  the  Lord 
High  Admiral  to  the  address  of  congratulation.'  13  July, 



248  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Letter  of  same  date  from  Sir  T.  B.  Martin  enclosing 
£^0  from  the  Duke  for  the  local  charities,  and  subsequent 
one  from  him  enclosing  £2^  from  the  Duchess. 

'  List  of  disorderly  women  found  in  Publick  houses  in 
the  Borough.'  The  women,  whose  names  are  given,  were 
'brought  into  the  Workhouse  diseased.'      19  Sept.  1828. 

Letter  from  Whitehall.  The  Queen  of  Portugal,  who  is 
expected  from  the  Brazils,  should  be  received  with  the 
attentions  given  to  crowned  heads. 

John  Cooke's  application  for  patronage  to  his  Map  of 
the  locality. 

Application  to  reduce  a  deodand  of  ^25  on  the  steamer 
Shannon  for  the  death  of  Robert  Weeks  to  ^^5.  16  Dec 

Correspondence  respecting  the  rights  of  the  public  over 
Stonehouse  Mill  Bridge.      13  May,  1829. 

Two  letters  from  B.  R.  Haydon,  the  painter,  concerning 
the  appointment  of  a  member  of  his  family  to  the  navy. 
The  first  begins,  '  Like  a  true  Freeman,  who  has  given  his 
vote— I  am  now  gding  to  ask  a  favour.'  The  vote  was  in 
connexion  with  the  election  of  Mayor.     Oct.  1828. 

Letter,  dated  Whitehall,  asking  on  behalf  of  Prince 
Esterhazy  for  a  certified  copy  of  the  registry  of  baptism 
of  the  daughter  of  a  Tuscan  subject,  M.  Benoit  SoldelH, 
born  at  Plymouth  in  181 2,  and  baptized  there  by  a  French 
priest.      1 1  Sept.  1830. 

Draft  petition  from  the  members  of  the  Plymouth 
Medical  Society  asking  facilities  for  the  procuring  of 
subjects  for  dissection.     Undated. 

(Two  long  and  curious  letters    from   John   Kitto,  after- 
wards the  Biblical  scholar,  to  his  friend  and  early  patron 
^y/Mr.  Burnard,  clerk  of  the  Plymouth  Hospital  of  the  Poor's 
/-      Portion  or  workhouse.      They  were  written   immediately 
before  the  hearing  of  a  summons  which  had  been  taken 
out  against  the  shoemaker  Bowden,  to  whom  he  had  been 
bound  as  a  panrfeh  apprentice;  and  they  set  forth  in  very 
quaint    fashion    the    leading   points    of  his  case,  together 
,    with  his  hopes  and  fears.    The  first  opens  thus : — '  May  rst, 
1822,  Sir,  I  write  this  to  furnish  you  with  answers  to  any 
accusation  my  master  may  prefer  against  me  — by  way  of 
^    retort  for  my  complaint.     I  am  tortured  by  expectation— 

Collected  Papers.  249 

alternate  hope  and    fears — tho'   the   last   are   more   pre-  { 

dominant,  for  I  have  lived  long  enough  to  know  that  the  ( 

right  is  not  always  successfull.      I  admit  the  probability  ( 

that   magistrates   may   be  deceived.      I  shudder  when   I  X» 

think  seriously  of  such  a  result — to  avert  my  remaining 

there  I  would  not  scruple  to  do  what — run  away  ? 

No  Sir,  something  more  effectual.  E're  yet  again  O 
Moon  !  thou  shinest  my  fate  will  be  decided — well !  be  it 
so.  When  I  look  back  on  the  past  I  could  weep — when 
on  the  present  I  shudder  —  when  on  the  future  I  am 
agonized.  Sir,  dearest,  kindest,  best,  be  at  the  Guildhall, 
• — exert  yourself  to  the  utmost  on  my  behalf.  Save  me  ! 
sir,  O  save  me  !'  Kitto  was  then  nearly  18,  and  the  letters 
are  characteristic  illustrations  both  of  the  earlier  literary 
style  which  he  acquired  while  a  boy  in  the  workhouse,  and 
of  the  strength  of  his  feelings.  The  cancelling  of  his 
indentures,  which  followed  on  the  hearing  of  this  case, 
was  the  first  practical  step  in  his  literary  career. 

[There  are  also  a  number  of  official  notices,  bills  of 
theatrical  and  other  entertainments,  and  letters  on  matters 
of  minor  importance,  during  the  earlier  years  of  the 
century,  which  do  not  require  special  mention  here.] 

K.    Churches. 

[363]  Lease  for  forty  years,  at  the  yearly  rent  of  ten 
pounds,  by  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth,  of 
'  the  vicaredge  with  all  howses,  orchardes,  gardens,  stables, 
&c.,  to  the  same  belonging  scytuate  and  beinge,  the  landes 
of  the  saide  Mayor  and  commonaltie  sometyme  parcell  of 
the  saide  vicaredge,  now  in  the  tenure  of  William  Hawkins 
esquier  or  his  assignes  in  the  easte  parte,  the  landes  of  the 
heires  of  James  Moore  and  the  landes  of  Thomas  Wollridge 
&c.  in  the  sowth  part,  a  streate  called  Whimplestreate  in 
the  Northe  parte,  and  Seynte  Andrewes  Streate  in  the 
weste  parte,'  to  John  Ilcombe  of  Plymouth,  merchant. 
20  May,   1577. 

[364]  Lease  for  twenty-one  years,  at  a  yearly  rent  of 
forty  pounds,  in  consideration  of  ;^230  fine,  by  the  Mayor 
and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth,  to  George  Baron  of  the 
said  town,  gentleman,  of  '  all  tythes,  oblaciouns,  obven- 
ciouns,  emoluments,  profyttes  and  commodyties  whatsoever 
to  the  vycarage  of  Plymouthe  belonginge  or  apperteynynge, 
or  which  haue  bin  heretofore  accepted,  reputed,  taken, 
known,  vsed  or  enjoyed  as  parte  parcell  or  member  of  the 
same,  or  hereafter  shalbe  accompted  or  taken  as  belonginge 
or  appertayninge  to  the  sayd  vycarage,  exceptinge  and 
reservynge  owte  of  this  graunte  the  vycarage  houses  and 
the  rente  of  the  same,  and  all  tythes  hereafter  issuinge 
or  growinge  within  the  parishe  of  St.  Budockes  in  the 
county  aforesaid.'      1598. 

[365]  Obligation  by  Henry  Wallis  to  resign  vicarage 
at  request  of  Mayor  and  Commonalty.  7  Sept.  1603. 
[Vide  p.   199] 

[366]  Counterpart  of  agreement  between  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  and  Mathias  Nichols,  clerk,  minister  and 
preacher  of  the  word  of  God,  and  Lecturer  of  Plymouth. 
The  Mayor  and  Commonalty  grant  Nichols  i^ioo  a  year  as 
lecturer  during  the  life  time  of  Henry  Wallis,  vicar,  on 
condition  that  if  Nichols  become  vicar  or  'shall  happen 
to  die  in  the  life  tyme  of  the  said  Henry  Wallis,  or  if 
the  said  Mathias  NichoUs  shall  not  hereafter  lecture  and 
preach  the  word  of  God  in  the  parish  churche  of  Plymouth 

ChurcJies.  251 

aforesaid  twice  every  weeke  thone  oppon  the  Wednesday 
and  thother  vpon  the  Friday  in  every  weeke  during  the 
life  of  the  said  Henry  Wallis,  vnlesse  the  said  Mathias 
Nichoils  from  tyme  to  tyme  and  for  every  time  of  his 
forbearing  soe  to  lecture  and  preach  the  word  of  God 
in  the  parish  church  of  Plymouth  as  aforesaid  shall  first 
obteyne  and  haue  leaue  and  lycence  of  the  Mayor  of 
Plymouth  aforesaid  for  the  tyme  being,  or  vnlesse  the  said 
Mathias  Nichoils  shalbe  by  reason  of  sicknes  or  some  other 
visitacon  of  God,  and  without  the  voluntary  act  of  the  said 
Mathias  Nichoils  hindred  from  soe  lecturing  or  preaching 
in  Plymouth  aforesaid,  That  then  this  present  graunt  of 
annuity  or  yearly  rent  to  be  meerely  voyde  and  of  none 
effecte.'     28  Aug.  1620. 

[367]  Agreement  and  counterpart  between  the  Mayor 
and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth  and  Mathias  Nichoils.  By 
indenture  dated  28  Aug.  in  the  i8th  year  of  the  present 
King's  reign,  the  said  Mayor  and  Commonalty  granted  to 
George  Chudleighe  of  Streshleighe,  Sampson  Hele  of 
Gnaton,  and  Fraunces  Drake  of  Buckland  Monachorum, 
esquires,  the  presentation  to  the  vicarage  of  Plymouth 
following  on  the  death  or  retirement  of  the  present  vicar, 
Henry  Wallis  :  and  the  said  Mathias  Nichoils.  to  be  pre- 
sented, covenants  with  the  sSTd  Mayor  and  Commonalty 
on  his  induction  to  the  said  vicarage  to  reside  during  his 
natural  life  in_tjie_said  borough,  to  preach  two  sermons 
weekly  in  the  parish  church  (one  of  them  being  delivered^ 
on  the  Sabboath  day),  and  aTsb~^to  preach  or  cause  to 
be  preached  the  word  of"God  in  two  other  sermons  there 
euery  weeke  in  two  other  seuerall  dayes  (that  is  to  say) 
onT"  vpon  the  Wednesday  and  thother  vpon  the  Friday 
during  his  naturall  life  by  himselfe  or  by  his  sufficient 
deputy  to  be  procured  at  his  own  charges,'  so  that  the 
parishioners  of  Plymouth  may  have  four  serrnons  a  week 
from  their  vicar  or  his  deputies.  Nichoils  further  covenants 
that  should  he  accept  any  other  ecclesiastical  benefice  with 
cure  of  souls,  he  will  resign  the  vicarage  on  being  requested 
by  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  so  to  do.     29  Aug.  1620. 

[368]  Grant  of  next  presentation  of  vicarage  of  St. 
Andrew  by  Mayor  and  Commonalty,  after  the  death  or 
other  vacation  of  Henry  Wallis,  to  Alexander  Grosse. 
24  Jan.  1632. 

[369]  Covenant  and  bond  by  Grosse  with  the  Mayor 
and  Commonalty.     27  May,  1633. 

252  PlyntoiitJi  Municipal  Records. 

[370]  Draft  of  case  concerning  points  in  dispute  in  con- 
sequence of  refusal  to  institute  Grosse  and  appointment  of 
Aaron  Wilson.      1835. 

[371]  Undated. — Draft  of  lease  of  tithes  from  Aaron 
Wilson  to  William  Symons. 

[372]  Two  copies  of  Act  dividing  the  parishes  of  St. 
Andrew  and  Charles.      1637. 

[373]  Copy  of  Decree  of  Court  of  Star  Chamber  in  a 
dispute  between  Aaron  Wilson  and  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty. Not  enough  proof  of  the  charge  made  by 
Wilson  that  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  had  encroached 
upon  his  rights,  by  building  shambles  and  other  houses  on 
part  of  the  churchyard,  and  building  a  hospital  where  the 
vicar  had  anciently  a  house.  The  charges  for  burials  to 
remain  as  before,  but  to  be  collected  by  the  churchwardens  ; 
the  disposal  of  the  pews  to  remain  with  the  vicar  and 
churchwardens,  the  chancel  with  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty.    10  May,  1637. 

[374]  Order  from  Bishop  of  Exeter  regulating  burials 
in  accordance  with  this  decree.      14  March,  1637. 

[375]  Deed  of  bargain  and  sale  by  Thomas  Gififord,  of 
Halsbury,  of  'a  parcell  of  ground'  near  Hampton  Shute, 
in  the  tenure  of  Robert  Trelawny,  to  William  Warren  for 
£1'^.     28  Sept.  1638.     [This  is  the  site  of  Charles  Church]. 

[376]  Copy  of  grant  of  advowson  of  vicarage  by  Charles 
I.  to  Mayor  and  Commonalty.     1642. 

[377]  Fragmentary  statements  of  tithes  of  St.  Andrew. 
1653,  &c. 

[378]  Counterpart  of  deed  by  George  Hughes,  Vicar  of 
St.  Andrew,  resigning  all  his  property  in  the  vicarage, 
much  decayed  by  reason  of  the  siege,  to  the  TVTayor  and 
Commonalty  for  an  annuity  of  200/.  15  July,  1646. 
Another  counterpart  of  deed  by  Hughes  to  a  similar 
effect.     4  July,  1655. 

[379]  An  Act  of  Parliament  enabling  the  patrons  and 
vicars  of  Plymouth  for  the  tyme  being  to  lease  certaine 
howses  parcell  of  the  vicarage  there  at  a  rack  rent,  for  one 
two  or  three  lives  or  twenty-one  yeares,  or  for  ninety-nine 
years  determinable  on  the  death  or  deaths  of  one,  two,  or 
three  persons.      17  Sept.  1656. 

[380]  Leases  of  tithes,  &c.  of  St.  Andrew  from  Mayor 
and  Commonalty  to  Arthur  Bickford  —  three  years  at 
50/.  a  year.      1657. 

Churches.  253 

[381]  Copy  of  portion  of  will  of  Sir  John  Gayer,  with 
bequests  for  church  purposes  and  charities.  Gayer  left 
;^500  to  glaze  all  the  glass  windows  in  the  new  church 
with  good  plain  glass,  his  arms  to  be  in  the  last ;  the  rest 
to  be  laid  out  in  land  by  his  cousin  John  Maddock.  Part 
of  the  rents  to  be  given  for  preaching  twelve  sermons  a 
year  in  the  new  church  before  the  administration  of  the 
sacrament — 13J.  ^d.  to  the  preacher,  2s.  to  the  curate  or 
reader,  is.  to  the  clerk,  and  is.  to  the  sexton  for  tolling  the 
bell  to  give  notice.  Said  minister  to  be  chosen  by  Mayor 
and  Magistrates  and  six  of  the  testator's  kin.  The  residue 
{los.  excepted  for  a  collation  of  wine  and  cake  at  the  dis- 
tribution) to  buy  broad  cloaths  and  kersies  'died  into  a 
sadd  hair  colour'  for  outward  garments  for  poor  people  to 
be  yearly  distributed  in  October.     Proved  1657. 

[382]  Grant  by  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  to  William 
Warren,  vintner,  in  consideration  of  his  gift  of  the  site  of 
Charles  Church,  of  a  piece  of  land  for  burial,  eight  feet 
from  east  to  west,  and  six  feet  from  north  to  south,  next 
'adjoining  to  the  east  and  north  walls  of  the  place  now 
commonly  called  the  chancel  in  Charles  Church '  and  also 
a  seat  fourteen  feet  six  inches  from  east  to  west  and  three 
feet  six  inches  from  north  to  south  '  to  hear  divine  service 
and  the  word  of  God  preached.'     22  Aug.  1665. 

[383]  Saml.  Eastlake  and  Thomas  Payne  made  attor- 
nies  for  Mayor  and  Commonalty  to  take  seisin  and 
possession  from  William  Warren  of  a  piece  of  land  about 
an  acre  whereon  the  '  Fabrick  now  called  Charles  Church 
als  the  new  church  is  built.'     22  Aug.  1665. 

[384]     Copy  of  donation  of  Charles  Church.     1665. 

[385]  Instrument  of  Consecration  of  Charles  Church  by 
Bishop  Seth  Ward.     1665. 

[386]  Scratching  paper  for  election  of  Joseph  Chilcott 
Lecturer.      13  Oct.  1699. 

[387]  Henry  Mitchell's  appointment  as  Lecturer- — 13 
votes  to  12  for  James  Carey.     23  June,  17 18. 

[388]  Bond  by  Canon  Gilbert  to  abide  award  between 
himself  and  the  Corporation.     24  March,  i7\-}^. 

[389]  Award  of  Lord  Chief  Justice  King  on  points  in 
dispute  between  Corporation  and  Canon  Gilbert.      17 16. 

[390]     Release  by  Gilbert  to  Mayor  and  Corporation. 

[391]     Election  of  William  Manley  as  Lecturer.     1791. 

254  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[392]  Papers  connected  with  appointment  of  Lecturer 
at  St.  Andrew.  Duty  of  Lecturer  to  read  prayers  Sunday 
mornings,  Thursday,  Friday,  Saturday  mornings  and 
afternoons,  with  an  exposition  of  the  gospel  on  such  of 
these  days  as  were  saint's  days.  To  preach  Sunday  after- 
noons and  two  weeks  out  of  three  Wednesday  mornings, 
but  on  the  third  Wednesday  read  prayers  while  the  Vicar 
preached.  Christmas  day,  Good  Friday,  and  public  fast 
days  the  Lecturer  read  prayers  in  the  morning  and  preached 
in  the  afternoon.  On  some  public  holidays  the  Vicar 
preached  and  the  Lecturer  read  prayers.  Always  assisted 
at  the  administration  of  the  sacrament,  which  occurred 
nine  or  ten  times  a  year.  Had  nothing  to  do  with  surplice 
duty.  Dr.  Hawker  applied  in  1804  to  have  a  Lecturer 
appointed  for  Charles.  The  Commonalty  decided  they 
were  not  competent.     1802-29. 

[In  1804  the  Ringers  of  St.  Andrew  had  ^10  i<^s.  A^d.  for 
eight  ringings  —  royal  Birth-days  and  Coronation,  King 
Charles's  Restoration,  Mayor-choosing,  Freedom-day,  and 
'ringing  out'  the  old  Mayor;  £1  6s.  being  paid  on  Mayor- 
choosing  and  Freedom-day  for  ringers  who  did  not  go  to 
Mayoralty  House.  Also  £2  2s.  for  ringing  '  in  celebration 
of  that  decision  at  law  (March  17,  1803)  giving  the 
Commonalty  the  right  of  electing  the  Mayor,  &c — by 
your  worship's  order.'  (All  this  from  Jan.  to  Sept.  28 
inclusive.)  Then  Sept.  29,  1803  to  December  inclusive 
they  had  £4.  \C)S.  6d.  for  ringing  at  Mayor  swearing,  King's 
accession  and  'Popipst'  conspiracy,  with  lOs.  6d.  dinner 
and  drink. 

[Ringers  at  Charles,  'For  Ringen  at  New  Church  For  the 
welfar  of  the  Freemen  In  Giten  the  tryel  in  the  year  of 
1803,  March  17.'  Also  a  guinea  for  ringing  at  swearing  in 
new  Mayor.] 

[393]  Tithe  and  church  rate  papers,  chiefly  St.  Budeaux. 

[394]  Rev,  J.  W.  Gandy,  touching  enlargement  of  chapel 
at  Pennycross.      1808. 

[395]  Papers  connected  with  the  repair  of  St.  Andrew. 
1 808-1 826. 

[396]  Papers,  various  dates,  touching  the  seats  of  the 
Corporation  in  St.  Andrew  Church.  They  are  said  to  have 
held  over  80  of  the  best  sittings  at  least  from  1637. 
Among  the  letters  is  a  curious  application  in   181 5  from 

ChurcJies.  255 

Mrs.  Ellen  Pym,  claiming  a  seat  in  the  Common  Council 
pews  in  right  of  her  father,  and  complaining  that  other 
ladies  whose  rights  had  lapsed  by  reason  of  their  relatives 
being  no  longer  members  of  the  Corporate  body,  retained 
the  places  to  which  they  had  been  accustomed.  Disputes 
about  precedence  between  the  wives  and  daughters  of  the 
Aldermen  and  Councillors  had  been  of  frequent  occurrence 
and  led  to  the  passing  of  sundry  bye-laws.      1808-30. 

[397]  Cautions  to  disturbers  of  public  worship.  18 12— 

[398]  Bill  to  divide  St.  Andrew  and  Charles  into  four 
new  parishes  and  build  church  in  each.      1812. 

[399]  Faculty  for  reseating  Charles  Church  and  papers 
connected  therewith.      13  Nov.  181 5. 

[400]  Sale  of  presentation  of  St.  Andrew  to  VVm. 
Hodge,  Plymouth  Dock,  for  ^^4050.  Gross  annual  value 
of  St.  Andrew  at  this  date  put  at  ;i^iioo,  Charles  £600. 
9  Aug.  18 17. 

[401]  Papers  touching  appointment  of  organist.  On 
the  death  of  Wm.  Bennett  organist  of  St.  Andrev/,  Mr. 
Hatchard  appointed  Stephen  Drewitt  without  consulting 
Corporation,  who  claimed  joint  power.  Dr.  Lushington 
reported  appointment  invalid  ;  Drewitt  resigned  and  was 
appointed  by  vestry.      1819-28. 

[402]  Sale  of  Vicarage  lands  in  Whimple  St.  Com- 
missioners moved  for  purposes  of  improvement ;  and  Rev. 
J.  Hatchard  to  sell  the  whole  in  1827,  the  houses  being 
old  and  costly  to  repair.      1824-30. 

[403]  Advertisement  calling  meeting  to  erect  monument 
to  Rev.  J.  Gandy.      1824. 

[404]  Establishment  of  district  committee  for  enlarging 
and  building  churches  and  chapels.      1825. 

[405]  Correspondence  respecting  Charles  Chapel.  Cor- 
poration give  '  unqualified '  consent  to  erection  of  a  chapel 
of  ease  [now  St.  Luke]  for  Mr.  Courtney.      1827-29. 

[406]  Correspondence  respectingthe  Rev.John  Hawker's 
chapel.  P"irst  proposed  at  Devonport ;  then  in  the  'Marsh'; 
then  '  the  first  field  in  No  place  lane.'  [Eldad  chapel,  now 
replaced  by  St.  Peter.]  Corporation  consented,  on  condition 
it  should  be  used  according  to  the  rites  and  ceremonies  of 
the  Church  of  England.     1828-29. 

L.    Charities. 


[407]  Grant  by  John  Dery  and  John  Ford  to  Mayor 
and  Commonalty  of  ^lOO,  proceeds  of  How's  gift :  con- 
dition that  £6  135-.  Atd.  be  paid  annually  to  the  Wardens 
of  the  Almshouse  of  Plymouth.     3  Oct.  1566. 

[408]  Grant  of  rent  charge  of  \os.  for  the  Almshouse 
by  Edmund  Fovvell.     20  Aug.  1659. 

[409]     Accounts  of  Almshouse  Wardens.     1720-83. 

[410]  „  „  ^7^1-^7- 

[411]     Almshouse  Accounts.      1805-06. 

[412]  Counterpart  of  grant  by  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty to  Thomas  Fovvnes  of  Plymouth,  merchant,  his 
heirs  and  assignes,  of  the  messuage  house,  hospital,  and 
almshouse  within  the  said  borough,  recently  built  by  the 
grantee  on  the  great  hill  there  ;  the  said  grant  being  made 
in  consideration  of  a  payment  of  five  pounds,  and  of  the 
great  charges  sustained  by  the  said  Thomas  Fownes  in 
the  erection  of  the  almshouse  and  hospital.  2  March, 
1628.  -  .' 

[413]  Correspondence  touching  Fownes  Almshouses. 
27  June,  1807.  Guardians  offer  almshouses  to  Corporation 
for  500  guineas,  because  they  learn  it  is  intended  to 
improve  that  part  of  the  town  ;  part  of  the  site  to  be 
thrown  into  Basket  St.  Buildings  are  much  decayed  and  a 
nuisance  ;  the  money  to  be  applied  to  extension  or  altera- 
tion of  the  Workhouse.  Extent  2859  feet  super.  Mr. 
Woollcombe  writes  Jan.  3,  1808:  'Sunday  noon. — As  I 
find  I  shall  never  get  the  inhabitants  of  Foynes  almshouses 
to  quit  until  they  perceive  that  the  building  is  actually 
taking  down,  may  I  beg  the  favour  of  your  proceeding 
to  do  so  forthwith.  I  will  inform  the  people  to-morrow 
that  on  that  day  sennight  the  workmen  will  begin  to  take 
it  down.'      1 807-08. 

Charities.  257 


[414]  Counterpart  of  lease  of  tenement  in  churchyard 
[Daniell  Notherell,  clerk]  Hospital  of  Poors  Portion. 
I   Dec.   1609. 

[415]  Memo,  of  bequest  to  Hospital  by  Hugh  Williams. 

[416]  Grant  by  John  Maynard  and  Elize  Stert  to 
Hospital.     9  Aug.   1649. 

[417]  Depositions  in  suit  between  Hospital  of  Poors 
Portion  and  Edward  Yard  and  others.     19  June,  1652. 

[418]  Bond  from  Mayor  and  Commonalty  to  Poors 
Portion  for  iJ"499   i  IJ".   2d.      1657. 

[419]  Counterpart  of  grant  of  annuity  of  ^^30  out  of 
Shambles  to  Poors  Portion.     7  Oct.   1658. 

[There  is  a  Memorandum  in  one  of  the  Apprenticeship 
Books,  apparently  in  the  handwriting  of  Matthew  Boyes, 
then  town  clerk,  which  records  what  appears  to  have  been 
the  first  attempt  to  establish  a  workhouse,  in  the  old  castle. 
'  In  the  name  of  god,  the  28th  of  September  an''  1610. 
A  note  of  provisio"*  delivred  into  y'^  Castle  for  the  pore  to 
thende  they  maye  be  there  placed  and  sett  on  work  w'^h  is 
but  abeginninge  for  a  fewe  and  for  a  tryall  thereof  the  w'^h 
I  praie  god  continewe  and  augment  to  his  glorye  &  theiire 

'  Imprimis     2  bedsteads 

2  new  Large  Canvas  sheets 
2  paire  of  newe  blankits 
2  Canvas  boulsters 
2  whyte  rougs 
5  turnes  2  paire  of  wollen  cards 
5  spilles  and  5  wharvars  (J)  strings.] ' 


[420]  Copy  of  Will  of  William  Laurence,  Dec.  3,  161 2. 
Commends  his  '  soule  to  god  in  Christ  the  onelye  fountine 
and  originall  cause  of  life  and  saluation  to  me  and  all  true 
belieuers';  bequeaths  to  Thomas  and  Nicholas  Sherwill, 
merchants,  £100  to  be  paid  at  the  return  'of  the  good 
shippe  called  the  Jonathan  of  Plymouth  whereof  I  am 
part  owner  from  her  now  intended  voiage  to  the  Straights 
in  the  parts  beyond  the  seas,   and  of  the  proceeds  and 

258  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

returne  of  my  goods  and  adventure  now  in  the  said  shipp 
the  sayd  voyage.'     Condition  that  within  seven  years  after 
his  death   the    Sherwills   should  erect  and  build  a  'con- 
uenient  Almeshouse '  in  Plymouth  for  'poore  people  .  .  . 
to  dwell  and   inhabite  therein    or  for  the  education   and 
bringing  vp  of  poore  children    or  orphants  of  the    same 
borough.'       Further   he    bequeathed    to    the    Mayor    and 
Commonalty  'to  the  use  and  for  and  towards  the  reliefe 
and  mayntenance  of  the  said  poore  people  and  orphants 
which  shall  from  time  to  time  dwell  or  be  brought  vpp  in 
the  saide  howse,'  or  in  default  of  the  Sherwills  erecting 
such  a  house  then  to  the  same  purpose  in  any  such  house 
erected  by  other  persons  within  the  said  seven  years,  four 
pounds  annually  out  of  his  lands  and  tenements  at  Tor 
for   ever;    also   another    2Qs.    a    year   to    the   Mayor   and 
Commonalty  out  of  Tor  towards   the  maintenance   of  a 
•preacher    of    the    word'    in    the    parish    of    Tidneham, 
Gloucester ;    further  i^20  to  the  '  stocke  to  sett  y®  poore 
to  worke.'    The  bequest  of  ^100  to  be  void  if  the  Sherwills 
did  not  build  the  house  in  the  seven  years.     Tor,  which 
Laurence  had  bought  of  Christopher  Gaye,  he  leaves  to 
his  wife  Margaret  Laurence  for  life,  then  to  his  brother, 
Henry  Laurence,  then  to  William  Laurence  (his  nephew) 
son  of  John  Laurence,  and  his  heirs.     The  testator  dwelt 
in  a  leased  house  in  foxhole  street,  with  a  pallace  adjoiniiig, 
which  he  left  to  his  wife  and  after  her  to  William  Laurence. 
Houndiscombe,  granted  to  him  by  Henry  Laurence  under 
lease,  and  his  lease  of  two  houses  at  the  Church  Stile,  he 
left    to   Nicholas    Sherwill,   on   his    paying  testator's   wife 
;£"iOO.     To  Henry  Laurence  he  left  his  corn  standing  at 
Hundiscombe,  and    his    quarter    part    of  the    God  spcede. 
To  his  brother  Richard  he  left  the  lease  of  the  messuage 
in  which  Richard  dwelt,  with  pallace,  mast  house,  masts 
and  deal  boards,  &c.      This  was  on  Briton  Side,  granted 
by  John  Amadas.     Several  small  bequests  to  relatives  and 
friends  and  people  in  his  employ,  and  the  poor  people  of 

[421]  Grant  of  part  of  site  of  Orphans  Aid  (formerly 
Mathew)  by  Mayor  and  Corporation  to  Thomas  and 
Nicholas  Sherwill.      161 5. 

[422]     Counterpart  ditto.     161 5. 

[423]  Thomas  Sherwill's  account  book  of  Orphans  Aid. 

[Gives  details  of  cost  of  foundation.] 

Charities.  259 

[424]  Bundle  of  loose  papers  connected  with  Orphans 
Aid  (includes  receipts  for  bushelage  in  Sutton  Pool). 

[Benefactions  to  July  1616— Colmer  i^ioo;  Clement 
£\20\  N.  Shervvill  £,120\  T.  Sherwill,  ^120;  Fownes 
^50 ;  Proctor  (legacy)  i^20 ;  J.  Bound  ;^io  ;  W.  Heale  i^io  ; 
VV.  Hill  ^20;  VV.  Birch  ^10;  Lawrence  ;^100.  Cost  of 
endowing  and  incorporating  £^01  qj.  ^d. ;  building  and 
walling  and  planting  the  orchard  i^457  13^.  4<^. ;  apparel, 
books,  clothing,  and  furniture  ^32  4^-.  2\d. ;  diet  for 
2f  years  and  a  little  over  ^32  os.  yd.  An  account  with 
Abraham  Colmer,  Robert  Trelawny,  and  Thomas  and 
Nicholas  Sherwill,  puts  the  total  cost  of  founding  and 
maintenance  to  Dec.  24,  1620,  at  £^2>?>  7^-  S^-,  of  which  up 
to  Sept.  29  preceding  the  founders  and  first  benefactors 
had  given  ^^"734  os.  \\d.  For  the  year  ending  Michaelmas 
1 62 1  the  rents  were — house  Stillman  St.  ;^5  ;  tenement 
Southside  i6j-.  ;  for  two  messuages  lately  built  at  Southside 
by  Joseph  Gubbes,  a  piece  of  ground  at  the  Lary,  and  16 
acres  of  land  at  Egbuckland  called  Auters  well  £\  \'^s.  8d.; 
shop  at  Southside  quay  4.S. ;  three  messuages  and  gardens 
adjoining  the  hospital  on  the  West  and  a  close  in  Old 
Mill  Lane  6s.  8d.;  part  of  dweUing  house  and  shop  48^-.; 
building  on  wall  of  town  2s.  ;  two  gardens  in  Mudd 
Street  25^-. ;  dues  of  Sutton  Pool  collected  by  John  Barnes 
;^22  3^-.  yd.  (£is  6s.  Sd.  paid  to  the  Prince  for  rent).  Total 
receipts,  with  ^10  legacy  from  John  Waddon  ^^43  15^-.  iid.; 
expenditure  ^33  i6s.  2d.  Richard  Isteed,  phisition,  was 
the  tutor  of  the  orphans,  and  had  ;^ii  14^-.  for  the  diet  of 
four  for  three  quarters  of  a  year.] 

[425]  Copy  of  will  of  Robert  Rawlyn.  Bequests :  ;^io 
to  the  stocke  of  the  poor;  ^10  to  the  poor;  ^^125  to  be 
lent  to  poor  seafaring  men  in  £\o  and  ^5  at  4  per  cent. 
(^3  a  year  of  the  interest  to  buy  butter  on  fast  days  for 
the  almshouse  people  ;  £2  a  year  to  Compton  Gilford) ; 
£12^  to  be  lent  to  poor  tradesmen  and  young  beginners. 
Of  the  interest  of  this  \os.  each  yearly  to  the  poor  of 
Plymouth,  Stonehouse,  St.  Budeaux,  Stoke,  Egg  Buckland, 
Weston  Peverel,  Saltash  ;  the  other  30^-.  at  Christmas  to 
the  poor  of  Plymouth.  Two  houses  in  Batter  St.  and  the 
residue  of  his  property  to  the  *  Orffantes  Ayd,'  desiring 
that  one  child  of  Compton  Gifford  be  kept  therein. 
15  Feb.  1626. 

26o  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[426]  Bond  by  Peter  Hendra  with  Orphans  Aid. 
23  July,  1640. 

[427]  Counterpart  of  lease  from  Orphans  Aid  to  Barth, 
Nicholls  of  house  in  Batter  St.     24  June,  1646. 

[428]  Accounts  between  Mayor  and  Comrnonalty  and 
Orphans  Aid.     1653-62. 

[429]  Release  from  Orphans  Aid  to  Corporation  on 
new  security.     25  June,  1685. 

[430]  Lease  by  Orphans  Aid  to  Richard  Tucker,  house 
Stillman  St.     14  July,  1691. 

[431]  Returns  of  money  received  by  Orphans  Aid  for 
Grist  Mills.     1661-1803. 

[432]     Papers  concerning  Orphans  Aid.     1806-18. 

[433]  Papers  connected  with  appointment  of  master  to 
Grammar  School.  J.  H.  Hutton  of  Teignmouth  in  18 10 
recommended  for  election  to  Grammar  School  in  succession 
to  Dr.  Bidlake.  Rev.  W.  Williams  master  181 1.  Notice 
October  18 10  that  henceforth  two  sons  of  freemen  would 
be  educated  gratuitously.  Williams  complained  in  18 18 
of  the  'disgracefully  filthy'  condition  of  the  building  inside 
and  out.  He  gave  notice  of  resignation  May  1826.  One 
J.  Smith  had  protested  in  1833  against  his  doing  double 
duty  of  Lecturer  and  Master,  saying  that  the  town  had  'not 
for  many  years  produced  a  tolerable  proficient,  either  in 
Latin  or  Greek.'     Rev.  J.  H.  Borwell  succeeded.     1810-23. 

[434]  Mr.  Merewether's  opinion  of  case  of  Rev.  W. 
William's  claim  for  salary  as  master  of  Grammar  School. 


[435]     Printed  copies  Joan  Bennett's  will. 

[436]  Claim  and  pedigree  Rev.  R.  Willesford  under 
same.     18 13-18. 


[437]  Three  several  indentures  and  two  bonds,  touching 
the  bequest  of  John  White,  citizen  and  haberdasher  of 
London,  of  ;^2  5o  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of 
Plymouth,  in  trust  to  employ  the  said  money  in  making 
loans  for  five  years,  at  the  rate  of  5  per  cent,  per  annum 

Charities.  261 

interest,  to  merchants  under  forty-one  and  over  twenty-one 
years  of  age, — and  to  use  the  interest  and  income  accruing 
from  the  stock  so  employed  for  pious  and  charitable  uses 
in  Truro,  Liskeard,  and  Lostithielle  :  White  directing  out 
of  such  interest  £^  to  be  yearly  paid  to  the  Mayor  and 
Burgesses  of  each  of  the  aforesaid  towns,  to  be  distributed 
in  each  in  weekly  gifts  of  bread  to  twelve  poor  persons  of 
the  town,  a  yearly  payment  of  i6d.  to  the  parson  of  each 
town  for  his  pains  in  distributing  the  bread  every  Sunday 
in  his  church,  and  a  payment  of  6s.  8d.  to  a  preacher  for 
preaching  a  sermon  in  the  same  parish  church  on  or  about 
the  first  Sunday  in  November.  —  The  afore -mentioned 
indentures  having  been  made  between  the  Mayor  and 
Commonalty  of  Plymouth  and  the  Mayor  and  Burgesses 
of  the  other  towns  named,  for  the  accomphshment  of  the 
trust.     26  June,  1584. 

[438]  Numerous  receipts,  given  by  successive  Mayors 
of  Liskeard,  Lostwithiel,  and  Truro,  for  moneys  paid  to 
them  yearly  for  the  relief  of  the  poor  of  their  respective 
boroughs,  in  accordance  with  the  terms  of  White's  gift. 

|439]     Correspondence  touching  White's  gift.     1815-31. 

[440]  Grant  by  William  Hils  of  Plymouth,  merchant, 
to  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  an  annuity  of  $2s.  issuing 
out  of  two  messuages  in  Plymouth,  to  be  spent  in  one 
dozen  of  middle  sort  of  penny  loaf  wheaten  bread  commonly 
called  'cheat  bread,'  weekly  distributed  by  the  church- 
wardens and  overseers  of  the  poor  of  Plymouth  every 
Sabbath  day  immediately  after  morning  prayer  to  deserving 
poor  people.     30  July,  1618. 

[441]  Indenture  of  grant  and  enfeoffment  by  Sir  Thomas 
Wise  of  Sydenham,  Devon,  and  Sir  Sam.  Roll  of  Insworth, 
Cornwall,  to  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth  of 
four  houses  in  New  St.,  in  trust  for  uses  accordant  with  the 
terms  of  the  bequest  of  Benjamin  Baron,  London,  merchant, 
deceased,  who  bequeathed  to  the  said  Mayor  and  Common- 
alty and  their  successors  ;^iOO,  in  trust  to  pay  40i".  yearly 
to  the  parson  and  churchwardens  of  the  parish  of  Bickington 
Devon,  for  bread,  shoes,  and  stockings  to  the  poor  of  the 
parish,  to  distribute  20s.  yearly  in  white  and  wheaten  bread 
to  the  poor  of  Plymouth,  and  to  use  the  residue  'for  a 
stocke  to  sett  thaforesaid  poor  people  of  Plymouth  on 
work.'     9  Jan.  1628. 

262  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[442]  Power  of  attorney  to  Robert  Trelawny  and  John 
Clement  to  receive  livery  and  seisin  under  above.  4  Feb. 

[443]  Conveyance  by  Thomas  Fownes  to  Mayor  and 
Commonalty,  in  consideration  of  i^288,  of  ^18  fee  farm 
rent  arising  out  of  the  rectory  and  church  of  Egg  Buck- 
land,  which  formerly  belonged  to  Priory  of  Plympton 
{BurrougJis  Gift).     29  Sept.   1657. 

[444]  Decree  from  Exchequer  ordering  John  Hele  to 
pay  the  rent  as  aforesaid  to  Fownes,  who  had  bought  it  in 
1637.     17  June,  1657. 

[445]     Book  of  small  audit  gifts   [1762-1771  missing]. 
[446]     Statement  of  small  audit  gifts.     1803-04. 
[447]     Small  audit  accounts.     1823-26. 

[448]    Various  papers  connected   with    Oaten  Arishes. 
1 802-30. 
[449]     Papers  connected  with  Hele's  Charity.     1806-18. 

[450]  Papers  touching  Revel's  Gift— 13^-.  ^d.  rent  charge 
on  Tierney's  field.  Underwood  ;  ()s.  4^.  to  Plymouth,  ^s.  to 
Plympton.  Called  Revel's  gift  in  the  return  of  1786.  In 
1762  this  field  was  called  Dunstone  Hill,  and  in  two 
ownerships.  Total  area  2  acres  43  perches.  In  18 19 
Capt.  Williams  speaks  of  field  as  held  by  Mr.  Kingdon 
under  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty.     1808-19. 

[451]  List  of  Trustees  of  Jory's  Charity  and  Com- 

[452]    Queries  about  Charities  by  Commissioners.    1820. 

M.    Sutton  Pool  and  Cattewater. 

[453]  Ancient  Bye-laws  of  Sutton  Pool  on  parchment. 

[454]  Articles  of  enquiry  touching  Sutton  Pool  and  the 
right  of  the  Duchy  of  Cornwall  therein.  Conclusion  :  '  It 
doth  not  appear  that  the  soil  is  the  King's,  neither  hath 
the  Prince  any  land  in  the  town  of  Plymouth.'  With  proofs 
to  maintain  the  Prince's  claim  to  Sutton  Pool,      1608. 

[455]  Surrender  by  Wm.  Parker,  gentleman,  of  lease 
given  to  John  Blythman,  and  regrant  of  the  plott  or  piece 
of  grounde  in  the  old  cawse,  with  40  feet  on  the  N.  side  of 
the  cawse,  for  his  sole  use.  The  piece  leased  was  120  feet 
long,  with  houses  and  cellars.      1608. 

[456]  Lease  of  Sutton  Pool  from  Charles  Prince  of 
Wales  to  John  Sparke  and  Edmund  Fowell.     1621. 

[457]  Mortgage  of  Sutton  Pool  by  Peter  Hendra  to 
Walter  Hele  and   William   Warren.     7  Feb.   1639. 

[458]  Grant  of  fee-farm  of  quay  to  Alice  Miller.  23 
Sept.  1649. 

[459]  Papers  connected  with  Lord  Arundell's  proceed- 
ings against  the  town  in  the  matter  of  Sutton  Pool.     1663. 

[460]  Release  by  Wm.  Jennens  and  John  Warren  to 
Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  all  claims  over  Jennens's  and 
Warren's  Keys  [Custom  House  Key  and  that  adjoining], 
with  slip.      16  April,   1675. 

[461]     Wine  and  Spirit  imports.      1715-66. 

[462]  Coal,  Culm,  Linen,  and  Timber  import  returns, 

[463]     Ballast  and  Coal  accounts,     1749-61. 

[464]     Coal  imports.     1766-68. 

[465]     Coal  and  Culm  imports.     1769. 

[466]     Ships  entered  and  cleared.     1769. 

[467]  Bayntun's  award  as  to  boundary  between  Duchy 
and  Corporation  at  Sutton  Pool,  with  map.     1757. 

[468]  Papers  of  various  kinds  concerning  the  erection 
of  the  Barbican  Pier  and  of  a  wall  in  Cattewater  (germ  of 

264  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

the  Batten  Breakwater)  with  plans,  estimates,  and  contracts. 
Also  crane  and  quay  dues,     1767-93.     1803-26. 

[469]  Papers  re  letting  quay  and  tenements  at  Coxside. 

[470]     Notices  for  letting  Tolls,  &c.     1800-28. 

[471]  Proceedings  relative  to  Improvement  of  Sutton 
Pool.      1 806-1 1. 

Meeting  held  22  July,  1806,  to  consider  best  means  of 
improving  Sutton  Pool,  and  inspect  plans  procured  by  Sir 
T.  Tyrwhitt.  On  21  Feb.  181 1  the  Corporation  decided 
to  oppose  Pool  bill  as  levying  heavy  rates  without  corres- 
ponding advantage ;  and  on  the  28th  it  was  agreed  that 
;^ 1 7,000  should  be  raised  to  buy  the  leases,  &c.,  of  Sutton 
Pool,  ^15,000  to  be  paid  the  lessees. 

[472]  Proceedings  relative  to  the  Improvement  of 
Cattewater  and  the  Cattewater  Harbour  Bill.     1806-12. 

Lord  Boringdon's  proposal  to  lay  down  moorings  was 
objected  to,  ostensibly  because  Cattewater  was  a  public 
harbour;  the  flying  bridge  was  also  objected  to  as  an 
obstruction.  When  the  bill  passed  steps  were  taken  for 
its  repeal  ;  but  Lord  Boringdon  was  conciliatory. 

[473]  Miscellaneous  Works  on  and  about  Piers  and 
Quays.     1806-29. 

[474]  Particulars  concerning  claim  to  and  returns  of 
various  Corporate  dues.      181 1-33. 

[475]     Draft  memorial  touching  Powder  Magazine.    1 8 1 2. 
[476]     Plan  of  Green.     181 3. 

[477]  Correspondence  with  Sutton  Harbour  Company. 

[478]  Memorial  against  discharge  of  men  from  Break- 
water.    1817. 

[479]  Notices  of  meetings,  &c,,  touching  Laira  Bridge. 

[480]     Presentment  of  wall  at  Cattedown.     1827. 

[481]  Memorial  to  Admiralty  against  working  Quarries 
on  Mount  Batten.     1827. 

[482]     Apology  for  detaining  floating  casks.     1828. 

[483]  Letters  and  proceedings  of  Committee  concerning 
lease  to  Sutton  Harbour  Improvement  Company.    1832-33. 

[484]     Plan  of  Sutton  Harbour.     1845. 

[485]  Various  old  leases  and  other  deeds  relating  to 
property  connected  with  or  adjoining  Sutton  Pool.     V.D. 

N.    Water  Property. 

[486]  The  Water  Act  of  Elizabeth,  'An  acte  for  pres- 
vacon   of    the  haven    of    Plymowth,*   27th    Eliz.   cap.  '20 


'  Whereas  yo""  Ma*^  Towne  of  Plymowth  in  the  Covvntie  of 
Devon  being  an  auncyent  Boroughe  Towne  bordering  vpon 
the  meane  ^ea,  yet  havinge  a  pleasaunte  and  safe  Har- 
boroughe  and  Rode  for  Shipps  within  or  nere  the  same, 
comdnlie  called  Plymmowth  Haven,  wheare  as  well  yo"^ 
Ma*^  Shippes  as  the  Shipps  and  Vessells  of  dyvers  yo'" 
Highnes  Subiects  tradinge  into  forren  Partes  and  from 
Porte  to  Porte  within  this  Realme  do  often  vpon  necessitie 
and  otherwise  arrive  harboroughe  refreshe  and  vittell  them- 
selves as  well  w*'^  fresshe  water,  being  a  thing  verey  neces- 
sarie  for  them,  as  with" divers  other  thinges,  Hathe,  for  the 
moste  Parte  of  the  yere,  none  or  at  the  leaste  verey  litle, 
fresshe  water  within  a  myle  of  the  said  Towne  or  there- 
abowt,  a  matter  verey  incomodiouse  :  By  reason  whereof 
yo'"  Ma*^  Shippes  and  the  Shippes  of  yo""  Highnes  subiects 
arryving  and  harbouring  in  the  saide  Haven  as  aforesaide 
the  Marryners  of  the  same  are  manye  and  often  Tymes 
dryven  by  necessytie  to  goe  a  Myle  or  more  from  the  saide 
Towne  and  theire  Shippes  to  fetche  fresshe  water  for  theire 
necessarie  vses,  by  reason  whereof  dyvers  Tymes  they  loste 
dyvers  good  Wyndes  and  oportiiyties  whiche  they  might 
take  benefite  of,  yf  they  mighte  water  them  selfes  nere 
theire  Shippes  ;  besides  the  saide  Towne  being  subiect  to 
fyer,  as  well  by  the  Enemye,  for  the  same  was  once  burned 
by  the  Frenche  in  the  tyme  of  Warre,  as  by  negligence 
and  other  mishappe  at  Home,  there  is  no  Water  in  or 
nerer  the  saide  Towne  for  the  mosts"  Parte  of  the  yere 
(especiallie  in  the  Sommer  Tyme  when  the  Daungers  bee 
greateste)  then  a  Myle  or  sometyme  more  as  the  dryeth  is: 
And  wheare  also  the  said  Haven  of  Plymmowth,  being  one 
of  the  pryncipall  Havens  and  Harboroughes  of  the  West 
Parts  of  Englande,  doth  Daylie  querre  &  fill  w*''  the  Sande 
of  the  Tynnewoorcks  and  Mines  nere  adioyneng  to  the 
same,  and  in  shorte  Tyme  wilbe  vtterlie  decayed  y(  some 

266  Plyinouth  Municipal  Records. 

Redresse  and  speedie  Remedie  be  not  hadd  :  And  wheare 
also  there  is  a  Water  or  Ryver  within  the  saide  Countie  of 
Devon  called  the  Water  or  Ryver  of  Mewe  als  Mevye 
distaunte  from  the  saide  Towne  a"bovvte  Eight  or  Tenne 
Myles,  Parte  of  the  whiche  Water  or  Ryver  w*^''  some 
chardge  wilbe  brought  into  the  saide  Towne  of  Plymowth 
without  any  greate  Preiudice  or  Damage  to  anye  Owner 
or  Owners  of  any  Lande  throughe  whiche  the  same  shalbe 
conveied,  By  reason  (the  moste  Parte)  in  effect  all  the 
same  Lande  is  either  barren  and  heathie  or  ells  hillye  & 
drye  grounds  whiche  wilbe  bettered  and  amended  by  the 
water  that  shalbe  brought  throughe  the  same  :  By  bryng- 
ing  of  whiche  water  moste  of  the  Incomodities  and 
Daungers  and  divers  others  shall  not  onlie  be  remedied, 
but  also  some  Parte  of  the  Chanell  of  the  saide  Haven 
scowred  &  cleansed  by  the  same  Ryver  to  the  p''petuall 
contynevvance  of  the  same  Haven,  a  matter  moaste 
beneficiall  to  the  Realme. 

'And  wheare  also  the  Inhabitaunts  of  the  same  Towne 
are  Incorporated  by  Kinge  Henry  the  Sixte  by  the  name 
of  the  Maio""  and  Coialtie  of  Plymowth  whiche  is  confirmed 
by  yo""  Ma*'®  and  dyuers  yo*"  noble  Progenito''®  Kings  of  this 

'  Maye  it  therefore  please  yo^  moste  Excellent  Ma*'®  of 
yo'  moaste  noble  and  aboundant  Grace  and  accustomed 
Favoure  that  yt  maye  be  Inacted  by  this  present  Pliament 
that  yt  shalbe  LawfuU  to  &  for  the  saide  Maio""  and 
Coialtie  and  to  theire  Successo""^  at  all  Tymes  after  the 
Feaste  of  Easter  nowe  next  comynge,  to  digge  and  myne 
a  Dytche  or  Trenche  conteynenge  in  breadthe  betwene  sixe 
or  seauen  Foote  over  in  all  Places  throughe  and  over  all 
the  Lands  and  Grounds  lyeing  betweene  the  saide  Towne 
of  Plymmowth  and  anye  parte  of  the  saide  Ryver  of 
Mewe  als  Mevye,  and  to  digge  myne  breake  bancke  and 
cast  vpp,  all  and  all  maner  of  Rockes  Stones  Gravell 
Sande  and  all  other  Letts  in  anye  places  or  Groundes  for 
the  convenyent  or  necessarie  conveyenge  of  the  same 
Ryver  to  the  saide  Towne,  and  farther  from  Tyme  to  Tyme 
to  doe  Repacon  and  make  Weares  Bancks  and  all  other 
Things  necessarie  whereby  the  saide  Ryver  may  be  brought 
&  conteynewe  vnto  the  saide  Towne  withowte  Lette 
Denyall  Vexacon  or  Treble  of  the  Lord  or  Lords  Owner 
or  Owners  of  the  same  grounde  or  of  any  other  pson  or 
psons  by  suyte  in  Lawe  or  otherwise  vpon  Payne  of  Twentie 
pounds  for  everie  Tyme  that  they  or  anye  of  them  do 

U'd/cr  Property.  267 

attempte  the  Contrarie  thereof,  thone  half  thereof  to  be 
to  o''  saide  Soveraigne  Ladie  and  thother  halfe  to  the 
said  Maio""  and  Coialtie  &  their  Successo''^  to  be  recovered 
by  Accon  of  Debte  Bill  Pleynt  or  Informacon,  wherein 
the  ptie  Defendant  shall  not  wage  his  Lawe  nor  in  the 
saide  Accon  Accons  or  Suytes  anye  Essoyne  Licence  or 
pbccon  shalbe  allowed  :  The  saide  Maio""  and  Coialtie 
gyving  and  payenge  to  the  Lorde  or  Lords  Owner  or 
Owners  of  the  Soyle  where  suche  Things  shalbe  made  or 
done,  in  Recompence  and  satisfaccon  of  &  for  the  Lande 
or  Grounde  soe  to  be  digged  and  myned,  for  the  full  & 
absolute  Purchase  of  the  same  to  them  and  their  Success©''^ 
so  moche  money  as  by  the  twoe  Justices  of  the  Assises  of 
the  Countie  of  Devon  for  the  Tyme  being  shalbe  adiudged 
ordeyned  and  determyned :  And  also  gyveng  and  payenge 
to  the  Tenhts  Farmo""^  and  Occupiers  of  suche  Lande  or 
Grounde  for  suche  Hurts  or  Losses  as  they  or  any  of  them 
shall  have  or  susteyne  by  the  same,  as  moche  as  shalbe 
assessed  adiudged  and  determyned  by  the  saide  two 
Justices  of  Assises  :  The  same  Recompence  and  Satisfaccon 
as  well  concernynge  the  Lord  or  Lords  of  the  Lande  as 
the  Tennts  Farmo''^  and  Occupiers  of  the  same  to  be 
paied  by  the  saide  Maio"^  and  Coialtie  of  the  saide 
Boroughe  for  the  tyme  beinge  or  theire  Successo""^  within 
the  space  of  Sixe  Weekes  next  after  the  ratinge  assessing 
and  determynenge  of  the  same,  vnlesse  the  saide  Maio'  & 
Coialtie  &  theire  Successo""^  can  otherwise  compounde  and 
agree  w*'^  the  Lords  Tennts  Farmo*^  &  Occupiers  of  suche 
Lande  or  Grounde  or  with  any  of  them  :  And  in  Case  yt 
happen  the  Maio*"  and  Coialtie  of  the  saide  Boroughe  do 
make  Defaulte  of  Payment  of  the  sayde  Recompence  & 
satisfaccon  and  resiste  to  paye  the  same  as  is  before  re- 
served, That  then  the  Lorde  Lords  Owner  Owners 
Tennts  Farmo*"®  and  Occupiers  of  suche  Lande  or  Grounde 
that  is  agrieved  therew*''  and  to  whom  the  Recompence  & 
Satisfaccon  ought  to  be  paied  shall  and  maye  Lawfullie 
comence  afifyrme  &  take  his  or  theire  action  of  Debte  by 
the  course  of  the  Cofhon  Lawe  against  the  Maio*'  and 
Coialtie  of  the  saide  Boroughe  for  the  Tyme  being  and 
their  Successo"^^  for  recoverie  of  the  same  in  any  Courte  of 
this  Realme  at  the  will  and  Pleasure  of  the  ptie  grieved, 
and  the  like  Proces  therevpon  to  be  hadd,  as  in  accon  of 
debte  at  the  CoiTion  Lawe  grounded  upon  Contract  or 
Specialtie  hathe  vsed  to  ben  hadd,  in  whiche  no  Wager  of 
Lawe  Essoyne  or  pbccon  shalbe  allowed. 

268  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

'  Prouyded  allwaies  and  yt  is  further  Inacted  by  this  present 
Pliament  and  by  the  authoritie  of  the  same,  that  the  said 
water  shall  not  be  conveyed  throughe  the  House  Garden 
or  Orcharde  of  any  pson  or  psons  or  throughe  anye  Parte 
thereof  w^^^owt  Composicon  to  be  firste  hadd  with  the 
Owners  and  Occupiers  of  the  saide  Howses  Gardens  and 
Orchardes.  Provided  alwaies  that  this  Acte  nor  any  Thing 
herein  conteyned  shall  extende  to  gyve  Libertie  as  afor- 
said  to  bring  the  saide  Water  or  anye  Parte  thereof  owte 
of  his  auncient  Course  to  or  for  any  Intente  or  Purpose 
menconed  in  this  Acte,  vnlesse  everie  suche  gson  and  psons 
as  are  Owners  of  any  Mylle  or  Mylles  scytuate  and 
standinge  vpon  or  nere  the  saide  Ryver  of  Mewe  als 
Mevye  shalbe  first  compounded  withal  1  as  aforesaid,  yf  the 
sayede  Milles  shall  by  the  bringinge  of  the  said  water  or 
any  Parte  thereof  vnto  the  saide  Towne  of  Plymowth  be 
impayred  or  hyndered.' 

[487]  Draft  of  Award  of  Compensation  for  lands  taken 
or  traversed  by  leat.      1592. 

'This  Indenture  made  the  fiuethe  dale  of  Julye  in  the 
fower  and  Thirthith  yere  of  the  Raigne  of  o''  soueraigne 
Lady  Elyzabeth  by  the  grace  of  godd  Queene  of  England 
F^raunce  &  Ireland  Defend"""  of  the  faithe  &c.  Between 
S""  Edmond  Andersone  knighte  lorde  cheif  Justice  of  the 
Courte  of  Comon  plees,  and  Thoms  Gente  second  Baron 
of  her  Ma*^  Courte  of  Exchequer  Justices  of  Assise  of  the 
Countie  of  Deuon  of  thone  partie,  and  the  Mayo""  and 
Coialtie  of  the  Boroughe  of  Plimouthe  in  the  said  Countie 
of  thother  partie,  whereas  it  was  enacted  in  the  Parliam* 
holden  in  the  seauen  &  Twentithe  yere  of  the  Raigne  of  o' 
said  sou'^aigne  Lady • 

[Here  the  chief  provisions  of  the  Water  Act  are  set 

'And  whereas  the  said  Maio""  and  Coyaltie  after  the  said 
feaste  of  Easter  haue  digged  mined  and  trenched  and 
caused  to  be  digged  mined  and  trenched  one  ditche  or 
Trenche  containinge  in  breadthe  betwene  sixe  and  seauen 
foote  in  over  and  throughe  the  Lands  &  grounds  lyeinge 
betwene  the  said  Towne  of  Plymouthe,  and  some  pte  of 
the  said  Riuer  of  Meawe  als  meavye,  and  digged  mined 
brocken  banked  and  caste  vppe  all  manner  of  Rocks 
stones  grauell  sande  and  all  other  letts  in  the  groundes 
and  places  convenient  before  menconed,  for  the  convenyent 
or  necessarie  conveyeng  of  the  said  Riuer  to  the  same 

Water  Property.  269 

Towne  of  Plymouthe  pte  of  w'''*  Lands  &  grounds  soe 
digged  mined  trenched  is  tliinheritance  of  Walter  Elford 
gent  beinge  in  thoccupacon  &  possessione  of  one  Willm 
Stockeman  and  ouer  and  throughe  the  Lands  &  inheritance 
of  the  said  Walter  Elford  and  of  Thomas  Elford  beinge  in 
the  possession  &  occupacon  of  one  Walter  Elford  John 
plford  and  Johan  Sop  widdowe  teiiiits  or  farmo''*  of 
the  same  eyther  solie  to  themselues  or  ioyntlie  or  in 
Comon  w*h  some  others,  and  ouer  &  through  certen  Lands 
&  grounds  being  the  Inheritaunce  of  Nicholas  Slanning 
esquire  pte  thereof  being  in  the  seu^'all  occupacon  .  .  . 
of  one  John  Shellowbeare,  Walter  Elford,  John  Andrewe, 
wm  Poleslande  &  John  Ashe  beinge  tennts  or  farmo""^  .  .  . 
and  ouer  &  throughe  certen  other  Lands  &  grounds  of  the 
said  Nicholas  Slanninge  called  the  Comons  of  Bickleighe 
Dovvne  als  Rowboroughe  Downe  and  .  .  .  being  thin- 
heritance  of  Walter  Hele  of  Brixton  gent  pte  whereof 
beinge  in  the  possessione  or  occupacon  of  Rychard  Bunsall 
,  .  .  and  .  .  .  thinheritance  of  one  Rychard  Bunsall  beinge 
in  the  seu^'all  occupacon  ...  of  one  John  Andrewes  & 
Walter  Braye  ,  .  .  and  ouer  and  throughe  certen  other 
Lands  &  Grounds  of  the  said  Walter  Hele  &  the  heires 
of  Walter  Elford  deceased,  and  of  the  lands  and  grounds 
of  the  heires  of  John  Brendon  deceased,  and  of  the  lands 
and  grounds  of  the  heires  of  Rychard  Bunsall  deceased 
called  the  CoiTions  of  Hennodon  and  ouer  and  throwghe 
certen  Lands  and  grounds  of  the  heires  of  milleton  and 
of  Phillipp  Crimes  gent  and  .  .  .  Lands  and  grounds 
beinge  thinheritance  of  the  said  Phillipp  Crimes  pte 
thereof  beinge  in  the  seu'"all  occupacon  ...  of  John 
Hearne  Rychard  Cresse  John  Coming  and  John  Repe 
being  teniits  .  ,  .  and  ...  of  the  said  Philljppe  Crimes 
and  John  Edgecombe  ...  in  the  occupacon  ...  of 
Hughe  Lugge  and  Xpofer  Edgecombe  .  .  .  and  .  .  , 
of  the  said  Phillipp  Crimes  called  Malbourne  and  .  .  . 
of  theires  of  Milleton  beinge  in  thoccupacon  ...  of 
Rychard  Luxmore  .  .  .  and  .  .  .  certen  Lands  and 
grounds  of  one  Askett  esquire  .  .  .  John  Stephens  .  .  , 
tennte  and  ouer  and  throughe  the  Lands  ...  of  Thorns 
Coming  and  ouer  and  throughe  certen  lands  ...  of 
William  Crimes  esquire  comonlie  called  the  Comons  of 
Ruboroughe  Dovvne  and  ouer  other  of  his  Lands  or 
Grounds  pte  whereof  is  in  the  seu'"all  occupacon  ...  of 
Thoms  Vstes  and  Stephen  Gaye  .  .  .  ouer  and  throughe 
the  Queenes  Heighe  Waie  in  diuerse  places  and  .  ,  .  lands 

2/0  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

...  of  the  Deane  and  Chapter  of  Exon  .  .  .  Peter  Trena- 
manne  being  Tefihte  .  .  .  and  ...  of  the  heire  of  John 
Fytes  esquire  deceased  .  .  .  Edmund  Pers  being  tennte 
.  .  .  and  ...  of  John  Coplestone  esquire  lyeing  by  the 
heighe  waie  in  questione  betvvene  theim,  and  ...  of  the 
said  John  Coplestone  .  .  .  Judeth  Whitacre  Widdowe 
.  .  .  tehhte  .  .  .  and  ...  of  W"  Huchins  .  .  .  Xpofer 
Brockdon  .  .  .  tennte  .  .  .  and  ouer  and  throughe  the 
Comons  of  Wythy  pte  whereof  is  the  Lands  and  grounds 
of  John  Hele  esquire,  pte  whereof  is  in  the  occupacon  of 
George  Pollexfen  and  Henrie  Pollexfen  being  tennts  .  .  . 
and  thother  pte  thereof  is  the  Lands  and  grounds  of 
Walter  Pepperell  merchant  being  in  thoccupacon  of  Thorns 
Crane  and  Robert  Croseman  .  .  .  and  ...  of  Wm  Carew 
of  Hackum  esquire  .  .  .  Thoms  Walter  .  .  .  tennte  .  .  . 
and  .  .  .  of  John  Prouse  gent  pte  whereof  is  in  thoccupacon 
and  possessione  of  John  Maie  Thoms  Dyer  Henrie  Hake 
Rychard  Russell  John  CoUine  John  Marchaunt  John  Alford 
Walter  Kempe  Rychard  Rowe  and  Thoms  Pommerie 
beinge  Tenfits  or  farmo'^  .  .  .  and  ...  of  Phillippe  Yarde 
merchant  pte  ...  in  thoccupacon  ...  of  Willm  Hele 
and  Thoms  Dyer  .  .  .  and  .  .  .  certen  other  Lands  of  the 
sd  Yarde  and  of  one  Henrie  Perrye  .  .  .  the  said  Thoms 
Dyer  beinge  tennte  ,  .  .  and  ...  of  Thoms  Wise  esquire 
.  .  .  John  Alford  Thoms  Paine  and  Willm  Griffing  being 
Tennts  .  .  .  and  ouer  and  throughe  certen  other  Lands 
and  grounds  of  the  said  John  Hele  and  Walter  Kempe 
and  .  .  .  of  Jonas  Trelawnie  pte  .  .  .  in  the  seu'all  occupa- 
con ...  of  Robt  Tanlie  and  Rychard  Rowe  .  .  .  and 
.  .  .  lands  .  .  .  of  John  Harris,  and  ...  of  Henrie  Dinner 
and  John  Trelawnie  and  ...  of  Xpofer  Harward  gent 
.  .  .  John  Cole  .  .  .  teiiiite  .  .  .  and  ouer  and  throughe 
certen  Lands  and  Grounds  beinge  thinheritance  of  Edmund 
Parker  esquire  being  in  thoccupacon  and  possessione  of 
S*"  Frauncis  Drake  Kneght  being  Tennte  or  farmo''  of 
the  same  eyther  solelie  or  joyntlie  or  in  comon  w"^  some 
others,  and  ...  of  the  heires  of  Anthonie  Pollerd  esquire 
.  .  .  Peter  Siluestre  and  Martin  White  being  Tennts  .  .  . 
and  ...  of  the  heires  and  assignes  of  one  M""  Woode 
and  ...  of  the  heires  and  assignes  of  Willm  Hawkins 
esqr  deceased  pte  ...  in  thoccupacon  ...  of  John  Spa''ke 
.  .  .  and  ...  of  Humfrey  Specott  esquire  being  in 
thoccupacon  and  possessione  of  some  parsone  and  psones 
.  .  .  and  ...  of  the  Maio"*  and  Coialtie  of  Plimouthe  .  .  . 
and  .  .   .  thinheritance  of  Peter  Edgcombe  esquire  .  .  . 

WatcT  Property.  271 

Willm   Hixston  beinge  Tcnntc  .   .  .  and   ...  of  George 
Baron  gent. 

'  Theise  Indentures  nowe  witness  That  the  said  Justices  of 
Assises  hauing  considered  of  the  said  Statute  and  of  the 
quantitie  quaUtie  nature  and  goodenes  of  the  grounde  ouer 
and  throughe  vv'^h  the  same  is  broughte  to  the  Towne  of 
PHniouthe  ptehe  by  theire  ovvne  vevve,  and  by  the  credible 
informacon  of  Christofer  Harris  Thorns  Wise  VViHm  Crimes 
John  Coplestone  and  Wilhn  Strode  esquires  inhabyting 
neere  to  the  said  water  course  and  most  of  them  Justices 
of  the  peace  in  the  said  Countie  of  Dcuon  whom  the  said 
Justices  of  Assise  required  to  vewe  and  meashre  euerie 
parte  of  the  Land  and  to  Consider  of  the  valevve  and 
goodenes  of  the  same  throughe  w4i  the  said  water  course 
is  browght  to  the  said  Towne  of  PHmouthe  as  by  the 
informacon  of  diuerse  gentlemen  and  others  of  goode 
accompte  dwelling  neere  the  said  Towne  of  Plimouthe 
and  water  course,  doe  adiudge  and  determine  that  the  said 
Maio*"  and  Coialtie  shall  paie  to  eurie  parsone  hereafter 
recyted  or  menconed  in  recompence  and  satisfaccone  of 
and  for  all  the  Lands  and  grounds  digged,  mined,  or  torned 
or  anie  Waie  delt  w*h  according  to  the  said  Statute  for  the 
absolute  purchase  thereof  to  the  said  Maio""  and  Coialtie 
and  to  theire  Successors  for  euer  suche  some  and  somes  of 
monie  and  in  suche  manner  and  sorte  as  herafter  shalbe 
specifyed  That  is  to  saye  to  the  said  Walter  Elford  mf 
and  to  the  said  w*^^  Stockman  and  his  Colessees  eyther 
joynctlie  or  by  the  waie  of  Remainder  if  there  be  anie  iiij'^ 
being  after  the  Rate  of  sixteene  yeres  purchase  according 
to  the  value,  and  for  other  the  Lands  and  grounds  of  the 
said  Walter  Elford  and  the  said  Thorns  Elford  being  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  Walter  Elford  digged  mined  or 
torned  or  anie  Waie  delt  w%  for  the  convayeng  or  bringing 
of  the  said  water  course,  (to  weete)  to  the  said  Walter 
Elford  iiij^  viij*^,  and  to  the  said  Thoms  Elford  mf  y'nf 
and  to  the  said  Walter  Elford  and  to  his  Colessees  eyther 
joynctlie  or  by  the  waie  of  Remainder  if  there  be  anie 
ix^  iiij**  being  after  the  Rate  of  sixteene  yeres  purchase 
according  to  the  verie  valewe  and  for  the  Lands  ...  of 
the  said  Nicholas  Slanning  in  pte  possessione  of  the  said 
John  Shellowbere  ...  to  the  said  Nicholas  Slanning  iiij'^ 
to  the  said  John  Shellowbere  .  .  .  iiij'^  .  .  .  and  to  the  said 
Nicholas  Slanning  for  his  Lands  ...  in  the  possessione 
of  the  said  Walter  Elford  xvj*  iiij*^  and  to  the  said 
Walter  Elford  .  .  .  xvj«  iiij*^  .  .  .  and  the  said  Nicholas 

2^2  Plymouth  Mtmicipal  Records. 

Slanning  for  his  Lands  ...  in  the  possessione  of  the  said 
Jon  Andrew  v^  iiij"^.  And  to  the  said  John  Andrew  .  .  . 
v^  iiij^^  And  to  the  said  Nicholas  Slanning  for  his  Lands 
...  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  W'"  Poleslande  v'f  viij*^ 
and  to  the  said  W"  Poleslande  .  .  .  sixe  shillings  viij*^.  And 
to  the  said  Nicholas  Slanning  for  the  Lands  ...  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  John  Ashe  one  shillinge  &  fower 
pence  and  to  the  said  John  Ashe  .  .  .  xvj^  .  .  .  And  to 
the  said  Nicholas  Slanning  for  y^  s'^  Lands  or  grounds 
called  the  Comons  of  Rouboroughe  Downe  \f  \\vf  and  for 
the  land  of  the  sd  Walter  Hele  in  the  possessione  of  the 
said  Rychard  Bunsall  .  .  .  xj^  and  to  the  sd  Rychard 
Bunsall  .  .  .  xjl  .  .  .  And  for  the  Lands  ...  of  the  sd 
Rychard  Bunsall  in  the  possessione  of  the  sd  John 
Andrevves  .  ,  .  xj^  and  to  the  said  John  Andrewes  .  .  . 
xj®  .  .  .  And  to  the  sd  Rychard  Bunsall  for  his  Lands 
.  .  .  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Walter  Braie  xj^  and 
to  the  said  Walter  Braie  .  .  ,  xj^  .  .  .  And  for  the  Lands  of 
the  said  Walter  Hele  and  of  the  heires  of  Walter  Elford 
deceased  and  .  .  ,  of  the  heires  of  John  Brendon  deceased 
and  of  the  .  .  .  heires  of  Rychard  Bunsall  deceased  colled 
the  Comons  of  hennadowne  ...  to  the  said  Walter  II  le 
iiij''  ...  to  the  heires  of  Walter  Elford  .  .  .  iiij'^  .  .  .  To 
the  said  heires  of  the  said  John  Brendon  .  .  .  iiij*^  .  .  . 
and  to  the  heires  of  the  said  Richard  Bunsall  .  .  .  iiij''  .  ;  . 
And  for  all  the  Lands  ...  of  the  said  heires  of  Milleton 
and  of  the  said  Phillipp  Crimes  ...  to  the  said  heires  of 
Milleton  xij''  .  .  .  and  to  the  said  PhilUppe  Crimes  xij'* 
.  .  .  And  for  all  the  Lands  of  the  said  Phillipp  Crimes 
in  the  possession  of  the  said  John  Hearne  ...  to  the  sd 
Phillipp  Crimes  iiij''  and  the  said  John  Hearn  .  ,  .  iiij''  .  .  . 
And  to  the  said  Phillipp  Crimes  for  his  Lands  ...  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  Rychard  Creese  xj*  and  to  the  said 
Rychard  Creese  .  .  .  xj**  ,  .  .  And  to  the  said  Phillipp 
Crimes  for  his  Lands  ...  in  the  possessione  of  the  said 
Jo"  Coming  xj*  and  to  the  said  Jo"  Coming  .  .  .  xj®  .  .  . 
And  to  the  said  Phillipp  Crimes  for  his  Lande  ...  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  John  Repe  iij^  viij*^*  and  to  the  said 
John  Repe  .  .  .  iij^  viij*^  .  .  .  And  to  the  said  Phillipp 
Crimes  for  the  Lande  or  grounde  called  Malboroughe  viij'^ 
.  .  .  and  for  all  the  Lands  or  grounds  of  the  said  Phillippe 
Crimes  and  John  Edgecombe  in  the  possessione  of  Hughe 
Lugge  ...  to  the  said  Phillipp  Crimes  xj®  and  to  the  said 
John  Edgcombe  xj^  and  to  the  said  Hughe  Lugge  .  .  . 
xj^  .   .  .  and    to    the    said     Phillipp    Crimes    and    John 

Water  Property.  273 

Edgcombe  for  theire  Lands  ,  .  .  in  the  possessione  of  the 
said  Cristofer  Edgecombe  .  .  .  PhilUpp  Crimes  xj''  .  .  . 
John  Edgecombe  xj^  .  .  .  Cristofer  Edgecombe  .  .  .  xj^ 
.  .  .  And  for  all  the  Lands  ...  of  the  heires  of  the  said 
Milliton  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Richard  Luxmoore 
.  .  .  the  said  heires  .  .  .  iiij^  iiij'*  .  .  .  the  said  Rychard 
Luxmoore  .  .  .  iiij^  iiij''.  And  for  all  the  Lands  ...  of 
the  said  Askett  in  the  possession  of  the  said  Jo"  Stephens 
.  .  .  Askett  vij^  .  .  .  John  Stephen  .  .  .  vij^  .  .  .  And  for 
all  the  Lands  ...  of  the  said  Thorns  Coming  .  .  .  vj^ 
viij''  .  .  .  And  for  all  the  Lands  or  grounds  of  the  said 
William  Crimes  called  the  Comon  of  Rouboroughe  downe 
.  .  .  vj'  viij'^.  .  .  .  And  for  the  Lands  ...  of  the  said 
William  Crimes  in  his  owne  possessione  .  .  .  xiiij^  viij'^. 
And  to  the  said  w™  Crimes  for  his  Lands  ...  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  Thoms  Vstes  xij"^  and  to  the  said 
Thoms  Vstes  .  .  .  xij'^.  .  .  .  And  to  the  said  w™  Crimes 
for  his  Lande  ...  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Stephen 
Gaye  xij'^  .  .  .  and  to  the  said  Stephen  Gaie  .  .  .  xij*^.  .  .  . 
And  for  all  the  Lands  ...  of  the  said  Deane  and 
Chapter  of  Exon  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Peter 
Trenaman  ...  to  the  said  Dean  and  Chapter  ij^  iiij'*  and 
to  the  sd  Peter  Trenaman  .  .  .  ij*  iiij**.  .  .  .  And  for  all 
the  Lands  ...  of  the  said  John  Fits  deceased  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  Edmond  Pearse  ...  to  the  s*^  John 
Fits  his  heires  iij^  and  to  the  said  Edmond  Pearse  .  .  .  iij^ 
.  .  .  And  for  the  Lands  or  grounds  of  the  said  John 
Coplestone  beinge  by  the  heighe  waie  ...  to  the  said 
John  Coplestone  xvj'^  .  .  .  and  to  the  said  John  Coplestone 
alsoe  for  his  said  other  Lands  or  grounds  in  the  possessione 
of  the  said  Judeth  Whitacres  ...  to  the  said  John 
Coplestone  iiij*^  and  to  the  said  Judeth  Whitacres  .  .  .  iiij"^. 
.  .  .  And  for  all  the  Lands  ...  of  the  sd  w'^'  Hucchins 
in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Christofer  Brockdon  ...  to 
the  said  w™  Hitchins  v^  viij*^  and  to  the  said  Xpofer 
Brockdon  .  .  .  v^  viij*^.  .  .  .  And  for  the  said  Lands  or 
grounds  of  the  said  John  Hele  in  the  possessione  of  the  sd 
Georg  and  Henrie  Pollexen  ...  to  the  said  John  Hele 
iiij"^  and  to  the  said  George  Pollexen  and  his  Colessees 
.  .  .  iiij*^.  .  .  .  And  for  the  Lande  ...  of  the  said  Walter 
Pepperell  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Thoms  Crane 
...  to  the  said  Walter  Pepperell  iiij'^  .  .  .  Thoms  Crane 
.  .  .  iiij'^.  .  .  .  And  to  the  said  Walter  Pepperell  for  the 
Lande  or  grounde  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Robert 
Croseman  iiij'^  and  to  the  sd  Robte  Croseman  .  .  .  iiij<^. 


274  PlyrnoutJi  Municipal  Records. 

.  .  .  And  for  the  Lande  ...  of  the  said  [blank]  Carewe 
...  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Thorns  Walter  ...  to 
the  said  Carewe  iij"  j^  and  to  the  said  Thorns  Walter  .  .  . 
iij"  j^  .  .  .  And  for  the  Lande  of  the  said  Prouze  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  John  Male  ...  to  the  said  Prouse 
xvij^  and  to  the  said  John  Male  .  .  .  xvij^  .  .  .  and  to  the 
said  Prouse  for  his  Lands  in  the  possessione  of  Thorns 
Dyer  xiiij^  viij*^  and  to  the  said  Thorns  Dyer  xiiij"  viij*^. 
.  .  .  And  to  the  said  Prouse  for  his  Lands  or  grounds  in 
the  possessione  of  the  said  Rychard  Russell  xxxvj^  iiij'^ 
and  to  the  said  Rychard  Russell  .  .  .  xxxvj^  iiij'^  .  .  .  and 
to  the  said  Prouse  for  his  Lands  ...  in  the  possession  of 
the  said  John  Colling  xvij^  and  to  the  said  John  Colling 
.  .  .  xvij^  .  .  .  And  to  the  said  Prouse  for  his  Lande  .  .  . 
in  the  possess  of  the  said  John  Marchaunt  xxiiij^  viij*^  and 
to  the  said  John  Marchaunt  .  .  .  xxiiij^  viij^  .  .  .  And  to 
the  saide  Prouse  for  his  Lande  ...  in  the  possessione  of 
the  said  John  Alford  iiij^  iiij'^  and  to  the  said  John  Alford 
.  .  .  iiij^  iiij*^  .  .  .  and  to  the  said  Prouse  for  his  Lande 
...  in  possessione  of  the  said  Walter  Kempe  xxij^  and  to 
the  said  Walter  Kempe  .  .  .  xxij^  .  .  .  and  to  the  said 
Prouse  for  his  Lande  ...  in  the  possessione  of  the  said 
Rychard  Rowe  x^  and  to  the  sd  Rychard  Rowe  .  .  .  x^ 
.  .  .  And  to  the  said  Prouse  for  his  Lande  ...  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  Thorns  Pomerie  xiij*  iiij**  and 
to  the  said  Thorns  Pomerie  .  .  .  xiij^  iiij"*  .  .  .  And  to 
the  said  Prouse  for  his  Lande  ...  in  the  possesione  of 
the  said  Henrie  Hake  x^  iiij*^  and  to  the  said  Henrie  Hake 
.  .  .  x^  iiij*^.  .  .  .  And  for  the  Lands  of  the  said  Phillipp 
Yarde  in  the  possessione  of  the  saide  w™  Hele  ...  to 
the  said  Phillip  Yarde  ix^  iiij'^  and  to  the  said  w"^  Hele 
.  .  .  ix«  m'f  .  .  .  And  to  the  said  Phillipp  Yarde  for  his 
Lande  ...  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Thoms  Dyer 
iiij''  iiij'^  and  to  the  said  Thoms  Dyer  .  .  .  iiij^  iiij'^  .  .  . 
And  for  all  the  Lands  or  grounds  of  the  said  Phillipp 
Yarde  and  of  the  said  Henrie  Perrie  in  the  possessione  of 
the  said  Thoms  Dyer  ...  to  the  said  Phillippe  Yarde  x'^ 
and  to  the  said  Henrie  Perrie  x'l  and  to  the  said  Thoms 
Dyer  .  .  .  xx^^.  .  .  .  And  for  the  Lande  ...  of  the  said 
Thoms  Wise  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  John  Alford 
...  to  the  said  Thoms  Wise  vj^  viij*^.  and  to  the  said 
John  Alford  .  .  .  vj^  viij*^  .  .  .  and  to  the  said  Thoms 
Wise  for  his  Lande  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Thoms 
Paine  ix^  viij*^  and  to  the  said  Thoms  Paine  .  .  .  ix^  viij*^.  .  .  . 
And  to  the  said  Thoms  Wise  for  his  Lande  ...  in  the 

Water  Property.  275 

possessione  of  the  said  W"*  Griffing  three  shillings  and  to 
the  said  W"'  Griffing  .  .  .  iij^  .  .  .  And  for  other  the 
Lands  and  grounds  of  the  said  John  Hele  and  of  the  said 
Walter  Kemp  ...  to  the  said  John  Hele  viij^  iiij'^  .  .  . 
and  to  the  said  Walter  Kemp  vnf  mf.  .  .  .  And  for  all 
the  Lands  and  grounds  of  the  said  Jonas  Trelavvnie  in  the 
possessione  of  the  said  Robert  Trelawnie  ...  to  the  said 
Jonas  Trelawnie  xv^  To  the  said  Robt  Trelawnie  .  .  .  xv^ 
.  .  .  And  to  the  said  Jonas  Trelawnie  for  his  Lande  .  .  . 
in  the  possessione  of  the  said  Richard  Rowe  viij^  and  to 
the  said  Rychard  Rowe  .  .  .  viij^  .  .  .  and  for  all  the  Lands 
...  of  the  sd  J"  Harris  ...  to  the  sd  Jn  Harris  iiij^'  ij^  .  .  . 
and  for  all  the  Lands  and  grounds  of  the  sd  Henrie  Dinner 
and  John  Trelawnie  ...  to  the  said  Henrie  Dinner 
xiiij®  S'*  .  .  .  and  to  the  said  John  Trelawnie  xiiij^  viij'^. 
.  .  .  and  for  all  the  Lands  ...  of  the  said  Christofer 
Harward  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  John  Cole  ...  to 
the  said  Christofer  Harward  xj®  and  to  the  said  J"  Cole 
.  .  .  xj^  .  .  .  And  for  all  the  Lands  and  groundes  of  the 
said  Edmund  Parker  "Th  the  possessione  of  the  said  S'' 
Frauncis  Drake  knight  digged  mined  or  turned  or  anie 
waie  delt  w*h  for  the  conuaueng  or  bringing  of  the  said 
water  course  (to  weete)  to  the  said  Edmond  Parker  xvij^ 
and  to  the  said  S"":  Frauncis  Drake  Kndght  and  to  his 
Colessees  eyther  ioynflTe  or  Ijy  waie  of  Remainder  if  there 
be  any  xvij*  being  after  the  Rate  of  xvj  yeres  p'chase 
according  to  the  verie  value,  and  for  atf-^ie-tarrds"'.  .  . 
of  the  said  Pollerd  of  Horwoode  in  the  possessione  of  the 
sd  Peter  Siluestre  ...  to  the  said  Pollerd  xv^  iiij'^  and  to 
the  said  Peter  Siluestre  .  .  .  xv^  iiij'^.  .  .  .  And  to  the  sd 
Pollerd  for  his  Land  ...  in  the  possessione  of  the  sd 
Martin  White  x®  viij'^  and  to  the  said  Martin  White  .  .  . 
X*  viij^.  .  .  .  And  for  all  the  Lands  and  grounds  of  the  sd 
Woode  and  of  the  said  w™  Hawkings  in  the  possessione 
of  the  sd  John  Sparke  ...  to  the  said  Woode  ix^  and  to 
the  heires  of  the  said  w™  Hawkins  ix^  and  to  the  said 
John  Sparke  .  .  .  viij^  .  .  .  And  for  all  the  Lands  ...  of 
the  said  Humfrey  Specott  in  the  possessione  of  [blank] 
.  .  .  to  the  said  Humfrey  Specott  iiij^  and  to  the  said 
[blank]  .  .  .  \\\f.  .  .  .  And  for  all  the  Lands  ...  of  the 
said  Peter  Edgecombe  in  the  possessione  of  the  said  w™ 
Hixstene  ...  to  the  said  Peter  Edgecombe  v^  viij*^  and  to 
the  said  wm  Hickstene  .  .  .  v^  viij'^.  .  .  .  And  for  all  the 
Lande  and  grounde  of  the  said  George  Baron  in  his  owne 
possessione  .  .  .  xvjl 


276  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

'and  to  the  entent  that  all  and  eu'"ie  psone  and  psones 
shall  and  maie  haue  recompence  and  satisfaccon  for  anie 
Dammage  vnto  him  or  them  for  the  digging  mining  turning 
or  dealing  w*^'  anie  pte  of  his  or  their  Lands  or  possession 
and  for  that  it  maie  be  that  some  one  or  more  pcells  of 
lande  and  the  psones  owners  and  lessees  of  the  same  are 
lefte  owte  and  not  menconed  in  theise  psents  wee  doe 
farder  aiudge  and  determine  that  all  and  euerie  suche 
parsones  and  psones  shall  haue  recompense  and  satisfaccon 
for  the  same  Land  soe  digged  mined  turned  or  anie  waie 
delte  w*"^  for  the  making  and  convayeng  of  the  said  water 
Course  after  the  Rate  of  xvj  yeres  p^'chase  according  to  the 
verie  value  of  the  Lande  to  be  rated  taxed  and  appointed 
by  the  Justices  of  assise  of  the  Countie  of  Deuon  for  the 
time  being  Prouided  alsoe  and  wee  doe  furder  aiudg  and 
determine  that  if  it  shall  hereafter  appeare,  that  anie  pte  of 
the  Lands  before  resyted  be  thinheritance  of  anie  other 
psone  or  psones  or  in  lease  to  anie  other  psone  or  psones 
then  before  is  menconed,  And  not  thinheritance  and  not  in 
lease  to  the  psone  or  psones  before  menconed,  soe  that  noe 
Recompense  or  satisfaccon  ought  to  be  made  vnto  theim, 
that  then  the  Recompence  and  monie  appointed  to  be 
paied  vnto  them  by  theise  psents  shalbe  paled  and  satisfied 
vnto  the  trewe  owners  and  lessees  of  the  same  according  to 
the  terme  and  seu'"all  Rates  before  menconed  And  that 
the  said  psones  that  be  not  owners  or  lessees  before 
menconed  shall  haue  nor  take  anie  thing  by  theise  psents 
anie  thing  herein  contained  \to  the^  contrarie  notwith- 
standing    And  we  doe  farder and  detrmne  that  all 

and    eu'^ie    psone    and   psones    that   are p'^sents    to 

receaue  anie  monie  that  they  vpon  the  Recete  of shall 

make  acquitance  or  some  other  suffycient In  witness 

whereof   the  said  Justices   of  Assise yere   aboue  s*^ 

at  the  Assises  being  holden  and thone  pte  of  theise 

Indentures  haue  putt to  thother  pte  the  sd  maio""  and 

theire  Comon  scale.' 

[Portions  of  the  last  folio  are  torn  off.  The  dots  indicate 
the  omission  of  repetitive  passages.  The  clauses  from  the 
Water  Act  in  this  document  are  important,  as  being  a 
contemporary  copy  of  that  statute.] 

[488]     Original  receipt  under  preceding.     1594. 

'Be  it  knowen  to  all  men  by  these  ^isents  that  I  W'" 
Crese  of  Buckland  Monoch''"  in  the  cnty  of  Dn  Esband- 
man  the  day  of  the  dat  hereof  haue  receucd  of  the  maio"" 

Water  Property.  277 

and  Coilty  of  the  Borrough  of  plymouth  by  hands  of 
William  Stallenge  gent  the  sume  of  xj^  of  lawful!  money 
of  Englond  in  full  recompense  &  satisfaccon  of  all  some 
and  somes  of  money  as  is  by  theym  payable  o*'  due  to 
be  payed  to  &  for  thatt  pt  of  the  Ryu""  of  mevy  which 
is  brought  to  the  towne  of  Plymouth  ou""  my  grounds 
lying  in  the  ,pish  of  Buckland  aforesaid  &  is  the  inherit- 
ance of  Philipp  Cryms  gent  In  witness  whereof  I  have 
herto  set  my  sine  &  scale  Dated  this  xxviij  day  October 

'  Sign    Willi  n   Creese 

'  Signed  sealed  and  delu''d  to  Jn°  Collibare  to  the  vse  of 
thaboue  named  Maio""  and  Cominaltie  of  the  towne  of 
Plimouthe  in  presence  of  William  Stallenge.' 

[489]  Ancient  map  of  leat  and  mills  in  Plymouth, 
early  17th  century. 

[490]  Certified  copy  of  bill  brought  into  Parliament 
in  1593,  by  Millowners,  alleging  that  their  property  had 
been  damaged  by  the  erection  of  mills  on  the  Plymouth 
Leat,  without  payment  of  the  compensation  provided  for 
by  the  Water  Act.  It  is  among  the  records  of  the 
House  of  Lords,  and  bears  the  endorsement:  '92  for 
the  preservacon  of  \Tozvchmg  erased]  the  haven  of  Ply- 
mouth I  Martis  xx"  Martij  92.  The  first  reading  |  Lune 
xxvj°  Martij  93.  The  secunde  reading  and  comytted.' 
The  bill  is  entitled  :  An  Act  for  the  explanacone  &  trevve 
interpretacone  of  a  Statute  made  in  the  xxvij  yere  of  the 
Queues  Ma*'^^  raigne,  intituled.  An  Acte  for  the  preserva- 
cone  of  the  Haven  at  Plymouthe."^"  It  commences  by  the 
recitaiT'Whereas  in  the  Parliam*®  holden  in  the  xxvij*'^ 
yere  of  her  Ma*^"^®  moste  gracious  raigne,  An  Acte  was 
made  for  the  preservacone  of  the  Haven  at  Plymouthe 
in  the  Countie  of  Devon  in  w*^''  yt  ys  emongste  other 
things  inacted  That  y*  shoulde  be  lawfull  to  &  for  the 
Maiore  and  Cominaltie  of  the  Towne  of  Plymouthe,  &  to 
their  Successors  at  all  tymes  after  the  feaste  of  Easter 
then  next  comminge  to  digge  &  myne  a  ditche  or  trenche 
contayninge  in  breadthe  betweene  sixe  or  seven  foote  over 
in  all  places,  through  &  over  all  the  Landes  &  grounde 
lyinge  betweene  the  said  Towne  of  Plymouthe  &  anye  j:)te 
of  the  Ryver  of  Mevve  als  Mevie  and  to  do  dyvers  other 
thinge  menconed  in  the  said  Acte,  necessarie  for  the 
bringinge  &  contynewinge  of  the  said    Ryver  of  Mewe 


2/8  PlymoutJi  Municipal  Records. 

als  Mevie  to  the  said  Towne  as  by  the  said  Acte  more 
at  Large  appeareth  :  Which  Act  was  meante  and  intended 
to  be  for  the  good  of  the  said  Towne  of  Plymouthe  by 
providinge  of  freshe  water  for  releiffe  of  the  said  Towne, 
and  of  suche  Shippes  as  shoulde  com  into  the  said  Porte  or 
Haven  &  not  for  anye  other  entent  or  purpose  Neither 
was  yt  the  intente  of  the  said  Acte  that  by  meanes  thereof 
the  Quenes  Ma*''®  or  such  other  as  hadd  anie  Mills  vppon  or 
neare  the  said  Ryver  or  Towne  shoulde  thereby  receave 
Losse  damage  or  preuidice,'  It  is  then  asserted  that  the 
Mayor  and  Commonalty  'covertlie  &  secretlie  vnder 
coulor  of  a  coinon  profytte  to  manie,  principallie  seekinge 
there  owne  private  gayne  &  comoditie,  to  the  greate  hurte 
preuidice  &  disinheritance  of  other  men  Have  w*'^  dyvers 
others  buylte  &  erected  vppon  the  said  water  so  broughte 
vnto  the  said  Towne,  Seven  Corne  water  Mylles,  By 
meanes  whereof  not  onlie  the  Queues  Ma*'®  havinge  in 
Reversione  two  Water  Milles  for  Corne,  called  the  Priorie 
Milles  of  Plympton,  standinge  neare  vnto  the  said  Ryver 
But  also  dyvers  others  of  her  Highnes  lovinge  subiects 
thoroughe  whose  Lande  the  same  newe  Water  course  ys 
carryed  &  conveyed  Havinge  likewise  Water  Mylles  for 
Corne  formerlie  buylte  vppon  or  neare  the  said  Ryver 
or  neare  the  said  Towne,  (that  ys  to  saye)  w*''in  one  two  or 
three  myles,  either  of  the  said  Towne  or  Ryver,  sustayne  & 
suffer  &  are  daylie  more  &  more  like  to  sustayne  & 
suffer  losse  and  damage  &  disinheritance  in  the  profite 
of  theire  Milles  &  otherwise  to  the  valewe  or  some  of  Sixe 
thowsande  Pownde  by  reasone  of  the  said  newe  erectione 
&  buyldinge  of  the  new  Water  Mylles  aforesaid  contrarie 
to  the  trewe  entent  &  meaninge  of  the  said  Statute.'  The 
bill  accordingly  seeks  to  enact  'That  all  the  said  Water 
Mylles  so  newlie  buylded  and  erected  &  everie  other  that 
shall  hereafter  be  erected  or  buylded  vppon  the  said  water 
so  broughte  to  the  said  Towne  of  Plymouthe  or  anie  pte 
thereof  shalbe  at  all  tymes  from  and  after  two  yeres  nexte 
after  the  ende  of  this  Session  of  Parlyam*^  abated  and 
pulled  downe  by  the  Sheriffe  of  the  said  Countie  of 
Devon,  for  the  tyme  beinge :  Excepte  the  said  Maiore 
&  Cominaltie  Or  the  erectors  buylders  inheritors  or 
possessors  of  the  said  newe  Milles  alreadie  erected  and 
such  as  shall  entende  to  erecte  &  buylde  anie  other  such 
Milles  doo  w*^in  the  said  tyme  of  two  yeres  nexte  after  the 
ende  of  this  Session  of  Parliam*^*^  sufficientlie  satisfie  & 
paye  vnto  the  Ouenes  Ma*''''  and  to  the  owners  possessors 

Water  Property.  279 

&  inheritors  of  all  &  everie  the  said  Milles  formerlie  buylte 
&  nowe  standinge  vppon  or  neere  to  the  said  Ryver  or 
neare  the  said  Towne,  (that  is  to  saye)  w^^in  one  two  or 
three  myles  either  of  the  said  Ryver  of  Mewe  als  Mevie  or 
of  the  said  Towne  of  Plymouthe  So  hyndered  dampnified 
or  preiudiced  by  the  said  newe  erected  Milles,  Or  to  be 
preiudiced  or  dampnified  by  anie  to  be  erected  or  buylte  as 
aforesaid  Such  recompence  some  and  somes  of  money  As 
the  Lo:  Cheife  Justice  of  England,  the  Lo:  Cheife  Justice 
of  the  CoiTion  pleas  at  Westm.  the  Lo:  Cheife  Baron  of 
the  Exchequer,  &  the  lodges  of  Assize  of  the  said  Countie 
of  Devon  for  the  tyme  beinge,  or  anie  three  of  them  shall 
assesse  sett  down  or  order  vppon  solicitinge  or  complaynte 
made  vnto  them  by  the  said  owners  possessors  &  inheritors 
of  the  said  Milles  so  form'lie  buylte  &  standinge  vpon  or 
neare  the  said  Ryver  or  Towne  as  aforesaid  or  anie  of 

[The  measure  was  not  passed,  and  never  seems  to  have     1  A 

got  thrcTtrg'h "the  committee,  of  which  Sir  Francis  Drake     ■  ^ 

was  the  chairman. 

[491]  Agreement  between  Thomas  Drake,  the  Mayor 
and   Commonalty,  and   William   Crymes,  in   draft.      1603. 

'This  Indenture  made  the  daie  of  Betwene  the 
Maior  and  Cominaltye  of  the  Borrough  of  Plymouth 
and  Thomas  Drake  of  Buckland  Monaco^  in  the  Countie 
of  Dev'DTr  Esquier  of  thone  ptie  and  Williarn  Crymes  of 
Bucklande  Monaco^  aforesaide  Esquier  of  thother  ptie 
witnesseth  that  the  said  Maior  and  Cominaltie  and  the 
said  Thomas  Drake  aswell  in  consideracon  of  the  pformance 
and  accfJthplishinge  of  certayne  articles  and  agreements 
Indented  heretofore  had  and  made  betwene  the  pties 
abouesaide  bearinge  date  the  xix*''  daie  of  Januarie  laste 
paste  before  the  date  hereof  as  also  for  diu''s  other  good 
causes  and  consideracons  them  therevnto  speciallie  movinge, 
Haue  covenanted  granted  condiscended  concluded  and 
agreed  and  in  and  by  theise  p'sents  doe  Covenante  grante 
condiscende  conclude  and  fullie  agree  ...  to  and  with  the 
said  William  Crymes  .  .  .  that  it  shall  and  may  be  lawfull 
to  &  for  the  said  William  Crymes  his  heires  executors  ad- 
ministrators &  assignes  ...  at  all  tyme  and  tymes  hereafter 
at  his  and  their  will  &  pleasure  during  the  terme  hereafter 
in  these  pnts  lymytted  &  expressed  to  haue  take  conductk 
convey  and  Carry  by  Ditch  trench  or  leat  now  alredy 
made  or  hereafter  to  be  made  in  or  vppon  certen  lands  of 

28o  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

the  sd  W"  Crimes  called  Roborough  Downe  scituat  in  the 
psh  of  Bucklonde  monacorm  aforsaid  or  in  by  or  vppon 
any  pte  thereof  from  and  out  of  a  certen  leat  ditch  trench 
or  watercourse  lately  made  for  the  conveyeng  of  the  water 
or  Ryvor  of  Mevve  als  mevy  or  of  some  pte  thereof  from 
the  said  Ryver  of  mew  als  mevy  vnto  in  &  through  the 
Towne  or  Borrowe  of  Plymoth  afsd  or  any  pte  therof  and 
now  fleteing  and  Running  from  the  said  water  o"*  Ryvor  of 
Mewe  als  mevy  aforesaid  vnto  in  &  through  the  sd  Towne 
of  Plymowth  in  over  or  through  the  sd  lands  of  the  said 
William  Crymes  called  Rowborough  downe  aforesaid  such 
pte  and  so  much  of  the  water  of  the  said  leat  &  water- 
course so  made  &  conveyed  as  aforsaid  as  is  now  running 
or  that  shall  at  any  tyme  hereafter  runne  or  be  conveyed 
in  by  or  through  the  said  leat  ditch  trench  or  watercourse 
towards  the  said  Towne  of  Plymo*'^  as  shalbe  fitt  & 
sufficient  for  the  vse  workeing  and  Imploymt  of  two  tynne 
milles  knocking  mills  or  Classe  milles  of  the  said  William 
Crymes  by  him  newly  &  lately  erected  vpon  the  said  lands 
of  the  said  William  Crymes  called  Rowborrough  Downe 
aforsaid  And  also  so  much  water  out  of  the  said  leat 
...  as  shall  be  fitt  sufficient  &  convenyent  for  the  clensing 
washeing  makeing  workeing  &  dressing  of  all  such  tynne 
tynne  mettell  &  tynne  oare  as  shalbe  at  any  tyme  hereafter 
brought  to  the  said  mill  or  milles  tobe  washed  clensed 
made  wrought  or  dressed.  The  said  William  Crymes  ... 
leaveing  at  all  tymes  a  sufficient  &  full  streame  of  water  to 
Runne  &  come  vnto  in  &  through  the  said  Towne  of 
Plymouth  &  eu'y  pte  thereof  for  the  use  of  the  sd  Towne 
of  Plymoth  and  the  milles  there  w*hout  any  contradiccon 
of  the  said  William  Crymes.  .  .  .  And  to  that  end  and 
purpose  the  said  maior  and  Cominalty  and  the  said 
Thomas  Drake  .  .  .  doe  .  .  .  demise  lease  and  grante 
vnto  the  said  William  Crymes  .  .  ,  such  pte  and  so  much 
of  the  water  of  the  said  leate  ...  to  the  onlie  vses  in  and 
by  theyse  p''sents  lymited  specified  and  appointed  ...  to 
haue  hold  vse  occupie  possesse  and  enioy  all  and  singler 
the  said  demised  p''mises  .  .  .  from  the  dale  of  the  date  of 
theyse  p^^sents  vnto  the  ende  and  tearme  of  Two  and  Forty 
yeres  .  .  .  yeldinge  and  payinge  therfor  yerely  during  the 
said  tearme  vnto  the  said  maior  and  Comonalty  and  Thomas 
Drake  .  .  .  the  some  of  twelue  pence  lawfull  money  of 
Englande  .  .  .  and  the  saide  William  Crymes  .  .  .  covennteth 
pmiseth  and  granteth  to  and  with  the  said  maior  and 
Cominalty  the  said  Thomas  Drake  .  .  .  That  he  the  said 

Water  Property.  281 

William  Crymes  his  heires  executo'^  administrators  and 
assigns  .  .  .  shall  and  will  at  his  &  their  owne  pper  costs 
&  Charges  during  the  said  terme  well  and  sufficiently 
repeare  amende  vphold  and  maynetayne  all  such  breaches 
and  decayed  places  whatsoeu''  w^h  shall  at  any  tyme 
hereafter  happen  to  break  out  of  the  said  leate  or  water 
course  from  one  hedge  or  fence  scituat  and  beinge  nere 
the  house  of  One  William  Cominge  on  Rowborough 
Downe  aforesaide  and  so  downewarde  the  leate  or  water 
course  so  far  as  the  lands  and  inheritance  of  the  said  W" 
Crymes  called  Rowborough  Downe  aforsaid  doe  extende. 
And  also  shall  and  will  at  all  tyme  &  tymes  dureing  the 
Contynuance  of  the  said  lease  at  his  and  their  owne  pper 
costs  charges  and  expencs  finde  and  pvide  to  and  for  the 
better  assistance  and  helpe  of  the  said  Maior  &  Coialty  & 
their  successors  &  the  said  Thomas  Drake  &  his  assignes 
sixe  sufficient  and  labour  men  to  labour  and  worke  in  the 
tyme  of  Froste  for  the  clearinge  and  cleansinge  of  the 
said  leate  and  watercourse  in  ou'"  and  through  out  all  or 
anie  the  lands  of  gamaliell  Slaninge  esquier  scituat  in 
and  vppon  Rowborough  Downe  aforesaide  nowe  in  the 
tenure  of  Margarett  Heathe  widowe  And  the  saide 
William  Crymes  .  .  .  doth  further  Coveiiiite  ...  to  and 
with  the  said  Maior  and  Cominalty  and  to  and  with  the 
said  Thomas  Drake.  .  .  .  That  it  shall  and  male  be 
lawfull  to  and  for  the  said  Maior  and  Cominalty  and  the 
saide  Thomas  Drake  ...  at  all  tymes  hereafter  to  erecte 
and  builde  any  bridge  or  bridges  vppon  any  the  lands  of 
the  said  William  Crymes  called  Rowborough  Downe  ou'' 
w'^h  any  pte  of  the  saide  leate  doth  runne  towards  Plymouth 
aforesaide  for  the  better  and  easyer  passaige  of  traveilo"^^ 
and  carriags  ou''  the  said  leate  &  to  digg  cutt  haue  take  & 
Carry  away  any  earthe  turfes  and  stones  vppon  the  said 
downe  or  other  lands  of  the  sd  Crymes  through  w'^h  the 
sd  Ryver  doth  runne  for  the  makinge  and  reedifienge  and 
amendinge  of  any  the  said  brydgs  and  bancs  over  &  of 
the  said  Ryver  or  watercourse  in  vppon  &  throughout  the 
said  Downe  .  .  .  w°h  is  the  lands  of  the  sd  William 
Crymes.'  Lease  to  be  void  if  Crymes  do  not  fulfil  all  the 

[492]  Grant  by  Francis  Drake,  first  baronet,  of  moiety 
of  grist  mills,  Tields,  &c.*"fnrTe5Tdire  of- original  term  of  6"/ 
years  granted  by  Mayor  and -€ommonalty  to--Sir  Francis 
Drake,  Knight.    Made  to  William  Hele,  Thomas  Sherwell, 

282  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

and  Matthias  Nicholls,  executors  of  Robert  Rawlings,  on 
behalf  of  the  Hospital  of  Orphans  Aid. 

[493]  Copy  of  conveyance  of  fourth  part  of  the  mills 
for  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty  to  Robert  Gubbes  and 
Philip  Francis,  in  trust  for  the  Hospital  of  Orphans  Aid, 
with  fragment  of  conveyance.      1653. 

[494]  Lease  and  release  in  fee  of  fourth  part  of  mills 
from  Orphans  Aid  to  Mayor  and  Commonalty.  21,  22  Jan. 

[495]  Letter  from  C.  Bampfylde  of  Warleigh  concerning 
stream  from  leat  to  Warleigh,  desiring  same  stones  to  be 
put  up  again  to  bring  the  water  to  his  house.     2   Sept. 


[496]  Mill  Accounts  Book.    4  June,  1627-2  June,  1628. 

[497]  „  2  June,  1628-25  May,  1629. 

[498]  Mill  Accounts.     1627-31. 

[499]  Mill  Notes  of  Grain  ground.     1630-31. 

[500]  Audit  book  containing  accounts  of  tonnage  and 
rents  of  assize,  leased  by  Mayor  and  Commonalty  for  40 
years  with  the  keyage  and  cranage — lease  forfeited  1,6 
James  L  because  the  keys  and  cranes  were  not  kept  in 
repair  and  the  rent  unpaid  ;  when  Michael  Hunt,  who  had 
the  right,  surrendered.  Used  for  Mill  Accounts  1 729-1 792. 
Gross  rent  1729,  ;^440 ;  net  ^189  js.  $d.  Cost  of  fishing 
feast  1729,  £16  i2s.  6d.  1755-6,  stones  bought  for  leat  on 
Yannadon.     1729-92. 

[501]  Grant  by  H.  Hall,  of  Manadon,  of  liberty  to 
convey  stream  of  water  through  his  land  for  500  years. 

[502]     Ditto,  Willm.  Clark,  through  Gibbon's  Field. 

[503]     Ditto,  Hannah  and  Jane  How,  through  Gilvvell's. 

[504]  Bond  to  John  Arthur  concerning  channel  cut 
through  his  field  at  Houndiscombe.     1825. 

[505]     Plymouth  Dock  Water  x^ct.    33  Geo.  c.  85.     1795. 

[506]     Paper  relating  to  repair  of  leat.     1790  ct  seq. 

Water  Property.  283 

[507]  Formal  notices  cautioning  persons  against  damag- 
ing or  fouling  the  leat,  fishing  therein,  and  taking  water 
therefrom.      1800-27. 

[508]  Report  by  Shillabeer  as  to  breaches  in  leat,  and 
conduct  of  miller  of  Meavy. 

[509]  Authority  to  Rattenbury,  Shillabeer,  and  others 
to  repair  leat. 

[510]     Papers  relating  to  leat  within  borough.     1804-29. 

[511]  Complaints  of  defects  in  leat  beyond  borough. 
1 808-09. 

[512]     Reports  on  condition  of  leat.     1808-23. 

[513]  Complaints  of  damage  by  leat  beyond  borough. 

[514]     Application  touching  arches  over  leat.     1821-24. 

[515]  Papers  connected  with  new  reservoir  and  laying 
pipes.     1816-29. 

[516]  Proposal  by  Rattenbury  for  pipe  from  higher  to 
lower  water  house.      1822. 

[517]  Report  by  R.  Hopkins  that  Sampford  Spiney 
river  might  be  brought  in  six  miles  to  Dousland  Barn  for 
about  ;^5 00,  the  Plym  stream  three- miles  to  the  Weir 
Head  for  ^300.  If  these  not  available,  proposed  a  four  acre 
reservoir  at  Roborough — 30,000  cubic  yards  at  ^d.      1823. 

[518]  Papers  connected  with  miller's  leat  and  proposed 
reservoir  at  Meavy.      1826. 

[519]  Conditions  of  contract  between  John  Johnson  and 
Commissioners  of  Victualling  for  repairing  and  allowing 
Head  Weir  and  leat  on  Yennadon.     28  July,  1824. 

[520]  Agreement  of  Hugh  Mcintosh  for  laying  iron 
pipes.     1826. 

[521]  Rental  of  private  water  cocks.     1738. 

[522]  List  of  water  leases.     1801-29. 

[523]  List  of  all  who  hold  leases  of  the  water.     1821. 

[524]  „                 „                  „                     „           1824. 

[525]     Correspondence     concerning     mill     leases,     &c. 

[526]     Applications  for  mill   and    water   rights   beyond 
borough.      1803-25. 

[527]     General  applications  for  water  in   the  borough. 


284  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[528]  Application  for  water  leases  and  notices  of  water 
meetings.      1800-30. 

[529]  Letters,  &c.,  touching  supplies  of  water  to  govern- 
ment establishments. 

[530]  Letters  from  Sir  Masseh  Lopes  and  Giles  about 
mill  at  Jump,  and  lease  of  water  to  Mr.  Franco,  with  bill 
for  granite  for  construction  of  head  weir.      1817-26. 

[531]  Lease  to  John  Waddon  for  ever  at  lOi'.  yearly- 
rent  of  right  to  'convey  &  turne  a  mylle  streame  of  the 
water  course  that  runneth  from  the  horsenpool  lane  [now 
represented  in  part  by  Russell  St.]  to  Stonehouse  Lane 
...  in  the  same  trench  or  leate  and  in  the  same  manner 
as  the  same  is  now  conveyed  and  brought  to  the  only  use 
of  a  fulling  mill  lately  erected.'      1612. 

[532]  Draft  lease  of  banks  of  mill  pool,  from  John 
Waddon  to  John  Nicholson.     1636. 

[533]     Conveyance  of  part  of  malt  mill  meadow. 

[534]  „  of   ground   adjoining   fulling   mill — 

Thos.  Weston.     1682. 

[535]  „  of   landscore  adjoining  higher  mill. 


[536]     Mill  Leases—^.  Husband.     1673. 

[537]  „  malt— Wm.  Bartlett.     1704. 

[538]  „  grist — Jacob  &  John  Williams.    1704. 

[539]  „  paper  mill — R.  Netherton.     1710. 

[540]  „  fulling  mill — Robert  Hewer.     1737. 

[541]  „  „         Launcelot  Robinson.   1737. 

[542]  „  grist— Hoskin.     1763. 

[543]  ,,  house  for  washing  wool — John  Rab- 

johns.      1778. 

[544]     .         »  wool    washing-house — Sarah    Rab- 

johns.     1779. 

[545]  „  paper — W.  Dunsterville.     1779. 

[546]  „  malt— Digory  Mill.      1787. 

[547]  »  Assignment  of   three  new  leasehold 

mills — Messrs.  Tanner.      1801. 

[543]  „  tucking  or  fulling.     1804. 

[549]  „  paper — Frs.  Fincher.      1809. 

[550]  „  old  shammy — Peter  Welsford.     181 1. 

[551]  „  higher  malt— Edward  Toll.     18 19. 

Water  P roper tj.  '  285 

[552]     Tan  yard  lease  of  water — John  Tanner.     1803, 
[553]  ,,  Wm.  Dove.     1803. 

[554]  „  John  Allen.     1809. 

[555]     Lease  of  mill  house  and  garden — W.  H.  Symons 
to  B.  and  A.  Dunsterville. 

[553]     Draft  lease  of  water  to  victualling  office.     1746. 
[557]  „         Commissioners  sick  &  wounded.    1761. 

[558]  „  „  1 78 1. 

[559]     Duplicate  of  lease  to  Mill  Prison  for  Commissioners 
of  Transport  service.     181 3. 

[560]  Serjeant  Len's  opinions  on  the  assessment  of  the 
water  to  Property  Tax.      1804. 

[561]  Papers  touching  dispute  between  Corporation 
and  Mrs.  Amies  of  Sheepstor.      1804-08. 

[562]  Letters  concerning  supply  of  Stonehouse  by  Dock 
Company.      1 805. 

[563]  Complaints  by  Peter  Welsford  and  others  of 
scarcity  of  water  caused  by  miller  of  Meavy.      1808-26. 

[564]     General  complaints  of  scarcity  of  water.     1808-28. 

[565]  Letters  touching  supply  of  water  to  Ham.  Mr. 
G.  Collins  conjectures  that  the  supply  of  water  to  Ham 
was  compensation  for  taking  the  water  through  Trelawny 
Fields,  Mutley. 

[566]  Reply  to  Mr.  Fremantle,  M.P.,  on  behalf  of 
House  of  Commons,  that  the  Plymouth  water  works  were 
executed  '  in  the  reign  of  Elizabeth  at  the  expense  of  the 
Corporation  '• — altered  from  '  part  of  the  expense  paid  by 
the  Cjprporation  and  Th'e  remainder  by  Sir  F.  Drake.'     1821. 

[567]  Resolutions  for  raising  money  for  Plymouth 
Waterworks.     1826-29. 

[568]     Assessment  of  water  property  to  poor.     1829. 

[569]  Paper  concerning  the  claim  of  the  inhabitants  of 
Plymouth  to  the  water,  and  lawsuit  thereon  1829-31. 
J.  Whiteford  claims  that  'the  water  was  brought  to  the 
town  aT^the  sate  expense  of  the  Corporation';  W.  H. 
Tonkin,  '  that  the  water  was  brought  into  the  town  by 
the  Corporation  at  their  own  expense.'    "'^ 

[570]     Water  Accounts.     1824-34. 

0.  Hoe. 

[571]  Report  by  Mr.  Robert  Smith,  assistant  to  the 
Solicitor  to  the  Ordnance,  that  the  Eastern  Hoe  in  his 
opinion  belongs  to  the  Corporation.  His  papers  went 
back  to  '  1666  in  which  year  a  nunnber  of  houses  and 
snnall  pieces  of  land,  the  property  of  individuals,  were 
taken  possession  of  for  enlarging  the  Citadel ;  and  this 
appears  to  have  been  done  in  pursuance  of  the  King's 
Orders  in  Council  without  other  authority,  but  the  owners 
were  not  compensated  until  1679,  when  the  conveyances 
were  made.'  None  of  these  comprised  any  part  of  the 
Eastern  Hoe.  The  conveyance  of  Robert  Gubbs,  of  a 
close  containing  an  acre  near  the  Hoe  Gate  was  described 
as  bounded  with  '  the  Hoe  on  the  S,  a  way  leading  from 
Plymouth  towards  the  old  mills  on  the  N,  and  the  land  of 
Nicholas  Davies  M.D.  on  the  W,  and  the  lands  of  the 
Mayor  and  Commonalty  of  Plymouth  on  the  E.' 

1 1       [572]     General  Mercer  to  the  Mayor,  to  acknowledge  the 
U  Eastern  Hoe  the  property  of  the  Corporation.     27  Aug., 

H  1807. 

[573]  Letters,  &c.,  concerning  encroachments  on  glacis 
of  Citadel  by  military  authorities.      1808-15. 

LettefTrom  Mr.  John  Collier,  complaining  that  sundry 
huts,  dwellings,  and  pigsties  had  been  erected  on  the  waste 
near  the  glacis  of  the  Citadel,  and  were  a  great  nuisance. 
Notice  thereon  sent  to  the  tenants  to  pay  rents  to  the 
Mayor  or  take  distress.     25  April  1808. 

Mary  Woodward,  the  occupant  of  one  of  the  huts,  writes 
to  the  Mayor  and  Corporation  (4  Oct.  18 14).  The  hut  had 
been  sold  to  her  former  husband  in  1802  for  i^20.  In  1808 
she  had  to  pay  2s.  as  an  acknowledgment  to  the  Ordnance 
for  an  encroachment,  the  ground  having  been  originally 
granted  by  Gen.  Mercer  in  1800.  In  18 13  Dr.  Bellamy 
ordered  her  not  to  pay  anything  to  any  one,  unless  by 
order  of  the  Mayor  and  Corporation.  Now  notice  had 
been  given  her  by  the  Ordnance  that  this  and  the  other 
huts  would  be  pulled  down. 


Hoc.  287 

[574j     Complaints  of  trespassing  by   Military  on  Hoe.     JA 




[575]  Letters  asking  permission  for  Military  to  exercise 
on  Hoe.     1820-29. 

[576]  Letter  from  Sir  Denis  Pack  asking  for  corporate 
authority  to  Hoe.      1822. 

[577]     Letters   by    Dr.   Bellamy  and    Mr.    T.    Lockyer, 
acknowledging  the  thanks  of  the  Mayor  and  Commonalty     '; 
for  defending  the  public  rights  to  the  Hoe.      1822. 

[578]     Notice  to  let  Hoe  pasturage.     1807-24. 

[579]  Letter  from  Mr.  John  Hawker,  Chairman  of 
Committee  for  employing  the  poor,  that  it  is  proposed  to 
make  a  carriage  road  and  walk  under  the  Hoe.     18 16. 

[580]  Correspondence  relating  to  erection  of  Baths 
under  Eastern  Hoe.     1817-27. 

[581]  Application  by  H.  Gandy,  asking  leave  to  take  a 
few  loads  of  sand  from  under  the  Hoe  for  his  garden. 
18 18.     Granted. 

[582]  Diversions  on  Hoe.  Mr.  H.  Roberts,  Governor 
of  Guardians,  complains  of  wrestling  and  drinking  there. 

p.    Hotel  and  Theatre. 

[583]     Licenses,  &c.,  Old  Theatre.     1800-09. 

[584]  Miscellaneous  Papers  concerning  the  Royal  Hotel* 

[585]     Ditto  concerning  Theatre.     1815-30. 
[586]     Ditto  concerning  site  and  approaches  of  Hotel, 
Theatre,  Crescent,  &c.     1806-26. 

[587]     Letters,  &c.,  touching  site  of  Athenaeum.    1 8 1 8-24. 

[588]  Miscellaneous  Papers  touching  the  erection  of 
Hotel  and  Theatre,  with  notes  of  contracts  and  demands 
for  payment.      1809-22. 

[589]  Minute-book  of  Hotel,  Theatre,  and  Ballroom 
Committee.     1810-13. 

[590]  Minute-book  of  committee  for  managing  estates 
of  Corporation.  Notes  of  sales,  and  proposals  to  sell 
Hotel  and  Theatre.     1821-32. 

Q.    Market. 

[591]  Papers  connected  with  erection  of  *  new  market ' 
on  present  site,  &c.  1800-35.  [Aggregate  cost  about 
;^i 5,000  land  i^4000.] 

[592]     Notices  against  regrating.     1803-12. 

[593]     Tolls  and  dues.     1803-21. 

[594]     Notices  to  let.     1804-24. 

[595]  Cattle  Market  and  right  to.  doors  therein. 

[596]  Old  Fish-market,  Shambles,  and  Leather  Hall. 

[597]  Papers  concerning  alterations  of  Market-day. 

[598]     Papers  relating  to  stalls.     1808-27. 

[599]     Miscellaneous. 

R.    Official  Returns. 

[600]  Returns  of  Debtors.     1797-18 19. 

[601]  „          Population.     1801-11. 

[602]  „          Estreats.     1803-04. 

[603]  „          Militia  Billets.     1803. 

[604]  „          Calendars  of  Prisoners.     1805-26. 

[605]  „          Number  of  Victualling  Houses  in  the 
Borough.     1802-05  ;   1821-24. 

[606]  „          Offenders     against      Excise      Laws. 


[607]  „          Poor-rate  Defaulters. 

[608]  „          Gaol,  House  of  Correction.     1821-35. 

[609]  „          Short  Weights  and  Measures.     1822. 

[610]  „          Borough  Court.     1823-34. 

[611]  „          Names  of  Corporate  Officers.     1833. 

[612]  „          Magistrates  for  twenty  years.     1833. 

[613]  „          Borough  Prison.     1833. 

[614]  „          Elections.     1833-34. 

[615]  „          Local  Acts. 

[616]  „          Prosecution  Fees,  &c.     1835. 

S.    Deeds. 

There  are  a  number  of  ancient  deeds  of  various  kinds 
belonging  to  the  Corporation,  of  no  current  value,  and  few 
of  such  interest  as  to  require  special  note.  The  following, 
however,  may  be  particularized  : — 

[617]  William  Okelegh  to  William  Wrouke  ;  release  of 
rights  to  tenement  in  'lo  ward  de  Sutton  Vautort'  1381. 
[This  is  the  oldest  document  in  the  possession  of  the 
municipality ;  and  is  further  interesting  as  naming  Sutton 
Vautort  as  a  ward.] 

[618]  Deed  with  impression  of  original  seal  of  the 
municipality  of  Henry  VI.  The  Corporation  to  Thos. 
Cropp  and  Joan  his  wife,  property  between  Fine  well  and 
St.  Andrew  Streets.     20  Sept. — 18  Ed.  IV.     1479. 

[619]  Release  by  Henry  Lee  to  Mayor  and  Commonalty 
of  houses  and  garden  in  Market  and  St.  Andrew  Streets. 

[620]  Thos.  Tresawell  and  John  Gine  'capellus'  to 
Robt  Beare  and  Joan  his  wife,  house  garden  and  well  next 
the  Guildhall  on  north.  Mayor's  seal  put,  as  '  nra  pluribz 
fuit  incognita.'  3  June — 3  Hen.  VII.  [Clearly  this  was 
not  the  site  of  the  existing  old  Guildhall.] 

[621]  Copy  of  Corporation  lease  to  Avyes  Ceely  and 
William  and  Thomas  her  sons,  of  tenement,  stable,  and 
garden,  in  Green  St.     1592. 

[622]  Serjeant  Hele  to  Thomas  Crane — feoffment  of 
property  in  Catherine  Lane,  with  signature  of  Elize  Hele. 
1594.  Also  conveyance  by  same  Crane  to  Walter  Mathew. 

[623]  Lease  by  Mayor  and  Commonalty  to  Rd. 
Trelawny  of  houses  built  on  part  of  almshouse  garden. 
1602.     [Basket  St.] 

[624]  Lease  of  *  Parrett '  in  Looe  St.  Signature  and 
seal  of  Sir  Richard  Hawkyns.     1604. 

[625]  Andrew  White's  feoffment  to  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty, property  in  Old  Town.     1608. 

Deeds.  29 1 

[626]  Lease  to  Hugh  May  of  a  '  little  plott  waste  & 
voyd  piece  of  ground,  lately  taken  in  by  one  John  Dovvrich 
als  Lydbroke  from  the  head  of  the  highway  leading  from 
Plymouth  to  Saltash  adjoyning  a  close  wherethroughe  the 
mill  streame  nowe  runneth.'     1619. 

[627]  Lease  to  John  Bounde  of  plot  of  ground  by  old 
mills,     1623. 

[628]  Lease  to  P.  Andrewe — 'and  alsoe  all  that  well 
lately  digged  made  and  enclosed  by  the  said  Phillip  Andrewe 
in  the  lane  leading  from  Totehyll  to  Catt  downe  and 
commonly  called  St.  Andrews  well'     1631. 

[629]  Gifford's  release  of  right  of  Gregory  Park  to  Mayor 
and  Commonalty.     1635. 

[630]  Sale  to  John  Martyn  of  land  'neere  the  late  howse 
called  the  mawdlyn  howse  .  .  .  neere  Plymouth.'     1648. 

[631]  Richard  Trevill  had  newly  erected  a  house  called 
the  'George'  at  the  corner  of  Katherine  or  Ducks  lane 
(now  Trevill  St.).  Philip  Westaway  had  the  lease  of  the 
right  to  put  up  a  sign  post  there  'and  a  convenient  wall  for 
a  sifting  place  by  the  same.'     1652. 

[632]  Frankfort  gate  house  newly  built,  lately  in  the 
occupation  of  Thomas  Gill.     1652. 

[633]  Barbican  gate  house  leased  to  Richd.  Vinson, 
who  had  built  it  over  and  by  the  side  of  the  gate.    1654. 

[634]  Lease  to  Timothy  Alsop  of  waste  ground  at  the 
Barbican  160  ft.  north  and  south — extending  south  from 
the  Barbican  to  the  Hoe  Gate  ;  sea  and  Lammy  south  ; 
road  from  the  Barbican  to  the  Hoe  west.     1655. 

[635]  Martyn's  Gate  leased  to  John  Martyn  in  1656, 
having  been  then  lately  erected  by  the  Mayor  and  Com- 
monalty. It  adjoined  property  of  Martyn,  had  three  rooms 
over  and  was  18  ft.  4  in.  east  to  west  and  14  ft.  6  in.  north 
to  south. 

[636]  Old  Town  Gate  house  and  toft  and  waste  adjoining 
leased  to  Wm.  Yeo.  Lately  erected  by  the  Mayor  and 
Commonalty,  and  in  which  John  Watts  lately  dwelt.  42  ft. 
east  to  west,  18  north  to  south.     1656. 

[637]  Hoe  Gate  house,  late  in  possession  of  Reginald 
Streamer,  sold  to  John  Addis.     1695. 

T.    Miscellaneous. 

[638]  Stewards'  rough  record  book  of  Manor  Courts — 
2  Ed.  VI.  to  2  Philip  and  Mary.  Manors  dealt  with : 
Berealston,  Bereferrers,  Bradford,  Brixton  English,  Brixton 
Reyney,  Buratone,  Carpeke,  Cartford,  Chalonsleigh,  Corn- 
wood,  Cornworthy,  Denyton,  Dunston,  Fardell,  Hearston, 
Hemerdon,  Lyneham,  Maker,  Stonehouse,  Sutton  Vautort, 
Worthele.  The  volume  has  no  connection  with  the 
Corporation  or  any  then  corporate  property,  but  probably 
had  something  to  do  with  the  Heles.  It  may  have  belonged 
to  the  private  practice  of  a  Town  Clerk  or  other  borough 
official,  and  so  have  found  its  way  among  the  Corporate 
Muniments,  like  Serjeant  Hele's  Precedent  Book,  or  the 
volume  next  calendared. 

[639]  Rough  account  book,  apparently  lawyer's,  re- 
ferring to  John  and  Nicholas  Hele,  Fowell,  and  others. 

[640]     Bundle    of    Notes    of    Sermons    in    Shorthand. 


[641]     Copy  of  will  of  John  Hele.     165 1. 

[642]  Parcel  of  drafts  of  old  deeds  and  papers  of 
examinations  under  Court  of  Chancery,  mostly  17th 
century,  connected  with  the  locality  but  not  with  the 
Corporation.  Some  appear  to  be  associated  with  Henry 
Rexford's  private  business. 

[643]  Account  of  Edmund  Lockyer's  expenses  as 
Ma3'or — 17  Sept.  1821  to  29  Sept.  1822 — the  total  being 
/"167  4s.  od.,  of  which  £^6  were  paid  for  gates  and 
piers  on  the  Hoe.  Perquisites  in  fish,  Oct.  i  to  May 
18,  when  he  gave  them  up  on  the  complaint  of  the 
fishermen,  ioj-.  3^.,  including  pilchards,  flatfish,  herrings, 
plaice,  whiting,  mackerel,  pouting,  dabs,  and  sundries. 
Fees  for  '  powers '  and  certificates  sealed,  and  on  salvage 
accounts  £g  8s.  Total  official  receipts  £g  8s.,  which  were 
spent  in  addition  to  the  £i6y  4s.  od. 

Miscellaneous.  293 

Payments  included  :  17  Sept.  Constables  on  Election 
day  ^i  ;  20  charters  2s.  21  Sept.  Freedom  day,  2s.  6d. 
each  to  the  two  chief  freedom  boys  landed  from  the  boats 
at  the  Victualling  Office  and  Garrison  ;  Donk  and  another 
man  who  protected  them  2s. ;  23  charity  boys  who  went 
the  bounds  is.  6d.  each;  their  master  and  mistress  ^s.  each; 
Thomas  Steele  buns  for  the  boys  6d.  each,  their  master 
and  mistress  is,  6d.  each,  and  buns  distributed  on  the  Hoe 
— total  £1  i()s.  6d.;  apples  given  away  iii-.  Sd.;  porter's 
attendance  4^.  ;  broken  glass  is. ;  hire  of  boats  for  the  boys 
15s.  and  the  two  chief  men  2s.  6d.  each  ;  sundries  given  at 
the  breakfast  in  the  morning  £2  ;  four  bottles  of  Madeira 
from  'own  stock'  given  with  the  buns  on  the  Hoe  £1. 
Total  expenses  of  Freedom-day  £g  ^s.  8d. 

29  Sept.  Mayor  Swearing  day.  Constables  on  his  being 
sworn  into  office  £1  ;  watchman  is.  ;  band  South  Devon 
Militia,  their  attendance  to  and  from  church — master  5^-. 
men  2s.  6d.  each — £2;  total  £2  is. 

Sessions  dinners  cost  £6  to  £y  each. 

The  town  sergeants  had  is.  each  attendance  with  letters, 
&c.,  each  day — one  at  a  time. 

Collections  at  Sacrament  is.  each. 

17  Sept.  1822.  Dinner  to  loi  freemen  and  3  or  4 
private  friends  cost  £yi  gs.  2d.  altogether.  Venison  sent 
from  London  by  Sir  W.  Congreve  cost  2^s.  in  carriage  ; 
Whiddon's  bill  at  Royal  ^^42  i  is.  6d. ;  Richard  Fillis  for 
wines,  ;^2i  8j.  ;  wine  from  own  cellar  £1  ;  Marine  band 
^3  T)S. ;  use  of  posts  and  setting  up  of  flags  in  front  of 
the  hotel   ioj". 

Papers,  chiefly  priiited  resolutions  of  public  meetings  on 
extra-municipal  matters,  1800-30,  arranged  in  packets 
luider  the  folloiving  heads : 

[644]     Breakwater. 

Admiralty  memorialised  against  discharge  of  men.   1817. 

[645]     Chamber  of  Commerce. 

Henry  Woollcombe  as  Mayor  in  pursuance  of  requisition, 
signed  by  Lord  Boringdon,  Hawker  &  Sons,  J.  Elford, 
Edmund  Lockyer,  Widow  Symons  and  Son,  and  George 
Forsyth,  called  meeting  7  Dec.  181 3  to  consider  the  means 
of  promoting  the  establishment  of  an  extensive  trade  in 
the  town.  Committee  appointed  to  report  how  object 
could  best  be  carried  out,  with  special  instructions  to 
consider  the  desirability  of  establishing  in  the  port  some 

294  Plymouth  Mmticipal  Records. 

permanent  society  for  the  encouragement  of  trade,  Mr. 
Soltau's  plan  and  any  other  to  be  specially  considered. 
28  Dec.  committee  reported  and  books  were  opened  at  the 
bank  to  take  names  of  all  who  desired  to  become  members 
of  the  Chamber. 

[646]     Charities. 

Fund  raised  to  relieve  poor  by  importing  herrings  at 
prime  cost  from  Firth  of  Forth  and  distributing  them. 

Efiforts  made  to  relieve  poor  during  'present  stagnation 
of  commerce'  and  'want  of  employment.'  Special  object 
relief  of  manufacturing  and  labouring  poor.     18 16. 

Meetings  and  subscriptions  for  relief  of  foreigners  of 
various  nations.      1803-30. 

Charitable  movements  of  a  local  character  include — Fire 
at  Chudleigh  (1807),  estimated  loss  iT/;  insurance, 
i^ 1 6,000;  subscriptions  iJ"  10,000  up  to  June  19;  over  ;!^iooo 
from  Plymouth.  Great  damage  caused  by  a  gale  (1821) 
in  Bideford  Bay;  31  fishermen  and  pilots  lost  their  lives  ; 
£1200  damage  to  boats  and  nets.  Meeting  to  relieve  the 
disaster  caused  within  the  port  of  Plymouth  (Nov.  1824) 
by  gale.     1807-24. 

British  and  Irish  charities  outside  the  Two  Counties 
publicly  given  to,  include — Killed  and  wounded  at  Copen- 
hagen; Lloyd's  Patriotic  Fund;  soldiers'  wives  and  families 
returned  from  Spain  ;  British  prisoners  from  France,  many 
of  whom  landed  at  Plymouth  destitute ;  British  prisoners 
in  France ;  relief  of  widows  and  orphans  of  St.  George, 
Defence,  Hero,  Grasshopper,  and  Saldanha,  shipwrecked  ; 
for  Waterloo  (Aug.  181 5  ;^482  \6s.  2d);  distress  in  Ireland 
and  in  the  manufacturing  districts.     1801-26. 

[647]     Coal  duties. 

Meetings  for  repeal  of  duties.  1818-19.  Duties  6s.  6d. 
per  chaldron,  with  extra  duty  of  is.  per  Newcastle 

Total  annual  duty  of  Devon,  ^42,626,  only  exceeded  in 
the  provinces  by  Norfolk,  Essex,  and  Hants ;  Cornwall, 

[648]     Corn  Laws. 

Petition  against  alteration.      18 14. 

[649]     County  Rates. 

[650]     Criminal  Code. 

Petitions  for  revision  as  too  severe.     18 19-21. 

Miscellaneous.  295 

[651]     Custom  House. 

Petition  1805  to  alter  hours  at  Custom  House,  then 
9  to  12  and  2  to  4.     1805. 

Steps  taken  to  obtain  application  of  Warehousing  Acts. 

[652]     East  India  Charter. 
Renewal  petitioned  against.     18 12. 

[653]     Education. 

Meeting  to  consider  how  to  educate  the  children  of  the 
poor  who  could  not  pay.     May,  1S09. 

Meeting  to  establish  infant  school.     1S27. 

[654]     Gas  Company. 

Meeting  held  24  July,  1817,  to  consider  the  formation 
of  a  company  to  light  the  town  with  gas.  Decision  that 
it  would  be  advisable  to  substitute  gas  for  oil  in  lighting 
the  town,  and  appointment  of  committee  26  Dec.  1820. 
Report  presented  to  meeting  30  April,  1822. 

[655]     Illuminations  and  Rejoicings. 

Bonfire  and  fireworks  on  Hoe,  1813,  for  battle  of 
Leipsic.     Beer  and  cakes,  &c.,  given  away. 

General  illumination,  dinner,  ball,  &c.,  and  dinner  to 
charity  children  in  market-place,  for  peace  with  France. 
Order  that  the  inhabitants  who  from  religious  professions 
or  other  causes  did  not  think  fit  to  express  their  joy  by 
illuminating  were  not  to  be  molested.     15  Jan.  18 14. 

[656]     Insolvent  Debtors  and  Small  Debt  Courts. 

Insolvent  Acts  petitioned  against.      18 16,  18 19,  1823. 

William  Jacobson,  in  1807,  at  his  own  cost,  brought  in  a 
bill  for  a  Court  of  Requests  in  Plymouth  and  neighbouring 
towns.  After  being  read  a  second  time  it  was  opposed  by 
Corporation  of  Plymouth  as  an  infringement  of  their 
rights.  In  1824,  however,  a  meeting  was  held  in  favour  of 
the  establishment  of  a  Court  of  Conscience,  Jacobson  one 
of  the  promoters. 

[657]     Licensing. 

[658]     Lighting  and  Paving. 

[659]     Local  Jurisdictions. 

[660]     Life  Boat. 

Mayor  and  Corporation  formally  welcome  at  Barbican 
Life  Boat  given  to  the  town  by  Mr.  Philip  Langmead, 
then  brought  into  Sutton  Pool.     July,  1803. 

296  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[661]     Mendicity  Society. 
Meeting  to  form,      17  Nov.  18 17. 

[662]     Plymouth  Dock  Police  Bill. 

A  committee  appointed  in  1809  to  consider  the  Ply- 
mouth Dock  Police  Bill  proposed  a  clause  providing  that 
no  jurisdiction  should  be  exercised  by  the  Dock  justices  in 
Plymouth  ;  and  that  both  they  and  all  persons  appointed 
under  the  Act  should  be  disqualified  for  voting  for  Ply- 
mouth or  the  counties  of  Devon  and  Cornwall.  Eventually 
the  inhabitants  of  Plymouth  objected  to  the  bill  as  '  a 
gross  and  unnecessary  violation  of  the  chartered  Rights 
Jurisdictions  and  Franchises  of  the  Mayor  Magistrates  and 
Commonalty  of  the  Borough  of  Plymouth,  and  of  the 
legal  Privileges  of  the  Merchants  Shipowners  and  In- 
habitants thereof.'  Also  that  '  the  said  Bill  has  a  Tendency 
to  create  a  Power  &  Influence  in  the  said  Borough  which 
may  be  used  to  controul  the  free  choice  of  its  Representa- 
tives to  Parliament'  The  Bill  was  therefore  opposed  in 
the  Commons  ;  and  shortly  after  Mr.  Langmead  writes 
that  Sir  T.  Tyrwhitt  'relinquished  his  iniquitous  police 

[663]     Porthleven  Harbour  Bill. 

Opposed  until  passing  toll  given  up.     181 1. 

[664]     Property  Tax. 

Petitioned  against  on  the  score  of  want  of  distinction 
between  real  and  personal  property,  and  of  its  oppressive 
and  inquisitorial  character. 

[665]     Power  of  Magistrates  in  Workhouses. 

[666]     Receipt  Tax. 

[667]     Roman  Catholic  Relief. 

Petition  against  further  concessions  to  Roman  Catholics 
and  giving  them  political  power.     1827. 

[668]     Shipping. 

[669]     Slavery. 

Meetings  against  Slave  Trade  and  Negro  Slavery,  and 
for  the  mitigation  of  Slavery  in  the  Colonies.      1814-28. 

[670]     Tithes,  Agriculture,  Manufacture,  and  Commerce. 

Petition  (18 15)  against  a  combination  of  Interests  to  raise 
the  price  of  Grain  to  the  benefit  of  the  Landholders,  at  the 
expense  of  the  Manufacturing  and  Commercial  part  of  the 
the  Nation  and  the  Community  at  large — that  after  their 

Miscellaneous.  297 

sacrifices  the  public  had  a  right  to  expect  on  the  return 
of  peace  a  permanent  reduction  in  the  necessaries  of  life ; 
that  to  put  the  farmer  in  a  better  position  and  enable  him 
to  bring  produce  to  the  market  at  a  fair  advantage  to 
himself  the  rents  of  estates  should  be  reduced ;  that  the 
tithe  laws  should  be  modified  ;  that  there  should  be  free 
and  unrestrained  transit  of  grain  to  and  from  any  part  of 
the  United  Kingdom  and  its  dependencies ;  that  an  act  for 
a  general  enclosure  of  waste  lands  throughout  the  kingdom, 
with  an  exemption  from  tithes  for  ever  and  from  taxes  for 
thirty  years,  would  be  an  encouragement  to  the  spirit  of 

[671]    Turnpikes  and  Diligences. 

[672]    Volunteers. 

[673]    Weights  and  Measures. 

General  and  formal  papers,  largely  non-municipal,  and  none 
of  any  current  busifiess  value,  classified  as  follows : 

[674]  Alien  papers  and  Passports. 

[675]  Application  for  Leases. 
[676]  „  for  grants  of  Lives. 

[677]  „  and  notices,  concerning  Rent. 

[678]  Apprentices. 

[679]  Billet  papers  and  Baggage  orders. 

[680]  Cautions  issued  by  Mayor  against  sundry  offences. 

[681]  Carmen  and  Porters. 

[682]  Convicts. 

[683]  Convoy  Papers. 

[684]  Corn  Returns  and  Assize  of  Bread. 

[685]  Certificates. 

[686]  Deserters. 

[687]  Dogs,  and  notices  relating  thereto. 

[688]  Fire  Engines. 

[689]  Formal  Notices  of  Meetings. 

[690]  „       Appointments  of  Meetings. 

T  3 

298  Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

[691]  General  Correspondence. 

[692]  Gunpowder  Seizures. 

[693]  Highways. 

[694]  Insolvent  Courts  and  Debtors. 

[695]  Informations  and  Depositions. 

[696]  Invitations. 

[697]  Land  and  Assessed  Taxes. 

[698]  Official  Letters  of  Enquiry. 

[699]  Personal  Correspondence. 

[700]  Petitions. 

[701]  „        for  Remission  of  Sentence. 

[702]  Police  and  Magisterial  Papers. 

[703]  Police   and    Sessions    Business,    Correspondence 

[704]  Poor  Law  and  Vagrancy. 

[705]  Scavenging  and  Cleansing. 

[706]  Smuggling  and  Excise  Offences. 

[707]  Victuallers  and  Victualling  Houses. 

[708]  Weights  and  Measures. 


Abbess  of  Syon — 30. 

Abbot  of  Buckland— 10,  11,  35. 

Acts — Incorporation,  9 ;  dividing  the 
parishes,  9,  252 ;  re-edifying  de- 
cayed houses,  47 ;  water,  9,  265  ; 
almshouse,  195,  207;  leasing  vicar- 
age houses,  252. 

Admiralty,  Court  of— 60,  74,  81,  206. 

warrant — 12 1. 

Admiral,  Lord — 42,  loi,  129, 137, 160, 

Adventure,  Town,  with  Drake — 126, 

Advowsons — 4,  41,  159. 

Aid  money  to  Lady  Elizabeth — 147. 

Aiscue,  Sir  G. — 164. 

Albemarle,  Isabella,  Countess  of — 35. 

Aldermen — 82,  85. 

Ale  and  beer,  price  of — 60. 

wayts  books — 181. 

Ale  stakes  put  down — 80. 

Algiers — 152,  246. 

Aliens — 29,  52,  112,  242,  244,  297. 

Almshouses — 25,  72,  74,  77,  79,  142, 
163,  165,  19s,  207,  256,  259. 

Angell  cleaned — 139. 

Anson,  Lord — 177. 

Apology  by  Eliot — 43.  / 

Appointments^S5,  86. 

Apprentices— 48,  52,  66,  238,  297. 

Apprenticeship  books — 84. 

Argosy  defended  by  town  against 
Frenchmen — 106. 

Armada — 19. 

Armenton,  fitting  out  ship — 129. 

Arnysetell,  John — 41.  y 

Arthur  Plantagenet,  exemption  from 
jurisdiction  of  Lord  Admiral,  42. 

dirge  of  Prince — 97. 

Arundell,  Lord — 109,  167;  receipt  for 
costs,  209  ;  263. 

Ashley,  Sir  J. — 159. 

Ashprington — 226. 

Ash  water — 129. 

Assize  of  ale— 10,  107. 

Athenceum,  288. 

Auters  Well — 259. 
Award  by  King,  L.  C.  J. 
Aysshe.     See  Saltash. 


Bagpipe  player — 129. 

Bagwell's  pension  withdrawn — 202. 

Bailiff,  Water — 26,  54,  59,  74. 

Bailiffs  of  Sutton  Prior — 12. 

Bail  books — 193. 

Ballads  —  seditious,    242;  scurrilous, 

Ballasting  in  Hamoaze — 3. 
Bampfield,  Sir  J. — 181. 
Banishments — order  for,  28;   50,  52, 

Barbican — 147,    154,   156,    163,    164, 

168,  179,  263, 

gate,  291. 

Barnehay — 68,  69. 

Barnstaple— 3,  47,  219,  223,  225,  228. 

Baron,  B. — gift,  261. 

Barricades — 21,  137-139. 

Basket  St. — 257. 

Bath,  Earl  of — 21,  211. 

Bath,  Prior  of — annuity  to,  34. 

Batten,  Adml.  — 161,  184. 

Mount — 170,  264. 

breakwater — 264. 

Bayntun's  award — 263. 

Beacon — 43,  136. 

Bearherd — 102. 

Bear  bay  ting — 102. 

Bear's  head — 151. 

Beating  bounds — 90,  102,  139,  145. 

Beer,  not  to  be  carried  through  streets 

^on  Sundays — 61. 

— —  measures — 153. 

sellers,  29. 

for  Bishop — 141. 

Bells — 21,  25,  136. 
Benefice,  letters  for — 122. 
Benevolence — 89,  90. 
Bennet,  Joan — trust,  260, 
Bere — 97. 

Berealston  and  Ferrers — 292. 
Bickleigh— 10,  35. 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Bideford— 47,  223,  227,  294. 

Bigbury  Bay — 128. 

Billet  papers— 297. 

Black  bills  or  clubs,  inhabitants  to  be 

provided  with — 55, 
Blackawton — 13,  41. 
Black  Bool'— I  ^-^S.  ,y 

Blake,  Adml.  — 164,  207.  ^^ 
Bodmin,  Prior  of — 106. 

121,  129. 

Bonaparte's  abdication — 246. 
Bondyn,  R.— 36. 

Boringdon,  Lord — embankment,  245. 
Borough  Court — 60, 68,  69,  76, 192-4, 

211,  229-32,  289. 

Rental,  first  preserved — 71. 

Bound  stones — 103,  109,  117,  178. 

Bovey — 117. 

Bradford — 292. 

Breach  of  Promise — 229. 

Bread,  Assize  of — 10,  63,  297. 

Breakwrater — 247,  264,  291,  293. 

Bretons — 102,  112,  118,  136,  218. 

Brewers — orders  for,  61. 

Bridewell — 123. 

Brixton — 81,  292. 

Broke,  Lord— 90,  96-98,  103,  118. 

Buckland  Monachorum — 10,  li,  35, 

I30>  135- 
Bude,  St.,  made  separate  chapelry,  41. 
Budoc  and  Pancras— 196. 
Bull  baiting— 14s,  167. 
Bulls  and  pardons  burnt — 22. 
Buratone — 292. 
Burgesses  of  Parliament — 54,  60,  91, " 

94,    97,    99,    107,    112,    114,    116, 

121,  125,   143,  144,  153,  159,  166, 

167,  170,  171,  189,  227. 

who  refuse  to  serve — 195. 

Burning  chest  in  Council  Chamber — 

Burrough — gift,  262. 
Bushelage  and  keelage  books — 180. 
Butsyde,  Roger — 230. 
Butts— 95,  99. 
Bye-laws — See  constitutions. 

books — 82. 

Bylbury  brygge — 69. 

Cage,  Old  Town^i6i. 

for  scolds — 98. 

Cales,  expedition — 19,  137-140;  ship 

sent  by  town,  140. 
Captives — 61,  180. 
Cargrayne — 118. 
Carmen  and  porters — 297. 
Carryers — 90-92. 
Carswell,  Simon— book,  67-76. 
Cartel  ships — 241. 
Carting  — 128,  137. 

Castile,  King  of,  landed — 97. 
Castle — 14,   17,   18,  20,   58,   92,  95, 

97-99,    109,    120,    138,    142,    145, 

151,  £54,  160,  257. 

Council  to  inhabit  in  time  of 

war — 58. 

hake — 98,  109,  117. 

Catte — le,  69  ;  76. 

Cattedown — 127,  136,  264,  290. 

Cattewater — grant  of,  3 ;  decay  of,  4  ; 

III,  263,  264. 
Caudle  cup  given — 169. 
Cavalier  rising — 164. 
Cawsand — 127,  137,  172,  202. 
Cawse — 50,  60,  90,  92,  98-100,  104, 

105,  109,  119,  121,  125,  150,  155, 

157,  168,  263. 

at  Coxside — 58. 

at  Southside — 18. 

Cecil,  Sir  R. — 134,  139. 

Certificates — 297. 

Chalices  and  chapels — list  of,  30;  108. 

Challonsleigh — 292. 

Chamber  of  Commerce — 293. 

Chamberlains — 86. 

Champerno wne,   Arthur  — 119,    1 2 1 , 


Richard — 140. 

Chantries— 36,  42,  44,  107,  115,  116. 

Chapel  in  fort — 142, 

Charities — 44,  45,  161,  162,  232-234, 

256-262,  294. 

charge  of  misappropriating — 238. 

Charles  I. — 2  ;  at  Plymouth,  23. 
Charles  IL — 6,  24  ;  at  Plymouth,  24, 


chapel — 255. 

church — licence  to  build,  4;  23, 

25 ;   order  for   building,   62 ;   rate 

for,  207  ;  209,  213,  220,  221,  239, 

instrument  of  consecration 


petition  for — 206. 

Charmouth — 231. 

Charters,  Plymouth — i,  2,  4,  6-10, 
21,  24,  39,  83,  84,  94,  116,  142, 
145,  146,  152,  169,  170,  211,212. 

vernacular  of  Henry  VI.,  with 

bounds — 75. 

Newbury — 13. 

— —  Saltash — 135. 

Chesroan,  Prince  of — 173. 

Cholera — 107,  108. 

Chudleigh — 104,  294. 

Churches— 4,  23,  25,  37-42,  44,  62, 
72,  73.  87,  91,  93,  94,  98,  107,  no, 
124,  137,  138,  163,  195,  206,  207, 
209,  213,  220,  250-255. 

ale— 29,  88. 



Churches,  lands — 112. 

plate  and  jewels — no,  113. 

seats— 61,  65,  93,  94,  100,  loi, 


strangers  not  to  gather  in — 5 1. 

vestments — 26,  232,  233. 

Churchyard — 21,  124,  138,  143,  152, 

156,  163. 

new — 165,  166. 

Citadel    Hill,    letter   from    Board   of 

Ordnance  touching  right  to — 212. 
Clasiewell — -4. 

Clynedon,  Matthew  de — 10. 
Clynke— 89. 
Coal  duties — 294. 

Cochrane,  Lortl — action  against,  243. 
Cokeram,  Martin — 231. 
Collier,  J.,  account  book — 176-179. 
Compass—  18,  121, 124,  127,  147,  168. 
Compton— 10,   26,   69,    73,    79,    88, 

127,  128,  133,  138,  196,  259. 
Conde,  Prince  of — 126,  127. 
Conduits — 18,   21-23,  93.    '2i,    125, 

135.     137,     139,     I43>     145.     172. 
Conspiracy  of  workmen  to  raise  wages 

Constables — 55 ;  presentments  by,  207. 
Constitution  Books — 82. 
Contract  books — 189. 
Copes — 26,  232,  233. 
Commissioners,  orders  by— 212. 
Convoy  papers — 297. 
Corn,  sales  and  trade,  &c. — 21,   58, 

147,   202,    215,    217;    laws,    294; 

returns,  291. 

market — 147. 

Cornu,  Walter — li. 
Cornwall,  insurrections  in — 16,  17. 
Cornwood,  Cornvvorthy — 292. 
Coroners— 8,  69,  86,  169,  172, 
Corporals — 86. 
Corporate  officers — 289. 
Corporation  coffer  broken  open — 245^ 
Corpus  Christi — 29,  34,  72,  161. 
Cottle,  Mark — fee,  74,  161. 
Council,  lists  of — 14,  36. 
Courtenay,  Sir  W.,  exequies — loS.    ^ 
Cowch— gift,  238. 
Coxside — 179,  264. 
Cranage  books — 180. 
.  Cromwell,  Secretary — 

Protector — 164,  166.     -  * 

Cross,  Town — 37. 

Crossedowne  — 69. 

Crymes  indenture — 22,  279. 

Cucking  stool— 89,  106,  118.  •  ' 

Custom  house — 127  ;  key,  209. 

Customs — r,  2,  10, 150,  210,  213,  214. 

exorbitant  fees — 236,  294. 

Customs,  small  Corporation— 209. 

town— 95,  130,  181. 

in  Cornish  ports,  temp.  Edward 

III.— 213. 

Cuthyll— 98. 

Dancing  bear — 107. 

■ money — 88. 

wife — 107. 

Dartmoor,  outbreak  at  prison — 246. 

Dartmouth — 3,  17,  21,  47,  70,  77, 
103,  105,  113,  152,  219,  223,  225, 
227,  22s. 

Dean  and  Chapter  Exeter — 69,  73,  74, 

Dearth — 19. 

Debtors— 289. 

Decay  of  town — 41,  119. 

De  Cheigny— 35. 

Deeds — entered  in  Black  Book,  44-47  ; 
290,  292. 

Defences — i,  2,  17,  18,  20,  21,  41, 
44,  58;  rate  for,  59;  63,  89-105, 
107,  109,  113,  114,  116,  118,  121, 
123,  124,  127-131,  133-140,  151, 
153-156,  159-163,  165,  167,  170, 
196,  208,  213-215,  218,  220,  235. 

Denyton — 292. 

Deserters — 297, 

Devon,  Earls  of — 31. 

Diego,  Botellio — 124. 

Digby,  Sir  J.  — 148. 

Disfranchisement  for  not  taking  part 
in  defence  of  town — 58. 

Disorderly  women — 248. 

Dock,  Plymouth— 170,  177,  255. 

Water  Act — 282. 

Doddebroke — 69. 

Domb  man  made  to  speak — 127. 

Domesday — 35. 

Dousland  Barn — 283. 

Downeman's  key — 143. 

Drake,  Sir  F. — return  from  circum- 
navigation, 18;  19-21  ;  63;  lease 
by,  79;  123-139,  196;  letter  from, 
197  ;  203,  235,  270,  275,  279,  285. 

portrait  of — 150,  168. 

wills  of — 212. 

Thos.  — 143,  144. 

's  Island.  See  St.  Nicholas  Island. 

Drummer,  agreement  with,  238. 

Ducking  stool — 141,  146,  168. 

Duel— 247. 

Duke  of  York — 179. 

Dung  key — 159. 

Dunning,  John,  on  office  of  clerk  of 
market — 9. 

Dunston — 292. 

Dutch — heinous  offence  by,  135;  150, 
217,  218. 



Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 


East  Gate — 143  ;  pool  by,  145. 
East  India  Company — 218;  charter, 

Eastland   Company,  petition  against 

monopoly — 205. 
East  Looe — 3,  223,  227,  228. 
Edgcumbe,  Sir  Piers — 67,  71-73,  75, 

77,  93.  98,  105,  107,  109. 

• Sir  R. — 49,  115,  204. 

Education — 295. 

Edward  VI.,  coronation — 114. 

Prince — 178. 

Effingham,  Howard  of — 197. 
Efford — 78.  [Several  pla       named.] 
Egg  Buckland  — 10,  II,  20,  262. 
Egyptians — 121. 
Elections — freemen's  votes  refused,  24; 

33,  47,  85,  211,  289. 

for  Cornwall— 245. 

EUord's  freedom — 144,  147. 
Elizabeth,  Queen — death,  22. 
Ermington — 79,  112. 
Essex,  Earl  of — 137,  138,  235. 
Estates,  corporate — orders  respecting, 

60-64  ;   198,  219,  235. 
'  Estkyng' — 76. 
Estreats — 289. 

books — 194. 

'  Evidence  '  burnt — 17. 
Examination  books — 193. 
Executions — 103,  244. 
Exchange— 165,  168,  170,  171. 
Excise  offences — 289,  298. 
Exeter— 24,  36,  93,  94,  97,  100,  104, 

107,  109,  III,  123,  130,  145,  160, 

164,  227,  239. 
Expeditions— 16,  17,  19-23,  137,  152. 

Fairfax,  Sir  T.  — 161. 

Falmouth— 77,  227. 

Fardell — 292. 

Feasts   and    banquets  —  26,    54,   65. 

[Entries  of  banquets  abound  in  the 

Receivers'  accounts.] 
Fee-farm  rent — 12,  13,  70,  195,  262. 
Fees  to  king's  servants — 205. 
Fiddle  in  public  houses — 247. 
Fifteenth,  Tenth  and— 26,  48,  88. 
Fines — levied  on  'forreyns,'  22;  51  ; 

for  refusing  office,    54,    161,    167  ; 

60;  wrong  customs,  117;  136,  157. 
Fire  beacon — 69,  87,  10 1. 

engines — 173,  177,  297. 

Fishers  Nose — 136,  156. 
Fisheries— 38.     See  Newfoundland. 

at  Plymouth  before  foundation 

of  town— 36,  37. 

Fishing  feast — 176,  178. 

Fish  market — 143  ;  Sunday,  247. 

perquisites,  Mayors' — 292. 

Fishwomen — regulated,  59. 

Flemings— ransomed,  loi, 

Flyte,  Sir  T.— 44. 

Foghanger — 73. 

Forfeitures — 49. 

Forsland  of  Bovey — 117. 

Fort— 21,    130,   135,    137,    139,   142, 

159,  163,  187,  197,  208,  214,  235. 
Fowey — 3,  74,  81,  100,  223,  227. 
Fownes — 239,  256. 
Foxhole — 9,  170. 
France,  trade  with — 220. 
and  Frenchmen — 93,  loo,  loi, 

106,  109,  135,  165,  210,  228. 
Frankfort  gate — 166,  291. 
Freedom  stones — 129,  130;  renewed, 

163.     See  Bound  stones. 

day — 169. 

books  and  certificates — 83. 

Freemen — orders,    27,    48  ;   list,    48, 

209;  51,  60,83,  144,  147-         sj^iy^ 
French  prisoners,  release — 210. 
Friary  Garden — 78,  161. 
Frost,  extraordinary — 146. 
Fuming  houses  put  down — 18. 
'  Fyse  store ' — 76. 

Garrison — 162  ;  alarm,  243. 

Gas — 295. 

Gascoines — 16 1. 

Gates — 146, 1 60, 1 6 1 ,  163, 168, 1 78, 291. 

Gayer,  Sir  J.— gift,  239  ;  will,  253. 

German  Rock — 16. 

Gibbets— 95,  115,  123,  137,  155. 

Gilbert,  Sir  J.— 126. 

Sir  Humphry — 122,  123. 

Gilwell — 69. 

Globe  Hotel  plan — 191. 

Gloucester,  Duke  of  [Richard   HI.] 

Glove  to  be  set  up — 49. 
Gogmagog — 93,   96,    102,    106,    107, 

112,  120. 
Goodyear,  M.,  will  of — 207. 
Gorges,  Sir  F.— 21,  62,  138,  139,  154, 

216,  223. 
Great  Hill— 167. 
Gregory  park — 232,  288. 
Grenville,  Sir  R. — 19,  123,  124. 
Gresham,  Sir  T. — 17. 
'  Grete  dyke  ' — 76. 
Grey  fryers — 104. 
Grosse,  Alexander — 44. 
Groyne,  Reports  from  the — 203. 
Guiana — 222. 
Guide — 231. 
Guilds — freemen's,  27 ;  Corpus  Christi, 

Guildhall— 89,  93,  97,  98,  102,  103, 
106,  107,  115,  119,  120,  129,  143, 





146,   147,  150,   151,   153,    163;    re- 
building, 169;   170,  172,  180,  243-" 
245,  247. 

Gunpowder  plot — 200. 

seizures — 298. 

Gunstones — 100,  10 1,  112. 

Hake,  sale  of — 55. 
Halton— 38. 
Hamoaze — 3,  80. 
Harcourt,  Robert — 222. 
Harry's,  Oliver,  will — 77. 
Hawker's  chapel — 255. 
Hawkesbrygge — 69.  " 

Hawkins,    William — 14,    iS,    19,  40, 

43,   44,    no,    III,    113,    114,  116, 

123,  124,  151,  195,  196,  213,  230- 

232,  234. 

baker,  112. 

Sir  John — 19,  20,   21,   76,    140, 

150,  198,  (will). 

John,  mariner — 66. 

• Mr.— 158. 

Lady  Judith— 2l8. 

Sir  Richard — 22,  23,  76,  80,  128. 

131,  143,  144,  145  ;  letters  against, 
216  ;  215,  219,  231,  232,  290. 

key— 209. 

Haydon,  B.  R.  — 248. 

Head  Weir — 144,  147. 

Hearston — 292. 

Hedges  and  fences,  damaging — 52. 

Hele's,  Serjeant,  Precedent  Book — 66- 


arms — 150. 

Elize— 81. 

Sir  John,  will — 239.  ^ 

'  Helpe  of  Geneva ' — 124. 

Helston — 47. 

Hemerdon — 292. 

Henstone — 76. 

Heralds — 152. 

Hermit  of  St.  Katherine — 100. 

High  Cross—  112,  116, 

Highways — 298. 

Hils,  Wm, — gift,  261. 

Hingeston  Point — 145. 

Hobbyhorse — 122. 

Hoe — rights  on,  9,  286,  287 ;  38,  69, 

73;  dike  at,   100;    106,   112,   116, 

118,  119,  121,  123,   126,   137,  151, 

155,  163,  165,  168,  208. 


chapel — 119. 

gate— 165. 

house — 291. 

West — 136,  140. 

Start — 4,  140,  161. 

Honicknovvle — 10. 
Hooper's  key — 63. 

Hopton,  Sir  Ralph^i59. 

Hordson,  Tom,  the  fool — iii. 

Horsemills — 107. 

Horsepool — 177;  lane,  284. 

Horston — 74. 

Hotel  and  Theatre— 288, 

Houndiscombe — 161. 

How,  John  — gift,    88,   44,   50,    196, 

Howe— 81,  128. 

John  — 166. 

Lord — 178;  pretended,  245. 

Hughes,  George — 252. 

Illuminations — 295. 

Luports — 263. 

Liceworth — 33,  261. 

Incorporation,  charter  of — 39. 

Indian  Kings — 17 1. 

Information  books  and  depositions — 

Innkeepers  and  tipplers — 147. 
Inquisitions — 10,  li,  35,  3(3. 
Inquests — 49,  69. 
Insolvent  debtors — 295,  298. 
Inventory  of  goods— 234. 

Jabyen's  Chantry — 42,  44,  107. 
Jefferies,  Judge— 169. 
Jennens  and  Warren—  210,  263. 
Jesuit,  Baker  the— 153. 
[ory.  Col. — gifts,  25,  262, 
Jump — 284. 

Kalstoke — 32. 
Katharine  of  Arragon— -16. 
King — list  of  donors  and  refusers  to 
'  free  gift,'  148. 

's  bearherd — 102  ;  juggler,    105. 

camel — 105. 

Kingsbridge^69,  124. 
Kings  Tamerton — 10,  26,  35,  88. 
Kirke,  Sir  David — 225,  226. 
Kitto,  letters  by — 248,  249. 
Kyngs  lend — 115. 

Lambhay— 59,  156,  178,  198. 

Landscore — 78,  235. 

Langtree — 77. 

Lanrak — 79. 

Lary — 4;  Point,  76;   164. 

Launceston— 109,  119. 

Laurence,  Wm. — 162  ;  will,  257. 

Lawsuits— 31,  43,  65,  73,  80,  92,  94, 

136,  157,  158,  195.  209,  210. 
Leather  hall — 166. 
Lecturers — 62,  253,  254. 
Lent — orders,  214. 
Leper  boy — 124. 
houses — 129. 


Plymouth  Municipal  Records. 

Leunis — bequest,  218. 

Lewis  Jones's  cawse — 179.  y 

Liberty  of  Taylors  Craft— 34. 

Licensing — 295. 

Lifeboat — 295. 

Lighting  and  Paving — 295. 

Line,  Town  — 161,  165. 

Linkinghorne  —  74. 
«-       Lipson — 81,  109,  129,   164,  190. 

Lisbon — 20. 

Liskeard — 261. 

Lizard  light — 154. 

Local  jurisdictions — 295. 

Local  acts — 289. 

,Lockyer's  expenses  as  Mayor — 292.     . 
y^'L.ooQ — q8. 

Lostwithiel— 47,  74,  261. 

Lunche  —77. 

Lynher — 38. 

Lynham — 292. 
'^      Lypstone  brygge — 76. 

Maces— 25,  90,  91,  93,  123,  163,  171, 

Magistrates — 289,  296. 

Maker  {Makdon)—\o,  35,  26,  49,  88, 

Manor  Court  Book — 292. 

Manourry,  W. — 151. 

Mansell,  Sir  R-  152. 

Mansfield,  Lord — 178. 

Man  troblyd— 90. 

Market — 9,  25  ;  agreement  with  Prior 
of  Plympton,  37,  51  ;  revenues 
assigned  to  Mayor,  63-65  ;  99,  119- 
121,  131,  146,  147,  153-155.  '72, 
177,  178,  206,  235,  236,  245,  247, 

Cross — 121,  129.  ^, 

Marks  and  Bounds — 76. 

Marshes,  Town— 63,  164,  191,  235. 

Martocks  Well— 38,  68. 

Martyns  Gate — 291. 

Marysland — 67,  71. 

Mathew — gifts,  124. 

Maudlyn— 69,  71,  116,  120,  132,  190, 

of  Plympton — 119. 

Hill— 164. 

Mayors— II  ;  list  of,  15-31  ;  33-37. 
39,  41,  68,  70,  73-75,  82-89,  9>. 
/  95,  102,  104,  105,  107,  109,  112, 
117,  120,  123,  128,  129,  131,  135, 
.  142,  143,  145,  148,  152,  155,  159, 
160,  162,  169-173,  181,  185,  191, 
194-222,  224,  225,  227,  229,  232- 
236,  238-248,  250,  253,  256-262, 
266,  268,  271,  277-282,  287. 

acts  touching  election  of — 30, 

62,  84. 

Mayors,  allowances— 63-65,  98. 

chain  and  medal — 242. 

office  as  clerk  of  market — 9. 

office  of — 39. 

orders  by — 70. 

refusing  to  obey — 28. 

'siege'  or  pew — 61,  93,  94,  loi. 

Court  and  books — 1 92- 194. 

Mayoralty,  relief  from — 50,  51. 

house — 173,  177. 

Maypole — 12 1. 

Measurer,  Common — 86. 

Mendicity  Society — 296. 

Mewe,  Meavy— 4,  20,  74,  77, 130-137, 
266,  268,  277-280. 

Middleton,  T.— gift,  45,  131. 

Midsummer  night  watch — 105. 

Militia — 170,  172,  242,  289. 

Millbrook — 80,  129,  118. 

Mills — 20,  21,  37,  38,  39;  no  corn 
to  be  ground  away  from,  54  ;  58, 
6',  63,  71,  78,  92,  99,  107,  III, 
117,  122,  124,  125,  134-136,  140, 
141,  143,  146,  155,  157,  162,  165, 
167,  169,  173,  177,  187,  222,  235, 
260,  268,  280,  281,  290;  accounts 
and  leases,  283-84  ;   removal,  277. 

Millers,  constitution  for — 61, 

Millpool — 122,  130,  284. 

Mill  prison — 247. 

Modbury — 129. 

Moorage  books— 180. 

Moorstones  on  Dartmoor — 171. 

'Motley  pk  lane' — 76. 

Muniments — 13,  292. 

Mutton  manor  courts — 68. 

Mutiny — 156,  164. 

'  Mylbroke  brygge' — 76. 

Mylleton— 69. 

Nelson,  freedom  given  to — 240. 

Nether  Torr — 239. 

New  England — supply  of,  163  ;  free 

fishing  in,  62. 
Newfoundland  and  its  fisheries — 3,  6, 

80,  81, 151, 152,  158,  171,  219,  223- 


description  of,  by  T.  Cruse— 226. 

men — 1 13. 

New  hall — 122. 

New  key— 158,  177. 

News  books^i66. 

Newton  Ferrers — 74,  78. 

Normans — 46. 

Norris,  Sir  J. — 20,  128. 

Northumberland,  Earl  of — 158. 

North  Buckland — 234. 

Noy,  Attorney-Gen. — 62,  157. 

Oaten  Arishes — 262. 



Oaths— 4,  7,  14,  54,  83,  204,  208,  210. 
^       Oil  lamps — 212. 

Okehampton — 1 18. 

Old  Town  gate— 146,  160,  168,  178, 

Old  Audit  Book— 89-118.  / 

Orange,  Wm.  of — 24. 

Prince  of — 121. 

Orders  or  Constitutions  by  the  Cor- 
poration— 26-30,  44,  47,  48,  51- 
55,  59,  61,  62,  65,  195,  209. 

Order  or  Constitution  books — 82. 

Oreston — 141,  154. 

Organs — 89,  95. 

Organists — 225. 

Orphans' Aid — 63,  159,  165,  166,  189, 
218,  221,  240,  257-260,  281. 

Ottermouth — 30. 

'  Oure  Lady  and  Saynct  George  is 
yelde ' — 27. 

Oysters— 137. 

Palmerston,  Lord,  letter  from — 245. 

Pancras — 196.  ^ 

Pape  of  Dieppe — 33. 

Papists — 141,  143;  suspected,  200. 

Pardon — 193. 

Parker,  Capt. — 137,  139. 

Parliament,  writs  of  summons — 189. 

Passour,  Humphry — II,  12. 

Penlee — 94. 

Pennycomequick — 163,  164. 

Pennycross — 254. 

Penryn — 227. 

Pension  granted  for  defence — i,  2,  19. 

Perkin  Warbeck — 94. 

Pest-house — 155. 

Peter  Tavy — 69. 

Pie  Powder  Court — 69. 

Piggs  Point  and  Batten — 170. 

Pilchards,   and  trade  in — 2,  42,   52, 

55,   81,    122,    131,   141,  197,    199, 

Pillory — 38,  95,  96,  109,  178.  ^ 

Pilotage — 243. 
Pinfold — 69. 
Pinnace  sent  out--li4. 
Piracy— 33,  147,  152,  154,  i64,  204, 

216,  219,  224. 
Plague— 18,  23,  124,   130,  132,   133, 

154,  155,  162,  180,  237. 
Plans  of  town  property — 19 1, 
Plantagenet  grant — 146. 
Players,  Town — 114. 
Pleas   for   debt,   right   of   Mayor   to 

hold — 12. 
Ploe  mills — 143. 

Plym — 4.     -~ -"* 

bridge — 118.  ■  * 

Plymouth  burnt — 48. 

Plymouth  Company — 223. 

and  Dartmoor  Railway — 247. 

Dock  Police  Bill — 296. 

Plympton— 32,  47,  49,  77-81,  89,91, 

94,  96,  98,  99,   103,  107,  III,  112, 
119,  123,  129. 
Marsh — 141. 

Prior  of— 10,   11,   27,   35,   37; 

grants  by,  38,  39;  40,  41,  89,  94, 
99,  100,  108,  109. 

Priory — 11,  27,  37,  38,  108,  262. 

Plymstock— 49,  81,  129,  138. 
Poor's  account — 156,  157. 

gifts— 84. 

Portion — 5,  62,   189,  207,  208, 

240,  257. 
Poor  people — moneygathered  for,  1 1 7. 

rate — 289,  298. 

Popes  pardons  burnt — 142. 

Popish  Recusant — 82. 

Population — 289. 

Forthleven  Harbour  bill — 296. 

Portraits  in  Guildhall— 169   173, 

Portugals — shipwrecked  at  Plymouth, 

16  ;   105,  III. 
Portugal — landing  of  King  of,  19. 
Portuguese — 104,  112,  124,  214,  239. 
Post— 133. 
Pound — 166. 
Prepositus— II,  12,  37. 
Press  Master — 138. 

-  208,  243,  245. 
Prince  Rock — 98. 

Princess  Square,  plan  of — 247. 
Prisoners,  &c. — 155,  247,  289,  298. 
Private     petitions     and     certificates, 

orders  against — 61,  62. 
Property  Tax — 296. 
Piovisions,  price,  &c.,  regulated — 29, 

30,  61,  63,  70. 
Prysten  house — 44. 
'  Prysts  comen  store ' — 108. 
Pryn,  Anne — gift,  163,  164. 
Pygge  driver— 133. 
Pyvyncyall  of  white  friars — 95. 

Quakers,  indictment  against — 165. 

Quarantine — 139,  162. 

Quarter  Sessions,  grant  of^9. 

Quarrywell — 1 10. 

Quays— 18,  63,  65,  76,  134,  140,  143, 

153,    158,  159,  170,  173.   177,   196, 
209.     Also  Keys. 
Queen  against  Berry — 10. 

Radcliffe,  Court  of— 68. 

Radford — 142. 

Ralegh,  Sir  Walter — 126,    128,   141, 

142,  150. 
Rame — 49,  100. 



PlyvioutJi  Mimicipal  Records. 

-90,  loi,  104, 

Rame,  watchman  at- 
y'      1 1 2-1 15. 
^      Rates — 206,  207,  237,  238. 

order  against  those  who  will  not 

pay,  58. 
Rawlyn — will,  259. 
Rebels — 115. 
Receipt  Tax — 296. 
Receivers  and  their  books— 87-179. 
Recognizance  Books — 193. 
Record  chest  burnt — 
Recorders— 8,  14,  28,  34,  65,  85,  86, 

9i>  93.  95,  100.  "4,  117.118,  119, 
121,  138,  139,  141,  142,  144,  153, 
167,  189,  195,  202,  205,  206,  247. 

Recusant — 150. 

Reducing  of  Ireland — 221. 

Reformation  of  Tymes — 106. 

Regrating,  order  against — 61. 

Regulation,  The — 5,  6,  24. 

Rent  paid  to  Plympton — 41. 

Rents   and    Rentals  —186-189, 
220,  221. 

Reprisal  goods,  duties  on — 207. 

Returns — 289. 

Revell,  Dorothy — will,  210. 

gift— 262. 

Revelstoke — 69,  73. 

Revenues,  Town,  various — 95, 
117,  140,  162,  171,  180,  18I5 
[The  chief  regular  items  are — 
alewyts,  bushelage,  cranage,  cus- 
toms, keyage,  landleave,  markets, 
mills,  rollage  and  package,  pound, 
moorage,  rents  of  assize,  tonnage, 
and  wynewits.] 

Richard,  King  of  the  Romans — 32. 

Ringers — 254. 

Riots  in  Plymouth — 241.  ^ 

Rivers  viewed — 117,  123.       \Lf% 

Robarts,  Lord— 185. |^^ 

Roborough — 10,31,35, 167;  reservoir, 
^  283. 

Roche  removed  from  the  mayoralty 
—  171. 

Roffe,  Salomon  de — 10,  35. 

Roman  Catholic  relief — 296. 

Russell,  Lady — 109. 

Lord— 17. 

Rutherford,  Lieut. — murderof  seamen, 

Sacrament  Rolls — 83. 
Safe-conduct,  letters  of — 33,  70. 
Salcombe— 81. 

Saltash— 3,  4,  32,  81,  97,   100,    1 15, 
135.  137,  138,  142,  202,  259. 
■^         Saltpetre  man — 139. 
Saltram — 77- 
Sampford  Spiney — 283. 




Scarlet  gowns — 18,  48,  55,  59. 

Scavenging — 298. 

Schools    and    Schoolmasters — 5,    50, 

120-124,   143,   145,   160,   165,   167, 

199,  240,  260. 

order  establishing  grammar — 50. 

Scoble,  J.  &  E.— wills,  205,  206. 
Scolds — 98. 
Scotts — 126. 
Seal— 153,  154,  172. 
Seneschal,  Prior's — il. 
Sergeants — 86. 
Sermons — 292. 
Sessions  books — 82. 


Shambles.     See  Markets. 

Shatstor — 157. 

Sheepstor — 284. 

Sherborne — 97. 

Sherwill'sannuity  for  gunpowder— 161. 

Ships,  revolted — 162. 

Shipping — 296. 

Shipwrecks — 71,  294. 

Shoemakers'  agreement — 220. 

Sidmouth,    Lord,   letters  from — 245, 

Siege,  The— 181-185. 
Skoldyng  Stole — 103. 
Skyting  Stole — 96. 
Slanders,  orders  against,  &c. — 60,  61, 

Slanning,  Sir  N. — 
Slavery — 296. 
Slocking  a  wife — 230. 
Smart's  key — 22,  140,  143. 
Smuggling— 298. 

Solemn  League  and  Covenant — 49, 
Southside — 18,    117,    124,    125,    135, 

142,  143,  146,  155,  173,  259. 
South  American  settlement — 222. 
South  Brent — 45. 
South  Molton— 165. 
Spain  and  Spaniards — 16,  1 7,  19-23, 

96-99,  102-104,  106,  107,  109,  114, 

127-130,   135,   137,   139,   142,   143, 

148,  203,  214. 
Spanish  fleet,  128. 

tobacco  sent  to  Speaker — 160. 

St.  Anthony — 41. 

St.  Andrew— 25,  26,  29,  37,  39,  40, 

42,  44,  72,87,  89,  91,  93,94,  113, 

120,  250-55. 

store — 110, 

well — 290. 

St.  Austell— 78. 

St.  Bude,  Budocs — 40,  140,  254,  259. 

St.  Clares  store — no. 

St.  Columb— 78. 

St.  Crucis — 30. 

St.  Erasmus — 30. 




St,  George — 73. 

St.  Germans — Prior  and  Convent  of, 

36,  37;   118. 
St.  Ives — 80,  162. 
St.  Katherine — 30,  99,  100,  102,  105, 

St.  Marie— 30. 

attewille — 30. 

St.    Nicholas  Island— i,    19,   22,   55, 

116,   118,   122-125,  128,  131,  136, 

138,  142,  196,  208. 
St.  Savyor — no. 
St.  Stephens — 32,  121. 
Stamford,  Earl  of — 160. 
Star  Chamber — decree,  252. 
Steeple — burnt,  with  Town's  evidence, 

17;  151- 

Stewards,  Lord  High— 14,  62,  89,  90, 

96,   97,   98,    103,    108,    117,    122, 

123,  134,  139,  148,   155.  157,  177- 
Sticklepath — 118. 
Stipends,  St.  Andrew  and  Charles — 

Stocks — 52,  96. 
Stoke— 73,  259. 
'  Stoke  Damrell  flete ' — 76. 
Stonehouse — 67,  69,  73,  74,  77,  loi, 

114,  117,   127,   129,  130,  136,  143, 

259,  292. 

myllpool — 122. 

millbridge — 248. 

water  supply  of — 285. 

Strangers'  goods  not  to  be  fathered — 

orders  touching — 29,  51,  52,  59, 

70,  71. 
Stray er  Park — 170. 
Streets,  orders  for  cleaning — 62,  64. 

list  of  old— 186. 

Strode,  Sir  W. — 80,  151,  152,  205. 

case — 59,  197,  198,  214. 

Surpool— 37,  76,  78. 

mills  — 38,  97,  107. 

Surrender,  The — 7,  24. 
Survey  Books — 189. 
Sutton— 10,  II,  12;  35-39. 

Plympmouth — 12. 

Pool — 32,   36,   52,    59,   60,    61, 

63,  65,  68,  88,  167,  172,  209,  211, 
218,  259,  263,  264. 

bye  laws — 52,  263. 

court  of — 74. 

company — 264. 

Vautort — I,  26,  39,  48,  56,  75  ; 

sale  of,  213  ;  290,  292. 
Prior— I,  II,  26,  38,  39,  48,  56- 

58,  75- 

Raf— I,  39,  75. 

Sydenham — 261. 
Syon — 30. 

Tamar— yf/?/w  apte,  10  ;  38. 

Tamerton — 78. 

Tavistock  —  49,    69,    72,    118,     120, 

Taxes — 297. 
Taylors  Craft — 34. 
Tenants  of  Corporation,  Free— 190. 
Tenth  and  Fifteenth— 26,  48,  88. 
Theatre — 242  ;  plan  of  old,  247. 
Tillard's  Hoe— 168. 
Tin  and    tinworks — 4,   60,    90,    III, 

112,  114,  119,   135,   145,   146,  231. 
Tithes — 208,  220,  239,  250,  252,  254, 

Tonnage  and  keyadge  books — 181. 
Topsham — 178. 
Torbay — 24. 
Torrington — 47. 

Totewyle — 74  ;  Totehill,  159,  291. 
Totnes— 90,  100,  120,  152,  226. 
Town  Clerks— 5,  8,  43,  58,  85,  {^6, 

118,  119,  141-143,  194,  212,  24dr. 

custom  books — 181. 

chest— 51. 

tavern — 58. 

Trade  with  Spain  and  Portugal — 204. 
orders   regulating — 29,   30,    52, 

55.  59,  70. 
Tranied  bands — 218, 
Traitor  of  Cornwall — 115. 
Transubstantiation,  declarations  made 

against — 83. 
Treasure  trove  taken  by  Corporation 

—  128. 
Treaty,  Devon  and  Cornwall — 160.    ■■ 
,^Tregarthen's  book— 87,  88. 
Trelavvny,  Bishop — 171. 
Trematon — 32,  142. 
Trenaman's  Jump — 221. 
Trenode  and  Venour's  chantry — 36. 
Trucking  to  ships — 64. 
Truro — 47,  261. 
Tryumphs— 106,  113,  114,  115. 
Turkish  Ambassador — 165. 
Turks — 152-154,  204,  219,  224. 
Twngeyslond — 26,  71,  88. 

Ugborough — 13,  41. 
Ulyett's  fee — 190. 
Unfree— list,  66;  119,  165. 

Vagrants,  orders  respecting — 59. 
Vallepit — 78. 
Valletorts,  grants  by — 37. 
Vautor's  fee  bought — 158,  159. 
Vawtars  ground  — 88. 
Venour,  Trenode  and — 36. 
Vestments — 26,  232,  233. 
Vicars,  vicarages — 4,   135,    140, 
163,  165,  199,  220,  250-255, 



PlyniontJi  Municipal  Records. 

Victualling  Office— 171,  278,  285. 
Vintners — 62,  234. 

houses,  289. 

Virginia — 145  ;  fish,  151  ;  company, 

203,    223;    219;    government    of, 

Volunteers— 297. 

Walkhampton — 10,  35,  69. 

Wall,  Town— 44,  237,  238. 

Waller,  Sir  Hardress.  — 162. 

Warbeck,  Perkin — 94. 

Wards — in  1835,  9;  26,  88,  100, 
206-208,  237,  238. 

Warren,  W.,  grant  of  seat  and  grave 
to— 253. 

Watch — 19,  58,  105,  126. 

Watchman  of  Rame  (and  Penlee) — 
90,  loi,  104,  112-115. 

Water  Property — 9  ;  agreement  with 
Drake,  20 ;  leat  made  and  mills 
built,  20,  21  ;  22,  23  ;  no  water  to 
be  taken  from  great  pipe,  60 ;  65, 
IT/,  123;  act  obtained,  125,  126; 
Teat  made,  130;  celebration  of  com- 
pletion, 131-133;  135.  137,  139- 
147,  15s,  157,  158,  161,  165,  168, 
172,  173,  176-179,  187,  191,  235, 
265-285  ;  copy  of  Act,  265  ;  draft 
award  of  compensation,  268  ;  re- 
ceipt under,  276  ;  seventeenth  cen- 
tury map  of  leat  and  mills,  277 ; 
mills  removal  bill,  277 ;  Crymes 
indenture,  279 ;  lease  mills  to 
Orphans'  Aid,  281  ;  Warlegh 
leat,    282 ;    leat   and  works,    282, 

283  ;     rentals,    283  ;     mills,    283 ; 

supplies,  284,  285. 

engine — 170. 

Weights  and  Measures — 29,  297,  298, 

Weir  Head — 144,  147. 
Wellington,  freedom  given  to — 245. 
Wembury — 78,  81. 
West  gate — 146. 
Western  Rebellion — 17. 
Weston  Peverel — 259. 
Whipping — 128,  129,  130. 
Whitchurch — 69. 
White  Book — 49-66. 
White— gift,  209,  210,  260 

cup — 19. 

Whytecrosse — 68. 

Widey  Court  Book — 120-166. 

Wills — 44,   77,   205,    206,   210,   239, 

253,  257,  259. 
Winewyts — 54. 
Wingandehoy — 19. 
Witch,  a — 242. 
Wodford— 54. 

Women  excommunicated — 201. 
Workhouse — 25,  156,  180;   in  castle, 

257,  296. 
Worthele — 292. 
Woulfe,  petition  of — 215. 
Writs  and  Returns — 193. 
Wy  nd  erygge — 76. 
Wyse,  Sir  T.— 145,  146. 
Wythy— 20. 

Yalme — 74. 

Yannadon — 144,  178,  283. 

Yarn  Market — 63,  164. 





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